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Billy Mays TV Pitchman Dies

Another well known personality has passed unexpectedly. According to an AP news report Billy Mays, 50, was found unresponsive by his wife in his Tampa home Sunday morning. The same report indicates that he was interviewed by local television a day earlier after being hit on the head by a falling object when his airliner […]

New Tears and a Long Lost Ark

A co-worker’s father died this week at the age of 87. Ed McMahan passed at 86. Farrah Fawcett at 62. Michael Jackson at 50. Meanwhile the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church announced the unveiling today of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. The whereabouts of the ancient lost box that was built by God’s […]

Why we Worry!

Why do you worry? Jesus asked his disciples that question while repeatedly encouraging them not to be consumed by the kind of everyday concerns that bother those who don’t know him and his father. But was the Teacher asking us to detach ourselves from the real concerns of life?… when he said, ” Therefore I […]

Knowing the Will of God

Is knowing “the will of God” something to worry about? Do we see it as a place we are trying to find, or as a bulls-eye on a target that we are trying to hit? While recording Discover the Word radio conversations (on the subject of work, employment and unemployment) with Haddon Robinson and Alice […]

In the Name of Jesus

In the public trauma of 911, religious leaders gathered for an interfaith public prayer service. While Muslim clerics prayed for the United States in the name of Allah, some Christian leaders did not begin or end their prayers in the name of Jesus. I remember a well known author and pastor who, in a 2002 […]

Obama, Ahmadinejad, and Netanyahu

In the wake of an unexpected landslide victory, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is defending the validity of the election and cracking down on protesters. At the same time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have softened his position in response to pressure from Washington and has said he would accept a limited Palestinian […]

Turning Good News into Bad News

The Gospel of the Kingdom begins with the good news: blessed are the poor in spirit (Matt 5:2). In other words, We are to be envied and congratulated if we see our spiritual need of the King who teaches us how to: Admit our spiritual bankruptcy Mourn our wrongs rather than defending ourselves. Inherit the […]

The Low Side of High

Looking back, seems to me that I’ve been slow to learn that coming down the mountain can be more dangerous than the climb up. Yet, now it seems fairly clear that, For the inexperienced, accomplishment can lead to pride. To the road weary, a recognized achievement can morph into physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. For […]

Heaven on Earth?!

Mark Twain has been quoted as saying, “Sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” Remember seeing an upscale Singapore condominium complex advertised as “Heaven on Earth”. Googled “Heaven on Earth” and got the lyrics of a Britney Spears song of […]

The Wisdom and Foolishness of Simplicity

The Proverbs talk about the foolishness of “simplicity.” Paul talks about its wisdom. 2 different kinds of simplicity are in view. The wisdom of the Psalms and Proverbs warn about the danger of being naïve, gullible, and unaware of danger lurking behind the false claims of deceitful or misguided people (Psalm 119:30; Prov 14:15). Paul […]

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