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DSC00649Would God ask us to love others as we love ourselves, and even more— only to break our hearts in the end?

Maybe for a while, he would— as he allows our pains and longings to turn our hearts to him, and as he allows our concern for others to deepen our trust in what he alone can do.

But in the end, or as we often say, “at the end of the day” what will our God do with our unanswered prayers of love for others?

Do the Scriptures give us no certainty for the longings of our heart when it comes to the ultimate well-being of anyone other than ourselves? If not, does a careful reading of them give us hope… or no hope—in God?

If we live long enough, we eventually discover that, when it comes to finding hope in the Bible, the mysteriously incomplete words we cling to depend on what we want to prove, who we love, and what we hope for.

For now, what we do know— is that “at the end of the day” in Jesus’s life among us, he fulfilled countless hopes, dreams, and mysterious hints in the Law, writings, and prophets that could not be known or proven before the fact. In the end he showed us in ways that Old Testament prophets could never have foreseen how far our God would go to show how much he loved— not just us—but those he has asked us to love… as we love ourselves—and far more.

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