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Why is the Bible Called the Word of God?


Galilee in the land of the Bible

This is an important question because there are many voices in the Bible. In its pages we hear our Creator quoted as saying, “Let there be light”, and Satan’s subtle challenge, “Did God really say…?”

Between the first words of Genesis and the last words of Revelation we find prophets and poets speaking in their own times and circumstances— among kings, queens, wise men and women, prodigals and seekers of God— many of whom are trying to understand God, themselves, or one another (as in the story of Job and his friends).

So why then is the Bible called the Word of God as if contains only the quotable words of our Creator? When we allow the Scriptures to speak for themselves we begin to find an answer. Within the pages of the Old and New Testaments we find (1) direct quotes of God (Gen 1:1-3; 1Sam 9:27); (2) reminders that we live by the provisions God speaks into our lives (Matt 4:4) (Deut 8:3); and (3) assurances that when God does speak, his words have their intended results (Isa 55:7-13). In addition the New Testament often refers to the word of God as (4) the good news of or about Christ (Col 1:5-6; 3:16); and (5) speaks of the living Christ as the ultimate and personal Word of God (Hebrews 1:1-3; 1John 1:1-3).

(4) and (5) deserve special attention. Some of the most compelling evidence that God speaks to us through the Bible is found in the ways its authors speak collectively in anticipation, or remembrance, of the Son who, in coming to our rescue, has fulfilled the story, laws, and predictions of what was written (Matt 5:17-18)— and revealed the heart of his Father (John 14:7-11).

If these are a few of the reasons the Bible has been called the Word of God, maybe they will help us remember, or to begin to understand, why the Apostle Paul referred to the writings we now call the Bible (lit. the Book) as an inspired (lit. God-breathed) gift (2Tim 3:16).

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102 Responses to “Why is the Bible Called the Word of God?”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    66 books and 40 authors that are a marvel of continuity. The proof to me that our Bible is the Word of God is not only found in the content of what is said within its pages, but that the Word speaks to my being.

    Also that over thousands of years these 40 different authors continue the same thread and content from Genesis to Revelation. As if the same person wrote it all.

    Look across the known history of literature and see if there is any writing like it. There is not.

    40 authors with the same message and personality over thousands of years.

    Only the eternal being we know of as God can accomplish such a task.

    Realizing that there is a God and that He has developed such a collection of Books, makes the Bible *Holy* and we should take every word serious, listen and learn, as well as teach from the treasure of information found within its pages.

    Knowing that the “Word of God” is referred to as being Jesus of Nazareth, the creator of all things and our eternal hope.

    29 degrees and snow this morning.


  2. SFDBWV says:

    I also want to share a little of my life with you as an illustration hopefully to explain my message.

    I was about 32 or so Matthew only 2, my life seemed to be almost perfect. I had a good job, a good family, lived in my home town beside of my parents and all of us in good health.

    I then received notice that the place I worked at would close forever.

    Faced with having to move away to a place I didn’t want to go to just for work and upsetting the balance of happiness I was enjoying seemed almost unbearable at the time.

    As was my habit at the time I walked up behind my house to the mountain top sat down on a rock and sought guidance from God in prayer and supplication.

    Filled with assurance and encouragement I began quoting Scripture in a tribute, honor and praise to God as I descended back down the mountain to my parents’ house. As soon as I walked into their yard my dad said someone had called about a job and to give them a call as soon as I could, before I could even call that person another called me with a better offer that would continue my life and life style even in a more secure way.

    God had worked all of this out even before I knew I needed for him to. My praise given in secret to Him high on the mountain top came out of me automatically in the form of Scripture stories and statements I didn’t even know I knew that well, but have since learned they are written on my heart.

    I have many such stories which is why I am able to stand here today in the circumstances I am in and have faith that God has already worked out the solution for what I see as a problem for me and those I love.

    The Words of the Bible, the relationship I have with God are all tied together in the faith I have and in the “blessed assurance” that He is and that His way is best. I can know this and find confidence and conformation written there within the pages of Scripture.

    The God in my heart is the same God I find in the Bible so I know why the Bible is called the Word of God.


  3. Mart De Haan says:

    Thanks, Steve, your story reflects the perspectives of the Scriptures that help us know that Who we thank when provisions are made… is the One we can trust while we are still waiting…

  4. joycemb says:

    Letting the scriptures speak for themselves….

    There are many books-blogs-videos out today that claim to have a different revelation than that talked about strictly in the scriptures. As one who spent several years reading every perspective I could on the scriptures I can attest that man has many ways and ideas to disprove the word of God, but there IS only one God and only one Jesus and the only way to interpret scripture properly is through that lense. Know Jesus, know God. Period.

  5. street says:

    God’s Word is the life and light of mankind. apart from it there is death and chaos by God’s sovereign decree. we live in a world that can produce no proof of what i say. yet God ask us to test and see if what He says is true, is good, is reliable, is faithful and is loving. yes there are other voices in the Bible. they are voices of contrast. God knows us through and through, and still loves us. the question of all this is do we know God and will we love Him or another? in the pursuit of God we discover who we are and what hinders us from what we seek. we also find that we can not find Him on our own. He has to come to us and reveal Himself to us just like moses,abraham, issac, and jacob. i love jacob for he is a scoundrel like me. i thank God for His wrestling with me because He loved me so much and has been so faithful to me. He even went so far as to adopt me as His son. and yet i find myself still here on this world spinning through space knowing He watches and guides me for His Great Pleasure and i will find my greatest delight and pleasure in Him.

  6. jeff1 says:

    I have not read the Bible in any great detail, only heard the most often told stories, Job, Ruth & Naomi, Joseph & Jacob.
    One of the reasons I never did was because my friends did but when they sat down and discussed it they had many different interpretations of what it said. I not being a good reader decided I did not need another interpretation. I was brought up to revere it though. I believe however that God has spoke to me in different ways mainly to the heart, often when I was in my darkest moods, I can not prove this and being a manic depressive I am told I am mad and to keep taking my pills.
    The one thing I do know is that believing in God in this day and age seems to be as difficult as it was for the early believers. You would have thought that the events in the Bible and Christ’s crucifixion would have changed that. It seems that some things never change in that people believe what they or do not want to believe regardless. I find that most people read the Bible to prove someone else wrong and not to get to know God and I think this is why there is so much controversy and contradiction around the Bible.

    Religions have changed the God of the Bible and put there spin on it which has resulted in many now falling away from not only religion but God himself. People tend to believe what they were brought up with so depending on the culture, class, religion, nation you were born into will likely determine what beliefs you hold.

    You might think it strange that I do not see the Bible has the only Word of God but I believe God speaks to me in other ways so you can understand why I do not see the Bible as the only source of God’s word.

  7. street says:

    jeff1 said,”I have not read the Bible in any great detail, only heard the most often told stories, Job, Ruth & Naomi, Joseph & Jacob.
    One of the reasons I never did was because my friends did but when they sat down and discussed it they had many different interpretations of what it said. I not being a good reader decided I did not need another interpretation. I was brought up to revere it though.

    jeff after i read what you wrote i understand that you read pretty darn good. your prose proves that to me. sometimes God teases us like lovers that play the courtship of chasing after one another. it a silly game, but purposeful and fun. it is a part of courtship and reaffirming our love for the other. God does the same to us. He did it to abraham and we are no different. Jesus said take my yoke it is easy and light. i guess this is similar to take my word for it. He also said learn from Me. i have to say my best learning is experience through trials of how well i cling to God’s Word or failed to do so. it makes you stand up on your own two feet and respond. recorded in the Bible are many difficult trials faced by others. we can learn a lot from others, but we can not see God apart from the Bible. Hebrews is very clear in chapter one about Who and What this Christ Is. He Is the very Heart of the Father. Emanuel

  8. jeff1 says:

    What about the times in my darkest days when I believe God spoke to my heart are you saying Street that I imagined it and that you agree with those who tell me I should keep taking my tablets?

  9. poohpity says:

    Mart, that verse in 2 Tim 3:16 NLT people use to apply to others rather than seeing it is how God uses His word in our own lives to teach me, to correct me in my thinking when it is off from what He says about me and my relationship with Him and trains me how to do good for Him. The bible is the standard to dispel false teaching that can and does creep into our lives by listening to others rather than God. 2 Tim 3:17 NLT goes with verse 16.

    When I started this personal relationship with God He put the desire in my heart to grow up in Him by reading it. It was not for the sake of knowledge itself it was a craving to know this God who did so much for me. I wanted to know all I could about Him. I wanted to be able to listen to His voice among all the spouting people that usually tend to confuse and distort and to be able to discern what was from Him and what was not because Satan is often disguised as an angel of light guiding us away from the truth. There is nothing better for Satan than to push us away from reading it, to go on thinking like I always had before I was saved. Our minds have to be transformed (Roman 12:2 NLT) and God really works through His Word and the stinking thinking I once did gets replaced with just how much we are loved and cherished by our creator.

    When problems, disappoints, sadness, struggles happen in life it’s Words through the Holy Spirit brings life, comfort, joy, peace, contentment, safety and security. Learning God’s truths by experiencing or discovering them is so much better than just being taught they tend to stick and the aaahhh-hhaa moments come more and more because being grounded in the Word it never returns void. That, Isaiah 55:10-12 NLT, that you mentioned Mart is really true, it does have that affect.

    So many go around spiritually bankrupt and their faith dies of starvation and thirst because they do not drink from the living water or eat our daily bread. (Matt 4:4 NIV)

  10. poohpity says:

    Romans 12:2 NLT

  11. rokdude5 says:

    One has to keep in mind that the Bible as we know it today didnt exist way back when. At first, inspired writings were probably reduced to papyrus. There were no chapters, punctuation marks, numbered verses, etc. One needed to recall which papyrus to use and where to look.

    Later, inspired writings were reduced to leathery parchments made of lambskin or calfskin. Some were reduced to bronze sheets or papyrus. The Dead Sea scolls were written on these materials. The first Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1946 and are the earliest known Biblical writings dating to 225 BC to 30 AD. Earlier Bibical writings have been lost. Prior to finding the Dead Sea scrolls, all we had were copies of a copy of a copy.

    There are other writings that are not included in today’s evangelical Bible such as the Book of Enoch, the Book of Thomas, 2 Macabees and some Hymns. There was a formal process carried out by Biblical scholars of the day called “canonization” where various writings were deemed to be divine and others were not. The Biblical era historian, Josephus, talked about how some writings contradict one another and how some writings were not “esteemed of the like authority” as those written by the early prophets.

    Depending on which denomination one follows, there could be additional writings of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigraph. You can easily do an internet search on those writings.
    So as Act 17:11 and Mart suggest, we need to read, study and allow these various writings to speak for themselves and see which are truly divinely inspired. At that point we should be able to know when God is speaking.


  12. Regina says:

    Happy MLK Day, All!
    Haven’t talked to you in awhile, but I’ve been reading your comments on Mart’s blog topics. Off topic here (will read your comments on this topic sometime today)… Thank you all so very much for your kindness and heart-felt condolences regarding my youngest brother’s death. His home-going service was beautiful! I still can hardly believe that he went home to be with the LORD at the tender age of 46 (he turned 46 on 10-14-15). His sudden/untimely death causes me to reflect on MLK’s death in 1968… That was the year that my brother was born. I learned from history books and documentaries that Dr. King died at a very young age too. He was 39 when he was murdered on his hotel balcony. Many people were devastated, shocked and saddened by Dr. King’s death, and (now) I can relate, at least on some level, to how they felt. It’s so surreal to me that my brother is in heaven now because I talked to him on Thanksgiving Day. I’m grateful that our last conversation was about living a righteous and holy life for the LORD. His death has caused me to reflect on heaven more… what it’s like there. My brother loved (loves) the LORD, and he was always willing to share the Gospel (of Jesus Christ) to whomever he met.

    Sunny skies and 67 degrees in Texas…

    Love to all,

  13. SFDBWV says:

    Jeff’s mom (jeff1) I almost never say anything here in the afternoon as I just don’t have the time, but because you are special to me and special to God I want to take a few minutes to just say a few things. So please bear with me.

    There are many voices vying for your attention and all do so in order to control how you think. So you/we have to be very careful in what we allow into our minds and so into our hearts.

    There are a great many people who do not or have not read the Bible, but believe in God and many who also believe in Jesus as being the son of God. For many the reason they can believe that Jesus is the Lord and Son of God is because they simply believe it and God is faithful to honor such innocent faith now just as He did in the beginning of Christianity.

    When Paul established churches throughout the Gentile world he did so without they having any background in the ancient Scriptures known to Paul as the Torah.

    But Paul taught them and established the churches from what he knew of God and so of Jesus from his knowing the Scriptures and having the Holy Spirit empower him to do so.

    Then like now were “cults” who tried to establish false religions based vaguely on half-truths and lies about the Scriptures for their own personal gains. You may have heard of the Gnostic Books from the same time that the New Testament was being stablished.

    Our defense against cults and false religions is in knowing what the Scriptures actually say, not in what cults tell us what is said.

    Cults count on people not knowing what is said in the Bible in order to make people think that they do.

    Having said that I also know that the Holy Spirit will warn us of false teaching in a way we understand. We need simply to heed such warnings.

    I also believe that some people are actually not accountable for their actions because of mental issues and for those who are in such condition I believe God holds them in a very special protected spiritual posture.

    However you miss a lot by not reading what God has said in the Bible. There is great comfort found all throughout the Bible; comfort intended for the reader, individually scripted in order to speak directly to the readers need at the time the reader reads it.

    I do hope I have not offended you in any way as is not my desire nor intention. I just ask you to give the Bible a try. Read some of the Psalms and the Book of Romans, both should make you feel good, not condemned or scorned.

    I will pray for you again and again, not for you to think as I do, but to see how special and loved you are as a child of God.


  14. street says:

    dear jeff1 after thinking about what you posted earlier. i had a thought of how moses was arguing with God about going back to egypt. how he was finding excuses not to. he did go, just like jacob and jonah, kicking and screaming all the way. after awhile they settled down and discover He is a greater God than they ever knew. yes jacob still missed racheal and jonah still did not like the assyrians, but like job in the end, blessed is the name of the Lord and let Him be exalted in my heart. Psalm 44 speaks about the hard hardship of believers not unbelievers. Psalm 44 is not the final chapter. relationships at best are very difficult as is evident in life. the relationship of God and israel in the Bible is devastating and painful to watch from my vantage point as a reader. as bad as what happen there, the cross speaks better and God is blameless and just.
    i hope you can understand. by the way God spoke to me once directly when i was down, through a man, with out question in my mind was not saved. He is never limited. He can even speak through a donkey. usually He speaks through preachers and teachers, but finally He has spoken to us through His Son. Jesus is the final Authority on everything.

  15. jeff1 says:

    No Steve you have not offended me and thank you for your prayers. I do believe I am careful when listening to others for the Church I attend has always focused its teachings on Christ and I have stayed in that Church since I was a child. My friend from School has studied the Bible in great depth and has corrected me when my thinking is not in align with biblical teaching.

    The reason I do not read myself is because at school I could never understand comprehension as it was known then. We were given a passage and we had to explain what it meant and I was rubbish at this. My English was so bad that my English teacher told me I had no hope of getting the exam I was doing and she was correct.

    I am better now but that has come about over the years but in my younger days I read very little and stayed away from subjects that required it. I was always better at maths and more office type skills.

    My friend on the other hand who studied the Bible has ‘A’ level English and it is no bother to her to explain the passages.

    She has told me though that I am more spiritual than her and that is why I see God in other ways which was very comforting

    It is not comfort for myself I seek for my faith is good but I do tend to be concerned for members of my family who feel they don’t need God. My friend assures me that God will take care of them and draw them to himself all in good time. This is my desire that they will know that God cares for them too.

    Since I have known that I have been more at peace with myself and those around me and it grieves me when family and friends think it is all in my imagination.

  16. poohpity says:

    I am so glad that your reading comprehension on this blog seems fine.

  17. remarutho says:

    Good Evening All —

    There is something about lifting up the name of Jesus. The Lord “dwells” in the words we speak — or the Lord is present in them when we sing them — and thereby shows forth God’s glory in the face of Jesus.

    Thanks for the Bible reference under #4, Mart:

    “Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

    The fellowship described in the Letter to the Colossians is a little slice of heaven. It builds up faith in the hearers, it seems to me.


  18. street says:

    dear jeff1 read your last post and chuckled about being in school. i remember trying to understand the Bible in 8th grade or even english literature in high school. complete and total failure! what a joke. i was not even mature enough to know what they were even talking about. thank God in His mercy over time He taught me through radio. he could not teach me through radio till He changed my heart. i needed eyes and ears. it sounds to me you have both. when i was younger i had neither and i was well aware of this. He did not leave you an orphan and gave you His Spirit.

    i might have to add that our education system has a tendency to put people in different levels according to age/maturity/skill. God suffers no constraints such as these and is fully capable of rearing His Children. it works best in Christ Jesus in or out of the classroom. graduation day looks good, but a Bridegroom looks better. patiently wait for the process to be completed. in the mean time obey/practice what you do know. even i need to take this advise everyday.

  19. hera says:

    Reading the comments about – reading – Bible…
    I remember about different type of ‘skill’ people are given, some are more into reading, others are into hearing/audio, others are into visuals..
    I wonder, is there resources for the ‘visual’ people available, there are plenty for the audio. Perhaps that would help people who find it difficult to read text after text after text especially if one has to also put context around it – historical, cultural, geogrphical etc.

    Jeff’s mom, I just would like to share, my late mother didn’t really read Bible but I think her faith was much stronger than mine perhaps hers was kind of child-like faith :-)

    Sometimes I wonder about the canonizing of the Bible that RJ mentioned.
    It is also a point which Islam is using, that the current version is not original, instead it’s an altered version, how in the original version their prophet, Mohammed, was actually mentioned by Jesus, thus validating the truths of the Quran…etc
    Anyway…if I may borrow Gary’s expression – so many versions, so little brain of mine :-)
    May God will personally write His truths in my mind, my heart..

  20. poohpity says:

    If one truly believes that the Bible is the Word of God actual history and not myths, legends or fables here are some of the excuses people make with repudiation of each. I really like #1 which says just admit you have no desire. This is from Riverside Community Church.

    10. I don’t have time (we always make time for what’s most important to us)

    9. I don’t know where to start (having a good Bible reading plan makes all the difference)

    8. Reading makes me sleepy (this is true for many people – try switching times and locations – pace if you need to!)

    7. The Bible is too confusing (it can be, but it doesn’t have to be! anything is confusing when you’re not familiar with it – commit to spending a month reading it daily and you’ll be much less confused!)

    6. I never get anything out of it (if you go to the Bible to “get something” you might consider changing your motivation – pray before, asking God to open your eyes that you might hear from Him – approach the Bible looking for application – put what you read into practice – that’s where the reward comes!)

    5. There are many contradictions in the Bible (show me five and then we’ll talk)

    4. The Bible is boring (there are ‘challenging’ parts – here’s a tip: picture what you’re reading – if it were a movie, what would it look like? If it were a painting, how would it look?)

    3. I might have to change (you probably will have to change! This is the most difficult aspect of Bible reading – it challenges your beliefs and lifestyle! But the wisdom of God and His love for you assures you that change is good)

    2. I forget or I get distracted (if you find your mind wandering, press on – this usually only lasts for a short time – if you can get past a few minutes, your mind will engage)

    1. I’m not smart enough (I often ask people who pose this reason, “did you have to read or memorize things for school or work?” Everyone does! There are even Bible tapes, cd’s, and mp3’s available for those who cannot read. We have enough mental capacity to grasp God’s Word, we often just lack motivation! If it was your favorite hobby, you would overcome any of these barriers easily. Admit that you lack desire, stop making excuses, and get in to God’s Word!)

  21. jeff1 says:

    I believe Pooh you are right I do not have a desire to read the Bible because I have found God through a Church that taught me to focus on Christ even though during those years my friends who had studied the Bible were legalistic Christians who followed the laws and they preached the Wrath of God to anyone who was failing these laws. My friend is one of these Christians who still insists Jesus has not forgiven the Jews yet she believes she herself is forgiven.

    Also why read the Bible if I have already peace and hope in Christ. When I was in my darkest days and had no idea what God was doing in my life he pointed me to Christ not the Bible.

    I told you that I do revere the Bible and that its God’s
    word, what I don’t believe is that God intended for religions to interpret it as they have and that is the reason the World is in a mess.

    This is no surprise to God for he knew this from the beginning and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Israel is first and his last love and who are we to say whom God loves and does not love.

    My problem is not with the Bible but with those who read the Bible and decide its authority is more important than Christ’s authority and that is what I have witnessed in my community.

    This beloved Country of mine is a result of believers following the Bible and not Christ. If you lived and seen your relatives, neighbours and friends murdered and then the people who planned it running your Government. These same people in Government have never denounced violence and have not told where missing people’s bodies are because they deny being in any terrorist group. These same people claim God to be on their side probably through Bible misinterpretation.

    They are well known to the Security Forces for their actions but because Governments in your Country and mine have decided that they don’t want any more bombs in London they are prepared to sacrifice good men and women who died for the peace and freedom we all say we believe in.

    Terrorists and gangsters triumph in this World because good men are not allowed to do anything. Take at look at the politics of today and the laws of today they discriminate against the victims and not the perpetrators.

    God got it right when he sent his son to die for this World and the strange thing is not matter what time/age we were born into this would be true. When we look at history the violence of our ancestors is just as bloody.

    Yes you are correct when you say I have no desire to read the Bible what I desire much more than that is to see Christ return and the evil that is ruling this World once and for all put to death.

    My desire is not just to imagine what this World could be like if man did the right thing but to actually feel yes Pooh feel what it is like.

    Do you know what it does to be brought up with violence in you Community for 30+ years and not knowing whether your enemy is your neighbour or not, well I will tell you Pooh it makes you NUMB.

    You want to know how I feel at times I feel nothing, you want to know whether hell exists, I have been there it does, you no longer feel anything, you see, there are no in betweens for me with God he is either a God of love or a God of Wrath.
    Where did I learn about the God of Wrath from those who claim
    to know God is a God of Wrath all of whom studied their Bibles.

    I am thankful to God for speaking to me directly and telling me not to listen to those who say they know his word through the Bible.

    You say you don’t judge Pooh but you do you judge me for not reading my Bible while Steve encourages me to read my Bible.

    People who do not know the word of God through the Bible are suppose to be helped not ridiculed take a leaf out of Steve’s book for he lifts up and not casts down.

    Being manic is difficult for me, my family and my friends. The reason I am OK with it is because I believe God brings something good out of my being, while man sees me as a burden and indeed myself sees me as a burden.

    I thank the Church which I was brought up in for preaching only what was good while I knew from listening to others that other churches were not doing this. Then when God spoke to me I knew what was right for it was what I had been taught from a child.

    What we learn as Children stays with us and is why some of us lead difficult lives but God I believe God uses our difficulties for the good. I also believe that this does not mean that it was God’s will for us to get into difficulty but we are not all as perfect as Pooh (that how you come across to me) not meaning to hurt you but from what you said about your life your were a real tearaway and they say that those converts are the worst kind i.e. when a person who smokes goes off them they are sore on everyone around them who does.

    I know I often am sore on my Children because they don’t see God how I do but I have to remember that their life has been affected by my mistakes and I do not want them to believe that this is what God intended for them because they do not measure up.

  22. SFDBWV says:

    Thinking this morning (a little late) about Mart’s subject title “Why is the Bible Called the Word of God?”

    One thought that comes to mind right away is John 1:1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

    If we have come to the belief that this collection of Books we know of as the Bible is all about our Lord then the Bible becomes “The Word of God”. Emphasis on the word “Word” and who it is that is represented as being “The Word”.

    Having said that if I went to a book store and picked up a book that was titled “Jesus of Nazareth the Creator and Author of life” I would expect the content of the book to be about who is depicted on the title.

    The Bible is a collection of testimonies about God and His interaction with man. Each book a look at the divided nature of God and man. So over the thousands of years of history given we learn about both; the holiness of God and the depravity of man, but with a twist at the end. God in the person of Jesus dies for the eternal salvation of man.

    Why is the Bible called the Word of God, because the Bible is about the Person of God who is called the “Word” of God.

    Jeff’s mom, I think you do very well in reader comprehension and expressing yourself. Thank you for your honesty.


  23. remarutho says:

    Good Morning Mart & Friends —

    Mart, you began this conversation by asking, “Why is the Bible called the Word of God?” It may be each one who comes by BTA to read or write must decide the answer for him/herself. It may be vitally important to remember your first statement at the top of the page as we join in:

    “…there are many voices in the Bible. In its pages we hear our Creator quoted as saying, ‘Let there be light’, and Satan’s subtle challenge, ‘Did God really say…?'”

    In living day-to-day we feel both these influences (the Voice of God & the voice of Satan), we also hear them in the Bible.

    Learning the history (His story) of God’s dealings with fallen men and women in the Bible gives each one more and more understanding of how God — our Creator, Redeemer and Helper — loves and wants to guide us in His ways. God’s Word is God’s promise.


  24. poohpity says:

    jeff1, how dare you accuse me of judging you for not reading the bible I do not care whether you read the bible or not, well I would like it if you did but it does not change what I think about you. I accept you just the way you are. There are very few on here that read the bible and long ago I gave the statistics about Christians who read the bible out of all of them only 19% do so it is not unique to only you. It is obvious from that list in that particular church that those were the excuses given to the person who wrote it in that church or the research he did. So no need to get defensive.

    Reading the bible does not cause legalism people do that and if they truly read the Bible they would practice more grace and mercy because that is what it reflects. Church history has shown that religions have caused oppression over the masses because the masses did not have the bible to read for themselves so do not blame reading the bible for causing hatred that is how mankind’s heart is. I am sad that you associate the two together hatred with reading the bible from what I have seen it is the other way around not reading the Bible stirs up all kinds of oppression, anger, evil and hatred, more importantly a untrue view of God and who we are to Him.

  25. remarutho says:

    That percentage seems right, Jeff’s Mom and Pooh —

    80% of people I talk to about reading the Bible say things like, “Man, I wish I knew that Book better!” These are the ones who also say in the same breath, “I have no time for Bible reading. I couldn’t add another thing to my busy schedule right now.”

    So, 19% – 20% of people quietly make time to read the Bible daily — and so become well acquainted with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as time passes. Along with prayer and worship, reading the Word of God (or listening to it on MP3 or cd) are the spinal cord of following Jesus as one of His disciples, it seems to me.


  26. poohpity says:

    Thank you again Maru for trying to get this conversation back on topic. I guess if one has not read the bible they would not realize how it is actually the Word of God, His heart for mankind and a refection of how we fail but he can use us no matter what.

  27. street says:

    jeff1 said,”One of the reasons I never did was because my friends did but when they sat down and discussed it they had many different interpretations of what it said. I not being a good reader decided I did not need another interpretation. ”

    i think the Bible, when read, a person can come away from it in two different ways. the first is with an opinion and the second one coming away with God. the outcome will be substantially different. i would have to say this is why people call the Bible The Word of God. the others are very immature in the knowledge of God or are not of Him. it makes telling the difference impossible. let the tares and the wheat grow side by side till the harvest. it will become apparent then, and the wheat will not be damaged by separating them at the harvest and not beforehand.

  28. joycemb says:

    Jeff’s mom I am honored to know you- you are a Christ follower with wisdom and grace. I too grew up in a ‘war zone’ although the enemy was my own family, sadly. I witnessed and endured abuse of every kind including animals, friends, neighbors amd siblings. I too learned to go numb by dissociating into different states of being, which took years and years of therapy to unravel to where I am left with PTSD so spend a lot of time alone as most everything triggers me.

    That said, it was a real encounter with Christ that changed my outlook on life and gave me hope for a future. Soon after I found that the Bible seemed to know all about Him and I learned that He too knew what it was to live in a violent land as did the disciples and Paul, and David who wrote many psalms about his life. Learning that He knows all I have been through has been such a blessing in my life. When I have let others tell me how to interpret the Bible is when I have been beat down by it. So I went to Bible college and learned to challenge misinterpretations. While some use the Bible as a weapon that was not Gods intention. Now I read/ study for myself using the wealth of tools available in my library or online. I find it amazing and precious at the same time.

    My father was Cherokee/Irish, perhaps violence was bread into his genes, I don’t know, but I do know as do you that Christ/God is enough!
    God bless you,

  29. joycemb says:

    Steve I was watching a tv tribute to Maya Angelo the poet and was startled to hear her misquote scripture to fit her own agenda. She quoted John1:1 saying ‘word’ means the words we use instead of Christ as the Word. How sneaky and smooth the enemy is.

  30. poohpity says:

    I think another reason the Bible is called the Word of God because only God could foresee the future to the extent of what we see through scripture. From the first prediction of what we are experiencing around the world now from the descendents of Ishmael(Islam) who was the father of the Arabic nations.(Genesis 16:11-12 NIV) Happening because mankind took matters into their own hands rather than wait on God. God knew everything that was going to happen and gave us a peek at it through scripture even until the end of this earth as we know it.

    Disciples are people who follow teachings and we are disciples of Jesus but how can we follow His teaching if we do not know it. We see in Him the fulfillment of God’s predictions thousands of years before in the Law of Moses, the prophets and the Psalms and only God would know that.(Matt 5:17 NIV; Luke 24:27 NIV) Only God could know this. (John 1:1-3 NLT)

  31. joycemb says:

    Yes Pooh I agree, although we have the Holy Spirit who is able to convict and guide us into all truth. It was the Holy Spirit who prompted me to quit drinking after I became a Christian, not anything the church or the Bible said.

    I believe firmly that God can speak to our hearts in ways that transcend our senses i.e. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. And even those in coma or severe emotional states. It does violence to judge others about their reading habits when one has not personally walked in their shoes so to speak.
    Blessings in Christ Jesus Pooh!

  32. poohpity says:

    Is that what you heard me saying Joyce? Could it be at all possible that you heard with the background of your thinking and heart not mine like trying to walk in my shoes so to speak. Please inform me when I have ever said that God speaking to us is limited in anyway by anything and can not use whatever means possible to communicate with us. Just one example. Just one example also where I have judged a person according to their reading habits.

  33. SFDBWV says:

    Yes Joyce the enemy is indeed a smooth operator and he uses every failing we have in us against us.

    Maya Angelo joined the ranks of many modern “theologians” that alter just a little bit of what is stated in Scripture to make it fit what they want it to say, just like our friend “jeff1” has said about people in her life.

    Reading that you have Cherokee and Irish blood in you tells me your ancestors had to have traveled through these Appalachian Mountains or the State of Georgia at some point. My Great Grandmother on my dad’s mother’s side was part Cherokee and my mother’s family line is Scotch-Irish. That’s one of the great things about being American, we usually are parts of a lot of ethnic lines making us that old Heinz 57 flavor.

    Also wanted to agree with you that I think it is great to have jeff1 amongst our group. Maybe Jeff’s mom will share her name with us, I have already imagined several Irish names she might have and am most likely wrong on every guess.

    Hoping you have a good night.


  34. joycemb says:

    Pooh dear I wasn’t disagreeing with you or misunderstanding you just carrying on a conversation. Adding my thoughts to a thread doesn’t always mean it is meant for anyone specifically. Just talking.

  35. joycemb says:

    Steve our family legend says that a maternal relative came to Oklahoma via the Trail of Tears so could have lived in your area long ago.

  36. jeff1 says:

    We differ in our beliefs Pooh I believe God speaks to me in other ways why can you not respect that, does it matter to God if I hear his word from other resources other than the Bible. From the Church I was brought up in, from Our Daily Bread which I was reading before I had a computer. What does it matter where people find God, some find God when they go fishing two military men I knew once told me they felt nearer to God when they go fishing than in any Church. Did I judge them and say to them Oh you must go to your Church and you must read your Bible. No I was pleased that they found God at all when so many out there have no knowledge that God cares about them. People see God in different ways and in different things I rejoice at that. What I do not rejoice at is terrorists killing and saying that God is on their side because they have taken the passage from the Bible that says an eye for an eye. What I do not rejoice at is Governments doing deals with men of violence in order to win their approval instead of upholding the law.

    We live in a lawless World because we do not keep God’s laws and by that I mean Government’s have failed to do what is right.

    You talk about freedom Pooh but you have not lived in a violent community where fear and hatred is the underlying force.

    Joyce understands that God speaks to our hearts but then she also knows what it is like to be in the midst of violence.

    You said how dare I accuse you of judging me for not reading my Bible but your attitude speaks louder than words for whether you see it or not you do judge me.

    You say you accept me as I am, the only one who accepts me as I am or anyone for that matter is God I learnt that a long time ago. Everyone wants to change you into something they want you to be because its our human condition we just cannot help ourselves thinking we know better.

    That is what I believe God has been saying to me for some time that I must wait and trust him and not go running off on a whim. I am trying really hard to do this to leave it to him and not to worry so please help me do this.

    Sorry to all for going off the topic but sometimes the words just come and I get them out and sometimes they do not.

  37. poohpity says:

    Gee Joyce when someone begins with Pooh and then ends by saying blessing Pooh the part that is in between I understood to be addressed to me. I must have totally misunderstood who you were just talking to otherwise it was an accusation that seems to lack any facts to base it on. Discussing this thread, subject or topic is always welcome and appreciated I guess I must have missed that part happening altogether after all that is the purpose of this particular blog. Forgive me for thinking that it was meant for me specifically it must be my ego jumping to conclusions and having problems with reading comprehension?

  38. poohpity says:

    Regina, your brother will always be alive in your heart and in your memories. The grieving process is long many emotions like gladness, sadness, joy and anger all find their way into thoughts and feelings but I know with the Lord in your heart He will bring you through it. If I may give you any advice it would be to take many hugs and never feel ashamed when you just start crying at any given moment, in any circumstance, place or even when a particular smell happens. It is all normal. Sending loads of love and prayers your way. Deb

  39. poohpity says:

    jeff1, whoever said I do not respect that. I know from personal experience that God is not limited when speaking to us in any form He so chooses. I have never said or thought any different. If I did please refresh my memory as to when I said that in any form or another. I also did not in any way judge you for not reading the bible, if you think I did again refresh my memory. I went back over what I wrote and did not see that anywhere. How on earth can anyone judge someone else for not reading the bible? That is something that never even made it’s way into my mind. I DO NOT think like that nor is that a picture of what is in my heart towards anyone. That is a false accusation of me. I fail in many areas but judging someone for not reading the bible is not even logical. I would then have to judge 81% of the Christian community.

  40. joycemb says:

    As always Pooh I forgive you.

  41. poohpity says:

    There are approximately 2.4 billion Christians around the world that would mean I would judge 4.2 million of them. Also understanding all the flaws I have that would be insane since I fully believe with all my heart let the one without sin cast the first stone.

  42. poohpity says:

    That should have 2 billion of them not 4.2 million. That is something that is between you and God which is none of my business.

  43. joycemb says:

    “Yes Pooh I agree, although we have the Holy Spirit who is able to convict and guide us into all truth. It was the Holy Spirit who prompted me to quit drinking after I became a Christian, not anything the church or the Bible said.”

    I asked God to help us with communication here so here it goes. ( I am not good at backing up, hence my history of backing into parked cars). My brain just shuts down but praying God will help me explain my communication style.

    The quote is from the conversation in question. When I said “yes Pooh I agree ” that’s exactly what I meant, nothing more, nothing less. I was not disagreeing with your thoughts, but went on to add to the conversation with my own. Perhaps I should have just said thank you and waited a bit to add mine in a different post altogether? When I speak here I assume many are listening and not just the one addressed specifically. I never meant to insinuate that you Pooh don’t believe that God can speak to us outside of scripture,
    Okay my brain is shutting down so times up for me. Bless you Pooh and all!

  44. marma says:

    Steve–just waned to let you know I read your initial posts and they were very much an encouragement to me. Love to hear that before you called, The Lord answered, and while you were speaking, He heard!

    My sis and I are seeking The Lord on next steps in our lives. Right now we are just putting one foot in front of the other and trusting, though sometimes–a lot–that is hard.

    Thanks for the reminder to stay in the Word and keep our eyes fixed on The Lord. Thanks, Mart, for a great subject.

  45. SFDBWV says:

    Marcia (marma) thank you for your comments. I believe that is the one thing that we can and should do here in this site and that is give encouragement to one another.

    Like you and your sister I have learned as well to live one day at a time and appreciate the happiness and joy that is present one moment at a time.

    Hebrews talks of the “hero’s” of faith, many of whom perished without seeing their completed promises come to fruition. Yet each of them had many success all throughout their lives as a result of God’s provision.

    It is my belief that these people and their stories are all given as an example and evidence that we too are provided for by God and all of our desires will be met in His perfect time.

    Having faith in that concept gives us peace and courage even in the darkest of places in our lives.

    Hebrews 11:1-40

    29 degrees and light snow, I am sure the weather there in Florida is better.


  46. joycemb says:

    “If these are a few of the reasons the Bible has been called the Word of God, maybe they will help us remember, or to begin to understand, why the Apostle Paul referred to the writings we now call the Bible (lit. the Book) as an inspired (lit. God-breathed) gift (2Tim 3:16).”

    Steve I thought of what Mart said in his final sentence on this post when I read your note to Marma. God breathed means to give life which is what encouragement does, which is Gods intent all through history, by redemption and care of and for his creation. Every day I thank God for caring for ME- when no one else did before, or for any meaningful length of time. It’s Gods breath that births us and sustains us until we no longer need air to sustain our physical bodies. Gen. 2:7 Job 33:4 Is. 42:5 Until then God’s encouragement for life can be found in the Word and through His people.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus to all,

  47. poohpity says:

    “Why is the Bible called the Word of God?” we can take it by faith but being people who like proof we can ask, “What evidence is there that the Bible is in fact God’s Word?” by Adrian Rodgers in Christianity dot com.

    The first evidence listed was by Divine inspiration that the earth hung in space and was round before any scientific study was done. They first thought the earth was flat and thought they would fall off if they went to far.

    The second was an affirmation from historical events.

    The third was the unity found in the 66 books from 40 authors in the time period of 1600 years in 13 countries on three different continents. In three different languages by people in all professions of the times. “The Bible forms one beautiful temple of truth that does not contradict itself theologically, morally, ethically, doctrinally, scientifically, historically, or in any other way.”

    “Fourth, did you know the Bible is the only book in the world that has accurate prophecy? When you read the prophecies of the Bible, you simply have to stand back in awe. There are over 300 precise prophecies that deal with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Old Testament that are fulfilled in the New Testament. To say that these are fulfilled by chance is an astronomical impossibility.”

    ” Finally, the Bible is not a book of the month, but the Book of the ages. First Peter 1:25 says: “But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the Word which by the gospel is preached unto you.” No book has ever had as much opposition as the Bible. Men have laughed at it, scorned it, burned it, ridiculed it, and made laws against it. But the Word of God has survived. And it is applicable today as much as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.”

    “It’s so majestically deep that scholars could swim and never touch the bottom. Yet so wonderfully shallow that a little child could come and get a drink of water without fear of drowning. That is God’s precious, holy Word. The Word of God. Know it. Believe it. It is True.”

  48. cas139 says:

    “Why do we call the Bible the Word of God?” There were times in my life I asked the question, “Is the Bible truly the Word of God?” Mart’s five points give good reasons as to the why, but how does one come to the belief, the assurance that the Bible is, in fact, the “Holy” Bible, the Word of God? I’ve been pondering when and how my understanding of the Bible as God’s Word changed.

    I can’t really pinpoint when my mind and heart came to accept that the Bible is, truly, the Word of God. But, at a time when I really needed to hear God’s Word, I was led to look to the Bible – the same Bible that had sat mostly unopened on my shelf for many years. I began to read The Word, not so much to learn history or discover literary elements or even ti find proof that supported my beliefs. I read it to discover what God’s Word said to me, personally. I opened my heart as much as I opened my mind as I read.

    I can’t say that every time I sit to read the Bible that I have some earth-shattering, enlightening experience. But over time the words in Psalm 23 helped sooth some of the pain I felt at the loss of my son. When I read about Moses’ mom placing her beloved babe in the reeds along the river, I came to a better understanding of the faith and trust in God that was required to release my son into His loving, eternal care. When I read about the risen Lord’s encounter with the two dejected, disappointed and grieving disciples walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, I saw Jesus in the new light of his resurrection. My heart “burned” with relief along with those two followers of Jesus.

    Joyce, I was also struck by Mart’s reference to the Bible as a “God-breathed gift.” The ESV translation for 2Tim 3:16 helped me understand the “inspired” word of God in a new way. I equated Paul’s description of the scriptures being “breathed out by God” with the idea of God breathing life into man as in Gen 2:7. The Word still breathes life into us as we study, hear, and, as Steve noted, carry it “written on our hearts.”

    Thank you all for the many thoughtful posts on this topic. They did get me “thinking about” it. 35 degrees F currently in the NW corner of Arkansas. The sun is shining with blue sky showing between white clouds. Expecting highs in the 50’s.

  49. jeff1 says:

    I have no reason to doubt you Pooh that you did not mean what I thought you meant as I said earlier can have difficulty with comprehension.

    I suppose it should not come as a shock to me that so many do not read their Bible because of my experience but it also then means Pooh that you are correct when you say that if we don’t understand God’s word no wonder we are having difficulties leading our lives the way God intended.

    I am very much of Joyce’s thinking that God speaks to the heart for that has been my experience. The problem for me is what comes into my head and there is where the battle lies for me.

    I tend to have my mother’s trait too quick too put my mouth into gear before my brain.

    Thank you Joyce and Steve for welcoming me and Steve you are right I do not have an Irish name. I think but I am not sure that both my parents are of Ulster/Scots descent certainly my father’s side of the house were, my mother’s could be either Scots or Irish.

    I have been brought up more aligned with the British culture than Irish my taste in music and dance etc. My name is Vivien and it is of Latin/French origin.

  50. joycemb says:

    Vivien what a beautiful name! Not sure why but for some reason my favorite story-movie-play comes to mind, Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Probably because of all the fighting you grew up with I suppose…..

  51. poohpity says:

    jeff1, I do not remember saying, “that if we don’t understand God’s word no wonder we are having difficulties leading our lives the way God intended” either but what I have said is that we do not understand with all our faults, failures, struggles how much we are loved and accepted by our grace filled Lord. Or that what others say about us or what we think about ourselves without reading God’s Word we do not understand who we are to Him and that is all that really matters. We matter so much to God that knowing everything we did and will do, God put down His sovereign Deity and proved that love through Jesus. If we meant that much to Him why do we think less or more of ourselves than what He says? We are beloved of our God and God doesn’t lie.

  52. joycemb says:

    Vivien the battle is in the mind for us all, that’s why I so love the Bible because it straightens out my thinking and teaches me the difference between the enemies words and Gods words. The battle FOR the mind is the the toughest battle we have. We can endure any kind of suffering if we know that God is for us and that He has a purpose for our suffering.

    Reciting favorite scripture often sends the tormentor running- would love to hear some of your favorites and how they encourage you and bring you peace.

  53. joycemb says:

    27 degrees and cloudy in Mn. Cas I have been through AR many times and have family down there and in LA. Would you believe that AR looks just like northern MN? Stunningly gorgeous!

  54. cas139 says:

    Joyce, yes it is very beautiful here. Driving through the Ozarks, there are trees as far as the eye can see. I’m a transplant here from Southern California, so I very much enjoy the trees and the change of seasons. I lived in Wisconsin many years ago for one year. There were gorgeous woods there too, but the winter was much more severe than it is here–as I imagine it is MN.

    Have a peace-filled day.

    Oh, and I wanted to say I enjoy the thought-“provoking” posts on this blog as well. What a blessing to be able to hear so many perspectives from so many people from such a variety of backgrounds. It is good to have this platform for listening and learning from all those faithful Christians who may not express their faith in exactly the same ways, but who all are linked through Christ.

  55. poohpity says:

    I was wondering if y’all would pray with me today as I have a mass removed from my arm that it not be malignant and no further surgery will be needed. Losing 5 family members due to cancer I do have some concerns. Thank you guys. I walk with a walker also that it would not effect that use either.

  56. jeff1 says:

    Your post Jan 20 10.34am you said:

    Reading the Bible does not cause legalism people do that and if they truly read the Bible they would show more mercy and grace for that is what it reflects.

    Does what you said above not amount to the same thing that if people don’t read the Bible with the correct intention then they do not lead their lives the way God intended with mercy and grace.

    If there is such a small percentage reading the Bible then like myself people must have doubts at whether or not it will bring them nearer to God.

    We have to look at why people are not reading God’s word and in my case it is because of disagreements which divide Christian’s. We cannot ignore that there is something wrong that so many have chosen not to read it. It is not because of disbelief but because the people who do read it are not all coming away with a God of mercy, some are saying God is a God of Wrath.

    You say that we do not understand with all our faults, failures, struggles how much we are loved and accepted by our grace filled Lord. I say the reason we do not feel accepted by our grace filled Lord is that even today Preachers are teaching from the Bible that God is a God of Wrath. That is the reason I do not feel loved by God not only are Preaches teaching this but men/women are using passages from the Bible to justify their right to violence.

    Their are non-believers out there saying I show more mercy and grace to others than Christians’s do.
    I have heard non-believer’s saying how Christians’s justify themselves by using the Bible to justify their deeds.

    The reason Christianity is failing today is because we have substituted Christ with the Bible and it is not working.
    It is divisive where Christ is inclusive and Satan is having a field day while we all argue about who is right. It is not about who is right it is about what is right.

  57. jeff1 says:

    I will pray that all goes well

  58. poohpity says:

    I guess those are the very reasons that I always compare what people are teaching to what is said in scripture that way I will not be lead astray. You reading the Bible is between you and God therefore it is not my business so we do not need to continue going over reasons why not to read it. Do Not Read The Bible it is horrible for you and will do bad things so stay away from it and fill you mind with whatever you want to fill you mind with, it is fine.

  59. joycemb says:

    Chocolate anyone?

  60. hera says:

    Just would like to drop a note.
    Regarding Bible in Visuals.
    Have tried searching YouTube but my connection is such an aging turtle with arthrtitis :-) quite frustrating..
    So I would like to propose to Mr. De Haan/ODB to produce it – Bible in Visuals, OT & NT perhaps also including explanations on points which are often misunderstood, ambiguous and such.
    (I know it would be quite a big project to do).
    But in case there is actually already such resources available, only that am not aware of it, please just disregard this.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Thank you.
    Have a Christ-centered day to all.

  61. narrowpathseeker says:

    Joycemb…lol …to the chocolate anyone?!! I have stayed away for quite awhile…and came back to check out the last subject matter as a friend pointed it out to me. While many of the comments here are truly encouraging with all kinds of good stuff, there isn’t enough chocolate that I could possible ingest to deal with the comments that compel the need for it. ;-)

  62. poohpity says:

    Hera, there is the book of Matthew on You Tube verse by verse. I think the video is about 4 hours long.

  63. poohpity says:

    It is beautifully done.

  64. street says:

    was thinking if we can not trust His Word, we would not even trust Him if He was raised from the dead. gee where have i heard this before? david meditated on His Word day and night for a reason. it’s not our native tongue. it is work, trial and testing. i think some of the end results are humility, a pure heart, thankful heart, a heart for people, knowing God and being like Jesus.

  65. street says:

    He leads the humble in justice,
    And He teaches the humble His way.

    2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

    3 For consider Him who has endured such hostility by sinners against Himself, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

  66. joycemb says:

    Street I love Heb. 12 . The chapter heading is Example of Christ’s Endurance in the Open Bible NKJ and Endure by Keeping Your Eyes on Jesus in the New Living Translation Bible. It always brings me great encouragement when I am under great stress or discomfort of any kind. To know I am not alone but part of a larger kingdom is very comforting to me on my lonely days.

  67. hera says:

    Thank you Poo.
    I will check that out later.
    And oh, I sincerely hope the mass you mentioned is just a mass, not malignant, both my late father and mother had cancer so I understand the struggle, the agony of the condition as well as situations within the family during…
    May He send you an angel during the process you are about to do :-)

  68. marma says:

    Steve- How blessed we are then to see at times in this life the outcome of our faith, though at times it may be long and coming.

    The heroes of Hebrews 11, especially those in the latter part remind us of those unseeable things that are worth the wait outside of this life. Couldn’t agree more.

    We each wait for that better, heavenly country,too. Thanks be to God that He gives us glimpses of that heavenly life in this one by faith. Some of those glimpses come through our fellow believers in person and through venues like this as we hold open the door for each other through posting Scripture and encouraging personal stories and testimony.

    A good place to come thinking and to receive encouragement from others.

    Up in the 70’s in Central Florida today.


  69. Regina says:

    Good Morning, All,
    I hope all is well in your lives. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on this blog topic (Why is the Bible Called…). I’m not sure if it will be current long enough for me to share my own thoughts (my days are busier in the Winter than they are in the Summer), but, eventually, I’ll find the time to add my perspective (or point of view) from what I’ve learned in my 47 (almost 48) years of life. Thank you so much, pooh (Deb), for your comforting and encouraging words regarding the death of my brother. I’ve already experienced some of what you shared in your comment (the spontaneous crying and having to brush away my tears quickly so I wouldn’t have to explain them to friends or co-workers. I didn’t feel ashamed (I know they would understand), I just didn’t want to have to explain them). My family and I still don’t know the cause of my brother’s sudden death. So, after the graveside service, his body was not lowered in the ground because the autopsy is not finished yet. I had never seen that before… walking away from the casket (above ground) after the GS service. I miss him *very* much, but you’re right, pooh. He will always be alive in my heart and in my memories, and it’s very comforting to know that he’s in heaven with Jesus! Knowing where he is makes me feel so much better.

    It’s 46 degrees, rainy and cold right now in Texas.

    Love to all,

  70. poohpity says:

    Yes Hera, I understand that I have lost my grandma, dad, mom, 2 aunts and a cousin to cancer. Three of them in the last 4 years. Everyone that used to be here on the blog prayed with me through nine months of the battle against it with my mom. Sadly I know so well the grief process but the good was now hopefully I can comfort and empathize with others as they go through it with the comfort I received from the Lord.

    The battle we wage in this life is not against each other but against the shadows of darkness that can fill our minds with low self worth, disappointment, false teaching, lies, pride, strife, envy, guilt, bitterness and anger just to name a few and the only offensive weapon we have in our spiritual arsenal is a sword the Word of God. Eph 6:12,13,17

  71. poohpity says:

    Jesus taught us in His word how to deal with each other John 13:34,35.

  72. joycemb says:

    Love the photo Our Daily Bread posted on Facebook with that verse! Pooh, also praying for a good report on your biopsy.

  73. poohpity says:

    Joyce isn’t it great that God supplies His word everyday for what we need daily as in ODB. I am glad to see that is part of your day too.

    I also wanted to let jeff1 know that I find your honesty refreshing about reading the Bible. There seems to be many even though it is not that important that mislead others about it. I always find honesty and forthrightness better than anything else. Just my 2 cents worth if it is even worth that much. ;-)

  74. Regina says:

    I’m also praying for a good report on your biopsy, pooh.

    Love to all…

  75. jeff1 says:

    Thank you Pooh, for your last post saying you find my honesty refreshing about reading the Bible. I do no expect anyone to understand but I am sharing why it is this way for me.

    When I was 15 year of age I became aware of how hatred and violence could fill peoples hearts. That lasted for 30+ years, it was difficult I choose many wrong paths even though my Church and my father were telling me I was wrong. Being young as it’s downside I listened to the passionate men who were going to by their talk save my Country instead of listening to voices of reason like my father’s. My father had been in WW2 and had seen action on Russian convoys, he also served in Palestine. I should have known he knew better but history repeats itself. My Children do not listen to my voice of reason so now I know what it was like for my father when he tried to tell me.

    I think you mentioned about the shadows of darkness filling our mind and for me sometimes my heart and that is where the battle lies for me. Forgiving myself and forgiving the men of violence (they are faceless to me) but I can still at times find hatred in my heart.

    I blame them for hatred being now part of what I live with. God speaks to me however and tells me that this dark side of me was in there and of course that is true for it was not in my Father. Perhaps now that I see it like that, there is hope, God wanted me to know that I was as big a sinner as those men of violence.

    That in itself is not an easy thing to come to terms with, remember I thought I was OK with God, I felt justified in thinking and feeling the way I did, these men had caused the situation.

    I now realize that God is saving me from myself as much as from anything else, he is interested in me personally being right with him.

    There are days I can take this in and days I cannot. I have never really seen God has been interested in me, I mean I have always been part of a community, part of a Church, part of a family, part of a workforce.

    God is telling me personally that I am OK with him, I am forgiven for my past, present & future sins. This takes some getting used to, I mean I am anything but perfect in my own and everyone who knows me’s eyes.

    Yet God, who is the Creator of the Universe and mankind can love me despite of myself.

    Some days I just sit and cry and say to myself they won’t believe me God, by they I mean the people in my life.
    They are now the 15 year old who could not be told anything.

    That is why I hold the view I do, you must know Christ first, otherwise you will not understand the Bible.

  76. Mart De Haan says:

    jeff1, with pooh, I’m guessing that there are many of us who deeply appreciate not only the freshness of your honesty, but also the wisdom you have taken to heart.

    Hearing some of your story and what it means to be finding that God not only loves and forgives you, but that he does so far more than you could ever imagine— resonates with us.

    My guess is that you have gotten a taste and a vision of the treasure that all of us are looking for whether we realize it or not.

  77. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    43F in the N. Willamette Valley — winds calm — cloudy.

    A passage that has been an anchor for me in life-storms is:

    I, the Lord, created you
    and formed your nation.
    Israel, don’t be afraid.
    I have rescued you.
    I have called you by name;
    now you belong to me.

    When you cross deep rivers,
    I will be with you,
    and you won’t drown.
    When you walk through fire,
    you won’t be burned
    or scorched by the flames.

    I am the Lord, your God,
    the Holy One of Israel,
    the God who saves you.

    Praying the outcome of your procedure will be very good news, Pooh.

    Sometimes I wonder where I would be without Jesus, God’s Word. He has pulled my bacon out of the fire many times. He has given me courage on the dark path of remaining faithful to His church, which is people who long to see Him and feel His presence.

    Blessings always,

  78. poohpity says:

    Amen, jeff1. Coming to realize what is in inside me makes God’s grace so much more amazing. That was why I liked the bible so much because every person that God ever used was a misfit like me. The bottom line is they realized with self honesty they did not need to impress God it was us that needs to be impressed with God. None of us deserved His grace but He gave it anyway to those who are refreshingly honest about themselves.

  79. joycemb says:

    Vivien thank you so much for sharing so honestly. Your struggles are certainly common for us all. I get it. Thanks for being a ‘light’ here on this blog.
    Blessings in Christ Jesus,

  80. joycemb says:

    Back to the “word of God” has anyone had a problem with worshipping the Bible more than God? It happens, then it does get used as a tool for harm rather than good. We are to read and study to know God and how He wants us to be in a sinful world. How much should we read, which translation is best? How often should we gather together with other believers? Jesus said where two or more are gathered there will I be also. What does our gathering together look like- to us, to the world, to our neighbors; and does it really matter? . If we read scripture on a blog or in our hands, does it matter? What’s important here? What isn’t worth fighting about. Just thinking out loud.

  81. street says:

    joycemb said,”What isn’t worth fighting about. Just thinking out loud.”

    like your post! and this happens when we take our hearts and give it to another or claim it for our own. something to be aware of. just like God’s other blessings can be a stumbling block. the law became a huge stumbling block. maybe we look at it the wrong way. God is what we are living for, He is for us, not fighting for. we contend for the faith and sanity in the truth. even truth has tripped some people up because of a lack of compassion. Jesus confronted this everyday, we need to master sin and this takes a cross. different day, different struggle, one day closer. thank you God for paul and for grace and mercy in Christ Jesus.

  82. joycemb says:

    Thanks Street. Good words. Bless you.

  83. jeff1 says:

    This is the first time I have shared this with anyone how I feel, I mean, I have always been more of a listener than a talker. I think I find it easier to talk here as you are not from my Country you can look from the outside. I don’t find it easy to talk to people at home as they are too close and many have difficulties as well which means you try not to burden them with yours.

    I appreciate your comments, advice and prayers. Personal prayers have been difficult for me as my emotions do be all over the place at times. Finding it easier to listen to gospel music and singing hymns in church than praying.
    You have some amazing gospel singers Elvis, Lynda Randle, the Gaithers and the Hoppers are my favourites.

  84. joycemb says:

    Vivien I too love music and I would say for me Christian music is about equal with scripture. Not much onto Gospel music but more prefer high church contemplative. The music out of Taize France brings me immediately into Gods presence.

    I find it easier to talk on the internet as there are more people I have met who GET me and I don’t have to deal (too much) with those who don’t. I too am a listener so usually people where I live bring their problems to me and I have to really work at it to protect myself from getting burned out too quickly.

    Glad you are here!

  85. SFDBWV says:

    It has been said that “music soothes the savage beast.” I don’t know who said that, but music certainly can touch my soul and often does.

    Not just gospel music, but any good music takes me to a place that is difficult to put to words. I can be filled with joy or filled with tears and sometimes filled with something that can cause me to just stand up and cheer.

    So not only is the savage beast in me soothed, sometimes he howls at the moon.

    For me any and all such emotions are always tied to my relationship with our Lord and usually accompany a conversation with Him from me.

    In a dream I had in my youth I stood with another I was aiding to stand, in fact that I had partially carried to a special place over looking our goal and safe haven when the horizon erupted into brilliant colors of the sunrise accompanied with millions of angels singing almost as if the colors were the music.

    A good friend is a filter through which we can unload the burdens of our heart especially the nasty stuff in order to get it off our chest, but accompany great trust as when one bears their heart it is all too often vulnerable.

    32 degrees and a mixture of rain and snow.


  86. foreverblessed says:

    Jeff wrote:”That is why I hold the view I do, you must know Christ first, otherwise you will not understand the Bible.” Jan 23, 6.56 am
    Thank you so much for you stories, they really touch my heart.

    The Living Word of God is Jesus.
    The Bible are written words, we have discussed this before here on this blog.
    Reading the bible without the Breath of the Holy Spirit, what use is it?
    If we do not see that the Bible is about Jesus, who saves mankind, then what use is it?
    A good history book, a set of good rules, the Ten, wisdom, etc?
    But then I read what Jeff wrote: without knowing Jesus, what use is the bible?
    Yes the key is Jesus

    John 5:39-40 You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life.

    We study the bible, but, in the words that Jesus gave, do we come to Him for life, real everlasting life? As what Cas139 wrote, she started to read the bible and look for the personal message, what is God saying to me. It really touched me how the bible spoke to you, in the basket with the boy….thanks for sharing,
    Thank you all for sharing.
    And Pooh, God give you is courage in your ordeal, and Regina, may God comfort you in your loss of your brother!

  87. foreverblessed says:

    Thanks Steve for that dream, angels singing!
    I was reading about C.H. Spurgeon the last few days, when he died in Italy, the man who was with him saw when he looked outside the window of the hotel they were in, angels singing on the mountaintops.
    At our housegroup lasr wednesday we talked about Elisa, who asked God to show to his servant, to show the angels around Jerusalem, guarding the city. God opened his eyes and he saw them too, I pray that God opens our eyes that we see the spiritual life we have in Him
    2 Kings 6:15-17
    “Those who are with us are more than those who are against us” the famous words of Elisha

  88. SFDBWV says:

    When Matthew was in intensive care in a coma not expected to live or every wake from his deep sleep I was awakened to Psalms 23:1-6

    As often as I had read these words or heard them repeated, they never spoke so personally to me as in that moment and situation.

    God spoke to my being, my heart, and my need in those words giving me reassurance and courage to press on with my faith.

    I am not going to say that every time I pick up the Bible and read any of it that I am as moved or as impacted as I was at that particular time. But there have been many occasions when the Words of God’s Scripture leapt off the page and into my heart in what can only be described as “revelation knowledge”.

    However I would be in error to say that I only encounter God within its pages. I have heard Him speak both directly and through others, He has “opened my eyes” in dreams, as already stated, in music, certainly in nature and always when I see Him present in the circumstances of human kindness and sacrifice.

    Luke 11:9, 10 and Matthew 7:7, 8 both declare if you seek you will find, and what is it you find…God.

    I hope you find Him today.


  89. joycemb says:

    Good morning all,
    As Patty (my cat) woke me up this morning the song Count Your Blessings was running through my head; probably because I got bad news from the dentist yesterday which may require special surgery and I don’t like dental work at all! But watching the sun burn off the fog as I warmed Patty’s breakfast reminded me of what a mild and different kind of winter we are having compared to last year and a reason to give thanks! I am so blessed with a warm home, food to eat, quiet Saturday morning, warmer temps, and a song on my lips and a prayer in my heart to the Lord that created it all; along with good friends to talk with on this blog this morning! So good to read your posts so far!
    Blessings, Joyce and Patty

  90. joycemb says:

    I was remembering how God blessed David with music so when he played for Saul his demons quieted down and even in his insanity found grace. What a God we serve!

  91. poohpity says:

    I guess it would be hard to understand why the bible is called the word of God unless you read it to find out. I have no other reason than to say it was God who put the desire in my heart to know Him. The desire to seek Him, to put Him first, to grasp what was available to teach me about this God who offered me forgiveness from all that I had done. I wanted to know all I could. Then I found out that no book could contain everything about Him but it was a start, a glimpse.

    In the beginning I went to church and I was like a sponge that could not get enough of learning so when I got my bible at Christmas that year(1989) I was very eager to see what was in it. If there was a bible study offered I went, along with going to church 2 or 3 times a week. I left a lifestyle of me in the center of it and began a new lifestyle with God in the center. I needed God so much and still do. The bible to me is a tool to learn about God one that it’s pages are falling out, it has coffee stains, my writing all over it, marker stains from my kids.

    I even went so far as getting those metal magnate signs for my car that said “God wants you to know Him read the Bible” the next line said “Honk if you need one” which I had in the trunk of my car. I still believe with all my heart it is a book to know God and that is why to me it is the Word of God because I fully believe it is from experience.

  92. street says:

    dear mart been thinking about a post awhile back i would like to revisit it’s the one with the picture of mass transit with a man reading a news paper with a women and a boy and a bird cage. can it still be visited?

  93. remarutho says:

    Posted by Mart De Haan
    September 13th, 2014 Living in Riddles

    I believe this is the topic you wish to visit, Street.

  94. Mart De Haan says:

    Thank you, maru, for running that down for street/me :-)

  95. Mart De Haan says:

    Seems interesting and so important that the Scriptures BC help us to see our need of a God and a Savior like Jesus; and then Jesus helps us to know how to read and hear so much more of the heart of God in those same scriptures.

  96. poohpity says:

    That is so true Mart. In the OT repeatedly we read God saying turn to me, walk with me, I want you to know me and let me care for you. Then in the NT we have the same very thing follow me, rest in me, I will take away shame and guilt, I want you to know me. The call for all mankind to turn to God because He cares for us like no one ever could with a perfect complete love.

  97. jeff1 says:

    For myself who was brought up in a community that knew how men’s’/women’s hearts could hate and act violently I learned quickly that the Bible’s truths about Satan were very real especially as my own heart darkened and I no longer knew what was right or wrong. History repeats itself and even though violence in our community has ceased there are still those who hold hatred in their hearts. I know their struggle for while I know in my heart that God has saved me from myself I struggle with the demons in my head and I see others still struggling.

    While the Bible is the Word of God, peoples actions speak louder than words as how they treat their fellow men/women.

    When we fail to act accordingly we fail to reflect God’s love and instead those around us see a God of Wrath.

    The consequences of which I see around me make me aware that I am not only a victim but a perpetrator while on this earth.

    I thank God for saving me from not only the hell that I make for myself but for others.

    This is a gospel song Elvis sang and it gives me much peace.

    When I think of how He came so far from glory
    Came to dwell among the lowly such as I
    To suffer shame and such disgrace
    On Mount Calvary take my place
    Then I ask myself this question
    Who am I?

    Who am I that the King should bleed and die for
    Who am I that He would pray not my will, Thy Lord
    The answer I may never know
    Why He ever loved me so
    But to that old rugged cross He’d go
    For whom am I

    When I’m reminded of His words
    I’ll leave Him never
    If you’ll be true I’ll give to you life forever
    Oh I wonder what I could have done
    To deserve God’s only Son
    To fight my battles until they’re win
    For who am I?

    Who am I that the King would bleed and die for
    Who am I that the would pray not my will, Thy Lord
    The answer I may never know
    Why He ever loved me so
    But to that old rugged cross He’d go
    For who am I?
    But to an old rugged cross He’d go for who am I?

  98. foreverblessed says:

    Thanks Jeff, that is beautiful!
    God bless you all, Today!

  99. joycemb says:

    Prayers going up for all those in the path of the savage nor’easter with up to two feet of snow/ wind. Particularly for homeless and those losing electricity. God bless them all.

  100. Regina says:

    Good Afternoon, All,
    I pray all is well in your lives. I read all of the wonderful comments on Mart’s blog topic (Why is the Bible Called…), and thank you all so much for sharing from your experience in walking with the LORD and what He placed in your heart. Thank you, foreverblessed, for your prayer and kind condolences in the loss of my brother. He lived a godly life while he was here, on earth, he’s sorely missed, and I look forward to seeing him again. Was pondering Mart’s blog title, “Why is the Bible Called…”, and I believe it’s called that because it’s God’s love letter to the world…”For this is how God *loved* the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16, NLT). We lost fellowship with our heavenly Father when our earthly parents, Adam and Eve, sinned. So, God had to teach us, starting from the beginning, how to have an intimate and personal relationship with Him. Therefore, when He talks to us, he either reminds us (Himself) or has someone else tell us what He wrote to us in His (love) letter. Now, that’s not the only way He communicates with us, but it’s one of the most important ways of communicating with Him. The LORD also reminded me that He and his Word are “one.” “1) In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2) He existed in the beginning with God. 3) God created everything through him, and nothing was created except through him. 4) The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. 5) The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it” (John 1:1-5). Just shared a few reasons why I know the Bible *is* the Word of God.

    Sunny and 64 degrees in Dallas today…

    Love to all,

  101. Regina says:

    A good friend shared this quote on my facebook page, and I think it’s fitting to share with you all…

    “The Word of God is actually medicine for your soul. It really does a great healing work in us.” ~ Joyce Meyer

    This quote could read like this: “The *Bible* is actually medicine for your soul. It really does a ((great)) healing work in us!” :-)

  102. street says:

    God’s Word gives us life when we were dead. our bodies may pass away, but we will live in the presents of God forever. there are a lot of people sleeping in His presents. God bless you with His presents forever.

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