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Here’s Hoping it Doesn’t Happen Today

stormSome talk about the return of Christ as if they would like to see it happen now.

Not me. Even though I’m waiting and looking expectantly for his promised return I hope it’s not today.

I can understand those who hopefully say, “Maybe Today.” If all of their loved ones have made peace with God, and if they are looking realistically at a runaway world marked by immeasurable evil, suffering, oppression, abuse, and disease, then it makes sense to want Christ to intervene now rather than later (Rom 8:21-23).

But if we are deeply concerned about family, friends, or neighbors who have not yet accepted Jesus’ offer of forgiveness, and if we believe what the Bible says about a last days scenario of unparalleled suffering and judgment, then looking expectantly for Jesus’ return can have inexpressibly disturbing implications.

Seems to me that the Scriptures allow for mixed feelings.

The Apostle Peter acknowledges that any delay in the return of Christ gives those who have not yet accepted his offer of pardon and eternal life an opportunity to do so (2Peter 3:12-15).

The Apostle Paul had similar mixed feelings. He admitted that part of him longed to be with Christ (in this case, through death), and part of him wanted to stay to help others accept and grow in their faith (Phi 1:21-26).

A lot more could be said about the wonderful rescue and terrible judgments linked to Jesus’ return. But for now, that’s why I think praying, “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and looking expectantly for the any moment return of Christ could mean affirming the wonder and good of the inevitable… while hoping it doesn’t happen today.

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34 Responses to “Here’s Hoping it Doesn’t Happen Today”

  1. chapmartin says:

    While I understand the mixed feelings when considering the lost, in two of the references mentioned it appears our hearts should not be fixed on hoping the Lord delays and confused by our mixed feelings. 2Peter 3:12-15 mentions, “hastening the day”. The quote mentioned from the Lord’s model prayer, “your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” is preceded by Jesus leading His followers to pray, “Your kingdom come.” Should we not pray for God’s kingdom to come rather than for God’s kingdom to tarry?

  2. SFDBWV says:

    I fully understand thoes who do not want today to be the Rapture. As we are all at different places with life and with our faith.

    However just speaking for myself, Glenna and Matthew, we are very much longing for the hour of our speration from this world.

    When the hour comes of Christs return, there will be a world filled with unbelievers. In spite off all the efforts of all evangelisim. There will be thoes left behind.

    As the world gets darker and more evil every day it makes it harder and harder to convince anyone that Christ is their answer. God Himself is allowing the power of the dark one to increase. I for one see it and feel it every moment of every day.

    While I too would like to see every soul turn to Christ here in this world, I know that, that is not going to happen. Inspite of my, nor anyones efforts, God’s plans will be accomplished and prophesy will be fullfilled.

    I live as if today is the last day, and yes I long for Christ’s return.

  3. bretnb says:

    I some times wish it was today because I see that so many people have so much hate for the word of God that I want them to explain.

    I want the politicians that hate Christians to stand in front of the world cameras and blame “global warming” for all these people missing.

    I guess thats the flesh in me that feels that way.

    I do want people to come to Christ before he comes back very much. I guess it is the flesh in me that says come today and get me out of here.

    Thanks for the insight that, I need to be more hopeful Christ waits.

  4. pegramsdell says:

    It’s kind of funny that just yesterday a co-worker and I were talking about that country song…..”everyone wants to go to heaven, but no-one wants to go now”. (something like that). But….I told her that I’m ready to go now. Right now. Any minute now. And…btw…now.
    I just want to be with Him.

  5. Mart De Haan says:

    This is good. I didn’t expect agreement on this one :-)…

  6. sjd says:

    I have mixed emotions as well. I long for His return as I think the 2 Peter passsage is speaking about with the word “hasten”. Yet, I do desire that all of His chosen ones receive Him.

    He is not willing that any should perish. Since we are told that not all will be saved, He must be speaking about those that the “Father gives to Me” in John 6:37.

    I am thankful for the fact that Jesus will not lose those that are given to Him. As difficult as this world is, I do have all eternity to enjoy Him, so I too long for those around me to come to Christ. He is worth waiting for.

    Not my will but His be done.

    Yet, I am with John’s sentiment as well.
    Revelation 22:20
    20 He who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.

  7. Mart De Haan says:

    pegramsdell, Just listened to Kenney Chesney’s “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven but Nobody Wants to go Now”. Guess that may raise/amount to the ultimate illustration of motives that we’ve been talking about the last few days :-)…

  8. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    When I pray Thy kingdom come I am praying for the heart of man to turn and to know who God is and what He has done for us. That the heart of man would truly seek God and fulfill His will on earth. His will that all should know Him. I don’t know when He is coming to gather His own but I believe it won’t be until the last one who will believe has done so.

    I remember as a child singing a song Wait a little longer please Jesus a few more day’s to get our loved one’s in. I liked the word’s then and still do all these years later. The peace I have in His return is I know it will be in His perfect timing. God was so patient with me in His waiting for me to realize and accept my desperate need for a Savior that I have a deep understanding of why He tarries. There are still some who will come to Him. Just thoughts………..

  9. Called2Serve says:

    Hello everybody!

    I have to agree with you, Mart. It will be such an amazing event when Jesus comes back, but I know that I have not fulfilled my purpose on this earth yet, and that is something that I want to do before He comes back. I’m not dreading His reappearance and I’m definitely looking forward to when He comes back, it’s just that I know I still have things to do.

    Just my thoughts for today…

    God bless!

    -savannah =]

  10. mtman says:

    Wow: I’m in total agreement with the post and responses. How often does that happen? Reading some of the subsequent comments makes me think of an incident that happened several years ago.
    A woman, avowed atheist who denied God at every opportunity had her daughter involved in an accident. The daughter was in a coma and she remained by her hospital bed for days. She went home for rest and on the way home she called God every obscenity and vile name known to man. As she pulled into her driveway totally exhausted from her burst of anger she sat there for a few seconds calming down. She heard this voice say to her: “Thank you daughter, you have never spoken to me before”. She turned her life over to God right then and went on to become a powerful witness for the Lord as a believer.
    I think this points out it is never to late and the rapture will come in God’s appointed time and according to his will. Until then I will be waiting and looking.

  11. kaliko88 says:

    It feels like a tug-of-war on my heart sometimes. For me it is very hard since my husband and I are divorcing because I believe and he doesn’t. I’m scared for him, truly terrified. And he’s not the only one.

    But, the first ones I think of when Christ returns are the children. Every story has me praying, saying “Now would be a good time, Lord.” And I also know that it may take something drastic like the Rapture and end times to finally bring some of the doubters around. The bible says during that time many will finally believe. I’ll take that promise and keep hope for my husband and many others.

  12. rokdude5 says:

    Of course we can also say that when we are done with God’s work here, He will call us home. So with that notion perhaps we, who are not ready, should run a little behind doing His work.

    Granted in God’s providence, He decides when everything will happen.

    I wish I knew the name of the author of the following story –

    A Sunday school teacher was telling her class all the wonders of Heaven. She saw that her class were getting quite happy and excited. She then asked, “Please raise your hand if you want to go to Heaven!” All the kids raised their hands except for little Marty. “Marty?” exclaimed the teacher. “Why dont you want to go to Heaven?”
    Marty then said, “My mommy is baking apple pie this afternoon.”

  13. mtman says:

    rokdude5: Good point about lagging a little. Only problem – HE knows our heart and mind. Don’t think it will work but good idea anyway. hmmmmmmmm.

  14. SFDBWV says:

    Matt has a large collection of country music cd’s. He watches country video’s a great deal. We all like the music and many of the video’s as well.

    The Kenny Chesney video is shot in Jamaca, showing life as one big happy party. It is still a neat little song and we always laugh and disagree with him when he states he believes he is speaking for the crowd. Because he doesn’t speak for us.

    Matt has a friend Jennifer, she has a 9 year old son. She is constantly asking Matt and us to pray for her emergencies and special needs. She is a good person and we love her. She of course doesn’t want the rapture to come yet. She wants to see her son grow have a life get married have kids ect ect…

    Even though she can agree that existance with the Lord into the millenium and on into eternity will be wonderful, still there is something about life here that keeps her and others wanting to stay longer.

    I wonder what the real “motive” for wanting the Lord to wait a little longer is? Is it a concern for the unsaved, or a little doubt about what comes next.

    Many of us have known people who struggle with suicide. Or have done so. There are as many reasons for their disaticfation with life as there are circumstances of suffering for us all. Many people are just fed up with life, and death sounds like a better choice.

    However Christ provides an answer. Living for Christ, even though enduring unimaginable suffering, is an unselfish act of unconditional love. Living amid unhappyness takes courage and discipline. The reason being it is God’s will to do so.

    Hope I haven’t brought a dark cloud to todays subject. It is just that our decisions for wanting to go or wanting to stay have a different basis.

  15. gr8grannyjacobs says:

    SFDBWV Steve I did not mean I am not ready for Him to come but it is not up to me. Like with Noah He knew who would believe and who would not. He came at that time, so to speak.
    Like you I see our youth and the world being so drawn away from anything that pertains to God that I wonder how will any listen to the gospel and yet God know’s.

    BTW I don’t think you could ever bring a dark cloud anywhere as you are always’ so gentle with your word’s. You and yours are loved.

  16. poohpity says:

    I am not in a hurry for the Lord’s return because I have seen and realize that there are many more coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus. In Papua New Guinea alone the converts are amazing and they are being trained to go from village to village and the converts are many. In South Africa there are also many being saved and I could go on and on so the work is plenty those are just two places.

    As I deal with the issues around me in my little world which is so small and in my self pity I ask the Lord to please take me home cause I am tired and drained. Every morning I wake up I say well I guess not today so please help me get through this day. Then as I go out to see other people I feel empower and excited. It is when I sit in this room closed in by my own walls I hate it. Yet even here I am able to bring some light to someone. I feel bad for those who are unable to go anywhere and be around people and I can understand their discouragement.

    There is so much out there to be done and so many souls to be saved so when I look at my little world I feel so selfish but I am not ready for the Lord to return. I really am not ready to go to heaven either there are to many people that I haven’t met yet. I hope to meet all of you someday and I hope it is in this life. :-)

  17. dependent says:

    I also have a fluctuating response to the notion that Christ’s return is imminent. This conversation has helped me identify two of the major reasons for that:

    1. I know I don’t have a clear understanding of what God’s Word teaches about Christ’s return. Many honest and thoughtul theologians arrive at very different conclusions about the prophesied order of events, the extent of “troubles” that Christ’s followers will endure and other aspects of what that day/season will be like.

    My anticipation and hope for entering His glorious presence is tempered by the dreadful images painted in apocalyptic scripture of those last days. I know too well my personal struggle during “normal” times to perservere when my faith is tested. I am confident that I belong to Him–but it is easier for my flesh to imagine participating in that great series of events from beyond the grave! (i.e. returning with Christ to claim a glorified body)

    2. In my short 48 years on the planet, I’ve seen so many “events” on the world stage that have caused the Christians around me to nod with certainty that “now *must* be the time.” Spurred on by well-meaning Christian authors and speculation that looked like discerment back then, my generation has tended to do what history shows has been normal for many recent generations. So, maybe it was world-rocking WWI or WWII, formation of the State of Israel, establishment of the League of Nations, Y2K (or the fascinating pilgramages of Y1K), the Soviet leader with a birthmark on his head, Cold War nuclear arms race, formation of the European Union, bar codes and the mark of the beast, fall of Roman empire, or Constantinople etc, etc.–believers from the earliest days haven’t had a great record of ‘discerning the times’.

    I’m hoping that others here have also processed these notions and can provide perspective. Because, for me, I think these and other smaller hurdles tend to keep me from living with a daily consciousness of the imminent return of Christ.

    Be gentle with me…;-)

  18. Laurielee says:

    I like the name ‘dependent’; to me it aptly describes the situation.

    In these, our this-worldly lives, we are expected and taught to take control of ourselves, our lives, and our situations; we also may try to control the lives around us as much as possible…our children, our spouses, our parents.

    Sometimes we may feel frustration at others not coming along in the faith as quickly as we’d like; feeling that Christs’ return is imminent; maybe a sense of ‘hurry, hurry, hurry’.

    Sometimes we also look at what’s going on in the world according to OUR sight, and not G-d’s and possibly getting hung up on OUR truth and not His. Therefore, we think, His coming must be any day now.

    I must admit, I had to take time out…a sabbatical as it were…into G-d’s Word, praying that I would come to know only His truth and not cling stubbornly to what I thought must be truth.

    Clinging to our own truth sometimes can give us an ‘us and them’ approach to G-d and others, instead of a total dependence on Him and the ability to look at others and seeing the face of Christ.

    G-d knows everything about me…He knows my mind, my heart, and my concern for loved ones and their salvation. He hears my prayers.

    Christ will not lose even ONE that is appointed to Him. If one person is meant to be His, that person will not be lost because I didn’t try hard enough, didn’t use the correct words in the correct order to reach them, or because I was facing north when I should have been facing south.

    If a person is meant to belong to Christ and I become a stumbling block or push them away, He will reach them another way.

    If we truly, truly rely on Him and put Him first the way will become clear. The closer I draw to Him the more confusion and frustration flees.

    A reading that has had a profound effect on me recently is Galatians, chapter 5.

  19. BabyJ says:

    Hey everyone,

    I selfishly wish for God to go ahead and crack the sky because at times life seems hard. I feel like there is a reason why the Lord has me here and I am trying to hold on to that, but at times the going gets rough. At any rate, I just finished a bible study on the Life of Moses and one of the topics I learned about was our grumbling against God.

    Is it grumbling or complaining against God’s timing to wish for him to crack the sky a little faster? Does it show a lack of faith or belief in God’s provision to hope he takes us away from the things we struggle with?

    Just a few ideas for discussion……..

  20. bubbles says:

    Funny. I was sitting in traffic driving home from work. The cumulus clouds were beautiful, and I was thinking about how wonderful it would be if Jesus came right now to get us, but then the next thought was about those who would not go up with us.

    Isn’t it wonderful, though, to have His PROMISE that He will come for us one day.

    It’s so comforting to hear the verses from I Thes. 4 about His return read especially at the grave of a saved loved one.

    It’s difficult to long for His return when there are those who aren’t ready.

  21. SFDBWV says:

    Well we awoke again this morning, so Christ didn’t take us up last night. Too bad.

    Yes, there has been a continual expectancy that Jesus would return, since His ascension.

    Thoes who make a hobby of studying eschatology believe that all the prophesy concerning the return of Christ has been fulfilled. There is one item left.

    “The fulness of the Gentile” Romans 11:25
    There is a time for we Gentile’s, and that time has an end. God knows the number of Gentile’s who come to him, and when that number is fulfilled…All prophesy has been met and the Rapture of the Church will occure.

    Only God knows the number, it is a secret he has kept from us since Jesus told us of God’s plans.

    The thing to remember is that we need to live as if today is that day.

    John 15:12 “This is my commandment,That ye love one another, as I have loved you.”

  22. Mart De Haan says:

    Yes, SFDBWV, maybe today… maybe in another generation. That’s the wisdom of Scripture. It leaves us with reason to live by faith, with hope, and as you say with opportunity to love…

    I read the big picture of Scripture as being expressed in the longing “even so come Lord Jesus.” That recognizes (for those who are ready) the unimaginable wonder/real new world reality that will be revealed, the ecstasy and peace of being with Jesus, and relief from desperation and suffering.

    The smaller picture which can be so enormously consuming for us is our longing for loved ones (and ones who need to be loved) who haven’t yet bowed their knee and opened their hearts to the One who died for us.

  23. laney says:

    Your comments describe exactly how I feel. Iam so ready to be with the Lord.At times Iam so overwhelmed when I see all the pain and suffering that goes on in the world.Then I think of my children,my brother and sister and their families who arent saved.I don’t want them to have to go throught the tribulation.I also am afraid they might hardened there hearts to Jesus even more during the tribulation.
    Knowing the rapture can occur at any moment our biggest concern should be saving souls.There are millons who are going to die during the tribulation only the Lord knows how many will be saved during that time and how many will curse him.The thought of any one spending eternity in hell is just so terrifying for me.
    I had to take my truck to the service station for an oil change and repairs.My neighbor followed me over so he could drive me back home so I wouldn’t have to wait for it.He asked me if I have ever been in the Boonville cementary.I said no so he took me for a ride there.We looked at all the old stones and some of the new ones.It was the perfect opportunity to witness to him.All I had to say was I wonder how many here are in heaven and how many are in hell right now.No he didn’t receive salvation which I would have liked but at least it planted some seeds.So for the sake of lost I’am willing to wait no matter how long it takes.

  24. Called2Serve says:

    I think that God wants us to long for Jesus’ coming back, but we cannot focus only on that. We can’t be too preoccupied with looking forward to Jesus’ return to continue our work on earth.

    I think we need to put aside any selfish reasons for us to long for Jesus’ return and look instead at it with a longing to worship at His feet.

    We need to share our excitement for His coming with others, so that they can experience the great joy too.

    Just some more thoughts…


  25. SFDBWV says:

    There is an elderly lady here in our community that is a very gentle and loving soul. She is a Christian and one loved by everyone.

    She also is a worrier. I speak with her almost every day, we talk of our mutual faith and expectation of Christ’s return.

    She, only last year lost a daughter to an unexpected death. She grieves every day over her children.( She had 4.) Worrying about their salvation. Even after they assure her they have accepted Christ still she worries.

    The appointed time of the rapture, will happen. No ammount of praying from us will deter that time line one bit.

    Many people came to Christ through the trials and tribulations their wayward life brought them to.
    So it will be during the “Great Tribulation”. Some people are just so hard headed and stuborn that only the heavy hand of God’s Great Tribulation will finaly open their minds and hearts to accept Christ. The prophecy including the Jewish Nation.

    Yes I long for the return of Jesus Christ, for the time when there are no more crippled people, no more cancer, no more death. A time when God’s justice prevails and His will is done on Earth.

  26. wretch-like-me says:

    I am reminded of a departed pastor friend of mine who always had a ‘twinkle’ in his eye and a boyish, rascally sense of humor.

    After preaching a sermon one Sunday on the Rapture, he invited the congregation to meet him after the service on the church lawn for ‘rapture practice’.

    Those of us who were present for the ‘practice’ still laugh today at any mention of the Rapture as we recall our fond memories of this dearly departed saint.


    PS. I have those ‘selfish’ moments, too, when in desperation I call out for Jesus to come quickly; however, I am reminded of all the lost (including a granddaughter) and weep at my selfishness.

  27. saled says:

    I think the reason that I don’t want to be pulled out of the game today, whether by death or by rapture, is because I think what I accomplish here on earth will affect my eternity. I know this shows a lack of faith, it shows that I’m depending on my works, not on the finished work of Christ. Will my children be less in heaven if they do not have the opportunity to marry and have children here on earth? I don’t believe so. And yet I want more time. I want to see things happen here.

  28. pegramsdell says:

    God is just and fair and I totally trust Him with my family and loved ones who are yet to be saved. He does the drawing, I can only pray that I would be a help not a hindrance when he is drawing my family. A good example. Taking them to church, praying for them. Praying with them….

    I also don’t want to be like those who made excuses when Jesus said to follow Him. I am ready to go now. I am not perfect, but I’m ready to follow Him whenever He calls me.

  29. Chrispy says:

    I think our compassion for the lost should be redirected. According to Matt. 24:31, not one of God’s children will be lost. He’s coming for all of His own. All the time in the world will not save a person.

  30. sjd says:

    Seems like the truth about God drawing people to Himself and Jesus not losing all those given to Him is coupled with our resposibility and compassionate response to share the Gospel as ministers of reconciliation. In my mind it is not totally comprehended, yet in God’s it makes total sense.

    I have been impressed with Paul’s compassion for his people.

    Romans 9:1-5 (NASB95)
    1 I am telling the truth in Christ, I am not lying, my conscience testifies with me in the Holy Spirit,
    2 that I have great sorrow and unceasing grief in my heart.
    3 For I could wish that I myself were accursed, separated from Christ for the sake of my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh,4 who are Israelites, to whom belongs the adoption as sons, and the glory and the covenants and the giving of the Law and the temple service and the promises,
    5 whose are the fathers, and from whom is the Christ according to the flesh, who is over all, God blessed forever. Amen.

  31. bubbles143jc says:

    I too pray for Jesus to come every time I hear how evil man can be and I too don’t want anyone I know to go to hell. But, no matter how much I pray for a person or peoples, unless THEY ask for forgiveness of their sins to our Father, all the prayers won’t do any good. All WE can do is WITNESS to those around us and to those who see us. That’s the only way we can affect the earth. We need to take care of others, animals and the enviornment that Abba gave to us to take care and NOT be ashame of who WE are – The Children of God!

    I believe in prayer, “The prayers of a rightous man avails much”, so I pray for myself and the world – to comfort the sick, broken hearted, etc. I have stopped saying, “good bye or thank you”‘ without also saying, “God bless you.” One day I SAW with my heart, I saw how evil doesn’t hide, it’s in our books, radio, tv, everywhere. When it does evil in hiding, it always surfaces – I thought, “WE CAN DO THAT TOO!”

    I tell every Christian I meet, I first ask if they are Christians, then tell them to start useing “God bless.” I explain that if we could get the Spirit of God into the realm around us, hear Him in others, see Him in others and around us, that MAYBE, MAYBE………..

    God bless.

  32. daisymarygoldr says:

    Longing to see that all our loved ones are saved before Christ returns is the greatest burden of my heart… it instills a sense of urgency to not delay in sharing the Gospel…

    The entire family on my husband’s side is unsaved. They are very good folks who readily and lovingly accepted me- an outsider, into their family. After our marriage we just had 2 weeks time before leaving that country…hence, their salvation was my #1 priority. My big fear was that there might not be another opportunity to tell them about Jesus… talked my husband into postponing our honeymoon… so we could spend those 2 weeks with his family. Of course it was not 2 weeks of Bible-beating and fiery preaching. My strategy was different… I asked my Mother-in-law to take a break as I took over the reins of the kitchen… cooked and cooked… till I could cook no more… for a family of 7! It was the very first impression… and I literally sweated… while praying before every dish that I fixed. Needless to say that all the food and the shopping sprees with MIL gave me enough time to win all their hearts…and sow the seed of the Gospel! …and if anyone thinks it was a wrong or selfish motive behind all of the cooking and the shopping then so be it… I would absolutely do anything to win people for Christ… anything that is humanly possible on my part…but changing their hearts and saving them is His part. I trust Him completely. The Lord knows all those who belong to Him and has mercifully appeared to delay His second coming until the very last one is saved!

  33. daisymarygoldr says:

    Frank, I’m so sorry to hear about your Granddaughter… I still think and grieve for my Grandfather who died without Christ…

    We do feel a deep concern for the lost in our own families… and we do intercede with tears… my ears still ring with the tearful heart-rending prayers of my father for his only son— my brother who strayed away from the Lord… my whole family was overwhelmed with untold pain and I almost thought the Lord will surely kill him. However, God is good… and is very slow to anger and is full of mercy… my brother who was lost is now found… he was given up (by me) as dead but is now alive… actively winning other lost souls for Christ in a far away continent.

    So, IMHO we certainly cannot arm twist others into believing and can only trust and let God’s Spirit do the saving …we should not delay in sharing the Gospel or be slow to intercede and pray for our lost loved ones… but to desire for a delay of Christ’s return? No…that is not the feeling of my heart…

  34. daisymarygoldr says:

    As I wait for His coming… my heart resounds with the hand-written words of my daughter… which she placed on her door: “Behold, I am coming soon! …” Rev 22:12. Perhaps today He will come…”

    I didn’t teach her this… she must have learned this in her Sunday school class… but every time I pass by her door my heart is comforted in knowing that our beloved Lord will come back very soon… I often use these very words to comfort others… that are going through intense trials of sorrow, sickness, persecution…

    My prayer is that Jesus returns soon…very soon to set everything right… to restore peace… to render justice… to deliver creation from her groaning birth pangs. The pain of living in this world which is not my land… is almost getting unbearable… it is scary to see the wicked getting all the more wicked. To be in the wrong is right whereas to be in the right is wrong… My soul is vexed to see this world turned so upside down that they no longer blush to call evil good and good evil… I can’t help but cry out… “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down…” (Isa 64:1).

    I really wish our Savior will return soon to sweep His bride off of her feet… to deliver her from all those who oppress her… to carry her away to a far away place which He has prepared for her… a place where there is no more sin and sorrow.

    Most importantly my eyes can’t wait to see the Messiah, my first love… and lest we forget… we are His beloved… and if you are a people who are deeply in love… “What kind of people ought you to be? … You look forward to the day of God and speed its coming.” (2 Peter 3: 11- 12 NIV)!

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