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Getting Attention

1st Century Jewish Tomb

Is there anything that followers of Christ can do to get the attention of those who dismiss them as uneducated and backward?

Our Lord had a reputation of being “unschooled”. He drew crowds of people by healing them of all kinds of diseases  (Matt 4:24) (John 7:15).

At one point he sent his apostles out with the same power over sickness and demons (Matt 10:1)

After he was gone, his disciples continued to do powerful things in his name, even if less often. In one instance, Peter and John got the attention of Jerusalem’s temple worshipers and leaders by healing a well known beggar who had been lame from birth (Acts 3:1-10).

As a result of such miracles the numbers of Jewish people who believed in Jesus quickly grew to 5000 (Acts 4:4).

Religious leaders didn’t know what to do. They were afraid that if they didn’t act quickly, all Jerusalem would soon believe in the One whose life they had traded for a murderer (Acts 3:13-14) (Acts 4:16-17). Their concerns echoed the alarm they had felt after hearing reports of Jesus’ own miracles, including the resurrection of his friend Lazarus (John 12:9-11).

The miracle that Peter and John did at the gate called “Beautiful” followed a pattern. Once again, “uneducated men”, who were known to have spent time with Jesus (Acts 4:13),  used something supernatural to get the attention of those who needed to take another look at their only hope of salvation (Acts 4:12).

So 2000 years later what can we do to get the attention of our generation?

Does it work to claim healings without proof;  identify with a political party; advocate for the laws of the Bible; criticize other religions; boycott industries or non-profits that act contrary to our beliefs; or resist governments that we don’t agree with?

Any opinions about what it might take to help our generation take another look not at us, but at the only one who can give anyone something worth living and dying for?

Paul wrote a letter to Timothy about praying for conditions to live “a quiet life.” Is the new norm–to escape notice by living under the radar (1Tim 2:1-4)?




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61 Responses to “Getting Attention”

  1. pegramsdell says:

    Good morning Mart. I am praying for a special supernatural healing, from Our Father and Jesus and The Holy Spirit, for you and all who post here. And I have a few things to say about this post because It touched my heart.

    Jesus loved His Father to the exclusion of everything else. He only did what His Father told Him to do. We don’t do that. We do what we want and when everything goes wrong we say: “God, fix it”…….We are lukewarm most of the time. We don’t want to listen, care, help or possibly get into confrontation. We get argumentitive instead of loving and gentle. We don’t pray enough for our enemies and we don’t take authority over the power of the enemy, which we have given him to begin with by being wishy washy.

    Just last night we discussed this at Church. Weird how what we talk about in Church is talked about here the next day. I love that. I think we can live a quiet life, but also be prepared to go to battle if need be.

    God says in the bible: If we lift Jesus up, HE will draw all men unto Himself. The Holy Spirit will do it. All we have to do if lift Him up and acknowledge Him and what He did for us. Then our generation will be saved, because they will know that He is worth living and dying for.

    Thanks for this post and the chance to say what’s on my heart. Praying for (shalom) peace for you all.

  • poohpity says:

    My hunch is that through every generation the same things that drew people to Jesus will be the same things that has always drawn people to Jesus.

    The new generation with all their social media and access to all kinds of knowledge still respond to love, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness and patience. They are very quick to see hypocrisy, anger by boycotting, rules that do not work, and all the other things that the older generation try and shove down their throats. This new generation has been taught differently than do as I say just because I say it. Some are taught to think for them selves and allowed to express their opinions rather than just because my parents did it. Thank God!!