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WOC Update

Have mentioned before my conviction that the wonders and disasters of the natural world are powerful evidence of what the Bible tells us about God, the brokenness of our world, and ourselves.

For openers we have,

  1. The reminder of what God made, called good, and entrusted to us (Gen 1)
  2. The physical evidence that tells the story of our fall and eviction from paradise (Gen 3)
  3. The one answer that God gave a suffering Job (Job 38-42)
  4. The Psalmist’s celebration of God’s 2 Books (Psalm 19)
  5. Jesus’ regular use of nature to tell his parables (Gospels)
  6. The Apostle Paul’s doctrinal foundation rooted in Creation and Christ (Romans 1)
  7. Revelation’s anticipation of a restored natural world as evidence of the future that is now being prepared for all who die,  or are “caught-up” in Christ. (Rev 22)

The story of creation told by these texts, is why I am so interested in the work that one of my co-workers, Dean Ohlman, is doing with our Wonder of Creation site.  Although, still in its infancy, WOC is being designed not only to showcase Dean’s love for “Wonders that cannot be fathomed” and “miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 9:10), but also the masterful photography of another co-worker, Alex Soh, who is a member of our Singapore team. Am also expecting parents, grandparents and teachers to use and help develop the Wonder Kids feature.

When you get a chance I hope you’ll check out the features at the top of the WOC website,  the side-bar, and Dean’s posts. When you do, I think you’ll join me in enjoying and sharing some of the wonder that fills the man who always signs off, saying “See you Outdoors!”

Find Dean at http://www.wonderofcreation.org/

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21 Responses to “WOC Update”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Just wanted to say that I have not been able to log on to the blogs or comments at WOC. I have called and emailed RBC but so far I am unable to get in.

    But I still enjoy the articles and share the love of the “natural” world around us.

  • daisymarygoldr says:

    I also visit WOC everyday…great work, keep it up! …do enjoy reading Dean Ohlman’s posts, the comments and of course the pictures:) that I miserably miss in this blog. Cannot participate actively over there …one of the reasons is because he is to-o-o literary for my zero knowledge of American literature… and the main reason is I honestly do not have any time left after attending to the needs of all of you kids here in this blog, kids at home and kids at work! Along with creation I’m actually groaning for the day for deliverance… from whining kids:) No, I love you all…have a great weekend!