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The Heart of a Park Ranger

_78846018_gorilla_virunga624While thinking more about our Father’s world, I found an inspiring article in the BBC Online Magazine about Africa’s oldest national park. It’s the story of Andre Bauma, a park ranger, who describes how, in addition to his love for his family, has found a special place in his heart for an adopted orphan gorilla by the name of Ndakasi— who sees him as her mother.

Andre talks about his willingness to literally die for his threatened friends of the forest. And according to the article by journalist Vibeke Venema, his willingness to sacrifice is not exaggeration. Since 1996, 130 park rangers have died trying to defend the natural sanctuary. When regional warfare erupted, “everyone in the area was evacuated – except the rangers, armed with rifles. “I felt obliged to stay with the gorillas here,” Bauma says. “You must justify why you are on this earth – gorillas justify why I am here, they are my life. So if it is about dying, I will die for the gorillas.”

Makes me wonder what moves us more— a love for God that causes us to care for his creation, or a care for creation that reminds us of how much our God loves us.

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76 Responses to “The Heart of a Park Ranger”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Much of what I said in my earlier post this morning on our last topic about zoos could be said here, but I do have more “thoughts”.

    We know there were an entire world of animals that have gone extinct. Not only the dinosaur, but many creatures that lived during the ice age and even recorded by man in his art.

    Wooly mammoths, mastodons, saber-toothed cats, cave bears, giant beavers, the list goes on and on.

    We are left with hypothesis as to what happened to these extinct animals. No matter the “expert” opinion it is still a guess as we just do not know.

    God knows and knows why they are no longer in the world.

    Given the concept that God is in control, we can’t ignore God in the equation as to why some animals thrive and live on and some do not.

    Whereas I admire Andre and people like him for their compassion and zeal, people should remain more important than anything else.

    There is just something wrong when we think about animals over people, though I get it when we do, because of the way some people behave they are the worst kind of “animal”.

    A few subjects back we talked of pestilence and the diseases that ‘jump” from animals to humans. In the religions of animal worship like the Hindu the rats they would not kill carried the fleas that brought the plague to millions. Many starve because they won’t practice pest control and would rather feed a cow than eat the grain themselves or, their god forbid, eat the cow.


  2. saled says:

    My neighbors lost one of their dogs on Thursday. She was lost on the 100+ acres of forest behind our homes. If she crossed a road, she would enter hundreds more acres of forest. Looking for her is like looking for a needle in a haystack. My neighbors have been out rain or shine, often into the dark night, looking for her. My husband and I look for her in daylight, in sunshine. Were their Shelby a child, we would be right along beside them searching in the rain and dark. So I guess I still put people ahead of animals.

    But for Andre in the park with his gorilla’s, I trust his dream that the gorillas are his life. Maybe they are what God planned for him. Maybe God’s plan is for him to give his life for the gorillas. And in that day when the lion lies down with the lamb, maybe Andre’s purpose will shine.

    I wonder if God sees a right or wrong choice in Mart’s wondering about what moves us more in his last paragraph.

  3. poohpity says:

    I think both are important our love for God and His love for us. Both bring us to Him and effect the way we live our lives and what we do. I believe it is His love for us that first brings us to Him and when we realize how great that love is, we return that love. (1 John 4:10 NIV; 1 John 4:19 NIV)

  4. oneg2dblu says:

    If God is in control of all things, then when a man and an animal cross paths, isn’t God directing both?

    Having always our free will to choose how we will react to such meetings, my premise is this, “There are no accidental meetings.”

    God alone knows the needs of all His Creation and He provides.

    Mankind may joyfully sing, “I found Jesus.”

    Yet, we all know who was actually lost.


  5. joycemb says:

    Good day all!

    Thinking of the fall of mankind in the garden. As man was condemned to work the earth to eat, including care of the animals, maybe love grew out of necessity of purpose? God is a real stinker sometimes; pouring out love even in the bleakest of circumstances, turning work into love, turning even our damaged hearts into lovers of His creation. Oftentimes abused children will cling to animals who love them unconditionally, and grow up loving/caring for animals more than people. Maybe Bauma was one such child?

    Ok so my kitty just interrupted my typing for a few minutes to quietly purr and be petted, but I know she is also waiting for me to make oatmeal for our breakfast. She only gets about a tblsp. full but enjoys it with her regular food.
    Sometimes I love her interruptions, sometimes I don’t. I am fickle, so glad that God isn’t. He loves me no matter what or when I need Him, or ignore Him. The difference between us and the animals.


  6. joycemb says:

    Oop, that last sentence should read, The difference between us and God.

  7. hera says:

    Joyce, glad you made the correction because I was wondering what/how that means – between us and animals, on being fickle….but it gave me a chuckle..thank you :)

  8. joycemb says:

    Hera glad I made you chuckle, I laugh at myself all the time. Learning not to take myself so seriously, thank YOU!

  9. street says:

    Makes me wonder what moves us more— a love for God that causes us to care for his creation, or a care for creation that reminds us of how much our God loves us.

    i think it’s God’s love for us that moves us to love God and others. remember the blogs on covering sin? needing help with a mountain. finding our purpose in God and our way in this world is a baffling ride of futility without faith. godly people of humble circumstance have boldly stood in the gap of the failures of men. some victoriously some not so much. david did both and he knew where to go for help in time of great need. are not all needs great? if all the nations can not budge God’s scales one way or the other, but bends down to hear our prays and pleas and looks at our comings and goings, what manner of children should we be? be still and know.

    i wonder if i would shoot a poacher made in the image of God to protect a house cat. i think not. david faced that dilemma with saul. he was bother by cutting his robe and stealing his spear and water jug. he was his king.

  10. street says:

    is that learning obedience though suffering = to learning to love through suffering?

  11. SFDBWV says:

    I don’t know of anyone who loves a pet or has a passion to protect animals based solely on their love for God as a Christian.

    I can easily see why a person loves a pet, as the connection between them is genuine love.

    Just as easy for me to see why people risk their lives to save dogs, cats, horses, even some wild animals that are found to be in peril, as we feel compassion.

    Here is the wonder that often transforms our relationship with “animals”; when you look into their eyes what is it that you see looking back?

    It is well documented that “man’s best friend” has a connection to humans that is like no other animal, yet a dog is not well represented in the pages of Scripture.

    It was into the swine that Jesus cast the “legion” of demons.

    It was a very special fish that God used to swallow Jonah.

    His eye is upon the sparrow.

    I think that when we learn to appreciate the uniqueness of life we begin to view all living things differently and with some respect.

    At the top of the chain is mankind if we can’t learn to love and respect each other what hope do we have in the care for the remainder of living creatures we share the planet with?

    I gain more and more respect for the imaginative writing presenting animals as the innocent among us in the Russell Crowe adaption of Noah.

    I am leaving early today for the hospital, Glenna is having her gall bladder removed. Matt’s friend Jennifer is going to come and stay with Matt, he likes that. It is going to be a busy and cluttered day, I leave you with prayers that your day is blessed as the sun rises on mine.


  12. poohpity says:

    Steve, I will be praying for Glenna and her surgery that there be no complications also a speedy recovery.

    Mrs BruceC you are in my prayers too!

  13. poohpity says:

    Maybe a dog and it’s relationship to man may not be seen in the black written words of scripture but it is in the white. One has to understand the white before the black/red makes any sense.

  14. joycemb says:

    My prayers also for Steve and his family.

    Pooh, would you explain what you mean by understanding the white? Sounds intriguing but I’ve never heard that before. Thanks.

  15. poohpity says:

    Joyce, that one you will have to ask God to explain! I am afraid I will not do it any justice in my answer.

  16. poohpity says:

    I have tried over the years to no avail.

  17. joycemb says:

    Ok thanks. It will be one of those mysteries!

  18. poohpity says:

    It does not have to be a mystery!

  19. joycemb says:

    Ok, please explain then! I’ve asked God for wisdom but evidently it’s a mystery to Him also. LOL!

  20. joycemb says:

    He won’t tell me what’s going on in your mind, lol!

  21. street says:

    God is light and in Him their is no darkness.

    are you reading the white light on the page or are you reading the darkness of the page?

  22. joycemb says:

    I never thought of the Bible as containing darkness, only light. Am I getting closer?

  23. joycemb says:

    Are you guys talking about reading it as a text book vs a living word?

  24. joycemb says:

    God just told me to shut up, so I am.

  25. SFDBWV says:

    Glenna’s surgery went well. Thank you all for your concern and prayers, it was a very long day.

    Pooh, I too thought of our friend Bruce as soon as the issue arose with Glenna, but had peace about the matter. Like coming home from the dentist, she was up and moving last evening after getting home, but I am sure today and for a few more she is going to be sore. She will just need a little extra TLC.

    Matthew of course very much enjoyed having his friend Jennifer here with him all day, and after I returned home he turned to his exercise routine he had to put on hold until my return and we finished everything up by his bedtime.

    So we are looking forward to whatever is considered a normal day for us today.

    25 degrees and a starry sky.


  26. saled says:

    Maybe what Pooh means by the white is just that, reading between the lines. When I read Romans 8:18-25, I come away with hope for the whole creation that Paul mentions in verse 22. Does Paul say here that I will see my beloved pets Rockette and Moxie again? No. But the spirit speaks to my spirit and gives me hope for this and much more.

    My neighbors’ dog Shelby still hasn’t been found. I will hunt again today in hopes of finding this one lost now for 5 days.

  27. SFDBWV says:

    Before returning to our topic or even picking from the conversation, I want to say a silent prayer for mankind born of the memory of why today is “Veterans Day”.

    WWI redefined how wars would be fought because of the slaughter and carnage of mechanized killing.

    The civilian casualties of WWII and introduction of “atomic warfare” redefined our willingness to enter into global war ever again.

    There is a lot of thought and prayer that needs to be put forth today as we “celebrate” “Veterans Day” always thankful for those who serve and those who gave all.


  28. narrowpathseeker says:

    Steve, I am so glad Glenna is doing well after surgery. Also glad that Matthew had good company while you were gone.

  29. SFDBWV says:

    Thank you Pearl

  30. SFDBWV says:

    At every Council meeting I present an *agenda*. It provides sort of an outline of what issues need attending to in a concept of priorities.

    Always there are unexpected emergencies that rearrange priorities gain all of the attention and in most cases the moneys as well.

    Africa always seemed to me to be an accursed continent with what appears as never ending uprisings and revolts of power at the cost of great suffering and death. I suppose the tribal ethnic cleansing that often accompanies such events are the most puzzling to me.

    Who is it that created the great vast animal sanctuaries in Africa? And who decides whether the native people can have farm land and where?

    I have seen on the many National Geographic style programs where farmers have a great deal of problems with various animals destroying crops and the farmer not allowed to kill the invading baboons or elephants as they are protected by the law.

    Here in the USA we have what is called the “bread basket” of the world an almost endless sea of wheat and corn and grasses that help to feed the world.

    Some among us would rather have seen the millions of buffalo grazing on prairie grass rather than the millions of people who are fed from there.

    It is interesting to me that when people imagine utopia it is usually a place without “other” people, only themselves and all the beauty of nature around only them.

    I am sorry Mart whereas I fully understand the love for the gorilla that “The Heart of a Ranger” has, I wonder if the love isn’t misdirected and his *agenda* out of order; willing to die for his animal companion and yet leave his family orphaned as a result.


  31. poohpity says:

    Oh my! Where did you get that Andre’s family was orphaned? How do you figure the continent of Africa is accused? Who ever imagined utopia as a place without other people?

    I have never seen anything as beautiful as all the animals and the land that is in Africa and I only saw a very little hunk. I have never experienced faith like the people in Africa have because often God is all they have, so their trust and dependence would put anyone in the west to shame. I am some what biased because my heart since I was young was focused in Africa. I think it is great for some to protect the natural habitat because those that have that type of respect also respect people as well. Those who have no love for God, have no love for people and then have no love for creation and yes the carnage that evil has caused is great, greater than anyone in our country can understand.

  32. street says:

    steve and pooh’s last post are pretty good. makes me think, ” is my love of creation hurting people i should be loving?”

  33. street says:

    Hebrews 12:4

  34. joycemb says:

    Going in a different direction I’m thinking about the problems we have with taking care of the stray animals. If man had not domesticated animals like cats and dogs would we have these starving animals? Or would nature have taken it’s course, i.e. the survival of the fittest. It’s something to think about. Was it God’s intent that animals should become ‘companions’, shown for money and awards, protection, or ?

    Why was Bauma’s gorilla allowed to imprint to where it sees him as his mother? Doesn’t seem ‘normal’ to me. Did things go so terribly wrong in the Garden that even animal/human relationships are skewed? Or are humans just providing the hands-on love of God to a creation groaning until it is rescued/redeemed from evil?

    Just thinking.

  35. poohpity says:

    It seems the ones that are more accursed is western civilization. They depend so much on themselves and the accumulation of stuff God gets pushed out. We are very rich and often those riches stand between us and God. I live below poverty level according to our standards but compared to most in Africa I am very wealthy. We take for granted so very much. So much food wasted.

    At night the refuse container outside our fenced in housing would be full and when we woke up in the morning it would be empty because they found a use for what we considered trash. In the villages they did not have running water in their huts they had to walk to the central water tap. They hauled the sick dying in a wheel barrow for those who had one to the outskirts just to go to the bathroom need I mention they dug holes and no toilet paper that is a luxury.

  36. poohpity says:

    We complain and grumble when we don’t get what we want, they pray for their needs like water, food, clothes, healing, medical help and shelter.

  37. poohpity says:

    If anyone is interested you may read about Andre instead of assuming about how the gorillas are cared for.

  38. oneg2dblu says:

    To all vets out there and all current military, “Thank you for your service.”
    I do not agree with the statement about “the west” being all about themselves, gathering more or hording all their possessions, when we the west or the United States which is really who we are praising or bashing here, if we only look at the material goods and money and treasure the US has already provided and still provides for third world countries.
    So, excuse me for I do not see all the evil self-serving or hording that others may see in us, or try to postulate.
    Could the US do more? Could the church do more?
    Of course, and so could the rest of the world, who now turn their eyes away, or cross over to the other side of the street, and don’t ever get involved.
    That’s my rant for the day!
    Ultimately God knows all the needs of all His Creation and He provides for them.
    Even our human/animal relationships are all part of God’s knowing and plan.
    Who is,my brother, and who is my neighbor?
    God also provided the explanation in His Word, knowing many will refuse it, and many will never understand it, and many have been blinded from seeing it.
    He allows both good and evil to thrive as His rain feeds both the wheat and the tares.
    Yes, there is a natural balance in nature, yet imbalances still do occur.
    That is why a Christ Follower will be off-center or unbalanced, out of sink according to the world view, who can not accept Christ as their Savior.
    Then we see that things get prickly so very quickly.

  39. poohpity says:

    The farthest distance between people is misunderstanding.

  40. joycemb says:

    10 inches of snow here yesterday, so thankful I don’t have to shovel and still have an old 4 wheel drive to get to the grocery store just down the hill a few blocks. Welcome winter!

  41. hera says:

    I search ‘dog’ and it appeared about 40+ in the Bible, one of them, ‘…even the dogs eats the crumbs of their master’s table…’
    That seems to be a positive thing to me, a hope of inclusion..?
    …and perhaps there is another reason for ‘3rd worlds’…not sure what, but there was things like ‘colonized’, also even today there are issues like trade, natural resources usage – things from mining- considered as ‘unbalanced’, usually there are protests done during a summit-of-something for these, then of course there is ‘greed’ at play – internally (within a country) which enable/smoothen ‘the foreign’ (countries with more power/wealth) to ‘absorb unjustly’, (of course the term unjust is as seen by the protesters) those resources…etc….
    I hope this post will not cause any inconvenience, just try to present another view…am sorry if it does though.

  42. oneg2dblu says:

    Yes, I agree that misunderstanding certainly separates peoples from each other and also from God.
    But, disobedience and unbelief are probably the worst of culprits for all of mankind, when it comes to the poverty of their Soul.
    All other forms of wealth are worldly and temporal yet prove to be the hardest for all mankind “east or west” to overcome.
    According to the bible, it is easier for a camel to slip through the eye of a needle, then for the wealthy to achieve surrendering of their wealth.
    The conundrum is this, to whom more is given, more will be expected.

  43. street says:

    saw the movie fury today. it bother me that i had forgotten the brutality of sin after burying my sister the week before. sin can never be viewed as no big thing. i am glad God is bigger than the sin of the whole world. looking forward to a stellar hatred of sin and joyous delight in God and the works of His hand. how quickly i get distracted.

  44. SFDBWV says:

    I get to smile and sometimes cringe when I read the news, especially on the internet. For the most part they seem to have been written by 25 year olds who have had no life experience at all. Written as if whatever they think they have discovered is brand new and never been done or seen before.

    Edgar Rice Burrows published “Tarzan of the Apes” October 1912. An interesting twist on our subject today. But an early reminder or observation as to the almost human characteristics apes demonstrate.

    Because of these similar characteristics modern science believes apes to be “cousins” of we humans and believed we had common origins. The fact that modern genome testing shows that we do *not* share a common DNA doesn’t deter science from still projecting that image that we humans “evolved” from a common ape-like ancestor.

    No one should deny they are repulsed at the early pictures of killed gorilla’s hanging from poles as proud trophies of safari hunters soon after their discovery by the enlightened societies of the world. Thought of as only superstition and folklore amongst the natives before their discovery, they soon became the highest prize among the world’s African trophy hunters.

    I am certain it was the almost human characteristics of Gorilla’s that created the effort to protect them as well as their natural environment.

    I applaud our story’s hero and the efforts of those who try and protect a piece of our world from annihilation.

    If we can just find a way to feel as passionate about loving each other we are on the road to that place God wants our hearts to be; compassionate, caring and sacrificial.


  45. SFDBWV says:

    Joyce I am sorry you have snow and winter weather today, we will by Friday or so we are told. I would suppose living in Minnesota though you have seen plenty of winter weather.

    The last week of November here in Wet Virginia is traditionally the first of two weeks of rifle deer season I can remember every possibility of weather for this time of year and have the official records to revue if I wanted.

    I remember as a kid November weather being especially cold and dreary and have pictures of me measured against the snow. It seemed the 50’s, 60’s and even the 70’s were heavy snow decades and very cold.

    I recall “Time” magazine publishing a story as to whether or not we were entering a new ice age during the winter of 75-76 or 76-77, as both were brutal.

    “The Weather Channel” I believe, did a series of, what if humans disappeared suddenly from the earth. It may have been “The National Geographic Channel”, any way one of the first items discussed were what would happen to all the domesticated dogs and cats left in apartments, houses etc.

    The ones that didn’t starve right away and were able to get outside would fall under the rule of the survival of the fittest and some breeds we have produced would soon disappear.

    There is a great deal more to the series, but the point of them are the imprint we humans have had upon our animal friends as well as the environment around us in general.

    It has always seemed to me that people are out of place here in the natural world of planet earth. Almost as if we don’t belong as part of the cycle of other living things.

    We seem to be an infestation rather than a care taker of our home planet.


  46. SFDBWV says:

    Street if I understood you correctly, you said you buried your sister last week?

    If so please accept my sympathies as to your loss and my prayers for you and her family as well.


  47. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    Tried to post the other day, but could not upload. Maybe today. It seems to me though Andre Bauma and Ndakasi have an unusual relationship, saving the life of the orphaned gorilla was a good thing to do. Suppose the rangers could have destroyed her. Don’t humans have a real, balanced relationship with the animals in God’s kingdom?

    Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it. The Lord God commanded the man, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.”

    Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the sky, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever the man called a living creature, that was its name. Gen 2:15-19

    Interesting to ponder that according to the (2nd) story of Eden, Adam named the animals before he was joined by Eve. Ranger Bauma’s relationship with Ndakasi will change when she gets her full size, I am pretty sure.

    Glad to hear Glenna’s procedure went well. Street, may the Lord surround you and your family in this time of grief.


  48. poohpity says:

    Maru, since we were all made from the ground it would then figure we share in common DNA along with all God’s creatures. What a wonderful, imaginative, awesome God we have and His love is seen through all of His creation.

    street, so sad to hear of your loss know that I will join in prayer with others for God’s comfort for you, your family and friends.

  49. foreverblessed says:

    Have been reading all the comments, thank you all! It keeps me thinking, what can I contribute?
    In my country there are living so many animals, I should get the figures right: 17 million people, 12 million pigs, 100 million(?) chickens, and they all live in this very small piece of land, the Netherlands.
    In the first place: How is it possible to have so much cattle without the land being too much burdened with all the dung and urine?
    And more importantly, How is the well being of all these animals? Are they happy where they live?
    When I drive through the country side, I see all these big sheds, these big buildings, and I know that in there all the cattle are cramped in there. Is that a decent animal living? Or is that future meat that is grown?
    We have a political party that is called “the Party of animals” that party wants to make better living conditions for cattle.
    And the second things they want to do is the teach people that it is not necessary to eat meat every day. That it would be better for the cattle, and for the environment if we eat less.
    The leader of that party is a lady, who is a 7th day Adventist. They have always been careful about the food we eat, and about the environment. I do appreciate their input very much.
    And indeed I also tell my family to eat less meat, maybe skipping it one to three days. And when we eat it not big portions, and to make sure that the meat is from animals who have had a good life. So I pay a little more then from the big supermarkets.
    Well, anyway, that is my bit of input to this topic.

  50. remarutho says:

    So true, Pooh!

    Am blessing the Lord (with all my soul) this morning. Tried to thank God for the 20 mph winds and the freezing temp. (27F) as I walked earlier. Brrrr! Seems I am always thanking the Lord for the comforts and the pleasures. I still do — but with this rapidly changing world — perhaps we should thank the Lord for some of the trials!

    The body of Christ is stressed and pressured just like the other creatures (such as gorillas) in the world, it seems to me. Our old “habitat” is shrinking — and we are praying for flexibility and creativity to keep bringing the Good News to everyone. Thanks to all who share words of encouragement and hope at BTA.

    Our God is like Ranger Andre — lifting us up and carrying us to a place of safety and provision when we are weak and helpless. Perhaps this is the heart of the heavenly Park Ranger.


  51. joycemb says:

    Our God is like Ranger Andre — lifting us up and carrying us to a place of safety and provision when we are weak and helpless. Perhaps this is the heart of the heavenly Park Ranger.


    Beautiful thought, thanks Maru.

  52. poohpity says:

    Maru, sounds like you may have understood the white under the black/red of the Bible, the heart of it all. :-)

  53. oneg2dblu says:

    Good day all… don’t you just love it when your posting along and suddenly lose everything you’ve just written?
    There must be a room full of cyber scientists where all the lost data goes and they analyze it.
    I think I can hear them laughing now, I’ll bet that jerk can’t remember what he just said.

    What was I talking about?
    Oh yeah…
    It seems our DNA must have many common links between certain animals because they can now harvest the retina out of a pig and successfully transplant it into the human eye.
    I’m not sure if that effects our human need for more bacon though…

    The last time I remember getting a monkey off my back was decades ago when I finally quit smoking.

    Glad to hear Glenna is on the mend. Answered Prayer!

    Just thinking about the possibility of us having primordial primate beginnings makes me realize I need to get some bananas today while I’m out, as only one left at home. :)

  54. street says:

    dear maru thanks for the post on Genesis. i think many people over look that women was not taken from the ground. i found that interesting. as for dna science confirms the new testament that flesh is different from different animals. yet they are made from the same cursed ground.

    thanks all for your prayers.

    eat the animals with a bad life so they don’t have to suffer any more. i know that was bad too.

  55. remarutho says:

    Dear Street —

    The differences in flesh are fascinating in Scripture. Not sure I understand it all. I am no geneticist. The Apostle Paul says (in the context of discussing the glorious, resurrection body), “But God gives it (grain) a body as He pleases, and to each seed its own body. All flesh is not the same flesh, but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of animals, another of fish and another of birds.” (1 Cor 15:38, 39)

    All this intricate multiplicity and sameness is conceived in the mind of God. I am not up to it, but I relate completely to Ranger Andre carrying Ndakasi on his back. They are not of the same flesh, but the fatherly/daughterly affection is a saving reality. Ranger Andre says he cares for the gorillas as children, like his own children.

    Meanwhile, Paul goes on to make his chief point, that “…as we have borne the image of the man of dust (Adam), we shall also bear the image of the heavenly Man (Jesus Christ).” (1 Cor 15:49)


  56. joycemb says:

    Pooh I think I understand now about the white of scripture. The white of the Bible stands for God who lifts us, being weak and helpless, like the animals, to Himself. Quite a word pic! Beautiful! Lovely metaphor. Thanks. (Although we still need to enter through the narrow gate of Christs atonement.)

  57. street says:

    ok maru i get what you are saying. it’s the incarnation that God would become a man, a monster us step down, to show us who He is and what is in His heart. He shows us what we should be. a monster us step up from where we are. it’s like a man giving His life for a pig or some have said a worm. that spirit He gave man in the beginning was worth it. we are out of our league with Him and definitely need faith and His constant help.

  58. hera says:

    Hi everyone, a bit off topic if I may…
    I read that Nov. 13 is World Kindness Day, a day meant to celebrate the human spirit, to highlight love and compassion, to bridge gaps between genders, races & nationalities.
    I never knew there was such a day of celebration until now, just thought I share it … :-)

  59. poohpity says:

    I think that is an everyday of the year celebration. :-)

  60. oneg2dblu says:

    Praise God that in His infinite wisdom that He created all flesh to bear their own seed, each with a DNA key that not only separates the species, but has a built in self regulating part that can not be reordered to produce something else. Half man/half horse?
    Only mythology and the imaginations of man think about such things.
    Mankind has always and probably will always want to mess with God’s order and try to build for himself a better body, a better life, a better society, or a creature better than the original, but we can not alter God’s perfectly ordered plan.
    We can not build a tower high enough, invent a power strong enough, or make ourselves even come close to the ruling or regulating of the world, but we do try.
    We can however mate a female horse with a male donkey and make a mule, but we can not make a mule reproduce creating another species or another mule, because the DNA key can not be broken and rearranged by man.
    But we try.
    We can not solve the making of the universe either with using all our science, but we try.
    We can not save ourselves, our world, or the poverty of our souls, but we try.
    We can make a religion and follow it, and we have, but we can not save ourselves by following any man-made thing/ religion.

    It takes a relationship with your Creator, which only God your Creator can provide.
    So, Thank God, that Only God can save the Soul.

  61. street says:

    hera that can only happen in Christ Jesus. and He is coming back soon. now the wheat and the tares grow side by side.

  62. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    Not sure, Street. Jesus definitely took on human flesh in order to save all of creation from fallen darkness. We humans dedicate our lives for different things — our family — our belief — our country — on and on to less worthy treasures.

    It seems to me we can hold to John 3:16 as the faithful description of God’s unchanging love for the world. It may be Ranger Bauma’s adoption of Ndakasi is a picture of that love. She had no hope of life without human rescue. It seems to me, the question now is whether Ndakasi can make a life as a gorilla in the forest — finding food, taking a mate and rearing babies of her own…The entire gorilla population is stressed on account of human activity in their habitat. Gnarly situation. The salvation piece can get lost in the issues, perhaps.

    Yours in Christ,

  63. poohpity says:

    Many people do the things hera listed not just believers in fact many who say they know Jesus spend more time telling others how to live their lives and miss out on doing good because of prejudices, judgements, criticisms, causing strife, desiring to be looked up to, standing up for their rights by refusing services and the list goes on. Many of those I would venture to say would not lay down their lives for anything or anybody especially for those they feel are abhorrent. To be a Jesus follower that is exactly what we are called to do be a servant even to those we feel that disgust us or are an enemy to us. One may do that for one they love but for an enemy I do not think so. Some have gone as far as pushing people away that they do not agree with on here so would they give up their lives for those they will not even give space to to write and share thoughts. I wonder?

    We can not say unless the the ranger tells us whether the Lord put it on his heart to care for the gorillas it would only be an assumption on our part but what we do know is that it was passed down to him from his father and the gorillas may be extinct if not for the ranger’s care. The genocide in that part of their country has been horrible to say the least but care for these animals has brought some peace to the region, some beauty in the midst of suffering.

  64. street says:

    maru said,”It seems to me, the question now is whether Ndakasi can make a life as a gorilla in the forest — finding food, taking a mate and rearing babies of her own…The entire gorilla population is stressed on account of human activity in their habitat. Gnarly situation.”

    yes it is a “gnarly” sin stained earth and yes we can live as overwhelming victors because He is our undefeated Champion! yes we will live in the valley sometimes or difficulties and for sure our last moments on earth in the valley, but our Champion is sure. Romans 8:37-39 not even the grave can separate, He is risen. risen and resurrection along with the Person of God need to be understood on our part. if understood correctly we will become like Abraham, the adopted Son of God.

  65. poohpity says:

    I think the comparison to Abraham is because he lived by faith not to adherence of the law. (Eph 1:4-6 NLT)

  66. oneg2dblu says:

    Maru… I would say that the entire human race is stressed on account of human activity in their habitat.

    The salvation piece or our peace PUN can get lost in the issues.

    I believe the ranger is finding a form of peace in the moment where he lives and loves.

    But, Salvation is for the Soul of man and not any flesh.

    Although we may need to pass on our human traits with its characteristics and labels to better relate to animals, we only assume they possess all our God-given attributes.

    I believe we humans are the “only ones” created in the Image of God and who have this Spirit/Soul connection that is possible to have with Our Savior, who came to rescue us from our deserving damnation by bringing us who “Love and Obey Him” into blessed eternity with Him.

    “If you love me, you will obey my commands.”

    John 14: 15,16,17,18,19,20,21 completes that context.

    Saying all that, I find whenever I am confronted with an animal in distress its call upon me is overwhelming,
    and I get involved when I can.

    But that to me is part of my nature, and not because of following any commandment about Love.

    If we were to truly follow the commandment of Love, would we not be better served to do so in the order they were written, and in the order which Christ actually taught them.

    That way we will know that our love is in proper alignment with God’s word and directive and not directed by our sin nature which aligs with, “All a man’s ways seem right to him.”

    “If you love me you will obey my commands.” Jesus Christ

  67. poohpity says:

    Gary, what were the commands of Jesus if not to love? (John 13:34, 15:12; I John 3:23 NIV)

  68. poohpity says:

    That love is the thing that shows the world we are Jesus’ disciples. (John 13:35) Giving out grace and mercy that came a such a great cost to Jesus yet was so freely given to us. That shows the world who we belong to and by being a servant to others.

  69. oneg2dblu says:

    pooh… there are 47 that I can write out for you.
    Would you like them written or just the book and chapter with their verse numbers?

  70. oneg2dblu says:

    Most of the ones I will quote here for you will have action or works of some kind for us to actually obey, commands like these… Repent, Follow Me, and such.

  71. poohpity says:

    Gary, you do not have to quote any others for me I am OK with the ones Jesus gave they are the heart of everything else that Jesus taught.

  72. street says:

    gary please remind us of all the commands. they are like several sides of a diamond reflecting true light.

  73. narrowpathseeker says:

    Gary, I am so glad to see you back. You were missed.

    Joyce, I am so glad you joined this group and so glad that you stayed. You are indeed a very special lady.

    Street, I am sorry about your sister.

  74. narrowpathseeker says:

    Sorry, I am all mixed up again…I’ve been in and out and posting on the wrong page….so I am c&p this from the last page.

    I saw this on fb and thought it captured the essence of my belief when I reflect on my loving heart as a very young child and wonder how I ever arrived at a place in time filled with the uglies. I thought I would share.

    “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s more about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can become what you were meant to be in the first place.”

  75. oneg2dblu says:

    street… of course the entire scriptures are richly filled with the Promises and the Commands of God and in Matthew alone there is a treasure chest full of them.

    Here are a three more of Christ’s commands found in, Matthew 28: 18,19,20.
    (1)”Go” (2)”Baptize” (3)”Teach”

    We really prosper more and more as we dig them out, chew on them, and let their light shine in this ever darkening world around us.

    He also commands us, “In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

    Be Blessed, Gary

  76. lovely says:

    Hi Everybody
    Psalm 36:6 word of God shows God love people as much as He love animal .As for people & animal , God made us rule over them Psalm 8:6 You made them rulers over the works of your hands;you put everything under their feet 7 all flocks and herds, and the animals of the wild,8 the birds in the sky,and the fish in the sea,all that swim the paths of the seas.Therefore i believe God will hold us responsible if we do not take care of His creation. However the point of the story posted to me is about how a love of this man for an orphan gorilla reminds us of how much God’s love is for us.Like the gorilla we were once orphan, separated from God. Now we’re adopted sons and daughters of God and He is willing to do anything for us including giving up His life.
    As you mention Gary how we need to let our light shine. One way is loving one another as Christ has love us. More than love for animals, we are to love one another and we can’t do that without first discovering God’s love for us. Starts by believing more & more everyday. Love so easily misrepresented by people yet doesn’t stop God from loving us. At times i thought how can anyone love someone so insignificant like a gorilla, a orphan, people shun by society.etc.God’s love, beyond what we know and what the world understand as “love”..”God, who can fathom the depths of your love” .Still discovering it

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