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Has God Said?

Satan asked the question of Eve to plant a seed of doubt in her mind. But seems to me that the same question, “Has God said?” can be asked to clarify our faith.

What if, hypothetically, I were to say to you, “My car has some brake issues that my mechanic says are very dangerous. But I don’t have the money to get new brakes, and I need the car to get to work. But I guess it’s OK. God has given me assurance that ‘every promise in the book is mine.’ I couldn’t sleep last night until I found something in Psalm 91 that jumped out at me. God gave me the words, ‘Because you have made the LORD, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, No evil shall befall you’ (Psalm 91:9-10). So I’m going to trust God for the brakes until I can come up with the money”’.

In response someone says to me, “Hey, there’s something that doesn’t sound right about that. Has God really said that you won’t have an accident that could hurt someone else or your self, because you’re putting your trust in God?”

Has God said? Another way of saying that is, “Do the Scriptures really mean that?” Are we sure?

Seems to me that anyone with a high view of the Word of God would want to be extremely careful about saying, “God said…”

Isn’t it far safer to “keep our thoughts to ourselves when we are not sure whether the impression that we want to believe is really from the Lord?” Even if it turns out that the thought was from the Lord, is it right to talk about it as if it is equal to the inspired Scriptures?

Is there any reason why we can’t ask God to help us to learn from every promise in the Book… to remind ourselves what God can do… but not necessarily assuming that it is what he is going to do in our circumstances.

Isn’t it better to ask questions like who did God make this said to, when, where, why? Did the assurance you have when you read this mean that God was really giving you the assurance that you could drive on bad brakes without putting yourself and others at risk of something tragic?

Couldn’t the conversation move ahead on safer ground even if I said something like, I was reading Psalm last night and “It seemed to me that God was saying to me…” Or “I had a strong impression that reminded me of another Scripture that says….” At least then we could talk about the difference between knowledge of what God can do, the principles of wisdom, and what God has actually said.

Has God said? So much is in the motive. Those words can be said carelessly, intentionally to deceive, or carefully and purposefully to make sure that we are not putting words in God’s mouth that he would never say.

More than a few have made ruin of their faith not only by listening to a “has God said?” from the devil…but by not listening to a “has God said?” from a friend.

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93 Responses to “Has God Said?”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Mart you have said a lot here, so it may take more than one post to answer fully.

    Any person who reads the Bible must take into them the teachings and lessons given to them from God through the lives and experiances of the men and women He chose to teach through.

    As well as the books of wisdom, outlined in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, and so poeticaly versed in the Psalms.

    Books and teachings of instruction from the Holy Spirit given by Paul and Peter and James and John and others.

    Just to hypotheticly speak to your demonstration of the person with bad brakes…What does wisdom say to do in such a situation? I would say wisdom says fix the brakes…God will bless your efforts.

    In ancient times, especialy found in Persia, it was thought that certain words had magical powers. In the Bible we can find *Power* but not *magic*.

    God, especialy through Jesus of Nazareth, empowers us to live. He does not give us magic power to incant out our wishes.

    In the earliest writings of Paul the members of the Corinthian church were confused as to why thoes among them who had converted to the faith had died.

    If the writings of the Bible were a magical collection of incantations…none would die nor be sick, nor be crippled, nor suffer tragic circumstances, nor suffer the brokenheartedness live will produce.

    It is written in Hebrews that “God,Who at sundry times and in diverse manners, spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets…Hath in these last days spoken unto us by His Son, whom He hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also He made the worlds.”

    God speaks to us in these last days by His Son…God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    If you have a *word from God* confirm it by these three persons of the Godhead….


  2. rxman says:

    It is interesting that Satan seems to suggest things to us when we are alone, i.e., Eve in the garden, Jesus in the wilderness. When we are alone, sometimes the thoughts that come into our head and our heart can be taken out of context and/or misinterpeted. How do we keep from reading or hearing something then taking it to a wrong or false conclusion?

    I’ve often woken up in the middle of the night and thought of something that seemed like a good idea at the time only to realize in the morning that it was really a goofy idea.

    Maybe it is a good idea to discuss “new” revelations with another Christian brother or sister. Any thoughts?

  3. pegramsdell says:

    When Christian brothers and sisters are gathered together in His Name, He will be in the midst. So, to discuss “new” revelations with our brothers and sisters in The Lord is a great idea. The Lord Himself gathered with the disciples to talk over things all the time.

    About the brakes….I would get them fixed. Maybe borrow the money till payday. To drive without brakes is not responsible.

  4. Grace48 says:

    A little more than a week ago,(funny you should use a car as an hypothetic example, Mart), found out that my car had a lot wrong with it. It’s getting too worn out. It’ll cost too much to fix anymore. Yet I need a car for the many runs to the emergency room for my daughter and for treatments.

    Sat outside of my home crying and praying because the decision to take it off the road for ours and others sakes had to be made. There are ambulances and there are busses. But it just did not seem fair. Yet there are verses in the Bible that speak of putting others ahead of our own selves, just as well as the ones you used in your example. We believe, we read the Bible and learn, and we obey God because He does know so much better than us. That night , was one of those, “not my will, but Your’s be done” kind of prayers that faith and wisdom and experience all combine in and obedience to Jesus and His words of loving our neighbor as ourself”. Those words are a command of Jesus’and to me overrides any things I read that I may or may not wonder if they are promises or not.

    So the car will go to the junkyard and my prayers went on to God to continue to help and care for us and to show us the way to go next,because there isn’t money to repay any car loans to get a better one at the moment.
    Another tough decision,but again, wisdom learned from the Bible in finacial things and from life experiences.
    More tears and still wanting to obey God snd still praying for His help and guidance.

    Praising God for His help and care for us because my sister is getting a four-wheel drive vehicle and her car is still good and we’re getting her car. Found this out very recently.

    So in Jesus’ command kept to care about others and ourselves came a good thing again in love. In this there is no picking and choosing of verses for me, just obeying, with all of God’s help to obey. Did I consider even for some moments doing other things that would have been less than obedience? Oh, yes and it was another of those battles of the spiritual kind.

    Would I be praising God if this didn’t turn out this way?
    Yes, because a few years ago we did not have a car and God showed us His love and care through neighbor giving us rides and the good parts of walking more.

    Hope this isn’t too rambling and long.

  5. SFDBWV says:

    Susann, I don’t think your post too long, I think you have stated well, that using wisdom taught from the scripture and spoken to your heart, turns into the beginnings of blessings.. I too had to get a new car these past couple weeks. All worked out well, because it was God’s will.

    rxman, you have spoken wisely, and very well. Proverbs 11:14 ” Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety…

    The Lord taught us to come together in worship as well as prayer for each others needs. “Again I say unto you,That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)

    These Scripture verses are not magic words but are good advice that will lead to success.

    God’s will for us may end up taking us in other directions then we would prefer…But if we are listening to God, and being led by the Holy Spirit, as well as being instructed by the words of the Bible…We can have peace, in the midst of the storm.

    It was doubt that caused, Peter to sink into the sea. Because he looked at the world around him instead of keeping focused on the Lord.

    Satan wants to take our eyes off of the Lord and be vulnerable to lies and deceptions.

    What do we base our faith on?

    Is it to get everything we want? That is sinking sand. Our faith is based on Jesus Christ, our rock and our refuge.


  6. Grace48 says:

    Thanks Steve and glad that worked out well for you and your family,too.

    Was thinking on Peter and the walking on water part lately too. Was also thinking on when Jesus wanted Peter to go back out to fish and he didn’t really sound like he wanted to,after fishing all night and getting nothin, but he did anyway, out of obedience, even if it was sort of the kind of”okay, if you say so, then I’ll give it a try” type.

  7. poohpity says:

    I see so much spiritual pollution in our world today regarding the misuse of scripture. If something goes against the character of God or His principles why would we want to hold to those ideas. It seems most of the time for individual edification or individual glory.

    God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge yet satan came behind and asked why not. There are times we may not know the answers of why not just that God said, period, that is why not. Mainly the reason is because it will cause harm to someone. As you said Mart the motive is so important and the motive that satan gave Adam and Eve was to become like God. God’s reason was to prevent harm from not only that generation but from all that would come after.

    How can someone know “Has God said” when they truly do not understand the character of God. Would God tell someone to do something that would destroy lives I do not think so because He came to save them.

  8. foreverblessed says:

    Yesterday I read this:
    But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned. Matthew 12:36-37

    This verse should not make us afraid to talk, but to be sure that we are rooted and grounded in Jesus. In fact the verses before this Jesus is encouraging us to be in Him: A good man brings up things out of the good that is stored up in him,.. v35
    aa we can only be good through Jesus, we in Jesus and Jesus in us. John 17:21

    But on the other hand, we will make mistakes, and God knows that, we can repent of them and move on, knowing better what to avoid.
    So be careful, but Live, Listen and Speak (if need be).

  9. foreverblessed says:

    So it would be good if we store many good things up in ourselves: the last topic was about reading the bible, it is good to read that, and read a lot, to know more of God.
    So that we can, just like Jorge, immediately send the thought away, by knowing the scripture: we shall not tempt God.

  10. scout1 says:

    Thank you Mart for a very thought provoking topic. The Bible and the Holy Spirit are the only things we should listen to. When Jesus sent His Holy Spirit, He was to be our teacher and “guide”. I love that, but sometimes I’m not sure I completely allow the Holy Spirit to guide. My own thoughts get to loud. But words like; faith, trust and reliance are hard to grasp. These intangible strong words get laid aside sometimes when situations like you used for an example -are things that you are living through. I guess that is the point – learning is most times by doing. So, praying for help, guidance and especially decernment are a daily prayer. Also, that God’s will and not my own are on the menu for the day!
    Just thoughts!
    Blessings . . .

  11. marma says:

    Steve– I thought of Proverbs 11:14, too. I think there is that kind of consensus among believers who study and live according to God’s Word, which is why Proverbs 11:14 is such good advice to all of us.

    Scout1– I agree! Let the Holy Spirit do the applying; we need to be open to Him, and pray and listen. Often we are quick to grab a verse or verses to spiritualize a situation where we may need to trust God, but also accept the trial –whether of our own making or not.

    I’ve found that my own way of reading and understanding Scripture has changed over the years. For example:

    I was reading a little in Matthew tonight about mustard seed faith that could move a mountain. (Matt 17:20) and how that, as a young Christian, I knew I didn’t have that much faith, even, but gave to God what faith I had (as I thought of it then.) thought at the time I knew what Jesus meant, but I didn’t know why He would say that–who could measure up?

    Reading the verse tonight, I thought of other things,though, such as, the object of that faith is the Creator of the universe, our God who is all powerful. And how God has become more powerful to me recently. I thought of faith in conjunction with the will of God, and that Jesus was perhaps being metaphorical about the mountain, and maybe literal, but likely not that I should aspire to move actual mountains.

    A shaft of light came through this verse for me, but not an impetus to go out and move a mountain, but perhaps more insight on what Jesus was saying to the disciples about their need to understand how amazing God is. There’s more, but I better sign off. It’s late! I think I’ll be pondering that verse for some time.

  12. lilu1314h says:

    Thanks for the post.

    Sometime along the way, I might just forget & quote “God said…”

    A good reminder for me.

    Thank you.

  13. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Sorry I have been so long away, but very busy these days and the weather is so good here at the moment.

    When I was a “teenage” christian I remember leaving my job and going with a friend to live in Southhampton just along the coast from my home in Dorset.
    We said to our pastor that “The Lord” had spoken to us, he turned and said “well, He hasn’t spoken to me” My friend and I just looked at each other in that smug “knowing” way as if we had exclusive rights to God’s ear. Needless to say our venture was completly out of God’s will and eventually led to me falling away from the Lord.
    But like has been said on here already, we need to share our thoughts and ideas and also make sure they line up with the written word of God.
    While we should “step out” in faith like Peter when walking on water, we must also keep our focus on Jesus at ALL time.
    My motor bike has been off the road for three weeks and I got it back Wednesday. A friend kindly helped me to pay the bill.
    I had to walk to work at rediculously early hours and get the bus when it was running. I just sat back and knew God was in it all and that only good would come from it.
    Circumstances may change the praticalities of how we go about our daily lives, but they do not change the way we live, that is rooted in JESUS and God’s Word.
    Has God said… YES HE HAS!
    Love you all.

  14. SFDBWV says:

    The subject can take me in too many abstract directions. I must be careful not to stray too far.

    In the beginning, God spoke to Adam and to Eve at least we know of one occation. How did He speak to them? We assume He spoke clearly as we would speak to each other, now. Yet we have no instruction as to exactly how God spoke to them.

    Reading on we see that Enoch walked with God and as a result God took him up bodily into heaven. We also assumue God and he spoke as casualy as we do today.

    God spoke with Noah to the degree that He gave orders and instruction to construct the Ark. God Himself closing the door to the Ark.

    When Abram was called out of the land of his fathers, something began to change. Whereas God spoke to Abraham, sometimes we are told God also spoke to Abraham through visions, dreams and Angels.

    God spoke to Aaron and Moses, but when the people heard the voice of God they begged not to, and ask that only God speak to them through Moses…

    It is written that God speaks to every heart…we instictivly know right from wrong and are aware of there being more to existance than this life we live.

    Today if someone says they hear voices, and they tell someone, most likely they are thought of as mentaly ill or suffering some sort of delusional shock.

    Yet, many of us have *heard* a voice that we attribute to being from God.

    Many of us seeking answers to a current crisis find God speaking to us from the pages of scripture.

    Many of us find inner peace with a *knowing* without hearing a word, but by understanding there was a communication from God.

    Becauae we are told that God created all that exists through Jesus Christ, it makes sense that God now speaks to us through that same Jesus Christ. It also makes sense that if we are seeking God and are followers of Christ… He will speak to us, through all means available to Him.

    If someone comes to us and say’s *God has said* we are instructed by the Holy Spirit from Peter to “test every spirit”.

    Do we tell others? If we feel God has said to us…Only if we are instructed to do so, or if it gives glory to God and serves to prosper the Gospel.

    Paul tells us that some of us have the gift of prophesy. Prophesy is for the whole church, and to be told to the whole church. It pertains to everyone.

    I think also we should share our encouragements with others in order to aid in comforting them.

    But to give the impression we speak for God, or that we are somehow special, is always wrong and gives a bad witness from ourselves, and does not honor Christ.

    Everything we do we must do led by the Spirit of love…


  15. poohpity says:

    I was thinking this morning that because of those who have said they have a message from the Lord and really haven’t. It takes away from those who do actually have a word from the Lord. It feels like who do we really listen too. I know that God still speaks to those with an open heart and receptive ear but because of those who have claimed to have heard a message but really haven’t it causes doubt. What if those who truly do have a God said and nobody listens because they limit or put God in a box?

    I know there will be a day when God no longer will tell us things if no one ever listens. He probably will say, What is the use?”. I guess he has not given up on us this far but the bible does say that one day all prophesy will end and all that will remain is love.

    I would not care what anyone says as long as I can still talk with Him and He with me.

  16. xrgarza says:

    Thank you Mart, I’m enjoying all of the comments.

    I simply wanted to add without wisdom we can virtually have the scriptures say anything we want them to say.

    I use to kid with people and say that the Word says for me to live in denial, when the scripture said, “pick up your cross, deny yourself, & follow me”

    The passage “No weapon formed against me shall not prosper” is not a license to be careless, but to be careful in our ignorance.


  17. marma says:

    xrgarza — Wouldn’t it be silly to step in front of a gun claiming that verse?

    Yet, at the same time, we all know stories of God’s miraculous deliverence in places/times of persecution. (and many that weren’t–Hebrews 11)

    That deliverence was from the Lord, and not because someone “named it and claimed it” as it were.

  18. poohpity says:

    marma, I have often wondered about that “named it and claimed it”. There are many, many who believe in that. Is it really biblical?

  19. TommyO says:

    At our last Bible study, our leader suggested we do something I either didn’t know or forgot. He said when we read Scripture, keep your mind “open”, and if the Holy Spirit has something to tell you, at least one of the passages you’re reading will stand out very noticeably, and that means you should take it to heart because it has special meaning for you.
    I’m starting to do that now, and I’ll let you know how well it works….soon. (I feel this approach is similar to what everyone is discussing here, today.)

  20. SFDBWV says:

    Sorry to detour from the topic Mart, I just wanted people to know if they watch the news about the 29 miners killed in WV; When they see and hear the Governor of WV, Joe Manchin, speak. He lost uncles in the Farmington WV No 9 explosion that killed 70 men back in November of 1968.

    That when he prays with the families, it is in ernest and a genuine love for these suffering people.


  21. marma says:

    Poohpity: I think “name it and claim it” has its origins in the prosperity gospel movement — not sure when I first heard the term, but it was years ago.

    Relates well to this subject; while it is easy to see the error in naming and claiming riches or “blessings” for one’s self as the purpose of knowing Christ, claiming scripture promises out of context may be out of the same motivation.

    A Word study on how God uses His Word is definitely worthwhile. Colossians 3: 16 and II Timothy 3: 16 are good starting places. And of course, the Old Testament is chock full.

    I remember reading Psalm 119 as a young Christian and how it gives a lot of good information on how God uses His Word in our lives.

    Steve–Thanks for sharing. I sure will be praying for those families.

  22. poohpity says:

    marma, I have never found anything that even goes there myself but I thought someone else may have. I always wonder what happens to those who’s prayers seem not to be answered yet hold to their faith and remain poor to the standards of America. It always amazes me how shepherds lead their flocks down these paths and how forgotten they may feel when in reality they are so loved and not forgotten at all.

  23. marma says:

    Yes, you are right, and I wonder what happens to them too; some go on for years like that; however, there are those that wake up from that way of life to know the reality of Christ’s love for them.

  24. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Deb, You said
    “I know there will be a day when God no longer will tell us things if no one ever listens. He probably will say, “What is the use?”.”
    Made me think of the great tribulation to come when God removes His people and tries to convince mankind that He actually exists by sending plagues, earthquakes and the like, just as He had to do with the Moses and the Egyptians.
    Also you said, “I was thinking this morning that because of those who have said they have a message from the Lord and really haven’t. It takes away from those who do actually have a word from the Lord. It feels like who do we really listen too.”
    That made me think of all the sects and new religions that have sprung up over the years. They all claim to have heard God speak, like Josiah Smith of the Mormons and that guy you had at Wako in Texas
    People are so willing to believe anything that can save them by doing something and keeping to rules, like the Pharisees, but fail to see the free gift of grace in Jesus Christ that God has offered us.
    Seems we find it easier to pay penance for our sins rather rather than accept we have been saved and cleansed by the redeeming blood of Jesus, the one and only begotten son of God.

    I think I have also mention before about the Jehovah witnesses having lots of extra words added to there ‘bible’ that take away the true meaning of what God has said. How can they ever come to know the real truth and that Jesus died for them also.
    That is surely an “has God said” lie from satan.

    Thanks for getting me thinking today Deb!


  25. xrgarza says:

    marma, Yes it would very silly.

    The Bible says In Matthew 4:5-7 that after Jesus fasted for forty days he went to be tempted by Satan.
    5 Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple.
    6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written: ” ‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.'”
    7 Jesus answered him, “It is also written: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'”


    Steve, I had heard that they found one miner alive, but have not been able to confirm that you would know. Bit it is very interesting about the governor I did not know that.


  26. bubbles says:

    Sorry to veer off topic.
    By now, we are sure all of you have heard about the final 4 lost miners here in West Virginia.

    When you pray today, please pray for these families–they have had to wait 4 days to find out about their loved ones.

  27. SFDBWV says:

    Thanks Kathy, I have had computer trouble all morning and had not been able to say anything.


  28. Grace48 says:

    Poohpity and Marma, I’m praying that lots of people who might be considering going for that prosperity, name it and claim it movement,out of desperation, will read the wise words that you both wrote. Your words are both a warning and hopeful for those who “failed” in that.

    This is a very good and important topic, this whole blog topic that Mart brought up and peoples’ answers here give so much good to think on and pray on.



  29. Grace48 says:

    Will be praying for the families of the miners,too today Steve.

  30. Lady Edwards says:

    Dear Mark and readers,
    Would you consider the words of Satan, “Has God said” to clarify our faith? Satan’s aim as we know was to plant doubt, thus these very words are questioning God as well as planting doubt in the hearts and minds of weak or strong believers. The Word of God has given us many teachings on building our faith. So why would you Brother Mark use Satan’s words for discussion to clarify our faith. You may well know that a devil’s advocate is one who advocates Satan words. In my opinion it isn’t Christlike or faith building to use Satan’s words. The more of God’s Words builds us up on our most holy faith. Let us talk about Jesus vs. Satan.
    On a personal note, when I pray or pray and fast in Jesus’s name believing that Abba already knows what my request is, I wait on Him to answer. I listen for his answer and watch to see it come to pass. You may think my request may be nonsignificant but, in illness-The Lord healed me; in financial crisis-The Lord provided; in the work of the ministry-The Lord saves and delivers.
    By these experiences with the Lord answering prayers of mine when He says no, does nothing or says nothing at all, I still trust in Him and His Holy Word.
    Lady Edwards

  31. SFDBWV says:

    When Satan brought confusion to Eve, by questioning her about what God has said. She did what too many of us do.

    She added to what God had actualy said. She says to Satan, “God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. Genesis 3:3.

    However in Genesis 2:17 God says, “But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:”

    Nothing said by God about not touching it…

    We are just as guilty of adding to what God has said, too often.


  32. xrgarza says:

    Good word Steve.

    Lady Edwards, I agree with everything you said, but it’s those exact same words that give us the potential to live rhetorically.

    I use to pray and say that God is my provider, I shall not want, but every time I lost my job I would freak out, the Lord was teaching me to listen to what I was saying and wanted me to practice what I preached. That was tough to do, because I didn’t even realize what I was doing.

    It was easy for me to quote scripture and promises as if that was my only responsibility. It took the Lord to speak to my spirit and tell me not to worry and to remind me that no employer on this planet could possibly provide for me because He alone was and is my provider.


  33. Regina says:

    Hello Fellow Bloggers, :-)

    I’ve missed blogging with you. I’ve been busy of late. …cares of this life stuff. …don’t want to bore you. This is a great topic, Mart!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject with us! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Some of the comments really resonated with me; my thoughts and beliefs mirror some of yours in this topic of, “Has God said” vs.”God has NOT said.”

    rxman – I, too, have woken up in the middle of the night with goofy ideas as well as great ideas! I’ve learned via the school of hard knocks to seek godly counsel (from brothers/sisters in Christ) before totally embracing an idea that suddenly came to me.

    Grace48 – …enjoyed reading your comment. I could definitely sense your desire to be led by the Spirit of God and to have complete trust in Him. …could sense your understanding that (as Christians) we have to be ready (everyday) for spiritual warfare.

    Steve/SFDBWV – Your response to Susann was a good Word!

    Poohpity – “How can someone know, “Has God said” when they truly do not understand the character of God.” I enjoy reading your entire comment.

    Bob (Cornwall, England) – I enjoyed reading your comment! The weather is beautiful in Texas too! :-)

    Steve – I enjoyed reading your comment (the comment after (Cornwall) Bob’s comment.

    Bob (Cornwall, England)- I enjoyed reading your response to Deb’s comment!

    Thanks (all) for sharing about the miners in WV. …heard about it on the news, but hearing about it in this blog really brings it closer to my world. …will pray for the surviving members of the miners families too. I sincerely hope that all who lost their lives were born again.

    I’m honored to be your sister (in Christ),

  34. poohpity says:

    Lady Edwards, I believe that not only Mart but in God’s Word we are taught about the ways of satan. To deny how he works would be to deny that he exists. If we are not aware of his practices we may fall prey to them. Just a thought. In any military op one has to learn about the enemy to be able to defend one’s self from falling into their traps.

  35. Grace48 says:

    In keeping with the topic and with Mart’s questions of discussing what we find in what we may think we heard or learned from God, what I wrote of Marma’s and Poohpity’s words are opinion of mine only and not made to be any final word on things. One person’s among so many.

    Just that where I “tripped and got hurt”, maybe it’s not a bad thing to warn another to consider and think deeply and read the Bible and pray and talk to others about before taking some steps.

  36. poohpity says:

    Has God said that we can have peace no matter what the circumstances? Has God said we will never have troubles? Has God said He will leave us as orphans? Has God said that we should go into the world and tell them the Good News? Has God said to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, give shelter to those who are homeless and give water to the thirsty? Has God said to not argue among ourselves and to show the love we have been shown?

    So if we listen to what God has said do we even do it? Maybe God will say no more.

  37. xrgarza says:

    Oooo, Deb, preach it girl!

    I love it praise God what a good word


  38. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Deb, again I think you are right on.

    Everything God has said and wants for us is written in His word.
    Although He may give us day to day ideas and “missions”
    He will not say anything that cannot be confirmed in His word.
    I have listened to many Prophecies in church and although some sound very pleasing and inspirational they are filled with non scriptual words.
    The only ones that make my spirit tingle are those that are almost entirely quotes from scripture.
    I think you are right when you say God has told us what He wants and how to live and has nothing more to say.

  39. Mart De Haan says:

    In the Old Testament making a false prophecy was a capital offense in Israel. Since we are not under OT Israeli national law, we don’t kill false prophets.

    But that doesn’t give us liberty to talk about “what God has said” without a strong sense of accountability for those words. “His word” will not be “sanctified/set apart” in our vocabulary if we speak of our strong inclinations of heart as what “God is saying or said.”

    We need to be open to the leading of his Spirit. So what if, for openers, we are careful to say what we know; to keep to ourselves (or as some of you have suggested, to ask others about) what we’re not sure about; and to accept responsibility for our own thoughts and decisions so that we’re not directly attributing our hunches or personal opinions to the Lord?

    We may want to even think twice about telling people we were praying about a subject when a thought came to us. Even if “that’s the truth”, we may now be using our prayer as part of the persuasion process.

    Seems to me that it is only honest and respectful to God for us to add something like, “it seems to me”, or “I believe”, or “I think” rather than to attribute to our own thoughts the honor deserved by the Scriptures.

    As some have suggested, God has already said so much that we have to listen to. From all that has been said, we now must pray for insight, use discernment, trust God for his leading, but never assume infallibility for “the human instrument we are”.

  40. SFDBWV says:

    Goodmorning Mart, I am a bit behind schedule here as I am fixing “Thanksgiving Dinner”. Traditional, turkey with all the trimmings. I do this off and on all year long, as the Spirit leads me.

    Because I have much to be thankful for, and everyone enjoys the meal.

    Not to worry too much, Mart we seem to either stone each other here or get stones thrown at us aplenty.

    For me the very fact that I say to another that I am a Christian, places upon me the responsibility of thoes who now watch me, listen to me and judge me, as being a self proclaimed representitive of God.

    Now, we must be always aware that what we say and do either gives glory to God, or dishoners His good name.

    So to be sure we must put a watch before our tongues so as to be the witness we desire to be….we will from time to time fail.

    God is quick to forgive us, I would hope that other Christiansd were as quick to forgive…. Sometimes we all need loved.

    Remembering that the Holy Spirit that is in each one of us, is the same person, the same Holy Spirit Person, that is in the hurting as well as the happy. We should feel His pain and joy he feels for each of us…Praying and asking for comfort for the families of the 29 miners who were killed.

    Trying also to remember that there are hurting and suffering people all over the world who need that special touch from God, must remember to pray also for them….Doing the best I can for now, need Christ to help me be better.


  41. Grace48 says:

    Thanks for the good words, again,Steve.

    Thanks Mart for this blog to learn and to grow,all of us, all and each Christian, part of the body of Christ.

    Much learned, so much to learn, and as Steve said, “doing the best I can for now, need Christ to help me be better”.

    My apologies if I offended anyone.

  42. poohpity says:

    Grace48, I have not ever been offended by anything you have said. It all seems to come straight from your heart and I enjoy every word.

  43. poohpity says:

    I have seen Mart what you are speaking about when people use for their own persuasion process by saying “I prayed for clarification and this is what the Lord gave me” and it actually was not scriptural at all. But to convince others what they had said was true. I think we are all on shaky ground when we try and prove ourselves to be right. It would be better to direct them by using the terms suggested by you.

    It is a high responsibility to have people listen to a person’s words and in that power they have a responsibility to make sure their teaching is accurate. I find that when folks are not listened to like they would like they tend to get angry and strike back. If it is in reality a “Has God Said” and we take our self out of the equation then the anger is usually not there because God does not need us to defend His Word.

    I wonder often what will happen to those who have twisted the Words of the bible for personal gain. In the old testament it seemed that God did a direct intervention and in these present days it seems to just get overlooked but that does not seem like God’s character to do that.

  44. phpatato says:

    off topic

    Mart, I just went to check out the website which was on the back of Our Daily Bread – helpformylife.org. When I clicked into the most recent blog, The Masters, a suspicious website warning popped up alerting me to possible phishing for personal information.

    Just letting you know of a potential problem with the site. I trust “it” but I don’t trust a possible hacker who might have tainted it. I’m also thinking it might be my computer???


  45. poohpity says:

    I have not had that problem for that site. You can also connect to it through the RBC home page at the top click on blogs and it show a list and it is there too.

  46. phpatato says:

    Thanks Pooh for that info but it did the same when I accessed it through the RBC home page. I am thinking it is a filter setting on my computer. I have written down what the warning says:

    Suspicious Website

    This might be a phishing website.

    Phishing websites impersonate trustworthy websites for the purpose of obtaining your personal or financial information.

    Microsoft recommends that you do not give any of your information to such websites.

    Report whether or not this is a phishing website.

    Should I change the filter settings on my computer??? I would report whether or not it is a phishing website but how do I know that if it hasn’t been compromised? I am so dumb when it comes to this kind of stuff.

  47. scout1 says:


    Today I was reading the story of Job to my 9 year old son. We were reading out of a childs’ storybook. I wanted to share this. Even though the story was shortened and simplified there was a part that went with this topic.

    It said that God was angry with Job’s three friends because they misrepresented what He said while quoting things to Job during his misery.

    But, God was merciful and told them to make sacrifices and Job had to pray for them and they would be pardoned. I have even read a verse this week that said how much more accountable teachers will be. It’s in James 3:1 Which says: “My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.” Check out the next verse also -it’s a good one as well.

    Good Day!

  48. poohpity says:

    Bob, I think He has a lot more to say to those who will listen.

  49. foreverblessed says:

    Good morning everyone, I am so thankfull for this blog, that Mart is so hospitable to let us in his room.
    Thanks for all your comments, they help me fill me with good things from God, so that good things will come out of my mouth too.
    And now I will search for what God wants to say to me, to be still and listen, because I believe Pooh, that is so true.
    When I did a search on the word “search” in the bible, there is more on God searching for us, then the other way round: us searching for God.
    So when we search for Him, we find out that all the while He was searching for us with so much Love, and tenderness, and mercy.
    Romans 8:27
    “And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.”
    And I better intercede for others too, when I get insight about them, (God has said).

  50. refump says:

    During the early years of my Christian life I found I was quite gullible when it came to things said/written by other Christians. If it made any sense at all or it fit with how I wanted or felt things to be I deemed it must be true. Through experiences of life I found this to be not very wise. I have developed into, what I hope, is a more discerning Christian that reads/hears & then filters it through the scripture used & also the context of the that scripture since we have all heard God’s word taken out of context by even the most highly respected Christian preachers & authors. At times I have also found my self to be so skeptible (especially when I don’t like what I heard/read) I cannot see the forest for the trees. I am too lazy to wrestle with it to find out if it is supported by God’s word or not so I just dismiss it. The key for me, I think, is finding a balance. Praying for discernment & for openness to God voice.

  51. SFDBWV says:

    Calling upon my own experiances, there are only a few different circumstances where I have been in a position of saying to another that “God has said”.

    Most often it is in reference to quoting the scripture.

    In these last days, even that comes under the scrutiny of anothers view or understanding of what the scripture says.

    Instead of having one common Bible we all can refere from, now there are many dozens of modern translations to pick from.

    Too often this doesn’t bring clarity of understanding but confusion, or at best disagreement.

    We now can choose which translation agrees with what we think, and so anchor our understanding of what God has said from that perpective, telling others that their old out dated translation is *wrong*.

    Way back when I young and sat and *argued* what God had said according to scripture, with Jehova’s Witness’s evangelists…Their common answer was always the same…The scripture verse had been misinterpeted.

    Their *new* interpettion, was correct.

    I will admit I don’t trust the *new* translations. Because I know the strategy of the enemy….confusion.

    I am left too often to defend what the King James has taught me my entire life, and then to entrench myself behind a wall of my own beliefs.

    Have to go

  52. xrgarza says:


    I agree with you there are some translations that are simply watered down to the point that trying to find what scripture is really saying can be quite difficult.

    On the other hand when I was first saved as far as I know only the King James Version existed. I memorized the verses and concepts that were taught in Sunday school. But once I was serious about learning on my own intentionally, reading the King James Version was a foreign language to me it became easy for me not only to be confused but to also misinterpret scripture. Heck basic English was a struggle for me.

    A few years ago I had a young boy that knocked on my door and he was so angry that I was using a version other than King James because anything other was not scripture at all. I explained that the King James Version was in fact a translated version as well and that if we wanted the true version we would have to learn two new languages Greek and Hebrew.

    I continued that I speak English from America and not England, I want to be able to understand everything that I read as much as I possibly can, and if there is any doubt we have a responsibility “to study ourselves to be approved” It’s much easier now than ever before living in the information age, we have the internet.

    Even though I speak Spanish somewhat fluent, I am not able to read or write at the same level, I need help from a translator. Since American English is not very precise I can understand how the translation can say something that would not be as clear as it was intended, and sometimes say something totally different. That’s why we must be careful no matter what Version we are choosing to read.

    Have a blessed day

  53. foreverblessed says:

    What happened to me is that I resented the “name it and claim it thing” out of the scripture by fellow christians, and that resentment prevented me of seeing what was really meant:
    When in submission to God, we can see many scriptures and stand on them:
    -that Jesus died for our sins
    -that He is risen
    -that He now lives in the lives of those who believe in Him, and do what He says.
    I can name these verses and claim them, and I can ask for faith in them from God too.

    It is really so: “The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John. Since that time, the good news of the kingdom of God is being preached, and everyone is forcing his way into it. Luke 16:16

    Maybe this verse is really saying, ask for it, grasp it, go for it.

  54. xrgarza says:

    PS: This morning’s Daily Bread was a perfect example how something so simple can be misinterpreted.


  55. foreverblessed says:

    Rocky, you were posting at the same time:
    We can be sure, the main scriptures about the basis of us being christian are in all translations the same.

    No doubt about that.

  56. foreverblessed says:

    And if we stand on the Rock, on Jesus, we are sure, and if we seek Him daily, He will guide us further along.

  57. foreverblessed says:

    Rocky, I read the ODB, and I must say: I have been following a different gospel, a gospel which said: If you believe in Jesus, you will also do what He did. And as Jesus kept the Sabbath, I kept it, and all the other holy days out of Leviticus 23. And the food rules: no porc, etc.
    These rules became bigger to me then Jesus Himself, living in faith in Him.

    But as I was a genuine follower of Jesus,I wanted to know the truth, and kept asking for it, in the time that He saw fit, He showed me that He Himslef was the Truth, and when we have Him, we do not need any of these old testament commandments anymore.

    So even when I followed a wrong gospel, I still was a genuine seeker of the Truth, God did reveal His Truth to me and I accepted it with great joy!

    We can be wrong in our interpretations, and yet, do not be afraid, if we genuinely want to follow God, He will in due time show us.

  58. SFDBWV says:

    Rocky, I can agree with you clearly in that, the King James translation, is for thoes who speak english. That there are language versions for every tounge. It was and still is an arguement I can present for thoes who say that there is only the KJ and no other. I don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that I don’t use other translations for the study of scripture. I do. But for me. I base on the old standby, because I am an english speaking person.

    I would imagine that is why the Catholic church for so many years resisted writing the Bible into native languages all over the world. So as to keep it common and unified.

    Would be interested in knowing if the Spanish speaking world has had an updated version or versions as to the extent the english speaking world has??


  59. marma says:

    foreverblessed: yes I think there are those who use the “name it and claim it” to mean that if God said it, that should be enough for us.

    The kind that I was referring to earlier, was when interpretation is very limited, not comparing scripture with scripture, and taking verses out of the context in which they are meant to be taken.

    xrgarza: I appreciated the example you gave as to how the devil tempted Jesus. Indeed, the devil was quoting exactly, wasn’t he? Yet, he was using scripture in a wrongful way, to tempt Jesus to sin.

    What I have gotten out of this whole blog is that we need to be studying scripture, thoroughly and thoughtfully, give it the time and respect that it deserves. And, listen to the Holy Spirit and to other godly people to keep from getting off track.

    Should we not listen intently and then (in a way) question everything and search the Scriptures rather than take everything we hear at face value?

  60. poohpity says:

    I think that the Catholic Church first translated the bible into the Kings English in 1611 so that he could govern the kingdom by it. It was a gift from his mum. It was not allowed into the hands of the common people. Since then through the reformation the bible was then put into the common folks hands. I believe that many bible scholars have used the original text to translate into today’s English and many other languages. I have one of the 1611 translations that was reprinted in late 1800’s. With the newer translations they have found more appropriate words to use for the meaning of the original language for clarity. I have found that they all so far say pretty much the same thing. The Principles and Character of God still remains in tack down through the ages. It seems it is just something more to argue about. I believe that I need to clarify that I am not speaking of the bible’s from different things like JW because I have never read that.

    Steve, I have a NLT translation in Spanish in my trunk as one of the bibles I give away. I do not know what it says but they are there in case some wants them.

    On the biblegateway.com they have all the translations and a lot of different languages so we can compare if ever anyone wants to.

  61. poohpity says:

    It is very neat to check out how we got the bible from 1400 BCE till today. You may be impressed.

  62. poohpity says:

    The one I posted Jorge is the one used by Our Daily Bread to look up the referred to scriptures in the daily reading.

  63. foreverblessed says:

    Pooh, so you have such an old bible? Great.
    Wasn’t James I of England protestant? His mother was Mary Queen of Scots. An interesting story too.

  64. SFDBWV says:

    A great many people died, killed by christians who disagreed over to *translate* or not, in Saxony alone. People burned to death or if possible even worse. Over the translation issue. Or so we are taught.

    Tyndale burned alive while being strangled with a wire, in England for the crime against the Church of England of translating the Bible into english. There is a town in England famous for it burning several men to death for reciting the Lords Prayer to their children in english. Or so we are taught.

    The King James Bible, put this matter to rest and gave the english speaking people of the world their Bible.

    I have never undertook the burden of translating the entire scripture from its original Hebrew, Greek, Latin, ect. I have never even seen the original writtings or letters. Maybe some of you have.

    But the writters of the Kings James Bible, did translate the original writtings. I thank God for their efforts and their work. Their effort has provided me with endless hours of time with God.

    If we are called into task for repeating what God has said. How do we know at all what God said? Because we put or trust in what book? Which Book? Are you sure it has been acurate, in it’s rendering of what was said? Can you be certain? What do you place your assurance on that one translation is more accurate than another?

    It would seem to me we have little choices.

    Do we trust the Large Protestant Denominations to have made certain of the true language of scripture? Do we trust that the unended history and traditions and writting found within the Catholic church are accurate?

    Or does everything have to be proven to us, before we will accept it?

    What did God say?


  65. foreverblessed says:

    Much of the King James bible is written by William Tyndale 1494-1536, a priest in England, who wanted to translate the bible into english, studied humanism and Maarten Luthers work.

  66. foreverblessed says:

    Steve, you came up with William Tyndale as well.
    Are you trying to say: You cannot say: God has said, because we do not have the original words, but only translations?
    I try to figure what you mean to say.

  67. foreverblessed says:

    As you proposed I did some study on the history of the Bible, and found this:

    There is no other book in history which is so accurate in its original copies, 5600 of them. The second best preserves book is the Ilead of Homerus, which has 643 original copies, with many 764 disputed lines.
    The New Testament has 2000 lines, and only 40 lines are disputed the rest is the same in all manuscripts. And these lines do not form the basis of the christian faith.

    Pretty amazing!

  68. poohpity says:

    I think that most bibles in those times were translated from Latin. I am not sure but I think John Wycliffe in the 1380’s translated out of Latin. There was a whole big church thing then.

    I believe it does not make that big of a difference which translation you read just as long as you read.

    Jorge, that is true and I do not know why that link was not deleted. I know that that is the link that RBC ministries uses to guide people to read the bible that they put their verses up for.

  69. marma says:

    foreverblessed: Thanks for posting your research findings. When you start studying the history of the bible, it really is quite encouraging.

  70. bubbles says:

    Perhaps I am ignorant of church history, but I was under the assumption that Tyndale translated Scriptures into English-the language of the common man so even the plough boys could read the Word of God for themselves and not need to rely on church authorities to “tell” them what God’s Word said. Seems like the authorities in those days skewed the gospel to control the people–to keep them afraid of excommunication and hell. Only the learned knew Latin/Greek in those days. And, why, wold these’learned’ men–who COULD read and understand what the Word of God said, change it and make their teachings about salvation false? Did these people not fear God? Why or how could someone have done something like this?

    If this wasn’t the case, then why was Tyndale burned at the stake?

  71. poohpity says:

    I read a book a while back called, “Stranger on the road to Emmaus”. It told about the history of the bible and was very interesting to say the lest. It is all so interesting to find how it has withstood the test of time unlike my body, lol.

  72. foreverblessed says:

    To say the least, Pooh, you really are a bible lover!
    Bubbles, I think these people were very concerned that unlearned, or rather non-theological learned people could interpret the scripture in the wrong way.
    Like we have been discussing here on this topic.

    But we have to rely on the Holy Spirit!

  73. poohpity says:

    I think it was more of a feeling of superiority thing but I did not walk in their shoes so do not know for sure.

  74. poohpity says:

    Thank you for correcting my lest by least, lol. I am telling you, I sure can butcher the English language, lol.

  75. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I have been reading the comments about bible translations and sometimes think we in england get the blame for religious opression and political subversion in the world. when in fact it is quite the opposite.
    I think Steve qualified his statements by “so we have been told”
    We all have to be careful of miss reading history to our own advantage.
    The world has gradualy changed over the millenia from one of total state control to one of enlightenment. Remember the great library in Alexandria that Moses had access to and gained great learning from it. When Ceasar burnt it down almost all of the worlds knowledge was destroyed. Now everyone has access to knowledge and information that far exceeds that of the ancient world. It is therfore not supprising that Tyndale and others came up against great opposition when trying to reform and translate the bible from a politcaly controled latin/greek (mistic to the masses)book into english that everyone could understand. You must also remember that hardly anyone at that time could read english as most books were in latin, that is why the King James Bible was designed in a way that made it sound good when read from a pulpit.
    Many great social and economic changes have evolved and growm from reforms made in England and Great Britain. THe industrial revalution happen here in Cornwall. We had steam driven mine pump 100 years or so before trains were invented and even had a steam driven car in the 1700’s that was as small as a family car today.
    Not to mention modern democracy, abolition of slavery and the like.
    We were not all good, but many people hailed from these small islands that have changed the world.
    Remember, every signitory of the US constitution was from the British Isle, not Germany or France or Spain.


  76. foreverblessed says:

    Sorry Bob, people in authority from whatever country can be suppressing. I tried to say that maybe there motives could be OK, but I fear that they did not trust the Holy Spirit enough to give the bible to the people in their own language. I fear they played for God.
    And maybe this will ease you, Bob, Tyndale was martyred in a small town near Brussels, called Vilvoorde.

  77. foreverblessed says:

    Here in the town where I live, many people have been killed in the 16th century for reading the bible, and preaching sermons outside in the field.
    That was not because of Britain, but because of the authority of a certain big church.

  78. foreverblessed says:

    This might be a long post, but as Mart probably will have another topic, I take the liberty to post it.
    About God speaking to us, and bible translations:

    One morning I was reading the bible, and this verse hit me:

    You are observing special days and months and seasons and years! I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you.
    Galatians 4:10-11

    Reading that verse hit me, it cut me right to the bones.
    (it was in the time I was keeping the Sabbath, from sunset to sunset, and all the Holy Days of Leviticus 23).
    Then I started to look in other translation what the verse said, and looked up the greek word, obeserving meant something like: hostile watching. A word with a bad sense. And I reasoned, I am not keeping these days in a bad sense, and so by using the original greek word, worked myself out of the message the Holy Spirit had given to me.

    If the Holy Spirit wants to say something to you specifically, He will use a certain translation, to make the message clear, if you go to another translation, that will not give a bigger understanding to what God was saying.

    The rest is of topic, but I would like to tell how things evolved:
    I was eased for a while, but the cutting remark of that scripture had done its work, I started to feel uneasy keeping the Holy Days.
    Later in time other spriptures were speaking to me: Gal 3:23: Before this faith came, we were prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed. So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith. Now that faith has come we are no longer under the supervision of the law.

    Keeping of days falls under the category of the basic principles of the world. Time, food, they are basic principles of the world. Gal 4:3, also Colossians 2:30
    But through the Holy Spirit we enter a spiritual reality, the Life of Christ.
    When we have the Reality, which is Christ in us, why would we go back to the shadow? Colossians 2. Gal 4:9

  79. SFDBWV says:

    Another day is dawning, with it will come another adventure for us all.

    foreverblessed is right as far as I have been taught, in that the original writtings of what we have as the Bible has been true to it’s original text, for many centuries.

    We Christians have our faith in an unseen God as well as His Son. The story of God and the story of the Savior was first oraly told from person to person. This being dangerous the story was written down for a more accurate accounting of events.

    God had Moses write down all He told, God even wrote the original 10 commandments by His own finger. The tablet had a reserved place in the Ark of the Covenent.

    Paul as well as Peter was very upset over false letters and teaching. They warned us of such things.

    I can know these things because I have faith in the Book of Books we know of as the Bible.

    So my faith base comes to believing in an unseen God that I have somehow always known exisits. I have been changed and transformed by the acceptance of His Son. I have learned that His Son is this man Jesus of Nazareth. Whoes story is found written in this collection of Books. The Bible.

    This Bible, this Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit, speaks to my heart and connects to my spirit in a supernatural way. A mixture of history, of prohesy, of a deeply personal teaching. It’s words alive. The Word of God a living thing.

    When people want to change what it says, making it sound as though it is a better understanding. A red flag goes up in my spirit. I have read some translations that are just plainly false. Using modern words that are not what the older text had said at all.

    I know how our adversary works, he first chips away at the truth and adds confusion into the mix. All the while his goal is to destroy ones faith in the written Word of God, by eroding it.

    All I am going to say further is that you be very very careful in blindly accepting new translations, of a time honored proven vessel.

    I can say “hath God said” only because I believe it, as it is written in scripture.


  80. foreverblessed says:

    Thanks Steve for explaining, I use the NIV version. In my language we have a new translation since a few years, but strangely enough since that time I went back to the real old version. And when I do not understand the words, because of the old fashioned way of saying things, I use the NIV.

  81. SFDBWV says:

    foreverblessed, I use a Tyndale Publishing House New Living Bible. As a reference tool. But my good ole KJ is my standard.

    I always enjoy the Psalms in the more poetic fashion of the KJ. They speak to my spirit, whereas the newer versions do not.


  82. poohpity says:

    So Steve are you saying that there may not be better translations today with the new knowledge of language? Or that in this day and age people will use their new knowledge to change what the scriptures are truly saying to fit their own purposes or to maybe make clearer the translations from the original text. I understand that you really love the KJV but I do not understand why the numerous other versions you seem to be saying are not correct. Help me understand what you are saying because I am feeling confused.

  83. SFDBWV says:

    Deb, I have one of thoes Parallel Bibles, in it are 4 versions of the bible.
    The King James, The Modern Language Bible, The Living Bible, and the Revised Standard Bible.

    Reading in Job 40:15 the KJ,Living, and RS all three say variously “Behold Behemoth”
    The ML Bible says “Look at the hippopotamus”

    Again in Job 41:1 the KJ, Living and the RS all similarly ask “can you draw out Leviathan?”
    The ML Bible asks “Can you draw out the crocodile?”

    I am sure you know that there are words in Hebrew, for Hippopotamus and crocodile.

    The writers of the Modern Language Bible decided to put a more familiar face to these animals spoken of by God in Job.

    The problem is that they have translated the wording incorrectly. What they have said is wrong.

    I am just picking this small discrepency out to show you that I don’t need to now read the entire version to edit and correct all such inaccuracies, nor do I have time to.

    I personaly believe that the ancient people who spoke their language were better at understanding it than we do today.
    Yes I also believe that there are people who would purposely change what the bible says in order to alter the purpose of its meaning. Being decieved and decieving others.

    In Christianity Today I read some time back that sometime this year a new version of the Bible was coming out that has removed gender language from all references to God….No more *He*.

    This is not in keeping with the original text al all. This is altering the Word and advancing a lie.

    I have two base versions of scripture I use. One is the KJ the other is the New American Bible for Catholics.

    I like the Catholic version because it has books that the protestant organizers omited. I feel they are relevant and can add to my enlightenment. I am especialy fond of the book of Tobit.You may enjoy the book of Judith, or the first and second book of Maccabees, there is also the book of Wisdom.

    However the KJ is the Bible I compare any new translations to. It is my standard. I have faith in it.

    I cannot say I have any faith in a modern congress of theologens who decide to change scripture in order to get more people to read the bible or come to church.

    I do hope I haven’t offended you or anyone else.

    with love

  84. poohpity says:

    So are you saying that other translations are wrong that was all I asked. I am not offended at all but am concerned for others who think that the NIV or others may be a translation that is not correct by your standards. I think this fits so perfectly with the topic because it would seem better to say that in your opinion this or that rather than it being the whole truth without a doubt.

  85. SFDBWV says:

    Deb, The Topic is “Has God Said”, not *has Steve said*.

    Your entire last comment to me was In your opinion, right?

    Because I didn’t see that spelled out clearly before you spoke.

    Deb, In my opinion…you need to concern yourself with your own comments, your own relationship with God, and quit trying to belittle mine.

    Your constant badgering of my comments and attempts to discredit my witness, Does not lift up Christ nor show Christian love.

    The only thing you have accomplished is destuctive. You have already destroyed a friendship, how far do you have to go before your anger is extinguished? It will consume you.

    But of course it won’t be your fault, will it.

    I will not respond to anymore you have to say concerning this.


  86. poohpity says:

    Thank you for sharing your true feelings toward me.

  87. foreverblessed says:

    On different translations:

    This is what CH Spurgeon wrote for april 10 evening meditation

    Psalm 18:35 Thy gentleness has made me great.

    The words are capable of being translated, “thy goodness hath made me great.” David gratefully ascribed all his greatness not to his own goodness, but the goodness of God. “Thy providence,” is another reading; and providence is nothing more than goodness in action. Goodness is the bud of which providence is the flower, or goodness is the seed of which providence is the harvest. Some render it, “thy help,” which is but another word for providence; providence being the firm ally of the saints, aiding them in the service of their Lord. Or again, “thy humility hath made me great.” “Thy condescension” may, perhaps, serve as a comprehensive reading, combining the ideas mentioned, including that of humility. It is God’s making himself little which is the cause of our being made great. We are so little, that if God should manifest his greatness without condescension, we should be trampled under his feet; but God, who must stoop to view the skies, and bow to see what angels do, turns his eye yet lower, and looks to the lowly and contrite, and makes them great. There are yet other readings, as for instance, the Septuagint, which reads, “thy discipline”—thy fatherly correction—“hath made me great;” while the Chaldee paraphrase reads, “thy word hath increased me.” Still the idea is the same. David ascribes all his own greatness to the condescending goodness of his Father in heaven. May this sentiment be echoed in our hearts this evening while we cast our crowns at Jesus’ feet, and cry, “thy gentleness hath made me great.” How marvellous has been our experience of God’s gentleness! How gentle have been his corrections! How gentle his forbearance! How gentle his teachings! How gentle his drawings! Meditate upon this theme, O believer. Let gratitude be awakened; let humility be deepened; let love be quickened ere thou fallest asleep tonight.

  88. foreverblessed says:

    On translations and Psalm 18:35 written by CH Spurgeon for april 10 evening meditation

    Psalm 18:35 thy gentleness hath made me great.

    The words are capable of being translated, “thy goodness hath made me great.” David gratefully ascribed all his greatness not to his own goodness, but the goodness of God. “Thy providence,” is another reading; and providence is nothing more than goodness in action. Goodness is the bud of which providence is the flower, or goodness is the seed of which providence is the harvest. Some render it, “thy help,” which is but another word for providence; providence being the firm ally of the saints, aiding them in the service of their Lord. Or again, “thy humility hath made me great.” “Thy condescension” may, perhaps, serve as a comprehensive reading, combining the ideas mentioned, including that of humility. It is God’s making himself little which is the cause of our being made great. We are so little, that if God should manifest his greatness without condescension, we should be trampled under his feet; but God, who must stoop to view the skies, and bow to see what angels do, turns his eye yet lower, and looks to the lowly and contrite, and makes them great. There are yet other readings, as for instance, the Septuagint, which reads, “thy discipline”—thy fatherly correction—“hath made me great;” while the Chaldee paraphrase reads, “thy word hath increased me.” Still the idea is the same. David ascribes all his own greatness to the condescending goodness of his Father in heaven. May this sentiment be echoed in our hearts this evening while we cast our crowns at Jesus’ feet, and cry, “thy gentleness hath made me great.” How marvellous has been our experience of God’s gentleness! How gentle have been his corrections! How gentle his forbearance! How gentle his teachings! How gentle his drawings! Meditate upon this theme, O believer. Let gratitude be awakened; let humility be deepened; let love be quickened ere thou fallest asleep tonight.

  89. foreverblessed says:

    Sorry, I thought it was lost in space, but is here now twice. Maybe needed twice!

  90. foreverblessed says:

    Sorry, another error: it is on April 9 not april 10

  91. shortyj says:

    I have been doing the same thing as you described above.
    Searching the bible for answers to issues I face. Now you have me questioning my methods. Shouldn’t we know from confirmation of the Word of God, prayer, and the Holy Spirit that it is truly “God Saying….” something to us.
    Is there another way to know the will of God? Doesn’t all
    come down to faith? Even Jesus said that we could move mountains with our faith. How far off is it to believe we can drive cars without breaks with faith? Where do we draw that line? Are we supposed to? You have led me to more questions? Help me answer them and understand.

  92. Grace48 says:

    Sometimes we tell our stories of faith and how God answered our prayers and struggles. Sometimes there are parts that come up later to add to them and we don’t get a chance to tell these. This can be so different than saying God said in these faith stories. Sometimes a person might even end up thinking that it should work that way for me,and why doesn’t it and that’s not a help or encouragement. But faith stories are not God said.

    God is so beyond my own finite human wisdom,and this He tells us in the Bible. Learning to trust Him and walk in faith is a day by day journey and we should be careful what we say about God and His word but not to the point that we can’t talk about our questions and praise to Him .

  93. poohpity says:

    I sure do miss listening and talks with so many really neat people.

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