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Have You Checked Out wonderofcreation.org?

If you haven’t yet checked out wonderofcreation.org, hosted by RBC’s Dean Ohlman, wish you’d take the chance to have a look.

Am catching my breath today. Will try to be back tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Have You Checked Out wonderofcreation.org?”

  1. poohpity says:

    I wonder how power changes a person and what one does with it? Unlike Jesus who laid His power down to be like us and take a servants heart, one who is human on the other hand how does it change them? Does one really understand how it can corrupt.

  2. Mart De Haan says:

    poohpity, that’s a good thought. Unchecked power (not subject to review and accountability) in the home, church, business, or government. Seems like each misuse of power/authority is an eloquent commentary on what the Bible says about the the timeless inclinations and obsessions of broken human nature.

  3. pegramsdell says:

    I think if we would give God the glory for everything good in our lives, maybe we would accept that He is our authority and power.
    Since He created us and breathed into us and made us who we are.
    “Humble yourself in the sight of The Lord, and He will lift you up”?

  4. pegramsdell says:

    Also, loved the tree photo.

  5. poohpity says:

    Government my thoughts exactly!!!!!!!!

  6. cherielyn says:

    In 2005 we went on a road trip. Saw Crater Lake, Giant Redwoods among other things. I remember climbing the hill and upon reaching the crest whereupon I was able to see the lake, tears began flowing as I drank in the beauty of God’s creation. The same thing happened when I saw the Redwoods. On that trip I also finally found out what the phrase from a song, “purple mountain majesties” meant. My breath was taken away by all that I saw and I found myself wondering how anyone could view such beauty and not believe in a Creator.

    On another subject (don’t know what power had to do with this blog), unchecked power can become evil as it did, recently, in our state, with a large city alderman using his position for illegal gain, intimidating consituents & promising help with licensing in exchange for money. I believe he has been sentenced to prison.

    I, myself, also serve as an elected official. I try to give God complete control of my position, so that I will represent the people as He would want me to. One example: I have served on a certain committee for about 10 years. Six years ago my son became an employee of the department that my committee oversees. I did not help him get the job. In fact, I did not even know he had applied until he was hired. From that time on I told him that I did not want him to share any problems, etc. that he might encounter, because I wanted no one to ever think I was biased in any decision making process. He has honored my request and only shares “the good things” once in awhile.
    CLW – NE Wisconsin

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