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Heartbleed and Identity Theft

heartbleed1Someone left the backdoor open. Until recently no one realized the problem. Computer hackers could come and go without being noticed.

While the technical side of the internet and computing world may elude us, the idea of an unlocked door to our personal information probably isn’t too hard to understand.

Thanks to alarms set off by the most recent Heartbleed security problem,  some of us are gradually waking up to the thought that identity theft is a real and serious issue.

My guess, however, is that nowhere does identity theft have greater implications than in being quietly and unknowingly robbed of  what it means to be “in Christ”.

Over the last few days many of us have thought about what the New Testament says about dying/and being raised with Christ.

Admittedly, such spirituality can sound more theoretical than practical. But it might also be the ultimate answer to the most important security issues of life. What could be more important than to have a lock on our assurance of forgiveness, hope, and being loved by God, himself?

I’d be interested to know how we as a group of internet-connected friends are processing the practical implications of what it means to live “in Christ”…  (i.e. how to live in him, his name, and his accomplishments– while owning responsibility for our own choices, thoughts, and actions)

Colossians 3:3-4

Ephesians 2:4-8

Romans 6:1-14

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