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Why does the Bible say nothing about how Eve was feeling after her first son killed his younger brother?

Did word get back to her that, when asked where Abel was, Cain had said, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Did she know that he seemed more concerned about losing the affections of his fields than what he had done to her?

Why is there no description of what everyone was feeling on the day Cain left home…?

The Genesis record may leave us wondering. Maybe that’s because we already know what it means for a mother’s heart to be broken and a family divided.

Cain wasn’t the first heart to go cold. Did he even know that his own father had blamed his mother for bringing trouble homeā€¦ after both of them, together, had fallen in with a cold-blooded rebel?

Was this the beginning of our shared need for the empathy that would eventually show up in the “Older Brother”… and long awaited hope of every mother?




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