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What Comes to Mind?

Got this picture the other day after coming upon a couple of young bucks sparring. Have been trying to think of a reason to post it. It’s a bit small. But you should be able to  enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Remembered it again this morning while thinking about the way the New Testament describes the characteristics of wisdom.  According to James, the wisdom that comes from God is pure (in context, free of envy and selfish ambition), peace loving, gentle, willing to yield (for the right reasons), full of mercy and good results, without partiality or hypocrisy (James 3:13-18).

Since white-tail deer bear the signature of our Creator, have been thinking about how their behavior in this picture reflects (by comparison or contrast) the wisdom he offers us.

Any thoughts? If not, thanks for sharing a treasured moment and picture :-)…

P.S. I just posted a second picture of a mature buck that I caught a long shot of in the same area. At one point I saw both of the young bucks looking back into the woods which I remembered when I read Bob (NC)’ comment below about “Some day these young boys will meet “Big Daddy”‘ (click on to enlarge).

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58 Responses to “What Comes to Mind?”

  1. rxman says:

    Been thinking alot about this recently. A book I am reading says that disunity in the church (local and worldwide) has caused more people to go to hell than any other sin. No sure if you agree with this or not but the author states that a non-Christian looking in at the state of disunity in the church would not be inclined to want any part of it.

    Thinking that the definition of wisdom stated above, if applied to leadership (and to individuals) in the church, would make the church a much more attractive and inviting place.

    Another pastor said that if a message heard or read doesn’t cause a change in attitude or behavior, it isn’t worth hearing or reading. So often I don’t try to apply things taught. I hear or read them, think “that’s nice”, then go my merry way without even trying to apply them.

  2. SFDBWV says:

    Mart, love the picture. I bet you enjoyed watching these two take a chance and harming themselves in order to win the prize…..females.

    Very human like, wouldn’t you say?


  3. poohpity says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the same amount of time we put into seeking a mate we put into a relationship with the Lord. Seeking things from above as James 3:17-18 puts it, “But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere. 18 And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.”

  4. poohpity says:

    Rather than butting heads with each other.

  5. xrgarza says:

    Mart, Cool Photo, is this in your back yard? What this picture reminds me of if what you say is true I have never heard this before, nor am I questioning you, but I like the way it sounds. “Since white-tail deer bear the signature of our Creator”, the Bible says that Iron sharpens iron, perhaps it was a youthful friendly healthy spar, sharpening their iron.

    rxman, I have to agree with you, the Bible tells us that we are to be set apart from the world, and when I look at the church today, often times I am not able to see the difference between a non church organization or a non church person. It is a bit disheartening.

    Often times I feel like the lone ranger, and then I ask why do I bother? Or I think perhaps this is the separating of the sheep’s and the goats.

    I went to my family this week they are all Christians & I shared something personal with them and even made a request and their response was in essence “we are too busy doing Gods work, you can’t possibly expect us to help you”

    Churches have become spiritual orphanages; too many people lead someone to the Lord and then introduce them to some Mega church, and leave the mentoring responsibility to the pastor. Churches have become like a big nursery where everyone is fighting for their own interpretation of the word.


  6. Mart De Haan says:

    xrgarza, This field is within the city limits about a mile and a half from my house. The area around is pretty well developed, but there are enough woods here to provide cover for a growing herd of deer. It’s on a 4 mile route that I try to walk as often as I can.

  7. xrgarza says:

    Thanks Mart,

    Maybe one day you can have an RBC open house that would allow us bloggers to come out and visit for a long weekend maybe call it BTA Retreat/Advance. Just a thought :)


  8. poohpity says:

    It seems like you are losing weight Mart could it be from all the walking. :-)

  9. foreverblessed says:

    When looking at the deer:
    They are young, and like young boys, they also do fight, as in trying there strength.
    Growing together as sparring partners.
    We could be sparring partners here, discussing certain biblical principles, as iron sharpens iron. All done in love.
    And in that there is wisdom.

  10. foreverblessed says:

    Xrgarza ”we are too busy doing Gods work, you can’t possibly expect us to help you”
    That sounds like the priest and the Levite who were to busy doing Gods work that they did not help the wounded man. And then the alien in the country did, the good Samaritan. Luke 10
    I hope you find a sparring partner for your problem, Jesus always is. Maybe you get an answer from a total stranger, that sometimes happened to me, when I sincerely asked God for help, and no christian around.

  11. Mart De Haan says:

    Rocky, that sounds like fun!

    Poohpity, and a lot of rabbit food :-)…

  12. xrgarza says:


    It’s funny that you say that, I have a neighbor that has lived here for over 20 years, & I have been here for about 5 years. I just met him about 6 months ago.

    He’s like a recluse, and a hoarder but he reminds me of Forrest Gump and Rainman. He tells me that he is a racist but that he likes me.

    He and I have become such good buddies, I shared a bit of this with him on that night and his response was so quick he virtually jumped to his feet as if he were ordered to jump to action by some high ranking official.

    He is not a Christian virtually mocks my beliefs, but recently has been asking me to pray for him

    Praise God, you know the Bible say’s that in John 1:11 Jesus went to His own, and his own received Him not.

    It also, says somewhere that a servant is not greater than his master. So if my master’s own rejected Him, my own may reject me.


  13. Mart De Haan says:

    Hey, you all are really inspiring me!!

  14. marma says:

    Wow, don’t usually get to see that sight where we live. Does and their young feeding, but the bucks are very careful not to be seen. Guess they’ve learned that from hunting season. Nice when they can forget about that and concentrate on the things important to them.

    This blog is like that; we all interact with the world which sometimes feels intrusive, but here we can interact, as someone said, “spar” a little as foreverblessed andxrgarza shared, but we know the limits (by the Holy Spirit), just like the bucks do; hopefully, as with them, we do it to strengthen one another. Shows that you can be in conflict but don’t have to get hurt by it.

  15. marma says:

    Rocky-I hear what you are saying about churches being orphanages–what a picture. I was talking to someone about that very thing this week, and we agreed that bible studies help in that, to form relationships and help one another grow.

    I also recently remembered a little book I had as a new Christian–was maybe about a half inch thick and was like a “how to” for the new Christiaan. It was a lifeline when others weren’t around to help me. Sure, I read the bible voraciously, but knew very little about “rightly dividing” and needed someone to give me the milk of the Word and help me with the basics of prayer, walking with God.

    I hadn’t thought about that book for a long time–funny how decades later, after bible college, going to bible studies, and studying God’s Word, that little book should come to mind.

  16. Regina says:

    Good Evening All,

    Hope all is well in your lives. Off topic for a moment here…

    Steve – You’ve led a very interesting life to say the least! Your experiences as a soldier in Viet Nam are definitely a testimony of the value of a person. I think it’s so thought-provoking that while I was getting ready to be born you were witnessing & experiencing death.

    I represented a life beginning; your fellow marine a life ending. Can’t get over the irony of the fact that he was entering eternity (and at such a young age!), and I was being introduced to life on earth. And our omnipotent God saw it all!

    I agree with you that Jesus is the only one who can bring about true transformation in a person’s heart. War and animosity will never be able to produce that change.

    Read the article that you referred us to and it was very thought-provoking (and sad) to learn that there’s so much crime taking place on the SR Indian Reservation. Wondered if it’s like that on other Reservations. I thought Indians were about tribal unity and embracing culture? Tribal Chief Zuger has his work cut out for him.


  17. Hisgirl4life says:

    Nature lends some beautiful photos! What a beauty, Mart. Isn’t watching nature an education in itself? God left no details out when He designed the different species of animals. I find the fight for the females fascinating, whether it is the deer, squirrels, ducks or birds. Yes, I’m a nature lover too, and it always interests me that so many species mate for life. The ducks breed and follow the mother, with the father nearby, until the baby ducks are the same size as the mother duck. Once I saw 15 ducklings following in single file. Now that is discipline. Seems they were much more obedient than us human folk. Nature seems to echo and point to Jesus willingly giving all, perhaps sparing against sin for all humankind. He fought for all of us, gave his life. Maybe this is echoed in nature too to point us to Him.

  18. scout1 says:

    Hey Mart!

    Thanks for the picture. Nature is wonderful to observe, there are so many lessons God has put in it -if we would just notice! I have nothing wise to say. Just wanted to say thanks for the picture and all of the time you spend creating your “just thinking” topics.

    It’s appreciated.


  19. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I have nothing wise to say either, just that from our little window on the world, some of us look at mountains, some desert and some, like me, the ocean.
    very different environments yet we all see the same Jesus reflected in the nature around us.
    How good is that!


  20. foreverblessed says:

    Yesterday after church I met a woman who had been in an evangelical/penticostal church all her life. This church is OK, but there was a division more then 10 years ago, and that happened as if butting heads together. Not in a gentle way. While both men are Godfearing and fine man. She is still struggling with the after effects of the fight. People develop a spirit of rebellion, a spirit af resentment in such a process, that they later have to get rid of.
    I think many a time it is wise to divide a ministry, especially when the church gets too big, just split and make workable parts where everybody knows each other, and can minister to each other.
    Like Paul and Barbabas had to split, but even they did it while fighting over a point. Acts 15:37-39
    But not as if butting heads, but as wise conversion and much prayer asking the Holy Spirit to direct.
    While searching the scripture for Paul and Barnabas, I found this verse:
    Acts 13:2: While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”
    How many christian ministries do so humbly pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to give direction? That maybe He says: split the church in two. And there goes your mega church maybe even in 10 parts.
    Yet that is where we should aim for, for guidance from above, over the sparring with each other, which we also can do.
    But that can only be done when everybody is very meek and humble, and not worried about their position in the church, relying on God to provide for them.

  21. xrgarza says:

    The bible studies are a great tool for growing, but do you know what I would love to see, not simply a revolutionary change but an evolutionary change in how things are done.

    From the time our children are conceived, till the time they graduate from university, they would have travel a very structured path.

    Unfortunately when we get saved we are put into a service and are seated next to a person who has been in church for lets say 70 years, they will both get the same message from a speaker that will address them at one level.

    There is no way that I would put my preschooler in a senior class at a university and expect him to learn at their level, but yet we do that with Christians.

    It would be awesome if the church could have some sort of structure in teaching not only for new believers but believers at every stage of their walk.

    Maybe I have simplified the process so much that my ignorance is protruding.


  22. SFDBWV says:

    Regina, Thank you for responding to my comments to you. You are a beautiful person with an open heart for God and possess what all Christians should…compassion, and grace.

    One of the tragedies of Christianity is the rebellion of Her members.

    As long as I have been reading this blog and many other Christian magazines, newsletters etc, many people are disillusioned with church. So turned off by the people who are either in control or try to be; That they just leave.

    Some seek to re-invent church while others seek out other religions in an attempt to fill the hunger in their heart for God.

    This has been a theme we have discussed several times and always comes out in conversation no matter what the topic.

    One of the things I like about young people, is that they are not yet *jaded* and believe that they can achive what others have not…..It is this innocence that gives them the power to do just that.

    I have climbed many spiritual mountains and fell hard several times. I have loved and been loved, I have seen much and still desire to see more….Life has taught me many things, usually the hard way, as I too have most often been rebellious.

    It is love that wins out over all things, not anger nor hate nor rebelliousness, but love…

    The two deer Mart has captured in his photo, have been created by God to do just what they are seen doing. If they are to survive, they must be strong and so the stronger more agressive one gets to mate and produce more of his kind.

    There being more does to go around, doesn’t matter. The dominant male deer will heard and protect his harem of females, keeping away any other intrested others.

    This is the way of things…Was it ever different? We don’t know for all we know of nature and the world around us, is seen in the fallen state.

    Mart ask what comes to mind, I answer that many things can come to mind, for what we see, we see with eyes already influenced by life.


  23. saled says:

    Love the photo. I live in deer country, but have never seen this. It makes me think of survival of the fittest, just the opposite of the wisdom that comes from God that James describes.

    Is it possible to live without selfish ambition? Bucks fight about does and territory. The loser needs to find another place for himself, not always an easy job. Observing nature can teach us a lot, and in this photo I see a picture of the competition that seems to be necessary for survival.

    Is there enough (food, energy, shelter, health care) for everyone? As a Christian, I should not be butting heads with the rest of the world in an attempt to obtain these things for myself. I’ll remember this during the Wednesday town meeting about our school budget! (my job depends on tax payers being willing to spend the money needed to keep the school open). The wisdom that comes from God remembers the loaves and fishes.

  24. BruceC says:


    Good pic! I have been a hunter and fisherman since my youth and have always loved being in His creation.
    I get two things from that photo. First; it is not near the “rut” (breeding season) yet so this is a friendly sparring match. You could say practice for the real thing. Reminds me of how Christians should be helping one another in their walk; developing those characteristics needed to fight the spiritual war we are in. Secondly; when the real fight starts it’s may the best man win, no holds barred so to speak. That reminds me of two things; our warfare against the enemy and the way the world operates in such a selfish; me-first-and-only way.


  25. Hisgirl4life says:

    Such great thoughts and wisdom shared here from everyone! I enjoy all the different perspectives on this blog. This morning as I went for an early walk, I spotted about six sparrows trying to perch upon a tiny cross high on a steeple of a church. No, they weren’t fighting for the best spot or view, but rather, they made room for each other and must have enjoyed the view. With the dark clouds looming in the background of the steeple, God was reminding me of verses in His word about sparrows. “So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” (Matt. 10:31) “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.” (Luke 12:6) And, Psalm 84:3: “Even the sparrow has found a home…a place near your altar, O Lord Almighty…” As they sat perched there high above the trees, I was reminded that death loomed below them if they fell, and yet the Lord had them safely nested in the safety of His cross. Isn’t it interesting that “sparrow” sounds a bit like “sparing”? Just a few thoughts of encouragement to everyone that we are safe in God’s hands and we are valued and loved, just like His sparrows.

  26. poohpity says:

    In our walk with the Lord it is not the strong that survive it is the meek that inherit the kingdom of God. It is the one’s that are dependent on God who make it through this hard life as to not get a hardened hearts. It is the one’s who do not vie for attention but who are lowly. Phil 2:3 3 “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself”. The Holy Spirit working through us is the only way to love others before ourselves.

    The “Good ol’ boy” mentality says only the strong survive and make it in this world. That they have to be in control of all situations and people to make it in this life that is not at all what Christ calls us to do. Being quick to retaliate and taking offense at what others say and do is not of the Spirit. Defending what we have and fighting for what we want is also not of the Spirit.

    Rocky there are many, many times that the preschoolers could teach a thing or two to the seniors. Their child like faith is an example for me no matter how much I think I know, the one thing I can be absolutely sure of, there is so much more to learn and it is not up to the church to teach us it is the job of the Holy Spirit through the Word and walking daily with God that we are in a constant state of learning. I do not know how many times the Lord has had to repeat the same lessons over and over to me because I have not got it yet. Sounds like a preschooler to me. The only way I feel like a senior is because I have forgot the things I have been taught and have go back to find the lessons where I had left them.

    In the animal kingdom it is different than us or we would be animals which we aren’t, well maybe sometimes, lol. Watching the beauty of nature is just another way to me to see the complexity of all that God has created and interwoven for our enjoyment and to give us a glimpse of how much we are loved because he has provided for ALL our needs.

    The one thing that I would fight for is “time” to spend with God and His Word so that it will grow down deep within me not to boast about but to get to know the One I love so deeply so that I can imitate Him, which I still mess up so much doing.

  27. rokdude5 says:

    To start off just figuring out the photo, it’s about who gets to be the “alpha” male – the survival of the fittest and strongest.

    Biologically speaking we are part of the “animal” kingdom BUT our Lord wants us not to spar with one another but to help out each other. Gal 6:2,10

    Granted, I, too, spar with God asking Him why He doesnt go along with my Plan B. Of course since God is the Alpha (and Omega), He wins for He always has a better Plan A for me. Rom 8:28 And how can my wisdom can exceed His? Is 55:9 RJ

  28. xrgarza says:

    Deb, You are absolutely correct it is the Holy Spirit who ultimately teaches us the things that we need to learn.

    But why continue to stumble trying to figure out how to reinvent the wheel when we don’t always have to. Where are the spiritual mentors/parents that have lead these people to the Lord? And what is their responsibility?

    Granted, not everyone is introduced to the Lord by human beings, but if a spiritual mature person is aware of this I believe that they should step up to the plate.

    Yes, I’m not saying that preschool is a bad thing; I’ve learned so much by young children. However it would be silly to see a 24 y/o person enrolled in a preschool class (academically or spiritually if one existed), unless of course he has some serious learning disabilities.

    What I am saying is that time alone does not foster maturity & wisdom; the importance of being disciplined enough to seek God through scripture must be taught not only by the Holy Spirit but by mature Christians.


  29. xrgarza says:


    Jacob contended with God, Abraham also pleaded/contended (if you will) with God when it came to Sodom and Gomorrah and his nephew Lot.

    Was there a sign of rebellion there? Or perhaps a sign that they were spoiled little brats because they had to ask or beg for what they wanted.

    No not at all, I believe that God puts a passion within all of us and He desires for us to pursue it with a passion that we can’t even begin to imagine, including going to Him passionately.

    But to say simply “since God is the Alpha (and Omega), He wins for He always has a better Plan A for me” and never go to Him out of fear or respect or perhaps ignorance that could be to our loss.

    The Bible tells us “you have not, cause you ask not, then when you ask, you ask with wrong motives”

    I believe to simply say nothing or ask for nothing goes against God’s will, I believe that He wants us to go to Him.

    When my children wanted something I wouldn’t just give it to them, I would want to understand how bad they wanted it, how important was it to them. Was it simply a fad?

    Now if my children never asked for a thing passionately or otherwise, they might have never gotten an Nintendo game, they might have just gotten a puzzle or a Monopoly board game.

    I believe that God wants us to go to Him confidently and boldly not simply ask but to present our passion and not simply walk away when He asks why, or says not now.

    Contending for what you are passionate for is a whole lot different than being a contentious person.


  30. poohpity says:

    Rocky, I believe that spiritual maturity is what is needed to point people to be mentored by the Holy Spirit not us. We guide others to look to the Lord not us as the ultimate guide. If we want people to look to us then we have missed the whole point we want to be the one. Spiritually mature folks say, “hey do not follow me because I will fail you sometime and in someway. I can not give you the answers you seek and I am not always right”. I am on this journey just like you and encourage them to depend on the Lord not us.

    Even after being told over and over how many people really look to God and not human strength. How much time do they spend reading the bible in the most bible illiterate churches there has ever been it is because people direct people to other people or other books. I would really like to know the statistics about how many people read the bible everyday, I would be so interested in that. Just on our blog alone how many read the bible everyday? I would bet that it is the minority.

    Yet we stand here like the bucks sparring when we need to encourage each other not with superiority but the need to be dependent on the only ONE who holds ALL TRUTH. We as human beings just are given what we need to mature in our relationship with God and that comes only by spending time with Him and it is so personal so we can have no room to boast or to be spiritual leaders if we do not point them to the same one who has taught each one of us.

  31. Hisgirl4life says:

    I have a gentle dog that I love to walk. He seems to get along well with many dogs, but for some reason he senses danger with larger dogs and turns into a preconceived notion that he is indeed the “alpha, omega, beginning and the end” of all male dogs. Despite the training he’s had and the upbringing, he has his own mind.

    Humans can react the same way…it’s back to the sin-nature in all of us. I agree, Deb, that the Holy Spirit does the work in us that only God can accomplish, but like you said, we need to be disciplined enough to be continual students in seeking and listening to God’s voice in His word.

    As a parent, we all want to give our children good gifts, but the greatest gift we can give them is our example of God’s love in their lives (that includes discipline). We may spar with them, just like nature, but we need to remind them that they are accountable to God at an early age. As Rocky mentioned, we are all on different levels of understanding…although some of the most cherished lessons come from the young and old-at-heart. Praise God, He is patient with all of our shortcomings and failures! Jesus understands we all learn in different ways and at different levels…there are many parables about this throughout the Bible. Learning does indeed require child-like faith, Deb.

  32. Hisgirl4life says:

    Just noticed we were typing at the same time, Deb. AMEN!
    We are not God…and will be learning until we leave this earth. None of us is an expert or should point focus to ourselves. We are all on a earthly journey to become more like Jesus. Less me…more Jesus!

  33. xrgarza says:


    True, I see exactly what you are saying, but we all have a responsibility and it’s more than simply leading someone to the Lord.

    The Apostle Paul said imitate me, in essence this is how to live your life as a Christian, the book of Romans is a great book, we should all be teaching others as the Apostle Paul did. As humans we are constantly like sheep that are going astray.

    As far as Bible reading statistics, I could only imagine that it’s not a pretty picture, several years ago I read a statistic that said that the average American Christian pastor spends less than five minutes a day in prayer.

    What is his bible reading like or his congregation’s prayer and reading time?

    Yes we should not rely on the pastor, but the reality is that when a person first gets saved they tend to mimic those that are around them that are teaching them.

    Thank you Hisgirl4life , I’m not an English major I don’t always write well, but I know what I’m trying to say.


  34. SFDBWV says:

    Rocky, Years ago I was blessed by a well known preacher and author named Kenneth Hagin. He passed away a few years ago and his son keeps his ministry going, but it was Kenneth Hagin Sr that wrote some of the best taching on biblical truths and studies that I have ever read.

    One of the things he stressed was that any preacher, pastor or person who leads someone to the Lord, is not finished with that person after they accept Christ. But it is their responsibility to help nurture them, not abandon them.

    One of the problems some people have is that they refuse to fall under the authority of a pastor, elder, or even an older Christian’s experiances.

    They are upset with the older or wiser person, believing that person to feel superior, when in actuality it is their own self pride that creates the wall, not the teacher.

    You are correct Rocky, in expecting the body of Christ to provide teachers for the students to learn from.

    Teachers of our faith are given that power from the Holy Spirit and is one of the spiritual gifts, Paul explains in 1 Cor:12

    It is up to the rest of us to rid ourselves of personal pride and be willing to be taught. Prov 8:33.

    Keep up the good work Rocky, God will answer your questions ans send you people to aid you in your growth.


  35. marma says:

    Rocky said: “The bible studies are a great tool for growing, but…It would be awesome if the church could have some sort of structure in teaching not only for new believers but believers at every stage of their walk.”

    I’ve been reading your post and those by Steve & Deb and you all have made good points. And I total agree with you that that is what the church should be. The “older” believers should be humbly teaching the younger, and both should be taught by the teachers God has given to the church.

    I almost mentioned the Holy Spirit as teacher, too, and I think it behooves us all to be in the Word, and listening quietly to what the Holy Spirit is teaching us.

    Teaching others is an awesome responsibility, and perhaps for that reasons many Christians shrink from it.

    You know, we may not all be Teachers (special gifts to the church) and probably aren’t, but we still have those things we need to teach, just as Titus 2:3 instructs older women in teaching the younger.

    The motive behind all this is a love for the church and for the members that make it up. Without that, then teaching can easily be subject to our pride.

  36. poohpity says:

    You are right Rocky Paul did say imitate me in things like I cor 4:11-13, “11To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. 12We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; 13when we are slandered, we answer kindly. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world”.

    I understand totally what you are saying about mentors being needed they truly are and I agree totally but I was hopefully trying to say they can not take the place of Christ in a person’s life and it seems now a days people look to other people before they look to Christ and seem to be lead down a wrong path so we have to be careful about who we choose as mentors. You would be a very good mentor, Rocky, and that is what the Lord has laid on your heart to do.

  37. xrgarza says:


    Tears are running down my eyes as I read your post, God bless you for such encouraging words. Yes I do agree with you we cannot and must not ever replace the Holy Spirit with man, we would then truly be in trouble.

    Steve & Marma, Thank you both for your wisdom.

    God Bless you


  38. marma says:

    Rocky- I liked what you said about passion. I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer this year and praying for the church; so your words about contending passionately in requests hits home. So, thank you, too, for your wisdom.

    Hebrews 10:19-25 affirms that boldness you spoke of; and I think this blog is one of the ways in which we can motivate each other (v 24) –as each of you do for me.

  39. Regina says:

    Good Evening All,

    Mart – One thought came to mind on your first comment (before reading the other comments). Though the bucks are sparring, once the strongest and healthiest buck wins the match, the two will part ways with no animosity between them. Like the two young bucks, Christians should also be able to have disagreements without becoming angry, resentful or bitter towards one another.

    Hope I didn’t repeat anything that’s already been said…


  40. xrgarza says:


    Can you enlighten me? “Since white-tail deer bear the signature of our Creator”

    I’m curious to say the least would you please elaborate on this. I really like the way this sounds, I’m surprised that I have never heard this before, would you please explain/share the correlation?


  41. SFDBWV says:

    Rocky, Not wanting to answer for another, I have awaited a reply to your last question.

    However I would suggest you go to Dean Ohlman’s blog “wonders of Creation” as a good way of hearing an answer to your question.


  42. SFDBWV says:

    All of creation bears the signature of it’s creator.

    We, mankind are made in His immage. The very laws of nature, that we would call physics, bear his signature.

    He, holds all things together by His will… Several years ago as I was reading some reports concerning science and the physics of matter. I was amused at a report discussing the structure of an atom.

    Having named all the parts that comprise, what the author considered, the atom. One piece remained a mystery to the scientific community…what power holds it all together?…As a feeble attempt to explain it they salled it a “Gluetron”…

    Yet because, I see all things from eyes that look for God in all things, I knew the answer to their question.

    All throughout scripture God’s nature is revealed and often it is revealed by using His creation to explain it. As a hen gathers her chicks beneath her wings (Matt 23:37).Ex 19:4 “…how I bare you on eagles wings and brought you unto myself.”

    Who can watch a sunrise or stand and gaze at the mountains without seeing the hanywork of God or feeling His presence?

    Nature, is a reflection of God’s nature….We need only look for it.


  43. psinzion says:

    What A great pic. It reminds me that not everywhere looks like SoCal. Which also reminds me that not everyone has the same landscape in life. As a Christian, I need to connect with people that have lives that don’t look like mine. Grace… PS.

  44. xrgarza says:


    Thank you, after reading your explanation I realized that this I am familiar with. Although, I was not able to verbalize it, your response is satisfying.

    But the more I think about It I believe that perhaps I too was looking for something a little deeper and more specific. Perhaps I will be able to find it in Dean Ohlman’s blog “wonders of Creation”

    Thanks again.


  45. marma says:

    I think someone already mentioned Prov 27:17 (Steve, maybe?) “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

    You know, I think some of us like to either a)avoid conflict or b)raise conflict to an unhealthy and unnecessary level with each other.

    The two bucks remind me that conflict is okay, and even helps us if our goal is to build up. The bucks are certainly building their muscles, aren’t they?

  46. xrgarza says:

    Well you know Marma,

    I have five grandchildren, & I wrestle with four of them and dance with one of them, she is my little granddaughter.

    But I have 3 rules for my grandsons when wrestling:

    Rule number 1: Don’t hurt Grand-Pa Rocky

    Rule number 2: Don’t hurt Grand-Pa Rocky

    and finally

    Rule number 3: Don’t hurt Grand-Pa Rocky

    To this day they have each honored those three little rules.


  47. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Just a little “off topic” aside:

    Monday morning when I got to work I was feeling anxious about something and had been chatting to God about it whilst working away. The second chef, Sarah, came in and saw me and said. “Bob, you look like you know something that no one else knows”, I suppose I was grinning.
    I said “I have been talking to God, maybe He has told me something!”.
    She said “Why are you talking to God”. I just shrugged my shoulder a little and she immediately said. “Just because you can?” and I nodded.

    She is not a christian, as far as I know, and it just struck me that we talk to God “just because we can”. There needs to be no reason or problem. She said something so profound. We pray and chat to God, the Creator of everthing, just because we can!
    What a fabulous priceless gift Jesus bought for us.
    He brought Joy to us and Joy to the Father.


  48. poohpity says:


  49. poohpity says:

    Hey Bob(NC) is that why my hips are bad, lol!!

  50. bubbles says:

    Bob in Cornwall,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  51. Mart De Haan says:

    I sure enjoy you all!!

    Bob (NC), I just posted another picture above after reading what you said about “One day both of these may meet “big-daddy” buck who will teach them respect.” :-) I think I got a long shot of your “big daddy” in the same area. If you click on the picture am hoping you can see his rack.

    While I was photographing the young bucks sparring, they both stood up at one point and stared over their shoulder into the woods behind them. I think I know what they were thinking about :-)….

  52. Regina says:

    Good Evening All,

    First, I want to say how flabbergasted I am that I can talk to so many people from so many places and so many different walks of life on this blog! That’s just so mind-boggling to me because I didn’t grow up with a computer! God is so amazing to me! I want/intend on spending the rest of my life with Him!:-)

    Bob – 8/16 (12:24 am) Your comment, “from our little window on the world, some of us look at mountains, some desert and some, like me, the ocean. very different environments yet we all see the same Jesus reflected in the nature around us. How good is that!”

    is so true. I want to add that the Holy Spirit helps us recognize Jesus (God) in the nature around us. He’s such a good and loving friend. Ever ready to help us with anything (that we ask in accordance with His will). Wish I could have grown up watching nature scenes like the one Mart provided in this blog. Definitely hoping that animals will be in heaven. Wonder if there will be insects too? Some, ants, snails, the praying-mantis and ladybugs, are really interesting.

    Steve – You’re welcome, and thank you for the compliment! :-)

    Hisgirl4life – I’m also fascinated by Jesus’ focus on the sparrow. Was thinking that it’s because there’s such an ordinariness about the humble sparrow. Read that it will happily eat virtually anything in small quantities.

    Poohpity – 8/16 (11:03 am) Your comment, “The one thing that I would fight for is “time” to spend with God and His Word so that it will grow down deep within me not to boast about but to get to know the One I love so deeply so that I can imitate Him, which I still mess up so much doing.”

    is spot on! That’s something that I, too, would and do fight for, though not as much as I should.

    Steve – 8/16 (2:15 pm) Great comment (your word of encouragement for Rocky)!


  53. Regina says:

    Steve – 8/17 (8:47 am) Your comment brought to mind a portion of a familiar poem:

    In Memoriam A.H.H. By Alfred Lord Tennyson

    STRONG Son of God, immortal Love,
    Whom we, that have not seen thy face,
    By faith, and faith alone, embrace,
    Believing where we cannot prove;

    Thine are these orbs of light and shade;
    Thou madest Life in man and brute;
    Thou madest Death; and lo, thy foot
    Is on the skull which thou hast made.

    Thou wilt not leave us in the dust:
    Thou madest man, he knows not why,
    He thinks he was not made to die;
    And thou hast made him: thou art just.

    Thou seemest human and divine,
    The highest, holiest manhood, thou.
    Our wills are ours, we know not how;
    Our wills are ours, to make them thine.

    Our little systems have their day;
    They have their day and cease to be;
    They are but broken lights of thee,
    And thou, O Lord, art more than they.

    We have but faith: we cannot know,
    For knowledge is of things we see;
    And yet we trust it comes from thee,
    A beam in darkness: let it grow.

    Let knowledge grow from more to more,
    But more of reverence in us dwell;
    That mind and soul, according well,
    May make one music as before,

    But vaster. We are fools and slight;
    We mock thee when we do not fear:
    But help thy foolish ones to bear;
    Help thy vain worlds to bear thy light.


  54. foreverblessed says:

    Thanks for the poem, it is so profound!
    And Bob in NC thanks for the example of the fight of Jacob with God, to deal with our inner being.
    A clash with other christians can also be very usefull to deal with our own heart.
    The dirt that is still deep down hidden in our hearts: resentment, criticism, anger, and all the like.
    They come up when in heated discussion. Be glad they appear: now you can deal with them: throw them out. And instead be filled with Gods Life: forgiveness, love, patience. Eph 4:31-32

    There is a book, describing that, (sometimes there are teachers that show us a principle of the bible which we did not see before, even if we read scriptures every day, it is called: crucified by christians, by Gene Adwards).

  55. Regina says:

    You’re welcome, foreverblessed! :-)

  56. foreverblessed says:

    Great, Regina!
    And Leslie, and Psinzion, its a bit late, but welcome!
    I did not go to a church for a long time, but to a prayer group. It is good to go to a church, not to look for the perfect one, but to go to one, who points to Jesus, and His redeeming act.
    I so like the saying that our view is different wherever we are. I have heard the saying that God is different to every person, to the one who is weak He is Strength, to the active person He is Rest,
    So my view of God is only mine, wow
    Therefore it is good to converse with each other.
    Please go on posting.

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