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Middle East Peace and Anti-Christ

With an eye on the emerging humanitarian crisis in Gaza, I expressed, in a previous post, the conviction that “It is so important for followers of Christ to rise above partisan alignments and to pray and speak out for some measure of justice, mercy, and relief for both Jewish and Arab families…”

In response, one of the friends of this blog wrote, “The Bible tells us about a certain charismatic political leader… who will work for some kind of solution that will result in peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors… a peace that will enable the Jews to rebuild their Temple. Should we, the Body of Christ value his attempts? Sounds very scary to me…”

So, let’s take another look. While sounding like science fiction to some, and troubling others, it is an issue that was important to Jewish prophets (Daniel 9:27; 11:36), Jesus (Matt 24:14), and his apostles (2Thess 2). (pic from TV commercial spoof)

As many of us know, the church is divided in opinions about whether real followers of Christ will be around  when the “man of sin” brings a false peace to the Middle East.

So in an effort to come together around an issue that divides us, I find it important to see that, as the New Testament warns its readers to be ready for the promised return of Jesus, it also offers reassuring words to followers of Christ who, already in the first century, were confused and alarmed about where they were in relation to “the last days”. Instead of writing in a way that increased their sense of fear, the Apostle Paul asked in his second letter to the Thessalonians, “Don’t you remember what I told you when I was still with you?” (2 Thess 2:5)

Reminding them of what he had already explained, he wrote,, “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God” (2Thess 2:2-3).

The Apostle went on to talk about the great deception that will come upon those “who are lost” and who have refused the truth that could have saved them (v 10).

Then, and I think this is so important to see, Paul encouraged his readers to take great confidence and comfort from their relationship with Christ (v 13-17). He contrasted them with those who had rejected the truth and who would therefore be vulnerable to the great lie of “the son of destruction” who will come.

The chapter ends with Paul’s “blessing”, “Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.”

Seems to me that these words were written to calm unnecessary fears and prompt us to acts of faith and love rather than giving us an excuse to take sides and join in the inflamed rhetoric of a tragic, international conflict.

Worst case would be for us to use our own prophetic scenario either to divide us against ourselves, or to lure us into a self-protective partiality and detachment from the plight of anyone in the Middle East… or anywhere else.

Best case, I’m thinking, would be for us to be known as a people who find the kind of security in Christ that enables us, as we have occasion, to show love and good will to all.

When you get a chance, wish you’d indicate whether these thoughts resonate with your own thinking– or not… You can do this either with a thumbs up or thumbs down… or by registering and adding your comment to the end of the string. Don’t have to say a lot. Am just real interested in hearing where you are in your own thinking when it comes to your faith and the Middle East…

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50 Responses to “Middle East Peace and Anti-Christ”

  1. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Thinking about the Anti- Christ… I have often thought it will be similar to the days when Christ walked here on this very earth. He was among men. They could have,had they wanted to,have literally touched the hand of God. Only a few recognized the miracle taking place right in their midst. The ones who did understand were persecuted until death. If, I understand correctly, it will be the same in the end. Only the elect will be aware of the events taking place. I don’t know about the rapture,as God has not revealed to me to my understanding ,where His church will be at that time. I know the different views presented,but however things happen,I feel no fear. I can only stand firm in the things I know for sure, God is real, Christ died for us, He’s coming back.The Jewish nation had the prophetic message and did not have correct interpretation,so I am reluctant to take a side on the rapture issue. I will stay with the best case scenario, Mart presents. Use our time to share the gospel, with love.

  2. SFDBWV says:

    Revelation 3:3 “Remember therefore how thou hast recieved and heard, and hold fast,and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come to thee.”

    All knowledge is found within the pages of the written Word. For them that seek the truth. Written from Genesis through Revelation is revelation knowledge. Past and future history is explained.

    The first man Adam given everything he needed including free choice. He chose “poorly”. Ancient history. But through prophesy, we were given knowledge that there was to be a second man, who would be the Savior of all mankind. Future history.The second man, Jesus, chose wisely.

    From that time in the garden, this antichrist spirit was present. He has been present thoughout history trying to pervert or corrupt all that is Christ.

    When Israel rejected the government of Judges with God at the head. “Free Will” God gave them what they wanted. Saul. Ancient history”
    The world is rejecting Christ and is calling out for a human response to the trouble in the Mid East and world economic ills. God will once again give the world what it is desiring. The Anti-Christ. Future history.

    With our last breath we should try and evangelize by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord to the broken world. In word and in deed.

    In this world we now live in, this meens smuggling Bibles into Muslim countries,having radio programs that can be heard in all nations in their own tongue. By secretly having people scattered among the unsaved to bring the Good News, at a danger to their own lives.

    While at home we combat a growing power of the antichrist within our own government and public sector.

    God will give man what he wants just as he has throughout history. Then man will be forced to deal with the results.

    The future world has a religion that is universal. If you do not bow to this religion you will be beheaded. Does this sound familiar?

    My first allegiance is to God through Jesus Christ, my second is to my family, and third to my country. I want all to understand that I include all in the body of Christ as my family.

  3. joe says:

    Hello to all! I have been reading this site for some time and have now registered in order to comment. I was moved to acknowledge something SFDBWV wote concerning ‘beheadings’. Though beheading seems routine in Islam (I had this same Ah Ha! moment, too), I was moved while reading the Bible a month or so ago when I re-learned the stories of the many beheadings of Saints under Roman Rule. Reveleation may speak about a 7 Hill Rule coming again….thus for me, I’m not convinced that the beheading of Saints in “the last days” is an Islam based action. Peace of Christ to all!

  4. SFDBWV says:

    rdrcomp, Of course you are right. We should expend our energies on evangelizing all unsaved everywhere. This is our Great Commission.

    Many times I have thought about how we get distracted from it in our many discussions.

    But then if we have various subjects to explore we can see Christ in all of the different areas we discuss. We even can learn from each other as we go along.

    There are many people out here who don’t know about any of the subject matter we discuss and some who think there is nothing left to know.

    We may by exploring the subjects of the Rapture or the antichrist or his activities, be the only voice some hear concerning the matter.

    Throughout it all we may touch a broken heart or a broken person and show them a way to be healed.

    Ecclesiastes 12:thru 14, “And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.13,Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.14,For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

    Yes the discussion of such things are tiresome and yes there is no end to opinions nor them ready to express them. But it is fun to learn and share.

    There for instance is an oportunity here now to discuss everyones opinion of the rapture. I too have my own thoughts but would like to hear and explore others views. The same concerning the biblical prophesies of the antichrist and current news.

  5. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    SFDVWB Well Put! God Bless

  6. wretch-like-me says:

    I agree with what has been shared regarding the joy of learning new things and sharing opinions however, there should be caution exercised as well.

    The writer of Ecclesiastes puts it this way;

    3:1 There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under heaven:

    However, as a student of Navigator training, I learned the principle of the ‘spoked’ wagon wheel. It demonstrates all things should be in balance.

    The wheel’s outer rim should be a perfect circle to be most effective. An effective life for Christ should also reflect a balanced approach to all things good.

    When a wheel gets out of balance or out of shape, its usually due to spokes that are too short, too long, broken or missing. Wheels must be tuned from time to time to make sure it remains in balance.

    A person’s life can reflect these same problems and needs to be tuned. If we spend too much time and effort in one or more areas of our life while ignoring others, our life, like the wheel, can get out of balance.

    While it is good to fellowship with believers on a regular basis, it is also important to spend time working, playing, studying, exercising, eating, sleeping, fasting, praying, worshipping God and serving others including non-believers.

    The anti-christ(whether one man or evil itself)is fact. We cannot change that. What we can change is the way we live our last days. Should we sell our possessions, like some, and wait for Christ to return on some hilltop? Or should we work all the more to bring as many lost people to salvation as we can before we take our last breath?

    Today could be my last day to proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord! To show the Love of Christ to a dying world! To point to The Way of Salvation!

    May this sounds a bit too Macho; but, I would like to think of myself in terms of the ‘kind warrior’ who dies willingly to save as many as he can (and takes out as many ‘demons’ as he can when he goes…Anyone care to join me?}

    Final thought: Marti, can any political group or govt. relief effort bring about ‘real’ healing and change of heart given that they are ‘infected’ with sin? How many times have we seen graft and corruption spoil the best efforts to airlift food and medicines to the starving, sick and dying? I think we all know that there is only one ‘living water’.

  7. pegramsdell says:

    WLM – I am with you! The Kingdom of God is something to fight for, and forceful people take it by force. I don’t want to be macho….(lol),but I’m with you.
    We have authority to take out demons. Jesus gave us that authority. We don’t need to ask permission, we already have the power within us. We need to act upon it when necessary.
    This blog is definately a ministry. I get ministered to all the time by comments and subjects. I know God fearing people exist and care. I see them at church, but don’t always get to converse with them.
    I am grateful for this blog and Mart. Thanks.

  8. poohpity says:

    I wish I could say that each day I have chosen to live as if it were my last but I still have hopes and dreams for the future. It would be nice if everyday I made a choice to do something kind for someone, just one person. It would also be nice if I was so busy doing the Lord’s work that I spent no time wondering about the rapture or anything else for that matter. Well that is not always the case the majority of the time I have my head in the clouds because I am a dreamer. I do not nor will I ever know for sure the time of Christ’s return or when the rapture comes and my faith is not always strong. When I read the bible I feel like I am in the presence of God and sometimes my head is lifted high and sometimes it is bowed in shame. There are things that I am permitted to know and some things I am not. I just have to trust and put one foot in front of another until I am given the next step and I know that there is always something to do for Christ everyday, every hour, every moment and every second. I can be there our I can withdraw.

    I do know that with everything I have gone through He has prepared me in advance for whatever task comes before me and I am willing to take another step and that is all I need to know.

  9. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    WLM – No, a political group nor any govt. can give the living water. But sometimes political groups and govt. make it possible for believers to reach those who will hear. There is corruption in every walk of life, even in our churches. Matter of fact some churches have caused great harm for those of us trying to share Christ. Only God can change a heart, but faith comes by hearing and if by offering help, even in the secular realm,we may reach one who needs to hear. One is worth the effort.

  10. daisymarygoldr says:

    SFDBWV, I am totally with you on this!

    In posting the comment yesterday, I was wondering about what it means for us, the Body of Christ to pursue “peace” and show “love”. We all yearn for peace and order and justice to be restored to the Middle East…all the more if we are followers of Christ…because Jesus is the epitome of love and peace. Have no theological background and not a Bible expert either, so I really do not know much about how the future events in Rev will unfold… but I do know that there is a counterfeit… for everything that is from God…and the antichrist will be a perfect imitation of Christ and will mimic Him… to the point of deceiving the saints…

    If the antichrist is someone very evident and to be easily discerned why did Jesus warn about false Christs who will deceive the very elect (Matt 24:24)?
    wretch-like-me, in your reply yesterday, if rapture enables Christians to escape…what is the “war against the saints” in Rev 13:7?
    rdrcomp, if Christian living is simply about the foundational principles of love and grace, how can we account for Christ’s repeated warnings to His disciples to watch?

    Mart, I also wholeheartedly agree with you about the security in Christ as assured in 2 Thess ….but I am also serious about considering Jesus’ words… warning His disciples to “Watch out! Don’t let your hearts be dulled … by the worries of this life. Don’t let that day catch you unaware, like a trap. For that day will come upon everyone living on the earth. Keep alert at all times. And pray that you might be strong enough to escape these coming horrors and stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21: 34-36 NLT)

  11. SFDBWV says:

    I gotta good laugh thanks to rdrcomp. I need spell check and delete as an option on most all of my posts.

    It came to mind as I read the posts that we should live with an attituude as if this is our last moment. But yet believe that there is a tomorrow at the same time.

    Matt say’s often he wishes he could rewind time. Boy don’t we all.

    “As it were in the days of Noah.” I have heard several dispensations on that subject. But I think that the one I like the best is that life was going on as it had for ever. Weddings, funerals, shopping, playing,working and on and on. When suddenly the rains came.

    I think we are to be ready at all times, be able to recognize the events, and be in a position to warn others of the coming doom. While at the same time not doing as the first church members did and sell all they possessed and await the coming of the Lord.

    They thought they had did all required of them and were now ready to go. Job done. When Jesus didn’t show back up and believers among them started dieing, they were confused. And so we get instruction from Paul as what to expect. Suddenly two are together and one is gone.1 Corinthians,15:52. Better yet read all of Chapter 15.

    1Thessalonians 4:15,For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.16,For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:17,Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air : and so shall we ever be with the Lord.18, Wherefore comfort one another with these words.”

    I strongly urge to continue reading Chapter 5″But of the times and the seasons,brethern, ye have no need that I write unto you.”

    What does all of this have to do with the events in the Mid East?

    Most all students of prophesy believe that all prophesy has been fulfilled except the events surrounding the antichrist and of course tribulation. With the re emergence as Israel as a nation and with the current events unfolding before our eyes on the news. It would seem the next event will be the “Rapture”

    Time is running out, we must excellerate our efforts to bring the Good News to all we can. We must do so with the attitude that this may be the last chance to do so.

    Once the rapture occurs the clock is ticking again and there are only 7 years left three and a half of which is the Great Tribulation.

  12. pegramsdell says:

    “People get ready, Jesus is coming, soon we’ll be going home”…..
    We need to be ready. Because He IS coming, and we don’t know when. We need to be about doing our Father’s business. Not freaking out, but letting His Spirit lead us and guide us. By doing His will, not our own.

  13. daisymarygoldr says:

    rdrcomp, yes, it was in reference to your earlier post “…this is a waste of time. It certainly isn’t what our wonderful Lord told me to be involved in”. To me, it appeared as though you were making light of the events associated with the end days…but I think you got it right in your response “If I love, I warn and instruct and protect and a lot more”.

    Sorry, if I was not very clear in my Q to you, but no, I was not talking about keeping rules or the Law… but wanted to emphasize the importance of dwelling on the end time events. So, to keep watching…along with loving others, it is equally important for us to be diligently studying His word, lest we get tricked by all the pseudo love and peace offered by the humanistic religions of this world.

    Do appreciate your take on Law, grace and rule-keeping! Am guessing I’ll have to face the pelting stones forever on this blog:)

    Also wanted to know if someone can enlighten me on Daniel 11:33, 35…

  14. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    daisy, your energy wears me out:) I admire your willingness to learn and your hunger to know Gods word. Sometimes it helps to just ask God. He will reveal His word to you and give all the understanding to you that you desire. He could do all that in a blink, but we can’t grow that fast.It’s a journey and we are all taking it together. I don’t believe anyone of us has all the answers, just the faith. I don’t write well enough to explain my understanding of Daniel 11:33,35 so can’t help you on that matter. Just wanted you to know that you are thought about.

  15. refump says:

    What does “getting ready” in this context entail? It almost sounds like we need to “work” harder at something in order to be ready. Are we not ready if we have receive Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior & walk with Him each day? What should we be doing different than what we are already doing as we work out our salvation with fear & trembling? Should I be proclaiming His love to more people than I am now just because signs of the end times are appearing? What is it that should motivate us – the signs of the times or our love for God?

  16. poohpity says:


    The thing I get from the Daniel passage is that when the pact between the two kings one from the north and one from the south gets broken some of the wise people of the land try to teach but end up having to experience problems so that their wisdom may increase.

  17. wretch-like-me says:

    gr8grannyjacobs Says:
    “WLM – No, a political group nor any govt. can give the living water. But sometimes political groups and govt. make it possible for believers to reach those who will hear. There is corruption in every walk of life, even in our churches. Matter of fact some churches have caused great harm for those of us trying to share Christ. Only God can change a heart, but faith comes by hearing and if by offering help, even in the secular realm,we may reach one who needs to hear. One is worth the effort.”

    …I call that ‘earning the right to be heard’. Habitat for Humanity is a good example of christians undercover.(so long as they dont walk away at the end of the job!)
    But, unless the groups have a christian message to give along with the cup of cold water(when asked why they do this), it is a wasted effort. Ask any Rescue Mission!

    DMG asked:
    “If the antichrist is someone very evident and to be easily discerned why did Jesus warn about false Christs who will deceive the very elect (Matt 24:24)?
    wretch-like-me, in your reply yesterday, if rapture enables Christians to escape… what is the “war against the saints” in Rev 13:7?”

    It is easy at first to miss the most obvious answer.
    The saints saved before the rapture occurred are gone so the only logical answer is the salvation of some of those who are left behind…

    A very good movie by the same name illustrates the point. If you havent read the 12 or 13 volume series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, youre missing a very good read. It may seem like a lot but believe me, you will not be disappointed even if you are a slow reader(like me). I could not put it down and often had to wait for the next book in the series to be printed. You wont have that disadvantage and most public libraries have the series available to check out.

    Dont forget the 144,000 Jews that come to the faith after the Rapture, too. All who come to know Jesus after the event will have the privilege of suffering and some dying at the hands of the beast and his forces of darkness.

    When it comes to understanding Daniel 11:33-35, you can best understand it if you have read the entire book and better yet if you have read the entire bible and better yet if you focus on the text of prophecy. It is the miracle of scripture that the Holy Spirit reveals to those He Wills and seek His Will.

    In a nutshell, it references the remnant of the church left on earth who have come to understanding post-rapture. Some gifted with insight will use the gifts faithfully and will be effective in leading others to the saving knowledge of Jesus; yet they too become martyrs. In that time, some who have falsely claimed to believe will turn away in hypocracy…purifying the fold because those that remain will be tested.

    Throughout this time of tribulation, there will be deception, periods of peace, and conferences conducted in ‘false’ efforts to bring peace. Instead it brings Famine, War, Disease, and Pestilence (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse). Nothing that is tried is effective in stopping what God tells us will come. The rulers of the world cannot prevent the evil one from disrupting all efforts to bring peace.

    It will not be a pleasant time in that there will be great suffering; however, those who find salvation will have eternity to look forward to in the Joy set before them.

    Hope that helps.

  18. daisymarygoldr says:

    Sorry, gr8grannyjacob:( …it was not at all my intention to wear you out. No pressure here… and you are right, God will provide answers…in His time, as we seek to learn about Him… together!

    poohpity, wretch-like-me, great insights! …you guys have enlightened me more than I asked for…Thank you! Dan 11 came to mind in response to some of the comments… about the end time events.

    …on seeking peace in the Middle East… it must be recognized that it is a spiritual warfare…in which God will defeat the devil. Anyone at war with God will never achieve true peace …that includes the enemies of Israel who mock at and defy the Living God of Israel. Israel herself has defied and rejected His Peace…but through this fiery process, when she finds herself surrounded by her enemies and betrayed by her allies this chosen nation will turn to Him in desperation…and will recognize her real deliverer…as not the Antichrist but… The Messiah!

    Peacemaking therefore, will not be achieved by man’s attempt to broker peace in the Middle East conflict… it will only hinder God’s plan… for restoring His peace. So, we the Body of Christ should work for and (not against) God’s eternal plan for Israel and the world. We, who have found true peace and know God’s plan through prophecy (Zech 12:3), should show our love by telling people everywhere to be reconciled with God to find true peace only through the cross of Christ- the Messiah! Just my thoughts…

  19. Uneke says:

    Dear Mart, regardless of the differences in opinion christians may have on this issue of the last days, it is still very timely and extremely necessary to bring this up now.

    I pray God to bless you continually for your committment to the ministry of edifying the church of God in these days when there are a lot more to distract us from biblical truth than there are to point us to it.

    Like previous respondents have mentioned; we are better off holding unto the message of the cross and living our lives in expectation of Christ’s return.

    I have never been a fan of escatological studies (And do not intend to be). But I strongly believe that Jesus Christ is returning again. The antecedents of his return have been clearly given in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 and we must agree that we have seen them all in our times: The middle east crisis being a land mark event in the matter.

    I think we should live our lives watching for Christ’s return and not the anti christ’s manifestation. This is because no matter which comes first I believe God has already worked out everything with our interests fully protected.

  20. SFDBWV says:

    To borrow a term from our host, I’ve “been thinking about” our subject.
    The test of a prophet is that what he has said comes true 100%. Tuff test.
    The Book of Daniel is so acurate, in what was to him future events, that unbelievable as it is. Many Seminaries taught that this book must have been written after Christ. It was only after older copies of the Torah were discovered that the Book was accepted as fact. By scholars.
    The OT activities often are a precursor to future events. As in Abraham and Isaac. There in the same place Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac. Jesus was crucified.
    Daniel gives literal prophesy to literal events that actualy have already occured. and eludes to future events comeing.
    We as Christians have a responsibility to know and understand prophesy. We are to be a light in a dark world. We are to show the way.
    All for the express purpose of awakening people to the Good News of Jesus Christ. And showing them a way to salvation.
    As prophetic events unfold before our eyes, we must lead the way in having answers as to the coming troubles. To calm and assure each other and inform the ignorant as to what is happening and why. Else many will be decieved by simply never having heard the Word.
    There is coming troubles in the world and the world will seek solutions contrary to God.

  21. BruceC says:

    Well, here I am ; late as usual.


    “While at home we combat a growing power of the antichrist within our own government and public sector.”
    My feelings exactly. After seeing what has happened to our country just in this old geezer’s lifetime; I would say we have a very blossoming mission here at home as well as abroad.
    My feelings and opinions of the mid-east crisis may seem a little complicated. I don’t hate the Arabs; but I do not agree with their viewpoint. Israel from day one has been attacked and deeply hated by her enemies. Most of which call for her annialation to the last person. I think Hitler had that view of Russia also. I feel sorry for the people decieved and pulled into the hatred by militant terror groups. They are in darkness and have been taught hate since they were children. At the same time I recognize that secular Israel isn’t fool-proof either(like the rest of world and all in it)
    I listen to political leaders talking peace and at the same time realize it will truly come only when my Saviour returns. Until then we can be at peace within ourselves while the world around us is in turmoil, pain, and bloodshed.
    I do not fault Israel for doing what it does. Everytime they give up land for peace; that same land is used to stage attacks. And while I don’t enjoy seeing innocents killed I recall a time in our history when many innocents died confronting a horrific evil that threatened to engulf the world. If you think about it; who can claim any innocence in wartime? Directly or indirectly is seems we all take part. But evil I believe must be confronted both spiritually and at times physically. I am looking foward to this latest crisis coming to an end; giving humantarian efforts a chance to help those in need and a chance to present the Gospel. Then another crisis will emerge again until the time that it appears that no one has an answer. Except of course for satan’s counterfeit messiah. When he comes what we see now will seem as a picnic. It is our job to watch, live in love, warn others, and tell the world that Christ is the answer to our needs at the personal level, and on the world stage.

    I for one won’t pelt you with the same stones I deserve, and doubt anyone else will either.

    Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  22. SFDBWV says:

    When the Magi came to Bethlehem. They weren’t just astrologers following a new star. They had the ancient writings of one of their countrymen to aid them in their quest. The Torah and specialy Daniel,whos writtings had given them insight into when and where the Savior of the World would be born. And die. (be cut off).

    Jesus was upset with the religious leaders of His day because they did not.

    When I think of the innocent people that war kills. I must use modern numbers to explain. During the II World War, does anyone know the Millions of non combatants that were killed? The number I have heard stated are somewhere in the 10s of millions.

    Has anyone seen pictures of Berlin after American and Allied forced reduced it to rubble? How about Japan? The Phillippines?Russa?China?Belgum?Poland? The numbers grow as both sides do what war brings, death and destruction.

    As brother Bruce has stated, evil will be in the world until the return of our King, Jesus.

    So we must be the Good Samaritan, and the peace seekers while also being the teachers and providers of His Word.

  23. poohpity says:

    Those who have a personal relationship with God will know His voice and will be able to know with out a doubt the difference between any deception or even the anti-christ. So no worries. There are those that the comfort of this life keep them from going wherever or doing whatever it takes to follow His voice.

    There is no place like Africa for the loss of the innocent yet many have turned their back and closed their eyes. I believe that, for those that hear the voice of God, there is so much to do around the world in every nation for the Kingdom of God.

  24. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    This is how I understand the passage “be ready” He is saying to each generation do what you can now. Speak of Me now while you can. Each generation has thought it was the end times and that they knew who the anti-Christ was and yet the world goes on. We will not know as I understand the Bible when the last time has come. It won’t matter if one has Christ in their heart. The only disciple,as I understand, that was deceived was the one who never had Him in his heart.The rest believed and were persecuted, even to death. They were not deceived.

    pooh, I agree with you about Africa. My husband and I have big heart for the people of Africa. We feel there is no Government help for them, basically, because it is a poor country. We do have some Christians who hear their cry for help. Jesus only had twelve,so maybe how many help isn’t important, as long as there are enough to spread the message of hope in Christ.

  25. SFDBWV says:

    Deborah, I agree that we know the voice of our shepherd.

    I also think that the Rapture will occur before the 7 year period of the antichrist. I believe this because we would readily recognize him and his allies. And thus be much trouble for his ascention to power.

    The whole of the NT gives us no instructions as to how to live out the time of the Great Tribulation. Not to the Church.

    In Revelation after Jesus talks to His Church in Chapters 1,2,and 3. At the beginning of Chapter 4 a doorway was opened in Heaven and with a shout John was in Heaven. So it shall be for His Church.

    The word Church is not mentioned again through out the remainder of Revelation. Because we have been “snatched” away.

    Many will be turned to Christ during the Tribulation and they are mentioned as martyrs having been killed for not bowing down to the beast.

    1 Thessalonians 5:9 “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.”

  26. daisymarygoldr says:

    As followers of Christ, we must always look at the bigger picture…from God’s point of view. In our eagerness for peace, we readily protest against wars and in doing this… sometimes we miss seeing the hand of God… moving people and nations… to fulfill His plans. The OT is full of examples about God intervening in the affairs of men…even using enemy nations against His chosen people … in each of these episodes, He was delivering a lesson for them to “know” Him.

    Today at work, I was talking to a gentleman from Afghanistan who was telling about his life back home…seems they were not allowed to learn music…music was considered “Haram” which means “forbidden”… by the Taliban. If any one was caught making music, their fingers were chopped off! It was interesting to learn that his grandfather’s sister was one of the 100 wives of their king. We talked a lot about the darkness of that land…about lives which were trapped and crushed under the cruel claws of evil…about the fate of women…and in the end…this young man was greatly relieved about the US invasion…he was really thankful for the war… that drastically changed lives for the better. Women were able to vote for the first time in their history and barbarism was slowly diminishing to make way for more humane and civilized living.

    My sister’s Father-in-law (who is with the OM) had so-o-o many wonderful stories of people coming to Christ because of the Iraq war… that opened doors to the gospel through the humanitarian relief efforts of the Red Cross.

    War is evil and those who wage wars have their own greedy and selfish motives, but we should have faith and trust God… who uses all things…even the evil…for the ultimate good!

  27. vitavon@hotmail.com says:

    A little disagreement. I think we do have to take sides, as there is good and evil being played out for the promised land. Of course Satan wants it, its Gods. Eph 6;12 Says that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the rulers of darkness (paraphrase)
    Deut 30:7 says that God will put all the curses upon Israels enemies and on them that persecute and hate her (paraphrase).Gen 12:3 says God will bless those who bless her and curse those that curse her. I do pray for the salvation of the “Palestinian” Arabs, and of course for the salvation of the Jewish people too and for peace as it commands us to do in Psalm 122:6
    I also believe in the Rapture, and that we wont see the Antchrist…as Revelation 3;10 tells us (Philadelphian Church ie the Body of Christ)”because you have kept My commandment to persevere. I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole World to test those that dwell on the earth.”
    much love your sister in Christ. Maranatha. The rapture is imminent the 2nd coming is not.

  28. aecann says:

    Middle East and Peace; Even though there is great darkness in that region it is not for us to decide. I believe that our obligation is to love God and trust His on going work for the saving of the lost and to then love people one at a time and show them Christ through our own lives. We are closer now than in any generation of seeing Christ returning for His own. How many more will He be able to take if we are doing just what we were instructed to do. Love God and Love Others.

  29. Mart De Haan says:

    vitavon@hotmail.com, thanks for your comment. I think that you and others are touching on an important idea that requires us to think carefully about what God meant when he told Abraham that he would bless those who blessed him and curse those who cursed him. Am working on a post on “blessing and curses” that I’ll try to get up in the morning.

  30. poohpity says:


    Please show me scripture that says the second coming is not imminent.

    Read Acts 1:11; 1 Thessalonians 4:16; Matthew 22:42; John 14:3; Revelation 1:7 and Matthew 24:27

  31. DougDavis says:

    When excited and in doubt,
    Run in circles, scream and shout!
    “Be still, and know that I am God”

    That may be an old quotation from my Navy Days about thirty years ago.
    (Or it may be from somewhere else. I don’t recall).

  32. Royals says:

    Great read. 2 Timothy 1:7 immediately came to mind.

    “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

  33. kaliko88 says:

    It’s not so much my thinking and the Middle East, it’s my thinking and those who do not see a clear picture of Christ. I have been struggling a lot lately with some bad problems, but I know I have to work on them and show myself to be a decent follower of Christ. I do watch the news and when things even hint at the possibility of the end times coming nearer I pay attention, because they are warnings. But I do not put all my focus on looking for those warnings because there is still work to do. The work of reaching out to as many as possible. So I try not to worry so much about cultural distinctions. There are people in need, and that’s all we really have to know to act, and try to show Christ in those actions the best we can.

  34. venezuelan_1852 says:

    Well, I believe the Anti-Christ is already here. Pay attention to Venezuela. A charismatic political leader, hates Israel, compered himself whith Christ. Hates the Church. Loves to be the only leader, the all knowing, the father of everybody, and a long etc. Open your eyes. He may be the one.

  35. poohpity says:

    Do you think he has that much power? The anti-christ will be able to confuse the whole world and I do not think He is able to do that maybe just the people of Venezuela but I think that that country is already wising up. I do not think they are going to take his corruption much longer.

  36. poohpity says:

    Amen BOB!

  37. venezuelan_1852 says:

    He has the power, the intelligence and the evil of Satan. And the people is not going to do anything. Most of the population just love him and this country is not christian, so most of them are blind.

  38. poohpity says:


    You do not seem to be blind to his evil practices and I bet there are more like you. I hope there are more like you. In the US I believe we see his corruption so someone sees. It would be nice to find like minded people and stick together against him in Jesus name.

  39. Nick V says:

    The Jewish orthodox position is that at best Jesus Christ may have been an exceptiionally perceptive Rabbi who taught accurately about the kingdom of God and at worst a deciever and impostor of the real future Messiah. this is the pure spirit of antichrist according to 1Jn. and would naturally lead to accepting ‘the’ Antichrist. Of course they are not alone in thier assumptions and other similar worldviews will be decieved as well.

    Someone has said many years ago that isreal is God’s timepiece indicating the approach of Crist’s return. I lean toward God fulfilling all his promises to the Jew’s ‘nationally’. The statement ‘and so all Isreal shall be saved’ can only be understood as the nation. Jesus said ‘narrow is the gate and hard is the way to life and few there be that find it’ This has been true throughout the ages whether Jewish or Christian. It’s inconceivable that after several thousand years of rejection every Jew is going to personally accept Jesus as their Saviour. At some future point the Jewish nation may accept Jesus as their political saviour but not all as their personal Saviour. I believe the emphasis of evangelism should be where the greatest needs and opportunities are.

    Nick V.

  40. flybillparadise says:

    Write an essay on all you know about “Anti-Christ” ONLY from the Bible. Be literal and explicit on the word — no fair using so-called synonyms.

  41. chrisforj says:

    My faith and the Middle East, where do I stand? Very interesting article. As each day comes, in my own life, my faith is that God will see me through. Not just existing, but to live life to the fullest. If God is watching over me, who also is a sinner, I believe He is also watching over those who are what we call the “Middle East”. All is in His hands. As for the Anti-Christ coming, again that will be one day I will have faith in God to watch over me. Jesus, when He was here, did not only heal “Jewish People” He healed ALL people who came to Him in Faith. The future is in God’s Hands and I can live with that.
    Thank you God.

  42. barrywynn says:

    The return of Christ is imminent, but it can happen anytime. We can guess but it is the Lord’s time in the fulness in time. i have a friend who always wondered about the rapture and where in the Bible does it talk about that? it does. in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 it talks about the restrainer being taken out and the man of lawllessness will be revealed. the church must be taken out for the tribulation period to start. As time goes by, we are moving closer. one of the preconditions is the talk of a great apostasy and we are in one. Also, the restrainer the holy spirit uses the church to restrain evil and the evil one. Once that happens the trib period may be manifest. Right now a group in Israel has raised money to rebuild the Temple and the are building the furnitute used in the temple. One roadblock is the Dome of the Rock is still on the temple site. So some things need to happen before we have the trib period.

  43. Rick123 says:

    I believe that Christians today are not going to have God’s favor by escaping the tribulation, while millions of Christians in the past have suffered torture. Christians today are not more special than Christians in the past. Don’t forget St-Paul said that Christ will come at the sound of the last trumpet, the last trumpet in revelation sounds at the end of the tribulation when Christ comes.

    I don’t believe in a secret rapture, the bible does not teach it. The rapture doctrine teaches that only the living in Christ will be raptured, but this teaching has an error. For the bible teaches that it will be first the dead in Christ that will be resurrected. And then, them that remain alive will be transformed and caught up in the clouds with them. I believe Jesus’s second coming will be seen by all mankind. For at the appearing of Jesus in the “last day”(last trump) will the dead(asleep) in Jesus rise first. Then the ones in Christ that remain alive shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord…Jhn 6:44…and I will raise him up at the (last day). Jhn 12:48 He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the (last day)…The second coming of Jesus will be immediately after the tribulation.

    1Cr 15:51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep,(not die) but we shall all be changed, 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the (last trump): for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

    Mat 24:29 ¶ Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: 30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other…1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive [and] remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord…Rev 7:13 And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? 14 And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, “These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.”<<<Notice

  44. Rick123 says:

    I was surfing the web and I bumped into this very interesting study of the scriptures by The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni

    Did Jesus Claim Barack Obama is SATAN?
    Written on the 29th day of June 2008 by ;
    The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni

    In Luke 10:18 Jesus states, I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven. How does a young Jewish Rabbi, which Jesus is credited with being (John 1:38), say in HEBREW, that Satan is like LIGHTNING from heaven?
    Barack, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is LIGHTNING (Strongs Hebrew word 1300). Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING (Strongs Greek word 913) for the name of a person! The ONLY WAY, a Jewish Rabbi can say in Hebrew that SATAN is LIGHTNING is, SATAN BARACK!… In Hebrew poetry from the dominant book that the New Testament draws upon, to validate the works of Jesus as proof of poetic prophecy, the use of BAMA (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the heights of heaven. That book is Isaiah. Christian scholars agree, that much of the New Testament refers directly to passages of Isaiah’s poetry. Isaiah is also the source of origin for the Christian concept of Satan or Lucifer, Isaiah 14:12.

    In the verses of Isaiah that refer directly to Lucifer in King James translations of Isaiah , BAMA (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the Heights of Heaven (Isaiah 14:14)! In Hebrew Bama is most commonly used to refer to a high sacred place, as well as to the Heights of the heavens or clouds. So, Barack O Bama in Hebrew poetry, similar to the style of Isaiah, would translate literally as Lightning and the Heights of the sky or heaven! … Satan is Satan in Hebrew. So the Jesus Prophecy of Luke 10:18, if spoken actually by a Jewish Rabbi influenced by the poetry of Isaiah, would have said the verse Luke 10:18 as ; Satan Barack O Bama That would be Hebrew for Satan is Lightning (Barack) and the heights (BAMA) of heaven or the sky. So, Luke 10:18 is correctly translated as; Satan is like Lightning (Barack) and the Highest (Bama) heavenly

    We now have an Arab American President obtaining control of the largest arsenal of NUCLEAR WARHEADS on this planet! If you were SATAN, or Barack (Hebrew for Lightning), what army would you try to take control of, so you could unleash 10,000 NUKES upon mankind and DESTROY what he hates (Humanity)? That army, is the army of the United States of America!The New Testament records Jesus saying LIGHTNING, or Barack in Hebrew, only three times! Luke 10:18 is clear. SATAN is BARACK or Lightning! In Matthew 24:27, Jesus explains how his coming will be connected to LIGHTNING (Barack)!
    “For as the Lightning (Barack) cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” The Greek word translated as For in this verse is gar (Strongs Greek word 1063). This word can also be translated as SEEING or WHEN. So seeing Barack or when Barack comes from the east and shines unto the west is a signal of the Coming of Jesus!

    Barack Obama grew up in the East, in the country of Indonesia! His political career now shines upon the West, the United States! Can it be, the Coming of the Son of Man is nigh? According to New Testament verses, Lightning or Barack is SATAN and his travels from the East in Indonesia to his accession to the throne of power in the West, the United States, signals the Coming of the Son of Man! In Luke 17:24, Jesus once again uses Lightning (Barack aka SATAN) for a timing prophecy of his Coming! Once again, the Greek word gar (Strongs Greek word 1063) is translated as for. However, it is also seeing or when. So, Luke 17:24 can also be read as: Seeing/when lightning (Barack) comes out of Heaven… so shall also the Son of man be in his day!

    So, Jesus used Lightning (Barack in Hebrew) to literally describe SATAN! He then tied his Coming to the appearance of Barack or Lightning aka SATAN! Many pundits describe the charisma of Barack Obama as Messianic! Perhaps they should read their Bibles closer and see it is really SATANIC CONTROL! Is Satan really LIGHTNING/BARACK who now strolls the earth, walking to and fro, and about to take CONTROL of over 10,000 NUKES? Is the rise of Satan/ Lightning/Barack THE SIGN that the COMING of JESUS is nigh…

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