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From Jeter to Jesus

Although I’m interested in baseball only enough to have watched a couple innings of World Series Game One, I read an article yesterday in the New York Times about Yankee short stop, Derek Jeter, that caught my attention. Sports writer, Jack Curry, described some of the mental characteristics that have made Jeter (team captain since […]

In Hope of Changing Seasons

It was raining and 43 degrees yesterday when I stopped to look up into this tree. Its trunk and branches are strong. Yet by its appearance, it is joining the rest of us in acknowledging that we have no power to resist the seasons of life. Solomon, struggled for a while to make sense of […]

The Pain of Being Misunderstood

Communication has to be one of the most wonderfully difficult challenges in life. Whether among friends, family, or co-workers, conversation can be hard work with unpredictable and problematic outcomes. Even here in cyberspace with all of its self-protective anonymity, who will deny that, depending on how much we’ve been willing to say, we can– from […]

Peace of Mind

Some of us say we believe in God because life could not have just happened. Could never believe that this dragon fly… let alone the challenges and quiet reflection of human existence… could have happened apart from a greater personality, thought, or love…even in boundless eons of time. But thinking about the alternative—that God, in […]

Care and Convictions

Our “Good Conversation” has surfaced a couple of points that I think are very important. None of us want our moral advocacy, political involvement, or lack of political involvement to indicate a lack of concern for others. In fact, we probably would all like to believe that we support political action or inaction based on […]

Is the Prophecy Being Fulfilled?

On a day in which 30,000 Jewish people gathered in Jerusalem’s Western Wall Plaza to receive the priestly blessing, an article in the Jerusalem Post yesterday described 4000 Christians meeting on the shores of the Dead Sea and claiming to be fulfilling Bible prophecy. According to the JP article by Josiah Daniel Ryan, the 4000 were […]

Gilad Shalit and Sukkot 2009

Was surprised on Friday when The Jerusalem Post announced that Israel had received a video tape showing an alive-and-well Gilad Shalit– in exchange for the release of 20 Palestinian women. (Shalit is an Israeli soldier captured in a cross-border raid by Palestinians almost three years ago. The fact that a much more powerful Israeli government […]

Letterman Without a Laugh

Long time, late night host and comedian, David Letterman told his audience last night that he has had sexual relations with members of his staff. CNN story. The story needs to be made public, he said, since he had appeared earlier in the day before a Grand Jury to give testimony in an extortion case. […]

Blasphemy Day

An online CNN article yesterday recognized the first organized “Blasphemy Day.” Marked by the slogan “Nothing is Sacred,” and part of a “Campaign for Free Expression, the day was set to coincide with the 5th anniversary of a Danish’ newspaper’s publication of cartoons that so offended followers of Islam. The sponsoring group claims 100,000 international […]

Marital Submission and Sacrifice

Lately, I’ve asked a few husbands I know whether they make a practice of telling their wives what to do. The question usually gets a smile that acknowledges something I suspect. Most of us know that the apostle Paul calls a husband the head of his wife and urges wives to submit to their husbands. […]

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