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The Vision of Sochi

DSC02122Seeing the nations of the world coming together peacefully around the common language of sport says a lot about our shared humanity. So does the fact that our athletes are competing with one another for personal and national glory in snow covered mountains, surrounded by fences and armies of anti-terrorist security.

May be a small foretaste of a better day when all of the nations of the world come together to another mountain, with a far greater interest, to celebrate a shared victory—after recycling their weapons of war—for the glory of the Creator who suffered and died for all of us. (Isa 2:2-4)

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93 Responses to “The Vision of Sochi”

  1. BruceC says:

    In response to your topic about all I can say is: “Come quickly Lord Jesus!”
    Without my hope in Christ I don’t know if my spirit could deal with all the pain, suffering, and tragedy of this fallen world. Likely that is why so many look for relief in all the wrong places.
    I pray that nothing serious happens at these Olympic events and that all remain safe.

    3 below here this AM and 19 below yesterday AM. Am beginning to feel brittle

    Soli Deo Gloria

  • SFDBWV says:

    Bruce it looks as if yours and my thoughts are in line again this morning.

    Mart’s thoughts about a coming day when all people can come together in peace and harmony there in Jerusalem and all is well in the world only reminds me that all is *not* well in the world as I write.

    I ache for Jesus’ return and an end to people’s suffering.

    There seems to be no victory over death when we still have to bury loved ones or worse watch them suffer.

    Our hope still lay with looking beyond today to a tomorrow when all our prayers are answered.

    How long indeed before enough is enough.

    We are not as cold as you Bruce, but I am beginning to get tired of gray skies, constant snow and bone chilling cold. The weather outlook seems to not see relief anytime soon.

    I am longing for those mornings when I can set on the porch in the swing and just enjoy watching the sun come up.