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White Flag

Do you have just a minute? I’ll keep this short. I have a question I want to ask you? How can we possibly come together around the issues that divide us? There’s so much we increasingly disagree about. Yet that is a thought that set up me up for one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

I was in church. Can’t remember if I came with a cold heart. But the man up front talked about the war that night. First he honored those who had sons and daughters in Iraq. Then he honored those who were against the war. Then he said, isn’t this something? In this room we have those who are for the war, and those who are against it. Here in this room we have Republicans, and Democrats, and Libertarians. Among us are the rich and the poor. So why have we come together.

He pointed to a symbol of public execution that I think of now as a white flag. He talked about an event that amounted to our crucifixion. He invited us to think together about the awful death of the best man who ever lived.

Then, in a room of thousands, we had a chance to voluntarily eat a peace of broken bread, and drink from a red drink in remembrance of the surrender that won the ultimate battle, and gave us a basis for unity– in the middle of all of the things that divide us.

As we remember the death and suffering of our Savior today, can we think together about the implications for our unity, even as we are disagreeing about the economy, public policy, the election, and even whether we like the men or women who are leading us?

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7 Responses to “White Flag”

  1. milotw says:

    This is a great thought, but really how far can we go with those who are not like-minded. For example, if someone readily supports abortion or homosexuality, and says these things are okay with God, how much fellowship can or should we have with them. 2 Thess 3 tells us that if they don’t follow the instructions of God’s Word, then we should not associate with them as brothers. How does this match up with what you are saying about unity?

  2. Gale L. Jarvis says:

    I believe the Holy Spirit has shown me,because everyone is not only different, but on a different level of growth not only naturally, but spiritually, and thereby every thing in life is a matter of opinion, and especially as a child of God,I should always not only respect the opinion of everyone God puts in my life every day, but Love them, pray for them, and know what I believe is wrong for me, it may not be for a new born in Christ, and especially for an unborn child of God.

  3. Gale L. Jarvis says:

    if i may, i would like to leave another thought concerning how to handle contrivercial subjects, as i believe the Holy Spirit has helped me with, and that is, my fight is never with flesh and blood, thereby when ever another person is angered, or desires to argue, i know God is in control, i never need to try to defend, or avenge the truth, and it is possible i could be wrong.

  4. Gale L. Jarvis says:

    first time at this, but this has been important to me for many years, getting over the natural way of life, and desiring God’s way, arguing in my opinion is not God’s way, my battle will never be with flesh and blood, thereby i believe God’s way is to love, pray for, and desire to encourage others, not desiring to defend, or avenge the truth, God is still in charge, and even though as a human being i do not desire to believe i can be wrong, but it is very possible, i am still human.

  5. Mart De Haan says:

    I appreciate those who are willing to come to the table on this subject. Thanks milotw and Gale for expressing your thoughts. I hope others will join us in thinking about this, whether they want to comment or not. My guess is that we can agree that, in our difference we need to honor both truth and grace; that our goal needs to be to root our convictions in no more or no less than the Bible clearly says; that we need to recognize the difference between necessary, probable and possible implications of Scripture; that as followers of Christ we need to hold ourselves to higher standards than we hold those who do not confess Jesus as Lord; and that in humility we can, together, bow at the foot of the Cross.

  6. TFasold says:

    This talking point comes down to “not thinking more of ouselves than we ought”. But for the grace of GOD!

    2 Thess 3 also says “whoever does not obey instruction, not to consider him an enemy, but, to warn him as a brother”.

    I have a rhetorical question?
    Does God think the sin of murder or homesexuality is worse than adultery or stealing?

    Let’s ALL show the love and grace of GOD to EVERYONE, regardless of the things they say or do that we don’t agree with. Isn’t that what JESUS did for us?

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