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Beer Summits and the Bible

As I’ve read the news reports on the President’s meeting with police Sergeant James Crowley and Harvard Scholar Henry Louis Gates, I’ve been interested in the different responses. The highly charged racial implications around the event that prompted the arrest of Professor Gates, together with  the public debate that followed, showed how quickly each of […]

To Eat or be Eaten

Seems to me that there is a relationship between what we are feeding on and what is eating us. Would like to hear what part of the Scriptures you are feeding on so as to not be eaten up by the consuming issues and concerns of life. Don’t want to minimize our problems. I just […]

Dark Light

Every once in a while I think about a quote I heard from an unknown source: “We see things not only as they are– but as we are.” The thought reminds me of what the Apostle Paul wrote to Titus when he said, “To the pure all things are pure, but to those who are […]

Bragging Rights for Losers

This isn’t going to be about losing pounds. It’s about feeling down, confused, and wondering why prayers keep coming back like undeliverable e-mails, or unopened envelopes marked “return to sender,” … and then finding help from someone who endured similar fears and frustrations– but to a far greater degree. He had made a name for […]

The Wonder of Boredom

He knew things he wasn’t allowed to talk about. Bound now by a law of silence he lived with the memory of being caught up into what he called “the third heaven” where he says he heard things that a man is not allowed to repeat. Am wondering whether he was allowed to see anything. […]

What Can We Learn From our Dog?

Surveys show that 43 million households own a dog.  Some of those pets are service dogs. Others are used for security or hunting.  More than a few have been inherited by parents of college age children who left them behind. But most are kept for companionship. Because of the love many of us have for […]

Moses and the Taliban

In The God Delusion, author Richard Dawkins makes a connection between Moses and the Taliban that must have occurred to some of us as well. Who among us has not listened with horror to reports of young women being stoned for adultery or for going out in public without head coverings. Some of us may […]

Limited Free Will

The wisdom of the Proverbs says, “A man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps” (Prov 16:9). In a few words, the Bible reflects the mystery of the interrelationship between the freedom of our thoughts and the enabling, limiting, and over-riding will of God. The extent of our freedom is something that is […]

High Lows and Heavy Lifting

Since the 1920s the High/Low has become a common part of industrial heavy lifting and warehousing. With the convenience comes the risks of working with heavy, potentially falling loads. So, many of the modern forklifts are designed with an overhead guard and also a heavy counterweight behind and below the driver (neither of which is […]

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