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A Week of Mixed Emotions

This has been a week of loss and sadness—mixed with anticipation— for our Discover the Word radio team. On Friday’s program of last week Haddon Robinson announced that the limitations of his recently diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease are making it necessary for him to step away from 23 years of leading conversations of Bible study with […]

Live Loved

When I first heard a friend talk about the idea that a relationship with Jesus boils down to a chance to live loved, I was hooked. Two words. So simple. So profound. Since then, while working with a variety of texts, plots and characters of the Bible I’ve repeatedly come back to those 2 words. […]

Looking for Wisdom

From Eden until now, one of life’s great challenges has been to see our need not just for knowledge… but for wisdom. The difference is just as needed when it comes to our understanding of the Bible—and maybe more so in our information age. It doesn’t even take a knowledge of the Bible to see […]

Avoiding the Potholes

With the recent thaw after a lengthy period of below normal temperatures, Michigan roads have suddenly become littered with axle-busting potholes. Our local paper reported yesterday that road crews are out trying to fill as many as possible. But as the the snow has begun to fall again, we have more than slippery conditions to […]

Mark of the Forgiven

With just a few words, someone who knew what it was like to deny Christ gave us a lot to think about. According to Peter, if we are not growing in our love for others, we have forgotten how much we’ve been forgiven (2Peter 1:8-9). Jesus said something similar to a Pharisee who objected when […]

Why is God so Angry?

How are we going to explain to our children and grandchildren an angry, fearsome, merciful, compassionate, beautiful Father? The thought lingers in the lyrics of the ancient song we’ve been thinking about together. Reflecting on the passing days of our lives, Moses writes, “For all our days have passed away in Your wrath; we finish […]

The Relativity of Time

It’s been said that a twin living at the top of a mountain ages slower than a twin living at the base. But the idea based on Einstein’s theory that time is relative to energy and mass is beyond me. I have all I can do to explain the relatively different way that time seems […]

Jacob’s Legacy

In All’s Well That Ends Well, William Shakespeare gives us the thought that “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” Two centuries later, a French author by the name of Victor Hugo showed his readers that a legacy of honesty—without grace—can turn us into devils. In his 19th-century novel Les Misérables (i.e., The Miserable), Hugo […]

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