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Too Good to Be True?

Hey, I’ve been kicking something around and would like to get your thoughts.

We’ve all heard it said over and over, that “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is… ‘too good to be true.’

Don’t drink the “Kool-Aid”…

In one respect, most of us probably accept the warning as a matter of wisdom—except when some shrewd person has gotten our trust to the point that we are ready to put money on an unbelievably good opportunity.

So here’s what I’m wondering: What does this “common sense” do to those of us who believe in the ultimate good news that Christ died for our sins? What does it do to our credibility and to the ability of others to believe it when we say that, according to The Book, God now offers– to anyone who will trust him… “everything that is His”… forever…in a renewed heaven and earth…as a gift… with no hook of fine print buried in the offer…?

How do we counter… what we usually regard as common sense that no smart person would deny… when the issue is what we know is so good… it’s true… ?

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91 Responses to “Too Good to Be True?”

  1. Lively says:

    I don’t think the Bible indicates that a Christian’s life will be easy… If anything, there are some aspects that are not “good” at all! There’s good reason it’s called, “taking up the cross.”

    For me, it’s love. It’s the one other thing I can think of that defies logic. There’s a point that you have “put skin in the game” in a relationship – up until that point, most people keep something in reserve, but there must be a tipping point; a point that defies all logic and you give absolute trust knowing that if you’ve made the wrong decision you’re in for a world of hurt – and when you’re talking about God, an eternity of hurt.

    Emotions are funny things, they are real, they can cause actual physical “symptoms” yet, they are (mostly) chemical reactions in the brain according to scientists. But, love, faith, trust, justice, mercy, and grace are for the most part, emotional responses to external factors. But, only love and faith have no real “logic” behind them. In my opinion, it’s an unfathomable mystery why anyone would allow themselves to be completely vulnerable to another person, let alone a “nebulous deity” that we can’t see, touch or hear. Yet, we do and we almost always chalk it up to love. When we fall in love everyone accepts that it is neither logical, nor reasonable. Yet, when we fall in love with our Lord some will condemn the lack of logic and reason.

    How often do we chuckle at someone we know who is making a fool of himself over a girl? We shake our heads with solemn knowledge that it is just too good to last, the first blush of love will wear thin when the real world crashes in. But, how many of us know and even envy couples who against all odds manage to keep that absolute devotion to one another? And, when asked, how many of those couples will tell you it is hard work and everyday they recommit themselves to one another?

    Is it too good to be true; no. It’s hard work and commitment to illogical, unreasonable love – be it a life partner or God.

    But, that’s just my viewpoint from down here :-)

  2. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Good Day, Mart, Bob(NC) and Stacy.

    When I first found out about Jesus it was not emotional or Love it was all logical. As you know I was 15 and a into science and StarTreck and all that stuff at the time.
    A man of Science explained the Universe and God and Jesus in terms I could relate to and it suddenly seemed so obvious to me that God existed and that Jesus died and rose again.
    Even though I came to Jesus logicaly (as Mr Spoc would say) I knew Him as a person and a friend from the word go.
    Stacy, you said
    “In my opinion, it’s an unfathomable mystery why anyone would allow themselves to be completely vulnerable to another person, let alone a “nebulous deity” that we can’t see, touch or hear.”

    Before I met Him I did see God as a “nebulous deity” then He told me His name and revealed Himself to me as a friend and the brother I always longed for.

    Before I met Jesus I used to lie on our old shed roof and look at the stars. We had old victorian gas street lighting in the area so the sky was very clear. I could see nothing but stars as my field of vision blocked out all the earth. I felt like I was flying through the stars and also felt that I did not belong on Earth, like I was left here by some creatures from outer space. When I understood who God was and met Jesus I was suddenly made complete and then could look up at the sky knowing my real Daddy was up there and that is where I belonged.
    It is FAITH that allows us to know and see God for who He is and to believe that the “too good to be true” promises He makes to us are the reality of this universe and all else is just mere candy floss/window dressing.
    When we begin to understand, like Paul, that what we cannot see is real and what we can see will not last, we begin to LIVE and Boldly go where no person has gone before.(lol) Not strickly true as Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place for us etc.


  3. Mart De Haan says:

    I just checked on the “Forum” option that some have requested and our administrator told me that there is a discussion forum option on our BeenThinking Facebook page. I shut my Facebook account down some time ago because I didn’t think I could keep up with the contacts. But looks like I need to grow-up, sign-up,and check out whether this is going to work for us.

  4. hopewriter says:

    Hi Mart!
    I have two comments to make about the topic.
    In Hebrews 11:1, the Bible says: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” I have been blessed with the substance, the evidence, and growing faith. Nothing can shake me from my faith.
    About something being good and true:
    I recently had a discussion with a Christian friend who was telling me that I was too naive, looking at the world with rose-colored glasses. The truth is I’m a person who always looks for the good. In people and situations. My expectations often manifest in good. The basis for me looking for the good is Romans 8:28 “And we know that in ALL (emphasis mine) things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”
    Needless to say, I had to guide my Christian friend on her logical, worldly attitude.

  5. Lively says:

    The earthly love of my life began as a friendship, pondering back – I think it’s fair to say that’s how it started with God, too. Then I put “flesh in the game.”

    I was going to clarify my use of “nebulous deity” but, since Bob got what I meant, I guess I don’t need to :-) And, Bob – I know well the feeling of not belonging here. As a child, I dreamed that this world was just a dream and when I woke up from my dream, this world was just a fleeting nightmare.

    One last thought – I am grateful that God blessed us with the ability to love, Him and our fellow man as well. Aside from Jesus, I think love is His greatest gift to us.

  6. poohpity says:

    If I may respectfully disagree, Lively. I fully believe that those things you listed as “emotional responses to external factors” are actually actions words not emotions. For instance “love” is a “commitment” to seek the highest good of the someone. Faith is a gift from God to “believe” in the unseen. Trust is giving your heart fully to the care of someone. Justice is a moral rightness. Mercy is the action of not having to experience the consequences that are appropriate for the behavior. Grace is undeserved mercy.

    Usually most confuse the passion they feel by the chemical firing in the brain as love. We allow “emotions” to dictate our behaviors. Passion dies but it can be ignited again but when you are committed to someone you will “make” every attempt to fan those coals of passion. Some when the passion dies give up and go else where.

    I believe with the Lord when we have made a commitment to follow God no feelings will determine our relationship with Him. It is a “knowing” that He is truth and no one else can satisfy that longing but Him. God asked us to test what He says to be truth. That is when the things of God “prove” to be “too good to be true” but they really are.

  7. rokdude5 says:

    I, too, would take a step back if something is too good to be true. How do any one over that kind of skepticism? You cant take God for a “test drive”. He isnt some sort of genie that will grant us our wishes.

    Though God chose us first (Joh 15:16), we have to make some sort of cognitive choice of whether we are sinners and we need Jesus to save us from our eternal peril. It boils down to – faith – and faith alone. Believing in something though there is no proof of its existence and that though it may sounds like its too good to be true, it IS TRUE! RJ

    PS Here’s another “common sense” idea…Early bird gets the worm but…..how come its the second mouse that gets the cheese?

  8. Godmakesmeable says:

    A quote from Matthew Henry is, “When I cannot feel the faith of assurance, I live by the fact of God’s faithfulness.” I like that.

  9. Godmakesmeable says:

    I also just heard the song, “Praise you in the Storm” by Casting Crowns! Love IT!

  10. Godmakesmeable says:

    Isaiah 55
    Invitation to the Thirsty
    1 “Come, all you who are thirsty,
    come to the waters;
    and you who have no money,
    come, buy and eat!
    Come, buy wine and milk
    without money and without cost.
    2 Why spend money on what is not bread,
    and your labor on what does not satisfy?
    Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
    and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.

    3 Give ear and come to me;
    hear me, that your soul may live.
    I will make an everlasting covenant with you,
    my faithful love promised to David.

    4 See, I have made him a witness to the peoples,
    a leader and commander of the peoples.

    5 Surely you will summon nations you know not,
    and nations that do not know you will hasten to you,
    because of the LORD your God,
    the Holy One of Israel,
    for he has endowed you with splendor.”

    6 Seek the LORD while he may be found;
    call on him while he is near.

    7 Let the wicked forsake his way
    and the evil man his thoughts.
    Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him,
    and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

    8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
    declares the LORD.

    9 “As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    10 As the rain and the snow
    come down from heaven,
    and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
    and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,

    11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

    12 You will go out in joy
    and be led forth in peace;
    the mountains and hills
    will burst into song before you,
    and all the trees of the field
    will clap their hands.

    13 Instead of the thornbush will grow the pine tree,
    and instead of briers the myrtle will grow.
    This will be for the LORD’s renown,
    for an everlasting sign,
    which will not be destroyed.”

  11. gatormaw says:

    Hello again everyone! Its so good to be back and see all of you here, and be able to read all of your comments. Here is my 2 cents. I was raised Catholic, forced to go to church and catechism and learn about God and Jesus, etc. When I was young, I was bored by it. When I was old enough to make my own decisions, I left church and lived life on my terms. That was my first bad decision! I made many more bad decisions along the way, and looking back, I realize that those were the times when I turned my back on God. Luckily for me, he never turned his back on me! Its taken a long time and a lot of pain, but I have found my way back! Pooh, you are 100% correct in your analogy about confusing love and passion. I met a man 7 years ago who claimed to love me. I left my home and family and moved in with him, married him, and for 7 years almost had to beg him to show me that he loved me. I always felt that I was nothing more than a paycheck, housekeeper and bed mate to him. He has proved me right, even though he would continually deny it. After many tears and much prayer, I have moved on and am now starting life over again. Thankfully I have a sister who is helping me out and I am starting to feel like I am a worthy person who really does deserve to be loved. I’m not going to be in a hurry to find someone new, I’m going to let God guide me to where he wants me to be and how he wants me to live. He is the only one I know I can trust wholeheartedly and who will never let me down. My faith in God has been proven over and over again. I will never doubt his love for me, and I know he wants me to be happy. If I ever run into someone who doesn’t believe, I will only need to point to myself as proof of Gods love and unending mercy.

  12. Lively says:

    No, Pooh – you may not. I’m kidding of course. But, you know I’m going to respectfully disagree with you :-)

    1 Cor 13:4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

    13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

    It’s a beautiful verse, isn’t it?

    I don’t disagree that many mistake *lust* for love, but I would argue that passion is a fruit of love. Love and passion can coexist and should coexist. Lust, as opposed to passion is definitely a short term thing – passion can be lifelong and is almost exclusively the hand mate of love – the only exception would be passion based on hate.

    My husband used to say that love was mans extreme gratitude in keeping loneliness at bay. That “gratitude” we call love fills the void of emptiness. Now, he will say that love is not what you do because of how you feel, it what you do, despite how you feel. I think love is beyond all that, because I take to heart that *love never fails” and that is an impossibility, without God.

    I was going to touch on each of them, but changed my mind – the post would be far too long. I was sitting back looking over what I just wrote my eyes catching on verse 13, “and now these three remain: faith, hope and love. A memory came to me. It was the first time I’d taken communion since I reaffirmed my relationship with God. I was literally swept aside with emotion, had there been a place to kneel, I would have fallen to my knees, as it was I fell into my seat and wept. I wish I had the words to describe it – but they simply don’t exist. All at once, I experienced faith, hope and love swirled into one compressed inside and then exploding out – I felt like an atom bomb exploding looks. I can only assume I was blessed in being touched by the Holy Spirit.

    Mercy, justice and trust are more easily definable; they do have logic of a sort behind them – though that logic is not always the same for each person. But, love and faith and hope go beyond what Webster’s (or any other book for that matter) defines them as. For me, they go beyond the ability for words to describe – they are in part that whirlwind I experienced, they are as indescribable as light – Electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength in the range from about 4,000 (violet) to about 7,700 (red) angstroms and may be perceived by the normal unaided human eye – but, light is so much more than that.

    Light is the byproduct of some sort of energy, and I believe faith, hope and love are too, they are from the truest source – God.

  13. Lively says:

    And Mart – I keep meaning to say – in the wisdom of Mater… “get er done!” My son is going to wear out the DVD we got of Cars… Looking forward to seeing you on FB!

  14. kaliko88 says:

    Whenever I see an offer that is like that, I try to always consider the source. I did that with my own search into God. I read a lot of books and I started reading the bible again, but it was the sources that got to me; God, Jesus, the apostles and disciples, and even the authors of those books.

    So, often, when I’m at a loss to really explain my faith and belief, I tell people to look at the source, usually Jesus. Focus on Him first, because Jesus is reliable and the best picture of our faith. I also remind myself that I have to be a good source. People have to know me as a good source and I have to earn their trust as a good source. Offers are only as good as who they are coming from.

  15. dust says:


    i JUST WANTED SAY THAT YOUR WISDOM THAT IS ON THIS BLOG IS WONDERFUL AND THAT IT HELPS ME. God,s love defines who I am and whose I am (I am quoting some else).


  16. poohpity says:

    gatormaw, glad to hear the storm is clearing for you and are resting in the arms of one who thinks you are just wonderful and worth dying for.

  17. poohpity says:

    Hey Dust, welcome to the group.

    Lively, that wasn’t a disagreement it was a confirmation, lol. :-)

  18. gatormaw says:

    Pooh you brought tears to my eyes. “Worth dying for”. wow, that is such a strong statement and something I didn’t realize I needed to hear. Thank you.

  19. saled says:

    The thought of the gospel being too good to be true seems far different than the thought of a business deal that seems the same. One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Elliot: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” From the point of view of the believer, we are not taking a chance.

    I wonder about those who drank the kool-aid. It’s obvious that they followed a man to their death, but was it because of their faith in God? Some unbelievers would say that Jim Elliot drank the kool-aid also. Many of us have consumed kool-aid at church that didn’t lead to death, but neither did it fulfill its promise.

  20. xrgarza says:

    To good to be true, when it comes to my salvation, initially I must admit as a child I was taught that it was virtually a feeling.

    See I was born crippled, & I was healed just before I turned 10y/o. That night my entire family accepted the Lord as savior. 15 years later I found myself so far from God, that I denounced Christianity and anything that had anything to do with it. because I didn’t feel like a Christian due to all of my transgressions.

    When the Lord revealed Himself to me, it was like I had an Apostle Paul experience, it was then when my desire to learn what the Bible really had to say and meant, and that’s when it came to life for me. I didn’t simply take another person’s word for it.

    I don’t remember I want to say James says study yourself to be approved. It is our responsibility to seek the truth than to simply take someone else’s word.


  21. scout1 says:

    Hi Mart and Everyone:

    Common sense is a hard thing to overcome when it is a daily “wisdom” that we are suppose to use.

    But when it comes to the wonderful promises that Jesus gave us for redemption and heaven -it does sound “to good to be true.” I know that sometimes I have a hard time helping others that aren’t believers to understand the gifts that salvation brings. It’s like trying to wrap your mind around the thought of God. As humans, if we can’t even completely comprehend God, how could we possibly comprehend the gifts we will get in Heaven? I think the answers lie in revelations from the Holy Spirit and the hope and assurance of promises in His Word. When it comes right down to it, just realizing the payment that was made for our sins, makes any gift or reward just an “extra”. The hope of being with Jesus is the ultimate reward. That’s what I hope people that are non-believers will believe.

  22. Lively says:

    Scout1 –

    I had to laugh at your remark about common sense. One of my oldest friends used to tell me, “if you had any common sense you’d be dangerous.” And, she was right :-)

  23. sisterbecee says:

    sisterbc Friday ,March5,2010
    Hi! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share
    my comment.
    Since I’m so longwinded, I’ll attempt to shorten this.
    When you’ve been loved by the best , i.e. Jesus, the
    Christ, the Son of the only living God, you – I find it difficult to try to compare Him to anyone or anything.
    First, He healed me at the age of about three and a half
    of polio in the early fifties when polio was killing people and paralyzing others. I was paralyzed by
    that monster called polio from the waist down.
    Mom had exhibited her strong faith in Jesus by living
    as a Christ follower. I saw and heard her kneel beside my bed, pray for my healing or for God’s will to
    prevail, read the WORD of God every single day and night. She taught me how to pray and to be diligent.
    She let me know that I may never walk again,yet Jesus
    would remain my best friend and source of joy for as long as He chose to keep me living.
    Again, because people were dying of polio myelitis,
    neither mom nor I knew if my life would be taken
    or spared. Still , Jesus and mom became my best
    friends. When mom wasn’t beside my bed, Jesus became
    very real to me.
    Oh, but one nightI heard a voice say,”IN the morning
    you’re going to walk”.
    I called to my mother and told her that I KNEW
    that in the morning, I would walk !”
    I can never know the joy and probably the uneasiness
    my mother felt. However, the next morning, I stepped
    out of that bed and began to run all over that second floor flat,yelling, ” Mommy! I can walk !!!!!!!! ”

    So you see, at a young age, Jesus, the Christ, the
    Son of the only LIVING GOD afflicted me or allowed
    me to be afflicted me, spoke to me and healed me.

    “For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”
    John 3:17
    It was good that I was afflicted so that I could
    know Him, talk to Him, hear His Word read to me,
    be prayed to and for and be taught to pray.
    What a WONDERFUL SAVIOR, to love me so much,He took
    no chances in my not finding Him.
    He Found Me!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you , all of you beautiful people for sharing
    and bearing with this testimony.
    Jesus is the best One that ever happened to me !!!!!!!

  24. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Wow sisterbecee,

    I have actually been amazed by the comments on here today but you have just blown my mind with your testimony!
    “Too Good To Be True?” How can we even begin to comprehend God’s Love.

    “What a WONDERFUL SAVIOR, to love me so much,He took
    no chances in my not finding Him.
    He Found Me!!!!!!!!!!”

    Thats not “too good to be true” it is “THE TRUTH THAT IS TOO GOOD”

    Gospel literaly means “good news” and I thank God also that He found me!
    Yes Face Book would be a good forum, but I to find it rather a “difficult” media to work with. Too many “friends of friends” wanting to be your “friend” all the time.
    It would be so nice to have a place to just chat about “life stuff”, daily living things that make us tic as people and can cause us more pain and grief than the so called “big issues” in our lives.
    you never cease to amaze me. Sometimes you agrivate me by your statements and sometimes you are a shear joy to my soul.

    ” poohpity says:
    March 5, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    gatormaw, glad to hear the storm is clearing for you and are resting in the arms of one who thinks you are just wonderful and worth dying for.”

    That statement is inspired by The Holy Spirit!
    And inspired me to.
    Either I am changing or the nature of this blog is changing because it is now, to me, becoming a source of learning, wisdom, and helps direct my thoughts towards the Man who gives us Life.
    Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Holy One of israel, My God and King, who Died as Rose again and is the First Born of many Brethren, you and me!


  25. SFDBWV says:

    ” Too Good to be True ”

    I would have imagined if Adam and Eve would have had an adversary whispering in their ear, that may have been the drum sound they may have heard….Eden, “Too Good to be True.”

    Because we all have had the taste of deceitfulness, somewhere in our lives we all for the most part have become jaded to the world.

    In the world, empty promises and lies have made most all good things sound questionable.

    The promises we have recieved from Jesus Christ, came to us here in this world, but from someone who is bigger than this world. Jesus offers us everything and asks nothing in return, except believing Him.

    The used car salesman or snake oil salesman always offers a great sounding deal, but it costs *you* something.

    The Great I AM, the Christ, this man Jesus of Nazareth, offers us everything, asks for nothing and payed the price Himself.

    We need to leave our cynical thoughts at the door, and with a heart filled with gratitude enter into His rest.

    sisterbecee, Thank you for your testimony, you also Xavier.


  26. Lively says:

    Bob and anyone else not comfy with facebook – you can tweak your settings so it is very private.

    Hopefully this isn’t against the forum rules, if it is – I’ll say sorry right now.

    I’m on there (and a fan of Been Thinking) if you want some help with the settings to tweak your account so you’re almost invisible you can find me on the “friends” list on this sites fan page. Actually, it might be the only way you can find me there, my settings are pretty locked down :-)

  27. chfranke says:

    WOW! Every post on this subject has been…well, “too good to be true.” :-) Each one took my breath away or brought tears to my eyes or hit right between them. I’m sitting here absorbing the truth of your posts.
    Thank you Lively for your comments about FB. When Mart mentioned that as a possibility, I had mixed emotions. On the one hand, this site is a treasure that people need to ask about, seek for, and knock on the door to get in (Matthew 7:7). On the other hand, we need to make disciples of all people (Matthew 28:19). May God guide Mart in his path.

  28. Ted M. Gossard says:

    Good question, Mart!

    Reminds me of Tremper Longman III’s NICOT commentary on Ecclesiastes which I’ve been working through. I’ve come to buy his take that Qoheleth would be in the camp of saying that Israel’s traditional wisdom just doesn’t line up with reality. Indeed, too good to be true.

    If people can see it in terms of not only what they get beginning in this life and ultimately, but also God’s calling in Jesus to follow him into the hard places and bring his salvation and kingdom there, I think that can help. It’s about God’s salvation of the world, his new creation in Jesus which touches all things. So that a problem which is front and center and evident to all (except some who by their religion may want to deny evil and trouble) has an answer from God through Christ. An answer to which we in Christ are part of the solution here and now.

  29. Ted M. Gossard says:

    ….let me add to be fair to the commentary here, that Longman sees another sage as bracketing what amounts to a long quotation by Qoheleth, and giving words of correcting wisdom at the end. This is reflected well in the second edition of the NLT (not the first), understandable since Tremper Longman is(or at least has been involved, as I recall) on the NLT translating team.

  30. rxman says:

    I was just wondering how many people come to Christ out of fear. I know growing up in a Christian home, my first thought was I don’t want to go to hell so I better get some fire insurance. Only later did my understanding grow beyond that. I wonder if this has clouded my relationship with God over the years?

    I also would like to thank all that contribute to this blog. Many good questions and insights to things I’ve never thought about.

  31. poohpity says:

    rxman, I came to Christ because I truly wanted to be forgiven for my sins not because I wanted to go to heaven. Eternity was a after thought, not that it was not important but at the time it was not. Forgiveness continues to be the most important thing to me because I need it daily. Eternity is like the icing on the cake but walking daily with the closeness of Christ knowing that He loved me so much that He took the penalty for all the wrong I did, and will do. It is still the most important thing to me. Nobody ever has given so much for me and loved me like that and has excepted me for who I am but Jesus.

  32. poohpity says:

    “accepted” not “excepted”.

  33. bubbles says:

    kingsdaughter (Dale) Know that I prayed for you today.
    Wish I could give you a hug. ♥

  34. Anna777 says:

    When I think of the statement “If something is too good to be true, it probably is.” is something I’ve always associated to con games, “snake oil” salesmen, or super charged marketing. Someone taking advantage of a person’s weakness or greed.

    When I think of Jesus I think of the scripture from 1John 1:5 that says “This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in him there is no darkness at all.” (NASB)

    I love that when I share the plan of Salvation with someone, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that God is who he says he is. There is no deception in the way God has revealed his plan to us through his Word. There is no shifting shadow. I love that our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is so personal. When I accepted Christ I was so overwhelmed with just the thought of his forgiveness, all I could think about was my new life in Christ. I probably don’t think about Heaven as much as I should! I love reading Revelations, and I am sure Heaven will be beyond my wildest dreams. What I have now, my relationship with God through his Son, is more than I could ever have hoped for when I was lost.

    The other day I was talking to my granddaughter about Heaven, and she said “Mimi – (her name for me) what if when we get to Heaven it’s just really plain and not what we think it is?” I told her that it will be more than we can imagine because we will be with God and we will be able to join hands with all believers in worship of the King of Kings. I also read to her the description of what God’s Word says about Heaven. My mind can’t comprehend it.

  35. Godmakesmeable says:

    I think the question to ask yourself is:

    What is worthy of risk?

  36. foreverblessed says:

    To good to be true? When I look at nature, it looks so good! To good to be true! It is impossible that all the creation just happened to be. Out of nothing comes something, that cannot be done. There is a Course of everything. And when you look at nature, I saw orchids yesterday, many flowers on 3 plants, they all were so delicate, and soft, and full of texture. To good to be true.
    So if that which His hands did make is so beautifull, then must the Source of all this not be much more beautifull and alltogether lovely?

  37. SFDBWV says:

    Please excuse my ignorance. I need to ask the question, as to why there needs to be a different place from which we communicate to each other?

    A forum? Why?

    We always get off subject here on BTA, it seems to be ok until people get personaly nasty. Then Mart deletes it so as not to continue the anger or to cool things down a bit.

    Personaly I have very little time to spend communicating on the computer. This venue has worked for me.

    I am just confused a bit, wondering how a different site would be better?

    Open to be informed and less confused…


  38. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Hi Steve

    I think some of us just want a place to chat about the daily routine etc. Like you and Stacy share about the snow fall and sometimes I want to share about the storms we have and then there are other little things that are very much off topic.
    Although we share problems and hurts on here “Been Thinking About” is realy set up for Bible discussion and learn from each others input.
    Maybe I am wrong in my thinking and this is a place to share ourselves, warts and all.


  39. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Only Mart really knows what the aims are and as you said Steve, he also has the final editing say as to what appears here.

  40. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I think also we enjoy the fellowship we have on here and want more of the same.
    Like me there are others who live alone and just need to know there is a place to come for a chat and get an online hug occasionally.


  41. foreverblessed says:

    sorry, spelling wrong:there is a Cause for everything see post on 4.11 am (that sounds very early, but we live in a different time zone, I am not an early morning person, but it is so encouraging that overhere I am really an early person)

    sisterbecee, thank you sooo much for sharing your story. That is really encouraging!

    I understand what Steve means: another blog to participate, we do not have the time to do that.
    But on the other hand, I would like to know what Lively had to go through, she does not want to share this in the open.

  42. SFDBWV says:

    One of the unique things about this web site, is that people who participate, do so while adding their personal presence to each comment.

    If this site were only and restricted to bible study, it would not be the success it has become. Nor would it be so inviting to join in and share.

    We all are on a journey through life. Each of us has many stories about who we are and why we have come to whatever place in life we are at the moment.

    The topics Mart puts up gives us an oportunity to dicuss our thoughts on them while perhaps sharing experiances that may surround the subject.

    That makes for interesting reading as well as healing within the whole of us.

    Because of the tinderbox of emotions that can be generated by political issues. Sometimes it has been difficult to say what we feel, for fear of upsetting someone. I don’t see how being in a different site would be any different. Either we expose our preferences as well as our prejudices, or we hide ourselves behind the wall of anonymity. Or we just be honest with ourselves and everyone else, anywhere we find ourself.

    The person you all have come to know as SFDBWV is who I am. There are going to be some personal things I will never share with you, no matter where we talk. But for the most part I have hid nothing, here on BTA.

    I am courious as to what would be different on a different site, that may enhance our ability to *open up*.

    By the way Bob, I send you a hug from the snow capped top of West Virginia. Still 30 inches of snow on the ground.

    Foreverblessed, I sure hope we don’t get graded on spelling or grammer…I ain’t never done too well in either.


  43. plumbape says:

    Steve you are getting off topic, lol! OK…OK I won’t start something. You make a good point. I have wanted to go off topic so I just post it on a different topic on this site. If people look at the “recent comments” at the bottom of the page they can follow the thread if they are with in the last ten posts.

  44. poohpity says:

    I for one really respect the idea of staying on a specific topic and hearing the voices of so many. This is not a counseling site it was formed for a reason and half the time folks have a hard time staying focused on the topic at hand. There are different places to talk about other subjects like FB or other sites to meet people and share daily struggles but the fact remains that the host which I believe is a Godly man and open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit started this site to discuss specific topics.

    I have yet to see one topic that all the posts talk about it. They trail off in many different directions with many different purposes so if folks can not go by the guidelines on here can you just imagine the free for all that there would be on an open forum. I am guilty as the next for going off topic but I like the security of knowing that someone will come along and bring us back to focus.

    So I say this with humor, that it would be “Too Good to be True” for us to stay on topic. LOL :-)

  45. SFDBWV says:

    Michael, I am usualy on the fly when I set down and post, sorry to say I almost never go back to old topics and see the added thread. I have, and am usualy supprised to see how many *new* people have something to say.

    If I get some time I will go backward in time and see what else you may have wanted to say…just so I can keep up.


  46. poohpity says:

    I rest my case! The troubles of going off topic, feelings get hurt and people get misunderstood.

  47. xrgarza says:


    I simply don’t operate out fear I never have; it’s usually more out of pride and logic. Don’t get me wrong; they tried to scare me straight. You see when I was 26y/o this was my prayer. “I might as well accept the fact that when I die, I will spend eternity in hell, because I don’t have what it takes to be a goody two Christian” That day I denounced Christianity and everything that went with it.

    Till the day that the Lord showed up five years later, just before He showed up, instead of praying I was yelling at my dad who died when I was 13y/o. not out of anger but out of frustration, “was this my reward for doing good?” I kept asking. He took the answers to the grave with him, as if he had the answers.

    The Bible say’s that the truth will set me free, once I knew the truth I no longer had to believe the lie. I knew that the lie offered a lot of confusion and the Bible tells’ me that the Devil is the author of all confusion. So today I know that I am a sinner saved by grace, and that I will continue to sin, but I will also die daily. And when I sin, I don’t have to worry about the condemnation or the guilt that Satan offers as a reward, I need to simply pick myself up and continue.

    Don’t get me wrong I am not condoning blatant sinning, Apostle Paul said where there is sin Grace abounds, should we simply sin more to have more grace, absolutely not.

    Steve, I agree with you on the forum, I’m not sure how it would be used or differently, often times when Mart takes an extra day or so before posting a new topic, this medium virtually becomes an open forum.


  48. plumbape says:

    Steve, I didn’t mean specifically, at this time….
    but in the past I have wanted to discuss something with someone and so I just posted it on another topic. ie; I had a some what long discussion with our friend daisy and the issue was long past. I did have to get her attention on the current topic ( which was off topic ) then we continued on the other page. poohpity was a part of it also.

    I guess I have assumed that once there is a new post then we can continue to speak on that previous page with a little more leniency. Not as many blog police,lol.

  49. poohpity says:

    Just exactly what are you trying to say to me, LOL. :-)

  50. gatormaw says:

    Pooh, you said this is not a counseling site, but reading the posts here has been the best therapy I could ever find!

  51. foreverblessed says:

    Anna, you wrote: also read to her the description of what God’s Word says about Heaven.
    Can you do that again over here? I qwas thinking, what is there in the bible about Heaven, and maybe the last week has been intensive, but I can’t think of it. Only the last chaptre of Revelation comes in mind.
    But it must be to good to be true.
    The first thing that will be so good, is that the adversary is not there. The constant voice that tries to confuse, in my own mind, in relations, in the kontakt with other people, misunderstand what you try to say, who hear something else.
    What a relief that will be!
    But we do not get ready for heaven unless we have gone through the valley of the shadow of death here on earth. There is no other way. As some already have written here.
    But that is worth the risk!

  52. poohpity says:

    gatormaw, that is because Jesus is the Mighty Counselor when we are in His word it just pops out all over. I get it here too because we are talking about His words.

  53. SFDBWV says:

    When I first read the topic, I was completely lost concerning the Kool-Aid comment. I just didn’t get it.

    Then like Jethro in the old Beverly Hillbilly show, *ding* the bell rang and I remembered the Jonestown horror.

    It is interesting that JIm Jones *created* his own brand of church.

    Without the checks and balances of structured denominations. He had none to answer to for his activities. Like many dictators the lacky’s that worked for him depended on him for their special status. How very similar to Judas some were in stealing from the treasury.

    The poor people of Jonestown put their trust in the wrong man.

    The utopia he presented to them, may have started out sounding like the answer to everyones dreams. But they stepped ahead of the Holy Spirit and listened to the lie of the serpent. How very sad for them that they only listened to what they wanted, and not what God had said. False messiah’s, false teaching, false doctrine.

    I learned a long time ago that cults rely on their possible new converts being Biblicaly illiterate. Only a good knowledge of scripture is the defense against false teaching.

    If we are to be a witness to the world, then we have to be present in the world, not hid away.

    The concept of Jonestown, to me, doesn’t sound like one of the “Too Good to be True” ideals. I think seperating ourselves from the world is a spiritual action, not a literal one.

    Anyway, I am still not convinced there is a need for me to have a seperate site to talk on. Maybe for some of you, but not for me.


  54. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I am so glad you got the “Cool Aid” thing, I was going to ask as I thought it was some cultural difference as we don’t have cool aid here, maybe just as well given the poison chalace it represents.
    Our seperation is spiritual and the only cup we are to drink from is the same bitter cup that Jesus had to bear.
    But in our case His Yoke is easy and His burden is light.


  55. Lively says:

    I guess, there are some things I think of and I’d like to bounce off the people here…but I don’t want to “hijack” the topic by going so far off topic. Other times I’d love to share things that I’m not comfortable in such a public forum – they are things I’d tell my friends, but not the whole world, you know?

    I don’t think I could “open up” much more… lol Like you Steve, the “Lively” you see here is the “Stacy” the real world gets, too.

    But, if it changed the tenor of this blog, I don’t think I’d want it at all.

    o/t of the o/t topic… we got a puppy yesterday! His name is Pi. Now we have two dogs, a cranky cat, a rescue hamster and a multitude of fish in our menagerie!

  56. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Mark 10:35-40 (Amplified Bible)

    35And James and John, the sons of Zebedee, approached Him and said to Him, Teacher, we desire You to do for us whatever we ask of You.

    36And He replied to them, What do you desire Me to do for you?

    37And they said to Him, Grant that we may sit, one at Your right hand and one at [Your] left hand, in Your glory (Your majesty and splendor).

    38But Jesus said to them, You do not know what you are asking. Are you able to drink the cup that I drink or be baptized with the baptism [of affliction] with which I am baptized?

    39And they replied to Him, We are able. And Jesus told them, The cup that I drink you will drink, and you will be baptized with the baptism with which I am baptized,

    40But to sit at My right hand or at My left hand is not Mine to give; but [it will be given to those] for whom it is ordained and prepared.

  57. poohpity says:

    Jorge, actually that was misquoted, Mark 10:38-40 says, 38″You don’t know what you are asking,” Jesus said. “Can you drink the cup I drink or be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with?”
    39″We can,” they answered. Jesus said to them, “You will drink the cup I drink and be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with, 40but to sit at my right or left is not for me to grant. These places belong to those for whom they have been prepared.”

  58. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Mark 10:38-40 (The Message)

    Jesus said, “You have no idea what you’re asking. Are you capable of drinking the cup I drink, of being baptized in the baptism I’m about to be plunged into?”

    “Sure,” they said. “Why not?”

    Jesus said, “Come to think of it, you will drink the cup I drink, and be baptized in my baptism. But as to awarding places of honor, that’s not my business. There are other arrangements for that.”

    I don’t fully understand exactly what Jesus was saying here, but Paul also told us we are to share in Christs suffering.
    I fully understand where you are coming from that is why I quoted what Jesus also said about His Yoke and Burden being light and easy.
    Paul suffered all kinds of afflictions for his faith yet counted it lightly and as nothing compared to what Jesus suffered for us and the glory that is to come.

  59. poohpity says:

    I guess misquoting scripture really demeans Jesus since He is the Word. I hope that was not a plaudit or lip service.

  60. poohpity says:

    Another scripture that is dear to me Jorge is Matthew 7:1-5; “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3″Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

  61. SFDBWV says:

    Stacy, Everybody trails off from the heart of the topic. Most try and write a segue back into the topic, but occationaly someone will break into an entirely new subject because they may need prayer or help in something weighing on their heart.

    In the time I have spent here on BTA, Mart has allowed the blog to take on a life of it’s own often. Only when people get nasty with each other have I seen Mart intervene.

    I don’t keep house pets, but have a backyard full of wild critters that have come to call my home their home. It is a mutualy enjoyable situation. They get to eat, I get to be both agrivated by and amused by their actions…I do miss having a dog though. Maybe someday.

    Jorge, I used to have a friend named Jeorge…Reverand Jeorge, since he passed away a few years ago, I hope you and he aren’t one and the same….little humor there.

    I will agree with you in that, people do try and change what the scripture says. It is a danger that bears study. If there is disagreement, and there almost always is, in what the scripture says. Then we seek other areas of scripture that may back up what we have come to understand. As well as seek the understanding of others. Together with the leading of the Holy Spirit, we gain peace about the matter, and grow in our spiritual understanding a little bit more.

    We may still disagree, but letting love be our nature, we can disagree without the trappings of anger.

    Does that sound too good to be true??? Well it is still true!!!


  62. chfranke says:

    I think Mart threw out the comment of thinking about switching to Facebook to “run it up the flagpole” and see what people would think (since he hasn’t jumped in to elaborate). The regulars on this sight (you know who you are) devote a lot of energy and time to helping others who stop by understand the deep meaning of Mart’s posts. You guys are so enlightening to the word that I think it needs to be shared with as large an audience as it can. I don’t know how that really is going to work. It sounds like chaos to me. But I know God doesn’t want us to just gather around the campfire and talk among ourselves without making room for others. We can either make the circle bigger and get a little farther from the flame or we could start other campfires. God’s got that all worked out. Mart will take the next step in faith whichever ways it goes. Yeah, there will be misunderstandings, misinterpretations, people with obsessions and closed minds, but isn’t that all part of growing and reaching out to be an influence to others and making a difference in their lives?
    God is at work through Mart and you regulars (I would list you all here but there’s too many & I know I would miss some) no matter where you are.
    We are in His service.

  63. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    You have summed up what this site is all about in a way I could only imagine.
    It has become such a blessing to me and a big part of my life and is slowly changing the way I live.
    I like what you said about the “campfire” and making room for others and as with any “fire” the sparks are able to give life to new “fires” and before we know it the whole forest is ablaze with God’s Spirit.
    Truely something is happening here and I for one will be praying that God’s will is done and that Mart will be guided into what to do next and given the Wisdom to carry it through.

    Numbers 14:14 (New King James Version)

    …and they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land. They have heard that You, LORD, are among these people; that You, LORD, are seen face to face and Your cloud stands above them, and You go before them in a pillar of cloud by day and in a pillar of fire by night.


  64. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Correction to above….

    It is JESUS who has changed and IS changing the way I live day by day.

  65. poohpity says:

    I have to say Bob in CE it is very evident the change in you that the Lord has done. It is exciting to hear.

    BTA has been on facebook for a while now. I have got to see several folks from here on there. It is fun to connect a face to the words and to chat for a moment.

  66. poohpity says:

    There is nothing wrong with change but I hope this blog stays the same. Why change something when it is not broken. We can have both, yea!!!!

  67. Mart De Haan says:

    Chuck, you’re right. In mentioning Facebook I was just trying to respond to those who were asking for an additional Forum that, as I understood it, would allow more time and options to following individual thoughts or questions that “a group” might be interested in.

  68. kaliko88 says:

    Actually, I don’t often see the comments here as off-topic. It’s all connected if only because it helps us see each other more fully. Sometimes this blog reminds me of Pilgrim’s Progress. We keep picking up new people along the journey who come from different places and circumstances, and we learn something new about them and ourselves. But we’re all, hopefully, going to the same place. Together.

    I need to read that book again. It’s my favorite.

  69. phpatato says:

    Good Monday afternoon everyone

    Just wanting to touch on a topic that is off topic to “Too Good to be True”…it’s about having another forum.

    I was led to this site by the Holy Spirit. Of that I have no doubt. It has been such a blessing to me and I thank God for Mart and everyone who posts here. I feel as though I am back in school with everything that I am learning. I am being richly fed with the topics Mart starts, the comments and insights that everyone gives and even the research that I feel compelled to do. Case in point is the topic at Christmastime about the Magi. It never occured to me that the wise men and the shepherds were different from each other and even happened at different times. I am thankful that Beenthinking is a TEACHING AND LEARNING forum. I make a point of coming to school everyday even though I don’t post.

    I have, on occasion, witnessed people being “chided” if they stray off-topic. I for one, become intimidated and fearful that should I say something that isn’t on-topic, I will be reminded of that and will be “put back in my place”. It’s as though I will be sent to the prinicipal’s office for passing a note behind me. I have so wanted to add something to what was said “off-topic” but didn’t. I just clicked out of the site with a sigh. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing that there is control over off-topic wanderings; a line must be drawn.

    If I may be permitted to assume: I believe that Lively, Bob in England, Dale and others (me included) are wanting to keep this Beenthinking site as a TEACHING AND LEARNING forum, but I am thinking what we are wanting is someplace else to go to in order to just “unwind”..a place where there isn’t a structured topic. It is so hard to find a blog forum where one can KNOW that what you’ll find is BIBLE BELIEVING-GOD LOVING-CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters; and not one where you’ll be subjected to what the typical internet blog sites are full of (and I don’t have to give examples of what you often read the sentences there are punctuated with).

    I am hoping that, like Pooh, this blog stays EXACTLY the same…being able to give our life experience thoughts on the topics that Mart feels led to post (as well as pictures and subsequent comments of what it is like to live in West Virginia during the winter of 2009-2010). ;-) Luv ya Steve

  70. Lively says:

    php – you hit the nail on the head!

  71. Lively says:

    Hmm, Mart – I have an idea – but I’m not sure how to send a message to you… help?

  72. pegramsdell says:

    I believe this is a unique blog. I believe most of the time it is led by God. I am with you Pooh. And Php.

  73. foreverblessed says:

    About another forum, this one is open to everybody. Some topics are not meant for new-comers in Christ. When I was young in Christ, I did not have to hear that you are like a cup of wine being poured out to help others (Oswald Chambers). I first had to have the love of Christ growing in me, more and more fully.
    So, beginners still need milk, some topics are to much meat. the schripture is in Hebrews somewhere.
    I hope Mart will be led in the way he should go.

  74. refump says:

    Salvation is often portrayed as a “too good to be true” free gift which requires nothing of us except to accept this gift. But wait, are there strings attached? Will much be required of us once this “free gift” has been accepted? Will my bank account show a $14.99 a month deduction if I accept the “free membership” to this club? Do we need to “count the cost” as Jesus had his disciples do before they followed Him? What does counting the cost really mean & what is the cost? Is it a trade off for “no hell”? Having grown up in the “fire & brimstone” era I can relate to the initial motivation of fear in accepting Christ as Lord & Saviour, as Rxman mentioned in his blog. It has been a long journey that continues today in “working out my salvation” passed the initial fear event & too good to be true presentation I heard but these are difficult issues to get past in understanding what God really wants is a relationship with me in which He can show His love for me & I in turn show my love for Him because “I love Him because He FIRST loved me”.( as you can see I still have lots of questions to get through, however).

  75. admin says:

    Join the “Facebook” discussion on Facebook.

  76. foreverblessed says:

    But what is the difference with facebook, isn’t that public too? Or is that private?

  77. Lively says:

    It’s sorta private, forever – but not totally.

  78. foreverblessed says:

    Hi Deborah, see your face now, what a difference with the picture I had created in my mind. Thanks for showing.
    Imagine when we would see Abraham, and David, what would they look like, and Bathseba.
    I am not on facebook, never have been. That would be a huge step for me.
    Best wishes to the facebook!

  79. phpatato says:

    Foreverblessed….To my knowledge…..Facebook is private in that you can allow who you want to be your friends, therefore “allowing” them to see your public profile. It is public in that anybody on the internet can join or become a fan of the site, thereby permitting anybody to see what is being discussed which in turn allows them to participate in the discussion.

    I stand to be corrected.?????

  80. poohpity says:

    Facebook is where you can go to the next step to develop friendships if you wish. This blog is more anonymous than facebook. People can see your face and a little more about you as a person and some may not be comfortable with that.

    refump, I understand where you are coming from. I felt it was too good to be true for the God of all creation to forgive me and want a personal relationship with me. I really felt by other believers not being accepted into their little club and pretty soon I found myself trying to fit in with them until I have done an about face. The more I have jumped into God’s word and learned about Him I have found that everything else just sort of falls in place. Although I still have a hard time with the attitude of certain believers I am here to follow Jesus not them. I feel alone sometimes in the fact that I love people and want them to understand the unconditional love of God but there is a draw to be legalistic but Jesus always helps me understand that it is to Him I answer to and understand that He made me to be me with out all the hoopla or just wearing the name without the heart. It is a lot more simple than we may tend to think but it seems people try and make things harder than they really are. That is why I push people to just immerse their self in the word so they can find out for themselves rather than rely on anybody else but the Lord to teach them.

  81. rokdude5 says:

    In regards to Jonestown, what I think happened there was that Jim Jones was looking at Mark 16:17-18 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

    They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

    These verses do not appear in the older manuscripts which implies they were added on later but by whom, we dont know.

  82. poohpity says:

    I thought only John 8:1-11 was the only part that was not in the older texts. Jesus taught us not to put the Lord God to a test so to take one scripture which seems appropriate for Jones town but the thought of that was pointing people to the person of Jones and his leading and not to Jesus. Just a thought.

  83. phpatato says:

    In my Bible, there is a small line across the column under Mark 16:8 with these words underneath the line….”The earliest manuscripts and some other ancient witnesses do not have Mark 16:9-20″. In my Bible handbook, it states that for some unknown reason – most probably damage to very early copies of the Gospel – the best manuscripts we have of Mark end abruptly at 16:8. Verses 9-20 represent early attempts to round the Gospel off more satisfactorily.

    In John 7:53-8:11, that same line and those same words appear. In my Bible handbook, it says that although this story is quite genuine, it is unlikely that it originally belonged at the place in John. Some manuscripts place it at the end of John’s Gospel, others insert it after Luke 21:38.

    You are both right. :-)

  84. hjeremy96 says:

    To Good To Be True! What a blog! I utter snickering at the many commentaries that wrote on the posted blog! There are definitely thought-provoking & curious thinkers out there who are athirst for the Seeking of the Mysterious God! Because the Father is as the word proclaims, “For My Thoughts Are Not Your Thoughts, Neither Are Your Ways My Ways, Saith The Lord.” Isa 55:8

    In my heuristic followings of the Word Of God & embodying the Lord Jesus Christ as savor, I think a follower has to only believe in his heart that God is God-uncaused & self-existent. God doesn’t author confusion. I think the heart is the truth to all things, a person has to merely unlock the proud of their hearts in order to see the spiritual enlightenment God had already given us…then and only then It would not be– To Good To Be True.

    Jeremy : ) California!

  85. Anna777 says:

    Foreverblessed – I am so sorry for my delayed response! My husband has been in the hospital for five days and he’s still not out so I have to head back there pretty quick.

    Read Revelations Chapter 21. It is so descriptive of Heaven as it was revealed to John. I know many people are afraid of the book of Revelations. After going through it on a verse by verse study that my pastor did, my fear (as a believer) is gone. When I say that, I DO NOT mean that I don’t “fear” God – it’s is a humble awareness and respect (and submission) to/of his total awesomeness. My concern for those who are lost is greater than it ever was. According to the scripture, there is great blessing for those who read and study the book of Revelations. I know there has been for me! Remember as you read it that you are (as I know you know!) not part of those that will be judged (condemned) because you are a believer. We will have our works “evaluated” if you will at the Bemis Seat. That is, from what I understand, the “awards” ceremony where we will receive different crowns for our service to the Lord. I am hoping that we will be able to lay those crowns at Jesus’ feet. I believe we will. I always felt so fearful because I thought the “Great White Throne of Judgement” was for everyone. I couldn’t figure out why I would be there if I was forgiven! No one ever explained it! As believers our name is written in the Book of LIfe.

    As my Pastor has always said “Let the Scripture interpret the Scripture”. Don’t take my word for it, check it out (as I know you will). That’s so important as believers to keep us from “going astray and following false doctrine.

    Blessings to you Foreverblessed! Hopefully I’ll chat with you some more soon!


  86. foreverblessed says:

    Thanks Anna for answering, I had to go back and see what my question was: where in the bible is a despribtion of heaven.
    And the next topic is about heaven, what a coincidence.
    I would like to say some more on this, but it is late here, too late to mention the time.

    I hope you find heaven on earth here, while you are having these difficulties. Stay close to your Life source, He is always near us and in us.

  87. foreverblessed says:

    Where in the bible does it say something about heaven. This question stayed with me, and slowly I begin to see that heaven is all over the bible, when the good samaritan helps the injured man, that is heaven. When Joseph has forgiven his brothers who had betrayed him, that is heaven.
    When we encourage with Gods love a depressed heart, that is heaven.
    ANd so heaven is all over here on earth, even in the worst of situations. Corrie ten Boom did write a lot about it, about her time in the nzai concentration camps.
    Just have your eyes on Jesus.

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