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Imponderables (1st of 3)

Sometimes I feel like life must be a dream. The sheer thought of existing, and thinking, and communicating overwhelms me. Sometimes, though, these thoughts feel like they could push me over the edge. Let me give you an example…

Where did God come from?

Could a creator who made the earth out of nothing come from nowhere? Even a lowly mosquito doesn’t just happen without a spawning pond or puddle.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a believer. I see the logic of believing in a first cause great enough and personal enough to explain everything that exists.

But when it comes to the origin of such a Person, who can figure? That’s not all. What was this God doing for the eternity before us? How will he keep us satisfied and challenged in an endless future? Why would he make billions of people that he knew were going to reject him?

Who, while trying to understand the existence or ways of God, hasn’t felt their mind shudder like a car driven beyond its limits? Who, while trying to absorb the meaning of an eternal, uncaused, first cause, hasn’t found their sanity tested by the thought of a never ending past, or future?

So why would anyone punish themselves with such imponderables?

One reason for asking these questions is that such riddles bring us not only to the end of ourselves, but to the beginning of a new understanding of God. From the first words of Genesis, we are introduced to a God who makes no effort to answer all of our questions. Instead he gradually leads us to conclude that only when we have exhausted the limits of our own reason can we learn to trust the One who asks, “To whom then will you liken Me, or to whom shall I be equal?” (Isa. 40:25).

So before we go on, what are you thinking?

Don’t feel limited by the following. But here are some questions I’d like to hear some comments on:

Do you also think about the inexpressible “miracle” of your own existence?

Do such thoughts generally cause you to feel closer or further from God?

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14 Responses to “Imponderables (1st of 3)”

  1. dmorrow says:

    That is a “mind full”.
    I read Psalm 139 almost daily. This was David’s Imponderable Answer. Should we ponder? We have no choice. It’s like trying not to think about Parents. No matter how I feel about my parents, I’m connected to them physically, genetically, emotionally, ect. They are in me and will sooner or later come floating across my mind. Believers ponder and accept in their innermost soul a Divine Imponderable Creator. Athiest on the other hand have come to a “finite conclusion, tucked it away in a box and stopped pondering.
    The Atheist is not a person like say, a “Chinese Man” A Chinese man is and always will be a Chinese Man. An atheist is a man that follows atheism like other men follow Baptist Teaching, Methodist, and so on. They choose to believe the teaching they follow. It takes far more faith to believe atheism… that we somehow came into existence randomly, than it does to believe we were created by a Supreme God. Science’s “Law of Random Possibility” says things that are “out there” floating in eternity tend to spread apart fruther and fruther…not come together. It’s like dropping a bunch of Tennis Balls out of an airplane and expecting them to form up in a perfect line at the Super Bowl on the 50 yard line.
    Anyway…C.K. Chesterton said it best. If there were no God…there would be no atheist.

  2. Niivam says:

    Wow, thanks for this article, I thought I’m the only person who think like this. I remembered asking my parents when growing up about some ot these questions and I was told it is a sin to think that way and so since then anytime I begin to think about such questions, I rebuke myself for doing so.

    And it’s true that the more I ponder over such questions about God, it makes me to love and reference him more and makes me feel secure.

  3. firstthingsfirst says:

    That is a “mind full”.

    I read Psalm 139 almost daily. good for the above comment as to its context, after reading the context, however and by the conculsion of inwords and deeds are facts of life in todays life experiences.

    I see some aspects of context in Psalm 139: as David, making humble confessions unto his maker:

    O LORD, You have searched me and known me,

    and that The Lord hand was greatly upon him, even to lead him, but that David did not at all framewas not hidden,

    but as I look at myown self as a man my self I’am I actually hidding anything or have I taken heed of any of my own dealings as the day go by? Deut. 4:9,

    David’s life in this context of the above comment is one that is an encouragement to my faith walk with my saviour, but do anyone here what I here let them say so also, ok?

    Book of Matthew Click Verse Reference for Study Notes

    11 `Give us “this day” our daily bread.

    but I often ask this question, what do we do with this portain once we get it, esp. when we know that we have gotten it from our Lord, according to:

    That is a “mind full”.
    I read Psalm 139 almost daily.

  4. Veebee says:

    For me these thoughts come ever so often… its almost like when God wants to bring me back to ‘zero’, He sends me on a thought journey. When, like you say, ‘reason is exhausted’, I hungrily drink of His truth. Sometimes I fall into a kind of ‘wrethedness’ because I find how little I know and even more painful, how little I can possibly know. Thankfully, these thoughts inevitably and eventually draw me closer. Its not just His existence that I ponder on… I think just as fully unfathomable as that, is His love. Is He for real? Is Grace true? Maybe you should share your thoughts on Grace with us….

  5. chrisforj says:

    Thinking about….
    Whenever I have these thoughts..”Who created God then” my rest comes from God Himself. I believe ALL His promises and I believe in the Faithfulness He has shown us through out the Old and New Testements. He promises that we will know Him, which to me, means ALL questions will be answered. For right now..knowing HE IS gives me all the comfort I need to go forward…working out my salvation with fear and trembling. Praise to God always.

  6. bradym says:

    When I ponder my own and God’s existence I must realize one immutable fact (at least I think it’s immutable): I am inside of time and God is not–God created time. When we ponder the question of we are implying that God had a beginning, but that would subject God to the time/space continuum, and God is not subject to anything. We, of course, are bound by time while we are on this earth. And since we cannot possibly comphrehend an exisitence outside of time, God speaks to us in terms we can understand. But I have another question: Is God bound by time? I don’t think so. Time is a dimension that God has created for us, His most precious creation. However, there was a time when God was bound by the time/space continuum, and that was when He walked the earth as the man Jesus Christ. I think that if we can begin to imagine an existence outside of the contraints of time, we might scratch the surface of understanding more about God.

  7. Roy says:

    When I was a young boy, I always new there was a God, just because of all the amazing things in nature. As an adult, things have become more complicated when I try to use adult reasoning to figure out things about God. I challenge myself by saying “you either have faith or you don’t.” But sometimes it seems the game is fixed, i.e. “God won’t give you more than you can handle”. What about people who commit suicide? Did he give them more than they can handle? I know, it wasn’t God, it was Satan! The answer always seems to be the same. If it’s bad, it’s Satan; if it’s good, it’s God. Or he may not answer your prayer now, or never, but gives you something else. It appears that no matter what happens, there is an out for God. These types of things challenge my faith the most; but I still rely on my faith. This begs of me to contemplate your current Been Thinking About column. What are my true motivations? Is it fear, faith or just playing it safe?

  8. charlie64 says:

    This is a great thought or question and one I must confess I have wrestled with during my walk with the Lord.The only thing that will satisfy my mind{at times] is the following little scenario. While walking and talking with the Lord one day last week, this thought came into my mind. God I cannot wrap my head around the fact that your Son actually hung on a cross and died for me!! Immediately this thought came into my mind. No but you can wrap your head around it!! I am a firm believer that I cannot run across the mountains with with joyful abandonment unless I have spent time in the “valleys.”

  9. Mike says:

    I understand your thinking exactly. I have been there, and am there. I too hold fast to my faith in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and His promises to be with me until the very end. Have you recently read the last few chapters of the book of Job, when God answers all the adults who have been “using adult reasoning to figure out things about God”? When I read that and Proverbs and Psalms, God puts my feet back on solid ground.

  10. teeo says:

    In fact it is these imponderables that brought me to this site today. I wonder why am created? If there is no human beings and no earth everything will be void, right?.
    In the part of the world that I stay, there is dishonesty everywhere. In the church, petrol station, markets, offices, on the road, government and all its apparatus are full of dishonest and wicked people at differrent level. Because of the fear of God, one cannot behave likewise having allowed and allowing the Spirit of God to lead one. How can one retain ones sanity?
    You encourage yourself with scriptures and some answered prayers and not the other unanswered ones.
    My conclusion and what keeps me glued to my faith in God through the Lord Jesus Christ are Job 13:15 and Habakkuk 3:17-18.
    Is there any other way?

  11. judesters says:

    I am a new Christian and have never blogged before. I was made to go to a Nazarene Church as a child and stopped going as an adult because of their rigidity and conservatism. I started going to an Assembly of God Church recently because of a friend and have become saved (PTL). The pastor of the church has said things that have left me confused and puzzled. He believes that you must speak in tongues to be filled with the Holy Spirit. He also believes that most churches are cessationalists or churches that don’t believe in miracles or healings after Jesus returned to Heaven. I like the church and the people there, but these views seem really out there. I can’t find anything in the Bible that states that you must speak in tongues to be spirit filled. I think that if Jesus felt that this was so important he would have said more about it. Should I be looking for another church to worship in or should I continue to stay there and continue to believe the way I believe?

  12. poohpity says:

    As long as you compare everything you are taught to the Word of God and the context that it is written in, you will be on the right track. It sounds like you are questioning the things that need to be questioned and the Lord will supply the answers for you. :-) If a person is spirit filled they will display the fruits of the Spirit mention in Galatians 5:22,23. You sound like you are on the right road already. :-)

  13. judesters says:

    Thanks for your comment. I think I am going to keep going to the church as long as I feel that God wants me to. I will stop delving into things so much; my mother used to get mad at me for wanting to take things apart when I was a kid. I guess I don’t have to believe in all their doctrines, but have to believe in God’s Word.

  14. oneg2dblu says:

    judesters… I too have been involved with churches that have grown me, but also scared me, because of false doctrine and false teaching. Wrong doctrine never produces right teaching. Whenever I find that wall of doubt that does not align itself with scripture, and what the Lord has shown me to be right, I’m gone.
    There is a reason why you a doubting, and a reason why you know things are not right. I don’t know if it is that still small voice, or a slap in the face, but your spirit wants to move on! Listen to that spirit, ask God for confirmation, and move on. You will find your peace some place else, when He directs your steps. Gary

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