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Talk Radio

Whether the issue is stem cell research, health care, or the economy, my hunch is that more than a few of us are getting our own talking points by listening to those who make a living attacking rather than listening to, or trying to find common ground with, their political opponents.

Is it possible that even though some of us think of ourselves as followers of Christ, what we are really full of is talk radio (or TV)?

I agree that some of the non-stop political rappers are entertaining, intelligent, articulate, and sometimes morally insightful. But many are also anything but wise…

There’s a proverb that says, “The first one to plead his cause seems right, Until his neighbor comes and examines him” (Proverbs 18:17).

Yet from the left, and the right, talk radio (and TV) too often spends its time building straw arguments, taking quotes out of context, adding spin, and parading itself as the voice of the people.

In spite of these tendencies, “talk” has an important role and responsibility. Political debate is essential. Any group or individual left to themselves, or not held accountable, will end up going to one extreme or another. That’s true in our personal lives and churches as well.

But for the truth to surface, we need to listen to one another– not just to refute the other, or to find a “slip up” that helps us to defend our own position– but to find an approach to the truth that is also wise.

What if we were known not just by “the talk”, but by a wisdom that, according to the half-brother of Jesus, is first “pure (motive), peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace” (James 3:17-18).

James makes his point after expressing concerns over fires of conflict that are  fueled by religious and moral talk that sounds good while being marked by attitudes and actions that  insult and hurt those who are not like us (chapter 2). In chapter 1, he encourages his readers to be quick to listen and slow to speak (v 19), and adds, “If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one’s religion is useless (26).

Admittedly, the talk hosts getting most air-time don’t claim to be religious. But they do use language that plays to the religious sentiments of which ever side of the political aisle they are appealing to.

James went on to say, “The tongue is a little member and boasts great things. See how great a forest a little fire kindles!” (James 3:5).

As partisan politics, and even the administration, gears up to attack or defend “the talkers”, might be a good time to ask where the wind in our own sails is coming from, and whether we are moving in a direction that isn’t just right (or left) but, wise…

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45 Responses to “Talk Radio”

  1. jam200 says:

    I’ve always seen talk radio as a combination of 50% truth, 25% untruth and 25% entertainment. What’s interesting is how a radio host can intertwine words that appeal to his/her audience and captures them. Paul said we should be like the Bereans and test every word. Talk radio hosts manipulate us, like a mob leader, to respond to their agenda instead of our own.

    For Christians, I pray that the Holy Spirit will give us the wisdom to respond in a way that is pleasing to God, Our Father.

  2. SFDBWV says:

    Words….In our historical witness we have seen the great power that words have. Adolf Hitler’s rise to power and ultimate destruction of some 20 or more million people, were as a result of words.

    Any mob can be hypmotized into a riotous frenzy by the right words and tone. Christ himself became victum to such a mob.

    When I was in the Marine Corps we had a term for such trumpeters of talk…sea lawyer…These guys made the less informed think that they knew everything. Ironicaly we had the same type of charactor in the mines known as a bath house lawyer. Either way these people had the gift of gab, and the gift of gross misinformation delivered at a tone and attitude that made it all believeable. To the un-informed masses.

    The world is full of great oratory. Some people like our present President is one of thoes people who can mesmerize an audience by saying what they want to hear and deliver it in a way they believe as “gospel”.

    There is really no great secret to such power. Just tell everyone what they want to hear and agree with and you are the smartest guy around.

    Yet we are held accountable for every word we have ever spoken, to a Holy God.

    James it would seem learned, the hard way, that words have great power. With our tongues we can curse or bless. With our tongues we can heal or destroy. For out of our mouths come a two edged sword…two edged. I think so because as we can wound another with our words the same action can wound us at the same time.

    These talk show people are known by their words, identified by their words and judged by the public by their words.

    I am no different…

    So I pray that my words are a testimony of my love and faith in Jesus Christ.That by what others hear from me I can be identified as “One of thoes Christians.”

    I don’t listen to political talk shows, they grieve the Spirit in me and me as well.

  3. Laurielee says:

    We all want to know what’s going on in the world, but after reading the news, or listening to the radio, are we coming away better for it? Do we guard against what we let have access to our hearts and minds? Are we listening to God, or the world? Does our salvation and mode of thought depend on a radio host whose job it is to stir up controversy and get the ratings? TV programs are the same way…if no one is watching, the ratings go down, and they go by the wayside in exchange for another demand of our attention. If a person is steeped in contentiousness and divisiveness, what do we come away with? Something that promotes the wisdom talked about in the above verses from James? Probably the opposite. Do you come away from listening to these programs feeling better?
    I pray today that God will help me guard against foolish and contentious talk coming from my mouth. I pray that He will help me to use my words to build up and not break down the spirit of another. I pray that He will show me when I’m wrong, so I can ask for His help in being transformed and aligned to the image of Christ.
    From my scripture reading last night; “The mouth of the godly person gives wise advice, but the tongue that deceives will be cut off. The lips of the godly speak helpful words, but the mouth of the wicked speaks perverse words.” Pr 10:31-32

  4. chfranke says:

    Had to laugh at your comment “…might be a good time to ask where the wind in our own sails is coming from…” If the wind in our sails is coming from the talk shows, we are lost, indeed.
    The purpose of the talk shows is to stir up controversy. That’s what attracts listeners/viewers, like a train wreck. Then the marketers strike trying to pick our pockets. It’s the way our system works (or use to work before the recession).
    Maybe the recession is a sign more people are getting wiser by getting by.

  5. Ted M. Gossard says:

    Good words for us all, Mart. I’m no fan of talk radio, right or left. But I’ve been guilty of doing the same thing. Yes, we need to listen. Really try to hear and understand another’s perspective. And simply reason. I admire those on either side who seem to be doing that- whether I agree with them or not!

  6. SFDBWV says:

    A little side note Bob, somewhere in the past several years the FCC lost it’s power over the News media to force fair and equal time to all issues.

    There is an attempt to bring back that requirement for broadcasters to give equal time to each side of important issues….guess what political party is opposed? Yes the one in control. and who their ally? Why the news media of course!

    Feed the people what information you want them to have.Keep them ignorant and create an attitude of crissis. You have a population under your control…

  7. mtman says:

    It also says in Proverbs: 10:18, Whoever hides hatred has lying lips, and whoever spreads slander is a fool. 10:12, Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sin. Or 10:19, In the mulitude of words sin is not lacking, but he who restrains his lips is wise. Seems to me that if you take the first half of these three verses that you have what describes talk radio perfectly.
    I do not listen to talk radio or cable news but I have in the past. It seemed to me that finding an issue to exploit is pretty easy to do and then point fingers one way or the other does nothing but polarize people. The sick part of this to me is that people seem to thrive off this conduct.
    Since President Obama has been elected and even before I have been flooded with e-mails that are degrading, insulting and derogatory. You might think that is not unusual considering our political climate and culture but what is unusual is that they are being sent and endorsed by “Christians”. I think that Pres. Obama is doing pretty darn good considering what he walked into. I have also noticed that he is doing or attempting to do just what he said he would do if elected. I am an independent and can vote either way but I think we should all put differences behind us and get behind our elected officials and quit fighting.
    Talk radio does nothing less than exploit those who are willing to let others do their thinking for them. There is much to be gained by stiring up hatred among us. It is clearly profitable. If we are too lazy to think for ourselves then in my opinion we get what we deserve. Who do we have our ear inclined to anyway? As long as we allow those with persuasive words to influence us regardless of what position they have we will be classed as liberal, conservative, right/left, etc. This blog is a good place because we actually don’t see each other and have to rely on the words printed here. I wonder if we met on the street and discussed the same issues that we do here how much we would agree and still love each other? I would hope nothing would change but I fear it would. With the various media telling us how we should think, vote, purchase, we seem to have lost the ability to think things through. This may all just be a test in faith as to how we respond. Fortunately we have a forgiving God in whom we have already received salvation if we have confessed his Son as our Lord so in the end it will all work out for true believers. Praise God!!!

  8. poohpity says:

    There are other options rather than listening to the radio or TV. We now have direct access to watch what goes on in the Senate and House with C-Span and we can read from the internet about all the bills that are up for a vote. Then one can call their representative and ask them to vote a certain way. The truth is out there although it is easier to listen to talk radio or watch TV, it can be found. There is so much information at our finger tips we no longer have to be left in the dark about almost anything.

    I think that what Paul said in yesterdays blog from 1 Cor. and what is in today’s helps us to realize that the wind in our sails need to be from the Lord. I do not believe we need to be consumed with political agendas yet we need to be informed but not to the extent of not doing the Lord’s work.

    Even the politics in our churches keeps our focus away from serving and tending to the needs of others. In this present time we have so much work to do and the time grows short and it seems that the one getting pushed out is God.

  9. mtman says:

    Our past president Ronald Regan once said something like if you destroy a person’s character you don’t have to talk about what they stand for. That seems to apply to this topic me thinks because that is what talk radio and some TV channels seem to excell in.
    I also need to amplify my comment a few days ago when I said that sometimes I even yell at God. That was two times in my life when my 1st wife found herself another man who she thought she liked better and filed for divorce. I yelled at God for letting things like that happen after 20 years of marriage. I now have a second wife of 26 years whom I love with all my being and when I look back I can see that #1, was not a good relationship anyway. (as Paul Harvey would say and the rest of the story is that man did not work out either) The second time was when our beloved dog Ben was dying and in desperation and pain I cried out to the Lord to not let him suffer any more. He responded very quickly. I don’t make it a habit of yelling at God – I just wanted to make that clear as I may have mis-led some. I prefer to listen to him when I can be quiet enough.

  10. poohpity says:


    Hey I get mad at God a lot and that is OK He can handle every emotion we have. He is a lot bigger than our anger. He wants us to be honest with Him and if we are angry then it is alright to tell Him and then it usually turns around to thankfulness and gratitude when we consider our part in it and His heart. He can turn those frowns upside down. :( :)

  11. BruceC says:

    Well; I must have awoken to a fog this morning and hit the wrong button as I made a response and it didn’t get on. My fault.
    Most of what we see/hear is entertainment and meant to get people’s passions stirred up. From both sides. I watch Fox News mainly; but many times I find myself turning it off in favor of one of the Christian channels. Last night we watched “The Hiding Place”.
    I would rather watch something uplifting than to listen to all the doom and gloom that we are so constantly fed. But it also brought out one fact. The Ten-Boom family would never had suffered what they did if the Nazi Party had not gained control of Germany; which they did with a ruthless hand rarely seen. They squashed any other voice but their own. No freedom of speech. Also would not have happened if the Allies had acted on reports of the Jewish persecution. Our allegiance belongs to God and His principals. But in my humble opinion that comes with a responsibility to stand up for what is right. Today in our nation everything is politicized. It always has been; but to a much smaller degree. Even our Chritian faith has come under attack as such. And this again has its roots in both sides. One for political support; and the other attacking that percieved support. What all this “talk radio” debate has brought up is the Fairness Doctrine.
    This is exactly what you are talking about. It came to an end under Ronald Reagan because it was viewed as unconstitutional; and rightly so. You cannot tell people what they MUST say. Fairness and balanced reporting is a journalistic ethic that has been lost over the last ten or more years. Politically speaking, much of the main stream media has become pro-liberal in its reporting. Talk radio is the other political side’s response. The president is against the reinstatement of the Doctrine; but many in his political corner are rabidly for it.

    I say let free speech be what it was meant to be. The right to speak out against things that you don’t believe in and openly air those views. The government dictating what can be said is a very dangerous slippery slope. Look at “Hate Speech” legislation. In some countries(I believe also Canada) a minister cannot preach against homosexuality as being sin. This is where speech controls lead. And it’s somewhere I for one don’t want to go. In the Bible it says we should not give respect to a person based upon their wealth or poverty. It makes them a “special class”. This is what hate speech laws do. My brothers and sisters; I hate the idea of our faith being politicized; but that is exactly what has happened. Look at the Book of Revelation. Those who refuse the mark of the beast are hunted down and killed. I am not being political when I say that liberalism and secular humanism are tools of satan used against the Truth of God. Abortion, gay “rights”, wrongly applied genetics, etc., etc. We must stand for what God says is right; as the Ten Boom family did. Belief in action. And that is not political. So let talk radio do “its thing”. Nobody says you have to listen. And hopefully no one will say you have to. But let us listen to God’s truth and not man’s. If you believe that means action then by all means do so.(Peaceful action by the way) I think we may be approaching a time when there is no middle fence to stand on.

  12. rokdude5 says:

    I try to watch my words whether I write or speak. Words can easily build up as it can tear down. A lot of times my attempts fail miserably.

    My wife loves to listen to those talk radio shows and I end up with a wife thats quite riled up. I try to move the dial to a station that we both enjoy – jazz radio.

    For me, as important as watching our words, I really keep a close eye on my actions which speaks louder for I want my actions to reflect who Jesus is. In fact these talk radio should do the same. 1 Cor 13:1,4-7
    PS Mtman – Youre a hero in my eyes especially when I read the post of you joining your comrades in moving to “the back of the bus.” Not too many folks can say that.

  13. mtman says:

    Thank you rokdude5 and poohpity: I grew up in the North and even there saw prejudice and as a teenager it angered me. If I choose a friend who has a different color skin who’s business should that be but mine and his. The worst was not being allowed to sit together but the further South we went I found out we couldn’t drink from the same water fountain, eat at the same lunch counter. That bothered me deeply even before I became a Christian. That’s why we sat by the side of the road for so long, the bus driver didn’t want to mess with me and for very good reason. Thanks for the support! Poohpity, I have sure learned over the years that God does not take offense when I misbehave. Seems to me that he just holds me tighter in his loving arms.
    I agree we have to watch our words carefully even with our 1st ammendment rights. Kind of like yelling fire in a crouded theater. Bless you all.

  14. daisymarygoldr says:

    Mart, I’m listening…and though slow I’m learning from you…to be peaceable, gentle, willing to yield and be full of mercy! Please, be praying and patient…

    You are right, the tongue is a little member… of His body… and He will use it as He desires. If it speaks boastful things, God will not only bridle the tongue, but He can even cut it off. Did He not say that it is better for the Body to be presented in Heaven as maimed than to burn in Hell with all of its members intact?

    On the other hand, if He wants…He can even place a live burning coal on the tongue… to kindle the whole place with His blazing fire. Unlike the strange unholy fire of “Talk Radio”…God’s Holy fire burns not… to destroy but to refine. His fire purifies… by removing the hay, wood and stubble. His fire breaks all human rebellion to restore… His divine peace!

    Mart, are you comparing the Body of Christ to talk radio (or TV)? Are you equating strange fires of conflict that are fueled by religious and moral talk… to the consuming fire of our Holy God? No, I don’t think you would want to do that…do you?

    Normally my reaction to this post would have been carnal anger and hurt…but amazingly I feel nothing but an overwhelming love for each one of you who has been called to play a vital role in His Body. Let us then allow Him to work out His purposes as it seems fit for Him to use each one of us by the unction of the Holy Spirit.

    If the whole body was a listening ear, how can it speak? For the body is not just one part but is made up several parts….each with its own special function… coordinating to “submit” to the directions…of the one mind, even the mind of Christ- who Himself is the Head of the body!

  15. Mart De Haan says:

    daisymarygoldr, No, I mean Yes, am with you!!! :-)… Thanks.

  16. Laurielee says:

    mtman, Remember what happened to Miriam, Moses’ sister, when she was against him for marrying a Cushite (Ethiopia, I believe) woman? The Lord struck her with leprosy. Moses yelled at God, too, when he asked how long he had to put up with the whining Israelites, and that it was too much for him to bear alone. God didn’t strike him down, He gave him help. Jacob (Israel) even wrestled with God! Indeed, if you’d lived centuries earlier, much worse would have happened to your ex than you getting angry!
    rdrcomp, you are so right! As one who was in the broadcasting industry for 18 years, the pluralism got to be more than I could bear! Even my bosses and I could look at the same thing and see it as a completely different situation. There were times I think my mouth just dropped open!
    BruceC, I read every survivor book about the Holocaust I could get my hands on…there were many “Christians” who turned their backs, along with those who put their own lives in jepardy to save others. It is not only what we do, as Christians, in the face of evil, but that which we do not do. (paraphrase of Bonhoeffer) At least one minister I know of in Canada was arrested for preaching against homosexuality….and, unfortunately, respect for human life, in the form of stem cell research and abortion, will be sacrificed by those who can rationalize the humanity of the situation as inconsequential. I’ve often wondered if abortion correlates to the Scripture references of sacrificing the babies and children to Molech…in which God says that the horrible sacrifice of our children has never crossed His mind.

  17. cherielyn says:

    What’s talk radio?? I presume it’s something like some of the disgusting late night talk shows that I have occasionally seen bits & pieces of?

    In the rural area we live in, we don’t get very many radio stations. No AM at all, but a few FM stations. Fortunately, one of those stations is a Christian radio station. I listen to that mostly, and to classical music on the Public radio station sometimes.

    We don’t have cable or a satellite dish, so our TV stations are restricted to local broadcast. Wish there was a Christian TV station to watch. Most of the programming offered, these days, is pure garbage, not worth wasting my time on, so I read a lot. There are a few good shows. One station has reruns of “Little House on the Prairie” M-F & sometimes on Saturday afternoons if there isn’t some sports thing on. We never tire of it no matter how many times we might have seen an episode. One new HD station offers old time programs like Marcus Welby, MD; Wagon Train, and other oldie but goodie programs. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have a TV, but the choice isn’t up to me.

  18. christianobserver says:

    FYI: Glenn Beck, well-known commentator and radio talk show host, is a Mormon. Laura Ingraham is a devout Catholic.

    Let me think this through: Are we as Christians in the United States SUPPOSED to be politically neutral, moderate or independent? Is our political stand inspired by the word of God? Is the Christian stand more in line with the conservative views? If so, should we befriend the liberals, as Jesus ate with the tax collectors and the Pharisee Simon? Can we disagree with liberal views, both in the Church and in the political forum, without a condemning attitude toward those who embrace such views?

    Just as we are to be discerning regarding the scriptures, aren’t we also supposed to be discerning regarding the talk show rhetoric? We simply cannot bury our heads in the sand! Some of what the talk show hosts say can be very helpful, although we would do well not to become a “ditto-head” or idolize any of them.

    I say this: Pray for the salvation of these well-meaning talk show hosts.

  19. christianobserver says:

    Adding to my last post, I really like what Glenn Beck said once on his program (words to the effect):

    In Washington, it shouldn’t be a matter of right vs. left; it should be a matter of right vs. wrong.

  20. poohpity says:

    I think what Mart was alluding to is that talk is cheap but as Christians are we really living out our faith. I may have missed the point. You know like walking the talk or just talking the talk. Please clarify.

  21. christianobserver says:

    I read at least one comment here that described talk radio as biased. Ha! What about the news media? Most of it is slanted towards liberalism/socialism! With the exceptions of Fox News, SRN News (broadcast on many Christian radio stations) and CBN (Pat Robertson), this is pretty much the case. Even so, we Christians cannot and should not “wimp out” and become legalistic in our attitudes towards the freedom of the American press.

    I reiterate: Test it all against the scriptures. You would be surprised how much the Bible influences the thinking of many of these hosts, commentators, and news reporters, whether they realize it or not. (Did I not mention Cal Thomas, a conservative Christian?)

  22. Laurielee says:

    Just curious…in choosing political parties, do we choose the one that’s “mostly” right, or “less” wrong? What political party, in Jesus’ time, did He belong to? From my reading, in my humble opinion, Jesus did not follow any group at all…in fact, He seemed focused on individuals. As an Independent, I found that in the recent election, I found that my conscience wouldn’t let me vote for either of the major candidates. Least worst seemed to be no choice at all. I can render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, but as the increasingly evil world system leaves us to pick the lesser of two evils, I find my conscience won’t allow me to choose to allow one sin over another.

  23. dep7547 says:

    Not to stir up any controversey, but am wondering if I am the only one who has ever thought that the media might be the method chosen by the antichrist as a means to perform counterfeit signs and wonders in the end times as prophesied. When I consider what the last administration concocted in its war on terror policy, methinks it is possible to stir up quite a frenzy through biased broadcasting. I mean did bin Laden really blow up those towers…? Just a thought.

  24. sitsathisfeet says:

    My advice if you want to listen to talk radio listen to RBC radio scripture broadcasts, you’ll get a lot more out of that! Also Psalm’s has much commentary on justice and social issues as well. Psalm 12 Help, Lord the godly are no more, the faithful have vanished among men. Everyone lies to his neighbor; their flattering lips speak with deception. Psalm 15: 1 – 6 Lord, who may dwell in your sanctuary? Who may live on your hill? He whose walk is blameleass and who does what is righteous, who speaks truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue, who does his neighbor no wrong and casts no slur on his fellowman…..who keeps his oath even when it hurts, and lends money without usury and does not accept a bribe against the innocent…. Yes, Psalms, Proverbs and Isaiah are full of wisdom toward social justice and our attitude of heart that will please God. Yes, better to spend a half hour or hour meditating on that, than listening to talk radio!

  25. daisymarygoldr says:

    Note aside to: sitsathisfeet. I would urge you to post some encouraging words for Confused at “Marriage Disconnect?” It will be really worthwhile for someone having such great faith like you…and has already been through that same fire…to reassure that anxious and needy soul. sitsathisfeet, no pressure, its OK if you don’t feel like it:)

  26. Mart De Haan says:

    I understand the appeal of talk radio. It can be intellectually stimulating and a way of staying informed especially if we really listen to both sides. But can we agree that if we do find ourselves drawn to “the debate” we need to do so with discernment and with grace so that we end up reflecting the attitudes of Christ rather than the mouthpiece of the political right or left. Isn’t it possible to be morally right while being so wrong in the way we express it.

  27. BruceC says:

    Yup!! The way you express yourself can be can be as bad as being wrong; even though we may be right. Several years back at a church we were attending the pastor was going to be away for about a week and scheduled another pastor to fill in for him. Someone he had known several years back and did not have much contact with. Well when we walked into church he was standing up near the pulpit with a long, large club resting against it. His family was dressed almost like the Amish. When he began his sermon the veins were almost popping out of his neck and his face was red with rage. He preached about sin in the church and being holy. He shouted almost the whole time and everyone in the church looked intimidated. After the service he had a table set up with numerous photos and news articles about him confronting homosexuals and speaking out against it. All photos showed him in a rage-like state. Our pastor was unaware that he had become like that and he was told never to come back. He was right in meassage; but his deliverance turned everyone off.

  28. Laurielee says:

    Last night I checked out a clip of one of the above mentioned pundits from Fox news on my computer, since I don’t do tv. Then, after I had done my reading last night, and contemplated the message of this blog, I wondered if much of what we’re hearing on the talk radio and other media can be catagorized as “gossip”.
    The Bible rails against gossip numerous times. News used to be ‘what, where, when, & how’. When we go beyond that, speculating as to why someone did what they did, or assuming the worst possible motives, wouldn’t that be gossip, or at the very least, uncharitable behaviour? As I listened to GB last night, I agreed with his basic premise, but all the other ‘fluff’ he espoused was pure conjecture. I’m not picking on conservatives…indeed, it is done by both liberal and conservative commentators. In my former career, I saw it done by both…perhaps for different reasons, but with the same intent. It’s kind of like using a rock in a craft. Give everyone the same rock, tell them to paint & decorate it. Each person’s ‘rock’ will turn out differently, but it’s still the same rock. God made the rock, the people chose to add to it, the artistic spin was not God’s.

  29. SFDBWV says:

    Just a couple places for you to go for information.

    onenewsnow.com raptureready.com

    I get my news via the internet. The news industry has become entertainment and inacurate and undercontrol of thoes who write the paycheck.

    They way you think is what your fed into your minds. Be careful of your diet.

  30. sitsathisfeet says:

    Dear Daisy and Confused – added an afterpost to Marriage Disconnect for you. I hope my words can be of some encouragement, and my prayer for you Confused is that the Lord will uphold you and sustain you, give you protection and strength and wisdom. Lord draw near to Confused today and provide for all her needs. We thank you and praise you for loving us and supplying all our needs according to your riches in heaven. In Jesus Name Amen

  31. daisymarygoldr says:

    I do get the point… about reflecting the attitudes of Christ and I agree that we must show grace, humility, mercy and gentleness…to express the message of the Gospel… to the unbelieving world…to people lying wounded and left for dead along the highways and by lanes of this world…who are blind, lame, in bondage and broken. Also, in the church we must be gentle and humble to restore and correct…

    However, there are times when the message is severe (2 Cor 7:8-10)… the messages to the churches in Rev are anything but pleasant to the ear. We must keep in mind that we should not get mad at the bearer of bad news. Good news to the Godly is bad news to the evil one. Did they not kill all of God’s messengers…even Jesus Christ the very expression of God’s love? Point is: no matter how you express, moral truth will always be hated and rejected by the immoral world that is spiritually blind.

    Whereas, we who have been given the mystery of His kingdom should discern the prodding of the Holy Spirit and respond with Godly wisdom. Human intellect cannot grasp or express spiritual principles. The fishermen of Galilee did not listen to any talk radio. Peter did not have any University training to articulate his faith on the day of Pentecost. God uses the foolish and the lowly…His love also includes the rod…at least that is what I “know” and believe! Correct me if I’m wrong…

  32. SFDBWV says:

    How many of us have heard the replaying of the Hindenburg disaster? Anyone with any sensory ability could feel the reporters saddness and horror at witnessing such a terrible event. “Oh the humanity!”

    When was the last time you seen any actual concern for any sad event expressed by TV news reporters? Ok maybe Nancy Grace….She would make a great judge. Especialy if they gave her the ability to use the death pentality.

    Is the news media like art? A relection of our society?

    Have we become a bunch of gossipy, nosey, thrill seekers? Able to set and eat pizza and gulp beer while watching people suffer the most agonizing deaths?

    There was and maybe still is an old saying, never discuss politics,or religion amongst friends. I can’t think of any more subjects that can evoke the rawest of emotions than these two subjects. When they blur into the same subject, as politics today has, then we seem forced to take a political position that reflects our religious convictions.

    Whereby we are back to Mart’s discussion about labels.

    Jesus was constantly being pulled into a political arena but was able to avoid it sometimes by just disapearing into the crowd. yet he was crucified because of political and religious reasons.

    But today, when all of what we see as good and decient and honorable are under attack openly by the manipulation of our government. Are we to stand idly by or just blend into the crowd? When is enough enough? What does it take to make us take action? If we do take action, how do we then balance our posture with Jesus by being politicaly active?

    As reported in the last topic, the Amish have less stress. They have seperated themselves from politics and pledge no allegience to any nation.

    Is that what we are to do? Seperate ourselves completely from the governments of the world? Become as the gypsy or the ancient wandering Jew?

    Is that what God wants us to do?

  33. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    daisy You said it perfectly it is God who uses whatever He deems necessary. He does give us Godly wisdom but I don’t think we are to use His rod .Correct me if I’m wrong :) I agree Godly wisdom often brings rejection but it is God who is being rejected.

    Steve I worked with the Amish for a couple of years in Ohio at some point in my life and I learned they have the same problems we have so separation is probably not the answer. The gospel is all I have and to whom ever will listen I try to share.

  34. poohpity says:

    Jesus is the Good Shepherd and only He can use the rod appropriately, we tend to want to beat people with it and that only pushes people away. Parents can use the rod on their children but to guide them to the proper direction. It would probably be beneficial to look up the uses for the shepherd’s rod.

  35. daisymarygoldr says:

    sitsathisfeet, thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. It is so inspiring to see God being honored in the broken lives of His faithful servants. You are a great inspiration to all the women out there!

    gr8grannyjacobs, you and poohpity were very much on my mind when I was posting that comment. You are right, we don’t use the rod…I’m sorry if my words gave you that impression. His love also includes the rod which He alone uses. He is not physically present in our midst to use a literal rod….rather we feel His disciplining hand in our afflictions, our sufferings and yes, He also uses our parents, our Spiritual overseers and sometimes even the most ordinary and unassuming fellow believers. Personally, I have experienced His correcting pain through some of you right here in this blog! His rod therefore should be a symbol of His love to every legitimate child of our Heavenly Father. Hope this helped clarify my stand:)

  36. One American says:

    I agree with most of you that we should view life through the lens of Scripture, not talk radio.

    There are many of you that have bought the lie that we should pray or hope that the president succeeds, especially in this time of crisis. This is frightening. Our founding fathers did not set up the system this way. I hope and pray that the country is successful, but when our president’s new ideas differ from the direction the country ought to go, he should fail.
    This is the way the system was set up. Each branch of government and the people should be skeptical of their leaders, not fawning at their feet.

    This was the rallying cry of the revolution.

  37. bretnb says:

    I am a big fan of talk radio. Some here say there needs to be balance like the fairness doctrine. It is there CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and Head Line News. These all have sold out their souls to the left.

    I do have to turn them off (talk radio) some times to just to keep from getting so angry. I keep saying God is in control. With out talk radio or the FOX news we would have no way of learning some times the stuff we need. Air America the “balance” failed because no one listened and they could not get advertisers.

    I guess i wrote this because I feel that Talk radio is needed in this country.

    But I do pray Christ come gets us so all the politicians can explain away where we went!


  38. SFDBWV says:

    Any of you ever set at the bar of the local tavern? Up and down the bar are a rolling commentary and debate about politics, religion, econmics, race, social ills and solutions. Every one an expert on the subjects mentioned and everyone prepared to argue his or hers position.

    Put a microphone in front of any of them and you have talk radio…

    Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh are not a new phenomena. Oops I left out Imus…I guess he went too far in his opinions.

    Lots of people have opinions, few have solutions and fewer still put them into practce.

    See you guys in another topic.

  39. Laurielee says:

    I wanted to make a comment on using the rod. Unless there is some love and trust beforehand, the rod won’t work. I’ve spent the last several days observing at a “last chance” high school. Some of the things I’ve seen here would break your heart. I know it’s breaking mine. One of the main things I’m learning, is that if you can’t get their attention, show that you care what happens, and prove that it’s a safe and stable environment, you’re not going to teach them a thing. If you come at them with an offensive, “this is what you need to do, and you’re going to do it” attitude, the defences go up, they run, and you’ve lost them. Why do we want to do what Christ would have us do? Is it because He first loved us? Or is it because we think He’s saying, “this is what you need to do, and you’re going to do it, or you’re going to hell?” I can only say for myself, but I believe in and want to serve Christ because He loves me.

  40. BruceC says:

    Up here in central upstate Ny there is a Christian radio station; WJIV (with Jesus is victory), They used to have a segment called “Share Time” where listeners couls call in and express praise for God or thanks for what He has done, or ask for prayer for a need or situation. The host would then pray along with them; as did many in the listening audience. It was very caring, uplifting, and good to listen to. They no longer do it; but that is what I call “Talk Radio”. The caller, host, and audience were all talking to God in prayer and praise. I hope they do it again; especially in the times we are in now. Folks need encouragement and uplifting; and only the Word of God can truly do that!

  41. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    It has taken me some thought to put words to my feelings about talk radio. I don’t condemn those who promote or listen but for me it just brings sadness. Seems when one knows God is the only answer to our personal and world problems it can be depressing listening to man trying to solve their situation without God at the center.It doesn’t seem to matter from which side of the aisle the host presents. Just my feelings.

  42. Laurielee says:

    gr8granny, I think you’ve said it very well! Listening to it doesn’t bring anything good about for me, either.

  43. cherielyn says:

    SFDBWV & Mark L,

    Thanks for the info you gave on the websites. I checked them out & from what I’ve seen I will probably visit them often.

    I would also like to recommend Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog. I find it very informative. I tried to include the link to it, but apparently, that is not allowed, so just go to Google & type in Joel Rosenberg’s Weblog in the search bar.

    For those who are not familiar with Joel Rosenberg, he is a Christian Jew and has written about 5-6 excellent books. The most recent one I can remember is “Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your Future.” He has a new one that is about to come out, that is titled, “Inside the Revolution.” I’m anxiously watching for it to appear at my local library.


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