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Seeds of Hope

Seeds of the Milkweed

When a troubled Solomon tried to make sense of the times and seasons of life, he observed that “there’s a time to plant, and a time to harvest (Ecc 3:2).

Got to thinking about how much of following Christ involves personally planting seeds of faith, hope, and love in the God whose story includes large amounts of time.

In so many ways the Scriptures teach us that both faith and hope must form in the absence of seeing the results we are looking for (2Cor 5:7; Rom 8:22-25). The same seems to be true of love, for Jesus talks about not just loving those who love us– but those who don’t.

Even in thinking of the fruit of the Spirit, it’s easy to look for immediate results. It can happen. Giving ourselves to the control of the Spirit can result in a quick change of attitude. But many of us have probably also seen that over time, even our understanding of what it means to be filled with the Spirit slowly grows with a resulting and deepening love, joy, peace, and patience.

Seems like the thought of personally and thoughtfully planting, watering, and weeding the small amounts faith, hope, and love that have been given to us is a way of letting God use seasons, time, and eternity to show us what he can do with the conditions that bring us to the end of ourselves.







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91 Responses to “Seeds of Hope”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Quoting in part from Mart’s original thoughts; “doubts grow out of the thought that there are only two possibilities: Either God is good, but not all powerful, or He is all powerful, but not good.”

    Speaking to everyone there is a third possibility, there is no God.

    Looking back over history, apart from, but not excluding Scripture, we can not deny that mankind has always wrestled with the question of whether there is a God, what is He like and why is it that things happen as they do.

    Every single ancient culture believed in a god or in gods, they tried to explain the mysteries of life and its fortune and failures connected to these deities.

    It is actually fascinating to read of the mythologies of ancient peoples and how these deities were much like us or rather we like them.

    In the Bible there is the story of the Tower of Babel, it is here that human beings get the idea that they can compete with God and joined together there no need to believe or worship God. Note I said “believe God” not believe *in* God.

    Lost in a sea of our own imaginations and limited understanding people *invented* their understanding of what a god of their choosing would be like.

    So after a long period of earth time God showed back up and bred a people through whom He would expose Himself to, so that they could expose Him to the world.

    The fulfillment of that process would be His becoming a man just like us and through Him we could learn about the true nature of God.

    In the desert Moses drew a line and said all who are with God come over to this side, all who are not stay on the other side.

    The result was life on one side and death on the other.

    Here we are once again in a world that wants to believe it can *create* a better world than God, make better decisions than He and have no real need of Him….Just like at the Tower of Babel.

    And just like in the desert God is drawing a line in the sand and offering free choice to all who will, decide this day whom you will believe…one choice offers life the other death.

    This final decision played out earlier in the Scripture to point to us the *right* decision to make, once in the Garden again in the desert and now in these last days.

    Is there a God? What does your heart say? Who is He? Find Him in the Bible.

    Decide then what and who you believe, there is no grey area in what the God of the Bible offers from Genesis to Revelation.


    When I went to post I seen that the topic had changed,I have posted my comments, meant for the other topic, to this new topic only because they seem to thread together, forgive me if you do not.

  • AmazedbyHis grace says:

    First, I wasn’t sure where to post my answer to your question on my song, “Bullseye.” It has a valid copyright and is on my FB wall, but I need a musician or a band to complete it and other songs. I’ve been blessed with talent of all sorts. If it’s the Lord’s will, I have a way for a band to be known nation and world wide.
    For now, I need prayer warriors for doors to open. Is there any way to get a hold of people here for needed prayer support, friendships w/out public posting my FB name?

    A view of “seeds of hope.” It’s the times when your spirit is downcast and suddenly you are filled with the Spirit. You are strengthened, your attitude becomes gratitude, you are filled and hope springs forth. Seeking the Lord further in this time could lead to more growth, you blessing someone, etc.

    Questions, coldhearted, lifeless ways follow questions that can’t be answered. Some know the bible so well that they begin to fail to see the author, the life in His words. Questions and study become one-sided. Many become so systematic, they forget their first love. They fail to see the need or let God’s Spirit guide them. Though probably saved, they become face value. Jesus has a warning for this.

    From what I have learned, the answer I believe is that you run wholeheartedly to back to the Lord, to the point of grace. He takes over from there. You must remain quiet in Him willing to listen for the answers He wants you to know. The willing and waiting is where we fail miserably and we stop short of our goal. Again, the answer is instead of “lying in the bed we made,” we must, by faith, pick up our mat and run back to the Lord.