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People in Perspective

I’m guessing it’s one of the most helpful perspectives of the Bible. Admittedly, because all of the words of the Scriptures are God-breathed, it’s important not to emphasize one text at the expense of others. But it looks to me as though there is one statement that might help us take a second look at […]

Unwanted Opportunity

Followers of Christ often find it easy to affirm the importance of faith, hope, and love. We acknowledge that according to the Scriptures, without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6). We hear that without love we are somewhere between noise and nothing (1Cor 13:1-2). We admit that without hope, we are just […]

End Times Angst

Within the last week news wires have reported that more than 12 US warships and at least one Israeli destroyer have passed through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. The armada appears to be in response to an Iranian promise to accompany a pro-Palestinian relief flotilla to the embattled city of Gaza. At the […]

The Family Business

“What does your Father do?” I don’t know whether little children are asked that question as much as in the past. What I remember, though, is that when it was asked of me or my young classmates, the childish response or awkward silence that followed could be either a proud moment or a painful one. […]

The Pharisee in Me

Over the years I have occasionally noticed the similarity between my own values and those held by the enemies of Jesus. According to the New Testament and the first century Jewish historian, Josephus, the Pharisees were: People of the Book—Devoted to the memorization and study of the Law. Lovers of God—Deeply committed to the God […]

Talk Radio Tactics and Attitudes

I wish I could remember all of the conversations I’ve had over the past year that have left me with the distinct impression that, by mirroring the values and attitudes of Talk Radio or Talk Television, followers of Christ have unintentionally left him for someone else. As a rule I don’t think the labels “conservative” […]

Slippery Slopes and Safety Rails

I’ve been taking another look at the “slippery slope” argument that some of us use to defend our conservative values and beliefs. As I understand it, the point of “the slippery slope” is similar to the idea that “if you give some people an inch, they will take a mile.”  In both cases, being careless […]


Earlier in the week, BP announced that it “would appoint an independent mediator to review and assist in the claims-payment process for damages caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.” Regarding that plan to settle out of court claims, Business Week online, reported that lawyers for some of the fishermen said, “Telling the fishermen […]

Laws of the Harvest

I have a friend who uses a simple word picture to tell the story of his marriage. Having lost the trust and affection of his wife, he says he began to show small acts of kindness as if he were planting seeds into barren ground.  Even though there are no formulas for assuring outcomes in […]

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