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Imagine being able to spend a couple of hours every week with our neighbors, in a local theatre, watching on a big screen a reality-show-documentary of The Word of God— without words. No sound. No closed-captioning. Just action—all the way to the last scene when he leaves his friends staring into the clouds.

What would the wordless drama of The Word’s’ demeanor, miracles, execution, and resurrection say to those who know little of the Bible? What might it say to those of us who have been around long enough to know that some of his words, as we’ve heard, read, or been taught to understand them, seem too good or too bad to be true?

Does it stun us to remember that Jesus didn’t turn out to be the kind of Messiah his own nation was expecting? For some reason they hadn’t heard or seen in the words of their prophets a God who— with a humility they couldn’t imagine— would allow his own children to misunderstand, misrepresent, hate, torture, and kill the Word who exposed their lack of love for one another, for their disgustingly poor neighbor, and godless enemies.

It amazes me to think that for so many years I’ve been studying the words of our faith while barely hearing or seeing the Word who was born to give us a different way of imagining  a world of words— like justice, holiness, righteousness, judgment, father, mother, family, nation, world, all, sin, salvation, and worship.

Who among us would have believed that the Lion of the tribe of Judah, would turn out to be the Lamb of God— whose consuming fire is a self-sacrificing Spirit of humility and love— for all?

Imagine seeing in on the Big Screen or in The Book something that causes us to say, “Open our eyes Lord. Open our ears. Open our hearts.”






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