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Obama, Ahmadinejad, and Netanyahu

In the wake of an unexpected landslide victory, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is defending the validity of the election and cracking down on protesters.

At the same time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems to have softened his position in response to pressure from Washington and has said he would accept a limited Palestinian State provided that it is demilitarized, has limited governing powers, comes with Palestinian recognition of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, and the right of Jewish people to live in the disputed territories.

The two events might seem unrelated except that Mr. Netanyahu’s concessions on the Palestinian issue come at a time when President Obama is pressuring Israel for a Palestinian State. Prime Minister Netanyahu on the other hand continues to seek Washington’s agreement that “Iran’s nuclear ambitions [are] “the greatest threat facing Israel, the Middle East, the world [and] the entire…human race.”

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been making a case recently that American Policy in the Middle East should focus on Iran’s nuclear ambitions rather than Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

When we look at the ancient links between the Middle East and the Bible, Iraq (region of ancient Baghdad and the Babylonians) and Iran (region of ancient Persia), the Bible gives us two different pictures. Babylon (regional area of Iraq) is linked with the conquering, exile, and captivity of the Jewish people while Persia (regional area of Iran) is associated with friendship to Israel.

Persia is the Kingdom in which a pagan king takes a Jewish Queen who is used by God to block a conspiracy to kill all of the Jewish people in the empire. (Esther)

Earlier, the Jewish prophet Isaiah predicted that Cyrus the King of Persia would be God’s anointed servant (literally messiah) to return the Jewish people from exile in Babylon to their homeland and Jerusalem (Isaiah 45:1-8).

Then there were the Magi who are now believed to have been wise men/astrologers from the region of ancient Persia who mysteriously recognized the star in the East as an indicator that the long awaited King of Israel had been born (Matt 2:1).

Yet there is for the future an ominous note. The prophet Ezekiel links (Gog and Magog–an apparent ancient regional reference to the region occupied by modern Russia) with a coalition of 5 nations that include Libya, Ethiopia, and Persia in an attack on Israel from the North (Ezek 38:3-23). According to the same prophecy this invasion will occur while Israel is living in apparent peace without defenses and will result in God’s own defeat of the invasion. More than a few Bible students maintain that this invasion reflects an end time biblical scenario that has not yet been fulfilled.

My point is not that we should be trying to figure out where we are on God’s time table, but rather that God does have a time-table, a purpose, and a plan for Israel (in her unbelief, and eventually in her repentance) and the nations.

President Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and President Ahmadenejad are all accountable to God and subject to that plan– as we are… willingly and knowingly… or unwillingly and unknowingly.

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27 Responses to “Obama, Ahmadinejad, and Netanyahu”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    I remember a time when warned never to discuss politics or religion among friends, as it would be the end of the friendship.

    I never followed the advice and so lost many a would be friend to the casulties of opinions.

    On a global stage or in the humblest of homes, God is in control of events. I believe that with all my heart.

    I believe that God is setting the world stage for the end of the age and the return of Jesus Christ. This I also believe with all my heart.

    A most difficult possition, is to watch events happen and know that it is in Gods plans even when it is upsetting to watch. To watch God’s people losing ground while evil rises all over the world.

    From just a plain view of world events I could say why don’t we and other nations leave the internal affairs of other nations to their own destiny? Why must there be a constant interference from us to direct Israel or any nation toward a goal we set instead of what they want? But that ain’t gonna happen.

    We like to think that without the military and economic might of America, Israel would be in trouble. But there is fast approaching a time when Israel will stand alone against a hostile world. Then, all the world will see that God Himself is the protector of Israel.

    God is setting up that world stage even as we watch. America now has a President who is more pro Islamic than pro Israel. Under the disguise of peace, Israel will make any deal for peace with her enemies. But she will be betrayed.

    On a lighter note.During the celebration of Purim, I read a story about the Tomb of Mordechai and Esther. It appears that Iran has named the burial site among it’s national treasures and so protected. While Israel claims that ” As early as 1215, Rabbi Menachem Ha-Hevroni wrote that while visiting the Galilee, he came accross the tomb of Queen Esther, who while during her lifetime had instructed her son Cyrus to bring her there for burial”.

    Odd isn’t it. That there exists a common ground for historic brotherhood between all these people in the mid east. Yet all of Israel’s neighbors want her to disapear from the face of the earth. Also that all the other nations of the world are dragged into this blind hatered, with no real reason to do so.

  2. mtman says:

    I agree with Steve, politics is a dangerous topic to discuss. Earlier I said that Obama had only been in office for just over three months and he should be given a chance. I said the same about George Bush and in both cases was immediately attack.
    God has his timetable and it is not for us to know. To speculate is going to be a disappointment. What I see now days is so much hate for various reasons that there is no room for any love. I agree with Steve, let other countries decide their own destiny. When you are constantly caught up in the hate and feuding it is hard to be objective and display any love. What is so ironic to me is that so many talk about love but their heart seethes with hate. Their words (the tongue) give them away.
    We Americans tend to see ourselves as the center of the universe. All the while life in other places goes on without us. We don’t seem to think so, but it does. We tend to want to tell everyone else how their lives should be lived.
    We know what our Lord taught us about how to conduct ourselves but we don’t seem to apply it that well. If we did we wouldn’t be warring among ourselves like we often do. When we are attack as Christians or our faith is under fire we tend to fight back individually. We need to stand together, to be an example and remain firm in our faith and trust of God. Our love should be more evident to others – not our obstinacy and arrogance.
    If these things are happening in other parts of the world and they are part of God’s plan, who are we to interfere.

  3. phpatato says:

    I too agree that politics and religion are topics best avoided if you want to make/keep friends, especially over the internet.

    I have read a book recently “Armageddon, Appointment with Destiny” written by Grant R. Jeffrey. In it, he talks about Russia’s day of destruction on the Mountains of Israel. He lists, according to Ezekiel 38, the Nations of Ezekiel as:

    Gog and Magog as modern day Russia
    Meshech and Tubal as modern day Moscow and Tobolsk
    Persia as modern day Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan
    Ethiopia as modern day Ethiopia and Sudan
    Libya as modern day Libya
    Ashkenaz as modern day Austria, Germany
    Gomer as modern day Eastern Europe
    Togarmah as modern day Southeastern Europe
    “Many nations with you” as various nations allied to Russia

    When Russia attacks Israel, it will be following her rebirth as a nation and at a time when she lives in a land of unwalled villages. During Ezekiels’s time most if not all villages had walls surrounding them. Given today’s war cababilities of missiles, anti-tank weapons etc., walls are of little use. When this attack occurs the response from Western countries will appear as only being a diplomatic protest. The lack of action on the West’s behalf will show Israel that her greatest Defender during her time of need will be God, who will intervene. Russia’s attack will become the greatest military disaster in history.

    God’s timetable is absolute. It will be fulfilled regardless of the interference, the pressuring and the allying of nations between nations. This world is unfolding as it should.

    James 5:8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh.

  4. Loretta Beavis says:

    These events, and if you understand Bible prophecy, make it for an exciting time to be alive and have hope and joy about our eternal future with Jesus.

    My prayer today is that the world events cause people to become curious about Bible prophecy and start asking questions…

    … I am grateful and excited that many of us are stirred up and have loving hearts prepared to share the good news about the “Good News!”

    Press On Friends!

  5. tandgmartin says:

    Whenever I get discouraged about all these happenings, the words of our Lord, “Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world” are indeed of comfort. Further, as Paul tells us to comfort each other with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, the song that brings me much hope and peace is from DC Talk’s Supernatural: “God is there and He is watching, it tells me all is well, God is there, there’s no denying, Supernatural!”
    Everyone have a blessed day.


  6. kaliko88 says:

    I don’t agree, I do not believe we should just “leave them be”. While there is a certain point where it becomes interference and bullying, neither can any nation be right in ignoring things until they blow up. Nor do I think it wise to avoid discussing two things that so permeate our lives. In most cases, we simply need to learn to talk.

    Am reminded again of a scene in Lord of the Rings. When the Ents decide that they will not help, Merry says very passionately, “But you’re part of this world!” We are not supposed to be like the world, but we are still a part of it.

  7. poohpity says:

    It really kills me that people in Iran knowing Ahmadinejad and who he thinks he is even thought for a moment that the elections would go another way is a hoot. Obama and who he thinks he is, is going to bring peace to the middle east is also a hoot. Netanyahu and the Palestinian battle over land has been around for centuries and only God knows how that is going to turn out. As far as the United States being involved all around the world to defend what they have led us to believe is the protection of those who are unable to defend themselves is a hoot. Human nature is to do something for someone when you can receive a benefit from the action.

    As far as any discussion whether it be politics or religion causes the blood pressures to rise is the same old thing not to learn from but to control.

    God will use whatever means to achieve His plan. It could be a donkey or trumpets but it has been known by an all knowing God before hand and He already has it figured out. Whether one is used by Him to accomplish His will, well that is up to us. The job He has already given us many do not do anyway.

  8. wretch-like-me says:

    While I agree with your observations (in particular regarding ‘center of the universe’ mentality), Wouldnt you agree that every nation or individual for that matter sees themselves as the ‘center’ of the world. It is for their existence that they are most concerned!

    God is indeed in control of all events on a grand scale; however, our ‘choice’ is what role we wish to play in them. I wonder sometimes if ‘Judas’ truly understood his actions toward betraying Christ or whether he was just a ‘pawn’ duped into service by Satan.

    Could the same be said of any of these nations, including the United States?

    Interference in another country’s affairs is such a controversial area (am reminded of how often the topic was played out in the TV series StarTrek).

    Seems to me that one basic idea we seem to overlook is that the USA fought for and won its own freedom. The cost of freedom comes at a high price. Ask anyone who has served our nation as a member of the military!!!

    Stepping into assist a people fighting for freedom can be like helping a butterfly escape from its cocoon. Too much help spoils the process of growing strong by trial and makes them forever dependent upon outside help.

    Is this not what we have experienced in helping some nations become ‘free’?

  9. tandgmartin says:

    Proverbs 26:17
    He that passeth by, and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears.

  10. saled says:

    What would happen to our faith if the unthinkable should happen and Israel should again be put out of her land? The late J. Vernon McGee used to say that we can’t be sure that this is the final return. It’s only been within the last few years that I learned that not all Jews thought this return was a good thing. I believe the Hasidic sect is one who thinks that the Messiah must accompany the return.

    I agree that it looks like the stage is being set for the end times, but events may unfold much differently than we’ve been taught. For a few years in my twenties, I wouldn’t plant strawberries, because you have to wait a year before you can harvest a crop. I never thought that I might have one more year on earth. Now my garden includes a bed of asparagus that has been bearing for three years after a two year wait for a harvest. Be careful not to lose today while watching what looks like end time events.

  11. tandgmartin says:

    Since Christ told us that no man knows the day or hour, seems too many get caught up looking for the end. Sure, it’s not getting any farther away, but the churches to whom John wrote Revelation were looking for Christ’s return in their day, too. Live like it’s any moment, plan like it’s not in our lifetime is good advice I received years ago. Saled: glad to hear you’re enjoying your strawberries and asparagus! :)

  12. daisymarygoldr says:

    It is true that God does have a time-table, a purpose, and a plan for Israel and the nations.

    God does rule in the affairs of the nations, sometimes even leading nations to fight and punish Israel for their sins; at the same time reserving those nations for their own deserved judgment… for dividing His land and scattering His people. So, you are right… everyone is accountable to God.

    Regarding the physical restoration of Israel… the Bible states very clearly that Israel will find herself abandoned by all the nations. In the end Israel will have no allies, and all nations will come against her… and yes, that includes America grappling with economic security… that will not think twice before trading their allegiance to Israel for a financial mess of pottage.

    This is not to send people here on a guilt trip… but as followers of Christ we must recognize that it is not people… but it is God who brings these nations out to battle against His own people.

    He is using the nations for His own purpose… to show that He is the one who is in control…that He is working out everything in such a way that His people— Israel, as well as all the nations will know that… He is God! (Ps 46:10)

  13. JBS says:

    While world events are certainly interesting, often alarming, and occasionally satisfying from our personal points of view, I am reminded that whatever the events and outcomes of a given year, the ultimate outcome and the steps leading up to it are already predestined by God, beyond my control, and result in a conclusion that I long for. I can’t get too worked up by events under the circumstances. I find that my time and efforts are better used working out my own behavior and relationships, both of which are a big enough challenge for me.

    It’s not that I am apathetic; I simply believe that my sphere of influence is rather small and my role in the world commands a very small portion of the world’s turf.

  14. chfranke says:

    We need to pray for our leaders and trust that God is working through them to have his plan come about.
    Having said that, there is such a thing as justice. If we as an individual (or as a free nation) see injustice in the world, God directs us to get involved and help our neighbor, and in today’s world everyone is our neighbor. If a people have been robbed of their freedom to choose, that is not right. So what do we do? We turn to God and ask for His guidance through His Word, His Holy Spirit and through the consultation with other Christians. It is not easy and may not turn out the way we thought it would, but it is the right thing to do.
    JBS–We can make a difference. Your small portion of the world’s turf is what God gave you to work with. He can take what we have and do miracles.

  15. SFDBWV says:

    As I watch the news coming out of Iran I am reminded of a simalar story some twenty years ago unfolding in China.

    The whole world watched with hopeful anticipation expecting the great Red Dragon of Communisim in China to fall to the will of it’s people.

    But the iron fist of dictatorial control held on tight.

    Iran’s people want a more modern life, they want freedom “from” religion. Or perhaps better said freedom from religious rule. A seperation of church and state, so to speak.

    Who really rules in Iran? Yes it is the Islamic clergy that dictate.

    Is it God who is behind the scenes, or is it man’s slavery to sin that continues to thwart the best of hopes and dreams?

    Can I be a traveler on “Spaceship Earth” and only be an observer? Has every word said and every thought rendered already been planned out in ages past by the Creator? Are we pawns and puppets in a play?

    Every person thinks that they are the center of all existence. Could they all be right? The only life we possess is ours the only thoughts, our own.

    We can peer out into the known universe and see countless galaxies. We can look around the world and see countless people. Yet our thoughts are almost always inward.

    Should we just accept our fate? Or should we fight against the tide, and attempt to change the world in which we live?

    We are all lost without a leader. Christ used the term shepherd. Who is it that leads our thoughts? To whom do we surrender our will and our control? To what or whom do we give up our freedom to?

    As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. I desperatly seek the peace and rest that Jesus offers me. For I grow tired of the battle that is life. And long for the promises Christ has made, and His return.

  16. mtman says:

    I still agree with Steve: I see a nation and world of people who for the most part look inward and not upward. While the plight of Iran, China, Russia and so many third world countries where people are persecuted and deprived of the freedoms we enjoy are alarming. I do not believe we are called by our Lord to be the the police of the world. We have enough trouble ministering to each other, or our neighbor. The USA has no God granted right to interfere in other countries affairs unless invited.
    It seems to me that when something terrible happens that we make an offer and see if our help is even wanted. Besides the last poll I read about countries whose citizens felt they had freedom, we were listed 17th. I was stunned to find that out. Our freedom is or at least should be within ourselves by following our Lord’s teaching and example.
    I’m also not so sure that God has a predestined plan for the world and is working to carry it out. I think he may have a plan for the world but because of our lowly human nature we are fulfilling it by that very nature. Our nature is what is driving us closer and faster to our Lord’s return. In all of Jesus’ teachings he repeatedly tried to move us toward more heavenly things and against our own human nature. It appears to me that we are losing that battle over heavenly attributes -vs- worldly attributes.
    Otherwise it removes any accountability to our Lord if we assume he is actively directing us toward His goal. It seems to me that he has to keep intervening to keep us from getting there to fast and before His timetable. He has a time and plan for the end times – he has told us that, but I think because we are such lousy listeners and can’t put into practice what we were taught that He has to keep intervening to keep us from getting there before the appointed time. We are all turned more inward that upward. We are more concerned with religion than being good followers of our Lord whom we love. We are more concerned with our own agenda than the agenda of God. So while we are busy being the police of the world, who are we really serving? Are we serving our Lord? Just look at what he said when he was actually walking this earth with us. He looks at our hearts. HE knows! It is not so much who we are following but how we are following. Please tell me that I am wrong here.

  17. SFDBWV says:

    mtman, Bruce I have been watching our visitor the gray fox. He followed the deer in for his breakfast of corn and sunflower seeds.

    The deer greeted me before the sun was up, the little ones actualy run toward me while I put out the feed. The swarm of birds follow and a large family of grey squirrels all take their turn at the feed.

    But when the fox is there he is all alone.

    I love to watch the sun rise. With it comes life, everything rises with the sun. Birds and bees and even the flowers open and smile at the rising of the sun. Hope springs eternal with each sunrise.

    It is there in these brief moments that I can forget all the worlds political struggles and have fellowship with God. There for a moment all is right in the world.

    I watched a show this weekend on Animal Planet. It was about a retired school teacher who lived in the Alaskan wilderness. With bears. For twenty years he fed and made friends with these creatures. Even Grizzly bears. The State of Alaska made him give up his little happy place and prosecuted him for feeding the bears.

    Freedom is a responsibility.

    I wonder if some nations can handle it? I know some who abuse it.

  18. mtman says:

    Steve: As you know I live with the wild life too and it is a wonderful experience. Your description very much mirrors my lifestyle. I let the dogs out to play this morning and we were all observed by a deer laying down not very far up the mountain. We were the entertainment. Sometimes it is deer who do the human/dog watching, sometimes bear. Both species are very curious.
    I get the hummingbird feeders out before sunrise or I will be scolded by the little birds. We have birds that nest under our deck, our electrical box and other places around the house. Soon they will have little chicks and new life starts all over again. It does give us hope if only for a minute or two each day as we observe nature and learn from it. They live in the moment and we should too. I am very thankful that you are able to have the experience that you so aptly described above. God has blessed you, and I, in ways others can hardly imagine.
    With all the hummers we have around there is always one that has to be in charge and harass the other’s. The majority manage to work around him and still get fed but not without some effort. In spite of his aggressive efforts they do tolerate him. The other day he was dive bombing the others and slipped up and flew right into the window. I could have sworn I heard a collective Hooray!!!!. Three dozen little beaks all letting out a collective sigh.
    He knocked himself out cold and I went out and picked him up. Held him in my hand for many minutes while I told him the error of his ways as he slowly recovered. He had no choice but to listen as he was clearly seeing double and unable to fly away. Finally he recovered enough to fly off. I think I got through to him because I have not seen him repeat his old mistakes. He is now part of the flock of hummers we have. What I did observe is another one that took over his place. I can tell the different one’s as there are three separate species. How many lessons can be told here?
    It made me reflect on just how hummers duplicate human behavior in many ways. I think it is sad and entertaining and educational all at the same time. Quite like your lone fox. There are lessons there if we just can search them out. I think you have found the answers.
    I suppose you just have to be there to observe animal behavior daily and be open to what you see. I can tell from your posts that we look at life basically through the same eye’s. I feel sorrow for those who don’t have this experience and can’t learn valuable lessons from all God’s creatures. There is much to learn and we have to sort it all out to benefit from it. I guess this is a little off topic but still basic to life itself if we will just grasp it and not try to manipulate it. Have a blessed day.

  19. poohpity says:

    What is going on in this world today is not God’s will, this is the will of man. It is what happens when you take God out of the equation and let the free will of man take over. Someone mentioned apathy, that is exactly what is happening. When enough of God’s people sit back and watch as our country turns to a socialized government. When people say I am only one person and I can not make a difference and sit back and watch without taking a stand for nothing it is in essense saying it is OK.

    When people get so comfortable with the way things are they say God will take care of this and in one sense it is true but the truth is God gave us the ability to fight for what is right, to show mercy and justice. True it takes the strength of God to change things but to do nothing and accept things the way they are is apathy. Even in our own homes it is so easy just to say this is how it has been done for years so let’s just keep it the same way and not change anything and then no one grows or changes. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Change sometimes is painful but the end result is worth it. I beleive it is referred to in the bible as being lukewarm which the Lord says He will spit them out.

    This is the same with every area of each individuals life are you satisfied with just existing or do you want to be on fire. Stop complaining and do something to change something.

    If we are sick of the way the government is doing things then run for a seat in the House or the Senate in the federal or state level. Personally I have had to ask the Lord for forgiveness for complaining and grumbling and not doing anything to change anything. In my own home for taking responsiblity for my son and not allowing him to grow by always providing for him and doing everything around the house for him I have crippled him by not allowing him to suffer the consequences of his behavior thus prompting growth. I am causing my son to be dependant on me rather than on God.

    Apathy and indifference are the worst sins there are and cause people to become stagant rather than the pain of change and growth. It is like putting a cover over our light, what is the point.

  20. rwarren257 says:

    The bottom line — GOD is the one in control. However, that does not abdicate us from our responsibility to pray for the leaders of our country and for the salvation of those in this world who do not yet know Christ. I have to disagree with JBS who stated, “…I simply believe that my sphere of influence is rather small and my role in the world commands a very small portion of the world’s turf.” I am, indeed, a small cog in this world. However, my GOD IS NOT SMALL, and His Son, Jesus Christ, IS NOT SMALL IN ME. Therefore, I DO have an influence in this world. We need to WAKE up to that fact and start DOING something to influence our world for Christ!

  21. pegramsdell says:

    Yes, The Lord’s arm is not short, and the prayers of the righteous avails much. Look what happened in Acts 2 when they all got together in prayer.

  22. kimblack says:

    We need to keep our leaders, including our president, in continual prayer for their wisdom. I believe God has a timetable for the end times, and that Israel is heavily involved in it. We should definitely pray for Israel. But…we need to remember that Israel is NOT under the headship of Christ, and should therefore not have every single one of their actions rubber-stamped by American Christians.

    If God has His own sovereign timetable, why should God need our “help” in ushering in the End Times? Should we encourage strife in the Middle East, therefore setting the stage for the unholy alliance against Israel? Of course not! In 2000, Israel had to deport many American Christians from Jerusalem who were trying to blow up the Dome of the Rock–>to allow Solomon’s 3rd temple to be built–>thereby ushering in the End times. Let’s be careful here, and let’s exercise Godly wisdom and love.

  23. HEY REV says:

    Oh so many words, predictions, spectulations
    books of the end times,written and yet almost all say the same thing.
    “GOD IS SOVEREIGN” He has and WILL fulfill everything He said He would in HIS TIME.
    Many things I said 10-15 years ago and up to the present time about the end times now shows me how off I was. Life itself changes so fast (not time thats a constant) I found my beliefs had to follow suit.
    Bottom line was not what I think, thought, taught and followed was going to change anything. Like all of you said: GOD IS IN CONTROL.
    The book of Job is usually not looked at concerning the end times. One day the Holy Spirit had me to read the whole book slowly
    As I did and with the application that God is in total control of everything, even the hairs on my head (which I asked for many back)that He can also control His predestined plan for the end time. I for one thought (back than) tha Hitler was the anti-Christ and He was “COMING QUICKLY”
    Well it’s obvious that didn’t fly. Many more very important times have come and gone and yes were getting closer. I may be the only one who cannot define God’s definition of the word “SEASON” I can only by the four (4) seasons.
    Listen I can ramble on and on but let me finish with this. (I was taught that in Christian college that is what you say when you want them to think your almost finished, (but really not)
    Read the whole book of Job, but pay very, very, much attention to chapters 38 thru 41.
    In fact read it in different versions. Take your time don’t hurry.
    I love the start in chapter 38: (the N.I.V)
    Then the Lord answered Job (or us)out
    of the storm (are we in a storm now?)
    Who is this who darkens my counsel
    with words without knowledge.
    When I started I could not even answer just verse 4 let alone any of the others. How could I even attempt to try and know God’s wisdom, heart, thoughts and all the rest.
    Now I will stop, and you take over in your thoughts, and see if there is any wisdom here from God (usurely not me)

    Kimblack your very right what you said about
    God having His own timetable, but I would drop the word “if” He has a definite timetable and nothing is going to stop it. And yes He doesn’t need us. Use us sure. He can use anyone at anytime. He didn’t need us to put all of this into creation. And guess what “we don’t even get to vote on it”
    God Bless
    rev ron

  24. BobbiLee says:

    I totally agree with the fact that God has a timetable and a plan. Events WILL work out what He has promised. As for Israel – Scripture says that those who curse/go against Israel will be cursed; those who love/support Israel will be blessed. As a nation, we have been virtually the only nation on this planet that has supported Israel. Slowly, politically, we are backing off. As we do that God’s hand of blessing this nation seems to be moving away. Now, this is my opinion – if this nation ever ceases our support of Israel, God will deal with our nation and totally remove His hand of blessing. He has done that with other nations, He can do it with the United States of America. We can only wait and see. . .

  25. BobbiLee says:

    PS We can allow Israel fight her own battles, but support her nevertheless. Pray for the peace of Israel.

  26. paulruppert says:

    It would be wise for the leader of Isreal to stop kissing the buts of America and do what it must do to be the nation that God instructs it to be. You might want to look back at one of the leaders of Isreal, he gave up land, he soon was disabled beyond ability to run his country. As far as Iran, it has good people who want to live, yet the leader is a criminal full of hate for the entire world including his own people. America, well we now are in a downward spiral, the end will come very violently. And noone will assist in our need for help due to our ignorance and self righous attitude. We need to look at God’s word, and see who is who. Russia, king of the north, Iran, Libya and others will soon be as God says they will be. Yes it will come to pass, nothing we do or say change that, but our job is one person at a time. We pray for the people of the world before the end.

  27. Goldilocks says:

    I cannot believe that people would still blame Obama for what is happening in this world. How can you blame a man for wanting to make peace instead of the alternative? It’s time to open our bibles to the “love” section and reread it.

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