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God's Answer

The argument was intense. A man was suffering and he didn’t know why. His friends thought they understood what God was doing. They tried to tell him what was really happening. But they said more than they knew. They had some good insight about God, but were wrong in the way they used it to try to explain their friend’s problems.

The suffering man fought back in an attempt to defend his honor. But in the process he too said more than he knew.

Finally God spoke. From the middle of a thunderstorm he spoke words that brought the hurting man and his friends to their knees.

Yet what remains so amazing to me is that God didn’t silence the arguing friends by unveiling the mysteries of his sovereign plan for the ages. Instead he talked to them about the wonders of the field and stream.

In some of our conversations, SFDBWV/Steve has mentioned what he and Matt are able to see out of their kitchen window.

I asked him to send along some pictures, and am posting a couple of them here as I also quote the way God responded to the suffering and pain of Job and his friends.

“Do you know when the mountain goats give birth? Have you watched as the wild deer are born? Do you know how many months they carry their young? Are you aware of the time of their delivery? They crouch down to give birth to their young and deliver their offspring. Their young grow up in the open fields…

Who makes the wild donkey wild? I have placed it in the wilderness; its home is the wasteland. It hates the noise of the city, and it has no driver to shout at it. The mountains are its pastureland, where it searches for every blade of grass” (Job 39:1-8)

Then Job replied to the LORD: “I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you.

You ask, ‘Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorance?’ It is I. And I was talking about things I did not understand, things far too wonderful for me. You said, ‘Listen and I will speak! I have some questions for you, and you must answer them. I had heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance” (Job 42:1-6)

Thanks, SFDBWV/Steve… (Just found this pic of turkeys that you sent and I forgot to add :-)… also, this is a good subject and link to our “see you outdoors” Dean Ohlman and WonderofCreation.org website.

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64 Responses to “God's Answer”

  1. scottn says:

    This past Sunday I wrestled with God. I wrote a poem that has to do with suffering and God allowing me to talk through it. In the end I was brought back to Him.

    Scott N

    Alone because of me
    By Scott Newport

    Lord, illuminate my deprived sight to gain
    Ignite my muffled ears to recognize your voice
    Show me the path
    The one just for me

    Gently nudge me on the shoulder
    Quietly guide me with your hand
    Show me the path
    The one just for me

    Inspire my feeble thoughts to embrace
    Encourage my searching words to think
    Show me the path
    The one just for me

    Show me the path
    The one just for me

    So let me sleep tonight
    And when I awake
    I will see the path
    The one just for us.

  2. Mart De Haan says:

    scottn, thank you. Your words remind us that, as in Job’s case, God is closer than we think.

  3. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Sometimes it is hard to examine oneself and admit error. I am sincerely attempting to do that very thing this morning. I am not sure if I have used any insight that God has given me as a weapon to harm anyone I hope I have not. It is so easy for me to think I am defending God but as I take a good look at myself perhaps I get caught up in self. Does God really need my defense? He has never revealed to me that he needed me to defend Him. He has revealed His great love to me and asked me to share that love with others. Perhaps I should do as He says. I do try but I can put my self in dust and ashes to show my repentance along with Job as I have failed to do faithfully as He asked.It is easy to think I know more than I do so will have to work on this with Gods help.

    SFDBWV The pictures are so beautiful and place a sense of longing in me to be in that beautiful part of the country. For now though this is where God has placed me.

    Pooh, Thinking of you.

  4. carlj says:

    As Christians, just like everyone else, we tend to be formula-driven. We listen to others who have been successful in various ways and we seek to see what formula they used for success so that we can incorporate their steps into our lives. We have been given many examples of God’s faithfulness throughout the Bible and instead of focusing on God’s faithfulness we tend to focus on the examples and attempt to replicate those examples. For people experiencing difficult times I have heard ministers advising people to pray and then pursue their prayers. And then I have heard ministers advise people to pray and then wait. I am sure it leaves a lot of people bewildered trying to decide which formula to use. In the meantime, God is waiting patiently for us to step away from all of the advice and counsel and seek Him on a personal and intimate basis… to perhaps listen for the still small voice allowing Him to share things with us.

  5. pegramsdell says:

    I can somewhat understand Job’s friends. They didn’t really understand what was happening to him. Neither did Job for that matter. I’m sure that many times I have given advice (good advice) that didn’t really apply to the situation the person was going through.
    I should be praying for the leading of the Holy Spirit before opening my mouth and speaking out of my flesh.
    BTW…photos were great, thanks Steve.
    Have a super blessed day in Jesus’ Name.

  6. BruceC says:

    I see by the pics that I am not the only one living out in nature. Next year I have to get back to feeding the birds. We had almost 24 species come to the feeder; including pheasants, deer, and wildturkeys that came onto the front porch right up to the door!
    One of the posters talked of praying for the guidance of the Ho;y Spirit before opening her mouth. Not to worry!! You have lots of company there. Nothing tastes worse than a “toe sandwich”. BTDT!
    Job 42 V1-6. Someday many of this world’s “knowing and intelligent” minds will have to draw the same conclusions; for many of them speak as if they had been there but were not! I have hunted abd fished since I was ten years old and even today in poor health I am totally amazed at the wonder of God’s creative power and the beauty of it all. Many times in woods or on streams I have been humbled by His awesome display. And then I contemplate His love, mercy, grace and forgiveness; and then all the pieces fit together and I am enveloped in His peace and awesome love.
    Life is not like a “box of chocolates”. It is one gigantic jigsaw puzzle and only the Lord knows how all the little teeny-weeny pieces fit together for His glory and our good. May His Holy Name be praised forever! Even though it hasn’t been easy street, I feel as if I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

  7. OGramps says:

    Dear Mart and SFDBWV,

    Thank you for the pics and Mrt your thoughts to go along with them. I love the out doors. My wife and I spend alot of time camping and today’s posting speaks to my heart.

    ScottN your poem is lovely, thnk you for sharing.

  8. macsisson22 says:

    I try to remember that Job’s 3 friends were right for seven days!!

    I find it interesting that the young Elihu is not rebuked or called in err.

    And Job, though he was rebuked, the words that he spoke were correct.

    (Job 42:7) After the LORD had said these things to Job, he said to Eliphaz the Temanite, “I am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.

    Be careful picking your doctrine from Job!

    When we struggle with finding the right words maybe we should just remain silent?

    “Therefore I despise myself
    and repent in dust and ashes.”

  9. macsisson22 says:

    BTW, In case you missed my late post yesterday Soloyo. Bienvenido al mundo del blog!

    Don’t worry about your English, I am sure that it is much better than our Spanish

    Recordar, todos han pecado y estan provados de la gloria de Dios!

  10. sawaybon says:

    Great pics, Steve, and timely topic for me, Mart. I just started an online seminary course on the book Of Job this week, and am really looking forward to it. I chose it for a couple of reasons. It is the prof’s specialty, and I can identify with Job’s friends, having been in a similar situation as them with what I consider a modern day Job. The story is too long to describe in detail here, but it is the story of my cousin who basically had it all (wealth, beautiful family, prosperous farm, winter holidays to Hawaii, toys like motorcycles, sports cars and an airplane), and gradually lost it all. The first loss was his health, when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in his twenties. It gradually took away all his mobility. Next was a farm mishap that took the life of his son (almost four years of age) as the little guy was ‘helping’ his dad. Next was his livelihood, as the MS took away his ability to operate the farm machinery so he had to sell. He invested his money into a business that turned out to be a disaster, and lost all of that, too. All of this was too much for his wife, so she left him, too.

    Like Job’s friends, I walked with my cousin through this journey — in fact, we talked about Job frequently. One thing he did not lose was his faith. I ended up being his Power of Attorney when he was no longer able to make decisions concerning health care or finances. He passed away just over two years ago right after Christmas, so his story parallels only the first part of Job’s. As you can imagine, I am interested in gaining a better understanding of this book of the Bible.

  11. Mart De Haan says:

    sawaybon, am so glad your cousin had you…

  12. macsisson22 says:

    sawaybon, I sympothize with you regarding your brother’s MS. My Mother and wife’s uncle also had a similar experience with the disease and both have recently passed, and my wife was diagnosed in 1988. We are heading to Rochester NY on Tuesday to be assessed for a newer treatment as the one she is currently on seems to be loosing its helpfulness. Tysabri is promising, however it comes with one potential side effect that most always ends in death. Prayers are appreciated!!!

  13. timothynchrist says:

    I did read a commentary that stated Elihu was an arrogant youth. I still don’t see it that way. However, he wasn’t listed for sacrifice and prayer as the other three were. No error on his part? I don’t know. I feel weaker than I have my whole life. All who know me know I know scripture as first education. A heavenly court and an earthly court. Yes,of course.

    Knowledge puffs up, love builds up. Job was indeed a prince in his time. A pioneer in passing knowledge. Knowledge is good, love is confirmed by deeds in operation of Holy Spirit with scripture. Otherwise just ink on paper or text on the eye. Psalm 139 is a favorite. In line with Job’s confession. My heart hurts from bitterness. Knowing and yielding. A smile. Who wrote the book of Jonah?

  14. pegramsdell says:

    Sawaybon, I’m sorry about what happened to you cousin. I’m sure you have been through it. God bless you.

    Mac, my prayers are with you and your mother. Pray the medicine works and no side effects. In Jesus’ Name.

  15. timothynchrist says:

    By the Way, you folks are awesome. Hurting with you. Time & space is the existance with the spiritual realm Job & all of us are in.
    My son do not forget my teachings, but let your heart keep my commands, for length of days and years of life and peace will they add to you. Do not let let mercy and kindness depart from you. Bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart, so will you find favor and good reputation before God and man. Trust in the Lord with all your heart,and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes, Turn from evil and do good. So it will be healing to your body and strength to your bones. All of your substance. This is for me. The review……

  16. soloyo says:

    When I was in pain, there was somebody to tell me “It’s because your sin…” yeah, I can’t even imagine the amount of work God has to do in my heart, to break a stone of proud is not “put hot sauce on my mext gordita” (mexican phrase to say it’s not so easy “enchilame otra gorda” gorda= like tortilla but thicker)…he he. But, when things are not going se easy, hard words far from heal, takes you far, make like a strange that who tries to help or advise. How arduous could be to make feel loved the one that is crying or simply sad, or even angry, how ardudous could be just to listen one who need to talk about the wounded heart, lonelyness, anger, no matter if it is a discipline, in the middle of the whole feeling nobody can think appropriately, or COULD YOU WITH A GALLON OF ADRENALINE IN YOUR BLOOD? I don’t think so, God’s word make us have temperance, but if our reading is not the best or not reading at all, old man jumps in front to deal with his own ways, whose type of gasoline is adrenaline. who lovely can make a brother come back to the right way? I gess nobody of us, we have to ask Jesus to make us His way not to be blind leading other blind.
    btw, MART, could you tell me in fact, if Job had sinned? I think not at first, but in the middle or the problems proud emerged, why God and so Job talk about repentance if it wasn’t?
    Was all proof? Was all discipline? both?
    Somebody told me not to stop thinking, “you just fix your heart, and no matter more than this”. But, each time I read Job, question emerge again, I want to understand. I’ve read “people against Job” (that was the tittle isn’t it?), talking about Job’s justice, but, nobody is perfect, so repentance comes from any bad or sin I understand.
    Please untie my knot!

    Soooo, does anybody knows about pooh surgery?
    Bless you all.

  17. drkennyg says:

    I think God’s Answer comes from both prayer and listening for the still small voice and also from reading scripture and giving it all prayerful contemplation. Being both a listener and a doer works wonders. The doer part is difficult because of all the resistance from nonbelievers some of which is downright hostile yet my Savior has endured much much more so I am always encouraged to keep on going. The road is narrow and I keep asking the Lord to guide me when I fall. Confession and repentance are key activities to use to avoid the sin of this world. I am reminded that our Master says to be IN the world while we are here but not OF the world lest we fall too easily into Satan’s trap.

  18. daisymarygoldr says:

    “…I had heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes.”-Job

    Awesome pics, Steve! (I’m jealous:( and wonderful commentary, Mart! Yes, all of creation “faithfully” proclaim and display the glory of God- their creator….and God gets His glory when He displays the faith of fallen man!

    It all comes down to that point…when we actually see Him with eyes of “faith” and then everything falls into the right perspective….of who He is…and who we are….and why we are here and what everything (including the sufferings ) means. The jigsaw puzzle is solved…there is no more mystery…no more whys…no more arguing for justice…its not about us, its not about our friends but it was, is and will be always about Him!

    All it takes is just one glimpse of His endless infinity, matchless majesty and incomprehensible all-powerful, all-knowing nature of His divine person…who left everything to prove His love for us. It simply leaves us dumbfounded and speechless as we humbly allow Him to be glorified in our lives…which is the very purpose of our existence!

    “When Jesus wraps this all up, it’s your “faith”…that God will have on display as evidence of His victory. You never saw Him, yet you love Him. You still don’t see Him, yet you trust Him. (1 Peter 1:7-9, The Message)!

  19. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Sawaybon, God bless you for your goodness.

    macsission22, God be with you in this decision you may be facing. I have a daughter who was diagnosed with MS in 1975. Like you she has tried different medications with varying results. She is only 46 so Tysabri is one her Dr. does not want her to try. She has young children and the risk is great. You are in my prayers.

  20. soloyo says:

    SAWAYBON, I even can’t imagine all you told us, I know, for example, a woman who was in a terrible illnes, for about 40 years, make her handicapped. But, she had a hard heart to accept God’s word, she used to say “I’m not Job, I wish I could, because it takes too much patience to deal with my bad family”, she was the cerner of her life, people was for make her happy (in her mind) and nobody did! unfair she though!
    But, the disease make like a mortar, breaking every piece of stone, to making her more and more tender, making her more and more docile to hear God’s way an accept she has sin and not saved. In her history, pain was necessary for salvation, and pain, even for 40 years, was a little moment in front of eternity. Pain has too many uses in God’s hand, I gess we won’t understand the whole plan ’till we arrive Home, but for your heart, I can tell you GOD IS GOOD, AND HIS MERCY IS FOR EVER, HE’S WHO RESCUE FROM THE HOLE, HEAL ALL YOUR DISEASES…PSALM 103. WARM YOUR HEART WITH GOD’S LOVE, HE PRIMISES TO MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND PSALM 32:8

  21. timothynchrist says:

    Pain is not what snybody wants. How can I compare Job’s experiences. I hurt. You do too with an equal magnitude.
    An ash pile? Sackloth? Jesus? I have to take the Jesus option. We need each other in Jesus. Stand with me.

  22. soloyo says:


  23. pegramsdell says:

    Amen, soloyo, what a window.

  24. sitsathisfeet says:

    God allowed Job to be tested because he would remain faithful. (he said to Satan) But how do our circumstances affect our life in Christ? Are we always complaining and moaning because of what God has allowed in our lives? Are we so quick to forget everything we have learned? I know I am. The Spirit is willing, but my flesh is so weak. Just today I was shocked to feel anger burn, for a very stupid reason. I had to come home and pray the Lord would forgive me, and cleanse me from unrighteousness. The other day I saw someone smoking, and I thought Oh wouldn’t it be good to smoke? Shocked again, I hadn’t smoked for fifteen years. What a grip it had on me. I remember speaking to a friend and they said, oh some days when it is really hot, I can imagine having a cold beer (a former alcoholic) But, with the Lord’s help were able to resist. The things Paul says to the Romans Chap 7:21-25 are so true When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God – through Jesus Christ our Lord! How easy it would be for us to question God about our lives, but that’s where our Faith comes in. We have faith that our Lord loves us and we Him, and that everything passes through Him. And when we are tested where will we stand? Hopefully at the foot of the cross, looking upward to heaven.
    Poohpity, I hope your surgery went well. I pray the Lord comfort you now in your recovery.

  25. SFDBWV says:

    Goodevening friends, I am very pleased you all have liked and enjoyed the pictures. As I told Mart I have hundreds. These were taken about 40 feet from my Kitchen window. However I also feed the “critters at a point only 15 feet away. I can count the wiskers on the deers chin. While doing the dishes.

    It is quite a story here. Like our friend Job, it seemed to me that my son Matthew had done nothing to deserve his fate. And as I think about it nobody does. Yet God has placed us here, Matthew, Glenna and I. In what sometimes seems like our own private Eden. We watch the critters change and grow as the seasons change.

    We survive amidst the struggles and pains of life and sometimes can’t understand the whys of life. Yet God is taking care of our every need. Not giving us our every wants. But giving us our every needs.

    Like Job, I don’t know what God has in mind for Matthew nor for us either. But all we can do is trust in God. This is easy for me. But not so easy for Matthew. He will be 31 the 29th of March. He has been in this fix he’s in now since he turned 21. There are days he has a glimer of hope and many more where he sees no hope at all. But he does what he can do and does it with determination. So I must believe that God has a purpose and time for us.

    It seems that pain and suffering are one of the things that we all have in common here on this Blog. We all are struggling to survive in the middle of each of our personal heataches. It is I feel what makes us so drawn to each other. As we have placed all of our hopes and needs on our Savior Jesus Christ. It is the one thing that unites us. We all are in pain and we give that pain to Our Lord but share our grief with each other. Somehow for a time it feels better to do so.

    I too have had friends like Jobs who has tried to figure out the whys in our life. They were well intentioned and ment well but like Jobs friends only thinking from a earthly view.

    I always found it interesting that Job wasn’t healed until after he prayed for his friends.

    Thank you all dear friends who have become a part of our life. I too pray like you all do for each and every ones needs here on our little blog family.

    I hope someday you can all come and share our kitchen window.

  26. NatusNemo says:

    “God didn’t silence the arguing friends by unveiling the mysteries of his sovereign plan for the ages.”

    God DID reveal the mystery of his sovereign plan for the ages through the suffering man. Job is a beautiful picture of Christ.

    Job may not have understood all that took place but Job did know what God was doing. “he [God] knows the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” Job 23:10 (viz a vis I Peter 1:7 & Job 13:15)

    God has seen fit to show US certain deep (and troubling) things through the book of Job. We certainly see that Job’s faith was tried. What was the end of the matter for Job? ‘Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.’

    If this wasn’t ‘heavy enough’ we see that God initiated the suffering. See Job 1:7-12 & Job 2:1-6. It all begins with the words of God to Satan, ‘Have you considered my servant Job, That there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God and escheweth evil? Job 1:8

    God brings Job up to Satan! It’s a challenge. Paul expounds this same principle in Romans 11:36 – A manifesto of God’s Sovereignty. For OF God, and THROUGH God, and TO God are ALL THINGS – To whom belongs the glory. God initiates; he is the Alpha & Omega.

    God is not the Author of Sin, but you must reconcile God’s Sovereignty here in using Satan as a vessel to perform his will – And even this is revealed to Job in Chapters 40 and 41.

    Was this not the very thing God revealed to these men through his words on the Creation. God used nature to teach HIS SOVEREIGNTY.

    Job 39:13-17 “Gavest thou the goodly wings unto the peacocks? or wings and feathers unto the ostrich?”

    [Ostriches don’t fly yet God gave them wings.]

    “which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in the dust, and forgetteth that the foot may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them. She is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not hers; her labor is in vain with out fear;”[Amazing!]

    So what about the things that Job & his friends said?

    “My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath.” Job 42:7

    I believe God wants us to exercise BOTH Truth & Love but I feel the modern Church has comprised TRUTH and is left trying to fill the gap with LOVE. Both are required!

    Hosea 4:6 “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge…” Amos 8:11 “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst of water, but of hearing the words of the Lord…”

    While the literal fulfillment of this applies to Israel the principle still hold true for us – Revelation 3:16

  27. sawaybon says:

    Thank you for all the kind words in regards to my experience with my cousin. I forgot to mention that I was with him as he crossed the threshhold into glory. I took my family to spend part of Christmas day with him — he was still able to interact with us. We even talked about the theme of the church service that morning, “My First Christmas”. Three days later, he slipped away to celebrate his first real Christmas with his loving Savior. It was a profound and precious moment.

    Having shared my experience has drawn out others who are connected to people suffering with MS. My prayers and care go out to you as I read about your situations, and other stories of pain and suffering.

    I’m curious about the comment in the last post about Job being a beautiful picture of Christ. I would like to learn more about that. It may help me understand that book and its purpose in the Bible.

    A couple of questions have already arisen from the first lesson on my course on Job, and I’d like some of your perspectives. I have always considered the interaction in the first chapter to be between God and Satan. Most translations use the name Satan, but I am told that such a translation is inaccurate, giving the impression that it is the same character who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. It is more accurately to be translated “the satan”, referring to an adversary or accuser within the heavenly court. Can anyone provide further insight to that?

    Was Job an actual real character, or is this story written in the form of a parable, to be interpreted as such?

  28. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    natusnemo, Can anyone understand truth without being born again? If we are born again does not God bring us into the light.? We are the church each one of us. One has the gift of love another the gift of understanding and so on. We share together here to build each other up and learn from one another. God will reveal Himself to each heart that is seeking Him. What truth would you have me tell? The gospel message is all Jesus asked me to tell and to do it with love. I try, I fail, I try again.

    daisy. Isn’t that awesome: God created each one of us just for Himself and His Glory. You are so right His love is incomprehensible all-powerful, all-knowing and matchless.

    SFDBWV We all are in pain and we give that pain to Our Lord but share our grief with each other. Somehow for a time it feels better to do so. Your words were so uplifting for me today. Thank You

  29. Mart De Haan says:

    Hey,just remembered I forgot to include a pic of turkeys that Steve sent along. So added at end of post above.

  30. soloyo says:

    Timothy, may God warm and hough your heart every day, I already feel like this in this place, I feel like many many friends giving me a big hough. I can’t be so clear 4 security, but somebody passed away last month, is in Heaven but I wish I could tell ‘u all I had in mind to share with others. But so, if you can understand, I say that each tear can be enjoyed when you have done right, when you were a faithful witness in God’s strenght, so I know, really know by my own, God acomplishes His promises, He can put your heart in a cosy place, that’s how it feels, and there’s no need to understand more. I can tell you I have seen God, because I have seen His hand in my life. And I’m not one of those strange people who says hear God’s talking directly to them, and all they hear was their stomach after a bbq, is to really know that you have seen a miracle, again and again. your open eyes each day are a miracle if you can see they’re open for mercy, for endless love.
    I wish I could, but I’m here hiding, maybe later you can find me here with other id, ‘n i’ll tell ‘u more.

  31. soloyo says:

    aaaaauuuughh! please, sorry, it was for sawaybon!! well, btw, if Timothy needs those words, then go for all who need! oh i’m…my face is soooo red! i’tll be my new name, red faced! oow…

  32. soloyo says:


  33. Mart De Haan says:

    No, am assuming we’ll have to wait until poohpity is able to get back to her computer to tell us. In the meantime am sure she appreciates so much our concern and prayers.

  34. pegramsdell says:

    Good insight into Job, NatusNemo. Good research. Thank you. I wonder how I would have done if I’d been Job?????
    Tough one. I think I would have ultimately in the end thought it to be an honor for God to show me off to satan. Like I said, in the end.

    However, what I suffer here is nothing compared to the glory of heaven to come.
    I keep reminding myself of that.
    This is temporary. Heaven is eternity. Can’t wait.

  35. BruceC says:


    May we all be so blessed as to have a friend or relative such as you in our lives! May God bless you for your willing heart of love. The world needs more of you. But when you really dig down we Christians do have that Friend; that Brother. And He is also our Saviour. What a wonderful God we serve!

  36. eLiSe says:

    Reminded me how overwhelmed and troubled we can feel sometimes… until we fix our eyes on HIM and not our circumstances. I wrote this a few months ago in the midst of suffering:

    A large wave is rolling in toward the shore

    Anxious,Panic,Impending Doom
    The tidal wave is coming, there is nothing we can do

    Enveloped with water, Sinking farther down

    Entangled and twisted in the weeds

    Gasp,Cry out,Whimper,Demand
    Trapped at the bottom in the sand

    Light shimmers down through the deep

    Lifted Up,Revived,Made Whole,Made Well
    Redeemed me from the very pit of Hell

    Dried off,Cleaned up,Saved,Peace
    Walking hand in hand with my Lord down the beach.

  37. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Wasn’t Jobs encounter with God the same as ours and the prophets and all who come to believe? He realized what he was and who God Is. Just pondering.

    eLiSe You put it so well.

  38. kaliko88 says:

    You guys are awesome in how you keep each other in your thoughts and encourage with your comments here. It may not seem like much, but it probably means a great deal more to the people receiving the comments. I think that’s the lesson I take from Job. Words matter. We have to be mindful of what we do with them. They can hurt or heal, teach, connect, and so many other things. We should not use them carelessly.

    Love the pictures! Only get to see that kind of stuff when I’m driving or when I visit my dad’s cabin in the Ozarks. Actually, the wonder of God’s creation first came to me through science when I was a kid. My stepdad was a med student and one year he gave me a calendar with the most fantastic pictures of patterns and colors. What they actually were pics of was microscopic looks under different types of light of medicines and chemicals and such. (If you watch NCIS, that’s like what Abby’s pictures in her lab are.) Some days I’d just sit and stare at them, looking at every detail. Completely amazing!

  39. pegramsdell says:

    Kaliko88, I love NCIS! It’s one of my favorites.
    My oldest son loved reptiles, snakes and frogs and such. So for his birthday one year when he was about 7 or 8, I bought him a hard back book all about reptiles. Because I thought since he was so interested in them, that maybe he would want to know the name and info about them. He loved it, and it inspired him to get even more interested in them.

  40. soloyo says:

    Snif! I’m lost when you use lol,ml…whatever, and now… what NCIS means? please be compassionate of this non natal english spoken middle age woman that just learned btw meaning…or… i’ll tell everything you do to granny gr8grannyjacobs to nag you hum!
    ha ha!
    yeah Kaliko88, this feels like a family, starts talking about post, ends about us, the other day everybody looked like in a competition, who was in the colder and who in the best weather (miami won, everybody went runing to the house of who were showing off local weather, and have to prepare tooooo much sandwiches ha ha!) Now we are looking for the bigger tv for super bowl, do you have one? Mine is 4″, its because i’m only football fan at home, so, rest of family uses the bigger tv’s and the las time steelers played i was in the kitchen screaming happily in front of 3″ tall players!
    Don’t worry, just kidding I live so so far.

    seriously, feel like me, in the middle of a family! thanks God we actually are.

  41. soloyo says:

    Thank you Mart, I will, my mom had that surgery years ago, so I know it takes time. But I thoght somebody here could have direct contact with her to know how she is. I know the pain is hard but she’ll walk very well.
    ‘patient woman’ he he!

  42. rokdude5 says:

    As I recently read in Job before this blog was made, I came across a passage that I decided to memorize. Job 6:10 (New International Version)

    Then I would still have this consolation—
    my joy in unrelenting pain—
    that I had not denied the words of the Holy One.

  43. pegramsdell says:

    lol means laugh out loud. ncis is a navy cop show on abc. and ml?? IDK…..lol

  44. pegramsdell says:

    And I’m also still praying for Deborah. Hope she is doing well after surgery.

  45. sitsathisfeet says:

    Thank you gr8grannyjacobs for your first and second comments. I appreciate them so very much. You and I, I believe are a lot alike. I am kind of simple, a simple mother, a simple grandmother (of five) etc. I keep a simple faith. I try to follow Jesus and sit at his feet, read scripture and go to church to study and worship several times a week. There’s a lot I don’t know or understand, but like a child I appreciate being shown in Love, even correction. And like a child, or widow (like I was), or orphan, or fatherless, I cling to Jesus as my father, brother, husband, Savior. Truly my only defense is Jesus! Have I been faithful to Him, I pray so, but like you I try, I fail, I try again. If something doesn’t sound like my Jesus, it is hard to accept. Thanks to all who continue to love and build me up, no matter what my state. In Christ’s Love.

  46. Mart De Haan says:

    That really says a lot. Thanks for letting us see the way you captured the move from fear to the security of the ultimate relationship…

  47. Laurielee says:

    Steve, what wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Pooh, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    gr8granny, I’ve been thinking about you and the sadness you had the other day. You know, as long as we are on this earth, we are going to have times of sadness, and even anger at wrongs. Somehow years ago, I got it into my head that it was a sin to feel anger. That is not so. God feels anger and sadness, and Jesus feels anger and sadness…we are not supposed to SIN in our anger. When I get angry, I end up most angry at myself for feeling it! I’m not a person that yells, so that’s not it. Like yesterday, I got something in the mail that was supposed to have been returned by the 1st! Then I went to take out my garbage, and someone had decided to fill my can with their garbage. Yes, I was angry, but just kept to myself and prayed for calm until it blew over, and it did!

    I’m amazed at the number of people who have family members struggling with MS! My grandmother started having difficulty in her 20’s with her legs. In her 30’s she couldn’t walk without crutches. In her 40’s she went to a wheelchair. All along the doctors kept saying she had arthritis. Finally, 2 years ago, they realized it was MS. Besides my children, my grandma is one of my most beloved people…she’s always there for me, and I for her.

    soloyo, You brighten my day! Sending hugs to you!

  48. SFDBWV says:

    Thinking about the book of Job reminded me of a different “Book” in the Catholic Bible titled “The Book of Tobit”

    A Godly man also afflicted with problems. Blindness for one. It is a very interesting read with a very different solution to everyones problems in the story.

    It also gives a possible explanation as to the story of the woman who married several brothers, and whose wife was she. When the religious leaders tried to trap Jesus into a religious law argument.

    The Book of Tobit also gives the best prayer for a wedding night between newlyweds I have ever heard.

    I realize this is a lot off topic but is another book of a suffering man of God. And how he and God delt with the problem.

    Though I have read that Martin Luther did not want to include the Book of Job in the Bible we recognize. I am glad it is there. It is filled with amazing truths.

    “the soul of every living thing is in the hand of God.” Job 12:10. So every living thig has a soul. “Also now, behold my witness is in heaven..” Job 16:19. The list goes on and on.

    I listen to Job every day. As Matthew asks me the very same questions Job asks. Why was I born? Why can’t I die? Better to be dead than live like this.

    And to express Marts title to this post…”God’s Answer’ We try to answer for God but God has an answer that is far better and far above our understanding. As it were with Job. So it is with us all.

  49. cherielyn says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have posted a few times since mid-year, last year. I read the blog & posts daily, but not able to post myself, very often. I have been dealing with severe facial nerve pain since mid-August. Diagnosis has been uncertain. Among possibilities: Trigeminal Neuralgia, shingles that stayed internal, no one is entirely sure. With no health insurance, I have not pursued more expensive routes for answers. Just try to deal with it the best I can. Job 2:10……..What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?……..”

    Steve, thanks for the pics. We have much the same wildlife visiting our yard here in NE Wisc. We have a crippled doe that has been visiting for the past couple years. This spring she showed up with triplet fawns! Also, turkeys, black bear, sandhill cranes (got to watch them do their courting dance right in our front yard this spring – AWESOME)! We love God’s critters!

    All who have been dealing with various illnesses or other situations, please know that you have been continually in my prayers. I also think of “Trying to Trust God” who posted only once, last fall. I’m praying for you, also, in case you still visit and read “Been Thinking About.”

    I feel like you’re all family, even though I don’t participate that often. I love all of you and appreciate the insightful posts.

  50. daisymarygoldr says:

    rokdude5, great verse and good idea to memorize it…didn’t do it before but will do it now!

    Steve, just wanted to let you know that you and Matt are part of my daily prayers…both of you are a great inspiration to me and my family. For all the fathers out there, you are a perfect example of a father’s selfless love for his son. For all the young men, out there, Matt is one classic case of not quitting…to stay on the course! So, this one is for brave Matt-

    “Take the old prophets as your mentors. They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once “quit”, all the time honoring God. What a gift life is to those who stay the course! You’ve heard, of course, of Job’s staying power, and you know how God brought it all together for him at the end. That’s because God cares, cares right down to the last detail.” (James 5:10-11, The Message)

    Soloyo, I’m also enjoying your posts:)…but it did hurt my feelings when you made fun of cats.
    gr8grannyjacobs, please don’t be sad…sending some virtual flowers and candies your way:)
    Praying for poohpity’s recovery and for all those who have shared about their sufferings …that the God of all peace may console and comfort your hurting hearts, bodies, minds and souls…

    Aside: Mart, vahrooming? stomping? gas the pinkies? I may endure every suffering on this earth but those rough outdoorsy folks at WOC have horrified me… sorry! Its to-o-o much for my tender feminine spirit:(

  51. soloyo says:

    “I hope someday you can all come and share our kitchen window.”
    I don’t know, how we say in spanish to ‘you’re in a engagement of your mouth’ -we say: ‘you already talk!’
    so, don’t you mind to send me also an airplane ticket please lol! (I use what I learn, thanks pegramsdell)
    or maybe you can send your window by DHL deers included please.

    thank you, that is what I like to make feel people, learned from my mom. All you live has a funny side, see, my sister was at point to die drown while she was playing in one of those water moto (whatever it name is), she fell down, over her fell her boyfriend and the moto, the most she tried to go out of water, the most she can’t, for her boyfriend desesperation moving of arms and legs, so she told us this story telling, each time I got upper he hits me and i was going down again glu glu glu glu, again and again, he didn’t notice I was under him, maybe he thought oh where would be she? while I just saying glu glu glu glu…while this story was heared all of us were out of breathe of laugh.

  52. soloyo says:

    Sorry for making you feel bad, maybe you think i don’t like them. No, just make fun of them. See, when I was a child, I felt so lonely, grown in an environment of violence. there are people who had nothing to do in the middle of this, and scape through suicide or drugs, or anorexy. but about me, I had cats, as much as I could. yes, they may seem so cold about a family, but only people who really have a relationship with a cat, can brake that barrier and find a great friend, ready all the time to talk (you talk and the cat always answers), redy to put a little soft paw in your cheek if he sees you crying. nobody can experience this if does not have this friendship with the cat. dogs are unconditional, but cats, you know, they only open their heart for those who really know how to treat them. you may get a face all licked by a dog, but cat can hough you, but just to you specially. they know how to hear better than other pets.
    each animal for me is special, i can tell you something good about each i know, i like them all, but really, my favorite are cats, a woman said once that cats were God’s supply for her child wounded heart, I’m agree.

  53. Mart De Haan says:

    I see Job as you do, a historical figure, whose real event is told in poetic form.

    Am influenced by the way Ezekiel talks about Job (Ezekiel 14:14, 20. James also mentions (5:11) but in a way that doesn’t speak as specifically to Job’s historicity.

  54. NatusNemo says:


    Granny: One person doesn’t have a ‘gift of love’ and another the gift of understanding! I think you are confusing the gift of teaching with the gifts of evangelism, etc. See Ephesians 4:11 for one such list. Each and every one of us is to grow in love and faith and truth. Here is the problem – we don’t understand that the transformation is of the mind and spirit – modern teaches imply it is happens in an esoteric fashion and an emphasis is placed on ‘feelings’. Feelings aren’t to be avoided or discouraged but they are not what scripture refers to as having the power to transform a life.

    The problem is there is stunted growth because we are afraid to be honest with what the scripture teaches. Do you truly think the ‘building up process’ is a feel-no-pain rose color glasses lopsided look at scripture?

    Where in scripture do you see that God tells you to speak and teach the gospel only? The whole counsel of God is our domain & ‘all scripture is profitable’. What ever do you mean by the statement, “The gospel message is all Jesus ask me to tell”? That’s wrong!

    Granny I think the problem is you dislike looking at the tough issues. Personally I think this is what’s necessary to build up the church and believers right now – not milk toast. We need to be shaken – not stirred.

    We have many generations of Christians that don’t know the depths of scripture, or of Christ’s mind, because they’ve been spoon fed ‘feel good’ pre-prepared thoughts. We have fast-food 30 second Christianity here. We have a Revelation 3:14-22 – just not me & you, right? It’s the other fella and the other church.

    This is why I get under your skin so easily. You are quickly irritated because I don’t follow the protocol Christian Culture has established – in fact I do my best to resist those very things that have stunted the growth of Christians & left the modern Church impotent.

    I’d suggest you meditate on how Jesus interacted with the Conservative Religious Crowd of his day…In fact, most of the prophets – even Peter & Paul – continually found themselves in conflict with the Conservative Leaders of their respective days.

    Love & Truth….not just Love.

  55. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    natusnemo With all my heart natus you do not get under my skin. I am very curious about you. I was looking on the Internet to see what natus meant. Didn’t really get a solid meaning of the word but in my search I found the saddest story about a young boy named Natus who died in Nazi Germany Wondering if there is a connection? I think you are misunderstanding me when I speak of Gods love. I am not ignoring the rest of scripture I am just saying that if one has not experienced Gods love how can one share the gospel? I can’t convert anyone only God can. We are sent to plant the seed or water it but God makes it grow. We are God’s fellow workers we are His field and His building. We are God’s church. We need one another. Therefore encourage one another and build each other up. There are no rose colored glasses here jut love. I wish my love were more perfect but the humanness is still with me. God loves you.

  56. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    natus, Forgot God loves you and that is truth.

  57. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    sitsathisfeet, Thank you so much for your encouraging words today. My heart was so touched. Like you I am kind of simple. Like you there is much I don’t know or understand but Jesus is my Savior and like a child He holds my hand. He is teaching me with love and discipline as I grow. You are very special!!! and simple is great :) Are you a gr8 granny yet?

    Laurielee, That you would be thinking of me, how precious. I am sorry about your grandma as I know how tough MS is to handle. Yes God does understand our emotions and with His love He enables us to persevere. You are very kind.

    daisy The flowers are beautiful and the candy has been eaten, Love

    soloyo glad you are with us as you are such a happy addition

  58. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Mart Can the New Testament speak sort of like a two sided message? Like one message to bring you the gospel for salvation and another to help you grow after you have accepted Christ’s gift of salvation. I am not sure I am asking this question clearly but if I am, perhaps sometime you could expound about it on the blog. I was thinking it might help me to be more clear in my talks with natusnemo. I don’t want to present something that I might be in error about. It seems some parts are certainly for those who believe and certain parts for those who may believe. Hope this is clear. Thank You

  59. daisymarygoldr says:

    soloyo, :)

    rdrcomp, appreciate your posts…which always have a cheerful, optimistic and robust ring to it! Sorry, if my words offended you. I like the outdoors too…though not as wildly as you do:) and I also enjoy Dean Ohlman’s literary writings…except for the brutal episode of euthaniz-ing the Pinkies!

    NatusNemo, agree with everything you have shared on this blog…except for the Central Bank theory:)

    gr8grannyjacobs,Love conquers all:)

    Good night every one!

  60. soloyo says:

    I just read you about shake the church, the tough, I don’t know, there is a verse talking about what to use to harvest one and other crop, (when I find it I’ll tell you, ’cause I don’t remember quote), certainly church get asleep more easily than we would expect, the more near is Jesus comming, the more revival is urgent. but not everybody could be awaked the same way, maybe jonas say throw me to the sea, but there is people not growing or being hardly wounded that can’t stand a shake, they need to be cared I think.
    But since I’m not a pastor, not a man indeed, my sight can be so short, I think I’m talking as a sheep I am, sometimes weak, sometimes strong, because of my circumstances.

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