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Forgiving Ourselves (1)

Why do so many of us beat ourselves up for old regrets long after we believe God has forgiven us? How could it be possible for us to find it easier to believe that God has forgiven us than to quit punishing ourselves for what we’ve done?

We’ve spent some time thinking about forgiving others. Now, as we continue to reflect on our conversations about letting others off the hook, I’d like to know why you think so many of us struggle even more with forgiving ourselves. Do you have any idea why the Bible doesn’t say more about showing mercy to ourselves?

Yeh, I know this might sound like playing God. If God wants us to pardon ourselves, why wouldn’t the Bible quote him as saying something like, “Even as I have forgiven you, I want you now to forgive yourselves.” Do you think this is worth thinking through together?

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14 Responses to “Forgiving Ourselves (1)”

  1. perschml says:

    I know I strugle with this alot. I have had some bad experiences and made some bad choices to which I know Christ has forgiven me, but I cant seem to let them go. Its like the devis is letting them loom over my head to make me second guess myself and make me worry…

    Forgiving ourselves is something that I think lots of people struggle with.

  • charlie64 says:

    i don’t know why we struggle with forgiving ourselves.Perhaps we don’t feel worthy enough to do so even though we know God has forgivin us.maybe it is just to difficult to let go of the ‘wounds’ or perhaps we don’t know how!!