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In the End and Beginning

DSC02121 As we come to the end of the Sochi Winter Games, an article in the Washington Post asks whether any other host city will ever be able to match the size, cost, and 51 billion dollar showcase created by Vladimir Putin.

At the same time we are hearing stories of some athletes who expect this to be the last time they compete for their flag in Olympic competition. For others the end is the beginning of the next four year cycle of training,  focus, and shared dreams.

DSC02114The staging, enormity, and excellence inspired by the Sochi games can be seen as a small parallel to a much greater venue and outcome.

When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to bring fullness of meaning to the Law of Moses, he took  study of the law, rabbinic education, and personal goals to the ultimate level of performance and perfection.

As a generation of spiritual coaches and mentors debated the meaning of individual laws and texts of sacred words, Jesus brought spiritual performance to a level that no one had ever seen before. Even in our own day many still tend to think of the Law of God as a series of individual rules and commandments. But Jesus personified something far greater.

Under Jewish oversight, the Law/Torah of God was far more than a collection of moral imperatives. The first five books of Moses were first of all a Story that reveals the personality and wisdom of our God, the moral mess into which we his dearly loved children and creation have fallen into, and yes—in the process— a group of moral commandments meant to lift our eyes to the snow covered heights of something and Someone better.

DSC02124A lesser and far more defective view of the law and book of God distracts us into arguments about words, texts, and ideas that turn our eyes and hearts from the real story of what is happening to us, our neighbors, and our perceived enemies.

When Jesus walked into Zion, the mountain of God, to reveal a kind of religion and spirituality that had been lost… and to allow his whipped and bruised body to be lifted on an executions cross above the gawking, sobbing crowds of Calvary, he revealed a personal best that was—in inexpressibly immeasurable ways given to reveal the goodness and glory of God—for our rescue.

The sacrifice and significance of that moment brought into focus the highest end, and beginning of what it means to see the best, the most memorable, and the most important performance we will ever see, consider, or enter into together.

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95 Responses to “In the End and Beginning”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Where to begin…..The extravagance and cost of hosting the Olympics seems vulgar when compared to the poverty many in Russia have to endure. So to whose glory was the Olympics produced?

    How can one compare God to anything?

    Look around us and see how many people are sick, dying and crippled, who are mental cripples and slaves to a long list of bad choices and just plain bad circumstances of birth and life; then see if the Olympics matter when compared to their suffering.

    The clock is ticking and time is running out for this world of self absorbed users and abusers of the time given them.

    God became a man because man could not redeem himself, in all of the world of men from the beginning to the end there was no *best man*, so God, who created man, had to make a sacrifice of Himself as no man qualified for the *event*.

    Give Jesus the glory He earned and deserves, by living for Him as He has ask of us, not by giving Him a *gold medal*.


  • remarutho says:

    Good Morning BTA Friends –

    Was struck by Mr. Wilson’s closing thought, quoting Michael Oppenheimer:

    “But the venues (of future Winter Olympics) might be radically different,” he says — “a lot less accessible and less amenable to host the kind of huge, circus-like event we hold today.” (AP)

    The warming of planet earth may be a factor in future Winter Olympic Games. Can only imagine the games of the latter 21st c. housing a winter climate under a huge dome complete with super air conditioners and massive snow machines!

    The statement could also apply to the coming of the Lord Jesus (Rev 16:15, 16) on the great day. Even as we see the likeness of the Day of the Lord in the gathering of the peoples of the earth at the Olympic Games – so may we prepare our hearts for the ultimate gathering in the fullness of Christ’s Kingdom.

    Prayers going up that the day will find myriads and myriads of peoples faithfully seeking the Lord while he may be found!

    Have a great week-end,