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Newsweek and Heaven

In the February 2 issue of Newsweek magazine’s “Beliefwatch”, Lisa Miller, writes, “You likely believe that when you die, you’re going to heaven. More than 80 percent of Americans do. But in what form? Are you “you”? If so, are you old or young, fat or thin? If not, what are you? An angel? A […]

Israel's Sh'ma and Monotheism

The “Sh’ma” of Israel is at the heart of her monotheism. it represents the first Hebrew words of a prayer, central to the morning and evening prayers of observant Jewish people. “Hear O Israel, and be careful to observe it, that it may be well with you, and that you may multiply greatly as the […]

Christ Alone

Have you noticed that the right answer can be regarded as proof of being wrong? For instance, when Larry King or another talk show host asks Christian guests whether they believe that receiving Christ is the only way to heaven, a “yes” answer can be taken as proof that the guest has been shown to […]

Words with an Attitude

The devil who shows up in the first two chapters of the book of Job is both articulate and intelligent. So are the friends of Job who unintentionally sided with “the accuser.” Both used truth/half-truths… not to lift Job up… but to knock him down. I remember temporarily losing a few notches in my hat […]

God's Answer

The argument was intense. A man was suffering and he didn’t know why. His friends thought they understood what God was doing. They tried to tell him what was really happening. But they said more than they knew. They had some good insight about God, but were wrong in the way they used it to […]

Who is this Man?

If for no other reasons than the trouble in which we find ourselves, and the hopes that have been inspired by the grueling, successful campaign of Barack Obama, this is a momentous day for the United States and for the world. The opinions that have swirled around our president-elect remind me of something in the […]

I Have a Dream

Born in 1947, I grew up during the years of the civil rights movement. But looking back I was insulated and isolated from the struggle of those whose lives were bound up with the cause so eloquently and courageously expressed by Martin Luther King. Over the last few days, I’ve been deeply moved to see […]

Smart Dog

When you get a chance I wish you’d watch this brief YouTube clip called “Smart Dog” and then see if it helps to illustrate the following perspective on the Bible. And if you’re wondering whether the dog’s “intelligence” is faked, here’s an in the studio before a live audience angle that is more convincing. Seems […]

Miracle on the Hudson

Some events help us reflect on the bigger story of our lives. The heroic actions of ”Sully”, a veteran pilot who safely landed 155 passengers of an Airbus A320 on the frigid waters of the Hudson River… after being brought down by a flock of birds… is one of those events. The rescue of  US Airways […]

Could This be True?

Just read something I find hard to believe. Found it in a short article by Liz Szabo writing for USA Today. She says that, according to a report released online in  The New England Journal of Medicine, “Eight hospitals reduced the number of deaths from surgery by more than 40% by using a checklist that […]

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