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The Tough Side of Grace

Going into the Christmas holiday, I was focused on what can appear to be the scandalously generous side of grace. Found myself drawn back time and again to the priceless gift expressed in the words, “The Word (God) became flesh and lived among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth”…For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. (John 1:1,14, and 17).

Coming out of Christmas I’m thinking of the truth side of those inspired words. Seems to me that the truth of the goodness of the grace that came with Christ is tested by questions like:

Does the Bible offer a safety net for social rebels? Aren’t grace-based expressions of sympathy, tolerance, and forgiveness exactly what irresponsible people are counting on?

How can we celebrate an idea that means undeserved kindness and help when:

  1. Law and order is necessary for our survival.
  2. Opportunity and merit are both foundational to justice.
  3. Showing mercy for bad performance and law breaking rewards so much of what is wrong with the world.

These are only a few of the reasons many have an issue with what the Bible says about grace.

So how then can we honor as a Teacher and Savior one who urges us to love both friends and enemies? How can we embrace one who personifies grace-based thinking when he says that he has not come to condemn but to save?

Strong’s Dictionary of New Testament Words defines the Greek word translated grace as, “The merciful kindness by which God, exerting his holy influence upon souls, turns them to Christ, keeps, strengthens, increases  them in Christian faith, knowledge, affection, and kindles them to the exercise of the Christian virtues.”

Seems to me that if Strong’s definition is an accurate summary, then the grace of God is a full-service, many-sided gift that reflects not only the compassion of God but his goodness, truth, and wisdom.

Because grace comes from God, it is grounded in a wise blend of love and truth. The rest of the Bible shows that grace gives us spiritual freedom without suspending principles of personal accountability or social justice. Instead of helping fugitives elude the law, grace changes the heart of a lawbreaker, brings that person to a place of honest admission, and a willingness to accept the social consequences of wrongs done.

Grace that helps a married person forgive a repentant spouse of abuse, adultery or abandonment may or may not lead the harmed person  to accept that partner back into the house and to remain married. What grace does do is melt bitterness and replace a vindictive angry heart with an honest care and concern for the one who has hurt us.

Grace that forgives an admitted and remorseful church treasurer for embezzling church funds does not free that person from legal accountability or restitution. Grace that forgives a broken-hearted pedophile does not allow that person to mingle freely with children without close supervision. Grace that shows mercy to an employee who has repeatedly failed to fulfill the requirements of the job does not require the ongoing employment of that person.

The wonder of grace-filled mercy, kindness and compassion is not lost in the process. Even though grace does not rescue us from a court-ordered sentence, or countless other consequences, it does give us the immediate release of forgiveness with God, and the anticipation of living forever in the innocence, happiness, and peace of the One who served the real sentence for all of us.

The trouble with grace is that it can be misunderstood. It can be taken for granted. It can be misused to indulge and release those who have faked confession and remorse to get off the hook. Grace can be wrongly regarded as a safety net for those who are planning on doing wrong and asking for forgiveness later.

Rightly used, grace is a “miracle attitude” that comes from God and enables us to give one another undeserved kindness without suspending either personal accountability or the laws of social justice.

Nothing else can change us so profoundly, from the inside out. Nothing else can turn us into cheerleaders, counselors, and encouragers of both friends and enemies who desperately need to have someone notice them, value them and give them a loving reason to be better– with accountability rather than without it.

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33 Responses to “The Tough Side of Grace”

  1. poohpity says:

    As a receiver of Grace, I question the motives of those who mock it by doing whatever they feel like doing. Although I feel the freedom to be and do whatever I want, I choose to want the Lord’s will for my life. When I am in the wrong I feel the tug in my heart to change but not by condemnation but from love. I would love to be perfect in showing Grace to others and to myself but have not achieved that goal yet, God still has an unfinished piece of art within my soul.

    I know that all that I have done there are still consequences that I have to live with although they are not as bad as what I did. A lot of mercy I have been shown but that still doesn’t at times keep me from trying to earn some grace by works sort of like restitution. I know that I have forgiveness, grace and mercy but I am still trying to wiggle out of consequences.:)

  2. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Poohpity, you are so precious.I so resemble your remarks I won’t repeat.

  3. SFDBWV says:

    Wow Mart, you have got quite a topic laid out here. We all have recieved a pardon from a death sentence from God. Because Jesus paid our debt to a Divine law.

    So how then do we participate in our scociety as Christians. With reguard to forgiveness to people who break laws against our scociety?

    I do see the 2 as seperate. One being “Divine forgiveness” the other as forgiveness for crimes against people.

    Cain, when he killed Abel was not given a death sentence. But was somehow marked as a murderer and cast out of his society as punishment for his crime against man.
    Cain then seemed to be repentant. But God still required punishment for the deed.

    The entire Law given to Moses had both a Divine and scocietal purpose. The law gave order to live by. Without it we would be in very much trouble.

    So our laws are suppose to protect us from criminal behavior. Without a form of punishment the laws mean nothing. So we must try to create a punishment to fit the crime.

    Because we are under grace ourselves from God from divine punishment doesn’t mean that we are to give a blanket pardon to every offender. But sometimes mercy is required and needs to be dealt out as well as punishment.

    Will be back later.

  4. poohpity says:

    After some thought it is my attitude that needs work. I guess I am having one of those days when I need to do a gratitude check up. The one thing I would like never seems to happen and that is what I make the choice to focus on. I’m baaad!

    Gosh one thing I am thankful for is all my fellow bloggers, it would be nice to get a cup of coffee and talk. So to make due I’ll just drink my coffee and type to you.

    You seem to have such a sweet spirit, I always enjoy reading your posts.

  5. pegramsdell says:

    I love coffee….lol
    I am also thankful for all of you.
    You know deep calls to deep. We all have the same Spirit. We all have the same Father. We are from the family of God. Loved, forgiven and cared for. Grace for today.

  6. poohpity says:


    I like deep and I like simple, can one have both? The book of Ecclesiastes is resonating in my mind today for some unknown reason. I think this next year I am going to have to achieve some new experiences bigger than myself and I am pretty big. You know only the kind of stuff that God can manifest in a person’s life, like flying on the wings of an eagle. The kind of stuff you feel in and of yourself one would never attempt but with God it is possible.

  7. SFDBWV says:

    Mart, every time I start another response I end up in either a thorn thicket, a tar baby, or a quicksand pit…

    When the Amish tried to seperate themselves from the world. They still had to have rules that governed their own scociety. Even seperate from the world, they suffered murderers, rapists,thieves. The same as the rest of us. They have a saying…”Autonomy is not what is always best for the community.”

    We must have rules to protect law abiding people from thoes who have no problem violating them.

    The Romans were famous for iron fisted retrobution for breaking the “rules”. Swift and effective. Fear is one way to get obedience to the “rules”.

    When we blend mercy with punishment. Do we get a weaker punishment or a more just punishment?

    Mercy can open the door for the offender to find “Divine” forgiveness. It also can teach the offender to see kindness as a weakness.

    If a violator is sorry for his offence, he may pay his speeding fine and go and speed no more. But suppose someone else paid his ticket for him. Might he be more apt to speed again?

    There must be a consequence that comes with wrong doing, or we are more apt to just keep right on breaking the rules.

    Deborah is right Ecclesiastes states where the tree falls it lays. Once something is done it can’t be undone. We can be forgiven, but it don’t undo the results of the deed.

    I’m cooked on this one, good night everyone.

  8. macsisson22 says:

    The question of Sin came to my mind when pondering today’s blog. I know that there are mahy that are spelled out, clearly, within the scripture. But the ones that bother me the most are those that are not so clear cut. We apply biblical principles to certain actions such as dancing, drinking alcohol, playing card games or gambling, etc.. We may even present a good case before the jury. But how does the Judge of all the earth view some of the things that we have pronounce anethema?

    The Lord of all the earth associated with winebibbers and sinners!

    I am glad that Paul showed how we might have some tolerance with regard to the so called grey areas of scripture; being convinced in our own mind and not causing others around us to stumble!

    Like Paul I can say God came to save sinners of whom I am chief!

    Btw, I too love coffee and the book of Ecclesiaste. But I don’t read it as a book written by an old and sin shatterd king. I believe that Solomon was relaying a positive message and I read it in a positive tone!

    Try it. I think that you will experience the love of God in a way that you may not have before.

    Ecc. 2:24-25 A man can do nothing better thatn to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. This too, I see is from the hand of God, for without Him who can eat or find enjoyment?

    Ecc. 7:18 …The man who fears God will avoid all extremes.

    Late today due to the fact that tomorrow I am marrying my only daughter. Well, actually some guy named Lawrence is going to marry her but I will be officiating the service.

    Have a great evening!

  9. drkennyg says:

    Yes sir you are right this is a toughy. And Mike congrats on your daughter’s wedding. My God bless their marriage and you too.

    My girlfriend’s brother is a born again Christian like me but he has a sort of happy go lucky attitude about it. He says that God expects him to not live up to His standard so he kinda like shines it on!!

    I seem to take things more seriously but I don’t really think that improves much on my behavior. I end up feeling bad about myself a lot. We all keep trying and it is truly wonderful to be saved and to feel God’s grace. When I think it all through it both convicts and inspires me to make improvements out of gratitude rather than feel I can do what I want. It certainly is not God’s “job” to grant me grace so I definitely feel blessed by my Savior’s death and resurrection. My faith in Christ and His return soon is salvation for me and God’s grace is indeed sufficient for me.

  10. poohpity says:

    Hey Mac (Mike)have a wonderfully beautiful day tomorrow with the new addition to your family. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 for your daughter.

  11. BruceC says:

    If it wasn’t for grace nome of us would be here on this blog.
    Grace can not only provide forgiveness; but sometimes can allow a peron to forego the consequences. Think about it. Sure, most of the time we do suffer consequences, but there are times God suspends the sentence.
    Grace allows my wife and I to forgive her sister for the way she treats her, but wisdom says it may be a good idea not to let her come around anymore until she admits her wrong and changes; otherwise she will continue to do what she does and hurt my wife further.
    I, along with some of the other bloggers wonder about those who appear to have confessed and accepted the Lord’s forgiveness through Christ; but show no signs of that acceptance. Our nephew and Godson went to church with us several times and put his faith in Christ the second visit; tears and all, He came two more times and was gifted with a beautiful new Bible from the church. And that was that. He is now into drugs and hanging with people that I have warned him about repeatedly. My wife confronted him and he seems to show no remorse. It breaks our heart. Was he truly sorry and repentant; or was it just something he wanted to experience and try? My wife has confronted him lovingly; but to no avail. Only God knows and we must trust him on this. Faith without works? God knows the heart and He does the right thing all the time.

  12. SFDBWV says:

    I am reminded of the incident where the mob brought an adulteress to Jesus for sentencing.( I always wondered where the man was who was caught with her?)

    Here was a person who under the law was to be stoned to death. Jesus ask the accusers to first acknowledge that they themselves were free of sin. They were unable to honestly state that they were. So Jesus did not only free the woman but forave her and instructed her to go and sin no more.

    Grace saved her from the sentence of death.However she was also required to stop her paticular habit. As we all are.

    But I have to admit, sometimes I feel like the people in the mob. That call out for justice against many horrific crimes.

    I am so glad God judges the heart and intention of man. I can only observe the actions of some and wonder , when will they ever change.

    I have been a Municipal Court Judge for over 30 years. I can tell you very few people ever learn from mercy. Most only learn from punishment. And are “controled” by the threat of it.

    Are we really any different? God has forgiven us our sins. But does that give us the right to keep on sinning? Grace will change the heart. And Grace in the gift of a “New” heart is the only cure all for wrong doing.

  13. violet D says:

    Hey Deborah – count me in on the coffee and chat! :)
    I don’t ‘comment’ too often because I find it difficult to get my thoughts in order on the subject. Today’s discussion is a prime example. The first thought that came to my mind was to equate ‘grace’ with ‘love’ and following up on that – as a parent – the need sometimes for “tough love”. I find many people seem to think ‘love’ means getting everything they WANT and not being responsible for their ‘sins’. As a parent – sometimes “tough love” is required to keep my children safe and even though they might not like it it’s necessary. I think God deals the same way with ME. I’ve learned more about his ‘grace’ – going through ‘stuff’ – and as many of you have noted – it required a ‘change of heart’ on MY part. In addition – as Paul wrote in Romans 6:1 – ff “What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! …..” And so my struggle to live as He wants me to – continues! The comments of each of you on this blog helps me to clarify my thinking. God bless you all.

  14. macsisson22 says:

    You are right about the punixhment part SFDBWV. Hence the scripture says in proverbs 23, “Do not hold back discipline from the child, Although you strike him with the rod, he will not die.”

    Unfortunately in America today many have taken that part out of the equation and it shows in this generation!

    We realize that “the Punishment for our sins was upon Him” and that “by His stripes we are healed.”

    Sometimes I visualize His suffering when I am about to commit some sinful act, and sometimes it causes me to take the second thought necessary to detour me from the action.

    However, sometimes we just don’t think.

    Peter was rebuked by Paul for his intolerence of the gentiles, after he witnessed the resurected Christ. David committed murder and adultry, after he was chosen by God, Abe and Sarah lied, after God had spoken directly to them, ….

    When it comes to those that have made a profession but look like the world I remember that the scripture says, “some for honor and some for dishonor” (2Tim. 2).

    Like David I claim, “HE makes my way perfect” and I realize without His grace I would be doomed.

    BTW, thanks for the prayers and scriptures for my daughter and her new husband poohpity.

  15. macsisson22 says:

    And thank you also drkennyg

  16. refump says:

    macsisson22 this past summer I had the great privledge of officiating my daughter’s wedding. I cannot put in to words how great that was! Hope & pray all goes well for the ceremony. Doesn’t Grace first requires a repentant heart? God is not fooled by anyone pretending to repent just to receive the “get out of hell” card & then go on living the same life. Grace is bestowed whenever anyone sincerely calls out to God in brokenness which is the beginning of a true life changing experience. Philippians 1:6
    “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” True, we fail many times after this but His Holy Spirit always brings us back to the brokenness that leads to recommitment & changed behavior.

  17. poohpity says:

    I had accepted Christ at a young age and still went through all those years of storms. Those years of destruction were used for understanding now of those who suffer the same things I went through. I always consider that I did not have the guidance of knowing that God wanted a personal relationship with me. He never gave up on me and the people I was around were very dangerous folks but He keep me safe. I believe that once we are His we are always His and He will find a way to our hearts no matter what jack pot we are in.

    I have had to understand that God works differently in every persons life. I may want Him to do things my way and in my time but thank God it is His way that prevails because I have not been appointed to the position of fourth in the Trinity. LOL!! I do not ever want that responsibility. I have a hard enough time trying to keep my own walk with Him together and that also is only accomplished in His strength. We each have our own path to the same destination and I will meet you guys there with the coffee and a smile. :)

  18. wretch-like-me says:

    As I gather my thoughts they first acknowledge the truth and wisdome of all your comments…
    From Marti’s original posit…Truth and Grace comes this thought…

    Praise God, for He is the only One who truly knows the truth of each sinner’s heart! (SFDBWV…thankyou for your service as a sitting Judge. Tall job…heavy,too)

    God is God! Sometimes we forget that God makes the rules because HE MADE THE GAME… Who are we to question His Authority and Judgement?

    I remember Jesus who told the parable of the vineyard owner who paid those hired in the last hour a full day’s wage. Disgruntled workers hired earlier in the day complained that they were somehow cheated out of a
    ‘fair wage’. Which kind of worker are we? Do we question God when He permits a ‘deathbed conversion’? I think we all agree He is the only One Who Knows without question the sincerity of the person confessing belief.

    Loving One’s enemy…poses a most difficult question. But it sounds familiar to the ‘expert in the Law’ (judge/lawyer)who asked “Who is my neighbor?” I ask this question,”Who is my enemy?” Jesus answers Love your enemies to destroy the defense. How best can we love anyone…with the Truth of Jesus Christ and Grace to forgive in His Name. Disarming them with kindness.

    Finally, I offer this question. Is a decision to accept Christ a mature decision? That is to say, Can anyone make that decision without at some point being tested and standing firm in that decision?

    Having stood firm, Are we not citizens of heaven(saints)members of a society of believers? I define a society as a group living under a set of rules that all agree to live by…hence when a rule is broken does that individual continue to live in that society or by their own actions have they chosen to be banished?

    Enter Repentance, Grace, and Forgiveness! and with forgiveness comes restoration… a full day’s wage for less than a full day’s labor! God Be Praised!!!

    HE AND ONLY HE IS TRUTH AND GRACE!…We are vessels of that Truth and Grace(and broken vessels at best).

    PS.My thanks to all who have wrestled with this… and please pray for my wife who’s Jewish Grandmother passed last night(at age 102+9 mos) We found her one year ago after being separated for 50 years by a nasty divorce. God gave us this past year to reunite and witness to an estranged family. It is a miracle in itself!

  19. violet D says:

    Will you allow me to interject a litle levity with a question?
    When we ask God’s blessing on the food we’re about to eat -Why do some call it “saying GRACE”?

  20. poohpity says:

    I think it depends on who cooks it!!!!LOL :)

  21. poohpity says:


    I mourn with you and your wife in your loss especially when you just found your Grandmother. May the God of all comfort give your family comfort and peace in this time of great loss.

  22. sitsathisfeet says:

    Praise God I was able to get back on the blog. I’ve been trying for two days as my computor went bonkers. It still is blocked, due to Antivirus2009. But I deleted some stuff and brought up another way to access the web, with prayer because my kids say I am not very tech savy, but I think it’s a bad rap – though two of them turned out to be electricians (a boy and a girl) and the other a tech guy too. The girl went to Navy engineering training! But anyway here I am by Grace for sure. I was thinking of the song Grace, Grace, and an undying love for us, undying love…. and Grace, grace falls like rain… both chorus to songs we sing about God’s undeserved, unmerited gift of Grace – not only in our salvation, but in our everyday walk with the Lord. We all have in common the Grace of our salvation (those that are believers and saved), but each of us experience His Grace in our daily walk in different ways. Whatever way we experience His Grace it is sufficient for us. But, I do not want to take for granted His Grace so that I am saved by the snatching from the fire at the last minute! I praise God for his Grace, truth, and mercy in my life. I try with his enabling to obey his commands because of my love for him. We love because he first loved us, and we can show grace and mercy for the same reason. And I pray that he will enable us. I pray Lord that you will give us knowledge and wisdom concerning grace and mercy to know when and how to show your grace and mercy to others. Whatever circumstances we are in Lord, we praise you and thankyou for your grace and mercy!

  23. Jumblee2855 says:

    Hi Mart, Thinking about ‘the scandalously generous side of grace’, remember the hymn “And can it be that I should gain..” by Charles Wesley, that sums up my thinking. I know, I don’t deserve God’s grace, yet He has given it to me abundantly. And I know I need it every day to live a life worthy of His calling. I need His grace to teach me to forgive those who wrong me. I need His grace to help me be merciful to those who hurt me. I need His grace to show me how to be kind and helpful to those who are suffering. I need His grace to love those who hate me. I need His grace to handle the pain and illness that comes my way. Yes, I need His grace and so does the sinner on the street. And I praise our Lord Jesus for His grace, for giving it to me and to all of us.

  24. drkennyg says:

    I’m glad I came back to this topic also. I have a Mac so no snafus and no valid excuses for me. HAH. Okay. I wanted to thank everyone first of all for helping me in my walk with Christ. I’m old (67) but new to Christ (baptized 2003). I cherish everything I learn that helps me on my way. I want the narrow road not the big bad wide highway where it’s all feel-good only type believing. God’s grace and love are a mystery to me – can’t think of a single reason why He would grant it in my general direction. But I love Christ more and more through every turn in the road but I need His Hand to guide me. Thanks Mart and everyone else even the lurkers – you are always welcome here as well.

  25. SFDBWV says:

    I’ve been reading over the comments and I just want to clearify that I see the Grace of God to be a huge story and topic. Since we are a creature that has to understand everything before we can comfortably accept it. The matter can be seen from Genesis through Revelation.

    We are Gods creation. He gave existance and life to us. He I am sure feels responsible for us. To guide us to help us and to even correct us when needed.

    He was so angry at the rebelion of us that He was sorry he had created us at all. And killed every living thing except thoes he had placed into the Ark. Grace

    Because he is faithful to his promises, this remainder of man would be the forbearers of His plans to send Jesus into the world. Grace personified.

    Grace, because anything else He could do would be an eternal seperation of Him from His creation that he loved so much he was willing to become flesh and die for. He would forgive us, at a terrible price only HE could bear.

    In my feeble worldly thinking I may think I am not worthy to recieve such a gift. But I have learned that to think that way is an insult to God. Because He though the sacrifice of anyone of us was worth it.

    His gift of Grace gives all of us not only “Amazing Grace” but also “Amazing worth.”

    He has given all of us all of our lifetimes to come and freely recieve it. It is already paid for.

    Our gift should be treated very special. Never to be taken for granted nor trampled on. But to be held in awe, and appreciated.

    His gift gives us worth, and purpose. Every human life is special because of it.

  26. langi says:

    I always learn when I read then reread what you are attempting to teach us. What a blessing your indepth outlook is to me. Thanks Mart!!

  27. poohpity says:

    This morning and last night I threw criticism and nagging at both my son’s because every place they go in the house they leave little messes everywhere. My response was if I have to do everything at home by myself I might as well live by myself so my oldest said he was going to stay the night at a friends. In my anger I told him just to take all his stuff and move over there because he runs away from responsibility like his dad. I went through the same talk with my younger son this morning. There is going to be a point to this. Anyway in self pity I was feeling that I just wanted to be loved instead of my giving it all the time I wanted some returned.

    First thing after I finished teaching class the Lord brought to mind of what He Himself has given and how much He has loved us and all He wants is for us to spend time with Him. Grace? I understand only a little speck of what it means to give love and not have it returned. He gave this beautiful world and everything in it to us as well as a relationship with the God of the universe. Grace? Just a little of our self some of our time to spend with Him everyday, is that so much to ask? Parents can have just a glimpse of what he wants, just to be noticed. I often think about the few little speaks of time one gives to someone who has given so much it brings me to my knees and He doesn’t even nag us. Grace, talk about something that is not deserved, I am humbled.

    I had to leave before church today because I had something against my brother which I needed to make amends for before I worshiped my Savior. Although Rich is my son he is also my brother in Christ. One of these days I will learn to think before I react to any situation. Still in process! Grace? I am so thankful for it because I need it every moment of everyday.

  28. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    As I stated earlier pooh. You are precious. So honest and open. I am also a progress in work, failing more often than not. I know the law , but again THANK GOD for GRACE. Daisymarygoldr, am missing your post.

  29. sitsathisfeet says:

    Bless you poohpity for keeping it real, I am so there with you. Try not to nag the kids too much for their “messes” etc. Today in church we talked about Martha and Mary Luke 10:38-41 and how we so often tend to feel unloved, and unappreciated, even in our service to the Lord. And how we forget the first thing, our first love, and the better thing, our relationship with the Lord. Sometimes it is that way with our loved ones, sadly, we forget our love for them and why we do the things we do for them – not for their love, appreciation, or gratitude or acknowlegement, but because we love them we want to care for them. Sometimes it’s hard to respond, and tell them in Love what we feel. If we could just say hey I love you, but when you leave your messes for me to pick up I feel unloved, unappreciated etc. This mess really bothers me do you think you could try to help out and pick up? But, I have to tell you those words don’t often come out like that from my mouth! It’s more like it’s my way or the highway, do you like living in a pigpen??? Not very nice, or grace – ious. Thank the Lord for his grace to show us a better way, and to choose the better thing.

  30. macsisson22 says:

    Amen SFDBWV, Poohpity, sitathisfeet, and all of you for that matter.

    My day yesterday was amazing and full of grace; being a part of making my daughter’s day, as she expressed in words, “everything she dreamed of and more.”

    Thanks for all of your prayers!!!!

  31. wretch-like-me says:

    Dear Friends; I join you in praising God for His priceless gift of limitless grace bestowed upon us.

    Today did not begin well for me. Had to double my anti depression meds to ‘right my ship’. Unfortunately it brings its own consequences of ‘foggy mental processes’. Spent most of the day crashed and only now am able to function.

    Thanks, poohpity and others for your prayers. They are felt and much appreciated.

    Hope to be firing on all eight cylinders, tomorrow.

  32. pegramsdell says:

    Congratulations Mac. I pray for a long and healthy marriage for you daughter. I pray blessings on them as one and as individuals in the Kingdom of God. You must surely be proud. Good for you.

  33. growth74 says:

    Grace is for those who need it, and i know this because i am going through a lot due to me leaning on my own understanding of life(obviously my understanding of life was WAY OFF!).But here is what amazes me after letting go of Gods hand…HE IS STILL THERE!!!How can this be???Simple, I am his child and like any parent out there who sees there child walking away from their teachings, God still holds his love for us…NO MATTER WHAT!As long as we TRUELY give ourselves to him, he will do the rest. It’s crazy!!! That is all God wants from us, is to have faith and accept his Grace, Love and most of all his Help because without him(as I have discovered the hard way)we are nothing. He makes a way out of no way. Who else can claim that? No one! Not leaders, magicians, tarot card readers, religious leaders, NO ONE but GOD. AMEN!

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