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What’s so Important About Trust?


So much of the Bible seems to be about God testing our willingness to trust Him. It was an issue in the Garden; in Job’s troubles; in Abraham’s willingness to offer Isaac; in our response to the Good News of what Christ did for us… and at each step of our journey home…

Why does the best book in the world maintain that our faith/trust is so important to God that he is willing to declare the most ungodly people right with himself? Why is he willing to do this, even if they don’t do anything right… except put their faith in who Jesus was and what he did for us (Rom 4:5)? Why, even after we have “believed”, does God continue to test our faith as if it were gold being refined by fire (1Peter 1:3-9)?

Some who have doubted the Bible’s answers think faith in anyone but ourselves is a sign of weakness.

Maybe that’s exactly the point. Maybe from the first day of our Creation until now, God has been using trust as a means of aligning our hearts with the truth of who he is, who we are, and why it will never make sense to match wits with him… about what is true.

Maybe trust is all about God’s way of getting our hearts to rest in the truth…

Is that why God put the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in the middle of the Garden? Was the trust that tree asked for a way of keeping the first couple in touch with a reality that a fallen angel had lost?

Could that be why we are told to respond to the “alternative father of lies” by wrapping ourselves with the “truth” (Eph 6:14)? Is that why it’s so important for us to be obsessed with what God has really done for us… and what he has really said?

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88 Responses to “What’s so Important About Trust?”

  1. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Our relationship with God is exactly like that of a new born baby.
    It starts with a bonding process based little more on a sense of smell and familiarity and grows through constant contact to become a trusting relationship whereby our every need is supplied by our parent.
    In a sense we have little choice as our “condition” does not allow us to fend for ourselves.
    Later, as we grow, we then step out on our own and loose the need for parental help.
    In our relationship with God the same can happen, we need Him at the begining to overcome and cleanse us from sin, but as we grow we forget who taught us to walk and then start running away in all directions.
    God keeps reminding us in our daily tasks, and sometimes in more direct ways, that we have to trust Him in all things.
    As in the prvious topic, we lost our innocence when we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and think we “know it all” when it comes to right and wrong.
    God gives us the freedom to choose, but ultimately our choice must be to trust in Him and Him only for all our needs.


  2. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    That is why Jesus said we must become as little children.
    Without that child like trust we will fail to see the Kingdom of God, let alone live in it.

    Daddy said it, I believe it,
    done deal!


  3. rxman says:

    Absolute truth has always been a hard subject for me. I trust completely in God and who He is and what He has done for me. Then why are there so many denominations, beliefs, creeds. Don’t all of these people think that they have the corner on the “truth”. They can’t all be right.

    I was raised a North American Baptist and until I was in my 20’s I thought we were right and everyone else was wrong. How could they not see the light? Having attended several different types of churches since then, it seems they all have a little bit of the truth.
    Even individual people seem to have their own agendas and believe they know the truth.

    Maybe Bob is right. Until we trust as little children and not pay attention to all the “fluff” of religion, our hearts and minds will drift farther and farther from the Source of the Truth.

  4. saled says:

    Maybe God IS using trust as a means to align our hearts with the truth of who He is and who we are. I love the fact that he counts faith as righteousness.

    Intellectually, I know there is a difference between belief and hope. I believe that Jesus was who He said He was, and that He died and rose again to reconcile the world unto Himself. I hope to see that reconciliation.

    To trust someone, we have to know something about them. Maybe the reason that God tests our faith is that we might come to know Him better.

  5. SFDBWV says:

    There seems to me to be a difference between innocent trust as a child has and adult trust that we must cultivate between God and us as well as between people a
    and ourselves….

    Yet as I think about it, how many times do we tell little children *Don’t!* before they learn why.

    Some flaw in all of our character seems to follow up a don’t comment with a why question. Untill we have found out the hard way, that not listening to good advice and especialy a directive from God will have negitive consequences.

    When I read John 14:1, here, Jesus says don’t be troubled you believe (trust) God also believe (trust) me.

    Many who had seen His miracles had that trust tested when he hung dying on the cross.

    Yet when they saw Him resurected that trust was cemented into their hearts and minds enough, that they all died for Him, in their own time and in their own ways.

    When calamity comes to someone who is not a believer, they curse their luck and most often are crushed under the weight of the matter. becoming bitter and angry.

    When calamity comes to a believer, it is a different matter altogether.

    The fire of the trial will refine the metal of the Christial soul, and remove the dross ( unusable, unwanted portion). While making the Christian stronger.

    This is a wonder, that non believers observe in Christian behavior. They will either look into the source of the Christian strength, or skulk away feeling angry and covering up their anger with comments such as Mart referenced above, calling it a weakness.

    Why is trust important…. because trusting God, in all circumstances builds character, and pleases God.


  6. poohpity says:

    First I would like to say BCE your words from the last post and this one God used to teach me so much and I would list the lesson’s but that is to personal.

    This topic and the reading for today from ODB has meant so much to me. I have recently applied to the University to get a Master’s in Counseling also with the Seminary for the Christian part of the degree. This was a goal that I have had for many years (20) only to receive my rejection letter two days ago from the regular University. The feeling of disappointment was great until I read all these things today. I trust God with my life and obviously writing things in pencil and giving God the eraser is being tested as whether I accept His direction for my life or what I want.

    An old behavior would have been to either kick the dog or cat kind of attitude but instead I told Him how I was feeling and asked for direction. The Seminary called yesterday and discussed other alternatives but I told them I had to wait for a different direction. Trust me this sounds so easy when writing it but in my heart it has taken me back several steps. With my legs being like they are I really thought that was where I was being led.

    The humor side may be that God is going to have me run a marathon and trust Him to provide each step. LOL Isn’t it amazing the things He asked of Noah to build the ark (trust), Abraham to slay his son (trust), Adam and eve not to eat (trust), David to become a king from a Shepard (trust), the death of a loved one at an early age (trust), no job, losing a home, deformity, rejection, and the list goes on. Trust, it is so easy to say and so had to do unless you have done it before and each time it gets easier and easier.

    If God says the check is in the mail it truly is.

  7. pegramsdell says:

    I have to trust God. I cannot trust anyone else. And no one can really trust me. We always let each other down. We don’t want to, but we do. He will never let me down. I may not always like what He tells me to do, but I trust Him. I know that whatever it is, it is for my good. Because He loved me first, I love Him with all my heart. I am totally obsessed with what He has done for me.

  8. David Kobliska says:

    Fascinating post, Mart.

    Taking us to that tree in the garden opens up deep wells for pondering. After all, Adam and Eve represented humanity at the ‘top of their game.’ And yet, God offered freedom to give it all up. It says to me that love in its purest form is completely free of coercion. Would it therefore be true, too, that it is only possible to have real trust in someone to whom we can approach freely and willingly? And likewise, leave freely and willingly?

    Adam and Eve did not ‘opt’ to be created. So once they were, their loving Creator offered them His love, but did not coerce theirs in return. The two trees in the garden says that we are always and forever free to love God. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be love. ‘Trust’ is a dimension of God’s selfless kind of love. The fact that it is applied to so much of daily life in all its aspects shows how much humanity’s quality of life itself is indebted to who God is by nature.

    I love Him so much!

    P.S. My first post to this forum, but I’ve long appreciated RBC. Thanks for years of healthy, loving dialog.

  9. Bob in Cornwall England says:


    Thank you for your first post.
    You have just made me see something more clearly than before.
    Yes, we had no choice in the fact God created us, all other beings He created like Angels and Elders etc. have free will and some chose to follow Lucifer into the pit, but for us He provided us with a chance to be “Recreated” in His own Image again. How marvelous that He created us then allows us to chose to be recreated, an act of our own will.
    I know He says “I have chosen you etc.” but still it is just an amazing thing.
    Everyday I am faced with choices between Good, Gods way, and bad, my way. I refraim from the use of the word evil as satan is the evil one and will corrupt our hearts if we allow him to.
    “Be transformed by the renewing of you minds.” That is our daily task and I thank God that He loves me so much that I have a new chance everyday to follow Him and can come to the “Laver” to be cleansed and made clean by the precious Blood of my Saviour Jesus of Nazareth.
    Thanks again David, I hope you continue to add your wise words here.


  10. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Just an aside,

    Today we have our annual food and music festival in the village and there will be thousands of people coming to see all the stalls and chefs and live bands etc.
    08:30am now and the weather looks set fine and sunny.
    I am giving out leaflets for a local pub / restuarant, but ask for your prayers that I may be able to chat about Jesus at some stage during the day.
    I know by the time most of you awake my day will be nearly over, but with God time is not a problem.
    For those in the USA, I always thought it was a mighty statement you had on your bank notes.
    “In God We Trust”
    May He Bless you all for standing up and being counted on His side.
    Deb, I hope you get the direction you need to move on with your Bible distribution and “Ministry”
    When one door slams shut another opens, just be patient and wait and see what your Lord has in mind for you! :-)


  11. SFDBWV says:

    David, welcome to the blog.

    I liked what Peg said, “I have to trust God.” It really is that simple…

    If we don’t trust God in all circumstances, we are left to our own designs. Whereas some sound or look good at the time, our own designs too often get tainted with someones self motivated goals.

    Then there is the terror of realizing there is an end to our abilities. Without trust there can be no hope.

    So our hopes are in the hands of one we trust to accomplish what we cannot even imagine a way to do.

    Most all of us on this blog are living in a existance of trust. We have found ourselves broken by the actions of life. We can either shake our fist heavenward and ask why or….trust God in the worst of circumstances.

    It is never easy, never. When your heart is broken and all seems lost, what else can we do but trust God.

    So Peg is right, I too *have* to trust God.


  12. poohpity says:

    I looked up the word “trust” 1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. 2. Custody; care. 3.Something committed into the care of another; a charge.

    It seems that so many of us have just given our trust to others who did not deserve it. I always thought that I will trust someone first but boy have I learned different. Now I know that trust is something that is earned. To understand whether a person has integrity, ability and character one really has to get to know them. I do not believe God asks us to trust Him blindly but to get to know Him and see what He is like and see that He is truth. The more one knows God the more one can put their “trust” in Him in all areas of life. It is a process to put our hearts and souls into the care of another. I know that I still am a little shy about that and have not fully done it. I hope one day I can and am very grateful that God has patience with me.

  13. Grace48 says:

    Trust in God .How much it seems I have to learn and relearn it as each new situation test and tests and eventually grows that trust.

    It seems to me that after the desperate prayers, the fearful prayers and tearful prayers, the joyful prayers; when all is said and done again in each situation, it all comes down to trust in God, that He is here with us in each second of our lives and that only He knows the way up ahead and now. Only God is God and there is no other like Him.

    How patient He is with me as He refines this sometimes way too often shaky faith of mine into stronger faith and love for Him and grateful praise. So again my prayers are that He is with us in all and the rest is in His holy hands of love. And the rest comes in His holy hands of strength and love.

  14. SFDBWV says:

    Proverbs 3:5″Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”
    3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”

    Couldn’t help myself, had to put that one out of many quotes about trust, from the Word.

    Mart is right there is a great deal of written as well as implied urging from the Holy Spirit to *trust God*.

    It seems that God Himself has put a great deal of importance on trust.

    If it is important to God it should be eccential to us, His followers.

    Maybe it’s because we can’t see him as we want to, or are able to set and converse with Him as we would like. Maybe it’s because when we don’t get what we ask for, we are given another *choice*, give up belief or keep trusting…

    Jesus used the story of seperating chaff from the wheat. The wheat being thoes of us who have not given up on God and continue to *trust* Him. The chaff being thoes for whom He has no need, and so are discarded and burned as waste.

    Do we believe that Jesus is Lord? Then we trust that He is. Our eternal future is decided by that *trust*.


  15. xrgarza says:

    This Blog starts off with the question:

    “Why does the best book in the world maintain that our faith/trust is so important to God that he is willing to declare the most ungodly people right with himself?”

    The answer is found in Galatians 2:15-16 NIV: when Paul was opposing Peter

    15 “We who are Jews by birth and not ‘Gentile sinners’ 16 know that a man is not justified by observing the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by observing the law, because by observing the law no one will be justified.

    I must admit it is easier said than done, but once you have walked by faith, you say to yourself wow! That was cool! And I’m certain that you will find that it was easy as well.

    I believe what keeps us from trusting and truly walking by faith are our own fears and uncertainties.

    When I was younger we would go to a nearby creek and swing off a rope that was tied to a tree, and jump into the middle of the creek. The first time I tried this after seeing kids do this for weeks I was still terrified.

    I climbed the tree trunk and I must have waited for five minutes or more, I can still hear all of the insults coming from the other children encouraging me to jump. When I finally jumped it not only happened so quickly but I was not hurt, and when I came out of the water I could hear all of the kids cheering. I couldn’t wait to climb back up that tree and jump again.

    Similarly, this is what walking by faith and trusting God feels like.


  16. Sakoieta says:

    Even though our teachings as Mohawks say we were created and because of the Creator blowing his sacred breath into us, we are a good and upright people, yet in our own efforts to maintain this stature, I have heard Elder after Elder always start his speaking with, “Here I stand as a pitiful man.” This acknowledges that even our best efforts always will fall short and that it is the Creator who gives us our life, our breath, our guidance, and our strength. Without that strength, love and guidance we are lost in the woods and cannot find our way. By recognizing the need for staying in sacred relationship with the Creator we then acquire the knowledge that we know we will be taken care of. That is why in Mohawk prayers we never ask for anything. All we do is offer thanksgiving that the Creator is always working in our best interests. I have heard some of our highsteel workers share the same thoughts when people ask how they can do the work they do so high in the sky and aren’t they afraid. Their answers have been it is up to Him, if today is my last step on this earth so be it. It is all in his hands, everything. You can’t beat a faith that is lived each and every day like that.

  17. Regina says:

    Good Evening, All,

    I hope all is well with you. I decided to comment on Mart’s questions before reading any of the comments so that my comment would represent my first (raw) thoughts on the subject.

    Mart’s Comments/Questions:
    “1) Maybe trust is all about God’s way of getting our hearts to rest in the truth…

    2) Is that why God put the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” in the middle of the Garden? Was the trust that tree asked for a way of keeping the first couple in touch with a reality that a fallen angel had lost?

    3)Could that be why we are told to respond to the “alternative father of lies” by wrapping ourselves with the “truth” (Eph 6:14)? Is that why it’s so important for us to be obsessed with what God has really done for us… and what he has really said?”

    1 – I think it’s difficult for some people to trust God (rest in His truth) because they didn’t have a good relationship with one or both of their earthly parents.

    2 – If the Tree of the Knowledge of… required a mastery of trust, Adam and Eve were not able to “rest in the truth” of God on that level. Even though they were blameless, sinless human beings, they were not able to fully trust God. However, we don’t know how long they lived in the Garden of Eden before falling prey to Satan’s lies. Lucifer (Satan) also enjoyed close fellowship with God until iniquity was found in him (Isa. 14:12-15). Makes me wonder if Adam and Eve knew anything about Satan before they ate of The Tree of Knowledge…

    3. I believe that we do need to be obsessed with what God has done for us and what He has said to us in His Word. We can judge whether or not He’s trustworthy based on what He has done for us and for our brothers/sisters in Christ Jesus. One has to have faith in God in order to fully trust Him. When we’re fully aware that He’s responsible for our daily provision, we’re able to trust Him on a deeper level.


  18. SFDBWV says:

    Sakoieta, How very good to hear your wisdom again. It is good to know you are still here.


  19. sbrewster says:

    I’m not nearly as wise or as spiritual as most of you here. Daily, I struggle in trusting God. Some days it is easier than others, but almost always it is a struggle for me to lift my heart to reconcile trust and faith to my daily slog through life. Some days, I trust because I have no other option. Is that really trust??? Some days, I trust because I am afraid of what will happen if I don’t. Trust for me is a foreign place at times. It is really hard for me to trust when I see some many inequities in the world. It is hard for me to trust when I see pervasive evil. It is hard for me to trust when I realize the tremendous amount of suffering taking place in the world. I truly weep, as I do now, at how difficult it is for me to trust that He has it all worked out. My trust is borne out of necessity, because I don’t think I could live without trusting Him.

  20. pegramsdell says:

    Trusting God is the smart thing to do. He is faithful and just. No matter what is going on in the world, He is good and loves you. We have an enemy who is at fault also, and even ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. But I choose to trust in The Lord. He is the way to heaven, paradise. And He has all power. And love.

  21. SFDBWV says:

    sbrewster, don’t sell yourself short, I find honesty in your words. Honesty that speaks to all of us.

    David spoke to all of us in the Psalms as he found himself daily needing that God would deliver him from the calamities of life.

    I enjoyed your comments and share your heartache at all the suffering around us…As well as surrendering to God’s sovereignty.


  22. pegramsdell says:

    I found these scriptures, there is a whole lot more, but I thought these were applicable. I know that it is not easy to trust. It takes faith to trust. And practice. sbrewster, you sound pretty wise to me. :)

    Nahum 1:7
    The Lord is good,a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in him.

    Hebrews 10:35
    So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!

    Jeremiah 39:18
    Because you trusted me, I will give you your life as a reward. I will rescue you and keep you safe. I, the Lord, have spoken!

    Jeremiah 17:7
    But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.

  23. refump says:

    Pooh, let me first start by letting you know I am always drawn to the wisdom of your posts. I can hear the passion in your words that seem to come from experiences God has brought you through & the deep wisdom it has produced in you. I was wondering, however, about what you said:
    “I do not believe God asks us to trust Him blindly but to get to know Him and see what He is like and see that He is truth. The more one knows God the more one can put their “trust” in Him in all areas of life. It is a process to put our hearts and souls into the care of another.”
    I can understand that thinking about trusting another human but I believe that is exactly what God asks us to do with Him. As Bob pointed out in one of the first posts on this subject:
    “That is why Jesus said we must become as little children.
    Without that child like trust we will fail to see the Kingdom of God, let alone live in it.”
    It almost sounds like you are saying God must earn our trust. I do understand & agree with the part that the more we get to “know” Him the easier it becomes to trust Him & that spending time with Him is essential to that process. That child like trust He asks from us that initially lets Him into our hearts needs to be nurtured via our on going walk with Him. God then uses “life & its difficulties” to then either grow that trust or have it turn to bitterness & resentment. Sort of echoing what Steve said earlier:
    “There seems to me to be a difference between innocent trust as a child has and adult trust that we must cultivate between God and us as well as between people
    and ourselves….”
    But we must be on guard of lose sight of the first childlike trust that we needed that allowed Him into our heart.

  24. pegramsdell says:

    The only way to trust someone is to know them. Not just by word of mouth, but by a geniune relationship. And getting to know Jesus and trusting Him is the only way to heaven, according to the bible:

    John 17:3
    And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.

  25. xrgarza says:

    refump & pegramsdell,

    Yes & No, I agree with you & I have to disagree with you. With all due respect, if we are to trust the Lord like a child trust I have to be reminded about the time I brought my children home from the hospital do you know how much time it took for them to realize that they could and should trust me? Actually they had no choice, and if they did, not being able to talk could not even verbalize their choice.

    Yes our ability to trust humans has been tainted, but to trust God blindly, absolutely! Sometimes we have no choice but to trust Him blindly, when we find ourselves in times of desperation.

    But Like Jesus told the Pharisees “I came to heal the sick, not those that are well”. The Pharisees were trying to trust God using their own understanding. The Bible tells us not to lean on our own understanding.

    Our relationship will grow with Him, as well as our ability to deliberately and intentionally trust in Him even more so, but in time of need I have been able to trust total strangers.


  26. poohpity says:

    It seems like you totally understood what I meant. It seems at first (conversion) we have a child like faith or trust for salvation but the things of life can detract from that original trust. It maybe what we see as unanswered prayer or the horrors of the evil one that may come in to try and steal that original trust. Walking closely with Him and furthering our understanding can promote further trust after we have seen and experienced God’s comfort, provision, peace and many other things. It seems grows from a child like faith (trust) to an adult kind or some people get overcome and walk away. I have had to ask the Lord to renew my child like trust I wish it could be maintain all the time but it seems to have different seasons. Not that it is right but it just has happened to me. It is like my body starts to sag in some areas and God is the plastic surgeon who comes in and does some nips and tucks.

  27. poohpity says:

    I was not saying that God has to earn my trust I was saying that I have learned to trust from experience of trying to do things my way.

  28. Regina says:

    Good Morning, All,

    pegramsdell – …just wanted to add two more scriptures to the ones that you shared with sbrewster.

    Ps. 46:1, NLT –
    God is our refuge and strength,always ready to help in times of trouble.

    Prov. 3:5, NLT –
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

    refump – you made some good points in your comment to Poohpity, and I want to share my thoughts on what you said. God does things for us in order to prove Himself trustworthy. Then, the devil throws adversity & trials at us in an attempt to rob us of our “child-like” trust in God. You made a good point when you said: “God then uses “life & its difficulties” to then either grow that trust or have it turn to bitterness & resentment.” I know that you know that God doesn’t want our trust in Him to turn to bitterness/resentment. He just wants to know if we’re willing to trust Him with our whole heart.

    Sadly, some Christians do become bitter & resentful towards God. They don’t understand that He’s not the one causing the adversity & trials. He’s the One who’s going to deliver us out of the trials & vicissitudes of life when He finds faith and trust in our hearts (Prov. 3:5).

    sbrewster – Steve is right, even though God has proven Himself faithful & trustworthy on so many occasions and on so many levels in our lives, we still have to have an active, on-going relationship with Him in order to “rest in the truth” of God and trust Him with our whole heart (no matter what’s going on around us).

    Psalm 91:6-7, NLT
    Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.


  29. sbrewster says:

    Thanks to everyone, especially for the scriptures to remind me. I think our relationship with God ebbs and flows – just like our lives and our relationship with those we love. There are times when you can feel His closeness and then there are times you feel He is very distant. I prayed for more than 10yrs to marry and be a mom. I did and my husband is a wonderful man. Our daughter, our only child is a wonderful child who has autism. I shed a lot of tears and somedays I wonder “why”, but I still do trust Him…but forgive me for saying – lately it is more a moment by moment, day by day trust – but underneath and deep inside I know it is up held with memories of what he has already done. Life is a journey and relationships are never static – sometimes God allows things hard to understand. He makes the sun to shine on the just and the unjust. He makes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. As a Christian, I have no choice but to trust Him – because I am not wise enough to figure it out.

  30. phpatato says:

    Thank you everyone for your prayers. I so appreciate your love and the kind words.

    Just an update on mom…Yes she is still with us, even though she gasped what we were sure was her last breath. Once again she has doctors scratching their heads in unbelief. Our miracle mom! Our energizer bunny!

    The Doctor told us that she suffered a severe heart attack due to a low hemoglobiin count…69. She was also critically dehydrated. Why the nursing home failed to get red flags raised, why they brushed aside our increasing worry and concerns, why we were the ones who finally had to demand that she be sent to hospital are questions that we are now seeking to have answered. Our trust with this nursing home facility is completely and totally gone. They have let us down time after time and with serious consequences each time. We are now facing decisions on placing mom into some sort of palliative care.

    But I do know on whom I can Trust and rely upon. He hears my cries, He sees my tears, He comforts me like no other. I know He is in complete control of what is happening even though I don’t understand why. Praise my God, my Lord and Saviour. He never fails.

    “For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able…..”


  31. poohpity says:

    Pat, I used to refer to my mom as an energizer bunny too. I know how hard all this is and thank you for sharing with us. I am ashamed to admit I used to pray for it to be over with as soon as possible and now I miss her soooo very much.

  32. sbrewster says:

    I have been taking care of my mother for the last 7yrs. She use to live with my sister and her husband, but finally she go no longer go up and down the stairs and get to the bathroom. So, my husband and I moved her in with us. We’ve been through two very serious hospitalizations, both times we thought she was not going to make it, but she made it through.

    Poohpity, there are times I too long for it to be over. Caring for an aging mom who is wheelchair bound, a special needs child and working fulltime had taken quite a toll on me physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Last year, something had to give and it was the only thing I was willing to part with, the job.

    I’ve been changing diapers and giving baths for 10years now. There are days I wonder if by the time it is over, I might be ready for my own “briefs”. But, there are quiet moments once I’ve put everyone to bed that I have some time alone with my thoughts and I realize that as hard as it is for me, it is a blessing from God.

    Pat: You are doing the very best you can for your mom. Your mom knows that too and I believe she is eternally grateful for your love and support at this point in her life. It’s hard enough having to entrust the care of your loved one to strangers, and so much harder when that trust is broken. We do not know what bridges our lives will cross until we come to them or are brought to them by God’s divine will. Blessings to your mom, you and your family.

  33. SFDBWV says:

    sbrewster, Pat and all who give of themselfves for the benift of another. God is, I am sure very pleased, and I have no doubt that Christ sheds tears for your struggles.

    As my mother used to tell me, these days and hours of your suffering for another will add stars to your crown.

    I trusted mom and am certain she was right, I also trust God. He didn’t even spare His own son, for our benifit.

    That kind of love can be trusted.


  34. jjhis says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you and your mom have been in my prayers. My wife, our daughter, two other caregivers and I are continuing to care for my mom, who is 92. She, like her mom, wondered why the Lord would not just take her on home to be with Him. We are continually brought back to the truth that we are to live by faith and are to trust in the love of Christ and in His timing. My mom’s three favorite things to say are “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24), “I’m waiting on the Lord”, and the song “Farther along we’ll understand why”. I remembered that was a favorite of your parents also. Praise Jesus for He is Faithful and True and tells us that we can cast our burdens on the Lord. Thank Him for He cares for you.


  35. pegramsdell says:

    You all are true servants of God. I am in awe of you. All that you do for your family. I have been greatly encouraged by your selflessness. I am praying for you to be comforted and encouraged by God. I pray for the health of your moms and children and for your finances to increase supernaturally. And for those who have lost loved ones, to have peace and comfort in Jesus’ Arms. You are real troopers. :)

  36. phpatato says:

    Thank you Pooh (Deb) Sbrewster and Steve. Your kind words are so uplifting. The days are a bit exhausting as we try and mold into a different routine. With dad still at the nursing home, it is crucial that we get dad to see mom as often as possible without tiring either of them out. They have been married for 69 years and this separation will be difficult for both of them. We are driving in different directions now and will have to divide our time between them.

    Mom always said that God fits the burden to the shoulders and I am so thankful He lead my sister to be a helpmate. He truly does supply all our needs…one of which is the strength to carry on. He also gave me all of you and this website. I am so humbly grateful.

  37. phpatato says:

    Sorry Jim and Peg, I didn’t mean to exclude you. It took me awhile to post as I was trying to type and make supper at the same time.

  38. phpatato says:

    Jim I am so glad that you posted. You, your mom and your family have been in my prayers and thoughts so often.

    Mom used to wonder why sometimes too. Now it’s another sister who lives 2 hours away, but we just reassure each other that it is in His timing and He cares. It’s one day at a time.

    And yes, Farther along we’ll understand why!!!

  39. Ron Ben Yaakov says:

    Shalom to all:

    I appreciate Mart’s comments about faith, a subject that I respect, since the LORD gave it to me/us as a gift (free), but it cost Him to give me/us that gift. Rather than go into detail at this time, I wanted to let you know I’m back. For how long? I don’t know. My wife and I thought we would be back in our homeland by now, since every arrangement was made, but the Master chose to block our move at this time. So, I hope my involvement will be just as much a blessing to you all, as your comments are to me.


  40. Sakoieta says:

    Our culture teaches that there are many who come here that will, in our relationship with them, make us better caring and more complete human beings. Having to care for others teaches us about compassion and true love. I know when I and my wife were looking after our six year old daughter, who had terminal brain cancer, we used to often question things…asking the whys and where for’s and the what ifs. Then one of my Elders, another Mohawk man told me one time, “Don’t ever stop asking why because why + why + why = a whyser. The Creator has allowed us to enter into situations to further refine us and bring out and shine up our spirit. As Mohawks we have been taught to always be open to new teachings that come from totally unexpected places. One of these is with children who are autistic. We have allowed society to declare these children as disabled only because they are different in thinking, acting and relating. We believe that these ones come to us to show us the Creator has different instructions for living here on earth, other than what society may dictate. In our beliefs we are told that these little ones when they were still spirits in the Sky World or Heaven, looked down and chose who would be the parents who will be the recipients of this new bit of knowledge coming to earth in human form. It is then they chose the woman who would be the sacred doorway that they would have to travel through that would allow them to enter this life here on earth. We believe it is to these people that have been chosen, that the gifts of true, unconditional relationships and love will be shown. All of you are doing a good thing and there is blessing in this life as well as when we follow it into the next. My daughter, while she could still speak before she died, one night, just looked at me with her tired eyesm and said the best thing anyone had ever told me. She said, “I am so happy I chose you to be my Daddy”. I asked her when she did that and she told me, “When I was still up there before I ever came to live here. I chose you and mommy.”

  41. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I read through this blog nearly every morning as part of my time with the Lord before setting out on my day, usually about 6am.
    I had a particularly bad day yesterday and thinh I may have had a mild heart attack so will see the doctor at some stage, but two comments this morning have struck me a I know are from God and are speaking to me.
    From Rigina,

  42. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    sorry I pressed submit instead of right click and paste for some reason…..

    Psalm 91:6-7, NLT
    Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.

    and from Pat,
    “For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able…..” (This was my Baptismal text and I always get it, like rainbows, to affirm something He is saying to me)

    I am also ammazed how many who share here are caring for family and are giving of their lives for loved ones.

    Your words are wise, thank you!

    Ron Ben,
    Welcome back my friend!


  43. SFDBWV says:

    Sakoieta, I agree fully, that special people recieve the gift of special children.

    Ron Ben Yaakof, It is also good to hear from you again, I will be looking forward to your wisdom and knowledge being shared here with us once more.

    Mild or severe a heart attack is a serious matter Bob, don’t put off having that checked out.


  44. SFDBWV says:

    sbrewster, I have been trying to find the right words in order to speak to you, of your struggle.

    In my limited life and obsevation of all things around me. I have noticed a common thread. Especialy with reguards to people who seek to be in God’s will for their lives.

    It appears that *good* people are given a disproportionate amount of trials and sturggles. That the closer one comes to God in these struggles, sometimes it gets much much worse.

    Almost as if God is purposely allowing more and more undue heartache. And we wonder why would He allow such pain on inocent little ones or on the undeserving.

    Just when you feel you can’t possibly take anymore….more is added.

    It is at these moments when a believer is faced with looking at their naked self….What do we truly believe?

    Where do we go and whom do we turn to for strength?

    From somewhere deep inside us, strength comes to endure one more moment.

    The human spirit is a very powerful being, and when combined with the Holy Spirit…..supernatural events occur. Even miracles, certainly our ability to continue, though it surpasses understanding.

    God, His Son and the whole of His purpose and His deepest love is what keeps us going.

    it comes to all that we have left, is hope and trust in Him.

    I look forward to that day when all of our heartaches are turned into Joy.


  45. Ron Ben Yaakov says:

    Shalom to all:

    Since I last wrote to you, I’ve been thinking about the subject of faith. Being a believer, 50 years plus, it never ceases to amaze me the depth of the subject of faith. If fact, I believe we could spend decades more and never scratch the surface of faith, so to speak.

    I’ve heard believers say, me included :-), “I’m bored!” Do you relate to this mind-set? Well, if our mind is set on being fatigued, tired, annoyed, or whatever seems to pull us down in our daily lives, we’re going to find ourselves up against a mountain of boredom. I’m hope I’m making sense.

    What does this all have to do with faith? A lot, if you will. As I read about Abraham, for example, I’m thinking about his lifestyle and his surroundings in his day. If you have ever lived in the Middle East, you will find that it has greatly improved in its surroundings according to the standards of the world. For example, in Abraham’s day, there were no radios or televisions. No cinema’s. No favorite jet airplanes, not grocery stores with everything at your finger tips. The list could go on. These are some of the many things we are accustomed to, yet, we still get bored with all the riches we have in our possessions. True, we may not be driving Rolls Royces or Mercedes Benz’s, maybe only having a bicycle to ride, but in God’s eyes, a bicycle is just as important for transportation as having an expensive automobile.

    I know, I probably sound like I’m rambling: This is what happens when I try to explain about living by faith. I could tell you some hair-raising stories when I was doing evangelism in Mexico with the Sapoteco Indians; going without meals, coming down with death-threatening Amoeba, etc. Top that, when my wife and I immigrated to Israel, there are so many testimonies, how the LORD took care of us, even when, at times, we barely had enough food to last a couple of days, but He always came through – Always!


  46. rokdude5 says:

    Pat, JJ and Sbrewster: You are all in my prayers. Sakoieta, your post brought a tear to my eyes when I read about the lost of your daughter. I wonder how anyone “get over” a lost of family member – especially a child.

    Im writing this post while my daughter is resting in a children hospital bed. Due to her rare disorder, her airway became quite constricted – so constricted that she would make noises as she breaths. We thought she was going to suffocate. Praise God that the doctors were able to correct this though it could come back again.

    To me trusting in the Lord is surrendering my idea of what I want to what He wants even if we lose someone dear to us. I have to pray for His will to be done “…on earth as it is in Heaven.” By surrendering my will to His, I make God supreme in my life which is exactly where He belongs.

    Now I look at life situations and I try not to ask for enlightenment of “whys” but I pray for whatever happens that it brings glory and honor to Him.

  47. Ron Ben Yaakov says:

    Shalom to all:

    I hope this time I don’t have as many mistakes in my printing as the last comment; however, I want to mention more about Abraham, since I briefly commented about him and his lifestyle in the Middle East.

    Hebrews 11:8 says, “He went out, no knowing whither he went.” Have you ever had God tell you to go somewhere, not knowing where you were going? Perhaps you grabbed a map so you could see where He wants you to go, but Abraham, I’m sure, didn’t have any maps, only the words of God that were impressed upon his heart. God did not tell Abraham everything He was going to do; He only revealed to Abraham Who He was.

    One of the difficulties in each of our lives is, “What am I supposed to do?” Or, “Where am I supposed to go today?” If you have a place of employment, you pretty-well-know where you are going and what your job duties are, but that’s not living by faith! Oh, yes, it’s probably true, your prayers of faith helped you obtain the job you have, but it doesn’t take faith to go to your place of employment, punch the time clock, do your job, then go home. However; and I’ll stress this fact, it does require faith for God to protect us as we travel to work, do our job, then go home.

    Our attitudes enter the picture. Have you noticed in your walk with the LORD how you have to continually revise your attitude towards God; milling over the fact: “Am I trusting Him entirely?” You see, we can say we trust Him with our whole heart, but when He tells us to go somewhere, not knowing where we are going, this is a whole different story. Every morning is a new venture, a new walk with the LORD. For example, as I’m typing this comment, I’m doing my best to listen to His voice, so when I type what He is sharing with me from His Word, by faith, it is my hope that my comments will build someone up in the FAITH.


  48. Ron Ben Yaakov says:

    Shalom to all:

    Yeshua’s messages were always endorsed by faith. After all, as He preached the Word, He told many of the unbelieving Jews who claimed to be the true children of Abraham: “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad…Verily, verily, I say unto you, ‘Before Abraham was, I Am'” [John 8:56,58]. According to these passages, we can see why Abraham pleased the Father: He saw Yeshua! Because, before Abraham was born, Yeshua was already with the Father.

    I want to say something else, and perhaps there will be those among us who will not understand my comment- but here goes! Perhaps today, you may have asked the Father what He wants you to do and your thoughts are still spinning around in your mind: “Now Father, I know You are not the author of confusion!” And, you keep asking Him what He is going to do. I have found out from experience: God will not tell us what He is going to do; He will, however, reveal to us Who He is.

    I have a question, but first, I know there are many on this forum who are suffering physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, and the list continues; but do you believe God is a miracle-working God? If so, are you willing to go out, with total surrender, that is, until you arrive to the place in your life where you are not surprised at anything He does? Have you noticed that many people will say this after praying for many days, weeks, months or year: “I can’t believe it! I didn’t think He was listening!” You see, Yeshua confirms the fact that our prayer requests are already in the mind of God before we even ask Him: “Be not ye therefore like unto them; for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him…(For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things” [Matthew 6:8, 32].


  49. Ron Ben Yaakov says:

    Shalom to all:

    Right now: “What do you want the LORD to do for you; or, for someone else?” I believe I’m stepping out on the end of the limb when I say this, but this next question pertains just as much to me as anyone on this forum: “Do you want to be so identified with the LORD that your old life will completely leave and no longer haunt you?” Yes, I know this is a touchy subject, as well as personal, in many respects, but, I want to encourage anyone who relates to this question, to go before the Father, by faith, and ask Him to deliver you from the past and to help you to be identified with Him, and Him only. Not to be identified with the culture you were raised in; not to be identified with your ethnic group; not to be identified with your religious preference; but with Him. That takes faith, but faith is what pleases the Father [Hebrew 11:6].

    We each have to come to a place where we believe and know He is the LORD Almighty [Hebrew – ADONAI Ts’vaot].

    And, one more touchy comment: In order to believe and know He is the LORD Almighty, we have to realize that placing our faith is what Yeshua says, but in Himself. Stop and think about this! I’m not saying we are not to believe in the Word of God. Many people have the Word of God memorized, but they don’t know the Master and God Almighty. They don’t know Him!

    Yes, it’s true; the Apostle Paul said, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God” [Romans 10:17]. The statement: “Word of God,” is referring to both the Gospel concerning Messiah, as well as Messiah speaking His message through His messengers. This is why, I believe, Yeshua said, “Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops” [Luke 12:3].

    Father, thank you for Your Word which gives us the ability to grow in faith; faith that moves mountains; faith that places food on our tables each day; faith that provides for us, clothing and adequate shelter; faith that moves the heart of God to write our names down in the Book of Life. In Yeshua’s name. Amen.

    Shalom, and may each of you reap the blessings of the LORD as you labor in His Kingdom in these trying times.

  50. poohpity says:

    Gee rokdude5 sorry to hear about your daughter and you guys will be in my prayers.

    It seems easy to trust God when all things are going good it is in the tough times we tend to trust our jobs or doctors or any other human endeavor. To trust the unseen is our leap of faith. I hope we all are leaping today into His care and trust Him with the outcomes because He is able beyond anything we can imagine. I pray that in all these areas that many have shared that our faith grows and we are able to “trust” completely.

    BCE praying for your heart too!!

  51. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Thanks Deb, I am feeling better today, but as Steve suggested, I am seeking medical advice.
    I have had a slight heart problem all my adult life which has got less active as I have got older.
    Yesterday caught me comletely by suprise and I know it was different than any other “attack” I have had in the past mainly because I started to vomit. It only lasted 15 minutes but was like an earthquake in my chest and head.
    No pain though just very weak for awhile.
    Thanks Ron Ben for your input today.
    We have been getting a bit “sleepy” in here lately and need fresh thinking.

  52. sbrewster says:

    I want to thank you all who have given me strength for my journey. Last night as I had time to reflect, a verse from Job came to me – not that I compare myself or my struggles to Job in anyway shape of the imagination – but when I first read the book of Job, I was more than moved. I have always felt that God wrote the Bible for me – to talk to me, to guide me in my choices and my decisions as I lived my life and when I read or study scripture it is always looking for the lesson to learn to apply to my life. There is a verse from Job I’ve always pondered, “Though he slays me, yet will I serve Him.” It’s been many years since I first read those words and I didn’t fully realize then the magnitude those words would come to mean in my life. I am no different than others – I desire what we all desire I suppose, a good life of health, happiness and meaning.
    Although I would have never chosen this road for myself, I willingly give myself over to it, partly because I am forced to but mostly because I believe it IS God’s Will For ME.

    Just today, my mom shared with me how my grandmother became the matriarch of our family. She was the one everyone else leaned on. My dad was the same. I guess in that sense the mantle now lays me on – one who learned by watching them carry out difficult tasks and one who never seriously considered that one day I would need to do the same. To me they were strong, brave and courageous. To me, I am small insignificant and weak.

    Thank you all for reminding me that my life as a Christian is one of surrendering daily and hoping in the blessed hope that is yet to come. All the suffering is for SOMETHING, even though I do not fully understand what yet and God may choose never to tell me this side of life. There are days that I console myself and am content in the fact that it is not wholly necessary for me to know. Then there are days that if I could I would yank God from the heavens and demand an answer!!!

    I believe I know what Job meant. On one hand he indicts God (“though He slay me”)- he accuses Him for being the source of his suffering. On the other hand, he acknowledges that it is better to suffer at the hands of God (“yet will I serve Him”) then to turn away from Him. So, I am the willing/unwilling servant of Christ.

    I will walk with my mom as far as God allows me to. To the one who brought me forth into this world, I will walk with her as far as I can. I will help her to carry her burden, until God lifts it from her shoulders.

    Please remember me and my family in your prayers that God would be with us all the days of our lives and more importantly that we will be with Him.

    Thanks you Steve, Sakoieta, pegramsdell, Ron Ben Yaakov, Bob in England. Your words have lifted me. Blessings to you all.

    Thanks Matt DeHaan for allowing us a forum to share – even when it is not directly in response to your topic.

  53. Regina says:

    Hello All,

    I pray all is well in your lives.

    Bob (Cornwall) – I’m so glad Psalm 91:6-7, NLT was a Word of encouragement for you. I pray that God will completely heal your heart condition. In Jesus’name.

    I love the “Been Thinking About” Blog! So glad you created it, Mart! :-)


  54. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Thanks Regina,
    I except your prayer in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,(Messiah) and submit to His will in this matter.
    A lot of the time I am too stuborn to ask for help and that has been my downfall on many an occation.

    I am a little puzzled that you included me in your thanks above, compared to Steve, Sakoieta, pegramsdell, Ron Ben Yaakov,I am just a mere struggling human being trying to find his way through the boggy miers of life.
    Most of my problems are from within and I am sure self inflicted, but you have been chosen, like Sakoieta said, and are richly blessed in that God loves you that much.
    I thank God for your wisdom and your culture. as you suggested, there is only one God but we all see Him through the eyes of our own culture and heritage. Ron Ben Yaakov is lucky as he is a Hebrew and see the whole picture and bible as it was written in the Hebrew culture. I am sure it has taken him a lifetime of learning to understand it all, how are we to relate to God’s word? Only by allowing the Holy Spirit to apply it to our own lives and cultures. Every person on this planet is unique and God treata us all as individuals and as Jesus did, talks to us in ways only we can fully understand.
    Praise His Wonderful Name. yeshua!


  55. SFDBWV says:

    Frozen in my memory is a story I read long ago about a young mother and her small daughter, who both drowned together in a flood.

    Found together, mother and daughter holdinng on to one another and the mother clutching her family Bible.

    It’s a mental picture I have burned into my mind.

    In their last moments alive, they held on to what was dear and precious to them, that young mother placing the safety of her daughter and herself in the promises she had learned of, there in that Bible.

    Yet they both perished there in that flood.

    Was the trust that that young mother believed, placed in Vain? I think not.

    Though they were not saved from the flood, God took them and perhaps saved them from a worse fate lived beyond surviving the calamity of the flood waters.

    The point is that this young mother trusted God right up to her last moments.

    We are taught that many heros of faith died without seeing their promises realized.

    Wherever God takes me, through whatever struggles and terrors, like this young mother I must hold on to His Word and trust Him….Especialy when it seems all hope is lost.


  56. sbrewster says:

    Bob in England:

    I hope you are well and have had a chance to be seen by a physician.

    I don’t feel chosen, quite the contrary. I feel very much like you do – ” I am just a mere struggling human being trying to find his way through the boggy miers of life.” It’s only when I’m reminded that God has a grand plan that I think, “perhaps He does!”

    I am no different. I struggle with my thoughts (i.e., self-inflicted) and it is a constant challenge for me to look UP and remind myself that God loves me, because sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

    The problem with starting to list names is that you almost always forget to thank someone.

    Thanks to Regina, Pat, Jim, phpatato.

    Sakoieta, thank you for sharing about your daughter. Blessings to you and your wife.

  57. pegramsdell says:

    Wow, thank you Steve for that story. Something to think about….God saving them from a worse fate. Haven’t thought that way before. A good word at an appropriate time.

  58. foreverblessed says:

    Welcome back, Sakoieta and Ron Ben Yaakov! And welcome sbrewster!

    Totally trusting God is what I want to grow in day by day.
    And it is essential for me to think what God has done for me in Christ!
    Because to totally trust someone else is hard, but we are to trust Someone Else who gave His life for me.
    That is so unbelievable!
    How can I not trust the One who gave Himself for me, to buy me out of the kingdom of the darkness, to set me in the Kingdom of the Light. Col 1:11-14
    Yet, how slow am I in getting there!

    I would like to relate a story about total trust:
    We were to go to the Caribian last March. But my mother in law became very bad. She has had setbacks the last 3 years, and every time she would recover, as a miracle. Yet her situation was very very fragile.
    (She did not want to go to the hospital, and in the old peoples home they couldn’t do much for her, only calming her with medicine.)
    All her children came to visit on Saturday, and on Tuesday we would leave for 2 weeks. My husband thought we could go, she would still be there after 2 weeks, he said. That evening, in bed, I couldn’s get to sleep, and prayed about this matter, telling God I did not want to worry about it, as He tells us not to worry, but at the other hand, that I didn’t want to go, but my husband wants to go. And also could not know to what date we had to postpone the journey. (We could not cancel the journy, only postpone it)
    I prayed and prayed, and then something happened: A total peace came over me, and a knowing:
    All Is Well.
    And then, at that moment, I had this total trust!
    A total surrender to our God, the One who controls everything, who is Love, and Peace, and Calmness.
    At that moment I thought: So this is what God calls us to do, to totally Trust Him.
    To lay down at His feet all our worries, all our diseases, all our loads, all our old self.
    And there we come into His Kingdom of total Peace, Love, Happiness, Calmness.

    The next day my husband said he had had a dream: his mother was silently looking at him, and another dream, the same again: his mother looking at him silently. That he thought we shouldn’t go.
    That was the first miracle. God is in charge!
    After saying that, his sister called and said their mother just had died, in peace.
    So that was the next miracle: God intervened, He took her away. His mother wanted to live for a few more days to get to her 85 birthday.
    She was buried on her birthday. Like a beautifull wedding day, sad, but also a celebration.

  59. foreverblessed says:

    Ron BY Asked:Do you want to be so identified with the LORD that your old life will completely leave and no longer haunt you?”
    Yes, Yes, that is what I want to.
    By the way, if you say: let go of your ethnics, why would you call Jesus, Jeshua, since we are writing here in English?
    We will not be hebrews either. We are children of the most High of the Kingdom of heaven.

    Ron, I say this in big love, as a small little sister in Christ, who encourages you to give an example in giving up your ethnics. Not to criticize you at all, No not in that way. I love your comments, and have missed you.

  60. foreverblessed says:

    And I pray for all who are with their parents in their last hurdle, Sbrewster and Phpatato, I pray that your mother will go in peace, and be with her Lord. That you, and all who are with you will have a blessed time together and with our Lord!
    That you may sings psalms and hymns Eph 5:19-20 always giving thanks for everything: for the beginning of a life, and for the end of a life, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  61. Sakoieta says:

    Ah but that is the beauty of the different languages.. As Mohawks we call God’s son “Iesos Keristos”. There are those who I have experienced who would say that way of spelling it and saying it is not in the Bible so we are in error. I believe we are not wrong to do so or incorrect we are just different. It is like the singers in a choir singing a song. All will know the song but not all will sing even the same notes. Some will be singing as altos, others as tenors, some as basses and sopranos, etc. To subtly suggest we should all use total english is like someone saying unless we read only the King James Bible we aren’t quite there yet in understanding the Bible.

  62. foreverblessed says:

    OK Sakoieta, in my language we call Him Jezus Christus.
    Also known as: xP the Chi Ro, from the first two letters of the Greek word Christos, Χριστος.

    It is by that name that we are children of God. Bought with the price of His life. That’s why we can totally trust Him.

  63. foreverblessed says:

    Since a few months I am now part of a choir, and after a voice test was put in the high sopranos.
    It is so lovely to sing in a choir, the bass, the tenors the altos, together, and if we all look to the Director, trust Him to direct us, and do what He says, we have such a lovely sound together.

  64. mrhsea says:

    Though I am a long time reader of this blog, this is my first comment. Thank you Mart for such thought provoking questions.
    What’s so important about trust? EVERYTHING! Thanks for the Job 13:15 quote sbrewster, it tripped my memory and sent me looking to every English version of scripture I could find. Perhaps you will share which version uses the word “serve”, for most that I found use “trust” “though He slay me, yet will I trust Him” some versions substituted the word “hope” which is not a maybe hope, but a rock solid expectation of truth – God’s gift of eternal life. “though He slay me, yet will I trust/hope in Him” Job 13:15
    My hope/trust is built and rests on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness. When darkness or sin, or sickness, high and stormy gales, and overwhelming floods of life surround me,(and many of you have described these times, as could I) I can rest in His unchanging grace because He/Jesus is all my hope. Trusting in Him alone brings stability to my life, for He is my anchor, my solid rock of defense, my advocate, not because of my service but because of His sacrifice on Calvary, that covers me in His blood and righteousness alone.
    Look up! For your redemption draws near! Jesus is coming again…soon!
    Thanks for EVERYTHING!
    mrhsea (pronounced mer-cy)

  65. phpatato says:

    So far off topic but this is thrilling.

    Google Hornbyeagles and get a live feed into an eagle’s nest. There are 2 eggs and a pip in one of them!!

    Hornby Island is off the British Columbia coast. This pair of eagles constructed this nest in 1989 and it is thought that they are about 25 years old.

    How can anyone say “there is no God”.

  66. poohpity says:

    In “Our Daily Bread” today someone stated, “Our lives are never more secure than when they are abandoned to God”. I thought this fit so well with this topic. To give up our lives into the hands of God. To give up, unrestrained surrender.

  67. foreverblessed says:

    Welcome mrhsea, does remind of myrh too! And thanks for Job, I think Job shows us that we must keep looking for God, not to give up, it is for those who overcome Revelation overcoming, meaning: keep trusting God even when things are not OK. It took a long time before God would show himself to Job. So we must keep trusting God too. He will show Himself to us.

    Of topic, but thanks Pat, for showing the eagles! And Pooh for the ODB, we have to lose our lives, and so we will find it. A very great contradiction.

  68. foreverblessed says:

    Revelation 2 and 3 in the letters to the 7 churches: to him who overcomes will I give theright to eat of the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God. 2:7, He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death 2:11.
    Also 2:17,26 3:5, 12, 21

  69. sbrewster says:

    I am very humbled by all of your posts and there is nothing I can add to it or take away from it. God’s word is true. It tests us and it proves us. I pray I will pass the test.

    Thank you all for the scriptures and encouragement. My spirit has been uplifted.

    Mrhsea, I didn’t look it up, I just remembered it. You may be right, probably are right. Only in the case of serving God – willingly serving God for Job could have turned away – there must have indeed been trust and/or hope, but thank you for illuminating my quote of that verse.

    Steve: thank you. You are right, there were/are so many who leave this world without seeing the promises of God fulfilled. My mom has often shared with me her wish to be able to get out of her wheelchair and run. I tell her that day will come and sometimes when I am overcome with sorrow at the thought of one day losing her, sometimes the Holy Spirit touches me and I can see her running and leaping for joy in heaven and I can even imagine her speaking to me and saying that finally she is free.

    Thank you for the beautiful story about the young mother and her daughter. You’ve shown me that I need to shift my perspective.

    With my daughter, the scripture “all things are possible with God to those who believe” (my paraphrase) is what I hold on to. She is doing things we never thought she would and we are constantly amazed at what God is doing in her life.

  70. Regina says:

    Good Evening, All,

    I know that, because God is on our side, even though all may not seem well – all “is” well.

    Steve – …good Word (the testimony you shared about the mother & daughter-though both perished, the mother’s faith and trust was in the Lord “right up to the last moments” of her life”). “…clutching the Bible as she breathed her last?” We should all be so honored & privleged to give God that kind of glory/ honor when we breathe our last (on this side of glory)! :-) Some of us will leave this world in the Rapture. Isn’t that a phenomenal thought?

    sbrewster – You’re welcome! :-) Your comment reminded me of the Bible verse: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:1-3, NKJV).

    phpatato – …interesting info. on Hornby eagles! Your comment brought to mind the Bible verse: “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead…” (Rom. 1:20, NKJV).

    Thank you, Blogger Friends, for the encouraging words that you post in this blog! After reading many of your comments, especially in this blog, a favorite song came to mind, and I want to share it with you:

    Be Still, My Soul

    Be still, my soul – the Lord is on thy side!
    Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain;
    Leave to thy God to order and provide
    In every change He faithful will remain.
    Be still, my soul – thy best, thy heavenly friend
    Through thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

    Be still, my soul – thy God doth undertake
    To guide the future as He has the past;
    Thy hope, thy confidence let nothing shake
    All now mysterious shall be bright at last.
    Be still, my soul – the waves and winds still know
    His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below.

    Be still, my soul – the hour is hastening on
    When we shall be forever with the Lord,
    When disappointment, grief, and fear are gone,
    Sorrow forgot, love’s purest joys restored.
    Be still, my soul – when change and tears are past,
    All safe and blessed we shall meet at last.


  71. lilu1314h says:

    I always wondering what is child-like faith? Until I saw a child in a Sunday worship, leaning on his father’s shoulder. A thought came into my mind, if I could trust God like a Father, who provide all my needs (if I obey Him), then I shouldn’t worry about my provision when I choose to follow His ways.

    When I was a child I didn’t have to worry whether my dad will provide my needs, why can’t I do the same with my Father who is even more powerful?

    The trust is important so I can choose His way & not mine. And I hope I can trust Him in action & not only the thought & I can do His will without any worries.

  72. Grace48 says:

    Been up long because my daughter was having a rough night what with so much. Wasn’t sure where it would all lead to again and the weariness and the not knowing surely is when trusting God is not such an easy thing to do. In between the care and the listening and the hugs went some moments when I wondered where the strength to keep om trusting God would come from for both of us.

    It is at such moments when I do the only other thing that I know to do for my daughter and I and that is to pray.

    Why do I pray to God for help? After all these years I don’t conciously think of why I pray, I just do. But when I first started, it was because I had hope and trust that God is who He says He is and can do what He says He can do in the Bible and that He cares and hears and loves. The strange thing about such times of prayer is that even though those momentary doubts are there, the prayers still go up to God and even that from God. yo be able to pray at such times.

    This time my daughter is doing somewhat better again, for now. Again God has taken us through step by tiny step. No, we don’t know where God is going nor can either of us see the way. But neither of us had the strength to get even these small steps more further nor could either of us have found calm during another ,storm,. This,too, is trust and belief and faith in God,though it isn’t easy, and is scary, but not as difficult either when shared with God.

    And the reading of all of the comments here on this topic has been, like others have written, a blessing to me also. Thanks to all and to God.

  73. Grace48 says:

    Sorry about the typos, typing tired.

  74. SFDBWV says:

    Trust is what faith is, and for the large part all of us have put our faith and trust in an unseen God, in a collection of stories both written and oral that resonates with our souls and awakens both a need as well as a comfort within our beings.

    Without trusting God, without trusting thoes feelings found within our spirits. What are we?…..Lost, blind and fumbling around looking for something solid to hold on to.

    It is that trust that keeps us going when all else tells us to give up, that trust that makes us face one more day, that trust is what we hold on to when we bury one we loved, or sit and comfort one we cannot heal.

    What is so important about trust? Trust is everything, without it there is no faith no hope….only a bleak, purposeless existance.

    Trusting in Christ is the foundation of our faith.


  75. InHisHands says:

    Eph. 2:8-9, For by grace are ye saved through faith (trust/belief), and that not of yourselves (we don’t even have that much), it is the gift of God, (He provides even the faith we need to turn to Him); not of works, lest any man should boast.

    Interesting, that when we try to force ‘trust’/’faith’ then we begin to think we have done something, to receive the finished work of Christ – that is how I understand it.

    Trust God, I like so many of you have attested, have no other recourse than to trust Him – He is everything to me.

    My family walked the path that many of you are currently on, with our mother – 4 years ago. It broke my heart to watch her go – in one day – from being able to get around her apartment for bathroom needs in the morning, to being completely incapable to stand up by the afternoon. We were only given a month to be able to care for her and then she went into the presence of the LORD. I pray for you who are going through and have gone through this experience – 4 years have past, but I still miss her fiercely. But like one has said, I often picture her running and leaping and jumping for joy at being with her Lord.

    May the LORD bless each of you richly this day, and keep you in His care.

  76. Regina says:

    Good Afternoon, All,

    Grace48 – Be encouraged… God knows what you’re going through. I pray that you won’t become weary in doing good (Gal. 6:9, NIV).

    Steve – Good Word… you said so much with so few words (Heb. 11:1; v.6, NLT or NIV).

    InHisHands – Thank you for the blessing (Numbers 6:24-26, NIV; NKJV).

    I want to share my devotional (from 2 days ago) with you all:

    Be Humble When God Speaks

    Isaiah 66:2, NLT
    My hands have made both heaven and earth; they and everything in them are mine. I, the Lord, have spoken! “I will bless those who have humble and contrite hearts, who tremble at my word…”


    When we hear from God, we have the choice to respond with humility and “trust,” or to harden our hearts and ignore Him. Regrettably, when some people don’t get what they want, or when they go through trials and tests, they harden their hearts.

    That’s exactly what happened to the Israelites when they were making their trip through the wilderness. God had great things planned for them, but He tested them first to see if they were really going to believe Him. He led them the long, hard way on purpose–to see if they would keep His commands or not. In His Word, He tells us not to harden our hearts as they did (see Hebrews 3:7-8).

    Their problems made them bitter instead of better. They hardened their hearts and would not learn the ways of God. They had many wrong attitudes and were prevented from making progress because they refused to “trust” God.

    Don’t let your heart get hard during difficult times. People with hard hearts are rebellious and refuse correction. They have difficulty hearing from God, and they have difficulty in relationships. They are not willing to see other people’s viewpoints; they don’t understand other people’s needs and usually don’t care about them. They are self-centered and unable to be moved with compassion.

    Let us aggressively seek God to soften our hearts and help us be tender and sensitive to His touch and His voice. – Joyce Meyer

    GOD’S “WORD” TODAY: When things don’t work out the way you want them to, “trust” God and keep a good attitude.


  77. poohpity says:

    Hey guys,
    Today is one of those days where I am finding my faith on the down slope. I believe the bible and in God and trust Him. The thoughts have come into my mind today about unanswered prayer. It seems we are asked to pray for the things we need or would like in Jesus name but that does not mean they necessarily will be answered. So my question is why do we pray then? I am really feeling out of sorts today and just reaching for an answer. I know Jesus and Paul both had unanswered prayer but that did not stop them from asking but then why are we told to ask for anything in Jesus name and it will be given to you. Am I taking this out of context?

    I hardly question anything I am just floundering today, please give me insight. I am weeping and heart broken in this.

  78. sbrewster says:

    Grace48, I was up most of last night with my daughter too! Sometimes I can’t put what’s going on into words so well, but you captured the essence of it in your post. Thank you for posting.

    Sometimes the way is so obscured from us as Regina says.

    Regina: You wrote “Be still, my soul – the Lord is on thy side!” Thank You!!!

    Steve: You wrote “It is that trust that keeps us going when all else tells us to give up, that trust that makes us face one more day…” Yes, when I say I am forced to trust Him. Without Him I can do nothing.

    InHisHands: Thank you. I am glad God led me to post and find a community of so many wonderful believers willing to share their struggles, experiences and then to offer that which God puts on their heart to encourage us all.

    Steve brought it home with the following:

    “What is so important about trust? Trust is everything, without it there is no faith no hope….only a bleak, purposeless existance. Trusting in Christ is the foundation of our faith.”

    Amen and bleesing to all!

  79. pegramsdell says:

    Hang in there Pooh, God loves you. And I do too. Wish I could see you and hug you and reassure you and tell you that everything is going to be alright.

    Trials come and go and good times come and go, and prayers get answered in the way we want and sometimes they don’t.

    You have the strongest witness here of any of us. This is just temporary, like our life here is. Then like a vapor, it’s over and on to eternal life we go. Haleluja!

  80. poohpity says:

    peg, it was not about me that I was concerned it was about those who are suffering here and all over that my heart cries and at times I wonder. Thanks for the encouragement anyway.

  81. rxman says:

    Ron Ben Yaakov,

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I think I understand completely what you are saying about God telling us what to do. I don’t think He is as concerned about what we do (His perfect will) for Him as much as He is concerned that we know Him.

  82. Regina says:

    sbrewster – You’re welcome! :-) That’s my FAVORITE hymn because it testifies of God’s devotion to us and His unfathomable love, care & concern for us (Rom. 8:38-39, NLT)!

    poohpity – I want to share my (April 9th) devotional with you:

    1 John 5:14, NIV
    This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that “if we ask anything according to his will,” he hears us.


    I want to encourage you to be filled with confidence as you approach God in prayer. God wants us to enjoy prayer and that won’t happen as long as we are afraid of making mistakes. He promises to hear us and answer if we have prayed according to His will, but what if we ask for something that is not His will? We do need to pray according to God’s will to the best of our ability, but we should not allow the enemy to ensnare us in so much fear that we are afraid to ask God for the things that are on our hearts.

    The worst that can happen if we pray outside of God’s will is that we won’t get what we ask for—and that will be for our ultimate good! God knows our hearts and He will not become angry if we make a mistake and ask for something that is not His will. We don’t need to approach Him with the fear that we might make a mistake or that He will not be pleased if we ask for too much.

    My way is to ask God for what I want and need, always sticking to His Word as best I can, and then say, “God, if anything I have asked for is not right for me, then I trust You not to give it to me.” Go to Him in faith, with boldness, expecting to receive “His” answer. -Joyce Meyer

    I hope this helps, pooh. I pray that God will wipe away every tear (Rev. 21:4) from your eyes, and heal your broken heart regarding this issue.


  83. bubbles says:

    Once when I was teaching about trust, prayer, wants, needs, etc., I told the class about a ‘want’ I had. This ‘want’ was frivilous, silly, and unnecessary. My students thought the ‘want’ was hiliarious. I told them that I would not ask God for this ‘want’ because it was unnecessary, and not a NEED. It would be foolish and selfish to ask this of God. We should trust God for what He thinks is right for us. We don’t need all of our ‘wants’ met. We should be satified with what has been given to us. Sometimes it’s more enjoyable to want than to have.

    Later on that week, a mother of one of the students criticized me severely because she said God delights in giving us what we want. That it was wrong to say what I said.. . sometimes we can’t win for loosing. I still will not ask God for this want.

  84. sbrewster says:

    Poohpity, I think I know what you mean. For more than 14yrs I have been praying for my friend. She really wants to get married, but after 14yrs she wonders if it is God’s will. Of course, I cannot tell her, because frankly I don’t know. Jesus tells us to pray for what we want and then believe and we shall receive. He tells us that we have not because we ask not or we have not because we ask “amiss”. Sometimes it is hard to figure out and I have often wrestled with this. We prayed our baby would be born healthy – I don’t think that’s asking “amiss”, but just as the man who was born blind – people asked if his parents had sinned. Jesus said it had nothing to do with that, but rather that God be glorified. Still we pray daily for my daughter’s healing.

    I know that there is a spiritual battle occurring against good and evil and prayer is one of the weapons God has given us. So even though sometimes our prayers aren’t answered the way we hope, God wants us to pray so we can commune with Him, so we can bring our sorrows, tears and burdens to Him, as well as our hopes and dreams.

    Many days when I am on the “down slope”, I find that prayer is a release even if all I am able to do is release my frustration and discouragement into the hands of the Father. It is on those days, that often after prayer I will tune into the ODB devotion or Bible scripture or this blog and for that day it speaks directly to my need – just as if God in heaven was lifting me up and letting me know He heard me and He understands.


  85. saled says:

    Bubbles, I agree that sometimes it’s more enjoyable to want than to have. Planning and anticipating are often more satisfying than achieving our wants. That verse in Psalms that says “delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” makes me think that when you learn to delight in Him, He is the desire of your heart. It’s obvious that many of His children have not been blessed with material things.

    Pooh, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You weren’t meant for that. Be gentle with yourself. Your prayers reveal your desires and hopes for other people. Maybe that is the purpose of your prayers.

  86. poohpity says:

    sbrewster, you are one of the ones I was concerned about but your faith has helped. I know we may never understand some things in life but To trust God with ALL things.

    I know Jesus asked for the cup to be taken from Him and Paul prayed for the thorn to be removed but the Lord’s answer was no to both.

    While I was feeling those thoughts today out of the blue my Pastor called and talked with me and prayed so I am feeling much better this evening. I just get overwhelmed at times by all the suffering whether self inflicted or not. What I do realize is that God has given us each other to comfort and instead of all the harm we can do to each other that we can take the heart of a servant and be the fresh air of the Lord to another. I hope I can be this to others although I will not be able to do it perfectly I will get out of my head and concentrate on the heart of what matters to God.

    You have been such a blessing and I pray that you will be blessed back.

  87. Grace48 says:

    Sometimes I pray just to be with God in a different way than the normal routine of the day.

    One kind of prayer that I sometimes pray is not one that tells God what I want but that just that He will be with me or whomever the prayer is for.

    I kind of call that prayer my holding onto God’s hand prayer. It’s in times of difficulty and uncertainty when I don’t know what God’s will is to pray for but just for God to be with me and love me or whomever I’m praying for

    On thinking on it, guess it’s another form of trust in God and relationship with Him.

  88. Mart De Haan says:

    Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful care for one another and insights about what it means to trust God. Don’t want to interrupt the conversation. Hope you will continue more of the same around a new post that I plan to put up in about an hour.

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