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Labor Day and Gustav

On this long Labor Day weekend, many of us have mixed feelings not only because another summer vacation season is slipping away from us, and not only because it will now be back to school, and business as usual– but because of a churning monster named Gustav. Seems like cruel irony that while the rest […]

How to Find Unity in the Bible

A few months ago I did a couple of posts on whether the implications we see in the Bible are: (1) necessary, (2) probable, (3) possible, (4) improbable or, (5) impossible implications. I mentioned that I learned this from Haddon Robinson who, from his years of experience as a pastor, seminary professor, and mentor to […]

A Prayer for the End of the Day

“Our Father, At the end of another day, we come to you not just by ourselves– but together. Many of us will readily admit that you have given us again today far more than we deserve. But some of us find ourselves reeling with news that we have not yet been able to understand or […]

Waiting in Line

Few of us enjoy waiting in line. We probably like even less the pushing and shoving that happens when lines don’t form. So does that mean that when we are stuck in a line, we have no choice but to wait? In far more extreme conditions, Victor Frankl learned something about the options that are […]

A Prayer for a New Day

We recently talked about the fact that there is a logic to faith even as there is also a mystery. According to the disciple who not only walked on water for a few seconds, but later denied that he ever even knew Jesus, faith expresses itself first in a desire and choice for virtue…rather than […]

Conversations in an Empty Warehouse

Yesterday I mentioned that we are working on some video and web-based programs that tell the stories of some courageous men who have been willing to talk about their escape from pornography. The men told their stories in an empty warehouse that provides a visual backdrop for the lonely, secret obsession that had been consuming […]

Doctors, Insurance, and Pornography

To move ahead– without forgetting what we were saying to one another in the discussion about what God uses to open our hearts— I’m going to pick up our conversation here… In response to an expressed concern that I’ve been putting to much value on sources outside of the Word of God (i.e books, doctors, […]

Subs are Subs Forever

My son and his wife asked us if we’d stop by their house and let out the dogs while they were out of town. We were happy to. Just one problem. They had recently gotten a new dog, a large bulldog that I had only met once. When I got to the house, he didn’t […]

What Does God Use to Open Our Hearts?

He took 39 back-ripping lashes– five times. Three times he was beaten with rods. Once he was stoned and left for dead. Three times he was shipwrecked. Then, as if all of this wasn’t enough, he had to live with the awareness that the Devil was oppressing him with a physical problem that God wouldn’t […]

The Shack

Because of the problem of pain and evil that raises disturbing questions about the God of the Bible, I thought it might be a good time to talk about “The Shack”. Finally read the 248 page paperback that so many are talking about. In the meantime I’ve been seeing reviews that go from likening it […]

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