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What Makes Jesus Authentic?

By every indication, Mr. Rogers’ advocacy and love for children were real. For over 30 years and 998 TV episodes, his relaxed “won’t you be my neighbor” approach helped a generation of kids to learn a lot about themselves and life.

As a former Presbyterian minister, Fred Rogers would undoubtedly be the first to say, though, that no one loves kids as much as Jesus. No matter how old we are, Jesus gave all of us reason to run to him like little children looking for the only real source of love we will ever find (Mark 10:14-15).

So what gives us reason to believe Jesus was authentic? I’ll take a stab at it. See what you can add.

As evidence of Jesus’ authenticity, it seems significant that:

Streetwise people are known for seeing through hypocrisy. Yet, public sinners found themselves drawn to give their lives to him.

He didn’t betray his mission by indulging himself at the expense of those who trusted him.

Jesus encouraged his listeners not just to hear his words, but to watch what he did.

Because he had no sin or double-life to hide, he had no need to cover-up, manipulate, or posture in an attempt to hide something that he didn’t want others to know.

Since his goal was to please the Father rather than others, he could be inner directed rather than being swayed by the pressures of whatever group he was with.

Even though others accused Jesus of being a fake, and even empowered by the devil, he showed by the quality of his life, by the willing sacrifice of his death, and by the power of his resurrection, that he is the standard by which all others can be measured.

By every indication, Jesus showed that no one loves children– like us– as much as he does!

But now, what do we do with such thoughts? Do the ways in which Christ is authentic only tell us about him? Or are there also indications here for what it will take for us to be real in our own journey of faith?

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5 Responses to “What Makes Jesus Authentic?”

  1. Gale L. Jarvis says:

    Mart i believe being authentic must start at home, we can fool a lot of people, some of the time, but not those we are around much of the time.
    As we said yesterday, if we are the light we should be, and the salt we must be for others to desire to thirst after our way of life, we will be authentic, but this does not mean everyone will be attracted to God through us, but i believe many in our family, close relatives and friends will be, and those that desire to live with God His way.
    Learning not only that i can never fool God, but also learning how to love God and others as God desires for me too took a long time, sacrificial love must be authentic or it will not last, i believe most marriages fall apart, because of not being authentic about the so called vowels man has come up with.
    As was also mentoned before, many church goers look good on Sunday, but outward appear, and words we speak
    are not what God looks on, and others judge us by.
    We can never be as authentic as Jesus, because we are human, but we can learn if we so desire that being authentic we have nothing to loose and every thing to gain.

  2. Mart De Haan says:

    Thanks, Gale, for your good comments. I hope others will join us in talking about the practical challenge of being good examples of “the real people of Christ” who have the kind of real faith, real, love, and real patience that reflects our Lord– even if so imperfectly.

  3. dman says:

    “what it will take for us to be real in our own journey of faith?”. Awesome post, Mart.
    To be ourselves and walk in the “Grace” that Jesus the Christ afforded us, is our greatest challenge.
    Have a great day!

  4. cotil says:

    i believe some time we live our life with christ day to day because we believe he is our strength and i do know he is the strength to our day

  5. percy172 says:

    God loves us so much that there is no parallel that can be drawn. He loves us like we are important and we are the only ones around for Him. No wonder He could spare His son Jesus Christ to die shedding His precious blood and raising from the dead so that we could be redeemed and reconciled to Him. In everything that Christ did during His ministry on earth He had set an example. His love could be seen in all what He did and taught. Because He loved, He felt for the hungry multitude who had been listening to His teaching, He asks the disciples if there is anything that could be given so that the multitude does not go back starved and hungry. Because He loved He could recoganise the faith of the centurion and healed his servant. Becaused He loved He raised Lazarus from the dead. Because He loved He obeyed in faith His heavenly Father and went thru the agonising,cruel,painful and cursed death on the cross. Because He loved He was raised from the dead so that those who believe should not perish but have eternal life. Becuase He loves we talk about Him in a personal way. Because He loved He made man in His own image and was maintaing a direct fellowship and communion with him until the fall. God’s love is unfathomable. There is no denying the fact that we are all His children whatever be our age and that’s why He loves us.

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