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What Do We Know About Ourselves?

Hurt people tend to hurt people. We’ve talked about it here before. Abused people abuse people. Abandoned people abandon people. We’ve all seen examples.

But who hasn’t also seen that loved people hate. Indulged people deprive. The accepted reject.

One of the recurring themes of the Bible is not only that hurt people hurt people, but that chosen, loved, and provided for people also repeatedly reject their Provider and treat others with contempt. Over and over the God of a chosen people finds it necessary to say things like, “I have nourished and brought up children and they have rebelled against me” (Isa 1:2). The Lord of the sons of Jacob goes on to say that even domestic animals know who feeds them (Isa 1:3). Yet the people of the Promised Land forsake the One who has loved them for other loves (Isa 1:4) (Isa 1:21) and treat one another as if no one has cared for them (Isa 1:23).

Wish we could say that we don’t repeat the mistakes of those who have gone before.

The beginning of a new year seems like as good a time as any to reflect on where we have been and what we already know matters most to our God, and to one another.

I’m finding that the harder question may be, “What matters most to me?”

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90 Responses to “What Do We Know About Ourselves?”

  1. Mart De Haan says:

    Just noticed a comment that bill34sl put up last night at the end of our last conversation, and thought it was too important to let pass without notice. Am copying it here

    From bill34sl:
    A number of people have greeted me a Happy New Year just like the previous years. Responding in the same way, I thought maybe it’s not really going to be happy but something else, at least on a global scale. Well, I wish it’s still going to be happy anyways, individually, to all of us participating in this blog.

    To me the year that was, is a homecoming after straying away from my Christian faith for several years. A wake up call or awakening year. I just don’t know what to call it. I operated like one of the world’s. I rebelled to my Creator. He brought me down.

    Actually, I have reservations posting this kind of testimony, but something is pushing me to. Talking about supernatural, in 2011, I experienced a few, at least on a personal level. At work I would oftentimes engage my supervisor into a yelling match. Our manager once told me in my face that he was very disappointed with my behavior. The General Manager complained about the many absences and tardiness I am making. Even the VP of the company chided me in the same way. I was a nightmare at work. I deserved to be fired.

    One day the bosses called me to a close door meeting. They told me, in 3 to 4 weeks time, they will decide my fate. I started looking for a new job because all indications point to me getting axed.

    Then the dreaded day came. I was ready for the verdict anyway. But to my shock, instead of handing me a termination paper, they handed me a Notice of PAY INCREASE! They’re retaining me and with pay increase.

    Why on earth did they do that, I have no clue. Then the Lord has the answer. He said I have to be a channel, however small, for His blessings to flow to the people in dire needs. Suddenly, I found myself entangled with 2 of Canada’s top charities operating worldwide. Trust me, I’m not rich and has only little to give.

    The reason why I had too may absences and tardiness in the job was because I would have bouts of nasty, sometimes very nasty migranes at least 2 times in a week, at times lasting for 2 days, then my left leg would hurt like crazy almost everyday. Then I begged the Lord to heal me of these illnesses if it’s His will, so I can work properly.

    Unbelievably, for many months now I don’t experience anyone of them anymore. No drugs, no medicine, nothing whatsoever. I’m so indebted, how can I thank Him? I made peace with my supervisor. I changed my attitude, our working relationship improved significantly. Hebrews 13:17 exhort us to submit to the authority of our leader.

    Each night I pray for increased faith for each passing day, for me, and for all of you here. This year may or may not be the happiest but sure it will be joyful for all God’s children as we anticipate the supernatural of meeting our Lord Jesus Christ in a day and hour no one knows. Peace, Joy and Blessings to all!

  2. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Thank you Bill for your testimony.

    Our speaker yesterday is an Indian man who lives in London but helps run orphanges in India.
    He reminds me of Gandi in the way he speaks and he is very gentle.
    Several points came through from what he said:

    We are to allow our inner man, where the Holy Spirit Lives, to have control and put our outer man, Soul, Emotions and Will, to one side, put to death on the cross.
    Listen to the inner man, God, and follow what He says.
    When God speaks He never fudges or clouds the issue, it is always black and white.

    Bill, you saw God at work in your life and responded. And by faith you then asked for healing and received it.
    Faith is the currency of this age and the only way to please God.
    We all agree there are troubled times ahead and let us continually pray and lift each other up, by faith, to our Father, releasing the inner man, putting self on the cross and letting the Holy Spirit show through to a world in desperate need of Jesus.


  3. SFDBWV says:

    Mart it is difficult to even remember your topical comments after reading Bill34sl’s comments and Bob’s response to it.

    Thank you Bill for your testimony and as always Bob thank you for your seasoned observations and words.

    Bill I am very happy for you, enjoy the glow and remember the blessing.


  4. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart and Friends –

    Bill, I personally relate to your New Year’s prayer:

    “Each night I pray for increased faith for each passing day, for me, and for all of you here. This year may or may not be the happiest but sure it will be joyful for all God’s children as we anticipate the supernatural of meeting our Lord Jesus Christ in a day and hour no one knows. Peace, Joy and Blessings to all!”

    There is a sense of dread among nations. Like the Israel to which the prophet Amos spoke, we need to be liberated from our chains: idol worship (Amos 7:9) and injustice (6:6-7). Perhaps we sense that the great leveling (or at least an adjustment) is about to come.

    I rejoice with you in the great turning in your life you have shared here! That sounds silly in worldly terms – but the bright light and divine voice of in-breaking belief in God’s righteousness brings hope for the future – God’s future, not mine! (Acts 9:18) The hope Amos offers is not easy or painless. (Amos 9:8) I believe I have had an awakening in my own walk with Jesus since mid-2011.

    For me, my “work” for Jesus came to seem like emptying the ocean with a teaspoon. I have been discouraged that my witness and testimony are falling on deaf ears – even in my close relationships. Since a shock of self-recognition, I am released from the prison of believing my own effort transforms hearts. I am already inheriting Jesus’ joy! (John 16:22) – as I weep (16:20).


  5. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    “I believe I have had an awakening in my own walk with Jesus since mid-2011.”

    remarutho & Bill, you have both used this term and it also applies to what has happened to me in the past six months.

    This phrase “Awakening” or “Wake up Call” is what I mentioned in the last post and is the fulfilment of all the prophetic scriptures concerning these days.
    “In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh”

    Another fact from yesterdays church meeting is that God will Strenghen us just as he did Daniel.
    We do not have the strengh to accomplish anything, but God will give increase when we give all over to Him.

    No matter where I look I can now see God’s Spirit moving accross this world and His people are “waking up”

  6. SFDBWV says:

    Our lives are a fragile and vulnerable existence; what matters most can change in a moment’s time. What we may think of as the bottom line may not be at all, when certain circumstances either confront them and or they are taken away.

    Many of us come to a point where nothing matters at all anymore, not even survival.

    Sadly, life often has been so painful that life here is no longer desirable or wanted. Even many Christians just want out and long for the Rapture. Going about life with little or no joy.

    Both of my parents had unhappy and painful memories of childhood, but both of them tried to create a life better for their children then they had themselves. Neither of them was ever selfish and was generous with whatever they had with those who had less.

    I grew up wondering why everyone wasn’t like them and could not understand selfishness or cruelty. However life has taught me that there are people who are forever centered on themselves, even those who call themselves Christian. As well as people who are cruel for the sake of enjoying cruelty.

    I have been loved, but can understand hate for there are a lot of things in this world I hate.
    I have been given mercy, yet understand that there are those among us who take advantage of kindness and mercy and see it as a weakness. And so must at times with hold mercy. As well as give it when undeserved, having the wisdom to know when to do either.

    I know God’s laws yet am guilty of breaking them.
    For that I can understand the weakness in others, and with hold being judgmental.

    What I know about myself are many things, but this one thing I know very well; without Christ I would have trashed my life and sold it for a moment of pleasure, just like Esau.

    I can never achieve being like Christ, though I want to.

    I still stumble and fall, and still need forgiveness.

    I strain at all the unhappiness of life to be changed into joy and bliss.

    I wonder why less and ask for His peace more.

    I still need Christ to carry me through every day.

    The list goes on, but I too must go on as the work of the day calls me and there is also found my joy for being yet here in this world.


  7. remarutho says:

    Hello Bob and Bill –

    At the risk of sounding heartless or uncaring, I believe these “signs” of unawareness and apathy for God’s kingdom will turn out to be part of the ultimate Good News. I have said before that I first came to faith on the horns of a paradox. The Lord did not create a human race of wind-up toys – but rather comes after and undertakes in the transformation of individual hearts and wills, drawing us lovingly to himself. I must think, along with God’s promises to Daniel and Isaiah, of his moving and igniting of John Baptist’s ministry at the crucial moment (Luke 3:4-6). God is still turning the world upside down.

    We see majoring on pleasure and comfort in the face of lack. (Amos 6:6-7) – and we are entirely out of step with a seeming majority of our fellow men and women. (John 16:20). I thank the Lord that he has stopped me at the brink of the great darkness of self-pity and bitterness. Instead, God is offering me new birth “not of blood or of the will of the flesh or of the will of man, but of Him.” (John 1:13) The contradictory messages in the air will be stilled when we see Lord Jesus.

    – Maru

  8. oneg2dblu says:

    So many wonderful thoughts and wishes have just been laid before us, they come pouring out easy as crying is to a mother who sees her child suffer, a father who knows no greater loss than a son, and a person who knows they have failed again.
    Bill… you’ve brought us all to our knees, and I thank God for your sharing, of how we fail and how He works!
    Every testimony raises up the giver and the one who gave him the testimony to give.
    We cherish every life God has given us, even the one’s we have failed to show dignity and repect to, as ultimately He shows us they are all really His.
    For just Being His is Being Blessed enough! Gary

  9. foreverblessed says:

    Thank you all, God’s mercies are all around us, but it is so good to share the mercies we have received to others, so we all can thank God for His grace, that we can receive because of Jesus, who took all our infirmities upon Him, and gave His righteousness to us. How great is our God! Isaiah 53:6,5,4
    I posted mine in the former topic, for Bill, Regina, Yooperjack, who also had a moving story of her past and forgiveness she received in her life. And for Pooh and reading the bible in a year, (I started today). Ow hard that is for me, as in Genesis the first few chaptres already we can see how difficult mankind is, Genesis 6:5,6
    DO we really know ourselves? Do we see the depths of our hearts? We would be shocked if we did. We really need Jesus to live in our hearts more and more. We need to give Him the free reign in our hearts, so He can cleans all the corners the hidden parts of our inner being.

  10. poohpity says:

    This is so strange because when I woke up this morning I was so thankful that God does not put as high of expectations on us as we demand of ourselves and others. He knows that we will always fail, have faults, not measure up and mess up. God made provisions for that in the OT by the different sacrifices and then the final and complete sacrifice of Jesus. It would be nice if we could give ourselves and others the same permission not to be perfect. Life would sure be a lot more to enjoy if we could take the bar down several notches.

    One teacher I heard about 18 years ago but have never forgot said, “What if God called us every morning and said, “I know you are going to fail many times today but I will never stop loving you”. Look at those failures as lessons and I know some of them will have to be repeated but I will not give up on you.”

    If we could show that much consideration and mercy as our God shows us, to ourselves and each other, wow what a better life this would be.

  11. yooperjack says:

    Mart: A good time to reflect where we’ve been. I had to chuckle at that one Mart. When one gets to be in their sixties and seventies looking back is what we do a lot of.

    What matters to me most at this point in my life is if my appointment with death comes before my wife will she be strong enough to stay home or will she have to live with the kids? She is not that well and we are not wealthy. We also get 250-400 inches of snow a year. I talk to God a lot about this, so far He is silent. He will speak just in time I’m sure. And I know there is not much I can do about my appointment with death other than to speak life not death to myself; but this is what matters to me right now.

    Satan likes to remind us of our past short comings and accuse us of hurting so many people in our past. When I was drinking I had a Christian friend come to visit me just after I came off a drinking party. I was sleeping it off when a nock came at the door, when I opened it there he was with a look on his face I never want to see again. He said: “Oh Jackie” and walked away. For years I felt guilty about that.

    Oh!! But my God uses many situations to guide his people. Years later at a birthday party after my surrender I seen my friend, he said: “Thank you Jackie.” You see he was at a cross road in his life to stay on the path of serving our Lord or going the way of the world. He said after one look at me hung over he chose Gods way and went into the ministry. Praise God give Him all the glory.

    Lesson learned: The past is gone and forgiven, tomorrow never comes; we live and will always live in the present. The sign says free gas tomorrow.

    My hope for this year is if I cast enough pearls someone will grasp them and be blessed. Take the roses and leave the thorns.

  12. poohpity says:

    For He (God) is kind to the unthankful and evil. Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful. Luke 6:35-36

    Day 2—Genesis 4-6

  13. yooperjack says:

    foreverblessed: LOL LOL LOL You missed some of my post, most woman don’t beat the crap out of people when their drinking. Some may. LOL All my family and friends call me “Jackie” because I was so small when I was a kid I was 50# at 12 years old but didn’t know I was small. I thought I was special. LOL Now I’m 30# over what I should be. I can’t seem to get it right. LOL A friend said: What you lacked in size you made up in guts. LOL You can call me Jack if you want. foreverblessed: you maid my day. Have a good one.

  14. shelterman says:

    i just love this thought ( faith is the currency of this age ) not gold or silver JESUS said when he returns will he find faith WOW!!!! my thoughts will be on (what matters most to GOD) thank you for the insight. Mike T.

  15. bubbles says:

    “What matters most to me”: knowing that individuals tend to reproduce or attract that which they have known; and I realize this is what humans do.

    But, don’t those who have been hurt see how it hurts and try their best to make something better for others? Knowing about abusive words and actions would make me more careful to NOT repeat what has happened in the past. I certainly would not want to re create a home full of constant strife and contention because there is something better, with God’s help patterns of behavior can be overcome. It might take much work but it would be worth it.

  16. Rocky says:

    Greetings and Happy New Year! Mart & Friends,

    Mart, as I was reading your post and got to the part that read, “Hurt people tend to hurt people. Abused people abuse people. Abandoned people abandon people. Loved people hate. Indulged people deprive. The accepted reject” How true, this is what I’ve been experiencing lately.

    I’ve had hurt people and people that appear to be healthy simply avoiding me causing a hurt that I have never experienced before. Am I really an offensive person? Or is everyone simply hurting? Or am I simply confusing a cry for help as an attack?

    Often times I feel like the lone ranger, as I scratch my head and ponder why I have little to no friends that I can rely on.

    I enjoy being around people but in recent years it’s as if I repel people that I know but on the other hand it’s as if strangers and needy people seem to gravitate towards me.

    This can be so draining that I see myself becoming a hurting person, because the loneliness is so great & feeling like this, how can the Lord possibly use a person in this condition?

    I have made myself available at church, whether it’s in ministry or in fellowship and the calls don’t come in, do I have such a blind spot or is the Lord really grooming me for something here? What’s the remedy? I am weak in spirit but I have not lost my faith although my vision is slowing disappearing.

    I could use some practical tips and not simply rhetoric, which is what I often get from my long time Christian friends and acquaintances.



  17. yooperjack says:

    Bubbles: Some people do change and stop the family curse of abuse. When I got married I made it a rule no yelling or screaming at one another in our home. My wife and I had four arguments in 46 years and one was a misunderstanding. Children imitate their parents; our two kids didn’t yell or scream at each other because they were not in that environment ever. All yelling does is teach people and kids how to yell. Happy screaming was ok. Arguing is useless and nonproductive.

    Why do woman marry the same abusive men the second and third time around? Why did my mother keep going back to get beaten by the same man time after time? She said she loves him. Try to reason that one at 12 years old? Some people just don’t get it.

    I believe I myself turned to alcohol in a weak moment because that’s what most of my family did those years.

    But praise God I’ve been delivered and have seen the light. Jesus is that light.

  18. yooperjack says:

    Rocky: Good to hear from you. Go back and read my post last month or in Nov. on puting too high of an expectations on people, they’ll let you down every time.

  19. yooperjack says:

    Rocky: That post was december 29th.

  20. Rocky says:

    yooperjack, Wow! Thank you for the way you articulated my sentiments so clearly. My eyes are moist knowing that the pain I feel more than anything is for the lost in this dark world, and knowing that I’m not alone. God bless you.


  21. bill34sl says:

    Mart: Thank you so much for taking time to re-post me. My fault, I dilly-dallied. Anyways, Wish You a Joyful and Victorious New Year and your whole family.

  22. yooperjack says:

    Rocky: All glory goes to our Lord. We are all but obedient children doing His work here on earth. Give Him praise people.

  23. poohpity says:

    Hey Rocky, it has been a while since you posted here and have not read to much on facebook either from you. I believe it is all a training session from the Lord. There are just better times when we are open to receiving and listening to what God would have for us. Sometimes our plans are not the direction God would have us go. While we are waiting it seems to be a good time for learning more about ourselves and our motivations.

  24. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Mike T.

    When I said “faith is the currency of this age” I really meant faith is the currency of The Kingdom of God.

    We live in His Kingdom and this is the age of “Kingdom Living”.
    Jesus made it so plain to us that without faith we cannot please God.
    And without Faith even the simple transaction of the Cross, sin and death for eternal abundant life (Salvation) cannot take place.

    Even the little faith we have is given to us by the Grace of God the Father Himself.

    We were made by Him, Paid for by Him and renewed by Him, all by Faith in Him!


  25. Regina says:

    Good Evening All,

    Off topic here…
    First, I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, and I enjoyed reading all of the comments on the previous blog topic! Praying for you, poohpity, and I’m so grateful for those who constantly pray for all who contribute on this blog site! Thank you! :) We had a PHENONMENAL time of celebration and thanksgiving at my church on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day (we took communion in remembrance of our LORD on New Year’s day, and that part of the service was especially beautiful and so sacredly special). When I arrived home after church, I ate lunch and slept the rest of the day.

    Now, I want to address Mart’s comment and question, “The beginning of a new year seems like as good a time as any to reflect on where we have been and what we already know matters most to our God, and to one another.

    I’m finding that the harder question may be, “What matters most to me?”

    What matters most to me? My relationship with my LORD Jesus Christ and relationships with my brothers/sisters in Christ. I’m also passionate about living in the purpose that God has for my life.

    Love to all,

  26. Regina says:

    I want to say a special “thank you” to yooperjack for sharing your testimony with me, and foreverblessed for making it a point to remember me and my situation in your prayers.

  27. Regina says:

    I also want to add my “thank you” with the others on this blog, Bill, for your beautiful testimony! The LORD recently healed me of a rash on my knees, back and neck, so I can definitely relate to your profound gratitude! Thank you, Jesus, for being such a GOOD shepherd to us! :-)

  28. cathyol07 says:

    I have been reading this blog everyday and I am comforted and uplifted with your comments. I am thankful that God brought me here.
    What do I know about myself?
    I have been bad, selfish, aloof and uncaring. I don’t know why I am like this. I never showed that I cared for my family, I just pray for them. I am not the kind of person who trusts anyone easily. That’s hard for me to do since my friend stabbed me at my back. I am disappointed with myself. I think I haven’t done any good or even please God. I am undeserving, I am worst. I don’t know why God chooses me. Why He let me known Him. I saw His grace, mercy and love. He is still faithful in spite of what I have done. He is really great. He is really amazing. He showed that he really cares for us. How he guides my whole family.
    God tested me with my patience now. I don’t know if I can stand that long. The devil wants me to hate God. But he never wins.
    This blog and Our daily bread help a lot.

    God bless you all.
    Catherine from Philippines.

  29. Rocky says:


    Thanks for the good word of encouragement, I’ve been keeping a low profile for the social media sites and I’m working really hard to seek God’s face and will in this new stage of my life.


  30. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart and Friends –

    Have tried, instead of making a long list of resolutions for 2012, to answer the moral question you have posed, Mart:

    “I’m finding that the harder question may be, ‘What matters most to me?’”

    E. Stanley Jones begins one of his “The Way” spiritual guidance books by describing the internal systems of warm-blooded creatures that keep a stable environment inside the organism – whatever the conditions in the surroundings – Arctic cold, desert heat…and so on. He immediately asks, Why would we, the greatest and most complex of God’s creatures, be mammalian in our physical make-up, yet cold-blooded in our moral make-up? Why would we behave like human beings in one way – and like frogs in another? When winter cold comes, frogs bury themselves in the mud and exhibit “a feeble pulse of life until spring warms them up again.” (The Way to Power and Poise, Abingdon-Cokesbury, 1949, p.3)

    I must ask myself at the threshold of a New Year: Am I environmentally conditioned in my spiritual life; or am I God-conditioned? What matters to me most in an upcoming year some have invested with certain end-times attributes of intensity? Will I stick close to the Word and the will of God – or will I float around in the pond of worldliness, living at the same “temperature” as the surroundings (Matthew 24:12)?

    May true, eternal life – the Life of God – flow through me. I pray for God’s people to be spared from taking on the temperature of the group. May we keep believing it matters; and let the Holy Spirit prompt me to be a living witness of his love, grace and mercy. Amen.


  31. SFDBWV says:

    11.6 inches of snow this morning, I’ve been busy.

    Blessings to all today.


  32. bubbles says:

    Thank you for your reply. I concur with what your thoughts.

  33. poohpity says:

    I was wondering if it is not arrogance to believe that any of us does not have a tendency or capacity to repeat the same errors or sin as those who have gone before us. They may be in different ages and times but the evil that lies within our flesh exists because God said so in Genesis 8:21. Arrogance of wanting to be like God was seen in the fall, the tower of Babel and continues today in those who believe they are above ever sinning again. The more we know about ourselves, the more open we are to see the truth about who we really are and we are not above any evil. Only when we have a good estimate of ourselves can we fully understand the Amazing Grace of God to it’s full capacity.

  34. poohpity says:

    Day 3—Genesis 7-11 then tomorrow Job 1-5

  35. BruceC says:

    Sister Catherine from the Phillipines,

    Your post touched me deeply and it sounds as if you are having a rough time. I have also been there.
    I will lift you up in prayer sister!

    May God richly bless you and show Himself to you in a wonderful and deep way.

    Love in Christ,
    Soli Deo Gloria!

  36. shelterman says:

    Hello, Brother Bob in Cornwall England!!! Mike T. from janesville, wisconsin U.S.A. My wife and i run a homeless shelter and thrift store we take no goverment support we only ask GOD to provide our needs i use one of your countrymens patterns anyway with all the buzz about how much gold or silver we schould have it was good to know (or be reminded) that faith is whats needed and some decernment wont hurt ether. GOD Bless you!!!! Mike T.

  37. bubbles says:

    Those who will not admit to wrongdoing, will not admit when they are in the wrong, and will not say they are sorry or offer an apology are arrogant. Those who admit they have tendencies in certain areas and are willing to diligently try and ask God to help them to not repeat past behaviors are not demonstrating arrogance. It looks like those who have been hurt in the past and are aware of their shortcomings would bend over backwards to break the cycle and make things better. This is not arrogance.

  38. poohpity says:

    bubbles, I was saying, that those who do not admit that they have shortcomings, failures, faults and sin in their lives seem to be arrogant, believing that one is without those things would be putting their self in the place of Christ, who ALONE was perfect and without fault. It is coming to that realization about ourselves when we understand the full extent of what grace is and exactly how much we ALL have been given then how could we ever withhold from showing it to others. The big difference is we can not break that cycle ourselves we need help because if we did it on our own we would take all the credit, when it is the Holy Spirit working within us that creates the change and the new creation. I think maybe you misunderstood what I was saying.

  39. bubbles says:

    My comment was made more in response to another conversation that I think overflowed from here to another place. And, yes, I certainly concur with you that we must have God’s help in order to change our hearts and thinking and everything else.

  40. bubbles says:

    Thank you, Deb.

  41. poohpity says:

    ooops. :-)

  42. bill34sl says:

    It is normal for us humans to choose not to have somebody run our life, even if that somebody just wants the best for us. We prefer to be left alone and do things our own, even if that means hating, rejecting and depriving somebody else. The Bible says that every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood (Gen. 8:21).

    What really matters most to me now is my family and our life beyond this one. Day and night I ponder on what might it be like on the other dimension. I know this inquiry will not be satisfied until we get there. 1 Cor. 2:9 says we won’t be able to imagine it no matter how we try. But somehow, I could not help imagining how the cross over experience would be like, even if that scares me in some ways. Still, at times I feel uncertain if we really are preparing well for that. I know we should not be so concerned about this short life busying ourselves to make it successful by this world’s standards. Jesus exhorted us to lay up treasure in heaven not in this life. Talking about relocation, that is what we can bring, and not any material wealth we have accumulated here on earth.

    foreverblessed: You’re absolutely right, Pasadena is where it was. How come you know. Were you one of us? Just kidding. LOL!

  43. RobertGlibb says:

    It has been a while since I have read the posts and I was truly inspired and encouraged by the way Jesus is working in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. I pray with my wife in the early morning hours and the most important part of our praying is being thankful for His protection. Psalms 91. and the deliverance of worries and stress. We have been spiritually hungry and God has filled us and gave us rest so often. I thank God for His mercy and I hope we can show that kind of mercy to others in this dark works. We have to let the light shine in and through us in submission to the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to Jesus for delivering us from the power of sin. 2Pet 1v3-4 and giving us the power to serve Him. Bless you all in Jesus Name!

  44. cathyol07 says:

    I am having a rough time brother BruceC. But God’s grace abounds .
    The Lord never fails to amaze me. He proves again that He knows best and that everything is beyond His control. Glory to Him alone.
    Thanks for the prayer.
    God bless us.
    More power to this blog.

  45. SFDBWV says:

    The recent snow storm brought a total of 13.5 inches of snow and temperatures this morning at 08 degrees F.

    It is always interesting to me through all the murmuring of philosophy what always matters first is survival. Dealing with circumstances that are immediate and must be attended to not ignored or analyzed.

    We all may place a great deal of importance on a great many things, but right now at this moment are what matters the most.

    It would appear that my old friend from the Naval Submarine Corps was right after all, mankind is always striving to be “happy”; happy being a very relative term.


  46. BruceC says:


    I heard that hppiness comes from the word happenstance; which is what happens to you. So human nature is only “happy” when good things take place. So you are correct; the culture searches for “happy”. But we are told to be full of the joy of the Lord.

    Got to zero here earlier with only one inch of snow. Lots of bone-chilling wind too.
    We have a new electric heater too(not the one on TV but similar). Has a built in air cleaner and humidifier. Works great in the area of the home furthest from the woodstove.

    I will continue to pray for you Catherine!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  47. bratimus says:

    Yep i have gotten more grieve from people do to the difference between “The joy of the Lord in the heart” vs “the happiness of happenstance”.

  48. foreverblessed says:

    Bruce, Joy,
    that is what I was pondering about: Jesus tells us to be full of joy.
    John 15:11, Romans 12:12, 2Corhinthians 1:24, 2 Cor. 8:2, 1 Thess 1:6, 5:16
    All these verses talk of joy, even in trouble.
    It sounds like a command. It is something I do not have of myself, when considering the state of the world, my country, my friends, my neighbourhood, and even my own state in myself.
    So, this year I was wondering, why not give this a top priority in my life: Joy of the Holy Spirit.
    Being happy, not because all circumstances are alright, but because I am Jesus’ and He is mine. I am in Him, and He is in me.
    There was a reverend who gave us these scriptures a year or so ago, here on this blog:
    James 1:5,17
    He said, repeat these verses over and over,
    and then you get the picture in you mind that all we lack we can ask God and He gives it:
    Joy, peace, wisdom, Galatians 5:22,23

    Isn’t that what will be attractive about christians, full of joy and peace while all around there is and will be more and more turmoil. It is something I want to strife for, in my struggle with migraine I was trying to do the same, be joyful in all circumstances, I was praying to God about this, that I want to be joyful, but that it wasn’t there. To be honost, I do not think there ever was real joy in that situation, God answered my prayers in another way: the migraine is gone! Thank God, and for all who have prayed for me.
    It is good we share our loads, and pray for each other,
    Cathaline I pray for you, and Bruce, Steve, and many many others. And I pray for you Bill, that you may find the real rest in Christ, not merely resting on a specific day, but always in faith in Jesus, resting from you own works and let Him do the works in you. And yes I was one of those who had a Pastor General (it was your use of that term, who else calls their head by that name?)

  49. SFDBWV says:

    Bruce, I love etymology, thanks for the information.

    We have natural gas heat, I got rid of the wood and coal stoves years ago, miss backing up to the stove but not the dirt and ashes and dangers.

    Stay warm and “Don’t worry be happy”.


  50. yooperjack says:

    It amazes me how Christians let other people, the devil and even dead people steal their joy. I refuse to let anyone steal my joy. That is why I will not argue with anyone. Let the Holy Spirit deal with those people and the devil. The joy of the Lord is all we have some times to keep our sanity and well being. Defend your joy like it was your life; in some Christians at this time in your life it is all you have. Remember, “Greater is Jesus that is in your heart than he that is in the world”. He being, the devil and all those people he uses to hurt you. Believe this without doubting and you will come out smelling like a rose.

  51. oneg2dblu says:

    That is so very close to the worldly,” Don’t Worry be Happy!” Don’t Worry is of course a biblical directive. Whether you are happy or not, becomes the worldly and the relative part, because Sin can make people happy. So, remember God isn’t always in the happy business, but Satan surely is.Don’t Worry be Happy, is a song embraced by mankind who also may just define Fearing God as being relative!
    When churches dare to put them together as the world does, and then it rings like the worldly song of those who do not need to Fear God and are happy in their sin!
    It makes my wonder if that makes God happy?
    I feel that laughing at your current and future sin is not laughing matter, unless you embrace the “Don’t worry, be Happy Doctrine” of today. Like Once Saved, Always Saved, where they preach that your current and future sin has no effect on your eternal salvation.
    Is that really the biblical God-given directive?
    In the face of offending some here, I still believe our current and future sin is not already forgiven, and is still conditional upon our repentance.
    If our context is that we claim to be disciples of Christ, then we are to obey what Christ preached to his disciples as if it is spoken to us today.
    Mark 14:38 “Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give into temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak.”
    To me, anybody who feels they can not also be tempted today, has already fallen asleep in their doctrinal thinking that their sins have no effect… Gary

  52. oneg2dblu says:

    Let us not confuse our happy feelings, as Joy!
    Happy depends on worldly circumstance, but Joy depends on our daily Following of Christ. We can only have Joy in the Lord, but many of us can be “happy” even in this world and all it’s sin. I get your point though yooperjack, it is the words we choose that sometime muddle the meaning.
    Sorry if I’ve stepped on some here, but I do it mostly when I’m not is step with the multitudes of the world. Which by the way is my daily endeavor! Gary

  53. foreverblessed says:

    Gary, I was talking about Joy in the Spirit, not about joy in your sin. Why is it that you bring up sin?
    Sorry, this is now a side path to someone who keeps this thing of sinning up again and again, so if you are not interested skip the rest.

    In all these doctrine thing you bring up, you forget that when you are saved in Christ, you have crucified the old sinful nature. The sinful reasoning is of the old human nature which we must stop every time it comes up:
    -No, I am a new creation in Christ, this sin or that sin shall not rule over me. I am new in Christ Jesus.-
    You forget that those who have accepted Christ have also crucified their old thinking with Him, it is now in the grave. And every time it comes up, it is sent back into the grave.

    Just because a doctrine may allow abuse does not mean the doctrine is wrong in itself, it is the sinful reasoning of the uncrucified mind that brings up these thoughts.
    So, when someone says: I am saved, now and forever,
    the thought:- now I can sin, because I am saved anyway-
    it does not spring up from the doctrine, but from the flesh, from the earth
    It is the same reasoning that Paul uses to defend the Godpel of Grace:
    We are now under Grace not under the Law, Romans 6:14
    Now I can go on sinning because grace may increase Romans 6:1, does not belong in the mindset of one being saved, because that is the old nature that is reasoning.
    Not the renewed mind, the person who knows how much it did cost God to forgive us our sins, namely the life of His one and only begotten Son: Jesus. How on earth can he go on sinning, he has died to sin, how can he live in it any longer. Romans 6:2
    If someone is saved, he knows that he has died to sin, and no longer wants sin to rule over him. And he now lives in faith in Christ Jesus, following the lead of the Holy Spirit.
    Romans 8:1, 2,3,4
    And when we live in the Spirit we ask for peace and joy, love …. against such things there is no law Gal 5:22,23
    THe key issue that I want to tell you:
    Galatians 5:24
    You keep on preaching to people as if they have not crucified the sinful nature.
    If they haven’t they are not saved either.

    In all this I do rejoice greatly! What grace God has given us through His Son, what great gift He has given us. How thankful I can be for His great gift of Eternal Live,
    Thank you God, for all Your great Mercies, Your bounytul Grace in Christ Jesus, Your Son the greatest treasure that has been given to mankind from heaven, The Bread of Life which we can eat, the great Light that shines in our heart and exposes all the darkness in our thinking, the hidden ones, and gives us His righteousness instead.

  54. yooperjack says:

    Gary: I just want to say: you have it nailed down on “Joy verses Happyness”. On sin “Jesus plus my works” all I can say is: do like I did and take six months and due a study on Romans 1 through 8 or maybe the whole book. Then come back and let me know how you feel about sin. There is no use arguing about this, let the Spirit do His work. I say this in love. Not because anyone is right or wrong.

  55. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    The Kingdom of God is LOVE, PEACE & JOY…..

    I physically live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but Spritually LIVE in God’s Kingdom.

    As has been said, we cannot take anything from this world to the next “dimension” that is why it is so important that we LIVE in the next “dimension”, The Kingdom of God, right now, then everything we treasure and hold dear will be with us forever.
    LOVE, JOY, PEACE are symptoms of living in God’s Kindom, they come with the terretory, they are a state of being.

    Happiness is just an emotion that is here today and gone tomorrow and belongs to this world and not The Kingdom of God.


  56. shelterman says:

    Hello, My name is Mike T. and i just love the fellowship and the way you encourage each other on!!! also i would like to ask if maybe i could get to know some of you better? my writing is not good but i can read well anyone interrested please let me know thanks Mike T.

  57. bratimus says:

    “Joy of the Lord in the heart” doesn’t always mean a big smile on your face all the time. “The Joy of the Lord in your heart” gives you the strenght to walk through a world of chaos and dangers willing to fellowship with others help and encourage. As Mike T. shelterman has stated.

  58. poohpity says:

    If it is God that matters most to me I will look or read in scripture the amount of times it says to have a good estimate of ourselves for example in Romans 12:3; Matt 7:1-4; 1 Cor 4:5; James 4:1-3; Luke 6:37. The more we know about ourselves the less likely we are to think more highly of ourselves than we ought then we will keep only God on a pedestal. I will understand how many times I repeat mistakes and have not learned from those who have gone before me. I will seek God rather than happiness, fame, material pleasures and treasure that only this world can provide and we can’t take with us only godliness to the next life. I will learn to be content in all circumstances because I trust God and that will bring joy no matter what is happening that does not mean I will go without feeling grief, despair, sadness, happiness, satisfaction and all the other human emotions. I will praise and worship God because of who He is not what He can do for me.

    So really getting to know ourselves helps us to look to God more and our own strength and abilities less. What is it that matters most to me? That takes a really honest, truthful person to see the depth of that question.

    Day 4—Job 1-5

  59. poohpity says:

    shelterman, RBC ministries does not even fund raise they seem to depend on the the Lord to put on peoples hearts to give to their upkeep and continued work in getting the Word out to the world. I have always admired that about this ministry.

  60. oneg2dblu says:

    foreverblessed… we are in one accord about all you so wonderfully have brought to light, thank you so much. But, the issue of sin has not faded away for me, it has has been brought to a hightened point of my personal responsibility, Thank God. As for as others, who everyone here says I should not care about when they claim to be Christian but who are walking no different than the world, for this particular doctrine I’m “pridefully stuck on” has no problem defining that a saved child abuser, alcoholic drug addict, derelic thief and an usaved one, can have no outward appearance that would make them any different, and to say something about it, is condemning arrogant, prideful, demeaning, a self appointed judgementalist, you name the label I’ve been chosen to hear it, and wear it! My concern is reaaly for them, not against them, but many here do not see it that way. I am sure the failure is totally mine in that respect, but I am hung up on continued sin being not recognized for what it really is, “Direct Disobedience” to the Word of God. I’ll go to my grave perhaps feeling this way, but when I am given my new body, I will no longer be concerned about sin in my life, or theirs!
    But for now, I believe this is where I have been both burdened and blessed. It is my calling, this calling out others to see they can not continue to look like the world and walk with the Lord at the same time, no matter what their chosen doctrine allows. Gary

  61. BruceC says:


    You pegged the meaning of “joy in the Lord”!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  62. oneg2dblu says:

    yooperjack… thanks for the leading me to Romans it shows me you really care about releasing me of my sin problems. Of course, it will not take away the lesson in the garden, where God shed blood and covered both Adam and Eve, but still threw them out of “His Garden” because they were still disobedient, as they refused to repent of their sin. Oops! :)

  63. yooperjack says:

    Gary: You are right on when you say people that look like the world cannot claim to walk with the Lord. They are as phony as a million dollar bill. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck!!!!!!! LOL

  64. poohpity says:

    Gee this whole time I thought it was the work of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin or the sin that still resides in the believers heart. I have been wrong before. I think that is why this topic is so important that we be concerned about really knowing ourselves before we point a finger at others. When the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, it is also the job of the Holy Spirit to change and heal us. So Gary you can continue in convicting everyone of the sin that still remains in their hearts because obviously you have been given an insight that only God has had before you, that must mean you are also able to heal and change them as well. Only the One without sin can point it out in others but chose instead to pay the penalty, will you accept today that Jesus died for your sins and the sins of the world knowing that mankind will never be able to live a sinless life while chained to these bodies.

  65. poohpity says:

    Is that saying that it is alright to sin, no not by any means. Gary are you able to live a sinless life and could you share with us how you do it?

  66. poohpity says:

    John 8:7; 1 John 1:8

  67. bratimus says:

    oh starting to sound like it is time to head to the kids table, the grown ups are going to talk

  68. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Only God in Jesus Christ can judge anyone.
    We are told not to judge or condem but to Love one another as He has Loved us, even unto Death.

    Paul set out “church” structure for bringing those into line who profess Jesus but act differently.

    Even then we do not judge, but merely refer, in love, to Gods Word and allow the Holy Spirit to do the rest.

    I used to batle with one of our church elders over sin in my life, then God said to him(the elder) “leave Bob to me, I will deal with him”
    Many months/years of heartache later I now see what is wrong and allowing the Holy Spirt to work in and through me. I am becoming the child of God I was created to be.
    If my elder had carried on trying to change me I would not be here now. Once he stopped admonishing me and started to just love and pray for me, there was peace between us and God was able to do His good work.

    Love, Prayer and Jesus are the answer to sin.


  69. yooperjack says:

    bratimus: LOL LOL LOL LOL Ha! Ha! Ha! Your funny man. Poohpity: chained to these bodies. I like that. This free will is destroying the world. Come quickly Lord Jesus, we need you now.

  70. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    I used to drink too much because I felt the fellowship in church was not as good as the fellowship in the pub, then God stripped me of money and changed my routine so that I no longer went to the pub out of habbit.
    I still see people from the pub, I live virtually next door to it. I still drink with them sometimes, and met one at work today who had brought me a Christmas present.
    People respect you for being honest with them, wether about Jesus or about faillings and sins.
    My church leader said to me this week, she is 83, that she could never talk to the people I do. I even met a 90 year old Spitfire Pilot over Christmas in the pub.
    He survived the battle of Britain and flew over 150 sorties in the summer of 1940 before he was put into training others.
    Sometimes our life style, wether good or bad, can enable us to influence people we would never otherwise meet.
    Through being gay I have known rejection and descrimination and can relate to those who are rejected and hurt.
    As the topic heading suggest and Debbie has already said, when we know who we are, both in Christ and in the world, we then can submit to the Holy Spirit(God) and share the Water of Life with those who need it so deperately.


  71. yooperjack says:

    When a person truly repents there is a change in their lives they will no longer look like the rest of the world; old things will past away all thing will become new. True, God only knows their heart but we should see some fruit. It may take awhile for the Spirit to clean us up; some old sinful habits are hard to let go of. Pride is a big one. And trust me, there are phonys out there pretending to be a christian but never surrenderd anything.

  72. poohpity says:

    I agree Bob, so many that could be loved and accepted are pushed away because those religious folks do not see that their own lives were a contradiction to the grace God has shown to all His children. If we had to live up to the expectations of those who feel they are without sin, who have never taken a really good look in the mirror at who they really are compared to Christ and we all fall short.

    bratimus, sad to see that the truth of God’s Word chases you from His table. Do you live to earn God’s love or do you accept the free gift of His grace and love through Christ Jesus? I will stand for truth, not my truth, but what it says in the bible. I have seen to many so called Christians think themselves so self righteous that they deny the truth of “all sin and fall short of the Glory of God”. Jesus confronted this type of behavior repeatedly in the Gospels and if I had to live by the way that Gary teaches I would leave my faith defeated each time I mess up but thank God I live by grace and know the truth about myself and others and that is what has set me free to understand God’s grace and forgiveness for the least of these and I am one of the least of these.

  73. poohpity says:

    Some changes are instantaneously and some change happens over a life time but never will any of us be without some sin in our lives. That is the truth. People judge sin by what they say are worse sin than others but God says, “Sin is Sin” no degrees.

  74. yooperjack says:

    Amen, sister Pooh: A life time and longer if we live. It will be the Spirit that will change us no body else is qualified. We all are in the same boat so how can we change anyone, not even our selves.

  75. poohpity says:

    I lived the life of a drug addict/alcoholic, which included prostitution, drug dealer, went to jail for attempted murder/disorderly conduct/obstruction of justice. Gave up a child because of drug use, had an abortion and the list of what I did would curl your hair but because of the love of God I sit here today as a much loved child of the King who has been forgiven so very, very much that I would never condemn or convict another of their sin because that is not my place. My job is to Love the Lord our God with all my heart, mind and soul and to love others as God loves me and that is a lot of love.

  76. yooperjack says:

    Wow, pooh you were a bad girl. I did some stupid stuff but you made me look like a sunday school teacher. But then, guilty of one sin guilty of them all. Thank God for grace, huh. Praise God, you was once lost in sin but now your a child of the King. WOW,Praise the Lord a sinner has come home. What a testimony. Thankyou Jesus.

  77. bratimus says:


    Who says the kids table isn’t the table of God.

    Where to come to God as Children.

    So i’ll take my chance at the kids table, any day.

  78. bratimus says:

    Well poohpity if you want to compare rap sheets

    i was facing 5 counts of assult and battery against a police officer with bodliy injury attached to one. End up plead no contest to 1 count of assult and battery with bodliy injury. I’m not the most righteous Christian you will ever find. But me going through this works of the Lord were done.

  79. yooperjack says:

    Hey you guys lets not start sounding proud of our dead past lives. If you were to ask God about them He would say; “I don’t remember that, are you sure you did that?” Just think of all those people that have lived in a Chistian home and never did anything wrong in their life; how hard it must have been to admit they were lost in sin and on their way to hell unless they repent and make Jesus Lord of their lives. Justice means just as if it never happened. We have been justified through Jesus. Thank God for grace or we all would be lost.

  80. yooperjack says:

    My favorite verse is Galatains 2-20. When someone from the past brings up my past life I say: Oh! I buryed him over 40 years ago. Most give me a weird look and say: “What” Then I tell them my story. LOL cool hey!!!

  81. bratimus says:


    I take no pride in past sins, people are always asking to get to know each other in here. so i took an oppertunity to ahare a part of my life. I’m a man of few words, guess you missed the last sentence.

    What i went through allowed works for the Lord to be done. I was able to fellowship and encourage others who where moving on to prison with long terms.

    I never said i was guilty of the charges. Pleading no contest is accepting the charges without admitting guilt.

    BruceC even said the justice system isn’t what it use to be a couple of topics ago.

  82. oneg2dblu says:

    pooh… in answer to your question posted at 3:14, I answer,”I will.”
    You seem to have found much more in my words than I give them, including my having some knowledge beyond God, or surpassing the Work of the Holy Spirit.Perhaps, it is your flesh that is talking when you say things like that, or perhaps I’m mis-quotiong you again, but I can not judge where they come from, or where you come from in saying them for they certainly are not admirable, or are they mine. But that is only my opinion, so take it for what it is worth. I find these outbursts are generally becuase we get a little emotional and respond too quickly. At least that is what I have done in the past when conversing with you. So, I obviously have sinned in the past as I’ve inflated my words as well!
    If I’ve offended you personally, “I’m sorry!”
    I just read your 3:24 comment, and it fits perfectly to what I’ve just described. So, forgive me if I don’t continue responding to this rather presumptive and exaggerated position you’ve taken. “Sinless Gary” seems to be a rather inflated concept to me! But, I’m sure it will get favorable attention somewhere now that it is published! I wish I could hold my tongue, but we both know what the bible says about the tongue.
    Unfortunately, with this method of communicating we are all subject to too many words. :)

  83. oneg2dblu says:

    bratimus… you’ve read things quite well and you insight is right on! Gary

  84. yooperjack says:

    bratimus: I was responding to the first sentence. No affence intended brother. Were all in that same boat.

    Your comment about the childrens table cracked me up. LOL Time to hit the sack.

  85. yooperjack says:

    That should be “No offense”. Been a long day.

  86. oneg2dblu says:

    pooh… your 6:07 statement about sin in not totally biblically true. Perhaps you have forgotten what you have read so many times before, but, Sin does have degrees, according to the word of God. 1 John 5:16-17 talks about degrees. What “I preach” is this: 1 John 3:4-6. Like you say, (but using my own words,) that is impossible for us to achieve in our flesh, but I say, with God all things are possible. True? Yes, It is the Work of the Holy Spirit, that brings about the work of true repentance for the believer who wholeheartedly pursues righteousness, and wants to change. Unless, our doctrinal beliefs say we need not too, or even repent for that which is preached as already forgiven! I see that type of preaching as a license for some to use thier free will going to go completely freaky!
    Isn’t there a mention somewhere in the bible about a great sin, and an even greater sin? Those are degrees to me. I know they are written in God’s Word.
    Perhaps, the more well versed among us can help me find these references. Or, I’ll get back to you with them if you need further information about different degrees.
    Please just ask!
    Right now though things are getting a little too warm here for me! I think I’ll repent for any wrong motives, or unfriendly edge to my voice that I might have injected into this topic. I’m still a work in progress. Gary

  87. sonchild2 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I sense that this blog post on the topic, “What do we know about ourselves” has been hijacked by some! It appears that it is being used as a place for personal discussions (not wishing to use a stronger word!) not at all related to the topic. In my opinion, it would be more meaningful and edifying for all if the topic presented by our brother Mart would yield conversation, exchange of perspectives, insight and ideas that addressed the excellent thoughts in his post.

    As I see it, some comments written here seem to confirm the last part of Mart’s quote, “Yet the people of the Promised Land forsake the One who has loved them for other loves (Isa 1:4) (Isa 1:21) and treat one another as if no one has cared for them (Isa 1:23)”.

    What’s important to me is that in the year ahead we love, respect and appreciate one another – first in our own families and relationships, but above all in the family of God. Blessings everyone!

  88. BruceC says:

    Thank you for your post sonchild2. It is the reason I don’t post as much here as I would care to. I really don’t like to get off topic. But some like to steer any topic back to their pet topic. Which, in a way; kind of answers Mart’s question of “What matters most to me?”

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  89. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart and Friends –

    Mart, you launched the topic “What Do We Know About Ourselves?” with this:

    “One of the recurring themes of the Bible is not only that hurt people hurt people, but that chosen, loved, and provided for people also repeatedly reject their Provider and treat others with contempt.” Reading the story of the very first human family, I recognize in myself this painful truth.

    If God gets our attention – whether at age eighteen or eighty – don’t we have to admit we need the super-abundant grace God has toward us? Not serving life for our sins probably means that we didn’t come across the accuser who could assemble the facts and present the case to nail us in court. Thank God for second chances!

    Doc Holliday, sick from TB, told Wyatt Earp, “Johnny Ringo has a great, empty hole right through the middle of him.” “What does he need?” “Revenge,” says Doc. “Revenge for what?” asks Wyatt. “For being born,” Doc replies. (Tombstone, Cinergi Productions, Inc)

    Scripture supplies a long, colorful saga including losers who wreak destruction everywhere they go. Cain and his son Lamech – Sodom & Gomorrah – King Ahab…Saul of Tarsus started as an especially dangerous religious nut. It looked as though he might stamp out the entire Christian movement. But, God so transformed him that he got a new name. He went from hating Jesus’ followers to being one. He quit claiming to be perfect, confessed that he had no righteousness of his own, and that his only righteousness came through faith in Jesus. (Philippians 3:9) Even an arrogant, self-righteous hypocrite like Paul said at last, “I’m forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead.” (Philippians 3:14)

    Can studying the Scriptures increase our faith and completely transform us?


  90. RobertGlibb says:

    To remarutho/MARU;
    Thank you for the uplifting comments. I was starting to grieve over the previous comments on this subject of “What do we know about ourselves”.

    We can grieve the Holy Spirit when we inject our thoughts with out the Spirits leading. As in Romans 8v1-17 we have to let the Holy Spirit lead us in all things including our comments here in this blog.

    I pray for our brothers and sisters that the Love of God and the Grace of our Lord Jesus will be reflected to eachother and seasoned with the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The world is full of darkness and we are to let the light shine in and through us.

    Maru said: Can studying the Scriptures increase our faith and completely transform us?
    Answer: Yes: Psalms 1 and 2 Peter Chapter 1 v 3-11
    God bless all in Jesus.
    The Holy Spirit revealed to me in 1980 that I was heading to hell because I did not know God.
    I thank Jesus for saving me from imminent distruction after showing me who I was without Him. Lets not live according to 2Pet 1v9 check out the reason for this verse in the previous versus.
    Bob G

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