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How “Knowing God” Could Sound Proud

In our last post we looked at a number of questions that might be raised in response to the idea of “a personal relationship with God”. Your comments have been  good. So I’m taking a chance of wearing you out by repeating some of what you’ve said in my own take. But I’ll test your […]

What is a Personal Relationship With God?

While taking note of the trial of Anders Breivik, one of the issues that has come up is the fact that many people in Europe and America  identify themselves as Christians in a cultural sense, without meaning that they are claiming a personal relationship with God. As a friend of the blog clarified, many believe […]

Norway’s Trial of the Century

The Norway trial of Anders Breivik who has admitted to killing 77 people last July in a meticulously planned attack against immigration and multiculturalism deserves our attention. In Breivik’s widely distributed 2083 manifesto, discovered after the killings, he describes how carefully he planned and trained for the attacks.  According to court witnesses he says he […]

Our Response to Loss and Controversy

Thanks to all of you who have been willing to honestly think about what a follower of Christ brings to an issue as tragic as the death of Trayvon, and as controversial as the law’s reaction to George. In addition to appreciating so much of what you have already said, here’s where I am. Seems […]

Trayvon, George, and Us

What can followers of Christ bring to the death of a young teenager that has filled the public media with a mix of facts, allegations, and theories that have divided the public of the United States? What we know is that Trayvon Martin (17) is dead and George Zimmerman (28) is declaring that he is […]

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