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Left Unsaid

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to sit down with the Apostle Paul and— with no time constraints—to ask him, “What were you thinking when you wrote: ‘Every part of Scripture is God–breathed and useful one way or another— showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way'” (The Message).

Or, better yet, have you wished you had the same amount of time to sit with Jesus and ask him which texts he had in mind when he said to the Bible experts of his day, “You have your heads in your Bibles constantly because you think you’ll find eternal life there. But you miss the forest for the trees. These Scriptures are all about.  And here I am, standing right before you, and you aren’t willing to receive from me the life you say you want” (The Message).

In both texts, no matter how they are translated or paraphrased, a lot is left unsaid…

Until we begin to see that, in different but unifying ways, between every line of inspired Scripture, human history, or breaking news—right down to the exhaustive, authoritative story of our own lives— it would not be  misleading or merely wishful thinking to imagine an unwritten footnote or unheard  whisper assuring us—

This is why we —and everyone—need(s) Christ.

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