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Knowing God

One of the most eloquent and inspiring quotes of the Bible comes out of the mouth of a grieving prophet. Speaking in behalf of the God of Israel, Jeremiah says, This is what the Lord says: “Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, or the strong man boast of his strength, or the […]

In the Dawn’s Early Light

The conversation around the last post was good. It is so important for us to be reminded that in so many ways we are neither alone, nor alike, in our struggles. My guess was that on the question of what makes a good day, we would weigh in somewhere between the thoughts that we have […]

What’s a Good Day?

Wonder how many times we’ve said to someone, “Have a good day”, or asked, “What kind of a day did you have”; or “How’s you’re day going?” Also wondering how our  take would look 100 years from now on any given day we’d been given the privilege of living. Just for kicks, was listening to […]

What’s Not to Like Here?

Have you ever noticed that some of us seem to have a  low and suspicious view of human nature, while others find something to like and love in everyone? Jesus seemed to do both. Sometimes he’d call those who came to hear him evil people who knew how to do good things  (Matt 7:11).  Or […]

Day of Madness and Upsets

The news for those following the March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament is that 10 or 15 years from now some will still be talking about Friday, March 16, 2012 as a day in which the “15s” pulled off some of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history. Missouri was crushed by 15th ranked Norfolk State; […]

Lord of the Seasons

Foreseeing the end of the age, the prophet Daniel has a vision of a king who, while speaking arrogantly against the most High, tries to change the laws and seasons of God (Dan 7:25). The character and ways of this rebel leader are in direct defiance of the One of whom Daniel earlier says, “He […]

Sticky Music

A science reporter for Public Radio International recently became interested in how many of us experience songs that suddenly pop into our heads and then play over and over until we wish we could get them out of our minds. We’ve talked  here before about why we sometimes wake up with a song running through […]

The Random Dance of Evil

As the suffering deepens in the Bama Amr district of Homs, Syria, waves of violent pre-spring storms have caused at least 27 deaths in several US states, with many injuries, whole communities devastated, thousands homeless, and countless traumatized. While most people in the Middle East and US Mid West will enjoy a normal weekend, an […]

The Tree of Life

A recent motion picture begins with powerful images from the Hubble telescope and the whispered question, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? . . . When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” (Job 38:4,7). As a film, The Tree of Life (written […]

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