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In a Tent

In another post, we thought together about a promise that sounds too good to be true.

The Blessing1 that was to be pronounced by Aaron and his sons on the family of Israel, with implications for us2, was authorized by God even after Aaron had lied about a golden calf that mysteriously jumped out of the fire.3,4

The details are in the backstory. The Aaronic scandal was unfolding at the base of Camp Sinai while, on top of the mountain, the God of the Ten Commandments was telling Moses that (his brother) Aaron was to be The Priest of Israel at a Bedouin-like tent that (in the book of Numbers) is dedicated on the heels of The Blessing. 5

Those of us who have tried to read through the Bible know that the simplicity of The Aaronic Blessing stands in stark contrast to the detail given to the Tent. 6

In addition to the simplicity of the blessing, the unlikely priesthood of Aaron and Sons, and all of the detail surrounding The Tent—there is so much here to think about.  Why would the God who fills the universe 7 leave the impression that he lives with his people in a tent

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