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Our Song?

Photo by: Chris J

Saul was a big man, good looking, and remembered for a consuming anger that was fed by his fears.

David, Saul’s successor, could also be noted for his appearance–as for his adultery, many wives, messed up family, abuse of power, and conspiracy to commit murder. Instead, however, we remember David primarily for his music,  a man after God’s own heart…the pride of Israel, and as an example of character...with more escapes than Houdini…

Thinking about how David survived so many of his own personal failures, I’ve been thinking about the songs that tell us so much about him. One those songs seemed to resonate with our last discussion (Psalm 31).  Tried to imagine the lyrics sung to the blues; pounded out with drums and base guitar; wailed with the haunting sounds of a clarinet, or harmonica… sung by slaves, cried with a violin, or performed with full symphonic support.

In the process, I’m pretty sure I heard in David’s song, the labored breathing, pounding, and groans of my own heart… haunted by my own stories… and feelings of fear, anger, and confusion…

Now, as then,  so much realism and pain. Such deep and desperate needs that only God can understand or do anything about.

And there it is… in the words of an ancient song that began with words of reasoned request and guarded optimism (31:1-8), before giving way to broken and desperate sobs of desperate emotion (vv9-18), until sensing once again the presence, love, trust, hope, and courage of our God (vv19-24).

Am guessing the story of David’s song… and the story that made him a survivor–is really our own… far worse… and far better… than the one any of us wished for.

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20 Responses to “Our Song?”

  1. plumbape says:

    Amen to that Mart..!

  2. Dinakar says:

    What I like about David is the way he seems to ask direction from God at any and all the decision points in his life. Time and again I read “and David sought the LORD”. This in one biblical character who seems to specialize in asking God for direction. The times he did not ask God and went with his passions is when he got into trouble.

  3. Dinakar says:

    Yes Mart the song seems to echo some of the ways I felt in my walk with God on a few occasions I can remember.

  4. SFDBWV says:

    Isn’t it odd that even though Saul was a failure in life, like him we all are comforted by the “songs” of David?

    The Psalms seem to be a fast direct hug or hand hold from God to us every time we read them.

    A special treat for those of us that are able to glean the never ending truths and teachings from God that are given in these songs and poems and prayers.

    The first time I read the 22nd Psalm and understood its prophetic meaning and its very human torment, I was and remain amazed in awe of the frankness of God talking to us.

    As is the nature of God even in praise He gives us the words to say what we feel so that we are not left without.

    The King James will remain my favored reading of the Psalms, a combination of God’s truth and the flower of poetry at the same time.


  5. dja says:

    I was brought up in the Roman Catholic faith many years ago. We did not have a Bible-in fact, I didn’t know anyone who did. The priest would read the Gospels at mass, but I never read the Bible. My older brothers and sisters all went to parochial school. I wanted to go, too. I couldn’t wait to wear the plaid jumper and white blouse, but that was not the Lord’s plan for me.

    In His mercy, he moved my parents to a new area where there was a good public school. It was there that I read the Bible for the first time. Every morning, the teacher would ask who would like to read a Psalm. Once I started reading them, I always raised my hand to be the reader. I was six years old at the time.

    I was in my 20’s when I left the RC church and began to read the Bible. The Bible was my husband’s King James version which I found packed away in the closet. I turned to the Psalms, and I remembered many of them.

    Over the years, I have read the Psalms. I usually read the Psalm of the day’s date and then add 30 -ex: today I will read Psalm 8, 38, 68, 98, and 128. On the day that Psalm 119 comes up, I skip it, so on that day I only read 4 Psalms. Then on the month that has 31 days, I read all of Psalm 119.

    I love the Psalms. My husband and I go to a church where we sing only the Psalms. There are times my heart feels like it will burst hearing the Psalms sung in parts. The harmony is overwhelming. But singing it is like Mart said, ” Am guessing the story of David’s song… and the story that made him a survivor–is really our own… far worse… and far better… than the one any of us wished for.”

    I have many favorites, but one that comes quickly to me is Psalm 121. It assures of where I will find help. And Psalm 4:8 is my surgery verse. I have meditated on that verse many times before closing my eyes:-)

    Overcast today in NEPA, but they say it will be in the 60’s to 70’s next week!


  6. BruceC says:

    I too love to read the Psalms. Sometimes they jump out at me and appear to be the “Gospel” in the Old Testament.


    My wife had a similar experience as you. After we married she started going to my church with me and liked hearing the Word so much that she bought her own Bible and was amazed to find out what it siad as compared to what she had heard and been taught.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  7. SFDBWV says:

    Della, what a wonderful and beautiful testimony to the Psalms you have given, thank you so very much.

    Certainly dessert for the reader.


  8. oneg2dblu says:

    Della… great testimony on how the Divine Hand on your life, brought the Psalms alive to you! I wish it could be the testimony of the sixty children I took to school today. His Hand helped me get them there safely, but they are not safe from the teachings the world has in store for them, NO BIBLE NEEDED FOR THEM!!!
    No Psalms to be read in their classrooms. They just don’t bother with the things of God, the are more interested in the teaching of the F-CAT test!!!
    Passing that type of instruction provides funding, and they DO NOT TEACH what the BIBLE says, they find it not profitable for the Education of Our Children today. How sad is that? Gary

  9. oneg2dblu says:

    For Our President to say we are not a Christian Nation appears to be inline with the Modern Educational System of this country. One that also claims to be One Nation Under God, everywhere accept in the classroom. Satan loves everything Lukewarm, especially a Whole Nation of Like thinking Leaders and Teachers! What kind of Psalm are we writing as Our Legacy today America? Perhaps a few stanzas of, My Country Loves me this I know!
    Where did we turn, and when wil we Return to Our Senses?
    We need to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, and the Turning of America, back to God Almighty!

  10. injesusname says:

    I have been a musician since I was 13 (now I am 48) and it was my passion for life that brought me to want to express myself through song. I have passed through the “valley of death” in my life and yet never lost hope because God has always been there for me. I have written many poems that reflected my life at the time and the passion to express how I was feeling; David was doing the exact same thing. (I am only comparing the subject matter here) I could never be a David unless God decided to make me that way. I can only say it was built into me as far back as I can remember. And now God has blessed me with huge responsabilities and I find life overwhelming to say the least, but this causes me to get on my knees and invite Him into my life and my problems! I give it all to Him because I am not big enough to do it on my own. God has taught me that I am only a grain of sand. I no longer mind being this small because He is more than adequate to take care of all my needs. So my Song is for Christ Jesus, and His Returning Soon! And the Passion to live forever in His coming Kingdom!! Praise the Lord of Hosts!!

  11. poohpity says:

    Mart, :-)

  12. poohpity says:

    I enjoy so much reading about this great warrior who was so passionate about his God. Although the amount of times he messed up and the times his passion over took his actions yet he always came to the same conclusion “So Cheer up!!Take courage “IF” you are depending on the Lord.” v24. The total, as far as was humanly possible, commitment to the Lord and trusting His hand of mercy seems to resonant in David’s life and it seems that he faced issues from every side, front and back but his hope was in the Lord.

  13. Toml5169 says:

    I hate to admit it but I actually claimed verse 12 as my own a few weeks back due to depression. I am currently trying to find and claim the last verses as mine also. Thanks for the insightful post.

  14. poohpity says:

    Psalms 31:5; Into your hands I commit my spirit;
    deliver me, LORD, my faithful God. Also uttered by Stephen in Acts 7:59 depending on God not only in this life but also in eternity and when Christ, who lived in the absolute vital union of dependency on God the Father in Luke 23:46 shows how much faith and trust David had. I wonder at times we say we have faith in God but by some of our action do we REALLY trust Him?

  15. InHisHands says:

    Della; thank you for sharing your testimony. It is so cool we have so much in common – I, too, learned many Psalms in the public school; as well as the LORD’s Prayer.
    I work in the public school system and am very sad that God get pushed aside so much. There are many Christians working in the education world today, and we have a field ‘white unto harvest’. We truly must walk the path of Christ’s teachings to have an effect and affect those we work with and those who are taught.
    One of the pleasures I have is when a student asks what I am singing when one of the Psalms pops into my head and bubbles up to become vocal. Give great opportunity to witness. My greatest task is to keep these students and staff who need the LORD, in prayer – I am very grateful that God has given me many others to work with that do the same.
    Just some rambling. May you all be blessed this beautiful Friday.

  16. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I haven’t had time to read all the comments but noticed Steve said something about David being appreciated for his psalms etc.

    That is because David is a man of the heart (God’s Heart) and Saul was a man of the mind.
    One, Saul, was looking to this world, and the other, David was looking to the next.

    Don’t you find it intreaging that Paul was called Saul before he met Jesus.
    He, Paul, had a change of heart on the road to Damasus and became like David, as David was like Jesus.


    ps. won’t be here so much in the next few weeks as I am working ’till 9 pm most nights and getting up at 5am.
    Silly boy!

  17. peterpugliese says:

    To trust in the Lord and not be ashamed. Thinking about these words brings a sense of conviction to my heart. As a Christian (one who is a follower of Christ) how many times has my faith and my trust in Him been lacking? Thankfully my hope is not in my behavior. Dwelling on the wrongs of life without acknowledging Christ’s redeeming work in me would lead to nothing but despair. How greatful I am for God’s word that speaks truth to me through the power of the Holy Spirit. Have times of desperation opened your eyes causing you to realize when you’ve drifted away from the One who loves you more than anyone else? O how precious is the grace of God. As I read Psalm 31 I read of David’s petitions and then I see Him releasing his concerns to the Lord. He acknowledges his weaknesses and his failures only to allow His Lord to carry him where He desires. Do I live as David did with a heart for the Lord trusting in His righteousness? We are in the flesh and it is by His sacrifice we are redeemed, rescued and restored into a right relationship with our Lord. Again, I read this Psalm and I can feel the emotion David experienced while going through this season of life. I think about how important it is to realize the Love of God in light of His justice, mercy, and grace, along with the assaults we experience from the world we live in. When I come to a place where I think of the trust I have in my God as a gift given by Him do I have the courage to constantly depend upon Him knowing He is my Lord? By His grace I do.

  18. marma says:

    Verse 15 “my times are in his hands” has been a great comfort to me in the past. It was good to be reminded of it again today (thanks, Mart, for posting).

    I can relate to what injesusname said about life being overwhelming. It is!

    Helps me to remember that He holds the future, He directs my steps, and that, instead of trying to fix things myself, or act out of fear, I can go to Him with all that overwhelms.

    Both imperfect men, but Saul would continue to lean on his own understanding. A good lesson for us that doing that does not work.

  19. tracey5tgbtg says:

    Mart, I really appreciate the comments, “I’m pretty sure I heard in David’s song, the labored breathing, pounding, and groans of my own heart… haunted by my own stories… and feelings of fear, anger, and confusion…” I especially like the phrase, “haunted by my own stories” because that is me in a nutshell.

    The Psalms are so comforting because they bring hope to a hurting heart. David put his heart into the words. He didn’t hold any emotion back, and that helps me to feel that I am not alone with my crazy emotions and to feel that God knows, He really knows, the deepest cries of my soul. I also believe that God wants us to cry out to Him as David did, with everything that is in us.

    Even Saul was relieved of his torment when he heard David take his harp and play.

    It is hard to believe that Saul, who actually knew and spoke to such men of God as Samuel and David, didn’t seem to see that he could reach out to God himself. Could it happen sometimes that when we are blessed to be around spiritual giants, we might look to them instead of to God?

  20. SFDBWV says:

    Our Song… To any person who has an ear for music or has themselves musical talent, inside of them is a song. Music that pushes against their soul to be born and expressed.

    This is why so many singers’ songs sound so much alike, it is the music that is in them.

    David was a warrior poet and experienced all of the trappings of humanity. We all can relate to David at some point in his life experiences. Most of us will never be a king nor have the gifted men David did in order to carry his wishes.

    Yet we all can understand his desires and his regrets.

    Because David was a poet, his gift to express his feelings flowed through him into his writings. We, who give the Holy Spirit credit for writing the Scriptures, then acknowledge that David’s poems were God breathed and inspired.

    Knowing also that some of the Psalms were written by other men, we also see that God will use whomever it is that will be open to be used of Him. For His purposes and to the benefit of us all.

    Surrender to God your stubborn will, and God can make David’s of us all and give us victory over all the Goliaths in our lives.

    Then put a song in our hearts and on our tongues that gives glory to our Lord and Savior.


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