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Acts of God—2

An interesting thought surfaced in the comment section of the last post. In misunderstanding the Acts of God, there are two possibilities:

Attributing to God the acts of Satan and attributing to Satan the acts of God.

In both cases, misunderstanding the consequences of demonic darkness results in blaming God for what he allows.

Confusion and self-deception combine to obscure the Story of how one man reverses the legacy of the first (1Cor 15:45; Romans 5). Jesus is accused of acting mercifully by the power of Beelzebub (Matt 12:24).

Then in a way no one saw coming, the unwitting actors and victims of darkness take supporting roles in pulling back the curtain. Ripped from top to bottom the shroud of history falls. The eyes of the audience stare, shut, and turn away— in shock and disbelief of the ultimate Act, Glory, and Goodness of God.

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