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Divine Parallels

During three years of public life, Jesus told religious leaders who envied him that he only said and did what his Father told him to say and do.

Hours before his death he told his disciples that— as they had heard the voice of the Father in him— so they would soon hear his voice in the Spirit who would only say and do what he told him to say and do.

Seems to me that these divine parallels can help us not only trust the heart of our Father but also to recognize the voice of the Spirit who now is all about the heart, work, and words of the Son.

What we see in a Son who from the beginning was all about doing his Father’s business, we now have in a Holy presence mediating Christ-like thoughts and actions in our lives.

Three Persons. One God. One purpose: To live, love, cry and laugh together in the wonder of what all of this means not only for us— but for a world that is watching.

Luke 2:41-52

John 5:16-17

John 8:27-29

John 16:12-15

John 15:4-5

Gen 12:1-3

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