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WOC Update

Have mentioned before my conviction that the wonders and disasters of the natural world are powerful evidence of what the Bible tells us about God, the brokenness of our world, and ourselves.

For openers we have,

  1. The reminder of what God made, called good, and entrusted to us (Gen 1)
  2. The physical evidence that tells the story of our fall and eviction from paradise (Gen 3)
  3. The one answer that God gave a suffering Job (Job 38-42)
  4. The Psalmist’s celebration of God’s 2 Books (Psalm 19)
  5. Jesus’ regular use of nature to tell his parables (Gospels)
  6. The Apostle Paul’s doctrinal foundation rooted in Creation and Christ (Romans 1)
  7. Revelation’s anticipation of a restored natural world as evidence of the future that is now being prepared for all who die,  or are “caught-up” in Christ. (Rev 22)

The story of creation told by these texts, is why I am so interested in the work that one of my co-workers, Dean Ohlman, is doing with our Wonder of Creation site.  Although, still in its infancy, WOC is being designed not only to showcase Dean’s love for “Wonders that cannot be fathomed” and “miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 9:10), but also the masterful photography of another co-worker, Alex Soh, who is a member of our Singapore team. Am also expecting parents, grandparents and teachers to use and help develop the Wonder Kids feature.

When you get a chance I hope you’ll check out the features at the top of the WOC website,  the side-bar, and Dean’s posts. When you do, I think you’ll join me in enjoying and sharing some of the wonder that fills the man who always signs off, saying “See you Outdoors!”

Find Dean at http://www.wonderofcreation.org/

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21 Responses to “WOC Update”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Just wanted to say that I have not been able to log on to the blogs or comments at WOC. I have called and emailed RBC but so far I am unable to get in.

    But I still enjoy the articles and share the love of the “natural” world around us.

  2. daisymarygoldr says:

    I also visit WOC everyday…great work, keep it up! …do enjoy reading Dean Ohlman’s posts, the comments and of course the pictures:) that I miserably miss in this blog. Cannot participate actively over there …one of the reasons is because he is to-o-o literary for my zero knowledge of American literature… and the main reason is I honestly do not have any time left after attending to the needs of all of you kids here in this blog, kids at home and kids at work! Along with creation I’m actually groaning for the day for deliverance… from whining kids:) No, I love you all…have a great weekend!

  3. macsisson22 says:

    Good stuff on the other site! I agree daisymarygold. There are too many good sites to enjoy them all. I am glad that we do have mny good choices. It brings to mind that someday we will have eternity to discover the infinite!!!:)

  4. Ted M. Gossard says:

    Yes, I really find that site insightful. And I have grown so much in my love for creation and appreciation of this as one of God’s Books, over the years, especially in more recent years. I appreciate Dean’s attention to this, and the call for us to get back to a faith which involves creation. And there is so much to experience outdoors as Dean “preaches” to us.

  5. poohpity says:

    One mother is enough for me and she is quite controlling so I need a break from lectures and I like discussions. So relax!

    I also went on WOC and found that I prefer the discussions on this blog. While I enjoyed the pictures the discussions were a little to intense for me not that I do not like to be stretched but it was in areas that do not really matter to me. I am sure that with everything else it just takes time to grow and it will find it’s audience. I sort of like things simple and if you say something in ten words or less it will hold my attention otherwise I start daydreaming and that is even with posting on this sight as well. Woops! I go over ten words many times that is why I loose my train of thought because the caboose fails off!!:)

  6. wretch-like-me says:

    I enjoyed visiting the site and made a comment while there… but, like others, I found the site less appealing than yours, Marti. Sometimes that is a by-product of ‘user-friendly’ and invitation. Its nice to read Dean’s thoughts but, I don’t feel the invitation is there to comment or discuss what he shares. Am I alone in that? Do others share that feeling? (I’m asking the group, here?) If it is a common reaction, perhaps Dean may want to consider that in the future of his website/blog? What response does he wish to evoke?

    Back to Marti’s site, Perhaps the deepest thought I have to share on God’s use of the natural world to exhibit His Glory is a statement by Christ, Himself.
    Luke 19:40

    A final thought: I believe a group known as the Creation Science Institute released a study showing that at the deepest level of examination thru the neutron microscope the oldest rocks found on earth have a common ‘signature’. Could it be that God has signed every piece He created just as a potter signs his work? Afterall, scripture also says,”Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

  7. daisymarygoldr says:

    poohpity, mothers can never relax…its all about the children…always… Glad you got to relax and have some fun in the snow… Payson is also one of my favorite places to see the snow:) you and your posts have been such a blessing to me… thank you!

    wretch-like-me, great thoughts!

  8. BruceC says:


    Do they have it set-up yet to accept the same user name and password as this blog does? I wrote my info for WOC on an index card but always seem to be loosing it. Age I guess. It would be much easier if they were the same.

  9. Mart De Haan says:

    BruceC, I’ll check that on Monday. And good suggestions from the others.

  10. plumbape says:

    Mom I’m home!! Oh Wait… DMG lol… ROFL

    Guys on WOC; I was having the same problem but once you log in (if you get that far) click on profile and near the bottom you can change password.

  11. sitsathisfeet says:

    Thanks for the tips. It really is a lovely site. For some reason I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, but it reminds me of growing up in Northern Minnesota, and my french grandmother. My grandmother grew up in rural France and her mother was a woodcutters daughter who romped around the woods in wooden shoes, all of this before the turn of the century! Anyway, my grandmother married my english-american grandfather and came to this country circa 1918 WWI bride. She liked Northern Minnesota because it reminded her of rural France with all the pine trees etc. My grandfather was an albeit educated, working farm boy. Together they loved nature, they snowshoed, ice fished, tobagooned, bird watched, fed the wild critters including bears, racoon and wild cats! (I know it’s a no-no today) But they had quite a life and I’m sure many in our family, particularly me and my sibs got our love and appreciation of nature from them. ( It was interesting though my grandfather fished for food, he was never really a hunter) This year I sent my sibs a Christmas card email with a picture of a winter bird in the snow from nature conservacy in honor of my grandmother, because it just reminded me so of her. Now my grandparents believed in the Lord, grandpa was an ordained minister, but sometimes I wish they had talked to me more about the Lord of all creation and related his wonders in that way to me. When all creation cries out, I think we need to talk about creation in relation to the Lord to our children and grandchildren so we are truly acting out of faith and not just an admiration for the marvelous picture. Ezekiel 33:32 You are to them as a lovely song…they hear your words, but they do not do them. Or Genisis 2 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

  12. poohpity says:

    We need to get together and have coffee sometime since we live so close. I live in East Mesa and would really like to meet you.

  13. SFDBWV says:

    I could talk about creation all the time. It is one of my favorite subjects.Working underground for nearly 30 years I got to see plenty of fossils and evidence of an entire other world than we know.

    Huge ferns,palm trees,giant blades of grass. even tree stumps or rather the bottomside of what was a tree. We called them “Kettle Bottoms” they were very dangerous as the tended to fall after we extracted the coal out from under them.

    Up here on top of the appalachan mountains. you can see the bottom of an ancient ocean. It’s called “Oriskany Sandstone”. It is filled with fossils of sea life and where methane gas and even oil is found.

    I have heard it said that before the flood, the sky was pink instead of blue. That the atmosphere was heavier and richer in oxygen. Which is why plants grew to such sizes and creatures lived longer. Including man.

    We have forgotten to learn from nature. Our ancesters adapted to every change in their surroundings by learning from nature. We tend to try to bend nature to our will. The results are disasterous.

    Have we yet to tame the Mississippi? Are our beach front properties safe from hurricanes?

    I have never felt so alive as when I stand atop a mountain and observe all the beauty around me and take in all the natural smells and sounds.

    But that world is shrinking. Now windmills set atop the ridges. In southern West Virginia and in Kentucky, the coal companies are allowed to remove the entire mountain tops in order to mine the seam of coal that lies beneath. Changing the topography and creating an ugly featureless landscape.

    Our mishandling of our gift of nature won’t continue with out a payday.

    Longwall mining is so destructive to the rock strata above it that it causes roadwadys to sink, cracks to appear on the surface of the ground. And worst of all it destroys natural springs and clean water.

    Don’t look to the EPA or the DEP for help in protecting our invironment. They work for the intrests of the business intrest of mining.

    All of creation groans under the weight of sin. And awaits the return of our Savior.

  14. violet D says:

    I was able to check out the site just by clicking on the highlighted area in Mart’s intro. Like others have commented – it’s a very good blog – but I, too enjoy the interaction on this blog and feel like I have come to know so many of you. Pooh – I would love to meet you – You have such a great sense of humor – but you’re such a LONG way away!!! I am extremely fortunate to live “in the shadow of the Rocky mountains” and just across the street from me is a park area with a river running through it. A walking path through the park is my favorite walk in the summer months.Right now we have quite a lot of snow. The deer come through my yard frequently and I feed birds from a feeder just outside my window. I have travelled up into the Northwest Teritories and been amazed by the vastness of God’s creation viewed from a fire tower up there! Made me realize once for all just how pitifully small I was by comparison! Gardening is also a great love of mine and I am constantly surrounded by and awed by God’s creation – of both large and really small things. I have a poem that states “The kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer God’s heart in a garden than any where else on earth”. That is exactly how I feel! Hope this encourages some of you.

  15. sitsathisfeet says:

    Wow SFDBWV your comments are so descriptive I can almost see it! And poohpity talking about going to the snow. All of you really bless and encourage. Just wanted to say thanks for all the encouraging comments to me also. (previous blogs) Violet D love the poem, going to give it to my sister who is a gardener!

  16. SFDBWV says:

    I hope all seen Fox News last evening about a young Palistinian Hamas leader who became Christian, and though a sentence of death from Islam, has went public with his witness for the Lord.

    Because he loves his Palistinian family so much, he is certain they too will come over to Christ once they examine the differences between Islam and Christianity.

    He stated the one passage that caught his attention. Was Jesus telling us to Love our enemies.

  17. BruceC says:


    The wife and I watched it also. My eyes kept tearing up and I kept saying “Amen!” “Praise the Lord!” An example of the awesome, life-changing power of the Lord! And the truth about the satanic hatred toward Israel and the deception of Islam. Not to be missed.

  18. pegramsdell says:

    Well, brought up in Florida. Only one story of snow I can share (1988) and it only came down on your hand, then melted.
    Oh, well, plenty of sunshine and nice warm days though.
    Can’t get any better than that. lol.

  19. daisymarygoldr says:

    Seems like I missed out on some great evening discussions, yesterday…

    Michael:) sigh…of relief…to see you made it back home in one piece…HW for this weekend: memorize Ps 1…please? Thank you! … Have a great time today at your “sinners are welcome” churc:)

    poohpity, live in the northwest valley…would love to meet you too…need time though…to grow some gray streaks in my hair…to look at least decently close enough to my self-assertive role of being your mother:)

    Also, noticed the cool pics that have been inserted…

  20. poohpity says:

    Oh no you don’t DMG you have to come as you are. If you have to fix up in anyway that means I’d have to too and that is just not me.

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