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No Questions Asked?


Flickr Photo: by Tubb

What do the questions we ask, or don’t ask, say…

About us?

About our thoughts of one another?

About what we think we already know?

What about the questions we ask,  or don’t ask, about God?

Why am I asking? Maybe because I’ve been listening to conversations, to the way people like us sometimes talk past one another… and wondering there’s more than we might think in the questions we ask— don’t ask— and maybe don’t want to admit we have.

Am also thinking that for all that Jesus knew, he sure asked a lot of questions.

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63 Responses to “No Questions Asked?”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Mart.
    When God asked Adam where was he and subsequently asked who it was that told him he was naked and if he had eaten of the tree, I have to believe that God already knew the answers to all of his questions.
    He just wanted Adam to be honest, confess and show Adam who was to blame for what was to ensue.

    There are a lot of questions we might have added to what God asked of Adam, but sometimes we already know the answers and aren’t fooled by any twisted excuses of an answer we might end up hearing.

    We ask questions to get at the truth; that is if we want to hear the truth. We may not ask questions because we may not want to deal with the truth.


  • phpatato says:

    Good morning everyone

    Thank you Steve for your kind words for me in the last subject. I am up drinking a couple of coffees before heading out. Thank you everyone for your prayers of concern for my sister. I was told, through my sister’s daughter, that at the moment she passed she smiled. I can only imagine Who and what she saw.

    On this topic Mart….you said “to the way people like us sometimes talk past one another”

    Sometimes????? In the years that I’ve been dropping by, it is more like ALWAYS. There comes a moment in every topic posted that there will be a “I’m from mars and you are from venus and mars is the only place anyone who loves God would even think of living, and because you don’t, you don’t love God”. Forgetting of course that God made both mars AND venus!

    Perhaps a prerequisite to joining this site is to show proof that one has completed a course on proper communication…not education, just communication. (if it was education based I wouldn’t be able to join because I only have one semester in college) Of course bringing a certificate in love to the table is ideal but one who hates can still be tolerable because they would at least know how to communicate. Mart I am hoping that we begin to ask more questions because what we may *think* we know may be nothing. But then, there will still be one or two who walk among us that think they know it all and will swear they are qualified to say so, no questions asked.

    Have a blessed day everyone