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Tax Day

Can’t believe it. Once again have put off doing my tax filing until the last minute. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

Death and taxes, isn’t that what they say we all have to look forward to? If that’s all we have to look forward to… Sure glad there’s more.

Just remembered Peggy Lee’s song, “If That’s All There Is… let’s keep dancing. Just downloaded it from Amazon for .69. So now I’ve got a sad song. Far more hope than I know what to do with. And still have to do my taxes…

Have a good day.

…whoops. Just listened and found out that my sad song is the wrong song. Not the one I thought it was. Bet I’m going to have to spend another dollar…before filing… :-)

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37 Responses to “Tax Day”

  1. bretnb says:

    Love that song! Had friend over last night to use my computer to do his taxes, he thought he could do it in 30 minutes, 3 hours later he was still working on it.

    Have a great day hope you get your filling done!

  2. SFDBWV says:

    When I am at the computer I go to Live365.com it has over ten thousand free radio stations to listen to. Any type of music you like.

    I like a blend of celtic and new age. But also have a full line of gospel,folk, country and christian music to listen to as well.

    Music sets the mood, Sometimes when I watch the sunrise I can almost hear the music…..our greatest musicians could.


  3. SFDBWV says:

    While looking through the Israeli News this morning I found an interesting story about Joseph’s tomb. This is Joseph, Jacob’s son who’s bones were brought out of Egypt with the Exodus to the Promised Land.

    It appears that during one of the Israeli Palistinian skirmishes the arabs destroyed the tomb. That there is an effort to go and restore the “Holy” site by some Jews.

    It is just amazing to me to know that the site has remained for three thousand years….Each year History Channel and Discovery channel do specials about looking for proof of the Exodus. I have never once heard them report of the burial place of Joseph’s bones.

    As you look through the programs and blogs on the news pages there is a great deal of talk of returning to the animal sacrifices and rebuilding of the Temple.

    It is so sad that these people have had the Messiah blinded from them for two thousand years. Once their eyes are opened there will be a lot of excited, embarassed and yes angry people in Israel.

  4. mtman says:

    We did our taxes weeks ago. When you retire and don’t make as much and it takes no time at all. Thankfully my wife does our for us. Thanks for that music site Steve. I like celtic and new age too but 50-60’s is my absolute favorite.
    I personally like Ray Stevens song on taxes. If 10% is good enough for Jesus then it ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam.
    Get those taxes filed guys, don’t want to run out of social security.

  5. pegramsdell says:

    This is the first year I couldn’t claim any of my children. Wow, what a difference in my return. :(
    ….but you know what? ….God is still good! :)

  6. Laurielee says:

    I’ve had mine done since February…NOT rubbing it in!!! It’s too bad, though, that in rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s we can’t tell the government how to use our money. Like mapping the life cycle of a meal worm or some such silly things.

  7. poohpity says:

    Give to the IRS what is the IRS’s and give to God what is God’s. The funny thing is that the pictures on our money are of dead presidents so do we give it to their families or to the CEO’s of fortune 500 companies for their bonus’s. Or to bail out those who have made terrible decisions. Oh my gosh that sounds like what the Lord did for me, bailed me out of the mess I was in. :)

  8. Laurielee says:

    Interesting, pooh! AND I’m so thankful He did bail us out!

    laney, I left a reply about what the Lord told Joshua to do in regards to your comment about sacrificing lambs. It would be hard for me, too, but as I find out more and more every day…the Father does not think like we do. I thank Him for that!!!

  9. SFDBWV says:

    Thought all the tax preparers would enjoy this mornings Celebrity Cipher from the paper….”This (preparing my tax return) is too difficult for a mathematician. It takes a philosopher.” Albert Einstine

  10. laney says:

    Poohpity, I so enjoy reading your comments.You are so delightful. Speaking of bailouts I read just this morning that GM is now going to go bankrupt.They have until July 1.I dont mind paying my taxes but when I see all the money they waste when there are people that desperately need that money it is just sinful.I can’t for the life of me understand how are goverment can waste all this money.Don’t they have any compassion at all for the people.Are there hearts so hardened to the plights of the poor.I’am so glad My Jesus will one day make everything right.

  11. cherielyn says:

    Got our taxes done & mailed in what we owed in late February or early March, right around the time of my gallbladder surgery.

    mtman, I’m not familiar with the Ray Stevens song you mentioned, but I sure do agree about, “If 10% is good enough for Jesus then it ought to be good enough for Uncle Sam.” What is the title of the song? I’m going to have to look that one up. I, too, like the 50’s-60’s music. My 41 year old son, who is mentally handicapped, loves the really old music. I don’t know the exact years, but it’s the stuff that was on the old 78 rpm records, possibly 20’s-30’s?? He also has some really thick ones that I never saw before until he started to collect them. They’re from way before my time & I’m 62!

    Laurielee: “mapping the life cycle of a meal worm or some such silly things.” Do you know about the study done on different brands of ketchup to see which ones took the longest to come out of the bottle? Our taxes at work for such ‘useful’ purposes!

    Poohpity: Loved your comment on being bailed out by the Lord. It costed us nothing, but costed Him EVERYTHING – unlike what our government’s bailouts are going to cost all around. I’m afraid the so-called ‘solution’ will only lead to more problems. As long as man tries to control things nothing is going to work out. God, help us!!

  12. mtman says:

    Cherielyn: That song is on my CD called classic Ray Stevens. It lists the song title as “if ten percent is good enough for Jesus (it oughta be enough for Uncle Sam)” I hope you like it, I think Ray Stevens is a hoot.
    We are pretty close in age and I recall when I was a kid I had some 78’s so it is probably the 30-40’s.

  13. cherielyn says:

    Thanks mtman! If my kids ask what I want for Christmas, I’ll suggest that CD.

    One of the old songs on my son’s 78 records, that I think is a hoot, is one titled, “I’m My Own Grandpaw.” Many of the old songs my son likes are somewhat familiar to my hubby. He is 11 years older than I am – 73.

  14. mtman says:

    I remember that song. We had an old crank up victrola in the basement with 78’s and I used to play them. I liked singers with deep rich voices like Vaughn Monroe. I’m right between your hubby and you, I’m 67, soon to be 68.

  15. suziqwalker6828 says:

    I too have put off my tax’s till the last minute because I knew we would have to pay a lot. So I have spent all day since 9:00a.m. doing them and still had to file a extension at 11:30 p.m.. My hands are swollen and my arms are numb. But while I was doing them I was listening to all the christian music I had on windows media player TWICE lol!!!! It was the only thing that kept me sane.But at last I could not do anything more so I closed it down headed to bed to watch recorded House and read RBC.
    Thank you Lord for the break when I needed it.

  16. desert rose says:

    I imagine that puts anyone under a lot of pressure-doing your taxes at the last minute. But when life is so full, some things do get put off. We did our early and have already gotten back our refund and put it in an IRA. I don’t know much about the songs as I rarely listen to music lately. I’ve come to enjoy the silence. However, my daughter has some celtic music and I thought it was great.

  17. mtman says:

    Claudia: I guess I have revealed my love for dogs. I agree with you that there is just so much to learn from them regarding love, obedience, loyalty, affection and so on. Ours are spoiled rotten but they are well behaved, and mind mostly because they don’t want to disappoint us. Ours are all big dogs that tend to frighten some people but they are as gentle as can be. I do volunteer work for a dog rescue and help where ever I can. I can tell by your post just how much you love dogs too. Oddly I love cats too but regretfully I am very allergic to them.
    It is heart breaking to lose a cherished pet and my prayer is that if there is a place in paradise for pets, that is where I want to be too. I think God gave us pets for a reason and when you lose one it demonstrates to God that you love as he wants you to. I don’t put them above people but I constantly wish that people had some of the traits that dogs demonstrate. Hard to explain but it just seems to me that there are many valuable lessons to be learned from our pets. Thanks Claudia for your love and loyalty to dogs.

  18. laney says:

    Claudia,I remember that song how much is that doggie in the window.I’am also a dog lover.I lost my silky toy terrier 3 years ago and I still miss him.I want another dog so bad.Because of health reason and having to sell my house after my husband died I’m not allowed to have animals where I live. But it would be so nice to have one for all they have to offer.I sometimes watch the animal cops shows on animal planet and I wish I could take all those poor abused animals home. MTMan my sister use to do volunteer work at a shelter.She use to take the dogs home for awhile if the shelter got to crowded. Ialso at one time had love birds.My son talked me into buying these love birds that were in a pet store for over a year.I thought ok they haven’t had babies in over a year it will be ok.Boy was I wrong 15 birds later.Thank God I was able to hook up with a pet shop and she took and sold the babies for me.It was fun and a good learning experience for us.

  19. mtman says:

    Laney: Your bird story made me not only smile but truly laugh out loud. I’m sorry you can’t have a dog when you want one. Those situations exist though. When we couldn’t have a dog we used to visit the local shelter with a pocket full of dog treats and give each dog some TLC. They were all pretty scared and lost so we felt that was the least we could do for them. We also knew some were on death row and deserved some last minute love.
    Didn’t Kay Starr sing that little doggie in the window?

  20. laney says:

    Claudia,I to at one time had a large dog she was a black brindle mastiff.At 4 months old she weighed 80lbs.One day she wagged her tail and it hit the window.The window just shattered. Your comment about we better be ready and not procrastinate with the Lords coming being so near is a good reminder to us all.I enjoyed watching a study that Perry Stone did on the ancient Jewish wedding.It so beauitfully described Jesus coming for his bride [the church].

  21. mtman says:

    Thank you Claudia. Patty Page – I couldn’t remember who sang that song but now I have had it in my mind for the last two days. Our third dog is a border collie, australian cattle dog mix. She is 12 now. We are off subject so I just hope Uncle Sam doesn’t follow this blog or they may start to tax our pooches.
    Dogs need not be feared like you say, it is the people who make them what they are. Making them mean is against a dog’s nature.

  22. laney says:

    Claudia,No my dog wasn’t hurt but she did turn around and look at the window to see what had happened. Mtman I was in colorado years ago with my ex husband.He took me to a place called the Garden of the Gods.He was there when he was in the service.Well anyway he took me there to go horse back riding to see this beauitful place.Only I didn’ t get to see much of it.Being a city girl and never being on a horse before those beauitful creatures took advantage of me.Boy they saw me coming.I could not for the life of me get that horse to move.My hubbby went back and they brought me another horse to try.It did the same thing.I bet the other one snitched on me so they could just hang out in the cool shade of the barn.If I didn’t know any better I’d swear they were both stubborn mules.Well anyway I hope I get a cooperative horse when we come back with Jesus to earth after the tribulation.Now that would really be embarrassing.

  23. laney says:

    Mtman,I just remembered my other experience with being in Colorado.we were driving at night and there was a detour in the road.I know the Lord was with me that dayI was never so frightened in my whole life.We ended up driving up this mountain and I kept seeing signs of how high up we were.There was also a Sign that said lovers leap.These were sharp hair pin curvey roads.Every time we went around a curve it looked like we were going to go right over the mountain.Iwas praying all the way up and back down that mountain.Thank the lord my husband was an experienced driver from being in the service.When we came down that mountain there was a tractor trailer driver sitting in the middle of the road I do not know to this day how that man drove that rig down that mountain.Well yea I do it was By gods intervention.

  24. cherielyn says:

    DOGS!! Gotta love them. We’ve had three (not all at the same time) and the last one had to be put down on Dec 30, 2007. We sure miss her. I’d like another one, but hubby said, “No more dogs!” So, I have to be happy with visiting my son’s female Great Dane. I affectionately call her my Granddogger (since I have no grandchildren from my biological children).

    I have step-grandchildren; became a step-grandma for the first time at age 30! Hubby and I were having & raising children about the same time his kids started having kids, so their children are in the approximate same age range as our children. Between that & the fact that they lived in another state and/or town, we never had the opportunity to really get into the grandparent mode.

  25. laney says:

    Claudia, I for got I left you a message on prediction and cover up.

  26. Helmet says:

    Mmmmh.. I was absent from blog, I have thre daughters asking ¿can a use internet? so I’m in the last of the line.

    But, about let the issue of taxes for the last minute… we left all things we don’t like to do for the last. But it reminds me how God left so many answers to us (my family and yours) for the very last minute, let me explaint:
    We have to pay the rent of our home, we have a bussines going on and expect to receive money soon, but something in the sale stucks, problems are comming out, days are going on, one, one more, and then, after many days of prayer, finally the day before, or even the very day of having to pay, the problem ‘unstucks’ and we get the money “thank you” …going in a rush… “take your money”. but WHY??? We found God is working in our heart, like “do you really believe I’ll do what you need?” My husband use to say, that God use to answer him “in the very edge line”.
    How do you see this?

  27. refump says:

    The new simplified IRS tax form:
    1.)How much did you make last year?____________
    2.)Send it in.

  28. poohpity says:

    3.)We are in control (government)

  29. laney says:

    refump,You are so right.By the time the irs gets what they want theres nothing left.

    Poohpity your words ring true also.We are in control.But thank the Lord not for long.Jesus will be coming back to burst there bubble along with the antichrists.Praise God.

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