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The Hiddenness of God

P1000960If the goodness and glory of God was hidden in the cross1, and if the word picture of a “consuming fire”2 hides the love of One who urges us to love not only our neighbor—but our enemy3, then in how many other disconnected ideas, and misunderstood Job-like epics does our God hide his real and loving presence?

Who hid first? Who’s hiding and seeking now? And who will find what they are looking for, for a while… and then forever?

1 (1Corinthians 1:23-25); 2 (Hebrews 12:25-13:2); 3 (Romans 12:20-21)


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107 Responses to “The Hiddenness of God”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    Who among us has not said “God where are you?”

    Why does our spiritual walk have to be such a game of hide and seek?

    Come Father, set and talk with me for I am in great distress and have need of thee.

    When you have waited a lifetime for your relief and rescue, what has been the purpose of living at all?

    1 Corinthians 1:24 speaks of those called, but what of those not called, is theirs a life to live with hell on earth then hell in eternity because they were not called?

    Just because I can only be responsible for my own choices and actions am I not to be consumed with passion and concern for others?

    If you look at the story of creation in Genesis, for the inquisitive mind, there is huge hidden questions about God and His plans right from the very beginning.

    God gave everything Adam and Eve needed to live, but hid everything else from them, they only hid out of fear and ignorance.

    Seems nothing has changed much.


  • jeff1 says:

    It is I who went to God with pre-conceived ideas about who is right and who is wrong. I was telling God whose side He should be on. I was in for a rude awakening when God informed me that there were matters that where way out of my understanding (hidden from me for my own good and the good of others) that only He knew and understood. My pride was way beyond my capabilities and God brought me down to earth with a bang and as kept me there ever since. I find at times I want to be in control of what goes on in the world, it seems to be in my nature, I am too headstrong for my own good. Thankfully God has spoke to my heart and show me hidden depths to me that are not godly. There are virtues in me that I like about myself but there are hidden depths to me that I keep uncovering that I do not like about myself. The more I get to know the hidden depths the more I understand how right God is. It is in knowing my own failures that I grow closer to God not in finding failures in others. Praise to our father in Heaven to whom no secrets are hidden.