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Low Water High Wall

Spent a day working locations in the Galilee before heading back to Jerusalem. Saw why the Israeli government has been talking about the possibility of water rationing. The grassy area in this picture should all be under water. The fresh water lake Israelis call Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is the main water supply of Israel […]

From Breakfast to Galilee

Thought I was eating an Israel breakfast until Avner brought his plate to the table. I recognized the bread and hard boiled eggs. But when he piled up a plate full of diced cucumbers, peppers, feta cheese, and tomatoes, and then mixed it with  cottage cheese, yogurt, and olives, he made me feel like I […]

Raining in Jerusalem

Made the flight from Grand Rapids to Tel Aviv in good shape. Plane was packed. Got a seat in the middle of the middle of a 777. Sat next to a young Jewish mother with three very small children. Youngest was less than 2. Don’t know how she survived the trip (the mother, I mean) […]

Jewish Roots

Am preparing to leave for Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem to work with our Day of Discovery team on some new video projects  that describe the Jewish roots of our faith. Hope to capture conversations with several Messianic followers of Jesus whose Jewish heritage helps them understand the way Jesus fulfilled the history, law, and mission of […]

Why Doesn’t Paul Quote Jesus?

In so many ways, the Apostle Paul mirrors the heart of Christ. Where can we find a better example of a transformed follower of Jesus who suffered so much, and worked so tirelessly for the growth and perfection of “the Body” (i.e. 2Cor 11:23-31)? Who else can we point to who so faithfully speaks in […]

Pastoral or Elder Rule?

I’m convinced that there are few callings more honorable or difficult than that of a pastor-shepherd. If we think the relationship between husband and wife is problematic, imagine the complexity involved in the relationship between church congregations and their spiritual leaders. Interestingly, the New Testament likens both church and marriage to a body and discusses at […]

Marriage in the Balance

The lengthy discussion that followed my  weekend post  on “The Bible and Marital Submission” shows what a difficult problem this is for those of us who share a deep and conservative commitment to the Bible as the Word of God. I posted on the subject again because I’ve seen how often churchmen claim and misuse […]

Marital Submission and the Bible

Since our last discussion on men and women I’ve spent a lot more time thinking, studying, talking to co-workers, and trying to make progress with a problem that I believe creates confusion among ourselves and misunderstanding in those who are not yet followers of Christ. I realize that by coming back to the subject of […]

In Crisis

Have been trying to decide what to think about a recent news story that a well known and respected pastor is predicting that a catastrophic, imminent event will devastate American and global cities. Says he doesn’t know where or when. But feels compelled to warn. Another article described the soon collapse of the evangelical movement […]

Purim 2009

Today is the second and last day of the Jewish festival of Purim 2009. This is a fun holiday in Israel with costumes, noise-makers, face-paint and parades. But behind the laughter and foolishness lies a serious story of national survival. Behind Purim is the account of how God used a young Jewish woman by the […]

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