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How Could a Good God Allow This?

In a world as messed up as our own, there are many reasons to ask how a good God could allow this? And why?

Long ago, a grieving, angry man found himself tormented by such questions as his friends accused him of hiding the scandal that would explain why he was suffering more than they were. The only answer Job got was to hear God ask him more questions about the untold story of creation.

Today many of us all over the world are wondering why a good God would allow some to suffer more than others. More than a few of us have taken up the cause of those who have experienced such unfairness, to explain our own lack of faith.

This week and weekend we will get another reason to ask the same questions.

This time there is reason to believe that heaven’s response will not just be to ask more questions about the untold story of creation. This time, for those who have never heard, the needed answer will be why the Father of heaven allowed such a beautiful beginning to come to such a terrible end.

And for those of us who have heard the answer only to reject, ignore, or forget it, the question is more likely to be, how could we distrust a Creator who loves us enough to endure this for those who don’t even like or trust him?  And why?

While many lesser answers remain unknown, the questions could become very personal for those of us who pause long enough to wonder why our every waking moment isn’t spent thinking about what this Son suffered, and why.

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37 Responses to “How Could a Good God Allow This?”

  1. rescued says:

    You would agree also that I have had had more than my fair share of trials. Were we praying God’s will in our lives, comforming to His likeness, before trouble fell? Dare we question God when it’s our path we chose that ended in disaster? You can apply this on everything to praying God’s will before conception to the last breath. He walks the extra mile for us. He not only provides a covering grace for our choices, He provides comfort for our grief, growing knowledge as we search Him when we are broken. And yet another gift: An ever present joy as you’ve grown at trials end.
    Adam and Eve made the first bad choice. God fashioned a garment to cover them and they walked on. God fashioned a covering of our sins and named Him Jesus. We must pick up our mat and walk on. Lastly, if you were seeking God’s will and your life was in line with Him, remember John the Baptist.
    Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. James 1: 2-4

  2. SFDBWV says:


    Why was it that Mary could not recognize Jesus after the resurrection (John 20: 14-18)?
    Why did Jesus still have the wounds to His body after the resurrection (John 20: 27)?
    Why is it that when John is allowed to peer into the scenes of the last day Jesus is still shown as the wounded Lamb (Revelation 5: 6), after being shown differently in the midst of the seven candle sticks (Revelation 1: 11-20)?

    From these few questions I ask, in the asking there is no doubt shown in the fact of the resurrection only details to yet be uncovered. Yet some doubted even after seeing Him (Matthew 28: 17) and being with Him. Is it any different today?

    Why does God still allow evil to have its way over good Christian believers, yet we read that Jesus has *all* power in heaven and earth (Matthew 28: 18)?

    As for the question as to why did God allow the crucifixion? I am come to believe it was always His plan to do so (Luke 24: 26) (Luke 24: 46).

    So in asking these few questions I myself have ask, it becomes apparent that God has a plan and we aren’t always in on it, but are ask of God to trust Him, especially when we don’t have all the answers. After all aren’t we sheep that follow the leader?


  3. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart & Friends –

    We are re-membering the week that was. The week is not necessarily to be “lived over and over again,” but rather to be applied. The shocking truth of this historic moment impacts my life – impacts the life of the body of Christ – and of the peoples of the earth. In the context of the world of this Arab sitting on a pile of his belongings, perhaps having to sell, or relocate, or mourn the loss of his children – when and where do I share my hope in my crucified Savior? Shall I disdain him? Can I find out his needs? — his fears? — his struggles?

    I imagine the apostle Paul is weeping much like the prophet Jeremiah when he tells the church at Corinth: “…brothers and sisters, I could not speak to you as spiritual people, but rather as people of the flesh, as infants in Christ.” (1 Corinthians 3:1) He speaks to us when we drive over the radical implications of the gospel scandal – and then back over it again, never applying its implications to our own habits, actions and behavior in the world. (1 Corinthians 3:2, 3, 4)


  4. yooperjack says:

    Mart: The short answer to “why, is, why not” I already gave the long answer in past topics.

    Steve: Why where there only women at the crucifixion yet in most cases they are kept out of the ministry? “Oh, we can’t have those frail woman teaching macho men?” Maybe the Church wouldn’t be in such a mess if women where in charge. And don’t anyone give me a bunch of verses, I read them all and will stand by them but have to ask “Why” If woman can carry these men for 9 month, nurse these men and change their dirty dippers why can’t they teach them in the Church? I think its fear that men have of loosing control. The men in long robes and funny hats will have none of that. Poooooor babies! LOL

    Have you notices it’s the same in all “Religions”.

  5. infiniti07 says:

    When we consider our circumstances in the world we live in and we think about others who suffer more than we do and then we turn to God to ask
    Him why, this to me is the last vestige of pride in ourselves because in looking at the troubles and trials of others and including ourselves, we are still trying to take a position that only God can take. He has the answer to our questions and it is in Christ.

    God came to save us from sin as the Son of Man and not as the Son of God. We see that in his humanity, he identified with us and how we have no way of satisfying sin no matter what we did. Even if we somehow had the courage to face the penalty of sin, this could not satisfy a pure and holy God because when sin tarnished his creation of man Satan tried to take control over the throne of God by challenging His authority over fallen man. Only a sinless Christ can save humanity from sin.

    Of all the activities in life that I struggle with daily, none of them come close in importance to me and I fully realize that there is nothing expected of me to save myself from troubles and there is nothing expected of me that could earn or atone for sin other than Jesus Christ.

    This Easter, my prayer is that this period of remembrance takes on significance for all those around me who still do not know Christ and what He means to them. In prayer, the Lord is my strength and I need not be sanctimonius to anyone however I know that the Lord will hear my prayer for my family, friends and neighbors.

    God desires the hearts of each individual and if each person would take care of his/her relationship with the Lord, we would have all satisfied Him. Thanks to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith.

  6. SFDBWV says:

    Jackie in Revelation 2: 6 and in Revelation 2: 15 we see a strange word *Nicolatians*; a study of the three part word reveals much and is worth the study.

    In part it reads as follows; “that the bishops and prelates of the Church have gained a triumphal victory or conquest over the laity, until they have been compelled to submit to the arbitrary dominion of men which have become the thing which God hates *Lords over God’s heritage*.”

    We protestants have been raised up in most part with out the structure of a *hierarchy* in our churches. With the exception of Pastor, deacon, and maybe Bishop in some not all.

    So if you are like me something in my spirit is offended when I see these Christian men dress up in flamboyant attire and parade around in throngs of people as if presenting themselves as *special*. Even the title *Mother Superior* sounds a bit garish to me.

    However when you listen to these same people they say the right things and quote the same scripture as we.

    So I wonder if it isn’t my rebellious spirit that is offended rather than my sensibilities.

    So again I am forced to seek the Holy Spirit’s input into the mater, and then I read that God hates for the common believer to be conquered by a spirit of people who demand special treatment and position within His Church.

    Once again good people can set themselves apart from the things they don’t like about the structure of man’s worship practices, but it seems as if we can run but not hide from the same evils that have dirtied up every good thing in creation from it’s fall up to and including this present time, *human nature*.


  7. yooperjack says:

    Steve: I too may be a rebel as you say but I don’t want to see anyone put on a pedestal other than my Lord Jesus. I will not worship any other gods; men, women, animals or statues.

    I respect and admire other people accomplishments and gifts but will not envy or glorify them. And if I think their heads are getting too big I let them know, after all its people that made them the way they are in the first place.

    I wrote to our President and told him it’s time to take the training wheels off and start fixing and putting this country back together again. Like it was when President Clinton was in office. No wars, 5% unemployment, gas at $1.50 gallon (I thought that was too much) and a budget surplus.

    I’m not even going say how we got in this dirty little mess. -:( Here is a clue, $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  8. foreverblessed says:

    A few nights ago I went to the Mattheus Passion of Bach, 3 hours of being immersed in Matthew 26 and 27. The person that came with me had never heard any of his music, but found it very moving, to be so close on the subject for so long.
    But not on all the details of Jesus’ suffering, like as in the movie, Bach avoids that, but nevertheless the suffering of Jesus makes a deep impression. You come out being very very thankful Jesus did this for us.
    When I am alone at home and reading the same chapters, is different, like as if it does not settle in. I like this annual event, and with so much music.

  9. poohpity says:

    I do ponder why. Why, when I am like I am, did God give up His only Son for me? I do not understand why but I am so grateful that He did.

  10. poohpity says:

    If I have enough faith to say He is a good God then I do not need to ask why.

  11. yooperjack says:

    I would quess the first word out of my mouth was “NO” the second “WHY”? -:) I love it!

  12. kaliko88 says:

    I am reminded of a one-panel comic I once saw. One character was saying to the other, “Yea, I once thought of asking God why he allows so many bad things to happen, but then I became afraid He’d ask me the same thing.”

  13. poohpity says:

    Hey there kaliko88 it has been awhile hoping all is well.:-) An Amen to that statement!!

  14. SFDBWV says:

    Jesus gave us an example of the different human hearts; I use the word heart because I strain at what else it is that is at the core of who we are.

    In Matthew 13: 4-9 Jesus spoke of the parable of the sower and then in Matthew 13: 11-23 He explains it.

    There is an ability at the core of us all if we are willing to allow it, the Holy Spirit will give us that depth of soil necessary for His Word to grow in us. The only retardant to it is the human spirit.

    For some this depth of heart is what causes one to seek deeper and ask questions that might take them to a closer understanding and relationship with God. For others that have little or no depth of heart their ability to stay the course is diminished and interest will fade over time and still others are so chocked with other interests and matters that there is no room for spiritual matters so they spend no time cultivating the Word.

    I would say that devoid of the Holy Spirit there are the same various types of human hearts and each able or not to seek the deeper questions of life as well as those who could care less as long as they get their immediate needs taken care of.

    Even better yet is Jesus’ statement to all of us that we need to have that innocent faith of little children if we want to enter the Kingdom of God (Mark 10: 15). I believe the bumper sticker reads; “God said it I believe it.”

    So on the one hand we need that depth of heart in order to cultivate a rich harvest from His Word, and also have the simple faith to need go no further than just believing when those deeper questions have no easy answers.

    The event we celebrate was the greatest miracle ever recorded, because of it; I look for miracles every day.


  15. yooperjack says:

    The deeper the roots the taller the tree; after the storm blows and flood comes that old tree will still be standing tall. All others will be gone.

  16. poohpity says:

    Does questioning God show a heart that wants God to explain Himself to His very creation for the actions He takes? I am sure God knows the difference in a heart that asks God questions to know Him better or questioning God to give an explanation as to why He does things as He does. One shows trust and desire to have a clearer understanding the other shows a lack of trust and a lack of understanding of who God is. Asking God questions is different than questioning God and wanting Him to answer to us.

  17. poohpity says:

    I am totally sure that God can handle either and like Job hopefully we will cover our mouths in silence and say we have said to much already. Job 40:2,3,4 NLT

  18. poohpity says:

    Job 40:5 NLT That is exactly how I feel.

  19. yooperjack says:

    In the big picture God created everything that is. If something that He created goes haywire don’t we have the right to know *WHY* and *HOW* it went haywire so we can fix it? If we don’t know how it works we can’t fix it.

    Why are micro biologist studying cells, bacterium and genes; if they know how they work they can fix them and recognize good cells from bad cells. Is this not asking why and how?

    Are doctors playing God when they give us medication or operate on us? Maybe we’re not supposed to be healed with medications; maybe it’s Gods job to heal us supernaturally or did He give us the medical knowledge? Maybe we’re living too long and over populating His world? Many, many people are suffering because we are keeping them alive with medications. Is this God’s will?

    Maybe we we’re meant to produce more babies and not live so long like it was in the old days. Did we screw Gods plans up?

    Want to go deeper? There are many things gone haywire in His creation that we can question? Nah! That’s enough for today. LOL

    Having fun yet? Just a thought.

  20. poohpity says:

    Yes there are many things in creation that go haywire but can we accept the blame for it? Was it God’s fault human beings made the choice to want things their own way or to be like God? Scientist seem to study things not only to fix things but to duplicate creation and try and figure it out. If we (humanity) had not made the choices we have then there would be nothing broken to fix, the way I understand it, just as it will be in the New Jerusalem.

    That is the biggest problem Jack is the thought that we are able to fix what is broken and even to call things broken that may not be rather than trusting in our God to fix what He created because He is the only one who knows the inner workings of all that He made and therefore has the ability to make it new. Yes He has given the abilities to doctors for temporary fixes but nothing that will last.

    There is no doctor anywhere that has been able to restore anything as it was before it was broken, sick or even injured, even medication has side effects. Want to go deeper? Jesus however restored even sickness, deformity, possession and alienation back to it’s original state no doctor has ever been able to accomplish that!

    If we believe that God is all knowing (Omniscient) then He knew we would screw things up, if we believe that God is everywhere (Omnipresent) then we believe He sees it all before, during and after we do things and if we believe he has all the power and authority (Omnipotent) then He can fix it.

  21. yooperjack says:

    I always say: “Doctors put us back together, prayer to God does the healing” when a doctor says he can’t believe how quickly they were healing.

    I almost hate to say it but sense you asked: “Who gave us choice”?

    We don’t want to go there do we?

  22. poohpity says:

    Our loving God gave us choice because He is not a dictator or the puppet master. It would not be love if we had no choice. Jesus had the choice to go to the Cross or not. Why don’t we go there.

    I for one do not feel God was wrong for giving us choice as you do Jack, I do not feel God is wrong in any of His decisions or I would not trust in Him. It was the most loving thing He did to me just as we have a choice to chose Him over the alternative.

  23. oneg2dblu says:

    God gave me the faith to believe He is in control, control of the good the bad and the ugly, and there is nothing we can do about the ugly, but we can choose to be good or bad. :)

  24. yooperjack says:

    Are you sure about you statement Gary, you said a mouth full.

    Poohpity: Ok!

  25. yooperjack says:

    Poohpity: I said: “We don’t want to go there because I don’t want to repeat what we covered many topics ago.” Remember? The game with Adam, between God and Satan?

  26. SFDBWV says:

    Today unquestionably is the worst day that Jesus spent on earth, here He is the King of Kings the Lord of Lords and the Creator of all things that exist and we remember that on this day He was whipped, beaten and nailed to a wooden cross and left to suffocate slowly to death.

    Even though I have heard many say that God the Father abandoned Him, I have always disagreed, I believe that even in the suffering He was enduring He was pointing to the answer many were asking, “How could a good God allow this”. (Psalms 22: 1)

    Many of us also have dark days like today when we ask why God would allow us to suffer and have we been abandoned by Him to the world.

    The answer is always the same and just like Jesus did we are pointed to the Word of God because there is the answer to our question, and to whom we have placed our trust.


  27. tracey5tgbtg says:

    Why does God allow suffering? Maybe because suffering doesn’t separate us from God. Our sins are what separate us from God.

    Jesus did not come to earth to save us from suffering, hardship, poverty, pain, hunger etc. He came to save us from our sins. Matthew 1:21

    Has luxury, comfort, pleasure, money, success or any other trappings of this world ever brought anyone closer to God? Deuteronomy 8:12, 13, 14. Luke 16:19

    Those who are close to God can undergo physical pain, setbacks, loss etc. and experience the peace of God and grow closer spiritually to Him. 2 Corinthians 4:16

    Those who have everything they want and need, good health, good looks etc, can still be living in hell in their hearts because they do not have the peace of God. Philippians 4:4-7

    Suffering and calamity have a way of drawing people closer to God because they have no where else to turn. The light shines brightest in the darkness.

    As Steve said, today we remember Jesus suffering and dying on the cross. He went through the punishment that man deserves for turning away from God. He paid the price. We have been redeemed by the blood that He shed. By His stripes we are healed. Let me remember every day and not just today.

  28. yooperjack says:

    This is my last post I have a demon in my old computer that is freezing it up four times a day so I’
    m dumping the internet.-:( It was fun talking to you see you all on the other side.-:) God bless all of you.-:)

  29. oneg2dblu says:

    Greetings to all… today is the first day of the three days that changed the world forever. Today a Saviour allowed himself to save us through the sacrifice of his earthly life for our eternal one.
    Sin does separate us, repentance brings us back into right relationship, and through Christ that relationship is both complete and eternal. May you all be blessed throughout this Holy Week with a renewed awareness of what these three days bought and broughinto
    our lives and the rest of the world who will Believe and Obey. Gary

  30. oneg2dblu says:

    jackie… now it sounds like you are experiencing some of the ugly demon yourself. The choices you make now will either cause him to flee or remain, but the choice is always yours to make. Choose well, and return to us soon. Happy Easter! :)

  31. poohpity says:

    At first when I heard the term “Good Friday” my human reasoning thought how can we say something is good when a perfect man suffered worse than a criminals death (1 Peter 2:22). Before the trip to the Cross the beating He withstood left His body unrecognizable as human flesh (John 19:1), how can this be good? His closet friends left Him (Matt 26:56). How can this be good?

    Then I understood just as God created everything and even man with the foreknowledge that humankind would do what it would do said Genesis 1:31. So if someone giving their life as a ransom for many (Matt 20:28; Mark 10:45; Heb 9:15) suffered separation from God while He carried our sins on His back (Matt27:46) yet obeyed everyone of God’s commandments John 15:10 just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love and this was God’s will for Him to do then it was a Good Friday. Caiaphas had no idea when he said “that one should die for the many” John 18:14 really was as far reaching as it was.

    If this was the will of a Good God (Matthew 26:42) then it is a Good Friday even though to us it seems horrible but His ways are far above ours (Isaiah 55:8-9).

  32. prayforme says:

    This is my first post. I have been reading Beenthinking.org on and off since it started few years back. At that time I was struggling with all kinds of problems and was going through depression. But Poohpity’s comment helped me alot and my faith in Jesus has now brought me joy. I now have learn about what has eternal values and many things that arent important at all. Thanks RBC and everyone who posts here.

  33. poohpity says:

    Thank you prayforme. I pray that your joy will continue to grow as you seek to know our Lord and Savior while learning about those things that have eternal value.:-)

  34. camellia says:

    Dear Mart De Haan
    I love to read your blog. You are really wise and a true Christian. But I have a problem with the format of your blog. The back ground is very dark and it bothers my eyes. Is it possible to change it to white or a bright color? It would be great to read your wonderful articles without trouble for eyes.

  35. camellia says:

    It is a wrong conception that God allows suffering. Suffering is the result of human actions. Either it is the result of our own mistakes and sins, or of the others. God has given us freedom to make choices and this freedom bears sometimes terrible consequences.
    But I believe that whatever suffering we may face in this life can be endured if we have faith in God. As Job said, why we accept good things from God but we resent him when we suffer.

  36. poohpity says:

    camellia, have you read Isaiah 45:7 NLT and as you quoted Job 2:10 NLT. God allowed satan to sift Job (Job 1:12,13; Job 2:4,5) and Peter (Luke 22:31) both seem to say that God allows suffering however I agree with you that God does not make it happen we have by our desires to be god like and in control. If we believe that everything comes through God’s hands before it gets to us then we would be admitting that God allows suffering however that does not mean that He makes it happen. Just a thought. God allowed and even preordained the suffering that Jesus went through before and during the Cross but it was not for nothing it has purpose. By not stopping something do you think that would be allowing it?

  37. northseeker says:

    God allows free choice. We create our future and depending how much we allow God to enter our creations, the results are good or not so good. Stating or asking “why God allows this” is silly since man creatd this mess without much involvement from Him.

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