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The Gift of Time

DSCN0882_SnapseedThis is National Volunteer Week in the U.S. April 6-12 has been set apart as a time to honor those who have given one of the greatest treasures in life to the service of others.

During the week I’ve had a chance to have lunchtimes with groups of Service Partners who donate time to our shared effort. In the process I heard the Director of our volunteer teams express her conviction that the gift of time is far more precious than a gift of money— because there are ways of getting more money—but no way to get more time.

Her comment caused me to think about how casual and careless I’m inclined to be about time—sometimes as if it is worth nothing.

The point is not that we always have to be doing something. No less than the 23rd Psalm reminds us that one of the wonderful things our Great Shepherd does for us is to “make us to lie down in green pastures” and to “restore our souls”.

But I’ve been reminded again this week that the “why”, “what”, and “how” of both work and rest depends on something that has been entrusted to us—being, by its very nature, far more valuable than we might think…

Priceless while we have it… more precious when it’s gone.

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30 Responses to “The Gift of Time”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Having already spent my available *time* on the last topic this morning, I have only a little left to this one for now.

    Years ago I read a short a fictional story about a future time when instead of money people were born with a preset length of time in which to live.

    Implanted from birth was a little device in the brain that the *government* computer controlled that would cause death as soon as time ran out. However in this fictional future one could earn more time as they used the time they had in order to put more time in the bank than they wasted away.

    Hidden in this little adventure was the wisdom of learning what is more valuable, time or money.

    See everyone tomorrow…if there is enough time left.


  • remarutho says:

    Good Morning BTA Friends –

    The volunteer coordinator spoke the truth to my heart, Mart.

    The things we spend our time on matter when there is an accounting (each one looking at his/her own calendar). The actions we choose cost something – and they yield something. Money is a mere tool in the way we invest ourselves. It merely reflects the inner condition, and the outer expression of our devotion to a cause, a person or a pass-time.

    I like the April 8th ymiblogging entry on rbc.org concerning the lowly donkey. The question is: “Will you serve me?” Pleasing the Lord is a life-style. Love is an act of will. Am I bearing Jesus to others?

    It seems to me, sharing Jesus with the work of minds and hearts – of hands and feet – is to “spend time” effectively, and to be part of establishing Christ’s kingdom here and now. (Matthew 6:27, 33) Eternity is this instant in my opinion.