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Price Check

What’s it worth to you? I’ve been asked that a couple of times when trying to figure out if I wanted to buy someone’s old stuff at a garage sale or flea market. This time around, I’m far more uncomfortable with the question. Have been trying to work up the courage to write… “What would […]

Waking Up to Life

We can live and yet be dead. We can think we are awake and yet be asleep. Death can be like sleep. Sleep can be like death. (Eph 2:1; Rom 13:11). But sometimes as our eyes slowly open and focus, we find ourselves taking a fresh breath of air that, as it turns out, was […]

Was I Snoring?

Sometimes I feel like I’m about to wake up. Then I go back to sleep. For instance, when I hear Jesus say to his troubled disciples, “He who has seen me has seen the Father…Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me… [the day is coming when you […]

A Lost Commandment?

The other day someone gave me a book that has gotten my attention. It’s called, Love Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus by Gaylord Enns. I was skeptical at first. Expected a predictable rehash of a subject we’ve all heard a lot about. But the author told his own story of brokenness in a […]

Jesus and Health Care

I have no interest in using this space to argue the partisan issues or perspectives of the current national health care issue. What I would like to talk with you about is whether fair and affordable health care for everyone is something that followers of Christ should be concerned about. Are we responding with the […]

What if…in Heaven?

Because the book of Revelation foresees the merging of heaven and earth in ways that will be far better than we have ever known… What if– heaven turns out to be far more like this world than we expected, but far beyond what we have ever imagined? What if…we are headed for a heaven on […]

Too Good to Be True?

Hey, I’ve been kicking something around and would like to get your thoughts. We’ve all heard it said over and over, that “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is… ‘too good to be true.’ Don’t drink the “Kool-Aid”… In one respect, most of us probably accept the warning as a matter […]

For Better or Worse

Imagine leaving home, never to return, without knowing where we are going… except that our destination has been promised to be “far better”… In some ways that’s what Abraham and Sara did. God asked them to leave an ancient home in modern Iraq– without telling them for where (Gen 12:1; Hebrews 11:8). Is it different […]

Bragging Rights for Losers

The reality television series known as “The Biggest Loser” is in its eighth season. Once again contestants are competing for a cash prize and bragging rights for losing the most weight. Much of the program’s appeal lies in the personal hopes and struggles of contestants that viewers can identify with. Making winners out of losers […]

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