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The Spirituality of Redwoods

The oldest of California redwoods are said to be 2000 years old, grow to 379 feet, with a diameter of 22 feet, and 12 inch thick bark. Their close relatives, the giant Sequoias, have been measured at 311 feet high, with a life-span in excess of 3000 years, trunks that have grown 40 feet in diameter, and 31 inch think bark.

On a visit to California’s Muir Wood’s National Park, I knew we weren’t going to see the “big ones” that grow further up the coast, but was awed by what we saw. The enormity of these trees surprised and overwhelmed me. I saw another example of how the wonder of creation can renew our spirits.

Standing among trees that grow taller than a football field drew my thoughts upward. Maybe it’s the way they ground themselves in the earth while reaching to the sky. Maybe it’s knowing that some of these trees could have been growing in the days of Jesus. Could be knowing the role that trees play in the unfolding storyline of the Bible.

In any case, the visit to the redwoods started my mind spinning around what really matters:

If what lasts is more important than what passes away…

If the big issues of our lives deserve more attention than the smaller ones…

If even the trees have been made to praise the One who says to those who trust him…

You will live in joy and peace. The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands! Where once there were thorns, cypress trees will grow. Where briers grew, myrtles will sprout up. This miracle will bring great honor to the LORD’s name; it will be an everlasting sign of his power and love” (Isaiah 55:12-13).

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47 Responses to “The Spirituality of Redwoods”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    For thoes who have not yet visited “Wonder of Creation” Dean has a segment on the redwoods with a little movie about the ecosystem that lives among their tree tops. It’s realy neat.

    I could go on for hours talking about the feeling I get being submersed in the natural world and how it draws me closer to God. Wether it be standing amongst the redwood forest or just on a dark night when I can see the countless stars that light the night sky.

    For me, every time I needed to be alone with God. To sort things out or to just feel as though it was a personal talk with the Creator. I would seek out a place in the great outdoors to do so.

    There are many greatly accomplished men who share our love of nature, when combined with a love for the Creator. Here is a quote from one…”Never since have I been without this consciousness of the Creator speaking to me…The out of doors has been to me more and more a great cathedral in which God could be continuously spoken to and heard from.” George Washington Carver.

    There is danger though in people who forget that “Nature” has a Creator. And become as the worshipers of Pan and see the creation as someting to worship.

    My father and a couple Uncles, lived in Eureca CA for a time and worked in the lumberjack business of cutting down the redwoods. His brother and younger uncle stayed and lived out their lives there. One Uncle when he died several years ago had his ashes thrown out over the few existing redwood forests he had grown to love so much.

    One thing to remember is that some of these trees were alive when Christ walked into Jerusalem.

    Looks like you’ve had a nice vacation Mart.

  2. SFDBWV says:

    Mart I intended to say , looks like your having a nice vacation and thamks for taking us along…But posted too soon.

    Over on” Wonder of Creation “there is a similar discussion getting underway. Concerning the worship of nature vs worship of the Creator.

  3. Helmet says:

    Yes, we’re on Mart’s suitcase! Thank you, I hardly remember Alcatraz (I went when I was 14 y.o., I’m 44 now) and I’m sure not seen word Jesus in the wall, or the Bible in a shelf, it did not matter to me at that time, but, being in a travel when you know God took you there to see His power of creation, and His power to save people in the last place of loneliness, you see all through new eyes: His.
    I’m sure looking up the tree the head spins, imagine if we should see God’s size! Jus seen when I was saved, and you, and you…

  4. BruceC says:

    I have spent huge amounts of time in the outdoors since I was seven years old. Camping, fishing, and hunting. I have never lost the awe of God I feel while there. I have so many stories to tell of the wonders I have seen; all of then pointing to the Lord-and to His love. Have spent so much time talking with Him while there. Likely it’s the reason why “How Great Thou Art” and “Amazing Grace” are my two favorite hymns. I truly feel sorry for those who have been deceived into thinking it all came by God-less chance; and for those that think the God-created nature is a god itself. Satan uses even the splendor and beauty of God’s creation and the God given intellect of humans to deceive the sin-stained heart of man. But because of these very things and because of His Word, they will be without excuse. As I sit and type this I am reminded of how tiny I am compared to the universe God has created, and yet aware that the very Lord who made all of it came down from Heaven and bore my sins on the cross and shed His prcious blood for me; and my spirit again sings “Amazing Grace”, “How Great Thou Art”!

  5. SFDBWV says:

    Bob, your turn to be so very right. There are no coincidences.When God speaks he follows it up with conformation.

    We are happly supprised to learn we see God through His “smile” and recognize it as so.

    For the natural beauty around us, is the smile of the Divine Creator.

  6. Helmet says:

    About huge trees, in Oaxaca, México, we have one that is so famous, you need a crew to roundit all hand to hand, and so, if we could, see in a qick flight the biggest natural wonders, and so, if we could see what Neil Armstrong saw…
    but really, I just end to read Marck gospel, and when I think about those who said ‘if you are the Lord come down the cross and we shall believe’, didn’t they were there when blind could see, that lame started to walk? when He answered before they even started to talk, uncovering their trully thoughts? Yes, but God works in those that seek him with the whole heart. Psalm 119:2
    see this link, let me show off about my country ha ha! go bellow where trunk is seen from every point.

  7. SFDBWV says:

    One of the many things I am thankful for, is that my dad shared his time with me and he and I got to enjoy camping and fishing and hunting together. And yes the Hunting Camp. For thoes of you who understand what that is.

    The gift for a child who learns the joy’s of camping. Is the gift of being able to be self sufficient. To be there out in an unprotected environment yet not only survive, but enjoy co-existing with it.

    Learning how to build a shelter, how to make fire, how to cook, and most importantly how to be responsible.
    Cleaning up behind yourself,respecting the danger of a fire. The Struggle to get there and return safely.

    All helps to build a childs confidence in themselves.

    When combined with, a reverence for God, and the place each of us has in creation. The experiance is always spiritual.

  8. Romans838 says:

    In Africa,I have seen different kind of trees small ones, fairly large ones etc but I hve never once in my life appreciated God for them… I must have taken their abundance for granted.

    But those trees mart saw must be very remarkable to immediately focus our attention on its creator and to the awesomeness of his power.

    hence forth every time i see a tree i will give God praise. if he can sustain a tree for more than 3000yrs to become great, tall and strong I believe I am even more valuable than a tree and he will keep and sustain me and everyone of us here too in Jesus name.

  9. cherielyn says:

    Hubby & I went on a six day road trip, with our adult daughter, to Washington, Oregon & Northern California in summer, 2005. We saw the Giant Redwoods, Crater Lake, mountains, huge sand dunes. I still remember my reaction to those sites, vividly. I was awestruck! Unbidden tears came to my eyes just being able to see God’s awesome creation. On that trip I finally understood the phrase, “purple mountain majesties,” that is in “America, the Beautiful.” I found myself wondering how anyone could view such majestic things and not believe in a Creator! Similar to those huge samples of His creation, the everyday small things that we see and sometimes take for granted, are just as awesome.

    I remember when my youngest son was about 7 years old. He was curious about everything and wondered what made little funnel shaped holes in the sandy patches of our yard. He investigated and was so thrilled to show us his discovery of ant lions.

    Just to take time to really examine all the tiny plants, insects and animals in our own backyard is enough to take one’s breath away.


  10. poohpity says:

    While I was in Africa I saw vast lands with hardly any vegetation then in the middle of that vastness would be a big tree. It’s shape was majestic and it seemed all alone but I realized how many creatures used it for respite from the sun.

    I know I sound like a broken record but we look at the wonder of creation in such awe but the most delicate and wondrous, amazing and miraculous of God’s creation is the human being and it is the most ruthless. I understand why some people choose to live reclusive lives with only animals and nature.

    Nature is just another sign of the enormity of the love that our God has for us. He has given us such beautiful things to enjoy and to try and figure out.

  11. kaliko88 says:

    Out here in Kansas there are hardly any forests, just small sections of trees. It’s mostly slight hills, brush and the wide prairies. To see forests I have to drive east and into Missouri where I can visit my dad at his home in the Ozarks. But though I love visiting, my most memorable experience of God in nature was in the grasslands. It is almost heart stopping to walk in the middle of the Konza prairie on a sunny day, to stand on a small rise and listen to the wind. When the wind is up and you are there in the prairie, there are no trees to stop it, no hills to muffle it, no roads or cars or people to interrupt it. It surrounded you and seemed to echoe up all the way to the limitless blue. All I could think at the time was that I was in the voice of God, and I almost felt that it could carry me away.

    I love these kinds of illustrations of God’s wonder!

  12. wretch-like-me says:

    I am blessed to live in the Great Northwest of the USA within an hour of Canada on the Idaho border of Washington state. The land transitions here from the scab lands of horse country just east of Spokane to the Valley created by the Spokane River. As is typical, when the water comes to the surface the banks flourish with greenery and trees.

    A little further east and north of Spokane, where I live, the ground rises, the trees take hold and forests are plentiful. In fact, about 2/3rds of the county I live in is national forest land as it heads into the northern reaches of the Rockies before crossing the border into British Columbia.

    I chose to live here after seeing much of the country (Alaska to Florida)while in the USAF. God’s handiwork is played out all around. Despite deep snows in winter with temps that dip well below freezing, the land springs forth green and refreshed after a long winter’s nap. It is a yearly reminder of the resurrection we have in Christ and the promise of eternal life.

    As you might imagine, I have my favorite spots to visit many times during the year. I hear the call of Canadian Geese in migration…the scream of eagles hunting along the waterways that crisscross this area… the roar of water tumbling over the cascades to the depths below… the rustling of needles high overhead in old growth cedars as the wind bends their mighty arms.

    In contrast, there is a silence in winter after a freshly fallen snow that is deafening. It is occasionally broken by the crack of a tree limb overloaded with snow and the rustling of ‘silk’ as the snow plummets to the floor with a ‘thump’ as it violently stops its fall. The crunch of powder snow under my feet is beyond description and is so different from the snow I experienced growing up in Arkansas.

    The beauty is breath-taking. Our God is an Awesome God! We are truly blessed to be called ‘His Kids’ and to know that “My Daddy owns all this.” As the younger set today says,”God Rules!”

    Final Comment:
    Marti, your three final statements all begin with ‘IF’. The computer/math person inside me keeps hoping you’ll complete the ‘if/then’ statement? Should I assume the quote by Isaiah is apriori the ‘then’?

  13. sitsathisfeet says:

    Mart You are now in my neck of the woods, so to speak. I grew up in the midwest northern woods, Lake Superior, northern lights etc. And I have friends that grew up in Ca where I now reside, one of them from the beaches down south still come sandaled and barefoot to church. This last summer at one of the beaches there was a large mural of a guy sitting on a motorcycle, at the surrounding beach in front of a cross, worshiping the Lord. I forgot to take a picture of it, but plan to the next trip. Nature is surely God’s handiwork and we can’t help but feel awestruck when we consider it. But what came to mind this morning reading the blog was I Kings 19:11 – 12 The Lord said, Go out and stand on the mountain in the prescence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by. Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper. Wherever we are in the forests or the cities, let’s listen for that still small voice!

  14. SFDBWV says:

    Be careful Deborah, a broken record as an explanation is losing it’s understanding in a digital world. (smile)
    Though I enjoy listening to you over and over again…

    Take a journey and read or get a DVD of Lewis and Clark’s “Core of Discovery”. Can you just imagine the awestruck experiance of these 20 men and the untouched pristine beauty they observed.

  15. rokdude5 says:

    Im wondering if you saw the one-eyed deer that like to forage in that Park. Perhaps some day you can visit the majestic Kings Canyon which is near the Sequoias. I highly recommend it. Its one of our favorite camping spots.

    Its hard to fathom that just about when Jesus roamed as a man on this earth, those trees were seedlings and yet survived all these centuries. Praise God!

  16. leeco says:

    Nature always has a way of soothing my restless mind. My Mother and I lived many states apart when she was alive. We missed each other very much, as visits were always several years apart. Everytime there was a full moon I would call her and tell her to go outside to look at the beautiful moon. I would tell her, see we are both looking at the same moon, so we can’t be too far apart. Then we would start talking about how great God was and how beautiful his creations in nature. Now, that she has been gone for several years, when I look at the full moon I recall our conversations.

  17. Romans838 says:

    reading blogs of everyone from this site always greatly encourages me and I must say that I feel so much love from the hearts of everyone here.

    poohpity it is nice to know you’ve been here in Africa… I hope you had a nice time?

  18. daisymarygoldr says:

    Nice pictures reflecting good spiritual thoughts… To put it into perspective, the 379 feet tall coast redwood is taller than the height of a 30-story building and their cousins, the giant Sequoias, are about the weight equivalent to 24 blue whales (the largest animals) or 40,000 people!

    Speaking of the spirituality of the redwoods, these are some of my thoughts and they could be wrong… It is indeed a miracle that an enormous tree begins with the smallness of a tiny seed which measures in length that is about the thickness of a dime! It reminds me of the parable of the seed that grew into a tree and gave shelter to the birds of the air. The seed- God’s word; the tree is God’s kingdom on earth- the Church, the birds represent the weak, the defenseless, and the destitute people of this world who find protection, safety and shelter within the church. To me, The Church is therefore, the living miracle that will bring great honor to the Lord’s name and will be an everlasting sign of His power and love! Can anything ever match the beauty and wonder seen in this miracle of God’s creation?

    With the privileged experience of growing up in the very lap of pristine nature, I also admire the beauty of God’s creation. But I just do not remain mesmerized with the wonder of creation. My mind goes beyond admiring the physical beauty of creation… and transfixes on the spiritual splendor of the Holy One who created all of this for me. Every moment of my conscious life, I can’t help but wonder to sense His beautiful love for an ugly sinner like me….always. It not only makes the angels wonder but also leaves me utterly speechless….always. With every breath that is in me…as I silently worship Him for who He is…His love for me simply takes my breath away…always!

    Loved the way Is 55 is presented in The Msg: “Just as rain and snow descend from the skies and don’t go back until they’ve watered the earth…producing seed… So will the words that come out of my mouth not come back… they’ll complete the assignment I gave them. So you’ll go out in joy, you’ll be led into a whole and complete life….All the trees of the forest will join the procession…No more thistles, but giant sequoias… —Monuments to me, to God, living and lasting evidence of God.”

  19. poohpity says:

    Thanks for the byte is that better than record. I was feeling a little down today but your comment brought a smile and a warm fuzzy. Hope this digital age never does anything different to warm fuzzies, lol.

    Africa was one of the most eye opening experiences in my life about how the people of the country have been so abused. I have wanted to spend more time there just hugging the women and children that have been treated so cruelly. I was so pumped to go back and be the hands and feet of Jesus to whomever I would come in contact with but my fire has gone out. Now I want to just be one of those who is a recluse and sit on the porch of a cabin in the woods with my dog and enjoy nature. At this point in my life I am so sick of bull….. I guess I am feeling the need to do some healing and overcome the depression I’m feeling.

    I haven’t even been doing any volunteer work and have left the church I attended for the past 19 years. So I am feeling a little lost right now. I know it is because of my recent surgery but am having a few struggles right now but it will all be better soon. Can you say Pity-Pot, obviously I can. :)

  20. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    I have lived across America and in Europe and have seen many places of God’s awesome creation. It’s hard to understand how one can live on earth and not know the Creator and yet I remember when…… How blessed we are.

  21. sjd says:

    Colossians 2:6-7 (NASB95)
    Therefore as you have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, having been firmly rooted and now being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, and overflowing with gratitude.

    Having come to Christ by faith we are to continue to walk by faith in Him. We have been firmly planted, and are growing by His grace. One of the results is a life of gratitude. I picture the Redwoods rising up to the sky as a picture of praising God, thanking Him for their existence, and His ongoing provision for their life. Should we do anything less?

    I looked up some info on the Redwoods root system, and was amazed that the roots generally only go about six to twelve feet deep. Consider that the trees grow above ground to heights of over 300 feet. The major roots are only about one inch in diameter. They do spread outward up to 80 feet away from the trunk. By growing close to other redwoods the roots intertwine and help support one another as they rise to the sky. Without others around they surely could not stand and give us the glorious picture today. It reminds me of fellow believers, how God has placed us in close proximity in the body of Christ. He did this for a specific purpose, that we can build one another up, not so we would receive the glory, but so God could. Just as we are focusing on God as we see the redwoods, Christ is to be seen in us as we walk “like trees” on this earth. I was reminded recently that we do not need to strive to develop unity. Ephesians 4 speaks of the fact that we are one in Christ. We are to be 3″diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
    4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling;
    5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
    6 one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.” Ephesians 4:3-6 (NASB95)

    I am thankful for the unity we enjoy as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, thankful for your “roots” intertwining with mine so that we can reach upward and others can see Christ exalted.

  22. sjd says:

    And what better way for trees to grow together. Delighting in the Word together. Meditating on it day and night. We are literally doing that together around the world on this blog. Thanks!

    Psalm 1:1-3 (NASB95)
    1 How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit in the seat of scoffers!

    2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night.
    3 He will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, Which yields its fruit in its season And its leaf does not wither; And in whatever he does, he prospers.

  23. daisymarygoldr says:

    rdrcomp,:) Thank you for adding your masterful “vine” stroke that enhanced the beauty of the picture! It is a blessing to see your fascination for creation. I must admit, it is very infectious and in case you misunderstood… that is a compliment!

    Mesmerized or nifty? I really don’t know…but this one thing I do know that…creation reveals the power of God but not the person of Christ. Nature speaks of the beauty of God but is silent about my ugly sins. The trees testify of the sovereign God but not the need of salvation from my sins. The birds sing of God’s great love but not about Christ giving His life for me. The mountains proclaim the majesty of His Holiness but do not assure me of my right relationship with God.

    The sights, sounds and smells of the old creation is intermingled with rottenness, death and decay but the new creation in Christ spread the aroma of everlasting life. Experiencing God in the stillness of the forests instills within me a longing to sigh for my creator. However, as His precious Bride, by faith I have already entered into the joy of consummation with Christ our Heavenly Bridegroom! Will anything less than that ever satiate a child of God? It is the Creator, not the creation that mesmerizes me and completely captivates my spirit, soul and body! But then, that is just me and my crazy thoughts…

  24. SFDBWV says:

    There is something familiar, something comforting, something that makes one yearn, when alone in Nature.
    A feeling that both takes you backward and forward in time. The smell of the loamy earth and quiet sounds of the breeze coursing through the leaves and branches of the trees.
    Bob is right, it reminds one of how small we are, yet aware of it all.
    God is everywhere His Creation is,(Psalm 139). At the very beginning (Gemesis 1 thru 2) He declared creation to be good.
    Now it is our responsibility to respect God’s creation. To due less disrespects the Creator.

  25. Mart De Haan says:

    Got home last night with many good memories. Sitting now with the usual bagel and cup of coffee– reading all of your comments– once again inspired and challenged by the chance to “walk together” with you– even though so many miles separate us, for now.

  26. sjd says:

    Welcome home Mart!

    A couple of your if statements keep stirring in my mind: “If what lasts is more important than what passes away…

    If the big issues of our lives deserve more attention than the smaller ones…”

    Especially as I am about to head out to work for a day of catching up on paperwork. I realize that we are to do everything for the glory of God(I Cor. 10:31) and to do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus(Colossians 3:17), but some of these duties seem so time consuming with things that will “pass away”, things that are “small issues”. In the midst of life I must continue to fix my eyes on the eternal, in the midst of the temporal, something that at times like this morning seem more difficult.
    The redwoods help remind me that no matter what I am doing, as people observe me(God’s created image) standing in this world, they are able to encounter Christ in me in even the mundane small things in life. But still I long for the “bigger things” in life, not for my glory, but His.

  27. poohpity says:


    Thank you for the warm fuzzy yesterday when I was feeling so down. I was having a pity-party and what I wrote did not get posted so it must not have been appropriate. Oh Well. I will try again. Instead of using a broken record I will use, I do not know what would be digitally accurate. lol

    I know now how people feel that choose to live as a recluse in nature. I used to go out and be Jesus’s hands and feet to people now I feel like it would be nice to live in a cabin in the woods with my dog with not a lot of people around. After you get burned it is easier to stay away from people and relish time alone in nature.

    I always wanted to go back to Africa to minister to the women and children. Africa is where my heart is but my fire has gone out in this season of my life. I love your country and my heart bleeds for the people there.

  28. wretch-like-me says:

    Pooh, I can definitely relate to being burned and pulling back. We all go thru our ‘desert’ experiences and there are plenty of scriptural references to those who devoted time ‘alone’ with God.

    There have been times when I, too, “…lost my fire…”

    However, I want to encourage you to become active again in ministry and fellowship. We are designed to be happiest when we are involved in ‘helping’ others. Just think of how much better you feel after visiting this site and sharing something that ‘hits the spot’ for someone else!


    Marti, do you have an answer for me regarding the ‘if/then’ statement?

  29. drkennyg says:

    Thanks, Mart. It is difficult sometimes when in the midst of, say Yosemite NP or other beautiful natural places, not to be so amazed at God’s works in Creation. I know I have been guilty in the past of equating God with His Creation.

    So these days anywhere/anytime that I can be alone and quiet and uncluttered in my mind, I am able to be with my Lord and not confused as I once was. This is a true blessing and it has only been happening since I was born again. I have walked through the Redwoods with my son when he was 11 and when he was a student at UC Santa Cruz. I have lived in central CA for a couple years and have visited Sequoia NP 3 times and in the last 20 years have been to Yosemite 4 times.

    As lovely as it all is I must guard against becoming too attached to being OF the world rather than simply IN the world. It’s just the 1st part of our journey with the Lord. We can be everlasting with Him but not so here only.

  30. daisymarygoldr says:

    Mart, Glad you had some time away to rest and relax!

    poohpity, post-surgery can be really difficult and it is so-o-o important that you get some good rest to recuperate from all that you have been through in the past couple of weeks. A cabin in the woods seems like the perfect idea and though I don’t own one to offer you, I hope and pray something like that will come your way…take care, you are in my daily prayers…

    Steve (SFDBWV), I also like the smell of loam especially the scent of the first showers of rain moistening the dry earth. I do not abuse God’s creation and do take diligent care of it. I respect and care for my own body by exercise + eating fresh food and do not abuse it by exposing it to toxic substances. In my own way, I also contribute to the cleaning up of environmental pollutants and wastes. However, I am not obsessed by the care and grooming of my body nor of the environment, because I “Know” that this is merely the temporal that will be replaced by the eternal and the perfect…just the way it was when God declared it all as “Good”.

    Enjoying nature comes naturally to every human being and taking care of ourselves and the environment is but common sense. You do not preach that as the gospel, unless you believe you were commissioned by our Lord to do so. I haven’t received any such command and so, please do not accuse me of showing disrespect to the Creator…it hurts:(

  31. daisymarygoldr says:

    In the OT, God spoke in an audible voice, but in these last days He has spoken to us through His Son. It is the Son (not nature) who is the mirror reflection of God, radiates God’s own glory and expresses the very character of God (Heb 1:3)

    Today, Jesus is not physically walking along with us. Instead we have the very Word that is God and which became flesh. Agree, with the comments above emphasizing the need to retreat and recharge our physical bodies. Yes, Jesus did retreat into the wilderness and when approached by the enemy He combated with His “knowledge” of God’s Word.

    I can eat all the food of the forest and remain hungry and I can drink all the water from the streams or the brooks in the wilderness and remain thirsty. The Word is the bread that satisfies the deepest hunger and the Word is the living water which can quench the thirst of our yearning souls. Therefore, my spiritual food is the Word of God which completely re-energizes, re-vitalizes and re-fuels my soul…hence there is no worry I’ll ever burn out!

  32. daisymarygoldr says:

    If one can know God through nature, why evangelize? We can direct people to the forests and let the trees and mountains declare the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not commission us to do that and even if people go into the forests to seek God, I doubt if they will ever hear “For God so loved the world that He gave His Son…everlasting life”. Unless some one claims to have heard this in the forests, please give me the directions so I can also go there and hear the wind in the trees whispering and birds of the air singing John 3:16!

    Many have gone that way, to live as a recluse….but have never found “The Way”. FYI: A certain handsome prince, who got vexed with the affluence and miseries of life, went away into the deep forest and squatted in solitude under a tree to meditate… in order to seek and sense God. Eventually he did see the light and was called the “enlightened one” a.k.a the Buddha. He claimed of having attained oneness with nature and God and His teachings speak of an 8-fold path and an austere 4-fold path to reach God…it never mentioned Jesus Christ as the only way, the truth and the life. Let us not be naïve and ignorantly make silly statements about finding God in nature.

  33. SFDBWV says:

    I gotta tell ya, Daisy, when you started to tell the story od Buddha, I thought you were going to retell the story of “Rip Van Winkle”. There for moment I was wondering where you were going with that story. Thanks for the laugh.

    Mother Teresa, didn’t have to go to India to find suffering people. But there in India among the suffering people, she found Christ. And so It is with all of us. We find Christ where we look for Him. We see with our hearts. Wether it be amongst the Redwood forests or among the sick and dieing in a nursing home. If we look for Christ He will be seen. Our hearts will find Him and whatever our own personal place is, we will worship Him. In our hearts and in our actions.

    I hope you have a nice evening Daisy.

  34. Ted M. Gossard says:

    Amen, Mart, amen! Wonderful pics. Nothing like being there, I’m sure.

    Yes, I love trees. When over at Alberta in the rolling prairies not too far from the Rockies, I really just learned to love that place, wonderful scenery everywhere there. But it made me realize just how special trees are, since you can look for miles out on those prairies with rarely a tree in sight. Yes, the wonder of creation puts us in awe of our Creator.

  35. sjd says:


    I wanted to say Amen to what you wrote last night. “It is the Creator, not the creation that mesmerizes me and completely captivates my spirit, soul and body!” It is my prayer that each of us are completely captivated by our Lord! I do enjoy reading your thoughts, and your pointing to the all sufficiency of Christ. If we get caught up in the creation and not the creator we are on the wrong track. And faith does come by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

    After your last couple comments, I couldn’t help think of Job and God’s reply to him. God spent four “chapters” speaking to Job using nature/creation as the subject to bring Job to the right conclusion about Himself. Job ended up repenting, as he saw a reflection of the All Powerful, All Knowing, All Present God in nature. You make good points about the dangers of getting caught up in nature but I thought it was interesting to see how God used creation with Job.

    We must share the Gospel. Nature alone will not reveal our sin, and the Christ. But it certainly could put us in our place as it did Job. Thanks again for your great perspectives!!

    Our Church supports a missionary in South America that works at a camp that promotes interaction with nature, but ultimately uses the Word of God to speak of their sin and need of a Savior.

    Job 38:4-7 (NASB77)
    4 “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding,
    5 Who set its measurements, since you know? Or who stretched the line on it?
    6 “On what were its bases sunk? Or who laid its cornerstone,
    7 When the morning stars sang together, And all the sons of God shouted for joy? ……………..

    Job 40:3-5 (NASB77)
    3 Then Job answered the LORD and said,
    4 “Behold, I am insignificant; what can I reply to Thee? I lay my hand on my mouth.
    5 “Once I have spoken, and I will not answer; Even twice, and I will add no more.”

    Job 42:1-6 (NASB77)
    1 Then Job answered the LORD, and said,
    2 “I know that Thou canst do all things, And that no purpose of Thine can be thwarted.
    3 ‘Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?’ “Therefore I have declared that which I did not understand, Things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.”
    4 ‘Hear, now, and I will speak; I will ask Thee, and do Thou instruct me.’
    5 “I have heard of Thee by the hearing of the ear; But now my eye sees Thee;
    6 Therefore I retract, And I repent in dust and ashes.”

  36. poohpity says:

    I guess it seems that no matter where or when we can see the love of God in nature or anywhere else for that matter it is good. What is the problem is when people say they are His children and follow Him yet show it by using only words and not actions that is an issue. Or when some use words that do not reflect the Love of Christ that may also be a problem. Nature is a reflection of God’s love for us and our words are a reflection of what is in our hearts.

  37. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    Psalms 19 seems so a part of this conversation. I agree it doesn’t matter where you are, if you are seeking God you will surely find Him.

  38. daisymarygoldr says:

    Steve, how did Mother Teresa come into this conversation? I thought this was about nature and creation. I like the smell of loam and I do not disrespect the creator. Tell me whether I am good:) or evil:( And BTW, since you mentioned Mother Teresa, she did not go to India to find Christ. Her mother taught her the scriptures and she had accepted Christ as a little girl and had a secure relationship with her Savior. It was her love for Christ that compelled her to sacrifice her own life to serve the suffering. My family in India are also serving the suffering and poor outcasts of the society by sharing the saving Gospel of Christ along with every medical prescription and procedure. Hope you also have a good evening!

    sjd, as I said above, yes God spoke audibly in the OT, in the burning bush to Moses, in a whisper to Elijah and to Job. Those folks did not have the written word of God. Today if there is anything He wants us to learn from creation, it is faithful “obedience”. And it is not something to be proud of… if God wants to humble us the most intelligent creatures by asking us to learn from the birds and the trees. My concern is not for the friends of this blog who already know God and are saved. It pains me to see the Body of Christ sending out mixed messages to the unbelieving world. There are millions out there who are already worshiping creation and are not finding any solutions to their problems. They are desperately yearning for “The Way, the Truth” in hope of getting “The Life”. Instead of sharing the good news of Christ and His forgiveness and the free gift of eternal life we tell them to go find God in nature. See how subtle deceptions can be? Praying for all of us…

  39. sjd says:

    “Instead of sharing the good news of Christ and His forgiveness and the free gift of eternal life we tell them to go find God in nature.”


    It’s like showing sick people our beautiful state of the art hospitals. Wandering the beautiful halls and admiring the pictures, the machines, even laying in the beds do them no good. Even casual conversation with the staff will accomplish nothing. The physician must be consulted. The diagnosis must be made. The cure offered. The cure must be received.

  40. Jumblee2855 says:

    Hello Mart,
    I am intrigued! Last week (last BLOG) you took us inside the dark dungeons of the notoriously famous ALCATRAZ. This week (BLOG) you are taking us soaring high up to the top of the famously tall California redwoods and the giant Sequoias. You have helped me find spiritual meaning both the times. I say THANK YOU!
    You said ALCATRAZ, “…reminded you that, in spite of the inhumane conditions … the most dangerous men in the world may have found a freedom they wouldn’t have traded for what most have on the outside.” And this week you state, “If even the trees have been made to praise the One who says to those who trust him…” Then, Reading your post/blog and everyone’s comments, I come to an understanding that our God is able to reach us and speak to us wherever we are. Whether we are in a dark gloomy prison made by humans or in the beautiful outdoors admiring the wonders of creation, we can still feel close to our Lord and Saviour. We can praise God our father and our Lord and Saviour Jesus, for HE is with us.
    Yes, it is wonderful when a person spiritually grows to such a stage where he/she can admire and praise God in whatever situation they are, or wherever they are. Unfortunately, I still have to come to that stage. While I enjoy the wonders of creation I can praise God, I still have to learn to praise God when I am struggling with the horrors of human handiworks. Just recently watching the horrible bushfires in Australia on TV, I felt so numbed. While it is a scorched earth in the South Eastern states in Australia, it is devastating floods in the North and Northeast. I cried and asked GOD “why?” Some of my Christian friends are affected too.
    Mart and dear brothers and sisters in Christ, lets please pray for the people in Australia, who are going through a horrible time. And pray for me that I will learn to praise God in all circumstances.

  41. Jumblee2855 says:

    I just heard there are Christian organisations and Christian camp sites, which are affected by the Bush fires in Australia. Dear brothers and sisters please pray that the Christians will stand strong through all these and show their christian love to everyone.

  42. daisymarygoldr says:

    It is so assuring to know that at least you have tried to understand the point. Maybe God has brought you back to this blog for this very purpose. There have been times here when I had seriously doubted my own convictions especially when I saw things with a completely different perspective. It is a losing struggle for an odd “pigeon” to try to fit in:)…and it was certainly no fun for me to express my painful thoughts on this page. I realize that as a woman this is definitely not my call. It is better to keep quiet and learn from all of you. I also enjoyed reading yours and others posts and I am really thankful for the Redwoods that helped us sense with a spiritual understanding…the wonder of creation!

    Jumblee2855, praying for you and for the safety of everyone affected by the bush fires…

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