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Your Interests?

I’ve been encouraged by the interest and involvement that many of you are giving to this blog. Your comments, questions, and willingness to use the rating tool to show how worthwhile you find a post to be are especially helpful.

But here’s something I’ve been wondering. While realizing that all of us have changes of schedule and focus, I’m guessing that too many or too few posts on my part could have the effect of either wearing you down, or causing you to lose interest. So before going too far down the road and suddenly finding that I’m only talking to myself and my dog, I’m wondering what you would think would be most helpful? Posts once a day, a few times a week, once a year :-)? And while I want to try to write consistently from within the world view of the Bible, do you think you would find most interesting  issues directly related to biblical texts, perspectives on relationships, an attempt to see current events through the window of the Bible– or a little bit of all of everything? If you’re not inclined to answer, I sure understand. But any comments that you could give me would be helpful to me– and I’m guessing– of interest to others.

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9 Responses to “Your Interests?”

  1. Chuck Franke says:

    You have developed a community here that has been absolutely refreshing to me.
    Here’s my story. I have been using Our Daily Bread for several years to help me grow as a Christian. A couple of months ago I felt the need to find something that would help me grow deeper and was looking around for a devotional that would help me do that and then you started this blog. Now I have 66 friends (including you) that I know of, who have posted to this blog since March 1. I am praying for them & you daily that God will be working in their lives and that they will help enrich my life as a Christian. I keep a list:
    B Murphy
    Clive Belsham
    Gale L. Jarvis
    Laurie St.Lyon
    r elliott
    Ted M. Gossard
    Thomas Brown
    Your Love Inspires
    Many have a grasp of scriptures that I can only hope to achieve. Others have experiences that affirm and bolster my courage as a Christian.
    True, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up. Perhaps, a post roughly every other day or so would be more managable but I do not want to inhibit the Spirit. I post when I feel the Spirit lead me and I trust that the Spirit is working similarly in all of those who post here, including you. All subjects are of interest to me.
    Thank you for providing this forum.

  2. theovinetta says:

    Hi, Mart! Been a LONG time OUR DAILY BREAD reader (over 30 yrs) and RBC supporter; am enjoying your blog now, too. For myself, I don’t have time to read the blog every day, so just catch up on all the posts since I last checked. It would be okay if you didn’t post every day, but please NOT just once a year! I appreciate your posts, on whatever topics you are led to post. Take care and may the grace of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah be with you!
    Love in our Messiah,
    Cindy in Wisconsin

  3. Gale L. Jarvis says:

    Good Morning everyone, Mart, i believe even if your dog is the only one listening, if you are like me, keep talking to him, i love to take in thoughts from the Lord, and the Lord has shown me i must get rid of the thoughts He has given me, as David said fill my cup, but if i put a lid on it without it over flowing God cannot put any more in, and even what i have will eventually evaporate, or be of no use.
    I believe fellowship is one of the greatest tools for growth, every thing in life is a gift from God, and i must share what ever it is i have been given.
    I do not believe we can run out of things concerning God, and life to talk about, I enjoy your blog as one of the first things i do every morning, at 75 years old i believe i must continue to exercise my mind as well as my body daily, and this blog helps keep me in tune.
    i believe a little bit of certain subjects, and a lot concerning important subjects, in which i know even this is a matter of opinion, but in my opinion the important ones will probably be noticeable as we get into them.
    I have noticed fewer comments, partly because of not being able to submit comments some times, i have had this problem, Satan gets into every good, but he cannot win.
    I for one enjoy taking in many thoughts from you Mart, and others, even though i have heard nearly each one, some many times before, but i absolutely believe thoughts from God must be taken in daily for spiritual growth and health, just as a hamburger and fries, or some other food we eat often, and still enjoy.
    I believe if we get tired of food from you Mart it is our problem, not yours, but at the same time, my desire is for you to make the decision on how often, and what the Lord has laid on your heart to feed us.
    i have many thoughts from the Lord i have recieved that have helped me live the abundant life Jesus offers us, and i do desire to share with others, i have found it hard to do so far the way the blog is set up, but i also know, you cannot please everyone no matter what we try to do.
    I believe just the promises from God could be a subject that would last for a long period of time that many Christians miss out on, because they just know them, they do not live them.
    I have mentioned before and probaly will mention again if permited, living by FAITH is a must, not a request from God, everyone will continue to exist, but real living must come from living by FAITH.
    Go for it Mart, whatever the Lord puts on your heart.

  4. daisymarygoldr says:

    Having relocated recently, I miss the wonderful discussions of my Sunday school group…until I logged into the stimulating contents of your blog! It is a great way to have all of us talking about the one thing we love most- The Bible and its truths resounding God’s love throughout the ages. Sometimes I feel inclined to respond and at other times I simply read what you and others have to say about a topic. Either ways it’s a blessing and I would encourage you to keep blogging on a daily basis(a little bit of all of it)as the Holy Spirit leads you to.
    PS:You don’t want to depend on the ratings do you….remember ‘Living by Polls and Numbers’?!:)
    Chuck Franke, Thanks a lot for your daily prayers for us…they are truly appreciated and will be reciprocated!

  5. Mart De Haan says:

    I appreciate so much all of your interest and feedback. And, yeh, daisymarygoldr, I thought the same thing about living by the numbers :-).

  6. Yemmy says:

    Dear Mart,
    I firmly believed that God has guide me to this blog. I’ve been searching for Prophecies & Armagedon topics, and would like to know the Christian prespective of this issue. God’s wisdom thru you and the members of this blog have provided many clarification. Thank you so much for putting your heart in this blog, as a medium to many of us.
    As Chuck Franke has mentioned above, I also believed God’s SPIRIT is guiding you to write in this forum, so that we can share His wisdom & teaching.

    Although some subjects are not a ‘hit’ to me, but I’m sure it will ‘hit’ other reader or somebody just happen to search for those topics. But I will always enter this blog to read all the topics and every comments, as I would like to learn & grow in Christ thru this forum.
    Thank you Lord for your blessing.

  7. Ika says:

    I also enjoying your blog. I know I’m new here, but I really exhausted to know more. So for me, it will be very good that you update it everyday.
    I also read Our Daily Bread and it is refreshing me everyday. If i could get more, why not?

  8. xinyi says:

    hi mart,
    as a young reader i would like you to write more about the words of GOD. may you keep on blogging because i found comfort in reading all of this… Thank you and GOD blee you..

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