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He gave us the season and moments of epiphany.

Yet no one knew how much he would change his people’s reading of the Scripture or how controversial he would be.

Only in time would it become clear that he was a different kind of Messiah—a different kind of prophet, priest, king, savior, lord, judge, warrior, teacher, son, brother, friend, and person.

Refusing to use envy, swagger, posturing, or bluster to make a name, following, and personal fortune for himself, he corrupted no one while leading all who followed him to higher ground.

Without relying on his own inclinations, and instead of returning insult for insult, wrong for wrong, or blame for blame, he let himself be misunderstood, mocked, lied about, and killed…

So that in our differences… on the right or the left… we can find the epiphany that leads us to the humility, curiosity, courage, and grace of realizing how much we are like one another… in kin, sin, and our need of him.

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