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Dangerous Words and Safe Places

There is such irony in our last conversation about Jesus’ words to “hate”  family so as to give full attention to him (Luke 14:26).

When any other religious leader asks for such commitment, most of us  assume that the person is self-absorbed and dangerous.

But for those who believe that the words of Luke 14:26 were spoken by no less than the Vine of the Spirit (John 15:1-3); our Creator enfleshed among us  (John 1:1-3) (John 1:14); the God of the pillar of smoke and fire that led Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness (Exo 13:21);  and the exalted King of the vision that caused a man who was calling out judgment on others to say “Woe is me for I am undone, for I am a man of unclean lips” (Isa 6:5); we are left with a different challenge: Now we have to decide what we are going to do with such beliefs. Can we afford to act on the thought that only by worshiping Christ above all else will we able to care for one another with the love that has its source in him?

But this isn’t only a question about love. It’s also a matter of peace and safety.

There’s a parallel passage over in Matthew 6:24 that sounds very similar to Luke 14:26. It follows a strange word picture that Jesus used to make it clear that the attention of our heart will either fill us with light or with darkness (Matt 6:22-23).

But then look what follows. Jesus immediately goes on to show his followers how to live a day at a time, without, worrying, and in such a way as to let him provide for us—as only he can. Seems to me that Jesus was asking his disciples to follow him a day at a time, the way he had earlier required Israel to follow the pillar of cloud and fire in the wilderness (Num 9:15-22).

Now the wilderness was a dangerous place– as is our present environment. And most of us could probably admit that on occasion the thought of giving our full attention to Jesus has felt like jumping from a 10 story window.

But in our more reflective moments we recall a history that says different. All who are reading this have access to the Bible. And many of us can say from experience, “Up until now the LORD has helped us” (1Sam 7:12).

So what do we have– “dangerous words for a safe place” or “safe words for a dangerous place”?  All depends on how you look at it doesn’t it…

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43 Responses to “Dangerous Words and Safe Places”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    I am wondering just what giving ones self completely over to Christ means to each of us. I am guessing that many of us find that can mean different things to different people.

    Everyone in the world is not called to be preachers and pastors, as in pasturing a flock, but all of us are called to preach the good news to all and to care for one another.

    Too often when we first come to Christianity we think that we are supposed to do some big evangelical thing and go head first into a disappointment. Many becoming disillusioned as a result, wondering “I did my part where is God to do His?”

    I will say it again we all have our own personal *cross* to bear, it is as individual as all of us are to ourselves. Once we can recognize our purpose (cross) all we need do is pick it up and trust Christ to do His part.

    Especially in the wilderness, especially when things get bad (because they will), especially when we face disaster, especially when we are beaten down tired and exhausted and those who would steal our faith whispers in our ear where is your God now. This is the time we blindly follow Christ not knowing where we are headed or how we will get there, only trusting that He will see us through.

    If that is not giving your self completely over to Christ, then I have no idea of what it means to have faith.

    I am not just speaking philosophically I live this every day, if any doesn’t know that, who know me, then they are blind to that pillar of smoke by day and pillar of fire by night that leads us all toward *His* goal.

    Mart I remember the picture of the cloud from your trip to Israel a couple years ago, still a cool shot.


  2. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart –
    You wrote:

    “So what do we have– ‘dangerous words for a safe place’ or ‘safe words for a dangerous place’? All depends on how you look at it doesn’t it…”

    For some reason, your question reminds me of Pascal’s wager – something like: “If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager, then, without hesitation, that He exists.” It is a proposition, not a lifestyle.

    I say this because you compare Jesus with “any other religious leader” asking for our commitment. The worldly mind does think of Jesus Christ as a religious leader attested by history to have been crucified by Jewish and Roman law. The world is a dangerous place, both spiritually and physically. We do take chances when we step onto a busy street or merge onto a busy freeway. But, where we walk is not just any old place.

    For a follower of Jesus, his/her time in the world is given as a gift, so that the witness of his promises and his power continues to go forth. We are called to speak “dangerous words” every day living among our neighbors. Then, the light of God’s name, God’s word, shines forth. It seems to me we are inhabited by God’s Spirit in a way that supersedes the moving of the pillar of cloud and fire, and gives evidence that God makes a path that is safe in his care. (Colossians 3:2, 3, 4)


  3. yooperjack says:

    A total surrender to Christ is the only way for a Christian to live. The Bible is our pillar and fire, the only problem is, in our daily walk; “We walk by faith not by sight” that can be hard at first but after a while it becomes natural

    If we live the Word and not just read it we will have great gain and be content in all that we do. 1 Timothy 6: 6-7, verse 1 Timothy 6:11 the last part tells us what to purse. Then live 2 Peter 1-10 and you will not fail, that is what never stumble means in verse 10.

    Our Christian life style is not a game it’s the real thing. The life style the world plays is a game and in so many instances is so phony. Just look at business, politics and Churches where Jesus is just a name is their Bible, the game playing is discussing.

    I’ll stop; I’m starting to preach. LOL

  4. tracey5tgbtg says:

    Mart you said, “When any other religious leader asks for such commitment, most of us assume that the person is self-absorbed and dangerous.”

    I think if ANY person at all asked for such commitment, it would be crazy. Including a child, a parent, a spouse, whomever. No one has the right to ask such commitment of us. But Jesus wasn’t another religious leader. He is, as you say in many forms, God. When God asks such a thing of us, it makes perfect sense.

    I don’t think a mother could love her child or husband could love his wife, in the true meaning of the word love, unless they love God more.

    I once heard a chaplain’s wife describing her husband. One of the things she said was, “He’s a godly man. (very true) He loves God more than me.” She said it joyfully and I understood exactly what she meant. This chaplain did love God and because he did love God more than her, he was able to love her more completely than most men love their wives.

    I have realized that if I am angry with anyone, it is because I have put them on a pedestal and allowed their opinions, thoughts and actions to become more to me than God. If someone lets me down, it is because I put them in a place that only God should be in.

    Mart – you wrote, “Can we afford to act on the thought that only by worshiping Christ above all else will we able to care for one another with the love that has its source in him?” I say that is the thought we must act on.

  5. Rocky says:

    Mart & friends,

    As a man that says “I’m a man that walks by faith” I often catch myself, and realize that perhaps I don’t have as much faith as I think I do or as much as I think I should.

    Currently, I’m in a real unique situation, I’m virtually totally debt free, & haven’t worked in almost five months.

    With my unemployment check,I can still put money aside in savings. My brain, my logic, my culture, my belief system tells me I need a job.

    My son on the other hand tells me I’m being inpatient & should wait on God.

    Am I really stuck in my ways? Or am I operating in fear?

    I believe that the only reason that I’m here, is with the help of my Lord, now what do I do with it?

    I’ve tried getting involved in various ministries, community out reaches, there seems to be no room for me. So climbing these walls, I make a decision based on the facts I see by sight.

    I was not able to find a local job, the only company that has made me an offer, is a company that will keep me away from home 2 to 3 weeks at a time, & during my time off, I have to leave the vehicle 55 miles away from home, & find my own way home, & a way back to work. Now if I drive my personal vehicle back to work, I would have to leave it in one of the most unsafe cities in the nation, for two or three weeks unsupervised with no security.

    Trusting in my Lord, I recently went on a 24 day fast, seeking His face & will, I feel I let Him down. I really don’t have a clue, I’m waiting for some type of intervention. Because more than anything I want to be used by Him, because of Him I’m available, the workers are few & the harvest is plenty, right?

    What can I do? What can I do? What can I do?

    Keep me in your prayers.


  6. florida7sun says:

    Mart, you expressed that Jesus made it clear that “the attention of our heart will either fill us with light or with darkness.” That is so true. Each day we are bombarded by messages seeking our allegiance or attention in one form or another: making a purchase; signing a petition; enrolling in membership; contributing to a cause; engaging in a relationship; choosing the foods we eat; working for an employer; selecting a school; etc.

    The Body of Christ lives in a world of idols and idolaters.

    The Word is clear that believers should take great care in not becoming “unequally yoked” in their relationships and activities: “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?” – 2 Corinthians 6:14

    The time given to us on earth is precious. Each choice we make has an immediate and long-term impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. It also has an effect on those we love.

    Jesus offers to us life. That life can be affected when we succumb to influences that sap our strength and vitality. The only way to avoid the consequences of “vampire energy” is to be one with our Lord and Savior in word and deed. – Mark 12:30

    He said, “Follow me.” I have discovered that being with Christ in prayer provides understanding through His Word. I have also discovered that He has been faithful in directing my steps – at the appropriate time – through His peace in my heart.

  7. oneg2dblu says:

    Rocky… We know He hears your prayers, sees your heart, and respects your fast, if it is for Him. He has answered you prayer with, Yes, No, Wait! Wait is the hardest one. Yes means I can move on. No, means I can’t go there. But wait is the Walk of Faith taken to its core. We must have faith that waiting is what the Lord wants us to do, and hthat is a test that is very perplexing at best, but always for a reason we do not currently know.
    I would say you are in the wait mode… I pray that you may find some peace in this mode as well, being on the Rocky Road you are now on. Finding rest for the restless, is a hard place. I am in my fifth month of not working, do to a retirement as well. I’m living on minimum funds and still making it, although I do have some debt left to resolve.
    I understand the pressure of wanting to run out and work again. It is part of an identity crisis all productive people will face at sometime as they age, are injured, or succum to sickness, but there is never a dsy in the Lord;s work that we reach retirement. Praise God!
    To know He’s working for you in the background takes much faith. You’ve already got what it takes! Prayers to you Rocky. Gary

  8. yooperjack says:

    Rocky: I hear this all the time people questioning their faith. We all get a measure of faith we don’t need more we need to develope what we have. We step out in faith, like, go out and look for work, some doors will open and some will close on you. Waiting for the Lord to send a job to your door step is not the way to go. You may have to move to where the jobs are like in the oil feilds of ND. Check the internet. Your not alone in this being out of work.

    In the 1960s I had to move to find work, a man has to do what ever it takes to keep his family fed.

  9. narrowpathseeker says:

    Rocky, I too, sometimes(often I guess) find myself clueless as to what to do and go to the Lord asking some of the same questions as you..”what do You want me to do?” “Have You left me…am I all alone in this?” One time, I sat by the river with my head hung low and eyes closed waiting for Him to answer…when all of a sudden, I felt that someone was there with me. I was a little frightened because it is a private secluded area in the woods. But, right across the stream looking directly at me only 15 feet away was a beautiful deer. We stared at each other for 3-4 minutes. I said aloud…”God sent you didn’t He?” The deer just continued to stare at me..not frightened in the least and then backed up and walked very slowly away. A peace came over me and after I returned to the house…within a few hours, I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and all was resolved. Other times I’ve gone to the Lord with similar questions and it was months and even years for some to get answered and I think that is how He teaches us Patience. Also I think if you read Steve’s first comment and the others as well, you will be lifted. I found something inspiring in all the posts this morning. I will be praying for you.

  10. Rocky says:

    oneg2dblu, yooperjack, narrowpathseeker,

    Thank you all for the encouraging words, I’ve been reading the little book The Prayer of Jabez, and have been praying that God would enlarge my territory.

    Recently my brother and I went out to feed the homeless, we prayed with them and handed out ODB devotionals wow! What an experience. In my prayer time I was reminded that wherever I am, in whatever city within these eleven western states I can do the same, that’s my territory being enlarged, a bit scary indeed, but I did say Lord, I’ll go where ever you lead me.


  11. poohpity says:

    I agree Mart that it does depend on how you look at it. Dangerous words for a safe place seem to be the Words that truly expose our innermost thoughts and desires that reside in us (Heb 4:12). They are dangerous because they cause us to be real and that exposes who and what we trust in. Some will find that although they say where their trust lies when the giants come they fall and crumble and it is dangerous to not fully understand who we are and not fully understanding who God is. Those words will lead us to that safe place.

    Safe Words for a dangerous place are when we cling to the Words that give life through truth and grace. Psalms 119:30; Psalms 119:105; John 8:31-32; Romans 10:17 NIV; Romans 15:4; 2 Tim 3:16-17.

  12. bill34sl says:

    It all goes back to that verse in the Bible where Jesus mentioned a kind of faith that can move and displace mountains.

    Even with not so big faith, Jesus’ disciples were able to live through one day at a time by just clinging to Him. They left everything out including their livelihood just to follow Him. Without a “9 to 5” job at hand, Jesus was able to feed them and at one instant about five thousand people burped from loaves and fishes. Without a stable income, Jesus and His disciples were able to pay their taxes. Read how He made it possible in Matt. 17:27. Without modern meteorology to warn them of an incoming storm, when right in the middle of it, Jesus just told the storm to go away and it left immediately. And they were safe. When a certain man got blind, Jesus made him able to see. Another, a paralyzed guy, He made to stand and walk. A good friend died, He raised him up back to life. Same thing with an innocent young girl. What more can we demand from Him to give Him all our trust and faith to carry us through this dangerous wilderness we are in? We have to admit that we don’t have that kind of faith. One strong proof is that we don’t see a lot of “miraculous healing” in this age because we put our faith heavily on modern medicine rather than to our Lord. One might reason,’ but Jesus is not here with us anymore’. True, but before He left He said someone else will take His place (John 16:7). Thus, the problem is with man.

  13. poohpity says:

    bill, I have seen miraculous healing with the doctors rubbing their heads in amazement and I have heard of it in many others lives. There are many more people now than there were then and Jesus did not heal everyone and it does not seem to be due to a problem with faith as in Paul’s life but that the Lord would be with them through whatever circumstance they are going through. Not to say that people do not trust in doctors but who gave those doctors the gift to heal. I fully believe that God works with each person on an individual level for what would help them to grow in their faith and trust. If someone likes to be in control of everything I think the Lord will just allow them to continue until they come to a point when all they have left to do is look up. Self sufficiency is a dangerous word.

  14. bill34sl says:

    Pooh, yes, exactly what happened to me although no one else saw it. That’s why I believe God is still very much in power to heal in this modern cyber world. I have nothing against modern medicine. It has its place under the sun. Luke was a physician or maybe a doctor by today’s standards. But for those who choose to be healed by our Lord God, if we know some, let’s pray for them.

  15. poohpity says:

    I will pray for them to be guided by our Lord to do His Will even if it means using those who have the gift of healing like our doctors. God uses lots of people to accomplish His Will as long as we recognize who the source is and who gets all the Glory. :-)

  16. lovely says:

    coming from a land of our “cousins” i have to agree with the safe words in a dangerous place.
    and some people who are reading this site may not have a bible because there are many hearts that are searching while being cautious of who is watching over their shoulders. Many times we are not allow to preach but we can only show Jesus in our lives. so Rocky, Gary, Steve you can be a blessing when you share God’s word and your experience and i believe we can’t share unless we ourselves have experience God’s love, peace and safety
    1 John 3:18
    Dear children, let us not love with words or
    speech but with actions and in truth.
    1 John 4:7
    [ God’s Love and Ours ] Dear friends,
    let us love one another, for love comes from God.
    Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

  17. SFDBWV says:

    Mart’s last comments in the opening topic were not present when I answered yesterday morning. As I read them this morning I was reminded of a quote from Matthew 10: 28.

    Obviously living where I do I watch the “Weather Channel” in order to try and get a fix on what to expect in the coming hours or days from the weather.

    One of the things I have learned that in this earth there is no “safe place”. Floods, tornados, wild fires, brutal cold and searing heat, even volcanic eruptions, earth quakes and tidal waves, there is no place where one is completely safe from the elements of this world.

    In the passage of scripture found in Matthew 10: 28, in fact the entire message of Matthew 10: 16 -39 speaks directly to the last few topics including this one.

    Jesus says to beware of men because they will hand you over to the *authorities* all because of what we say concerning Jesus of Nazareth, but to use the opportunity to be a witness for Christ; that you will be persecuted, but also empowered by God to say and do exactly what God requires of you. “He that endures to the end will be saved.” Saved from what? Calamity, disaster, troubles, heartache, heartbreak, death? No saved eternally because in this world there is no safe place, our safety is found in Christ alone in a bigger and permanent rescue from an eternal destruction we can only partially envision.

    The only safe words are words spoken today in order to fit into the accepted religious or political views of those who hold influence or power over us, it is especially a dangerous place if you find yourself in an Islamic land among Islamic leaders today. Either you speak safe words in order to keep yourself from harm, or speak the truth and face the danger of torture and death.

    Different only from a death sentence in the western world, if we say only what is politically correct and or what religion wants for us to say, we are safe from ridicule and banishment from our peers, but when we speak the truth you will find there is no safe place to be except alone with Christ.

    Choosing Jesus of Nazareth as being the Christ, the Son of God and God in the flesh is not for the cowardly or weak among us, this decision takes courage and commitment that is to last us a lifetime, but benefit us eternally.


  18. narrowpathseeker says:

    Amen! Steve that was an incredible message.

  19. oneg2dblu says:

    Good morning all… we all know we live in a dangerous world, and that world brings with it the reality of many dangerous words. There is for us, only one safe haven, one stronghold, one anchor, one rock. We build our safe place upon that rock; it becomes our anchor, our stronghold and our safe haven in this dangerous world where no man finds true lasting inner peace, unless he abides in the Lord. Praise God we have been given enough faith to continue to believe in Him.
    We have that provision, that possession, that amount of faith given by Our Heavenly Father through his Son, and through His Son do we possess this Holy Spirit, Our Helper, and this Blessed Hope of Eternity.
    Like the verses Steve has just shared, they say we must also do our part. We must endure to the end, and we must never deny Christ, or He will deny us. Those two conditional elements, one about enduring, the other about our not denying, I mentioned here for a reason, as they seem to me to be conditional.
    Whenever I read those conditions, from those very passages and many others, I know I have “not yet attained” that awaited condition of the salvation Christ was speaking about through Matthew 10:16-39.
    Others read it differently for themselves, but I read the actual words, as being dangerous words if taken lightly because they speak about a safe place not yet acquired until we reach the end. To me, the end is the end. But, I am legalistic in my thinking, so bare that in mind when you consider this issue for yourself.
    Should we lie, and also deny Him? Should we be politically correct to be accepted in this dangerous world, or do we endure to the end for Him?
    For each of us as we find we are in Him,we also find in Him our peace in a dangerous world that does not know His Peace. Just as we are all found to be at peace in our beliefs on salvation, are we also at peace in this dangerous world. I do not have the verse handy, but I do have these words that ring in my ears right now… “My peace I bring to you not as the world brings…” Gary

  20. poohpity says:

    Those words of Jesus found in John 15 sound very dangerous when one considers that one can be cut off for not bearing fruit and maybe to some even pruning can sound dangerous but is that what it takes to remain in the safety of the vine. I think that only by worshiping God above all else and remaining in that vine can the fruit that is produced be of any use.

    Have you ever seen those ornamental orange trees they look so good yet go and try to eat the fruit, man o man talk about sour. Yet apart from the vine that will be how our fruit is and I know for myself I do not want to get loped off and frankly I do not look forward to getting pruned either but daily or even hourly living in vital union with our Lord and putting Him first in our lives it is not so hard or dangerous because God is gentle with us.

    On the other hand have you ever watched a person who grows grapes for wine how gently they go through the vineyard and cut away things that will soak up the nutrients from the grapes, that is how I look at how God prunes us. The grapes are safe in the vine dressers hands.

  21. poohpity says:

    I was also considering the journey in the wilderness during the exodus from Egypt although it seemed dangerous how the Lord dealt with those who grumbled and complained about the giants and the walled cities in the promised land but there were the 2 who looked at those giants and walled cities in lieu of who God is not their own strength. Those who followed the ones who were scared were denied entry but those who trusted in the Lord were allowed to enter. Take the land, were dangerous words to go into a safe place but trusting in the Lord to go before them and help them is where their safe words to for dangerous places.

  22. foreverblessed says:

    The dressers Hand, is God through Jesus, that’s so important that we get to know Jesus better and better, because to any human it would be dangerous to give ourselves in the way Jesus asks us willingly follow Him.
    But Jesus is gentle, and gracious,
    This past year we have been singing a Requiem, and there are parts which are very difficult, as if you can see the flames of hell coming and then you ask: Libera me, free me. I have not been raised in the cathlic faith, so I didn’t know about lyrics of a Requiem. Jesus portrayed as the judge at the last Day. But also as the Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, donna eis requiem. the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world, give unto them rest.
    I have been looking into the lyrics, but nowhere is made the connection between faith in Jesus and His blood that cleanses us from all sin. It sounds more like begging for mercy.
    While I am thinking we are safe from hell fire, we have been cleansed by the blood of Christ, because of our faith in Him. No worry, we are safe. Safe words.
    I like this example of Jesus that it is day by day, today we are walking with Him so everything is well with my soul. He takes care of me, all things are arranged by Him, everybody who we come into contact with is arranged by Him. He is the architect, the guide of our lives. What a relief, and how this thought I easily forget, and take everything on my own shoulders, carrying it alone, instead of taking my load to Jesus, and let Him carry it, and I walk behind Him.
    He walks through dangerous fields with me, and I follow.

    BUt the last sentence of Mart dangerous words for a safe place or safe words for a dangerous place,
    that is a mind twister, to me both would sound OK, are they?

  23. yooperjack says:

    When one reaches the point in life as I wrote in my first post 1 Timothy 6:6 sin consciousness will almost be nonexistence in your mind and life. Read Hebrews 10: 1-4. Are we under the *Law* or under *Grace*? Don’t say I’m saved by grace and continue to live, speak and write as if under the law. That is hypocrisy.

    Not just a thought but reality, not harsh words but words of wisdom.

  24. Rocky says:

    Good word yooperjack.

    bill34sl & poohpity, I don’t know where I read it but I remember reading that miracles were meant primarily for non believers, so that their faith would grow. Since God is a Sovereign God, He can heal whom ever and when ever He desires.

    When I was born I was born crippled, at age ten I was suppose to have an operation that would not make me better, but I was going to have to wear braces for the rest of my life, God healed me. Today I still have the shoes that I was wearing the night I was healed along with a pair of shoes that stayed at home that night, God also healed my shoes, and it’s very noticeable.

    Like Elijah, who was able to call fire from heaven found himself depressed one miracle is not always enough to keep our faith active and growing, that’s why I believe that God is still doing miracles today.


  25. Bob in Cornwall England says:

    Been Quiet on this one for no particular reason, but just want to say something personal about how important this blog is and how important you all are.

    I have just sat down this morning and finished paying the monthly rent for February and trying to work out next months expenditure. As usual the incoming funds fall short of the outgoings and even then there is no guarantee of the money coming in.
    Started reading from from where I left off yesterday which was with bill34sl @ 5:50pm on the 5th all about daily faith and trusting Jesus for our food and even taxes. Also he spoke of trusting for healing etc.

    Having just prayed and placed my finaces into His hands (again) This comment from Bill was as if Jesus was answering me directly and almost instantly with words of comfort and reassurance.

    This made me realise how important the words spoken/written here are to people all around the world and how we should not neglect the prompting of the Holy Spirit when we comment here.
    Sometimes the words may not seem relevant or “off topic” but they may just be, as with me today, the answer to someone’s prayers.

    I am begining to understand where you are coming from with regard to your “legalistic” attitude.
    “If you love me keep my commands”
    The trick is not to let the fact we often fail destroy the peace that Jesus gives us in the sure salvation we have in Him.


  26. poohpity says:

    I think that over the last few topics, I could be wrong, we have been discussing who takes first place in or lives and Jack although hypocrisy is a dangerous word it does cause us to really look at what and who has taken first place in our lives. If we really take an honest look there are many things that we graft into our relationship with the Lord yet He shows us an abundant amount of grace and mercy.

    When we talked about religion, the law, our families, self reliance, worry, jobs, finances and the endless list of other things having first place in our lives but when looking at the dangers of putting those things above God and our faith in Him then we have taken a different meaning to safe places and safe words. When we truly ask God to show us what is first in our lives I think many of us will be floored at what that may look like. Will we be cut off because of those things that have taken first place over God not if we look at the dangerous words as warnings and run to that safe place and admit those things have taken a priority in our lives and ask God to help us see the truth and then accept His mercy.

    Dangerous words can be warnings to help us see the light and not remain in the dark about our innermost thoughts, desires, and motives only when something is brought to light can it be dealt with. That does not mean to shame anyone but to admit to truth then God will work with us towards transforming our lives. If we do not have an honest estimate of ourselves and who is first in our lives than things will remain unchanged and the idols of religion, families, jobs, and the rest will continue to hold us captive and God will stay in second or third or fourth place in our lives.

  27. yooperjack says:

    Poohpity: Well said. It takes much pruning in our lives to get to 1 Timothy 6:6. Some times their is not much left to look at but come spring that branch bloosoms and come fall there is much fruit to harvest. Praise God He is an awsome God.

  28. oneg2dblu says:

    yooperjack… I do not believe one can fully know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, spend any real time with the Word of God and not have a very conscious understanding or awareness of sin. Nor do I beleive one should live as if there are no law. “I am the Lord your God and you shall have no other gods before me.” That means to me, that God has clearly laid down His Law and we had better take notice! Let us not confuse our salvation with how God wants us to live. There is no hipocracy is right living, nor is there any law against it. But, we all have our own views. Gary

  29. oneg2dblu says:

    It is so very simple… Obey God, and leave all the Consequences to Him. Living without the restraint of
    God’s Law is a place I do not want to go, but this dangerous world who knows him not, certainly does! When I fail, and I do, I repent and move on.
    I do not let sin go “unnoticed” as if God had never given us knowledge of it, all throughout His Word for a reason. Gary

  30. oneg2dblu says:

    pooh, you gave us all two really good examples, of what we graft into our lives and our religions, and how we get pruned whenever we take things back to the source, our first love! Good stuff! Gary

  31. remarutho says:

    Hello Mart & Friends –

    In the struggles and dangers of life in this world, what I am getting from your post Mart, after these days of sitting with your words, is the foundation of the Scriptures for the world-view you describe. Giving our full attention to Jesus at those crisis moments does appear to the worldly-minded to be like “jumping out of the tenth story.” Perhaps unreasonable or foolish – but attention to Christ is deliverance from circumstances arranged by the enemy.

    We experience the Rock upon which we build our life by reflecting and recollecting the Word that God has given us through these inspired authors through the centuries – The Holy Bible. It seems to me Bible study in fellowship with others we trust is the way we learn to hear, understand and act on God’s word when the going gets rough. It tunes our soul and our mind to the safe channel in the midst of dangers.


  32. oneg2dblu says:

    Bob, good to hear from you. I never let my failure keep me away from returning to Him, and asking for His forgiveness. My salvation is a place of great comfort, but my fasilures are not! So I bring them out into the light, confess them to him who already knows about them all before I ask, and I ask His Forgiveness, not to maintain my salvation through some works, they are rags, but to maintain my ongoing relationship of accountablitiy to my First Love. Gary

  33. yooperjack says:

    Gary: Did you read 2 Peter 1:1-10 and 1 Timothy 6:11. These virtues are what we need to dwell on to have joy and contentment in our hearts. Sin to a believer is of the old man and he is long gone and dead. Let those sinners that moch our Lord deal with the law for it will be their condemenation at the judgement.

  34. poohpity says:

    Some dangerous words are “If you cling to your life, you will lose it;” (following rules, religion, worries, self importance, family) but if you give it up for me (Jesus), you will save it. Matthew 10:39 NLT That is counting the cost of following Jesus like jumping off a ten story building.

  35. poohpity says:

    Did any of hear what the President said at the prayer luncheon about to who much is given much is required and how he applied that to taxing the rich. Yet it does not seem that anyone who held a place in the Christian community addressed that it was taken out of context and used to promote the presidents agenda. When people are not familiar with the Bible would that also not be dangerous words when used to misrepresent that safe place? Just wondering!

  36. bratimus says:


    I never read in Jesus teachings that we are rule a nation with them.

    I read in Jesus teaching that we r to rule ourselves or oneselve with them.

    We have to wait for the rule of Jesus over nations, until his return.

    Obama with that address align himself with the Pharisees with his statement. Turning Jesus teaching into law over salvation.

    This is how Jesus teaching is made into religion when men/women justify there own agendas through the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God.

  37. yooperjack says:

    Let us not get into politics, that is another of my favorite games to hate.

    Many people use the Bible to puff up their agenda.

  38. poohpity says:

    Forgive me for bringing that up it was not the right thing to do. I was feeling upset about it and it would have been better just to take it to the Lord.

  39. Regina says:

    Good Evening All,

    I’ve been away for awhile…busy with the cares and issues of this life, and can hardly wait until we no longer have to place the bulk of our energy on the mundane. Thankful, though, that some one taught me to do all that I do as unto the LORD (Col. 3:17). You’ve been in my thoughts, bta friends, and I hope all is well with you all.

    Mart asked, “So what do we have– “dangerous words for a safe place” or “safe words for a dangerous place”? All depends on how you look at it doesn’t it…

    I think we have *oh so safe* words for a dangerous place. I could support my opinion with scripture, but, to make a long comment short, I’ll just say if it had not been for the LORD on my side, the trials and adversity of this life would have swallowed me up a long time ago. I’m so grateful to God for his Word (the Bible), for caring about me; for His provision and protection.

    Love to all…

  40. bratimus says:

    To speak out against Jesus words being used wrong isn’t politics. If we cower in the face of politics, what good are we. The national prayer breakfast gets national and worldwide coverage. So don’t christians have to speak out against such misusage of the words of God where ever they can for the same worldwide coverage.

    Part of the battle is against religion and politics in the misusage of the Word of God.

    satan is going to use politics and religion to trap people into its service. If we are unwilling to tread or talk about such subjects then we have already lost. Hate to say it but politics is a big part of everyones life if they want it to be or not.

  41. yooperjack says:

    Politics isn’t worth my time. I’m going to bed. LOL

  42. davids says:

    Bratimus, it may be that politics is a big part of everyone’s life, but it is against the guidelines, and not why I come here. I don’t wish to have a political discussion here until November.

    Kindly, David

  43. poohpity says:

    What I said wasn’t really a political statement as much as it was an abuse of the Word of God and how many use their ignorance of God’s Word to prove their points by taking it out of context. If we are not on our toes and have the foundation of God’s word in our minds, soul and hearts not many will ever really pay attention when it is abused because they do not know what God’s Word says in it’s entirety. It was knowing the safe place because we will face dangerous situations and the only weapon we have in our spiritual armor is the Word of God (Sword of Truth).

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