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Israel: What If?

What we know is that the Bible says God gave the land of the Canaanites to his chosen people to show that he is God of gods.

The same Scriptures make it clear that Israel’s security in the land would depend on their faithfulness to the covenant that God made with them. According to Moses, if God’s chosen people did not remain true to the covenant, he would temporarily remove the nation and scatter it to the four corners of the earth to show, once again, that he is God of gods. (Deut 28)

Ezekiel seems to have predicted that the scattered nation would ultimately be returned physically to the land before being restored spiritually. In his vision of the dry bones, the bones come together, and flesh is restored to the bones, before God breathes his life into them (Ezekiel 37).

In the meantime many of us are convinced that Israel’s Messiah appeared on schedule (Daniel 9:24-26). He was born of a virgin, died voluntarily to become God’s lamb of sacrifice not only for the sins of Israel, but for the sins of all of us, and then rose from the dead to live his life through anyone who would trust him. (pic Herod’s family tomb– to left of opening–shows top of stone rolled over door of first ancient middle east tombs)

What we don’t know is where we are on God’s calendar. Many of us sense that he has once again used a very faulty human process to begin bringing Israel  back to her ancestral homeland. Current events in the Middle East seem to be setting the stage for what the Bible predicted for the end of this age.

Wrongs against God and humanity are multiplying on all sides of the resulting regional and international conflict. Yet, as the patriarch Joseph experienced, in some mysterious way God can bring good out of the evil that we do to protect ourselves at the expense of others.

So how are we to respond to what we know and don’t know? Can we rightly apply to the secular state of Israel what God has promised to her in her future spiritual restoration?

What if the divided voices of the Knesset suddenly came together around what they hear some in the West saying? What if they said, “These Christians are right. Our own Hebrew Scriptures say the same thing. We are only living on a fraction of the land that the God of Abraham has promised us. Let’s not wait. Let’s go to war with all of our neighbors in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan Iran an Iraq. Let’s take what has been promised to us from the river of Egypt to the great Euphrates river of Iraq” (Gen 15:18).

Am thinking such an action would violate not only all kinds of principles of international justice, but also the precedents of Scripture that show how badly a chosen nation can harm herself and others by moving ahead on the basis of presumption rather than on God’s terms and in God’s time.

Long ago Zechariah wrote words that today are engraved on a great Menorah standing just outside of the gates of the Knesset:

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts” (Zechariah 4:6).

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51 Responses to “Israel: What If?”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    what if????? Dejevu.

    Many of us step ahead of God before our time and fail. Usualy there are pitfalls and problems that God places in our over eager enthusiasim to warn us of advancing. If we listen to God in our actions we back off and await His unction.

    But I give back to this topic the twist. “What If” God puts the unction upon the Knesset to take back the Promised Land once again?

    Who could stop God?

    Our rallying cry then should be for the union of the promised people with God to accomplish Gods goals.

    Israel must govern Israel. We must NOT interfere. Our loyalties to Jesus the Christ places us under the Great Commission to bring the Good News to everyone. Everyone.

    It is a death sentence in most all Islamic Nations for a Muslim to convert to Christianity.
    In Israel as far as I know no one is beheaded or stoned to death for choosing Jesus Christ.

    I am and will remain a friend and ally to Israel.

    I will pray for her enemies as they consider me their enemies as well. I will pray their eyes and more specificaly their heart is changed. To seek Jesus Christ and thereby find life not death.

  2. joe says:

    For those who wish to read “The Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict” (which Matt referred to yesterday), here is the link;


  3. tcremona says:

    I would like very much to see peace in the Middle East. We are reminded that there will not be true peace until Christ returns. We are also told that the peace which will come prior to Christ’s return will be a false peace due to the actions of the antichrist and company. Knowing all of this causes me graet difficlty in praying for peace in the Middle East. It seems that we should instead be praying for Christ’s return.

  4. pegramsdell says:

    We can be friends and not always agree with everything they do. We can also be enemies and they can be in the right. Who knows? God does! We can also pray for discernment, for wisdom, for understanding. There is always an enemy (evil) ever present to make matters worse.

  5. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Isn’t God’s ultimate goal to have His chosen people’s hearts turn back to Him. That is the message I hear throughout the Bible. Every time God was with Israel they won the battle. When they went in their own strength they did not. Israel was consistent in turning away from God. God did not and has not forsaken Israel. Israel has forsaken God. A day is coming when Israel will turn back to God once again, and at that time they will recognize their Savior. Odd, the only understanding I could find, after yesterdays discussion was the verse not by might, not by, power, but by my Spirit. I didn’t feel led to share the verse, as I was afraid it would be interpreted as me being against Israel. My prayer to God was give me understanding about how He would restore Israel. Today God affirmed my understanding. God always tells me twice.

  6. poohpity says:

    Amen gr8g!

    Today while reading scripture the Lord brought to mind a remembrance of how Jesus lived and wants us to live. Matthew 12:18-21;Isaiah 42:1-9; Matthew 12:7; Hosea 6:6. That just about says it all in such a beautiful way.

  7. sitsathisfeet says:

    Zech 4:6 Is absolutely one of my favorite scriptures. And pray that it is engraved upon the tablet of my heart. It was also engraved on my son’s Christian school and the surrounding verses as well. It was certainly a support as we went through 4 years there for each son. The school had been burned down by arson fire, half of it, and rebuilt, better than it was. One of the classmates father was killed in a car accident and various other trials, but we all saw how God and prayer worked through everything! I still see today how God honors his promises to those son’s as long as they seek him, and turn to him. It is not that different than Israel, or other countries as long as we individually and coperately seek him, God is ever faithful. And so it starts at home, one heart at a time for Jesus Christ alone, wherever we may be.

  8. Laurielee says:

    Mr. DeHaan, I thank you for putting the Israel/Gaza issue in perspective for me. I’ve been to Israel and some of the Palestinian areas, and I’ve been quite torn. I love the land greatly and pray for the peace of Israel daily, but when I see atrocities happening to the innocent on either side, I also see that this is not what the Father said in His Word. We can never use the Word to rationalize abominable behavior. We also cannot try to ‘get one up’ on God and pin Him down on a calendar. One thing people tend to forget is that the gregorian calendar was not even in use when the prophecies in the Bible were made. When Jesus told us to care for the widows and orphans,the hungry and the poor and to visit the sick and imprisoned, He did not qualify His commands by saying they must be Christian, Jewish, Palestinian, Israeli, or otherwise. He said to love our neighbors as ourselves, and when asked who was our neighbor, He gave the example of a Samaritan, who was not a son of Israel. We are to be REASONABLE Christians who let our light so shine before others that they will see our good works and praise our Father in Heaven. If we cause harm to others, people will not praise our Father for our good works. So, I will pray for the innocent, regardless of nationality, ask that my Father’s will be done in all things, and help the hurting in whatever ways I can.

  9. bweez says:

    AS FOR THIS ARTICLE… my favorite part is, “in some mysterious way God can bring good out of the evil that we do to protect ourselves” Great article!

    In reply to SFDBWV. I also believe that we as Christians should pray for and support Israel.
    However, FYI, (smile…no hostility intended) I have a missionary friend in Israel who holds no great position but lives in a lowly apartment and ministers one person/family at a time. Praise the Lord, she reports that many Jewish and Arab people are open to the Gospel. However, besides the Muslims, there IS a radical group of Jews that DO stone Christians! A Christian chess cafe was first threatened and then burned to the ground by this group. Christians must be as careful or PRAYERFULLY Bold in Israel as any other “non” Christian country, from missionaries to those who converted from Islam or the Jewish faith.

    As the Word tells us…PRAY FOR PEACE IN ISRAEL! Lastly to tcremona… I believe the peace we’re praying for is exactly THAT! The peace that only Jesus can bring by returning! MARANATHA!

  10. daisymarygoldr says:

    Mart, I also agree with what you have written but these are some of my thoughts, which could be wrong…International justice and mercy is by man’s might and power which is completely different than the justice and mercy by the Spirit of God who says I’ll have mercy on whom I’ll have mercy. “Is that grounds for complaining that God is unfair? Not so fast, please. God told Moses, “I’m in charge of mercy. I’m in charge of compassion.” Compassion doesn’t originate in our bleeding hearts or moral sweat, but in God’s mercy”. (Romans 9:14-16, The Message)

    Everything of the world is different because they do not know the mysteries of the kingdom of God… because it is not been given to them (Mat 13:11). Hence, I’m not going to comment on Israel and her enemies…it is their personal issue and I trust God will perfectly work it out for them. However, personally to me, the Middle East conflict has a spiritual implication. Each one of us is a ‘chosen’ vessel…chosen by grace alone …and ‘sanctified’ by the Holy Spirit…to be sealed for ever by the New covenant… in the blood of God’s lamb …to be ‘set apart’…for ‘His purpose’ alone.

    In order to fight my spiritual battles, I must obey and be led by His spirit alone. So, when His word commands me: to crucify my sinful flesh, to severe relationships from my past sinful life, to “come out from among them and be separate” to not form alliances with the ungodly…I must obey. “What if” I disobeyed? Life will remain a constant struggle against: Satan, sin and self…but, God is faithful, who keeps covenant…He promises and performs…not one of His words ever fail…Regardless of my failures, when I repent and obey, He causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus, my Messiah!

    Meanwhile, for now what is the purpose of my life? (Acts 1:6-8)!

  11. Jim Myers says:

    Peace is not in the vocabulary of the Muslim world. If Gaza claims they are not able to receive the humanitarian aid needed to sustain their people, they are lying.
    There are 300 tunnels leading into Gaza from the Egyptian side and apparently the only things being transported through them are rockets and other armament.
    I find nothing in the Word of God that would prohibit Israel from taking complete control of Gaza.
    As Christians in the USA we find ourselves compelled to side with one country or the other. How can we do anything but side with Israel? We can only pray for Israel to seek the Wisdom of God in their decision making and look forward to the day that Israel accepts Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

  12. Laurielee says:

    Mr. Myers, while I do agree with you that there is propaganda out there, and it’s no secret that Hamas is a terrorist organization, I respectfully do not agree that we must take sides. Whenever we have questions about what our part is or what we must do, we should look to the Word. As Christians we are compelled to do as Christ would do, as being a Christian means taking on Christ-like qualities. At the time of Christ’s life on Earth, Romans were in control of Israel. There were many Jewish rebels who sought to overthrow Roman oppression. Jesus took no sides in this. He rebuked Roman and Jewish leaders alike. Maybe we should try to picture what Jesus would be doing if He were in the midst of this area bodily at this time. He did not seem to take an interest in governmental affairs, but never missed a chance to minister to the hurting. I honestly think that’s what He would do in this situation. There are also Palestinian Christians in Gaza…

  13. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Pooh, I’ll take your stance and just pray and read the Bible:) Your verses were very appreciated. I reread all of them.

  14. wretch-like-me says:

    Dear friends:
    I awoke this morning with a heavy veil of gloom pressing me down. I am not sure if it is the flooding surrounding us, here in Western Washington or the frustration I feel for our last couple days comments.

    When I face the ‘seeming’ insurmountable, I ‘hunkerdown with God’ and place my trust in Him. It is not an easy process in that it can last days even weeks or months. It is easy because I know that He is the ONLY answer to my problems as well a the world’s.

    It is in that spirit that I offer this insight. What WE think or say ‘really doesnt matter’ What we DO matters! Are We, by voicing our opinions on what God Says, making a difference in the eternal life of any lost soul?

    I love you all! I feel a deep need to ask(no, challenge!) myself and all of you to look for ways to actively make a difference in someone else’s life. Forgive me if that comes on strong; perhaps it is just the depression I feel talking.

    It is truly sad, that we(who have it sooo good) can find fault/excuses NOT to help those in need. At the very basic level, we all need to be on our knees more and less on our keyboards.(I ask you. Who do you think can make a greater difference? This website or God?)

    If coming here makes you pause and pray, God Bless You! If that is not the first thing you do before you add a keystroke—Shame on Us! Do you think our opinion is going to matter when Jesus Comes? Or our prayers!?

    Too often I am reminded of the O.T. verses,
    “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes!”

    For the Record, I am guilty. Forgive Me, Lord Jesus!!!
    I love you, all. Good Night and God Bless.

  15. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    wretch-like -me, It has been a hard subject, these past days. I too have experienced some despair. However I find these different topics we discuss, to be helpful.You might be surprised how many folks read our posts and find comfort in the sharing and caring that can be found among God’s people. God created us to have fellowship not only with Him but with each other. Love God. Love one another. The Internet is the way most folks communicate in today’s world, especially the younger generation. It is another tool we use to share God’s word. I work everyday, granted not eight hours, but the hours I am able to work each week. I pray,I read God’s word and I enjoy this web site. Only God can convert a soul. We can only share God’s word. Maybe in that sharing God will touch a heart. I hope you feel better tomorrow. You are loved. Do you live near the mountain? I used to live by Olympia and looked out each day to it’s beautiful majestic view.

  16. poohpity says:

    Sad to hear about what is happening in Washington. I have been unable to watch the news with going back and forth to the hospital with my mom. I am also sad to hear, more than the storm outside, the storm within you are struggling with. I have faced that kind of inner storm before and I know what it is like. I want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. That is a battle that many have had to overcome and I know you will too. King David also knew because he wrote about how he felt like his bones were made out of wax because the depression was so massive. You are not alone and I know that that does not make it any better but I care.

  17. Laurielee says:

    I’m off subject and hope I’m not out of line, but I must say, you all sound like wonderful, caring people. I’ve been reading Our Daily Bread for a few years now, but didn’t check out this website until I was searching for answers to the chaos in my heart over Israel. You’ve helped to remind me of the peace I found there amid obvious upheavals…it DOES exist in places! Sitting under a tree on the Mount of Olives, praying and looking out over Jerusalem. I have such a swelling of love for her in my heart that has made this war so distressing to me! I think that in some tiny way I know what Jesus felt when He cried over her. Thank you all so much for reminding me!
    WLM, Please don’t forget how beautiful and precious you are in the eyes of Christ. As you pray, climb up on His lap and remember what it is to be His beloved child.

  18. swst3559 says:

    everyone should read the bible to understand what god wants us to do inorder to please him. when jesus christ speaks, he is telling us all the secrets that no other can do. he came from heaven and knows all.the world is worshipping the evil one and they cannot accept jesus because he is the enemy of the evil one.the evil one wants to divide and rule while jesus wants to reconcil us to god through his death and shedding of his blood.when we surrender to jesus we shall have eternal lives in heaven.i read the koran, it says that the jews can continue to live in canaan if they obey god.as a christian i believe god through his holy spirit will help those who accept jesus christ and obey god.god will continue to bless us.the jews do not accept jesus christ as their saviour and the muslims do not accept him either because they follow the old testament which is full of fighting and killing and revenge.jesus say love your enemies . they consider jesus is weak so they prefer to folow the old testament which say an eye for an eye , a tooth for a tooth.they both believe the same and do the same. no one can help them for they are under the spirits of this world.so as a christian all we can do is pray for them.

  19. daisymarygoldr says:

    Rain, rain go away, little wretch-like-me wants to play… wretch-like-me, know this, that just like Israel, you belong to God and you… are His special possession. So cheer up, because “The LORD will not reject his people; He will not abandon his special possession” Ps 94:14. You and your comments have been such a blessing to me!

    You are absolutely right, “What WE think or say ‘really doesn’t matter’ what we DO matters!” Please, forgive me, if my comments have made you upset, I’m really sorry. Agree, that the topic discussed over the last couple of days can be painful especially as we see all the fighting over there getting very intense…but hey! Look at the bright side of it…if Israel has hope, so do we:)

    BTW, rain causing floods… can be depressing but for someone living out here in the desert, even something as simple as getting out of home and getting wet in the rain makes for a rare romantic experience. Point to be noted: anything in excess is bad:(. Praying for the fearful floods to recede, the relentless rain to stop and the warm sun to shine on you and yours…and brighten all your blues!

    “The minute I said, “I’m slipping, I’m falling,” your love, God, took hold and held me fast. When I was upset and beside myself, you calmed me down and cheered me up.” (Psalm 94:18-19)!

  20. BruceC says:

    What if? Mmmm. Interesting scenario. If this should happen I am not sure how I would think at that time. That’s the problem with most “what if” scenarios. It’s like saying “what if” you were back in the days of Joshua and were on the sidelines watching Israel overthrowing the peoples God had commanded them to, without knowing that God gave the command. You might call it unprovoked aggression.
    This is certain, God is not costrained by time and knows the end from the beginning and all points betwixt. And He will make all things work for His glory. Don’t know how He does it; but He’s God.
    If Israel started acting to take land I’m not sure how I would feel. The land promised to Israel will be given to her, but I believe it will be Christ that gives it to her.

  21. SFDBWV says:

    Wretch -like-me, We need another hug.
    Flooding is such a destructive force. Nothing can stop it nor withstand it. Here in my county in 1985, there were 24 people killed in a November flood. Most were old people who thought they were safe. I do hope you are.

    when the flood waters stoped, that was when people showed their best. Here in our community we were untouched by the flood as far as life and property being destroyed. So we took blankets off our beds clothes from our closets, and food from our pantries and started collecting relief aid for our neighbors. Even to a point of setting up a distribution center. Got diapers,babyfood, tooth brushes ect and delivered them to where people had gathered.

    The Governmaent don’t show up for about a week, so these people survived on the generousity of neighbors.

    It was a good feeling to be a part of doing what was just natural to do. Reach out a helping hand.

    I too haven’t liked the topic these past few days as we have been over this before. To no conclusions.We can’t fix anything in that mess in the Mid East. Just pray for people’s suffering to end. And of course God’s will.

    I have been keeping track of the people who post and we have now 53. As of my participation on the blog. I always notices the number of people who “vote” some subjects climb into the several hundreds. I hope our sharing of Jesus here is touching lives in a positive way. I try to put a watch over my “mouth”. I may have to try harder.

    I will stste again what I said at by brothers funeral to all present. “If you have not yet accepted Jesus the Christ into your heart do not let another moment go by that you don’t.” “Nothing is more important.”

    gr8, you are a wise and wonderful person and I do love you.

  22. daisymarygoldr says:

    Mart, Being fully aware of the danger of dissent due to private interpretation of prophecies, I don’t want to delve deep into this matter, but I have been thinking about what you said about not knowing were we are on God’s calendar and BruceC’s comment on God’s time, is helpful…

    I’m thinking, maybe God had a reason in not giving us an understanding regarding the timing of events in this physical world. Since He is Spirit and does not change… physical time cannot be applied to God and His words…and what God says is for all time. Heaven and earth will pass away but His words will remain…

    So, if He promised the land to Abraham and his descendants, it was meant for all generations, even for those existing today and tomorrow in the future…till He returns. No scholarly insight here…but can time be applied to Prophecy? Prophecies will cease only when we see Him face-to-face (1Cor 13:12), just my thoughts…

  23. SFDBWV says:

    Mart, This blog,as well as your vast avenue of ability to express your thoughts are under your control and influence.

    We participants here are guests in your world. I for one appreciate the oportunity to share my faith as well as my thoughts. They will differ from others as we all are at differing levels of growth in the Lord.

    I am not sure I understand what your purpose is in continuing to place us into a position of being either for or against the political factions in the Israel Palestine mess. You seem to not be happy unless we abandon Israel for Palestine. And I don’t get it. Why would you feel this way?

    The whole of the OT speaks of Gods intentions and interactions with Israel. The only time other Nations are mentioned are as a punishment to Israel or as a heathen Nation to be conqured.

    Because of the Roman occupation, because of the Crusades, because of England’s Empire, because of both WWI and WWII. The Holy Land was handed back to the Jew as a homeland. Because of the shame of the world was that it did nothing to prevent the “Holocaust” So that the Jew could have a homeland and defend herself against her enemies. Would seem to be God’s will.

    If we truly believe that God is in control of everything then we must cede our own wishes to His. God is no stranger to seeing the suffering of His creation under the stain of sin. He has a time table to end evryones suffering. Let God be God.

    We can do nothing but frustrate ourselves in trying to solve this. Or by choosing sides.

  24. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    SFDBWV You are an inspiration and I enjoy all of your thoughts. On this issue though I agree with our host.Israel was not in the limelight for many years and yet the gospel message kept being presented to all nations. Does Israel now being a nation change the gospel message? God will take care of Israel in His time and His way. We can’t see mans heart so who are we to say that a Palestinian isn’t as important to God as an Israelite.You are right God is in control and His message was preach the gospel. It was not save israel.

  25. Mart De Haan says:

    SFDBWV, I appreciate your regular involvement and patience with me.

    My intent is not to encourage the taking of sides in the current conflict. (Just the opposite) Nor is my intent to diminish God’s purpose to use Israel to show himself God of gods.

    My intent is to encourage discernment between God’s ultimate plan and what he may or may not be doing today with nations that do not acknowledge him.

    I also think we need to work for the kind of discernment that is necessary to keep political alignments from muting our “prophetic” (declarative role)that cannot ignore either issues of justice or the love of Christ for “the world.”

    I believe the land is the Lord’s, and that he gave “Canaan” to Israel, took it away, and will ultimately return it (with peace and security) to a spiritually restored Israel. He will do this to once again show himself God of gods– for the good of all nations that enter his kingdom.

    I’ve pushed the issue in this blog because of the biblical implications, and because of what is presently happening.

    I’m also pressing it because I believe that one of the biggest mistakes we can make is wrong application of Scripture.

    A man I look to as a teacher and mentor (Haddon Robinson) has often said that he believes far more heresy happens as a result of bad application than by bad interpretation.

    I know you’d agree that time and circumstance need to be considered not only in determining the original meaning of an inspired text– but also in its present application.

    Thanks again to you and for all in trying to sort through such difficult and emotional issues…

  26. chfranke says:

    Group Hug: (@@@)

  27. carlj says:

    I appreciate the ongoing discussion and views. I was taught early that theology is best learned in community. I have been wrestling over the issue of the mid-east and have argued with myself back and forth. I am one who has for years never questioned the activities in Israel simply because I felt it was my duty as a Believer to never question them. Lately, I have been asking myself some “what ifs?”. What if members of the Knesset see Christians in America and Britain as useful to their political cause because of their beliefs in the significance of Israel in God’s plan? And, what if members of the Knesset have taken the Holy Land hostage for their political purpose and are holding the hearts of American and British Christians hostage to further their political agenda? And, what if members of the Knesset are within the permissive will of God? I keep wrestling and asking for guidance. Sometimes I think that I am not given all of the answers because it forces my reliance on God for Him to provide answers in due time, and sometimes to just place my faith in His Sovereignty that He is in the Heavens and He is in control.

  28. poohpity says:


    On your what-if Israel tried to obtain the land that God had promised, it would be devastating to all around. I believe they had there chance and failed. At the time when the land was given to them the population was much different. At that time the Lord told them to totally drive out everything that was in the land. I would like to know what the population was in that period. I would guess not like it is now. duh!!

    I would venture to say that is the same way we are to get sin out of our lives in this present day because any that is left will wrap itself around our feet and trip us up. God has not changed but we sure have yet we as human beings have the same dispositions. History lessons are really tough to learn because obviously we haven’t learned yet.

    I sense that even the commands that Jesus gave we are still struggling with to follow. The rebel in me still needs to be burned out and I know that will happen with the Lord’s return. Until that time everyday I will give it my best to be like Jesus in my imperfect way.

  29. sitsathisfeet says:

    We’ve been singing the song God is in Control- we sing Praise music whenever we are in the car, everyday, and my little one began it by singing God is in my soul, and I said yes, that’s right, but he’s also In Control which is what the song is saying. Over time, over history, over everything. It just blesses us so to think about it. Also, he has been asking me where we are going to live quite often and my response has been, I’m not sure where it’s going to be yet, what it’s going to look like, but the Lord will provide! I also told him we’ll have a temporary place to stay with specific Christian friends from church if we should need it, he knows them, and I have applied for housing as well. I’m happy he has the faith of a child, which is sometimes a little easier to deal with than the older ones. A little off subject except that truly we need to be reminded – Is God still on the throne, Is God still God, Are we still covered by the blood of the Lamb? And after we have suffered yet a little while, God himself will restore us. Whether it be Israel, or in my own home. Amen, my beloved brothers and sisters!

  30. poohpity says:


    This post is just a reminder of those in our own backyard that need the hand of Jesus to reach out and take hold. I do not know where you live but if you choose Mesa, Arizona my home is open to you. In the meantime as you make that decision of where you want to go I will pray for the leading of God for the direction of your next step.

    I pray for this family that you give them guidance and direction where you would have them go. I pray for the doors to open for the place you have prepared in advance for them to live. I pray for specific directions to that place so that there is no question to the provision. I pray these things in Jesus name, Amen.

  31. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    chfranke, Thank you for the hug! We all need them.

  32. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    SFDBWV, Didn’t God give Israel instructions on what to do when they conquered the Land? Did He not say because they did not follow His command the other nations, would become a snare to them? God did not fix the situation they created in their disobedience. He left the snare. One day God will heal Israel. I believe He will do it in a way, so there will be no mistake about who restored Israel. It will be God Himself. Just a thought:)

  33. daisymarygoldr says:

    Mart, your last comment on Israel’s spiritual restoration has comforted me a lot…though I do not agree with your thoughts on justice, love and “world”. Hope my words were not misunderstood…About private interpretation of prophecies causing dissent, I was referring to myself and my comments… which are strongly opinionated and lack theological expertise….hence I’m guilty of bad application:( I know sometimes in our conversations, as guests we tend to bring along our moods as well…( hope wretch-like-me is feeling better now). Know this, that you are doing a great job with your patience…especially towards me- who is always wearing my emotions up my sleeves. Personally, I have been greatly blessed by RBC, ministering through its many resources. I start every day with ODB and My utmost in the mornings and end every night with Daily Strength…also check out WOC… and of course the rest of the time is spent on this blog! I always eagerly look forward to your thoughts:)…it is a delight to read your varied posts covering current topics and others’ comments in response…I really mean it, otherwise I wouldn’t be here and I’m sure the others also feel the same. It is a great way to spread the good news through this website and it also enables us to reach out to others in need. Having said that, I know we are all human and need each other in this journey…keeping in mind that there is always 2 sides to any issue…if you present one side, the same Spirit of God may work in others to talk about the other side… so please, do not take things personally and keep up the good work. Like chfranke, I also pray for you and the others every day (aside: chfranke, appreciate and reciprocate the hug… but I’m dying to know what you finally decided about your “stance”:)
    sitsathisfeet, as always I’m so blessed by your faith in the Lord. Praying that our faithful God will direct your steps and provide the perfect home for you and your little one!

  34. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Daisy, I so agree with you,about the blessing RBC brings into a life. ODB is a witness tool I use so often. I give it in every present, to every repairman that comes to my home, and whoever I come into contact with. That little booklet has become my trademark,so to speak. The months don’t always match,but I don’t think it matters. Many years ago,I asked God for wise teachers who would have His heart. He led me to RBC.

    I enjoy each post I read here. You are all special.

  35. lysager says:

    I, like others, have been torn this past week. I love the Jewish people and Israel. I cannot say I have been to the Holy Land, because I have not. So I have no special insights that could impart. Before I was truly transformed by Christ I was much enamored with Judaism. My religous group was focused on Sabbaths, and the annual Holy Days. We spent much time studying prophecy and attempting to predict when the Lord would return. Israel was prominent in our thinking. The founding of modern Israel was a “sign” of the end approaching. I will not debate what the founding of modern Israel means in prophecy. I saw far too many people waste energy arguing about prophecy. Speculation about prophetic signs is not the problem. Supporting Israel is also not a bad thing. Getting hijacked by prophetic hucksters and blindly supporting modern, predominantly secular, Israel is a bad thing. I may have gone too far the other way in regard to prophecy. However, I would rather, at this point, concentrate on what I know for sure! Jesus loves Israel. Jesus loves, and died for, the Palestinian and all people. Paul’s inspired words said that now there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free, but we are all one in Christ (I am paraphrasing somewhat). Jesus died for all of us. The Palestinians are not of lesser value in His eyes than the Jewish people. I saw a TV report showing a little child screaming in pain the other evening. I did not hear if the child was Palestinian or Isreali. He was dark haired and olive skinned and could have been either one. The thought came to me that it did not matter. Was it less tragic if he were Palestinian? In God’s eyes we are all children in need of His care. I resolve to support God’s people, in other words, all people. Let us pray for the peace of Jerusalem. The true, ultimate, peace brought by the Prince of Peace to all people on earth.

  36. Laurielee says:

    sitsathisfeet, Take heart and know that the Father cares for you, and though you may not see it at this moment, know that He will work everything together for good for you. I don’t know if my experience will help you, I hope it does A little over a year ago, my son and I were homeless. We had no transportation, no way to buy groceries, and stayed for 2 weeks in a homeless shelter. I prayed and prayed for help! We are poor in the ways of this world, though not as poor as some…but God makes me feel so rich! We now have the perfect apartment for our needs, food, heat, clothing, and even this computer! I am now going to school to be a teacher, as my past occupation will no longer work for me. I just wanted us to be able to survive, and it’s like He said, “Just watch and see what I’ll do!!!” God is absolutely AMAZING!!! May He even do more for you and your son! (And if you’re in Iowa, you are welcome here.)

  37. poohpity says:

    lysager and Laurielee,

    All I have to say is Amen!

  38. BruceC says:


    Is the climate in Mesa good for folks with COPD? I had bad breathing problems earlier and thought I was going to “check out”. It’s happened several times and it’s quite unnerving to say the least. We get a lot of humidity up here in upstate NY, and the heavier the air the harder it is sometimes.

  39. poohpity says:

    That is what some say I have that too! But the auto emissions are probably worse because there is a brown cloud that hangs out here and I smoke. Go figure! We do have a drier climate and they say it is better for arthritis too. But you guys come down the more the merrier. You can be what some call a snow bird, I would just say a free bird. :)

  40. SFDBWV says:

    Bad application? Bad interpetation? Wrong side of issue?
    Who makes this decision?

    In my own opinion,I am to see every person in all the world as the same. But they are not.

    God himself see’s and seperates men.

    At the Judgement of all men, God will seperate all people who have not put their trust in Jesus Christ. All the rest are judged and sent into eternal punishent for their, bad applications, and bad interpetations, and so bad choices.

    We have continued this subject why? Because we say the same things differently?

    In my decision to be an ally to the Nation of Israel. I have done so for both secular and non secular reasons. My decision to do so doesn’t mean that I don’t have compassion for the suffering of the Palestinian child who suffers. I do.

    In the light of following Jesus’s command to love my enemy as well as my family. I have a tuff time loving thoes who want to kill me, and try to. I can and will pray for them to come to a place where they will accept the Lord Jesus Christ. But I am being honest I find it hard to love someone who celebrated every time a muslim terrorist has struck at my fellow man.

    Can any of you say you really love your enemy? Really? Honestly?

    Who then is my enemy? Do I have any? America has lots of enemies I am an American. Who then are America’s enemies?

    Satan is the father of lies and is very good at decieving people. He is also a creation of God. Was God’s creation of Satan flawed? Was the creation of Adam flawed?

    No, perfect love from God gave all of His creation free will. Free to accept his love or reject it. And yes Daisy that also means free to obey God’s rules or not to.

    There is a Nation of Israel in place and operating before the restoration spiritualy by God. The Nation of Israel is at the center of war that brings on the battle of Armeggedon. All of end time prophesy has a Nation of Israel alone and against the world. God Himself comes to the rescue of Israel. RESCUE.

    The very subject of this pushed issue is the taking or not taking sides. Of what? The current conflict between Israel and militants in Gaza.

    I side with Israel.

  41. daisymarygoldr says:

    lysager, the religious group that you were affiliated with and the “prophetic hucksters” are one extreme. Complete disregard for Israel… to consider it the same as every other nation is another extreme. You have correctly concluded about the Prince of Peace. Let us trust that He cares…for the dying Palestinian children….at the cost of the lives of dying Israeli children. Who has known the mind of God? His thoughts are far above our thoughts and His way is different than our ways!

    hopeful, you are right, “God is at work in Israel and the Muslim countries”. He has given us (His followers) the understanding of Prophecies. He has not given us the role to execute prophecy…hence one should be careful to avoid, speculating and theorizing prophecy. It is His work and only He can do it best! All that we should do is trust and obey!

    Steve (SFDBWV), you have said it best! It is all about using our free will and choosing to obey…even in situations like the Middle East conflict. To quote from today’s “My utmost for His highest”:

    “…we are so involved in the universal purposes of God…We can disobey God if we choose, and it will bring immediate relief to the situation, but it will grieve our Lord. If, however, we obey God, He will care for those who have suffered the consequences of our obedience. We must simply obey and leave all the consequences with Him”.

  42. daisymarygoldr says:

    Laurielee, Welcome aboard! Was touched by your story and am reminded of “In everything we do, we show that we are true ministers of God… Our hearts ache, but we always have joy. We are poor, but we give spiritual riches to others. We own nothing, and yet we have everything.” (2 Cori 6:4,10). Praying for you…

  43. poohpity says:

    Gee Steve,

    I do not think we were to take sides. This is just a been thinking about a what if! Right now in my life I am having to face a lot of enemies and past issues that are not laid to rest I thought they were but they are not. It sounds like some of your enemies are attacking too. These are just opinions and everyone has one and we do not have to agree. There maybe more here to think about than what was first thought about on personal reflection my friend.

    Hope the day turns out better for everyone, His mercies are new every morning. In Love Deborah

  44. SFDBWV says:

    Deborah, Life is always about taking sides. That’s what any choice we make is. I have become fond of many of you and have made the choice to be on your side. To be your friend.

    This topic of “What If” is just a continuence of the others surounding the Israel Palestinian conflict.

    And yes my old nature of being the warior is always knocking at my door. God and I are at work on that too.

    You are a very special person Deborah I appreciate you very much.


  45. poohpity says:

    Thank you Steve and I am glad you are a warrior we need more men like you.

  46. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    SFDBWV, I can’t seem to have peace in my mind for you. So I have to speak to you again. I am speaking for me only. I personally long for Israel to be restored. That is because I believe we will all be there. I will get to meet you and pooh and Daisymary and all of the others who love Christ. Most of all I will get to see God in person and see His Son. It won’t matter what nation we all come from.I don’t know how God will bring this about, but I do know He will. You are so dear to me and yes I am taking a side. The side of all who believe. :)

  47. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    laurielee, I also say welcome. Your comment to w-l-m was so precious.Please don’t forget how beautiful and precious you are in the eyes of Christ. As you pray, climb up on His lap and remember what it is to be His beloved child. Awesome!

  48. ytalk says:

    God said:
    “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you”
    No christian wants to see “innocents” in war killed or injurred. Unfortunately it is the way of evil and they use it to defend, protect and justify their actions.

    God Knows, they don’t (as nonbelievers). It is prudent that christians hold to their faith and uphold Gods’ Word trusting His Word to be the TRUTH!!!

  49. Laurielee says:

    You are all so very kind! I’m afraid I’m a bit of a storyteller in trying to explain things, but I have a good Role Model! In March of 2006, when I was in Bethlehem, we went into the Church of the Nativity and down to the excavation underneath where the manger was. I had great expectations of having some sort of epiphany as I gazed on the stone manger. As I took my turn standing in front of it, I felt the quiet and peace, but nothing more. It was somewhat of a letdown. We left the church and followed our guide back to where we were parked, a few blocks away. We were told to keep our heads down, walk single file, and not to talk with anyone as there had been a car bombing near our bus when we came in. As we walked, I felt a great urging to look up. There standing to my left was a beautiful little girl between about 8 and 10 years old with long dark hair. I looked into her dark eyes which seemed to hold all the pain, sorrow, and despair of the centuries. At that moment, it was as if I could hear the whole world cry. Then I knew. Jesus did not come into this world to remain a little baby in a manger. He was already on His way to the cross. He came to save ALL of the hurt, the lost, and the dying. He came to give us a future and a hope. He said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
    I tell you this, because I believe this is where our focus is to be. On Him. On His words. When we take our eyes off Him and look at the world, we will be confused and despair.

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