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What’s in the Weather?

Photo by: Sandy Austin

Long ago, many of our ancestors saw changes in the weather as an occasion to offer sacrifice to the weather gods.

Today we understand the winds of changing conditions as a result of differences in barometric pressure. The isobars on a weather map not only connect points of equal atmospheric pressure but, by their distance from one another, enable us to understand something about the blizzard conditions that have slammed our East Coast.

But where we see lines and patterns of scientifically measurable data, Jesus and the Bible see something mysterious (John 3:8). The second verse of Genesis refers to the Spirit of God with a word that could mean spirit, wind, breath, or mind.

Who is seeing more clearly? Those who see mystery in the wind, or those who see isobars?

Am reminded of how Solomon saw the wind in his essay on meaninglessness. In his spiritual wandering he saw nothing more than time and life-consuming repetition in the seasons and cycles of nature (Ecclesiastes 1:1-10).

As we come to the end of another year, this might be  a Solomonic chance to think not only about the weather in our regions today but whether we see in the changing conditions in and around us anything more than disruptive measurable data.

Just looked outside for the first time this a.m. Still not much snow here in Grand Rapids, MI. We’ve missed the big storms so far. Checked temp and we are at 24 degrees but with a forecast of getting up close to 50 by the weekend.

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33 Responses to “What’s in the Weather?”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    The weather….Everyone likes to discuss, cuss, complain or talk about the weather. It is a human condition, to talk about something we can do nothing about….nothing.

    Isobars are but mans attempt to explain what the wind is doing….But the wind will do as it wants.

    Solomon was right, the seasons come and go, some uneventful some very eventful. But we are still at the mercy of the weather, not in control of it.

    Not very many years ago the only forcasting ability we had was a barometer. Now we have have all sorts of weather observation sensors in orbit abound the globe, in order to give us a day or twos warning of what to expect….still they get it wrong sometimes…because it is still a mystery.

    The scripture speaks of a place where God holds hail and snow for His use….That sounds more like someone who is able to control the weather….When He wants to, He does…Which is why when Jesus said “Peace, be still” and the wind settled down…Peter said who is this man that even the wind obeys Him?

    Plenty of snow and cold here in the mountains of WV, but we escaped the blizzaed that hit New England…we only got maybe 7 or 8 inches of snow from the storm. But there has not been a day in the month of December that we have not had snow fall…69 inches so far this month.

    Weather variations is part of life that makes living interesting, so deal with it, enjoy it and remember to give thanks to God for even the blizzards that come your way once in a while…

    Just for the record, I think the political rhetoric about global warming is utter nonsense.


  2. oneg2dblu says:

    Good mornimg Mart, and of course all the saints who come here to be blessed in our commonness. In a lame attempt at a Solomonic chance, let me show some grace amoung us all.
    Yesterday, I read the entire account of the Salvation
    experience, (according to the saints) and what a pathetic lot we prove to be, as we stand toe to toe with other Saved Christians, holding steadfastly to our own humaness, and failing to find HIS comprimise.
    I look at every election, I see almost total division
    in our country. I look at this saved saint’s discussion, and see the same.
    I fell victim as well, but I earnestly prayed as well,
    and God in His Abundant Mercies, which are new every morning, gave me a Parable to share. Please bare with me… The Parable of the Wheelchair”
    God saw the Lame amoung us, God saw the Blind amoung us
    and as only God can do, He provided a better way.
    He sees two imperfect souls, each wanting their journey to salvation perfected. One cannot see the others point of veiw, for he is blinded, and the other can’t stand in the opposition of his way, so he is lame.
    God provides the perfect solution in the form of a wheel chair. It gives purpose and balance to the blind man, who is directed to do good works,in becoming the very feet of God in his working out salvation. The other
    who is lame, can only rest upon that chair and is not directed to “work out” his salvation, but to remain
    at rest, finding he is secure, with seeing that he is not falling out of his position. Both are obeying the Master who provided them with the means to accomplish HIS PURPOSE, “finding their salvation,” Eternally purposed for each of them, as long as they continue to stay connected to that which God has granted them.
    One pushes His plan, and one rests in His plan, both are equally dependent upon God’s provision!
    So Dear Saints, you will never stop resting in your position, and I’ll never stop pushing mine, but God Ultimately Saves us Both, with a simple wheelchair,

  3. saled says:

    Who is seeing more clearly, those who see mystery in the wind, or those who see isobars? This question reminds me of a conversation with a non-believer concerning photosynthesis: her point was that knowing the process proves that there is no need for God. My point is that the discovery of the process gives us insight into the design of this miracle of God, be it the movement of the winds or photosynthesis.

    The wind is still howling in my area of Eastern Maine. The blizzard left us with somewhere between 16 and 20 inches. The wind, not the amount of snow, was what made it a blizzard. My daughter drives 35 miles each way to work, and because of the forecast, she drove to the office on Sunday night and spent the night there, as well as Monday night.

    The forecast is a help, but I think Steve is right when he says it is still a mystery. I checked the NOAA weather site for my area many times in the last two days, and I was amazed at how the forecast would change from hour to hour. I do appreciate having access to NOAA. It gave us warning enough to keep our family off the roads during the worst of it.

    About global warming, I hope Steve is right. But our weather in Maine this month has been exactly the extremes that this theory predicts. I have seen many snow storms like this last one, but never have I seen eight inches of rain in 12 hours that washed out roads and flooded areas never before flooded. Hopefully it is only a fluke. But I would not be surprised if God has a purpose for using global warming.

  4. Bob in Cornwall England says:


    Both the blind man and the lame man are able to push His plan, it seems to me that the blind man is unable to see where he is going and should really sit back and rest in the wheel chair (arms of God)and let God do the pushing or should it be leading by the hand, one step at a time.
    The lame man can see where he is going but can only take one step at a time because he has to lean on God every step of the way.
    Somtimes we are blind and cannot see the way and walk in the wrong direction until we hit a wall and have to think again.
    I want to know where I am going and have the vision to see the goal but also want to rely totally on Jesus to help me get there in one piece.


  5. poohpity says:

    Mart, choosing Solomon who had everything, wisdom, power, riches, honor, reputation and God’s favor however he discussed the emptiness of all that the world had to offer. He tried to destroy people’s confidence in their own efforts, abilities and righteousness and direct them to faith in God as the only reason for living. Solomon looked back over His life and the futility of everything he had done was nothing without God and in Him was the only place he found happiness.

    Life is like the weather it is unpredictable but having the security of a relationship with God we can find contentment, peace, joy and hope in this ever changing unpredictable world. We can find pleasure in the simple things of life and a relationship with the One who knows us so well.

  6. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    As for the weather!

    Well here it has just gone from a big freeze before and on Christmas day to wind and rain and +12C today.
    Just because we “understand” the weather more than we ever did before does not detract from it’s mystery and awe.
    A young missionary visited our village a few years back and when he spoke at our church he was in awe at the power of the sea (it was a relatively calm day).
    Like Steve said God is the only one who can control the weather, we can only measure it. The weather is no better or worse than it has ever been, there just seems to be more of it.
    I do not think it is due to global warming, that is just an attemped by the world leaders to control our way of living, but I do feel it is God’s way of showing us the end times are here and that events, including weather, will be “quickened” before the Great and Terrible day of our Lords return.


  7. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I like the picture showing the Antartic ocean with Australia and New Zealand it makes such a change from the usual satellite pics of North America or Europe and Africa.

  8. oneg2dblu says:


  9. oneg2dblu says:

    Bob in cornwall…SORRY ABOUT THE SMALL “b” my case was in the wrong mode when I started my reply!! Gary

  10. Bob in Cornwall England says:


    I don’t quite understand where you are coming from but you seem to have been upset by something said in an ealier topic on this blog.
    I am just a simple believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and fail on many counts, many many counts, but I have learned one thing and that is to look at Jesus and not the “saint” as you call us. I have said many a stupid thing on here and been severly rebuked by others but, like you, I speak from the heart and try and learn by my mistakes with God’s help.
    I am sorry if I have redirected you in any wrong way.

    Love in Him


  11. oneg2dblu says:

    Bob in cornwall…
    Thanks for your honesty and kind words. I like others have spoken out of my nature, where I should have allowed God in me,to speak instead.
    I was burning about how we Christ Followers can mis-treat each other, as seen in the whole of the content in the, Can you lose your Salvation? blog.
    We get very testy when someone steps on our ideal of what the things of God mean to us. Like some worldly pastors gleaning the word for supportive verses, to compliment a particular topic or sermon, we use short takes, and easy words which give us our way, while we refuse to see the tough verses that condemn us. It is all part of our nature, to not enjoy correction about what we allow to slip through without really doing to work that changing ourselves requires. This is a lesson for me also, to not “want” to strike back, and so, I submited. Which is not in my nature, but in the higher claling of what God wants for me.
    For the elemental things we quibble about, do not get us into the Kingdom Spirit, but instead
    a spirit of mis-guided pride, (for lack of a more descriptive wording,) we argue senslessly gained points, in our attempt to right others, to see it our way. Like in the salvation issue!
    Churches have split over the color of the carpeting, or the type of music or service. None of which gives us any
    credience to the world that sees us to be just like them! We fail even though we have our so-called outside face on, they can see through us, as we petty ourselves away over mute points, where a humble disposition would play much more apprpraitely. In His Love, Gary

  12. davids says:

    I believe that God has made the universe to operate in predictable ways. Objects fall toward the earth at a certain rate. Elements combine to form molecules. Differences in pressure and humidity lead toward weather patterns.

    Science gives us the ability to understand this, so it is a false choice between seeing the mystery of God’s ways and understanding the scientific explanations. There are miracles around us every day, like the birth of a child. Understanding the underlying science should not take away our awe. Only people that want to defeat one side or the other try to force us to choose between faith and science.

    The problem with weather is that we only experience it locally, and the changes that have been taking place were labeled by the media as Global Warming. In fact, it is Global Climate Change.

    Almost all weather scientists agree that global weather patterns have been changing and that on average the temperature has been increasing. A colder and snowier pattern in some places is offset by warmer winters elsewhere (Siberia, Greenland).

    The only question of debate is whether these changes have been caused by human activity. On this I will not comment, since this is not the purpose of this blog.

  13. davids says:


    Sometimes I just don’t understand at all what you are trying to say. Maybe I’m just not taking the time to think it through.


  14. waiting4jesus says:

    I’ve always found the “two books” discussion very interesting, the explicit word of God found in the Bible and a more implicit view found in observing nature. Now we all know that heavens declare the glory of God (Ps 19:1). Indeed, His attributes are clearly seen, writes the Apostle Paul to the Church in Rome, so that the unregenerate are without excuse (Rom 1:20).

    To me, with a background in science, we find the Lord in the details of how He manages His creation. He made the principles and macro and minute processes behind the pressure gradients that the isobar maps attempt to show. He makes them work for His purposes and His glory.

    And since He is in charge of all things, the Sovereign of all Sovereigns, we can rest assured that whatever happens, be it a severe storm or change in the climate, He has it in the center of His will.

    It’s important to note, however, that we cannot interpret the Lord or His will through the observations of nature as they only show His attributes. However, some will want to use science as a tool for discerning scripture. There are overlaps in the two books, but not to that extent. As for me, I’m sticking with scripture when there’s a conflict.

  15. Regina says:

    Good Evening All

    Off topic…
    Hope all is well with you all. Cold, foggy and rainy in Texas today. Don’t mind though… I love the rain. I’ve been on holiday vacation for 1&1/2 weeks and I’m so enjoying it. Still been busy while on vacation though. Don’t want it to end! Well, just stopped by to say hello, and I’ll talk to you soon! :-)


  16. Regina says:

    Mart Asked, “Who is seeing more clearly? Those who see mystery in the wind, or those who see isobars?”

    His questions brought this verse to mind…
    1 Cor. 13:12, NLT
    Now we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely.

    I think it’s probably 50/50. The person who’s seeing the isobars is not seeing everything, but neither is the person who’s seeing mystery. Also thinking about a member of my church who was diagnosed with breast cancer and she came to church and received prayer by our Pastor and church family. Then, she went back to the doctor and he confirmed that she’d been healed.

    God did the healing and the doctor confirmed it. So, God and doctor worked together. I think both the isobars and the mystery are needed.

    Thunder and lightning right now.

  17. oneg2dblu says:

    David… forgive my lack of clarity. Perhaps I ate too many lead infused paint chips off the window sill growing up! But, they were tastey at the time!
    I’ll assume you have read the “parable of the wheelchair,”which is really the Word of God provided by God, as the perfect gift, for each of the imperfect, or lacking souls mentioned. One lacking sight, the other lacking mobility. The gift, in this case the wheelchair, which “when shared”, gave shared sight to the blind man, and shared legs to the lame man, as long as they “stayed connected” to the gift.
    The Word of God “when shared,” provides exactly what we all need, a perfected way through this Journey to Our Salvation.
    “Go unto all the nations, sharing the good news!”
    So in essence, the Word of God is the miracle tool that God provides for us all. Meeting all our “specific needs” in His Perfected Way!
    But, the first thing WE all want to do, is tweak the story to better fit our situation, so we inflict our human-ness into the scriptures, our way, and others may not see the message, because we sometimes make it a mess of it instead!
    “Preach the word, and use words if you have to, but avoid arguments over issues that will not save you!”
    Hindsight is always brilliant teacher, and how I wish I had said that first!
    “I see my salvation as a gifting to lovingly, Embrace my side of the Yoke, as it keeps me actively connected to the Giver.”
    Others see their salvation in a different light!
    So, we argue our points and trip each other up in the process, because the world around us sees that our battle is never settled!
    I quote form the, Can salvation be lost? blog: “I would come to this subject and continue to bring many scriptures and though, that the Lord would place on my heart. But, I have been met with opposition and sometimes sarcasm, and misunderstood.”
    Those are not my words, David, but another’s so elloquently delivered,and making “MY POINT” perhaps more understandable!

  18. oneg2dblu says:

    Sorry…I meant to use only one “l” in eloqnetly, but my touch was too heavy! Like words used when emotions fly, they can never be taken back. Only asked to be forgiven.
    Which is the very state of every soul, who will ever see the Kingdom!
    “Once Forgiven, Always Forgiven!”

  19. foreverblessed says:

    The wheather.. because of this topic, I read about the small ice age, that lasted from about 1400 to about 1850. It started with long winters which started early, as in november. The last couple of years we have had real winters here in western Europe.
    While we are warned for global warming, it gets colder and colder in the winter here, and lots of snow, which we haven’t had much for more then 20 years.

    But one thing: it is good to look after the environment, not to do things that harm our nature in the long run. Like when the ozon layer was receding, measures were taken worldwide to ban the chemicals that were responsible for that breakdown of ozon.
    And then there was the acid rain, that harmed the trees, more then 20 years ago.
    Filters on chimneys prevented a lot of acid smoke.
    The acid rain is gone now.
    Whether there is global warming or not, we have to be wise, and take care of nature.

  20. SFDBWV says:

    Speaking to weather, Davids is right when he says that there is a climate change. But it did not just begin to happen, It began very slowly to warm up since the last ice age the earth experianced.

    Just in the last few hundred years we have recorded that the ocean levels have risen, but they had already began rising as ice melted world wide, thousands of years ago.

    Jesus ask why it was that we could tell what the weather was going to do, but wondered why couldn’t we also tell the signs of His return as easily.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the news media of the world spend as much energy and time detailing the signs of Christ’s return as they do trying to *guess* what the weather is going to do.

    One thing is for certain…we can do nothing about either events….But be prepaired for them when the come.

    This morning it is clear and beautiful, the morning star looks as though it is two stars or planets together as it is so big, the half moon almost grinning as much as I saying hello to each other….Good morning to all.


  21. pegramsdell says:

    Still cold here, had ice again on the car. I know that it’s colder in NY and other places, but this is Florida. What???? It’s true. I have had ice on my car for like, weeks! Oh man, can’t believe it! lol…oh well, it’s supposed to warm up today a little. I would really love to go running outside soon. Miss that.

    A little off topic….today’s ODB was awesome, as usual. I really liked the last line though, and I believe it’s what we’re all about, right?

    “The world will know by our love for God and others
    that He is great.”

  22. foreverblessed says:

    pegramsdell, that’s a good point, that we warm up the spiritual climate by loving one another.

    John 13:35 all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.
    And the love Jesus means is the same love that He has for us, v 34

    (that does not mean that we cannot correct each other, but speaking the truth in love)

  23. poohpity says:

    Here in what is supposed to be sunny Arizona, it is 51 F/11 C so I see the mysteries in the weather. I know that behind the clouds this day the sun/Son is shinning.

    There have been times when the whether person tells us it is going to be a sunny day yet it is sprinkling on this side of the valley. Even though they have all kinds of equipment to tell about the whether they do not step outside to really see what it is like, lol. It is similar to Florida here, it can be raining on one side of the road and clear on the other, that is so mysterious and wonderful.

    I have to agree Mart when you said, “whether we see in the changing conditions in and around us anything more than disruptive measurable data”. It would be nice to see as peg and foreverblessed quoted, ““The world will know by our love for God and others that He is great.” I think it is better to walk in the mysteries of our faith and open to the surprises that God brings our way then to cling to disruptive measurable data. God is God and will at times bring that data to a miraculous turnaround.

  24. bubbles says:

    Pooh, your comments on rain/sun brought to mind rainbows. Looking up in the sky and seeing a beautiful rainbow is a blessing, and remembering the promise God gave many years ago with that rainbow. Knowing that God is in control of all things–that He is the author and finisher of our faith is a great comfort.

    It is wonderful to know we are the children of a good,perfect, and loving Heavenly Father we can fully trust with every part of our being and He will never fail us.

  25. pegramsdell says:


  26. dja says:

    Bubbles, your mention of rainbows brought to mind a very special rainbow, I truly believe, was for me (I know everyone saw it, but I felt it was given to me for that moment).
    I was not feeling well and it was a miserable, cold, rainy day in the fall. I was driving north to the chiropractor, crying out to the Lord because I was feeling so old and was lamenting that I was like the time of year, in the autumn of my life, going into the winter. My bones hurt, and I just was feeling so very sorry for myself.
    In my prayers, I asked the Lord to forgive me and to help me get out of the miserable funk I was in. As I continued up the mountain on the highway and went around the bend, I thought my heart would burst. There on the other side of the mountain was the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen. Although I still had pain, I couldn’t even think about it because my spirit had been lifted, and I realized that, although I am getting old, the Lord will always be there for me, lifting my up with “rainbows”. Great is His faithfulness!

  27. dja says:

    Oops-I meant lifting me up with “rainbows”

  28. poohpity says:

    Wow Della, that brought a rainbow to my spirit as well. Thank you so much for sharing. Talk about a unexpected change in the course of your weather for the day, just for you, beautiful!!

  29. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    His rainbow has always been God’s sign to me of reassurance and that I am on the right track.
    I could sure do with a rainbow this morning!


  30. poohpity says:

    Bob, go give a big ol’ smile to the person in the mirror and see the rainbows start to appear. You are as beautiful as a rainbow.

  31. poohpity says:

    and more unique.

  32. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Thank You Debbie.

    Happy GMT New year to you and all on this blog


  33. PhilBert says:

    As a long-time observer of the weather, I too am amazed and amused at man’s inability to predict it, even with all of the tools of modern science and technology. Yes, God is in ultimate control of where the wind blows. I am equally amazed, and concerned, by conservative Christians who totally dismiss the concept of global-warming, and its resultant effects upon our weather, as some whacko liberal concept that denies the sovereignty of God. Science, a God-given method of discerning truth about our world, has positively shown that our sinful selfishness, greed and wasteful way of modern life is having detrimental effects upon the world’s ecology, partly manifested by changes to weather patterns. Such conclusions by science should be considered yet another gracious warning by our Creator to change our sinful ways while there is yet time, rather than as some Godless conspiracy to deny Him.

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