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Being True to…

Conversation that brings us together around ideas........ that tend to divide us.

Thanks to those who waded into my last post with helpful concerns, questions, and observations.

Let me offer here a shorter take on what I’m asking you to test with me.

Once again, am starting with the assumption that the Scriptures are a God-breathed treasure written over a period of 1,500 years, by about 40 different authors…not to us… but  for us (Heb 1:1-2; 2Tim 3:16).

To move our conversation forward, what if, in reading the Story of our God, we focused a little less on trying to determine the truth of issues that are beyond our ability to handle,  while being more concerned about being true to what our God and Savior has clearly reveal about himself and people like us?

Also again, let’s stay with the Spirit’s use of Job as a subplot to the bigger story of Jesus. How much do you think might change for the better in us if, in our own circumstances, we focused on being true to what we know about our God and the needs of those around us– as Job was before his season of his testing. (See Job’s longing recall of days past in chapters 29-31. In the middle of his suffering he remembers days of blessing that enabled him to be eyes to the blind, strength for the weak, a provider for widows and orphans, and an advocate for those being falsely accused. He recalled a pact he had made with his eyes to be a respecter of women rather than a user of them).

Is it possible that praying to be true to what we are learning about our God could be more pleasing to our Father than dividing over which of us is getting the best scores on speaking with the eloquence of angels—or solving the mysteries of the Bible? (1Cor 13:1-3) Would a focus of wanting to align our hearts with the honesty, compassion, justice, mercy, kindness, patience, and goodness of our God move us toward Christ-centeredness/likeness?

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46 Responses to “Being True to…”

  1. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart & Friends –

    The sense of what many have said surrounding the previous post seems to be, in part, that ink on paper is a crucial guide to understanding and pleasing God. The Scriptures are a treasure lovingly preserved and handed down to our generation. But, the real action is in our souls and our spirits as we allow ourselves to be moved and transformed by God in Christ.

    The alignment you speak of, Mart:

    “Would a focus of wanting to align our hearts with the honesty, compassion, justice, mercy, kindness, patience, and goodness of our God move us toward Christ-centeredness/likeness?”

    …must come from continually seeking God’s companionship. It is active, not passive. It remains a question all our lives, it seems to me. It is never fully answered in the natural life we born into here on planet earth. The questions that were magnified to life and death proportions in Job’s suffering are the same questions we all face (or don’t face) day by day: Do you, saying you are God’s, walk by faith or by sight? Are you as faithful to God as he is to you?

    I ask for the BTA group’s prayers as I pack all my possessions (who knew there was so much?) to move about 1600 miles this month. It looks like an impossible task, but all things are possible with God, through prayer!


  2. fadingman says:

    It’s interested me that, to appearances, Job’s friends spoke true of God and Job didn’t. It’s real easy to agree with the friends’ statements such as “they that plow iniquity, and sow trouble, reap the same” (Job 4:8), and condemn Job’s brash complaints against God.

    Any yet God said it was Job who spoke right about Him while the three friends didn’t (Job 42:7). (Job was told to offer sacrifices for their sins, not the other way around.) The whole book needs to be read and understood in light of this verse.

    Job went above and beyond to help the needy and suffering. His friends intended to help Job, but instead they did everything they could to tear him down. This wasn’t their intent- they thought they were helping him towards repentance of some sin they saw (but God didn’t). Their pride got in the way.

    Job really did know God better. He knew it through doing the things God wanted him to do: showing compassion, seeking justice, etc. (Jeremiahs 22:16). It appears the friends ‘knew’ God only doctrinally.

  3. imhyz says:

    Good day..I can identify with your move Maru. Three months ago I moved almost that far to do what I believed was the leading of God. Leaving everything behind, doing contrary to what the “common” man or woman would do, to re-establish a severely damaged marriage. Why? Because of an oddly softened heart, and a hunger to do something in my wretched life that aligned with the word of GOD. After spending 5+ years searching GOD’s word on forgiveness, grace, mercy, and marriage…in its context…and with the help of men and women of GOD…I stepped into a world of uncertainty, persecution, rejection, in the name of forgiveness, grace and mercy. So, although there is a desire to align our hearts………….toward Chirist-centered/likeness…GOD may keep His companionship just beyond our fingertips so that we keep reaching toward HIM..for those of us who become easily complacent. I would be 100pounds heavier if I would only feed my hunger regularly instead of bemoaning my feeling of sitting at the table alone. KEEP REACHING FOR ‘THE BREAD’ !!!

    I M HYZ

  4. bubbles says:

    Keeping thoughts on what is true brings peace in troubles. KNOWING that God is perfect, KNOWING that He LOVES us and KNOWING that He does not make mistakes helps when we cannot see the forest for the trees. KNOWING He has a plan for us. . . KNOWING we CAN trust Him. And rembering when the “what ifs and what coulds” thoughts creep in to think on what is REAL, (and most worries are not real because they have not happened yet) true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and so on will help keep our minds.

  5. BruceC says:


    God bless you and be with you on your move!

    IMHO I think God is more interested in our hearts and how Christ-like that heart becomes than in how much Scripture we can recite and “defend”. Without His love and growing in His love; all else is empty. The more like Him then the more we understand the Word.
    The Pharisees knew the law inside out and look at how Christ chided them.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  6. oneg2dblu says:

    Good morning all… Where Job had a relationship with God his friends acted as if they had a relationship with him and knowledge of their religion or bible. So the calling upon each one would be different. Where Job was called to stay steadfast in his faith in God, and the others remained outside any personal godly relationship and stayed with the worldly one they had with Job. Their bible knowledge alone was no help to Job as they saw only the probabiitly of bad actions to be held accountable for his distress.
    Here’s another thought to throw in the works…
    Had Job chosen his friends because they lived in his world, or did he choose them because they were in like relationship with God?
    So, what we witness here is that Job’s accountability to his friends is one thing and to God another.
    Knowing God, and knowing his calling upon your life can be much different than having your friends call you to account.
    To me this whole story says, Be true to your calling above all else and God will find a way to bless you abundantly regardless of your current circumstances.
    No one avoids trials in this life, and any trial you encounter with God by your side are better than one held accountable without Him. Gary

  7. narrowpathseeker says:

    First of all, AMEN to ALL of the above posts. When I was earning a college degree with one of my adult children and frustrated by the unGodly principles being taught, I wrote a poem…Puppetized by the powers that be..assumming ourselves so brilliantly free. Programmed to think, to speak, to be still…believing we do it at our own will…learning, learning, from cradle to shawl…. the more I learn I know nothing at all…

    One time I included in an essay in a history class that I had come to believe that the Great Enlightenment was little more than a candlelight detour that has led us further into darkness.

    Sometimes I feel the same way about learning about God!! I often pray from Psalm 51…Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. I am painfully aware of STILL not being fully Christlike after all these years.. I have moments when I feel fully cleansed of all the ugliness of the world, but then I get busy with daily chores and my focus is shifted and I once again get full of myself. My memory is failing and I forget to stay focused on God and everything lovely, true, etc., even though I set out to do so. This goes on continuously with me…it is a daily battle which sometimes escalates so fiercely that I feel like I am doing battle with satan himself. So I am thinking that praying to be true to what we learn about God may need to be followed by keeping focused on Him.

  8. poohpity says:

    Have you ever been in church and heard the message and said, “Oh I wish so and so were here that would really apply to them”? Or while reading scripture something just pops out at you and so and so comes to mind so you just know that God gave that to you to give to someone else. I often wonder if we feel that God needs us to be a third person to others to hear His voice or could it be that God is so personal that if we ever considered if God wanted so and so to hear that message He would do everything in his power to speak to them directly and maybe the message this whole time was meant for the hearer not to be passed along.

    I do not think as I get up in the morning I pray, “Lord as I read your Word today speak to me so that I can pass the message along to so and so because they really need a Word from you” rather than “Lord speak to me through your Word today so I can become more like you”.

    When people are married, just as an example, the couple usually gets to know each other intimately. They find out their likes and dislikes, favorite foods, colors, poems, etc. and then very few go further as to find out when a situation comes up how they would handle it by knowing how they think, feel and their inner most thoughts and desires. Not to many bother to find out those really intimate thoughts and desires because they feel if my spouse knew I thought like that they may not accept me or if I do not think the way they do then there is going to be a argument and I do not want to cause any problems so I will just remain quite. Then there are those who know each other so well that they could finish each others sentences but don’t because they want them to be themselves. I think that is what happens when we learn about God just between the two of us.

    Job seemed to live a quite life minding his own business doing the things that came from the heart of God, feeding the hungry, taking care of orphans, defending the poor and providing for his family to just name a few. It does not say he went around finding fault in others, pointing fingers when someone did something wrong or even wanting others to look at his services and wanting to be commended. It was just between him and God. Job seemed to live for God in a vital union just as Jesus did.

    If we lived in a vital union with God and minding our own business just doing what has been set before us, I wonder if the characteristics of Christ-likeness would not be more evident. Just like tracey said in the last topic, “The words are meant to speak to and guide and convict the one who reads them. We rest on these words. But we can’t take these words to another individual and assume that they must follow what we have read”. That is absolutely minding our own business and I fully believe how much nicer our world would be if we lived that.

  9. poohpity says:

    We can get so consumed with getting others to live what we believe, that we do not live it ourselves.

  10. narrowpathseeker says:

    Yes,Pooh, I think that correlates with the inability to see our own flaws/sins quite as clearly as we see the flaws/sins in others. For me that happens when I take my focus off from God and subsequently put the endeavor to rise above MYSELF(empty myself) on the back burner. THEN I have the gall to point out, that very trangression in which I am engaged, in others…until the Holy Spirit convicts me and I turn back. Unfortunately, I am convicted several times a day, but on the bright side have learned of His Amazing Patience.

  11. BruceC says:


    Right on the money!! And all of us go there at times.
    Have met some that seem to always be saying “God told me to tell you” or “God said that this or that will happen to you”. Now: I will grant you that God does uses others to help us and guide us at times; but He is Father to ALL believers and as a great Father He knows each of us by name and how to get our attention. One of those “God told me” folks told my wife she was going to have a baby and when she miscarried that person also had the excuses on hand to dish out too.
    Your psot was excellent poohpity.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  12. poohpity says:

    “Our Daily Bread” for today also speaks volumes on this issue as well.

    It seems there are so many that want to be prophets, teachers and any other position they feel will place them higher in the kingdom above others when in reality the feet washers have the highest job because they are on their knees humbly serving. Then there are those who shout from the roof tops with prayer and rebuking when being hidden in our prayer closets and reading for our own intimacy with a humble heart is what seems to bring God more joy.

  13. billystan121 says:

    Your post Being True To….is a wake up call for all Christians.

  14. SFDBWV says:

    In bold truth I am just uncertain as to where to begin my thoughts on this departure from the last topic. It is never my intension to disagree or present opposition to the subject comment, but it seems that I am being funneled into accepting a conclusion with out the discussion of the fullness of the topic.

    No reasonable person can disagree with the fact that God was pleased with Job’s lifestyle prior to his “test” and this is recorded in the text of Job’s story at the very beginning (Job 1: 8), and no reasonable person can disagree with the fact that if the lifestyle of Job pleased God that if we were to copy that same attitude we would be please God as well.

    But this is all based on good works.

    The Torah, or as we refer to it the Old Testament, is a stepping stone to the real subject of the Biblical story, Jesus of Nazareth. Whereas the oldest letters that most *scholars* agree are some 1,500 years old, the Torah is certainly in dispute as to its age among *experts* going back 3 to 5 thousand years old.

    The Book of Job is considered the oldest story of Scripture outside of the Genesis story of creation and the flood of Noah it provides us a very unique look into the goings on of *life* in heaven and the mind and actions of God.

    But the real subject of Scripture is the Christ, the Redeemer, the Savior, and the Sacrifice.

    Yes Jesus is pleased if we live as did Job prior to his testing, But even Job in the midst of his troubles looked up to heaven for his salvation even if not in his lifetime but in a future time (Job 19: 25, 26).

    This story of the Bible is about believing God, about accepting Jesus of Nazareth as being our substitute sacrifice and so Savior of our eternal souls. It is about having faith and trust when we can not see, feel or touch with our earthly senses, yet still believe and still trust in Jesus as being the Christ.

    The gravy of this meal is the ability to have closer looks and a more intimate relationship with God/Christ by all the other stories and details hidden within each story of Scripture. You can not just pick out one story or one event in one story and base your understanding only on that one story; God/Christ is far bigger than that and so is the story of God/Christ and mankind.


  15. poohpity says:

    Yes, Steve that is true about the whole story being about God/Christ but the topic goes past that to are we “Being true to….”.

  16. poohpity says:

    I guess I should rephrase that to “Am *I* “Being true to..” rather than “are *we* “Being true to..” since the only person I am responsible for “Being true to” is how I am living out what I believe.

  17. florida7sun says:

    When I consider the topic “Being True” my thoughts go to David’s exclamation, “The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song.” – Psalm 28:7

    Looking back on my life I can testify Jesus has always expressed His love for me.

    He does so through His Word, as its application prepares me to grow up in Him.

    In some respects, the Word of God acts in the same way as Miracle-Gro does in feeding plants. Without its richness in helping me dig deeper roots I would be weaker in combating the daily trials of life that confront us all.

    He does so through His Spirit, as He draws my attention to Jesus. – Hebrews 12:2

    Jesus is alive. He is the resurrection and the life; here and now and forevermore. A believer in Christ no longer lives. He has given up his life in exchange for His life in him or her. When we comprehend the reality of His truth, we see Jesus and cry out like Thomas did. – John 20:28

    He does so through His love. The love of Christ indwells every cell of our body. It generates warmth and the assurance of everlasting life. There is no reason to fear. There is no reason to feel inadequate. We were wonderfully made in His image and for His purpose to give Him glory. – John 17:9

    The very first commandment Our Father gave Moses in the desert of wandering was “You shall have no other gods before me.” – Exodus 20:3

    Whenever we permit anything into our lives that hinders this blessed relationship God desires to have with us, we suffer. That is the precise goal of our enemy. And he is so skillful and subtle in the myriad ways he draws our attention from the Cross of our Lord and Savior.

    Being true to me means loving the Lord with all my mind, body and soul. For all I have is rightfully His. He paid a horrific price for my salvation, and no one loves me the way Jesus does. He desires that we share His extraordinary love with others, for what the world needs now is love… true love. – Luke 10:27

    Blessings and love to all, Ray

  18. poohpity says:

    Ray, do you know any unbelievers or do you surround yourself with only believers and in the church environment?

  19. florida7sun says:

    Pooh, everywhere I go I meet believers and unbelievers.
    However, my spirit is always refreshed when I am in the presence of another who loves Christ and has a testimony to share.

    The Lord guides our footsteps. Mostly I am surrounded by people seeking… seeking something to fill a void or need in their life. We can be a blessing in meeting their needs, lifting their burdens and, most especially, sharing the Gospel. – Proverbs 3:5-6

    Likewise, the Body of Christ has been a blessing to me through relationships I cherish. Ministries, such as Our Daily Bread and Max Lucado, help keep me focused as do a few men and women I admire.

    One truth, among many I have discovered and embraced, is that we can rest in Jesus. – Matthew 11:28

    He has proven Himself to me in so many ways… each day brings new insight into the depth of His love.

  20. poohpity says:

    Ray, I fully agree that “Being true to” means meeting the needs of those around us and as you said, “most especially, sharing the Gospel” but if we do not befriend or make friends with unbelievers then who do we share the Gospel with? These are just some questions I ask myself when I really look at my life and how I share Christ-likeness. It seems hard when I just surround myself with those who share the same beliefs not that it is not important to share in the fellowship of Saints but doesn’t that limit us in our boldness in going and sharing what Christ has done in our lives and can do in others lives. So I wonder if that is “Being true to…”?

  21. poohpity says:

    Doesn’t it seem like we should be so excited about what Christ has done in our lives that we want to share it with the world or after a while does all that excitement fade?

  22. florida7sun says:

    Pooh, the Lord has given me the privilege of sharing the Gospel with many unbelievers. I have seen lives changed in dramatic ways. God has a plan for each of us, and I need to be obedient to His calling upon my life. I do not surround myself with believers… most of my friends are still seeking someone or something to believe in.

  23. poohpity says:

    Ray, please do not feel like I was pinning you to the wall or saying that you were not being obedient to the Lord’s calling on your life, that is not my job and I apologize if that was how it sounded. I was sharing the questions that I ask myself because sometimes I think that I may surround myself with what is safe, easy and known rather than allowing the Lord to stretch me out into areas that are not so comfortable. I always enjoy your comments and the scriptures you share, I was just hashing around some ideas.

  24. foreverblessed says:

    The topic of Job has given me some more insight, Job and Jesus.
    Job did all the good works and was thrown into a terrible situation,
    Jesus was holy, and did all the good works, without sin, and yet was persecuted, even unto death.
    Job did not have the bigger idea, as Jesus had later, Jesus knew this would happen, and He rejoiced because of the many that would be redeemed.
    God learned this bigger idea to Job in all his questions: who will tame a wild donkey, who will tame the Leviathan?
    Yes, who will, and how?

    I was thinking, we should be the same as Jesus, being true to what we believe: do the good works that is, love,
    but do that always, rejoicing in all situations, even if I suffer. Do I tell God, “please take the suffering away, and then I will work for you again”, or do I stay true to my calling? Trusting God fully, loving Him fully, that all things are in His Hands, and that for all these things are reasons, He does not tell me yet what these reasons are but I can rejoice, because are sure very very good.
    That when I have migraine, I start praising God, full of joy, it took me some years, but I am getting there, with God’s help, His Spirit.

    Maru, God bless you in your move. IMHYZ, God bless you too.
    God bless all of you!

  25. poohpity says:

    foreverblessed, I have got to be witness of the Lord’s work in your life from just your sharing here and this is just a glimpse of your life so I bet the rest is very full of changes and wonders. ;-) You have always been a blessing to me, even the times when you call me on my stuff. I love you. I pray that one day you will be free from your headaches.

    Maru, know you are in my prayers also. You are much loved as well, as are all the contributors on this blog that are still here and those who have gone.

  26. remarutho says:

    Good Evening Mart & Friends —

    Thank-you, IMHYZ, Forever and all, for prayers on my behalf.

    I was sharing with my little prayer group this evening, these years in the desert have set me up for what is next: a super-liberal culture — no Bible belt where I am headed! But, the Bible belt is two-edged — hearts and minds innoculated against the transforming work of the Gospel. I sometimes wonder if our “Blessed Assurance” can be so great, that some saints would never question the path they are on, and would see no reason to reconsider their ways or their ideas.

    I question myself also, Pooh, about venturing out of the cocoon into the worldly market-place. The good news remains good in the presence of skepticism and even open and hostile disbelief. It is unsettling to venture forth with the witness of Jesus — when it is certain that many around me will disagree.

    The challenge, as I see it at this point, is to allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to speak through me — I’m not sure how…keeping the faith without condemning…following the Lord, allowing him to lead.


  27. SFDBWV says:

    Ok, lets look at what Mart asks; “Is it possible that praying to be true to what we are learning about our God could be more pleasing to our Father than dividing over which of us is getting the best score on speaking with the eloquence of angels-or solving the mysteries of the Bible?”

    Hebrews 11: 6 states that without faith it is impossible to please God, and that He rewards them that diligently seek Him.

    The simple answer to Mart’s question is an easy *yes* it pleases the Father that we diligently seek Him having the faith that He is, and that He hears us and that He obtainable.

    I am certain that He doesn’t keep score on who is more eloquent or who is best at solving mysteries. As I understand it there is only one score He checks and that is whether or not we have accepted Jesus of Nazareth as Lord.

    Here is the rub, in searching to “learn about our God” we find out many personality facts about the Father that go beyond just doing good deeds for our neighbors.

    So are we to ignore all else and center only on those things that Job remembered he did before his troubles?

    Are we being true to God in choosing to say that if we are loving and compassionate to all that we are right where God wants us to be adding nothing else or having no other thoughts than those? Is it possible to live in this world and maintain that attitude always? Did Job?

    Job states he was an advocate for those wrongly accused; if you take up another’s struggles, you struggle *against* something or someone.

    There are a lot of questions and answers revealed in Job; is it only Job’s good works that reflect Jesus’ attitude or the nature of God?

    Is one more important than the other?

    What of us that do good works and as Job are afflicted and tormented and suffer? Is it another test? Are we scored on how much we don’t complain? Will we be rewarded as was Job with more at the end of his life than was taken away, or will we have to walk through the doorway of the grave before we can expect a better *life*?

    If you want answers, there are a lot of facts that has to be seen before answers come and most often they are not as clear cut as we would like.


  28. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart & Friends!

    It seems to me, Steve, that we can know God’s intention – even though we cannot discern his specific plan. You wrote:

    “Job states he was an advocate for those wrongly accused; if you take up another’s struggles, you struggle *against* something or someone.”

    I observe that direct head-on conflict in a fight that is I started goes nowhere fast. The real work is accomplished in prayer times apart from my “enemies.” (Ephesians 6:12) Often, in practical reality, I learn that I am the one who must change in order for conflict to end and harmony to begin.

    It is a true blessing to have two or three friends of the kind Job’s friends should have been to him – friends who will allow me to vent – to rant – and who will continue to pray with and for me, and to work with me, as we strategize to work for peace with justice. Sometimes, sadly, this occurs only in the fellowship of the triune God. Faithful friends are precious and few.

    Specific struggles in the community I now serve are the methamphetamine problem – under- and unemployment – substandard and high priced housing – partial and full-out homelessness.


  29. remarutho says:

    Another factor in the situations I currently face is employers and property owners who are hard-hearted and unreasonable with poor people. You can cry or get angry — take your pick. Maru

  30. poohpity says:

    Being true to.. do we need all the answers to questions or can we have faith that God does? Do we have to be everything to everybody or do we trust that God is? Do we help others because we want to control them by having them be indebted to us or because we want to please God? Are we open to correction and instruction knowing that there are a lot of things we do not understand or know but maybe someone else does? Do we have a heart of worship and thanksgiving even though it looks as if everything around us is falling down or are we angry and full of self pity? Are we able to receive help or do we have to be the ones that give it all the time because we may seem vulnerable?

    Scripture clearly shows us that being honest about our needs, shortcomings, faults, failures, abilities, inabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and all our humanness is what will bring us to God because He already knows, it is usually us that are so blinded because we most often want to be more than what we really are and want others to think that too.

    I think “Being true to” really just means “just be real”. Stop being a cookie cutter Christian who all dress alike, talk alike, act alike and be who God created you as an individual to be, unique and dependent on the creator of all that is.

  31. foreverblessed says:

    Dear Pooh, thanks for your uplifting words, but do not overestimate me, I do not know of many wonders, and I hope to change a lot more.
    When we think we have so poor improvement, just like Narrow wrote, that also is a sign that we are growing in God. The more of God’s grace is in us, we see more things that are not good in us, we see it better then when we started with God. The positive thing is that we learn more patience with others we live with and under whose shortcomings we suffer.

  32. poohpity says:

    Then we become more aware of the Grace of God and that alone will help us have the kind of heart God can work with.

  33. SFDBWV says:

    Maru I leave you today with a quote from Sargent Shriver;

    “The only elite is the elite of those men and women who gave their lives to justice and charity.”

    I pray you success and safety in your endeavors.


  34. davids says:

    Maru, may God bless you in your preparations, travel, and work. I think it goes to the heart of what Mart says in this message.

    Mart’s final paragraph ends up comparing talking to doing. We can try to convince others of our understanding of God’s will, but in the end we cannot truly know it, so we risk to go astray.

    However, we can try to conform our own lives to God’s will and in doing that we cannot go wrong.

  35. poohpity says:

    We either can know God’s will or can not which is it?

  36. remarutho says:

    Good Evening Mart & Friends —

    Pooh, it seems to me we can know the character of God — we see God in action in all the stories of the Scriptures — we have God’s law — but to discern God’s will in a specific matter requires doing what is pleasing to God without knowing what the material outcome will be, it seems to me.

    The whole “if ___; then __” framework has not helped me in my experience of kingdom outcomes. I believe you said not too long ago that God sovereignly states “Because I ___; therefore ___ .” (Excuse my poor paraphrase of your statement.) Logic does not produce either truth or justice. God’s will produces both truth and justice. I can come out on the side of truth as I trust the Holy Spirit to do as he intends. Prayer makes a huge difference.


  37. foreverblessed says:

    Ppoh, my answer to you was not complete: we should not underestimate what God can do through us. Can do, that is, if we are in His will, aligned to His way of life which is Love towards others.
    If I am still selfish at times, or worrying too much, then I block His life in me.
    Staying true to What….. mostly I can say, O God, I want to do live in your life, I want to follow you, but I fail so often.. please come and Help me… Romans 7:21-25

  38. oneg2dblu says:

    Maru… where you said you can cry or you can get angry take your pick, I immediately thought you can also pray and let God hear your concerns, answer your prayers, and bless you in the process. But you have since covered that base as well. Be blessed my brother as you are in the process or the doing of His Will, if you will. I think the answer to “which one” is sometimes both, and many other possibilities unmentioned here that align with God’s purposes. Like keeping your hand on the plow and not turning back. Blessings, Gary

  39. oneg2dblu says:

    Good morning all… If we walk by faith and not by sight, which we do, then we also by this blind faith gather ourselves together, which is the doing His Will.
    Do we have all the answers in clear sight before we start out, probably not! But if we never start out, then how can we also be moving along on His directed path?
    Just as I see this very blog as a gathering place where together we can also experience his blessings through each other.
    To me, the hardest part of every move is that we have to start to move. But once a body is set in motion, it should then move along more easily, and able to be directed more easily as well.
    Unless, a “stand still,” or a “hold your ground,” is heard loud and clear, I believe we are all Born Again to be both alive and in motion for Him, doing His Will as directed.
    As the word actively says in, Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”
    Sorry if that sounds a little like prideful preaching instead of just sharing some of His love. I guess for now we all tend to see blindly, but aren’t we all gathered here also being blessed? Gary

  40. poohpity says:

    Maru, I guess I would then ask myself, do I seek God’s will in every area of my life not just for this decision. Do I glean God’s inspirited Word and as Mart said, “what if, in reading the Story of our God, we focused a little less on trying to determine the truth of issues that are beyond our ability to handle, while being more concerned about being true to what our God and Savior has clearly reveal about himself and people like us?”. Yes, Gary, it is clearly revealed that we, “Mark 16:15: “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”

    I guess when I am truly honest with myself there are areas that I do not seek God’s will, I just go about doing my business. After reading scripture and knowing that God told me that I should not buy things I can not afford so I put it on a credit card did I seek God’s will before I charged it knowing that I will be in bondage to the lender? So if we truly say we are seeking the will of God what does that look like? Is it just in some areas or on a whole in every area?

    Look at David “a man after God’s own heart” because that “after” means that he searches by any means (Scripture) to seek God yet knowing that adultery was against God’s laws, still did it. So do we follow David’s example or do we learn from it? If we do not seek what we are given in the bible are we being true to it? That “Being true to..” I know that there are many areas that I fall so short but God’s grace abounds but the truth and reality is if I am trying to look like I live out that word for myself I do not have time to look how others are walking what I believe or forcing my beliefs on to another. So does it “sound” godly to say I am searching for God’s will if that is not true for all areas but it sounds good but is it a reality?

  41. davids says:

    Haha, yes, Poohpity, you seem to have caught me in a contradiction, although I would call it a paradox.

    “We can try to convince others of our understanding of God’s will, but in the end we cannot truly know it, so we risk to go astray.” In general, we can discern God’s will from scripture. But if I do more than point people to the Word, by telling them how they ought to live their lives, then I am presuming more knowledge of God’s will for them than I should.

    “However, we can try to conform our own lives to God’s will and in doing that we cannot go wrong.” On the other hand, I don’t think I am presuming more knowledge of God’s will than I ought by trying to conform my own behavior to my understanding of it.

  42. oneg2dblu says:

    Pooh… Yes, seeking to know the will of God is always good, and reading to know every word of God is also good, but it is in the applying of those things that you know are living right in line according to his word and in the will of God. Walking in disobedience to his word will always be outside the will of God.
    The renewing of our mind is so critical to our changing direction, for all a man’s ways seem right to him and only God can change where we were heading into where He directs us to be, if we only ask, seek, knock, or obey. Gary

  43. sjonesd3 says:

    Hello everybody,

    I’m just stopping by to ask for prayer in strengthening faith.

  44. poohpity says:

    David you said, “But if I do more than point people to the Word, by telling them how they ought to live their lives, then I am presuming more knowledge of God’s will for them than I should.”. If I know God’s Word and point people to that Word to discern God’s will then I probably will not be telling others how to live their lives because I will realize it is not my business to tell anyone how to live their lives I will however tell people about Jesus and what He did for them if after asked they want to hear.

  45. phpatato says:


    I will remember you in prayer. May you be Richly Blessed in your new endeavour. No doubt you will be out of touch the time around the actual moving day for a bit. Please settle in quickly and log on once you’ve settled. We look forward to hearing from you as you will be missed. Trust that God will keep you safe and hold you tight!


    I pray that you continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. May you be strengthened in His love.


  46. oneg2dblu says:

    sjonesd3… man can provide support, and we do pray and support you, but God gives us the strength. Asking man, seeking God, and knocking at His door in heartfelt prayer, is where finding it is already open to you, and that is how faith is built. It is built upon one test taken or one prayer given at a time. Like any tower of strength, it stands best upon a solid rock. Jesus Christ is that rock, Jesus Christ is that tower, Jesus Christ is that strength you seek. Be blessed as he answers your prayers, and hears ours. Gary

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