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A Noteworthy Difference

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATragic events, as we’ve witnessed in the bombings of this week’s Boston Marathon, have a way of showcasing the worst and the best of our shared humanity. Even as we shudder at the thought of how people like us could deliberately carry out acts of murder and mayhem against strangers, we hear of the courageous acts of those who step out of the crowd to show courage, kindness, and hospitality to those they only know as fellow human beings.

Such acts of honor and goodness are not limited to those who do or don’t believe in God, and certainly not to members of our own sect, denomination, or religion.

No group or social network has a monopoly on  goodness or evil.

So in that light, we come back to a question that haunts followers of Christ. While believing that there is no better person, love, or God than we see in our Savior, what is there about ourselves that would make others want him– for themselves?

Once again an ancient letter has captured my imagination. Almost as old as the New Testament letters of Paul, a 2nd century document known as A Letter of Mathetes (disciple) to Diognetus has given me so much to think about.

In the freshness of modern translation this letter attempts to explain the distinct and noteworthy marks of followers of Christ. According to an excerpt of from the “5th chapter” of this letter, Mathetes writes,

Christians are distinguished from other men neither by country, nor language, nor the customs which they observe. For they neither inhabit cities of their own, nor employ a peculiar form of speech, nor lead a life which is marked out by any singularity…

They dwell in their own countries, but simply as sojourners. As citizens, they share in all things with others, and yet endure all things as if foreigners. Every foreign land is to them as their native country, and every land of their birth as a land of strangers.

They marry, as do all [others]; they beget children; but they do not destroy their offspring. They have a common table, but not a common bed. They are in the flesh, but they do not live after the flesh.

They pass their days on earth, but they are citizens of heaven. They obey the prescribed laws, and at the same time surpass the laws by their lives. They love all men, and are persecuted by all.

They are unknown and condemned; they are put to death, and restored to life. They are poor, yet make many rich; they are in lack of all things, and yet abound in all; they are dishonored, and yet in their very dishonor are glorified. They are evil spoken of, and yet are justified; they are reviled, and bless; they are insulted, and repay the insult with honor; they do good, yet are punished as evil-doers. When punished, they rejoice as if quickened into life; they are assailed by the Jews as foreigners, and are persecuted by the Greeks; yet those who hate them are unable to assign any reason for their hatred.” (End of excerpt)…

While having no desire to be persecuted, or deprived of the comforts and conveniences of modern life, there’s something about this description of early followers that seems so compelling… and so noteworthy…

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121 Responses to “A Noteworthy Difference”

  1. BruceC says:

    I will likely post more later on; but my first thought was about our brothers and sisters in Christ in nations less free that suffer persecution and death because of their faith in Christ. And even in our own country where some may call us extremist because of our stand on certain cultural issues.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  2. BruceC says:

    Please pray for the family of the officer that was killed in a shootout with the suspects of the Boston bombing.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  3. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning, I have to admit I am fixed to Fox news streaming live the events in Watertown Mass; one dead one on the run.

    Reading Marts comments reminded me of another related story that was in the news this past week. It seems the “Gospel of Judas” which was not made a part of the Scriptures has been proven to be written at the same time the other Gospel letters were. Egyptian in origin.

    Reading the excerpts Mart gave I am once again taken to the fact that the Christians mentioned were law abiding citizens who contributed positively to their societies helping to produce prosperity and by their very nature good and respectable citizens of whatever country they lived in.

    Having said that, it shows that Christian people should strive to live *holy* lives and that by that example show others the difference between Christian and non Christian.

    In contrast here in the news I am watching I see a religion of hatred and murder and its results being played out before my eyes. What sort of *good* people would want to associate themselves with hatred and murder and not with kindness and generosity.

    So in response to Mart’s question;”what is there about ourselves that would make others want Him-for themselves?”

    I would say just compare one against the other. Paul gave a good contrasting description in Galatians 5:19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.


  4. poohpity says:

    Mart, as far as I can see there are not very many at all that live lives that would draw others to Christ. Very sad to see but the world has wrapped it’s self around so many that the differences are very, very hard to find. It seems to make some very uncomfortable to put on the behaviors of Christ and die to self is almost unheard of but there are some. In the USA people see our western philosophies more than they ever see Christ in those who claim His name.

    I have always believed that it is Christ who draws people to Himself. If it were left alone to us I am afraid not to many would come and follow Him. I hope those of us who do follow Christ will point people to Him rather than our failed attempts if we can admit how short we all fall and that is why we depend so much in and on Jesus. Shouting from the roof tops of the forgiveness, grace and mercy we have been shown through our wonderful Savior and friend.

    If we want people to desire Christ because of how we act then the focus is on us not Jesus. Well maybe being real people can see how much we need a Savior so that might be good.

  5. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart & Friends –

    The only thing that differentiates a true follower of Jesus from others is Jesus himself. He is a living person, and his follower dwells in the fellowship of the Triune God through simply believing. That instant recognition of a faithful heart delights God. The welcome into the kingdom is immediate and complete. Mart, you wrote:

    “While believing that there is no better person, love, or God than we see in our Savior, what is there about ourselves that would make others want him– for themselves?”

    It may very well be that the more of ourselves we surrender to Jesus – the more radical our dependence upon him for everything – the more he shines out and we recede in our daily life among our fellow creatures. The coming of the kingdom is mysterious and entirely the work of the Holy Spirit. It is this Presence that is noteworthy it seems to me.


  6. poohpity says:

    Steve, there are many people who are not Christians that display more of the fruits of the Spirit than most Christians. I think that is the point of this topic. If we use the contrast shown in Galatians then I believe one very important component we need to see and that is pride which is idolatry. Paying close attention to jealousy, fits of anger, division, dissension, strife and rivalries. If we look at some of those in different translations we see things like; spiritism (metaphysical), hatred, fighting, complaints, criticism, feeling everyone is wrong except those in our little groups. Some pretty convicting stuff.

    The fruits of the Spirit for some are cowardliness and to passive but they are the barometer we measure how much of us Christ truly has and I would venture to say many are low on that barometer.

  7. fadingman says:

    “What is there about ourselves that would make others want him for themselves?” Put another way, how can I attract people to my Savior? Am I turning them off to Him? It’s something that’s always running in the back of my mind in whatever I do and say – although sometimes too late and after the fact. :(

    People can only desire Jesus through the example of our lives if they see Jesus in us, not ourselves or our idea of Jesus. The verses Steve mentioned contrast the life of the flesh versus the life of Christ through the Holy Spirit in us. It is essential to daily die to self and live in submission to the Spirit for others to have a clear view of Him. We all fail in this at times, so it’s also necessary to be completely open and honest towards others about our own failings.

    One thing that occurs to me about this question is: Not everyone who sees the real Jesus will want Him. What attracts one person will turn another off. As much as I would like, I can’t please everyone.

    It’s tempting to use a marketing approach to promote Jesus. Do whatever it takes to get as many people saved as possible – including hiding some less attractive aspects of who He is. But Jesus Himself wasn’t afraid to say some hard things that turned most of His followers away (John 6). (Admittedly, how He said some things makes me cringe… I would have given some explanation: “Don’t leave! I didn’t mean you are to eat my body *literally*! I was talking spiritually!”)

    While it is important to make Jesus attractive to the world, it is more important to follow and please Him so that others can see the whole Jesus. Otherwise, we’ll just be attracting people to ourselves.

  8. fadingman says:

    Pooh, I like what you said: “If we want people to desire Christ because of how we act then the focus is on us not Jesus.” I was look for those words and you found them.


  9. BruceC says:


    I liked what you said. “While it is important to make Jesus attractive to the world, it is more important to follow and please Him so that others can see the whole Jesus. Otherwise, we’ll just be attracting people to ourselves.”

    There are some “churches” that have succumbed to the culture and its PC. And they have watered down the Word. We do need the world to know the truth. And we need to show them that it is not about “being good” or other works; but about being forgiven and loved by our God and Creator. And it is also true that no matter how well we present Him; some will not agree and some will even openly hate us. And they will justify their position by any means they want.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  10. poohpity says:

    It seems when we use God’s Word to see what good Christians we are, we can find just the opposite when we try and compare ourselves to others. God’s Word really separates the wheat from the chaff while we are feeling righteous God shows us that may not be as true as we would like. Heb 4:12 NIV

  11. oneg2dblu says:

    Ask, Seek, and Knock, are all verbs as I see them.
    So to me action is required, by any who will then ask, seek, and knock.
    Perhaps the word to others here is received as passively asking, seeking, and knocking, and then the message they receive likewise.
    Some actively carry their cross, while others passively have it carried for them, both acting as seems fit to them.
    “Follow me”… active or passive?
    “Go into all the world”… active or passive?
    “Love one another”… active or passive?

    I believe it was in the “Book of Acts,” that we and the rest of the world clearly see the church becoming alive and thriving.
    “Onward Christian Soldiers” was an old hymn that rings in my ears right now.
    Christ has not called me yet to the point of death, for just sharing in and living for Him, but today in this darkening world around us, others will die for just that call.
    Be Strong and Couragious, Do not be Afraid, Resist the Devil and he will flee from you!
    Be Blessed, Gary

  12. narrowpathseeker says:

    Pooh the very first thing that I thought after reading Mart’s last few paragraphs, was how far “I” fall short…(ME, MYSELF, and I)were convicted. “I” am one of the “thems”, “those”,”theys” and “other” Christians you so often mention in a negative tone, with an occasional “us”, “our”, and “we” with a rare “I” tossed in. Now, I don’t know if it is your intent or not, but I have ignored it more often than I can recall but this morning I feel compelled to tell you what happens to “ME” when I read your posts with “those” “them” “they” and “most others” in a negative light. Often, you write what I believe to be very positive messages. Then when “I” read one pointing negatively at so many others, while seemingly excluding “yourself”, it tends to negate the more positive posts…for “me”.. I am very painfully aware of how far I fall short of being Christlike. Instead of focusing on fully serving Christ, “I” selfishly want an easy life and a miracle for my granddaughter from Him.

    As far as what is going on in Boston, my granddaughter Brianna was scheduled for yet another open heart surgery there this morning. Boston is closed…including the hospital!! After driving in yesterday, they are trying to come home this morning. Surgery is rescheduled for Monday. My son says Boston looks like a ghosttown… Yesterday, they stopped at an eatery on their way in and countless police officers came in and apprehended someone that only LOOKED like one of the suspects…didn’t hear the story in detail other than poor Brianna was very scared. We have also heard this suspect on the loose is headed to CT. I am waiting for a call to say “we are home safely” and not stuck in Boston for the weekend or met up with suspect on the road.

  13. narrowpathseeker says:

    Mart, I am sorry I should have just deleted that post like I so often do as of late. Can you please delete it for me or is there a way for us to delete our own posts after regret takes root?

  14. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    Thank you, Narrow, for sharing your impressions and feelings today. Strange how several of my loved ones have checked in by phone and otherwise — just to say “I’m feeling anxious. Pray for me. I love you.”

    Am looking at the window-full of menorahs on glass shelves in the photo above, Mart. It makes me think of the thousands and thousands of Jewish fellowships that have been everywhere over the centuries. The diaspora out of Roman-ruled cities flung faithful believers into every region of the world. And out of that Abrahamic faith grows faith in Messiah Jesus.

    One noteworthy characteristic of Christ’s presence — in our days — before the trumpet sounds — is the non-violent and peaceful quality of the manifestation.
    Having read only portions of the Letter of Mathetes, I am no expert. Yet, when the disciple speaks of the manifestation of Jesus, he mentions that there is nothing violent in it. Jesus does not pursue our souls by hammer and tongs — but rather gently persuades us by his grace and mercy.

    Might a follower of Jesus take on that same demeanor on account of his/her great love of him? I’m just asking. Maru

  15. SFDBWV says:

    Having a break in what has been a very busy day, stopped in to read the blog.

    Sometimes it seems the best thing to say here is nothing at all.

    Which may explain why so many have disappeared over the past few years?

    Paul gave us a look at the differences between the spirit of the world and the Holy Spirit.

    Many people who *claim* to be Christian should re-read the differences, because for some there is no difference between the spirit of the world and theirs.

    Once a person proclaims to be Christian they are in the spotlight and so their hypocritical behavior is seen as just that and non Christian and Christians alike can see a phony a mile away.

    Nothing special about a person who tells others how they should behave; all the while still living a life no different than any other.

    You have a responsibility to Jesus once you put a sign around your neck that says *Christian*.

    As a matter of fact a person who behaves as a Christian should never has to tell another that He is, they know by his behavior, not by his declaration that there is something special about him.


  16. SFDBWV says:

    Narrowpathseeker, I very much appreciated your comments and especially your take on the mess in Boston. I pray hard for your grand daughter Brianna.

    Trust your faith and trust your instincts they both serve you well.


  17. poohpity says:

    narrow, I see in my writings more us, our and we’s which includes me. When I used some and those it was referring to translations. Another time I used some was to refer to how some view the fruits of the Spirit. I hope the main point is that we “all” fall short not just “some” but “all”. So do not look to me but to Christ who loves us so very much that with all our failings He still paid the penalty. Let’s just focus on that kind of love not how much we/I/me fall short but the amazing love that covers a multitude of sins with forgiveness, grace and mercy. That is our hope and joy.

    Praying for your granddaughter and family to make it safely to the doctor and back also that her condition gets the best care there is available and she comes out the other side for a full life.

  18. phpatato says:

    Narrow Please know that I have Brianna in my prayers. I have you in my thoughts and prayers too. As a fellow grandmother, I can’t imagine the stress you are under and how anxious you are feeling. Wish I were closer to give you a hug and even enjoy a coffee over an afternoon chat. xoxo

  19. narrowpathseeker says:

    Pooh, I apologize for my post at 12:06 pm. I seem to be without patience even with my grandchildren. It is not an excuse, and I should have recognized that rant for what it was and deleted it. I’ve even found myself snapping at the little ones here over trivial things that shouldn’t bother me. I had two overnight on Wednesday and they drew 8 pictures and wrote sweet poems about me and TAPED them to the wall and the fridge. I snapped at them for using the tape that won’t come off without messy Gluebegone. I apologized to them too but had to tell their parents I couldn’t babysit anymore until my patience was restored. So again I apologize and thank you for your prayers for Brianna.

    Pat, Steve, Maru, thank you for the prayers for Brianna and thank you for understanding that I am stressed. Like I told Pooh, I know it is no excuse. When I think about how good God has been to me, I have no reason to complain about anything. He delivered me from a life of Hell and even days now at their worst should be filled with gratitude for not being what they were in days of yesteryear. I also wish we all lived close to one another and could chat live over a cup of coffee and give and get hugs.

    My son, his wife, and Brianna got home safely from Boston with Black helicopters flying over their car for a short distance. My son’s news that he heard there that the suspect was headed towards CT in a blue Honda Civic was apparently false. The last I heard they have possibly found him in a boat in a man’s backyard.

  20. SFDBWV says:

    I give you here excerpts from the doctrine of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    “Jesus taught men not only by His words, but by His actions; and indeed by His very own person. He referred to Himself as the Truth (John 14:6) and as the Light (John 8:12). He showed Himself not merely to be speaking God’s words, but to be Himself the Living Word of God in human flesh, the Logos who is eternal and uncreated, but who has become man as Jesus of Nazareth in order to make God known to the world.”

    “The early Church we are told “devoted themselves to the Apostles doctrine” (Acts 2:42). Doctrine as a word simply means teaching or instruction. The Apostles’ doctrine is the doctrine of Jesus and becomes the doctrine of the Christian Church. It is received by the Disciples of every age and generation as the very doctrine of God. It is proclaimed everywhere and always as the doctrine eternal life through which all men and the whole of the world are enlightened and saved.”

    “If we want to hear God’s voice and see God’d actions of self revelation in the world, we must purify our minds and hearts from everything that is wicked and false. We must strive to love the truth, to love one another, and to love everything in God’s good creation. According to the Orthodox Faith, purification from falsehood and sin is the way to the knowledge of God. If we open ourselves to divine grace and purify ourselves from all evils, then it is certain that we will be able to interpret the Scriptures properly and come into living communion with the true and living God who has revealed Himself and continues to reveal Himself to those who love Him.”


  21. BruceC says:


    As I read one of your post above and saw the word hypocrite it reminded me of a story I had heard in a sermon. I man had asked an acquaintance if he would like to go to church with him and the man responded by saying “No, churches are full of hypocrites”. His friend then came back a quipped, “Well then, one more will not hurt, will it?”

    Every time we fail our Lord in thought and deed we could call ourself a hypocrite for not doing as we say. That may be extreme but true. But on the other hand there is a true hypocrisy where those that live a certain way condemn others for living the same way. Like an elected official that runs on a theme of ethics and then takes bribes while he/she is in office all while he still calls for ethics.
    When I look at Mart’s post I think that here and in other western nations we have become “comfortable Christians”. We leave so much of the “work” of being a follower to others. Like deacons, elders, pastors. Such as visiting the sick and calling others to pray for them. Our culture has become materialistic and craving for entertainment. And who can deny that this rears its ugly head in churches too. Just look at some on TV. The success of any church should not be based on the size and beauty of its building, its list of activities, the number of “prominent citizens” in its membership rolls; but in how its attendees love and care for one another. How they treat each other in the church and the general population. How they treat those in their midst that are dealing with sin or poor habits.
    I think that the church in general needs to always remember what our Lord said and to keep it at the forefront of our minds and hearts every waking hour. “Love one another as I have loved you”. Some congregations I have attended acted like they never read that. If we do that then maybe someone will write about the modern day church in the same way as the one in Mart’s post wrote about the early church.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  22. tracey5tgbtg says:

    The excerpt from Mathetes was very inspiring and a reminder of the life Christians are called to. I don’t think someone would write the same description of Christians today. At least not in America. The Christians in that description were outcasts, knowing that professing their faith was sure to lead to death, probably in the arena. I don’t believe we face the same persecution that the early Christians did. Not yet, but I suppose it could come to that.

    Yet they did not stand up to proclaim everyone who was not with them as evil and hell-bound. It seems that rather they lived quietly, loving their neighbor, doing good to others, and praying for their persecutors. They were not sustained by anything that comes from this world, but rather by their love and devotion to God.

    I know that I for one struggle with accepting the Christian life. I often feel that if I just pray harder and surrender more, God will reward me with answered prayers and good things. I long for comfort and ease and am more often irritated by my neighbor as opposed to loving my neighbor.

    But as an American, that is what I have been immersed in and grown up with. In America, it is always about self first, doing your best, being the best, having the best and never accepting insult or unfairness. I sometimes think that some Christians are Christians because they want to be seen as “right, good, moral and up-standing” just like the Pharisees. They are Christians because it is the “Christian” thing to do. Not because they are utterly sold out to Jesus Christ.

    Reading back over my words, they sound very judgemental. I don’t want to be that way. I know that everyone who comments here decides every day to pick up their cross and follow Jesus.

  23. narrowpathseeker says:

    Tracey, I strongly relate to this part of your comment, “I know that I for one struggle with accepting the Christian life. I often feel that if I just pray harder and surrender more, God will reward me with answered prayers and good things. I long for comfort and ease and am more often irritated by my neighbor as opposed to loving my neighbor.”

    I even sometimes entertain the thought that in recognition of that and confessing it, that I will be rewarded. I then start thinking that everything I do right or wrong is basically out of selfishness. I want to be Christlike, because I want to be blessed and bless others. It may not be on the same level of selfishness that is manifested in the world that is void of concern for right and wrong, but it is still to me selfishness. THEN, I think that if the Truth shall set us free and I confess the truth about myself that I will be delivered from all selfishness…and again…I want something….there seems to be no permanent escape from my flesh here on earth.

  24. SFDBWV says:

    I am hesitant to post as twice this morning I tried only for them not to post up. When I tried a second time to post the same remarks a page came up that said I had already said that???

    Thinking of the *dragnet* in Boston yesterday I was reminded of several years ago a tragedy that occurred locally concerning a fellow I knew and his 2 year old son..

    The family had gone camping along a river up in Randolph County and the little boy had wandered off. A fast response of police and search dogs were dispatched to look for the young fellow as it was this time of year and temperatures get cold at night.

    The dogs followed a scent down to the river and all searching followed the dog’s suggestions the little boy had drowned.

    The next fall hunters found the remains of the little boy only a half mile from the camp site away from the river, the dogs had followed a false scent and the searchers had put too much faith in the dogs.

    Ironically the fellow I knew who had lost his son was killed in a mining accident a few years later when a piece of machinery fell on him and crushed him to death.

    This memory came up when I wondered how the fugitive hiding in the boat escaped discovery by the large dragnet and police search that had already cleared that house and yard. I wondered if someone had trusted their dog and not common sense as was the case in the little boy.


  25. billystan454 says:

    “While believing that there is no other person, love or god than we seein our Savior, what is there about ourselves that would make others want Him for themselves?” Unlike some of the the others posting their responces to this question I see much positive about Christianity in the world today. Positive, but quietly conquering human souls and freeing them from their sin encrusted lives. Where the problem comes in is with myself. I fall so short of God’s purposes for my life, that at times I qustion my faith.
    There are times I hear myself saying things that seem imposible. For awhile I will walk that talk, then out of the valley Nowhere I am right back to my old stupid tricks. I think that very often we are to hard on ourselves. As human beings and not human doings we are, by our very nature, going to fall short. i once heard sin described as missing the bullseye, when I think of that thought I realize better what is meant by “fall short”; there will and are times that my arrow does not even make it to the target.
    When I fall short of that bullseye, of being Christ like, I need to fall to my knees and ask the God of the universe for forgiveness. Even knowing that God will forgive me-I hesitate; out of guilt, shame and the idea that I control my own destiny, I hold back, grasping and cuddling that sin like it was a beloved child. The futillity of my sin eventually takes over and I ask God for His forgiveness. that is what I believe to be the answer to your question. As Christians we know (not think) our God WILL forgive us our transgressions. In many other religions that knowing is not there.

  26. SFDBWV says:

    Narrowpathseeker I personally agree with you that nearly every conscious effort to do something good with the idea that it pleases God for me to do so is an act of self.

    I would guess it is when we do selfless acts just because they need done without thinking of it pleasing God that it becomes selfless.

    When we practice doing right long enough it becomes our nature to do so and need no motive of pleasing God or anyone else.

    I am always amazed at the description of the Irish Brigade that led the charge at Fredericksburg VA during the American Civil War.

    “These men leaned forward as if leaning into a strong wind or rain and steadily moved forward into a hail of bullets and cannon fire.”

    Selflessly dieing for the effort of winning the battle.

    Even now as I write this I am moved to tears at the thought.

    If only I had such courage in the battle for good over evil and the presentation of Jesus of Nazareth as Lord and in the presenting of the Gospel to a lost world.


  27. tracey5tgbtg says:

    Billystan – you are so right. There is much positive about Christianity today. As soon as I read your comment, I was struck by its truth. I am one to always see the negative side and regard the glass as half empty. God is good and He is working in this world.

    Narrow & Billystan, thanks for sharing your comments about struggles. Psalm 50:15

  28. poohpity says:

    narrow, although I thank you for the apology, you were relaying how you felt or feel. So I thought it was admirable and courageous to share your feelings. In the circles I walk in it is all about sharing how things effect us because we never know unless someone opens up to share.

    Bruce, that story about the hypocrite reminds me of the one (I hope I get this right) where one person asks another “who is it that goes to church?”. Without hesitating the other person said righteous, godly people so that is why I do not go. But the first person replied it is sinners that go to church. Paul reminds me when I find so much like phoniness and hypocrisy in others we are actually doing a autobiography we just do not really see it in ourselves because it is easy to see in others whether it is in them or not. Romans 2:1. Then Jesus said in Luke 6:37 NLT; Matt 7:1-5 that the same thing.

    I can only admit to my own guilt and shame of not living my life in a way that draws people to Christ. If I continually try to change these behaviors I become defeated and overwhelmed throwing up my hands giving up which is exactly I feel where Jesus wants me. Then I will know that it is from remaining in the vine that changes me. It is His work in me not my futile attempts that produce the fruits of the Spirit so I have no room to boost. Only remaining attached to the vine will the fruit come.

    See narrow I am learning thank you for the eye opening feedback of how my words effect you. I desire so much to please the Lord and it breaks my heart that I fail so many times but it brings me joy that Jesus picks me up and brushes me off putting my feet back on the ground hopefully learning the lessons as to not repeat them again.

  29. poohpity says:

    Every time I walk into a church, pick up the Bible and pray I am admitting I need and am asking for help. I know that the “distinct and noteworthy marks followers of Christ” display are only achieved by following not trying to lead. Following does not seem to be something we are trained to do. I think most parents and our society in general teach leading as a more admirable character trait and may be seen as passive but when one really thinks about it letting go of control takes an inner strength, trust and devotion in/to God.

  30. narrowpathseeker says:

    Steve, I found some things somewhat baffling with the Boston tragedy too. I was wondering how someone who could set bombs next to small children and their families and smile when the bombs went off, were able to have enough compassion on the owner of the Mercedes to let him/her go unharmed. Like you, I was also wondering how they missed the blood on the boat when they were supposed to have “combed” that area.

    Also, Steve thank you for acknowledging that I am not the only one that considers myself selfish even in doing good. Of course being grateful that someone else is struggling with the same thing is definitely selfish and I am truly sorry about that Billystan, Tracey, Pooh, Steve… I am not happy about it, but traveling the last stretch of my journey here, I expected to be able to navigate quite well that narrow path I’ve been seeking by now. Howbeit, I can’t even stay on it for any length of time. It’s just comforting to know that I am not a side path by myself.

  31. BruceC says:

    Just to chime in here. The blood was not on the boat the first time they searched. The owner saw that their shed was open, blood was on the boat and there were indications that someone had some bloody clothing there.
    Have been on two “hunts” myself. One a kidnapper that escaped from our jail. It took an entire week to get him. He traveled mainly at night through woods and swamps; eluding a large force of police officers, helicopters, planes, and dogs. The 2nd was a murderer that escaped our new jail years later. He had killed a teenager at point blank range with a shotgun during a bad drug deal in our neighbor county. We took him to protect those who were going to testify. Any way he escaped but was only gone about an hour. I caught him in someone’s outbuilding several miles away. He had hijacked a vehicle also. You just never know.

    We are like escaped prisoners too. Found by our Lord and guilty of breaking His laws. Some get caught early on; and others are on the run for much longer.
    I pray that we reflect that mercy that He has for us so others may desire to get caught and give up “running”.

    I think one of the dangers we face in the modern western church isn’t persecution. It is becoming more like the culture instead of being obviously different from it.
    Yes the church does silently go along; preaching the Gospel and helping those in need. But just as an artisan or craftsman who are never truly satisfied with their work; we too must look inwardly to see how we can improve with His help and for His glory.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  32. poohpity says:

    Bruce that was beautiful.

    If when we acted some thought were given we may make better choices. If we could be free from evil and ugliness the rest of our lives then Jesus would not have to have been put through the agony of the Cross. That is our basis even we do not see the condition of our own hearts then how can we really see the need and the full extent of what Jesus really did. I wish that the rest of my life I would never do anything to regret that would be phenomenal but not humanly possible. Undeserved grace, mercy and forgiveness and a love that goes beyond anything we understand, that is what we are given. WOW!!!!

  33. foreverblessed says:

    We often struggle as christians, we, sorry, I often struggle too: failing falling short.
    But it should be so simple, like Gary said, ask seek, knock, I can ask for more love from God, ask for more patience. All that we need is in heaven, and in Christ we can ask in faith, and in faith expect God to give it. I should keep on asking, and not give up. Because I believe that God waits to give His power, just to see that we really mean it.
    In God at eventide of today, 20 April, says it beautifully, very inspiring. It is not us, it is God who works in us.
    “Do everything in love”
    1 Kor 16:14
    Many times I do not do that (f.i.when being impatient with my dear ones, Narrow, thanks for being so open I pray for Brianne too, it is not selfish it is an anxiety you have about a dear one, and our God looks at that), but it should be easy for me, as soon as I discern that there is no love I can ask God for it. And believe that He will send it from heaven to me. O, bless God my soul bless Him, for being so good to us, for giving gifts to men.
    Gifts of peace, patience, joy, love.

  34. BruceC says:


    Please forgive me. Brianna is in my prayers. May the Lord be with her and comfort her and may His mercy shine upon her.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  35. narrowpathseeker says:

    Bruce, thank you for the prayer for Brianna. This is the big one where she gets her Aortic valve replaced. They have been waiting for her heart to grow to size and meantime they have done repairs to stop the leaking ever few years. She has been suffering all her life quietly and lovingly thinking about Mom, Dad, and siblings and how it effected them. She gave her mom a special bracelet she made before she went in last time and said it was to remember her by. I don’t think she thought she was going to make it last time and she almost didn’t. This is why I appreciate the prayers from all of you…God Bless you ALL.

    Also Bruce, I’m not sure what it is that I am forgiving, but whatever it is you are forgiven. ;-) I can’t imagine what it may be…I am most always inspired, encouraged, taught, or made to smile here and you are a major contributor. I have days where I can’t seem to articulate my thoughts into words, so I don’t post on a regular basis, but please know that read here often and I enjoy your posts very much.

    Foreverblessed, as always, you are a blessing. I’m sorry that I don’t express my appreciation as often as I would like. I love you guys and I just can’t seem to find new ways to express it and after awhile it probably sounds trite. I have been writing on Brianna
    s carepage for every update for years. I finally stopped writing, because I seemed to be saying the same thing over and over and others were saying about the same thing too. Thank you for your prayers for Brianns.

  36. lovely says:

    Dear all
    I was just praying about injustice after reading the previous posts and here’s what i get from Psalm 37 , Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him ; do not fret when men succeed in their ways when they carry out their wicked schemes.,Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret- it leads only to evil. vs 35 I have seen a wicked and ruthless man flourishing like a green tree in its native soil, vs 36 but he soon passed away and was no more; though i looked for him , he could not be found.vs38 But all sinners will be destroyed; the future of the wicked will be cut off.Question is brothers and sister can we believe this for those who have been killed unjustly? My prayers be with those who are persecuted . I hear about that everyday over here. Lovely

  37. BruceC says:


    The forgiveness I asked for was being neglectful,and not responding to your post about Brianna in a more timely manner. I have to slap myself for things like that at times and being too consumed with things on my mind that quite frankly aren’t that important at all in the greater scheme of things.
    Our loving God has His ways of getting our attention when too much of that attention is sometimes focused on ourselves.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  38. BruceC says:


    You are correct. The Word tells us not to fret when evil and the wicked prosper because they fade as the grass. But those whose righteousness is found in Christ alone will shine forth as the brightness of day in His presence for all time.
    Although we are to strive for justice here there will be times when it will not be seen. But in the end of days there will be no escaping the justice of God for the wicked. The death of God’s saints are precious in His eyes.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  39. bubbles says:


    Psalm 37 was a comfort after September 11. Wonderful passage.

  40. SFDBWV says:

    I am taken almost amused at the polar differences lain out by the remarks of this possible Christian called a disciple of Diognetus.

    In the beginning of Christianity, being Christian was unique. What is so complicated to understand that now in this age Christians have established a presence in nearly every corner of the globe?

    In some countries Christianity has been under attack as an affront to either a state religion or as a western influence, feared and hated just for that reason.

    So expectant of the Kingdom of Heaven and the return of Christ was the first believers that they sold all they had gave it to the poor or established communes sat down and awaited His return.

    When some of them died anyway they were confused not understanding how this could be happening. I would imagine some left the order at this time disillusioned and confused.

    There is an old adage that has circulated around for as long as I have memory “As slow as the second coming”.

    How many years did it take Christians to realize that they had to exist in the societies they lived in from birth to death, separated from that society only by their particular faith?

    The society they were born into had their own language and culture, so the Christian spoke that same language and for most respects exemplified the culture of their native land in dress and cuisine.

    In today’s society if a group of people try to separate themselves from the rest of society, live in communities of their own creation and live a religious lifestyle apart from the accepted norm they are condemned and often arrested for their attempts.
    Usually condemned by other Christians and certainly by governments that see them as a treat to the peace and security of their seat of power.

    The very establishment of the USA was based upon the concept of freedom to worship God as Christians living together.

    Look at how that has been twisted and distorted in only a few hundred years. It pales in the time that Christianity first established a presence in the world, but shares a common history of attacks from the world for being *Christian*.


  41. narrowpathseeker says:

    Steve, I think that which is twisted and distorted, has picked up speed and might in the past 50-60 years in addition to invading all earthly territory. I think sometimes the twist is so subtle that it slips by us until it is eventually twisted so tight it seems impossible to undo.

    I encountered something just this morning that jumped out at me and I can’t seem to shake it off as nothing important. In a daily inspirational email this morning in regard to worship and service to God, this one word “ALLOWED” is bothering me…It was used in this sentence,>>>>>>> “God opened my eyes to see that the people He sent to me were in need of a breakthrough and that when He ‘allowed’ me to pray for them, they received whatever breakthrough blessing He wanted to give them at that appointed time.”<<<<<<
    I don't know if it was an unintentionally misused word or if there are times we are not supposed to pray for some(have a vague recollection of something in regard to that concept), OR even something other…Can anyone help me? Thank you.

  42. poohpity says:

    It seems if we believe that everything I mean everything is from God then He “allows” us to do good then we recognize the source and the credit then is where it is due, in God, not the person giving the blessing. I really have not even thought of there not being a time to pray for anyone. That would not be in line with treating others as we want to be treated. If God chooses to withhold a blessing for a time that is up to Him but we have done our part in never ceasing to pray.

  43. poohpity says:

    Steve what are the polar differences you found in this writing from what we hold foundational in our beliefs?

  44. tracey5tgbtg says:

    Pooh – I agree with your response to narrow. I was also thinking that what the writer of the devotional was saying was that even the desire or inkling or “burden” to pray for someone does not originate from us, but comes from God. Therefore, he “allows” us to pray for someone by giving us a desire to pray for that person. I am reminded of Ephesians 2:8.

  45. foreverblessed says:

    Tracey I do agree with you, but sometimes the prayer for the one is just a short one, and the prayer for another suddenly becomes something that start happening, as if the Spirit takes over.
    Narrow, that saying: God allowed me to pray, that does ring a bell with me. When I pray, I search where the Spirit leads me, and I look for an answer for prayer for someone, and then suddenly the Spirit gives me many words, and more and more, it happened two nights ago when I prayed for Brianne, suddenly it was as if the Spirit poured many many blessings on her, and her family, many blessings from above, (and I realised there are so many riches in heaven, gifts to men, so full of treasures that are far above all the riches in the world), and it kept going and going.
    When that happens, then I stay with praying for that person as long as it goes. Other times I pray for someone, and I believe with all my heart God heard, and keeps the prayer in His bowl, until it is time for it to work, then the prayer is not very long.
    So if God allows it, then the prayer goes on and on, maybe the word could be a little different: when God starts to work with it.
    Thank you Narrow for being so positive and encouraging!
    Thanks all for commenting,may God bless you all, His riches are so great.
    the ancient writes says:
    ” They are poor, yet make many rich; they are in lack of all things, and yet abound in all”
    That is so true, if we keep attached to the Vine, as Pooh wrote, and keep believing in Him alone, not wavering when things are on the human side not as they should be, God is still God, and Jesus Almighty, all Power has been given to Him.

  46. poohpity says:

    In this writing the admonition to love all men was just like Jesus asked us to do with no prejudices. Through the history of America there was so much hatred only due to the color of skin and most of those that were so filled with hate called themselves Christians which has changed somewhat but still there is so much growth yet to be done. Or even those who oppress women and there are many who still do in the name of biblical principles but have totally missed the mark of all being one in Christ Jesus. Mathetes writes, “Christians are distinguished from other men “neither” by country, nor language, nor the customs which they observe.”. We are called to love all and I do not think that means just those who look like us, talk like us, live where we live or even observe western philosophy. That seems to call all barriers down when it comes to following the “One” we love and shows how much of us He has.

    We are called to be in the world but not of it, prejudices, hatred and feelings of superiority to any other human being seem to be of the world.

  47. Jwigg says:

    How marvelous! The words of a probably-persecuted, anonymous 2nd-Century AD Christian living in the ancient pagan Roman Empire literally drip with resonance to the situation of 21st-century Christians in a Post-modern Western culture, where, once again, the Way of Christ is reviled and treated with exponentially growing suspicion and thinly-veiled contempt!

    Increasingly, the servants of the Lord of Glory find themselves torn between the higher calling of that Eternal Commonwealth, The City of God, and the ever-encroaching demands of an increasingly secular, increasingly immoral [For the disciple, the word “amoral” is nothing but a cruel delusion.] City of Man.

    Elsewhere in his letter, Mathetes, that “Disciple” of the Eternal Word brilliantly states the true role of the Body of Christ in a society which rejects the rightful authority of the King of Kings:


    To sum up all in one word–what the soul is in the body, that are Christians in the world. The soul is dispersed through all the members of the body, and Christians are scattered through all the cities of the world. The soul dwells in the body, yet is not of the body; and Christians dwell in the world, yet are not of the world. The invisible soul is guarded by the visible body, and Christians are known indeed to be in the world, but their godliness remains invisible. The flesh hates the soul, and wars against it, though itself suffering no injury, because it is prevented from enjoying pleasures; the world also hates the Christians, though in nowise injured, because they abjure pleasures. The soul loves the flesh that hates it, and [loves also] the members; Christians likewise love those that hate them. The soul is imprisoned in the body, yet preserves that very body; and Christians are confined in the world as in a prison, and yet they are the preservers of the world. The immortal soul dwells in a mortal tabernacle; and Christians dwell as sojourners in corruptible [bodies], looking for an incorruptible dwelling in the heavens. The soul, when but ill-provided with food and drink, becomes better; in like manner, the Christians, though subjected day by day to punishment, increase the more in number. God has assigned them this illustrious position, which it were unlawful for them to forsake.

    If present trends continue in Western nations, someday true servants of Christ will be locked out of mainstream public discourse. Once again, that true “soul” of human society, the Body of Christ, must work like that grain of mustard seed, that tiny portion of leaven Her Lord spoke of some 20 centuries ago. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy: Our disintegrating society desperately needs that courageous prophetic proclamation. Ridley and Latimer’s candle must never be allowed to go out.

    Thanks so much, Mart, for drawing the world’s attention once again to the brave words of an ancient martyr: “He, being dead, still speaks.”!

  48. foreverblessed says:

    Amen, and amen, Jwigg!
    Bless those who persecute you, do good to those who hate you!
    That advice is clearly in the bible, do I do that?
    All the moaning and anger because my society is getting less and less christian, is something I should be dealing with Jesus alone. Let Him take care of my feelings, but I should wait how to react to the world in words till Jesus fill me with His love.
    Also Psalm 37 is very helpful (thanks Lovely)
    Love those who hate you.
    What a clear word from God.

  49. s2inkzoo says:

    Had a great sermon on Sunday that pertains to this so I though t I would share some of those thoughts. In the letter Mart quoted, it points out that the Christians are not that different from other, yet very different. The sermon was on the fact that the Apostles were ordinary men, yet they literally changed the world. They had three things that we have today, if we make use of them. These three things can turn the ordinary into extraordinary. They are: Prayer (Acts 1:14), the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:4, Acts 4:21) and the power of the name of Jesus (Acts 3:16, 4:10). Seems like sometime we think that we are weak and can’t do anything, but we forget the power of God who wants to use us. I have to say that “make use of them” is probably not the right way to say it. It is more like what Gary wrote in “Ask, Seek, Knock”.

    It also reminds me of what Chuck Colson used to say, that it is not so much that we need Christian Authors, Christian Playwrights, or Christian musicians — it is that we need more Authors who are Christian, Playwrights who are Christian, and Musicians that our Christian. He explained that his point was that it is the Christian faith influencing what they do that is the most important, not setting up some different segregated style or form. I think that applies to all of us in our occupations.

    It is not that we need a Christian nation to be a Christian. That is not where Christianity started. It is not needed to have it flourish. It is more important that we are Christians in the nation.

    When this was first posted, I also ran across the verse in Matthew 5:13 where Jesus calls us the “salt of the earth”. It struck me that we are to be what gives life more flavor and draws people to the living water. It is not in doing certain things, but in putting our faith into all we do. This verse is sandwiched between the beatitudes and saying we are the light of the world, so we should “let our light shine before others”.


  50. BruceC says:

    Good post Jwigg! You stated:

    “If present trends continue in Western nations, someday true servants of Christ will be locked out of mainstream public discourse.”

    I think that in many areas of our culture that is already taking place. Just look at some of the news casts from various sources. When discussing the topics that are at the forefront of our culture some of these so-called journalists scoff at Christians and their beliefs. Trying to cast them as extremist, bigoted, and intolerant. Even on the network that tends to be more far one of the newscasters said Christians have to quit “thumping the Bible” when it comes to voicing concerns about gay marriage and has to present a secular argument. Of course this same person thinks most of the Bible is a just a collection of allegories also. So, as it has been in the past it will be again and is already in process. I forget how long ago it was but I recall an article that I read about the front page of Time stating that Germany was now a pagan nation. And that was not very recent at all..

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  51. BruceC says:

    I think that the culture in many cases has influenced the Church more than the other way around.

    Steve pointed out a very important fact. That many in the early Church were expecting Christ to return in their lifetime. So they hunkered down, selling all their properties and distributing food and possessions amongst the poor in their midst. Living in an almost communal setting. Paul straightened them out on this point though. But yet in today’s culture we see almost the opposite taking place in the Church in many cases. Too much materialism, the “where’s mine” attitude, the desire to be served instead of serving, stinginess, too much emphasis on money, etc., etc. The liberalizing of the Word to make it fit with the culture. We should get back to the expectant attitude of the early Church and place more emphasis on His Kingdom and less on our own.
    More on His agenda and less of ours. And not let the culture water down the Word and the power and truth it gives us in life.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  52. narrowpathseeker says:

    Good Morning All. I can’t quite process some of the posts this morning. I will try to re-read them tonight or tomorrow morning. Brianna is scheduled for surgery again this morning and I am getting ready to go to Boston. THANK YOU for all the prayers and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray again this morning. Thank you.

  53. SFDBWV says:

    More excerpts from the Doctrine of the Eastern orthodox Faith.

    “Not everything in the Church belongs to its Holy Tradition for not everything in the Church is done by the grace of the Holy Spirit, and not everything in the Church pertains essentially and necessarily to the Kingdom of God. Some things in the Church are just temporal and temporary things, merely human customs and traditions of no eternal and everlasting value. Such things in themselves are not sinful or wrong. On the contrary, they may be very positive and very helpful to the life of the Church as long as hey are not taken to be what they are not. Thus, it is very important in the Church to make the distinction between traditions which are merely earthly and human and passing away and the genuine Holy Tradition which pertains to the heavenly and eternal Kingdom of God.”

    “It is also important to recognize that there are also things in the Church which not only do not belong to Holy Tradition, but which are not even to be counted among it’s positive human traditions. These things which are just sinful and wrong are brought into the life of the Church from the evil world. The Church init’s human form, as an earthly institution, is not immune to the sins of it’s unholy members. These deviations and errors which creep into the life of the Church stand under the judgment and condemnation of the authentic and genuine Holy Tradition which comes from God.”

    “This Christian tradition is given over from people to people, through space and time. Tradition as a word means exactly this: it is that which is ”passed on” and “given over” from one to another. Holy Tradition is, therefore, that which is passed on and given over within the Church from the time of Christ’s apostles right down to the present day.”


  54. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    Prayers going up for Brianna here, Narrow. Blessings upon the surgeons and their team — you and your family as you pray — and may the Lord guide the procedure to a healing outcome.


    PS It seems to me the admonitions and the encouragements in John’s letters to the seven churches located in modern day Turkey resonate as fully with the body of Christ in our time as they did in the day. (Revelation 1:4 – 3:22)

  55. poohpity says:

    Jwigg, according to that chapter it tells us that it is the flesh that wars against the soul that God possess for those that belong to Him. The sad thing is we take that war against others that are also made of dust and those who are called brothers/sisters in Christ. Then cry prosecution because of negative behaviors rather than because of our love, kindness, grace and mercy we show mankind because we have received it ourselves. Thank you for sharing further writings from this disciple that are really eye opening and noteworthy as I consider my relationship to the Lord. Really need to bring out the windex as I gaze in the mirror and hopefully I do not forget what I saw when I walk away.

    I guess I missed the part where early Christians sold their possessions and lived in a communal way waiting for the second coming. I have however read that many sold their possession to help other Christians found in other cities that were struggling because they did not feel that anything they owned belong to them and wanted to end the poverty of their brothers/sisters in Christ. ( Acts 2:42-47 NLT; Acts 4:32-35 NLT) There is another place were believers were warned against looking into the sky’s for the second coming and listening to people’s predictions of it. 2 Thess 2:1-3 NLT

  56. poohpity says:

    Maru, the letters to the seven churches bring an awareness to my relationship to the Lord praying not to become lukewarm but I believe when I see it, I am able to pray for the Lord to bring back the fire from the smoldering amber’s so that my desire will be only to please our Lord and live craving Him more than anything around me.

    narrow, praying for good results for your granddaughter and for your family to see the hand of God in all this. He knows the inner workings of our bodies so well and is our great physician.

  57. oneg2dblu says:

    Those are some heavy thoughts and powerful writings are being tagged into this topic called noteworthy.
    Thought this would be a great time to share a noteworthy verse Galatians 2:20. What a great verse.
    Then,I found myself tripping over the next verse, Galatians 2:21, “I do not nulyify the grace of God: for if righteousness were through Law, then Christ died to no purpose.”
    I thought the very purpose He came was not to take away the Law, but more specifically “Fulfil the Law” making His very righteousness to it, the Divine Heavenly standard of fulfilment, aa a spotless lamb sacrificed once and for all.
    “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do…”
    Mark 11:24,25 ” I tell you therefore, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have receieved it and it will be yours. And whenever you stand praying and you have a grievance againast anyone, forgive him so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.
    Then comes another kicker… Mark 11:26 But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trspasses.
    I prayed for that young bomber who is still alive today in Boston saying, “Father forgive him for he knows not what he has done.”
    Has anyone else here done the same? Gary

  58. bobbys says:

    It seems to me that most of us far to often compare ourself to others. This is true of Christians and nonbeleivers. It is not some other person we should try to be like or to plase. Make Jesus be your model and others will see Jesus through you. All we can do is plant the seed and watger it. The Holy Spirt will see that it grows.

  59. BruceC says:

    Yes Gary I have. That God would open his eyes to the truth of God only to be found in Jesus Christ and not Islam. And I pray the same for all caught in its deceitful web.

  60. BruceC says:


    Will hold Brianna in prayer also.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  61. phpatato says:

    Narrow I’ve whispered several prayers today for Brianna and family (you included). Please if it’s no bother, give us an update as to how she is doing.

    Gary, thank you for asking that question. I admit I did not. I will pray for him as well as the two arrested today in Toronto Ontario for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack on a passenger train that would run from NY to Toronto. These two had “direction and guidance from al-qaeda elements in Iran”. I am thanking God that this plot was unsuccessful but as you so rightly have pointed out, the young man in Boston and now these two need our prayers as well.


  62. bubbles says:

    I was in Wal-Mart this weekend, and several people were visiting with each other in the aisles. I overheard several men say, “I hope he dies.”

    I do not wish death on this young man who bombed the marathon. However I do believe he should get the death penalty.

    He and his brother planned this attack, and according to the news, had other plans in place.

    The bomb was full of nails, metal and other harmful material that would injure and kill.

    Both of them were fully aware of what they were doing and would accomplish.

    They knew exactly what they were doing.

    This country needs an awakening of responsibility.
    Many young people will not accept responsibility for anything they do. I have observed them doing what they want, and then lying about what they have done, even when many witnessed them in the very act. Then when they are told they were seen doing something, they will become angry and defiant because someone dares to confront the lies.

    People need to be held accountable for what they do.

  63. remarutho says:

    Good Evening All –

    Mart, your quote from the Letter of Mathetes speaking of Christians includes:

    “They dwell in their own countries, but simply as sojourners. As citizens, they share in all things with others, and yet endure all things as if foreigners. Every foreign land is to them as their native country, and every land of their birth as a land of strangers.”

    Somewhere there is a balance between being patriotic toward my native land – and embracing my citizenship in the New Jerusalem. It seems to me Jesus himself says clearly that following him is costly. One of the scribes who had come to believe in him said, “Teacher, I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:19, 20) He indicates that his allegiance is to heavenly things — not earthly things. We do not make the cut in that devotion to God in our flesh.

    Jesus behaved toward the people he met as “only…fellow human beings,” as you put it, Mart. The Lord was present last week at the Boston Marathon. I believe he was present in the hearts of those who ran toward the explosions and began to care for the wounded. A noteworthy difference in individuals emerges when they are subject to the promptings of the Holy Spirit – who is the prime agent of God’s grace. It can be stunning and surprising to see who the Spirit uses at such a moment!


  64. narrowpathseeker says:

    Just got back from Boston. I am praising God, thanking Him and also thanking Him for all of you that prayed for Brianna.. WE DID INDEED GET A MIRACLE!!!!! I am in joyful tears as I type.. Brianna will be 13 this month and she has for the first time in her life a normal fully functioning heart. The doctors were amazed at what they were able to do.. My son was in tears as well…He said that they have NEVER gotten good news after any of Brianna’s surgeries…it was always something like we patched her up the best we could for now.

    Foreverblessed saw it right when she was praying…thank you thank you thank you…ALL.. I have to go make something to eat but I wanted to share my joy with you all….I can’t stop tearing….I love you guys!!

  65. saled says:

    Gary, I have prayed for the young bomber also. He is a mislead young boy, one among many. And April seems to be a month when misled young boys bring their plans to life. I think back on the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, and the Columbine shootings.

    For many of our youth, there is little real opportunity today. Dreams of becoming a basketball player or boxer are soon squashed by reality, and jobs at which you can earn a living are few and far between. Know anybody with a law degree who can’t find a position? My niece recently graduated with a degree in veterinary medicine. No longer does such a degree enable her to write her own ticket in life. She will be working for another vet for years before beginning to pay off the massive bills.

    There is something massively evil about the economic system in our country today. Forgive me for heading down this road again, but greed IS the root of all evil.

  66. narrowpathseeker says:

    Claudia, thank you so very much for your prayers for Brianna. I know most of my dear brothers and sisters here were praying for her and I wish I could meet with each and every one of you and give each of you a big hug. I am still tearing with joy, Claudia, as I’m sure you were over your granddaughter who seems to have been a recipient of a miracle as well.

    Pat, Steve, Maru, Pooh, Bruce, Claudia, Foreverblessed, and if I missed anyone please forgive me. I am so overflowing with gratitude for your prayers all I can do is cry and keep saying thank you out loud over and over again, even though I know you can’t hear it. May God just Bless all here so abundantly and pour out so many miracles that the lost in your areas will all fall to their knees in awe of Him.

    Has anyone heard from AmazedbyHisgrace? I hope everything is okay with her and her daughter. If you are reading here Amazed, please let us know how you are doing.

  67. lovely says:

    Dear all
    Thank you so much for those who responded to my post, that’s an encouragement. sorry i have to post this late due to different time zones. Wow its so encouraging to see as well how powerful our prayers are and our God is a God who hears our prayers. many blessings to you all & narrowpathseeker for the answered prayer. I find the need to say this ;i do not know if you all are aware what we hear outside the USA . I mean the things that is presented in the media and movies is so different from the truth. I was shocked when i personally came to know someone from the USA and have personally went there myself. Being in the land of our cousins i believe they use that reason to persecute believers. So we’re right our prayers preserve the earth just as we are salt of the earth.. Lovely

  68. SFDBWV says:

    Talitha cumi

    Narrowpathseeker thank you so much for your good news and praise report.

    Enjoy it.


  69. BruceC says:


    Our Lord be praised!! You have a wonderful testimony to give about the love and power of our God! WOW!!!!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  70. BruceC says:


    I know where you are coming from, but I must disagree with one point. Greed IMHO is not the root of ALL evil. It is the cause of many evils. Pride is. It was the first sin and is the basis of all sin. “I” want! “I” must have”! “I” will take! You can’t have greed without the word, or person of “I”. That was Satan’s sin against God; “I will be like the Most High”. It happens when we place ourselves upon the throne of our life; greed is just the first and most obvious product of that. Yes things are out of whack in our land and the world. And by these things; as they progress to get worse and worse, we know that soon He will come!!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  71. SFDBWV says:

    Mart’s topic showing us the difference between Christian’s behavior two thousand years ago and without saying it Christian behavior today.

    That being the “Noteworthy Difference”.

    Evil has many names, so does its root cause. I came to the common denominator of evil as being *self*.

    Self is egotistical, proud, greedy, envious, jealous, vengeful, stubborn, hateful, argumentative; the very opposite of what we find in 1 Corinthians 13:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13.

    Just as the writers of the Christian Doctrine stated, these evils will and have penetrated the very Church itself and it is shown in the character of those who are infected with them.

    It also is shown in how Church has changed over the years and how Christianity is seen by non believers. Again I quote Gandhi when ask why Christianity has not grown in India a country rich with spiritual people, his answer was “The problem with Christianity are Christians.”

    Take an honest look at ourselves and ask just how well do we do in presenting Christ in our behavior?

    How well do modern *churches* do in presenting Him?

    Look at the earliest writings from the wealth of information that exists from the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches and see how they correspond to today’s plethora of denominations and congregations, and see for your self the “Noteworthy Difference.”


  72. cherielyn says:

    narrow, I am so very thankful to hear the good news about Brianna! She has been in my prayers.

    I have prayed for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, just as I did for Jeffrey Dahmer when he committed his horrible acts years ago. All of humanity needs Christ as their Savior, whether they have committed horrific acts or not.

    I am finally over my bad cold as of the middle of last week.

    Internet problems continue, but phone company promised that those problems would be remedied this spring. They are moving some lines, or something, which is supposed to give more reliable service. Hopefully, now that spring is here, they are working on it.

  73. narrowpathseeker says:

    Good Wonderful Morning to ALL.

    All I want to do today is thank God for answering His peoples’ prayers and thank His people for praying for Brianna and call and write to ALL my unsaved friends and family members and tell them of the MIRACLE God gave us. I look around and my home is in the most hideous mess ever from not being tended to….AND I DON’T really care that much!! However, when I am finished writing here and calling and writing everyone I can think of, I will set out to clean up, but I will be praising the Lord as I do it.

    Lovely, thank you. I’m sorry but I don’t remember where you live? My son travels the world over as part of his job and he is now living in Switzerland for 2 years. I know through him and his family that Americans are not very well liked around the world. BUT, there are good and bad people throughout the earth…and I don’t think the US is much different than any other place in the concept of good and bad citizens…Our government is supposed to be run by “we the people” but I think “we the common people” have little to do with what the government does. We who are His are all citizens of His Kingdom.

    Forever, I copied and pasted your message about your experience while praying for Brianna to my son before her surgery to encourage him… I told him you were from the Netherlands…did I get that right?

  74. narrowpathseeker says:

    Steve, how long has it been since Matthew’s accident? Brianna will be 13 soon. It took almost 13 years for this MIRACLE. I still believe that Matthew could have a miracle and I am still praying for that. We have some mighty prayer warriors here… PLEASE let us pray for a miracle for Matthew…NOTHING is impossible for our BEAUTIFUL LOVING ALL POWERFUL GOD! While praying this morning Matthew kept coming to mind and the notion that you had given up on a miracle…PLEASE do not give up on that. You prayed hard for Brianna along with our village of prayer warriors here…many in the family fasted as well…and God saw and heard the collective voices of His people.

    I have to get to cleaning and straightening up here now… have a wonderful day ALL!

  75. remarutho says:

    Morning All —

    Rejoicing with you here, Narrow & Brianna & family! God has been good to us all.


  76. narrowpathseeker says:

    Thank you Cherielyn and Maru … there are so many things I want to write to each of you but as I try to organize my thoughts to articulate it in writing, my mind is so filled with gratitude that THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU seems to override the other words I try to retrieve from my thoughts right now.. maybe in a few days…

  77. poohpity says:

    Rejoicing here with you as well, narrow.

    Even when things do not go the way we had wished we still can rejoice that the Lord is still in control and is worthy of all praise because of who He is not only what he can do for us. Rejoice in the Lord always and in all ways.

    There is so much anger and hatred in our world today hopefully we can be that breathe of fresh air that makes a noteworthy difference to those around us as sojourners passing through on our way home.

  78. poohpity says:

    I believe that no matter if it is 2000 years ago or today we have a new identity in Christ. We are to put off anger, wrath, malice, lying, greed the characteristics of our old life; Col 3:5-9 NLT and embrace our new identity that pays no attention to nationality, race, slave or free or gender but Christ is all and in all. Christ displayed tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness and bearing with one another and forgiving as Christ forgave us to put on the bond of love; Col 3:10-14 NLT. There is no time limit on these. Rather than protecting and polishing our own image, reflect the image of Christ.

  79. oneg2dblu says:

    Good day all… Here’s a noteworthy mention, God is still in the miracle making business. Just look at the miracle in your own mirror and reflect and realize that some other Soul may have prayed you into the Kingdom, and what a miralce that surely is!
    Let’s all pray for Matthew, let’s all pray for each other and for this world where we live, by never ceasing, “Come Jesus!”
    Please pray for my sister Sharon who has suffered greatly with advanced Limes Disease for over ten years now.
    It cost her her occupation in nursing where she being head nurse of her floor was despensing meds and finding she was losing her mind and had to stop working.
    She told me this morning that she was recently having suicidal tendencies again.
    She is taking so much medication and has just returned to therapy again where she has a new professional taking her case and will be going through a total re-evaluation.
    She rattled off four or five different drugs she currently taking along with a good dose of Christ every day.
    She has just finished her third childrens book and I have been finding them all deviod of any spiritual element. I am praying she will find the right way for her to put God/Christ into her work as well, for she is helping to shape little minds who will all need a Savior some day as well.
    She told me out of the blue, because she has heard such condemning thoughts from others around her already ,that she secretly found herself praying for Dzahokar Tsarnaev and knew she could share that with me. Go figure…

  80. BruceC says:

    I will pray for your sister Gary. Lyme Disease is horrible. When I was a kid you never heard of it; or for that matter some others that are in existence. When we are outdoors we are always on our guard and checking ourselves. May our Lord be with her, comfort her, and heal her for His glory. In Jesus Name! Amen!!

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  81. foreverblessed says:

    Praise God, He is working miracles!
    Psalm 103:1
    Praise the Lord, my soul;
    all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
    2 Praise the Lord, my soul,
    and forget not all his benefits –
    3 who forgives all your sins
    and heals all your diseases,
    4 who redeems your life from the pit
    and crowns you with love and compassion,
    5 who satisfies your desires with good things
    so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

    8 the Lord is compassionate and gracious,
    slow to anger, abounding in love.
    9 He will not always accuse,
    nor will he harbour his anger for ever;
    10 he does not treat us as our sins deserve
    or repay us according to our iniquities.
    11 For as high as the heavens are above the earth,
    so great is his love for those who fear him;
    12 as far as the east is from the west,
    so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

    13 As a father has compassion on his children,
    so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him;

    I pray that Dzahokar will meet Him, our Father, that he will fear (bow to) Him. And a prayer for your sister too Gary

  82. oneg2dblu says:

    Thank you all for your prayers. My sister is a prayer warrior and certainly will find comfort in knowing others also pray for her.
    Foreverblessed… thanks for those verses in Psalm 103,
    how fitting and comforting are the words of the Lord’s great work and promises as they apply to us all.
    I’ll pass them on. Gary

  83. narrowpathseeker says:

    Gary, I will be praying for your sister Sharon also. I am not familiar with advanced Lyme Disease. I have only heard about a few cases and the many people I know that have had it, never have any further symptoms. However, we know that nothing is impossible for our Almighty Loving God.

    I will also be praying for the bombing suspect as I know we are called to do so. We drove right by the site of the bombing yesterday, just before the moment of silence. We were stuck right there for several minutes because of the crowds and news trucks. While praying for the victims comes easily for me, the Lord has to help me with those responsible, but hopefully someday that will come automatically for me as well.

  84. SFDBWV says:

    Narrowpathseeker, Matthew wrecked his car on June 7th 1999, his mother and my wife of 30 years found out she had cancer in October of 1999 and died the following year on October 20, 2000.

    Nearly everything that was familiar died during that time and we entered into a new and different life of survival.

    I could write several books on the events both physical and spiritual that have accompanied these past almost 14 years, but the loss of my faith is not one of the things lost to the struggle.

    My faith gets me up every morning to face another day; my faith has learned to absorb the disappointments and difficulties of life. It is my faith that I have placed mine my sons and my second wife Glenna’s future in, fully and completely.

    It is my faith that helps keep alive the faith in those I love, I can not falter or fail, I can not be weak or give in to the pressures of life. For as long as others need me to be strong for them I will forever rely on God to hold me up and empower me to be all I can for their sake.

    My desires are the rescue of their needs, my hopes are for them, in fact if it were not for them like Elijah I would set down under the Juniper tree and ask God to take me home.

    There is a battle here daily to steal the joy of living from us all; it is my faith in God and His grace that empowers me to be able to fight the good fight from sunup to sundown and most often throughout the night.

    My faith is strong almost stubborn, and yet it is not through any ability in me, but rather a gift from God and one that sustains us all.


  85. BruceC says:

    May all of us keep our armor shiny and bright. And more importantly…..keep it on.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  86. narrowpathseeker says:

    Steve, I am sooooo sorry… I was not aware of any of the rest of what you have endured. I truly hope that I haven’t hurt you in any way,….or that you thought I was implying that you were lacking in faith. I only meant that after many years it is hard to believe in an “absolute” miracle. I hope I can express what I mean… I believe we are recipients of countless miracles everyday merely when we get a few miles from point A to point B safely with the road rage, cell phones, texting, and substance abuse driving that we see so often. But those BIG more obvious miracles that we don’t see everyday…seem out of reach…I hope you understand what I am trying to say.. If I have offended you in ANY way..please forgive me… I would be heartbroken to think I had added to the difficulties of your day. As for me I believe God CAN do anything…I falter in the area whether His WILL corresponds with my heartfelt desires.. maybe I was projecting…I hope I haven’t made matters worse.

  87. poohpity says:

    People do not see the difference in us from our demand for justice or the ability to survive horrible circumstance or having strength to overcome battles that many face everyday or following rules or caring for family members who are sick, lame, blind or handicapped even people who are not Christians do that everyday some in far worse conditions than we experience in America.

    It is coming out from everything with love not just love for those closest to us or in our inner circle but those who we disagree with or those who we deem unlovable or enemies or outcasts or different religions, cultures, philosophies or that push our last nerve. People will see a noteworthy difference in our love and how we treat others especially for those who may not deserve it just like Jesus did for us.

  88. cherielyn says:


    I will be praying for your sister’s struggle with Lyme Disease. I only wish I had known about it a lot earlier. There is a doctor, in Madison, WI, who has had tremendous success in helping many people who were suffering with Lyme’s.

    Unfortunately, he had a heart attack in February followed by quadruple bypass. Complications, after the surgery left him with difficulty swallowing & he is in a care center on a feeding tube (I suspect he may have had a stroke). He is on extended medical leave until at least Ocotber. However, given his advanced age, I have a gut feeling he may not be able to resume his practice.

    If only I had known sooner, your sister may have been able to get the help she needs with the Lyme’s. He helped a man who had been suffering with it for 30 years!

  89. SFDBWV says:

    Narrowpathseeker, please do feel as if I am offended in any way I am not.

    It has been such a long time now and there is so much to say that it is difficult to compress our story and especially its relationship to the many miracles and interactions from God here in our daily lives. I have over the past years here tried to share some, but it becomes a long story no matter how I try to shorten it.

    You are a joy to my life and in no way have you added any difficulties to me, please believe that.

    I will share a short story so that you can have a peek into our lives.

    For the first 3 years Matt would have me help him set up on the side of his bed and insist that I stand in the kitchen, a distance of about 35 feet, he then *believed with all his heart he could stand without my help and walk to me.

    There is very little that hurt me more than watching him realize he could not even get up to his feet, then watch as belief turned to disappointment and despair. I could die a fiery death a thousand times over, but watching hope die is worse.

    Still he asks every day multiple times a day for me to kill him and says that if I truly loved him I would.

    Every night he prays with me for a dozen or so people on his list, but believes God will not help him and that God doesn’t care.

    I have learned that everyone has a sad story and no one’s is worse than the other. There are miracles here every day and each time I hear Matt voice and kiss him I appreciate the miracle that he is still alive and here with me.

    The night Matt wrecked, as I drove from Winchester VA to Morgantown God spoke to me and said clearly “Matt will be fine!”

    I believe God and I trust Him, all the rest is part of the story that is building the character in all of us affected by this life we are given.

    I don’t know your name, only Narrowpathseeker, but please believe me you are loved here.


  90. narrowpathseeker says:

    Steve, while I am relieved that I did not offend you, I am in tears thinking of all you and Matthew have been through. I so very much want Matt to have a miracle of complete restoration. Since that very thought and desire comes most strongly when I am praying, I can’t help but believe that it comes from the Lord Himself, so I will be praying and hoping all of us here will be praying the same.. My name is Pearl… ;-)

  91. narrowpathseeker says:

    Urgent prayer request. Brianna’s IV line dried up and they can’t get another in. She is exhausted from pain.. THANK YOU

  92. narrowpathseeker says:

    They can’t get pain medication into her.

  93. SFDBWV says:

    Hopefully by now all is well for Brianna, Thank you *Pearl* for the opportunity to pray with you for you, Brianna and your family.


  94. remarutho says:

    Good Afternoon All —

    Many to pray for here. Ongoing prayers for
    Matt & family,
    always for Deb,
    Narrow & Brianna today,
    Sharon Gary’s sis. Please also lift up
    Lisa, my neighbor, who lost her mom suddenly this week. And
    Letha my new friend just out of a detox program — looking to relaunch life from “square one.”

    It is a wonder what the Lord provides in times and places where we pray — never knowing the gracious outcomes! What a noteworthy difference in kingdom life.


  95. SFDBWV says:

    Hoping to hear from Pearl this morning about Brianna, praying all is well with her.

    When I was a boy we used to make taffy. The thing about making taffy is that you have to butter up your hands and while the taffy is still hot get a handful and began stretching it. It was called a “taffy pull”

    We would stretch and stretch the taffy until its consistency was just right for lying out on the wax paper in a nice long piece to await its being cut up and allow to harden.

    I often think of faith in this light as every day my faith is stretched to the limit yet held together by the substance that keeps me in the hand of God and from being lost from Christ. An answer to the very prayer Jesus gave in requesting that *none* should be lost. My faith stretched to the breaking point, but only strengthened by the process not broken by it.

    Cool morning at 33, rain last night and thunder in the evening.


  96. BruceC says:

    Hi winds and rain last night here too. Very heavy for a while. Then the temp fell fast

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  97. narrowpathseeker says:

    Good Morning All …

    Steve, I too am awaiting news on Brianna. I have not gotten any text replies from my inquiries as yet this morning. Last night they had gotten her pain level down to a “5” which is about what Brianna has been dealing with most of her life. On a scale of 1-10… yesterday she was at a 12. While the pain level is down to something Brianna can easily deal with, she has developed a fever and her heart rate was very high. I will update as soon as I hear from my son.

    Thank you ALL for your concerns and prayers.

  98. SFDBWV says:

    Yes Bruce it was a very noticeable difference in temperature as the first storm hit we dropped from 75 to 58 in only a few minutes, then as the evening wore on it was wave after wave of high winds rain and cooler and cooler air.

    The fellow that brings the paper said he seen snow this morning (in the air) over near Deep Creek Lake, we get pretty much the same weather here as does most of Garrett county MD, that little river (North Branch of the Potomac) only divides political subdivisions not the weather.

    Soon as things settle in for Matt this morning it is back to cutting up trees and loading up the truck to haul away…I am starting to feel all of my 65 years.


  99. SFDBWV says:

    Thank you Pearl, God bless.


  100. narrowpathseeker says:

    I need to catch up with everything I’ve let go in recent days, but just heard from my son. Brianna’s heart rate has come down to 130 which is still high but better than 155 and she is doing better this morning. Again….THANK YOU ALL for your prayers.

    I will not be back here much in the next week and probably not at all for the month of May as I am leaving to visit my son and his family in Switzerland as I have not seen those grandchildren in almost a year. It is my first trip EVER out of the country and first real trip in many years. I may be able to access this site from there on one of their pc’s but if not..please know that I will be thinking of you all and praying for you all as well.

    AGAIN…THANK YOU for your prayers for Brianna.


  101. phpatato says:

    Good Morning Everyone

    Have been busy these last couple of day. First of all, Pearl (Wow what a joy it is to know your name) I am so thankful and teared up when I read of Brianna’s miracle! I could almost literally feel the happiness in your words. I will continue to hold her close in my heart as I see she’s not out of the woods yet. God hasn’t finished His work yet so continue to Trust and place your fears in His hands. xo

    Gary I will pray for Sharon. I myself, was where her thoughts are now because of years and years of being clinically depressed. I am glad to hear that another professional will be looking at her medications. I was on a concoction that almost put me over the end. But for the Grace of God!

    Steve as always you amaze me. You inspire me to continue running; to not give up and lose faith. I think of you and Matt quite often; you will always be in my prayers.

    As are all of you here. I am so thankful for being led here and I consider it my privilege to call you family. You all are truly remarkable and I love you all.

    Maru I will hold your neighbour and your new friend up in prayer.

    Bruce we had high winds and rain last night as well so that storm system covered a wide swath. Temps dropped to just 2c last night. High today is only 11 with flurries possible tonight. My son and a couple of friends were travelling the I81 last night. They should be pulling into Richmond VA shortly after lunch today. There is a Nascar race there Sat evening that they will watch. I got an email from him around 12:30am saying they were in a Carlisle Pa Walmart parking lot about to do groceries and to call it a night. Wish I was with them. lol

  102. phpatato says:

    Pearl I wish you a safe journey and a wonderful time in Switzerland. I have never been outside North America either. I’m excited for you!

  103. poohpity says:

    Thank you so much Maru, that may be why my head is still above water at this time.

  104. oneg2dblu says:

    Good day all… I have a praise report. A noteworthy difference for sure, after speaking with my sister Sharon again yesterday as she explained that her intial motivation for her writing was driven by appealing to the universal audience, (the masses,) which I then commented that that was also the problem with many churches messages today as well as she felt she would derive the most exposure and money. She didn’t want her books collecting dust on the shelf in some obscure Christian bookstore somewhere, she wanted them out in the world.
    I told her thank God Max Lacado didn’t feel that way!
    Now, here’s the possible title of the next generation of her writing, “From Heaven’s Eyes” I hope I got that title right. She will now interject biblical verses into to work. In fact she has already written her book on the journey of her discease process of living with advanced Lyme’s, but it has been laying around fully wriiten but never really finished for a reason, because she had NOT EXPRESSED the real reason she is alive today, her Faith in her Lord Jesus Christ, and the realization found in His Living Word and in her life, that His Mercies are new every morning, and God has a purpose and plan for keeping her around. Sharing Him with others! “Halleluiah!”
    I know that her hearing that prayer warriors were praying for her by name, both daily and fervently made a huge impact upon her very being.
    My prayers for her work to boldly express her real life with God are coming to fruition through the prayers of the faithful that surely imact the Hand of God upon the whole world. Our Prayers all make a noteworthy difference! Gary

  105. oneg2dblu says:

    cherielyn… thanks for your sharing about this doctor you know of who has helped so many others with this disease.
    My sister has one the world’s most prominent Lyme’s specialists available to her in Boston who is currently treating her. Her problem was she was mis-diagnosed for fourteen years by another doctor. She holds no ill affects toward that unfortunate set of circumstances within her for that and all has been toally forgiven.
    Today her life is totally in the Lord’s Hands, for she never knows from day to day if she will even be able to rise on her feet, let alone know where her mind will, or will not take her.
    Right now she is fully functioning and praising God with renewed vigor. Whether she rises in the valley or on the mountain top, her Lord is ever present in her life.
    May it be so in all her future writing as well.
    Answered Prayer…

  106. oneg2dblu says:

    Pat… thanks for prayers and for sharing that battle of the mind which suffered you for years. We all know the battle is always in the mind, and the Battle we think we are fighting, is really the Lord’s.
    So, how much more can we do then to put our full faith in the Only One who fights all the battles for us.
    If God is for us, Who can stand against us?
    Depression is no match for the Almighty,
    Disease has no place in His realm,
    for those whose trust is in the Lord,
    they will soar like eagles,
    and they will prevail in Him.

  107. foreverblessed says:

    Yes Gary, isn’t that true, diseases are not in God’s realm,
    Psalm 103:3 still rings in my ears, for a longer period now, And I believe that God is telling me, now is the time to stand on these verses. (Which means before it wasn’t my time yet, don’t know, maybe because I was still wavering, God is powerful, but only in heaven will I see it happening, it is not for me now yet). So I am proclaiming it: He heals all my diseases. Last week migraine started again, slowly, and I was proclaiming these verses, and singing praise to God, saying that Jesus has power over all things. I had done this before, but still the migraine would come. Now I was so much more convinced: God has overcome all, and I am in Him.
    This time the migraine left. And at night I was praising God! Yes, He heals all my diseases.
    So to all, so not give up, even if it takes 20 years, still proclaim all these wonderful promises that are in the bible. Do not give up. If God is not delivering you yet, He is at work doing it. Praise Him anyway, for the work He is doing.
    Pearl, what a beautiful name, I am living in the Netherlands. So I am not early writing here, we are just ahead in time, 6 hours I think. I am still praying for you, and your family, it isn’t over yet, God wants to give many more blessings it is still going on. And the real blessings are those of the spiritual realm, Love, peace, joy.
    We have such treasure, even if in the valley of life things are grumpy, God is still the same and we are in Him!

  108. BruceC says:

    Thank God that Charles Spurgeon did not give up either. I read somewhere that he battled depression all his life off and on. Yet our Lord used this man for the Kingdom.

    Someday I will have lungs that are not shot through with disease and be free of pain. If He chooses my life time, or when I am in His presence; so be it. All here are in my prayers.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  109. oneg2dblu says:

    BruceC… Yes, and Charles Spurgeon, Rick Warren, and how about the Apostle Paul’s writings?
    We could fill the whole world with volumes because
    all our words, when properly directed, have a much greater potential to affect the world for His Kingdom than we will ever know of when we first utter them.
    I especially remember two words I uttered to the Lord a couple decades ago, “Help Me!”

  110. poohpity says:

    Mart, where are you? Is this the season of life that the blog has run it’s time? I sure do miss your thoughts and praying all is well for you, our fearless leader! :-) I know just as ODB today was saying the seasons change I hope this is not a place that receives that change. :-(

    My oldest son graduates from college next week that joy has it’s sorrows not having his dad there is watch. Please pray for the Lord to give him a wonderful graduation gift for a job well done. The Lord is their father and has done such a wonderful work in their lives all the years their dad was not around and I am honored to give praise and honor to the Lord for the work he has done in all our lives. If it had not been for Him I dare not think of what it would have been like.

    Gary, there are many times still that I utter those words to the Lord, “Help Me” in fact almost everyday.

  111. poohpity says:

    ooops “to watch” not “is watch”! I have lost my mind if anyone finds it please return what there is left of it. lol It will not benefit anyone it hardly benefits me. :-)

    Bruce, I think if we named all the things wrong with these old tents I guess we could go on and on. Praise God He makes it so after a while we will not miss this temporary housing. It was not made to last forever. The short time we have in it, it serves it’s purpose, then back to dust it goes. I sure will not miss mine because I miss dancing so much and am looking forward to doing it again. ;-)

  112. oneg2dblu says:

    pooh… it always amazes me how powerful those two words can be to change our point of reference and our situation. How many times that actually works is a miracle in itself.

  113. Mart De Haan says:

    Thanks for your concern. I’ve been out of the country for a bit, and unable to keep up the posting. Will try to get back involved soon.

  114. BruceC says:

    Claudia and poohpity,

    It is wonderful how affliction, sorrow, pain, trials, and persecution can be used by God to draw us closer to Him. As it is referenced in Psalms.
    I am reading through the prophets in my chronological Bible and the parallels of Israel and our culture is amazing. Human nature at its best will eventually lead people to believe that everything comes from their own hands and become puffed up with pride; turning them away from God. It is suffering that usually brings many back, or keeps them there to begin with.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

  115. poohpity says:

    Bruce, nothing much has changed has it? That chronological reading is wonderful isn’t it putting all the prophets in with the kings that were serving very eye opening!

  116. narrowpathseeker says:

    I’ve been running around all day taking care of last minute odds and ends, babysitting, and dog sitting. I am also trying to acclimate to Swiss time, so I need to go to bed an hour ago. But, I had to stop in to tell you that Brianna is out of ICU, is doing much better, (even smiled a few times) and could possibly be going home on Monday. I want to thank you ALL again for the prayers and I am thanking God for answering them. Brianna thanks you all as well.

  117. BruceC says:


    The Lord be praised! He is wonderful!!

    I have enough problems acclimating to our own time, let alone another nation’s! LOL!
    My wife sleeps like a rock while I am a light sleeper and as I get older I find myself getting up after only four hours of sleep and wide awake. Then later I usually take a short nap to compensate.

    God Bless All!
    Soli Deo Gloria!

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