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News Without Borders


Flickr photo by: Ioannis D. Giannakopoulos

The ongoing debt crisis that has become such a defining moment for Greece and the nations of the Eurozone might be a parable for the world. What do you do with a debt that cannot be paid?

Many believe that to cut Greece from the Union would amount to the imposition of a national foreclosure that no one can afford. Not Greece. Not the European Union. Not the nations of the world.

Am wondering if there is also an echo in these events of the prophet Isaiah speaking to Israel in exile. The Lord of lords had made the people of Jacob an example and international showcase of his love, and his judgment. Now, says Isaiah as he looks into the future, Israel’s hard work will be over. She will have paid double for her sins, and what will remain will be a promise of something far greater than she or anyone could ever imagine (am assuming here that the prophet is speaking in a “prophetic past tense” as he does in chapter 53).

The vision was one for the future— for Israel, and for the nations of the world—and us

In mysterious prophetic language that we now understand (in part) better than the people of Isaiah’s day— the prophet declares that God is coming to Jerusalem to buy back his people and to show that there is a great mercy in his judgment.

In this vision, we hear the voice of one crying in the wilderness to prepare the way for the God who would make himself a sacrifice for our sins. What we don’t yet see is how the promise is yet to play out in full for Jerusalem and the nations.

What does seem unavoidable is that in choosing Israel, God is choosing one for all. One nation to reveal himself. One nation to be blessed and to suffer—even double for its sin. One nation to represent all nations in our need of the God who alone has answers for our insurmountable and all encompassing debt. One nation to give us the Son whose death and resurrection is our only comfort and hope.

Am writing while thinking about today’s news, Isaiah 40:1-31, and then the amazing lingering promise of Isaiah 60-66.

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110 Responses to “News Without Borders”

  1. SFDBWV says:

    It is quite frustrating for me as the Mayor of my little town to finance the needs of our community with the very little money we have available to us.

    Unlike the State and Federal Government we as a municipality are not permitted by law to borrow money.

    Yet the State and Federal Government do it and in so doing create the problem of not having the resources to pay it back while continuing to provide the services they couldn’t afford without borrowing for in the first place.

    It is well recorded that in these last days there will be a financial collapse unlike any other in history…pray we are taken out before it comes.

    We had a huge disagreement years ago with our pastor about to whom Jesus paid the debt of Adam’s sin and the sins of mankind.

    Clearly in the Law of Moses God required a blood sacrifice for sins as well as providing a scape goat for the guilty.

    In Jesus God provided both to satisfy the “debt” owed God for His holy justice to remain intact.

    Interesting that in the Law of Moses financial debts were forgiven every seven years (I think seven) so as to restore the land to its proper owners.

    We hear a lot of talk about God’s economy in the evangelical circles, but little is talked about just forgiving the debt and starting over.

    While thinking about it I am reminded that Russia never repaid their financial debt to America for money given to fight Germany, though England did.

    Also while thinking about it God’s use and purpose of Israel is not over yet. The Book of Revelation has a lot to say concerning Israel and her 12 tribes.

    I want also to say that I have no way of making atonement for my sins as given in the Mosaic Law. I am though “given”, not loaned, atonement through Jesus of Nazareth’s Passion and death. Jesus paid the debt to the Father for me because I had no way of ever paying it.

    It is a gift. A gift is not a loan nor is there any debt attached to it other than gratitude.


  2. joycemb says:

    Good morning Steve, yes gratitude is the best, as it does remind us over and over again that no matter how things appear in the physical realm there is so much more and far better things going on in the Spiritual realm if we keep our eyes focused on that. To God be the glory!

  3. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    It seems to me that Scripture offers us keys to grasping — or at least quelling panic — reading the news headlines of our time. We are swiftly moving toward a world of News without Borders. I often see these days a bumper sticker declaring “Everything is connected.” According to the Princeton Theological Library online, Karl Barth said:

    “The Pastor and the Faithful should not deceive themselves into thinking that they are a religious society, which has to do with certain themes; they live in the world. We still need – according to my old formulation – the Bible and the Newspaper.”

    Isaiah spoke/is speaking/will speak to Jerusalem. Jesus-followers must attend to the message he brings from God, since we (the wild olive branch) have been grafted into the tree of God’s chosen people (the cultivated olive tree).

    “Jerusalem, stand up! Shine!
    Your new day is dawning.
    The glory of the Lord
    shines brightly on you.

    The earth and its people
    are covered with darkness,
    but the glory of the Lord
    is shining upon you…

    The Lord has promised:
    ‘I will flood Jerusalem
    with the wealth of nations
    and make the city prosper.
    Zion will nurse you at her breast,
    carry you in her arms,
    and hold you in her lap.

    I will comfort you there
    like a mother
    comforting her child.’

    When you see this happen,
    you will celebrate;
    your strength will return
    faster than grass can sprout.
    Then everyone will know
    that the Lord is present
    with his servants,
    but he is angry
    with his enemies.

    Nations and kings
    will come to the light
    of your dawning day.”

    Yours in Christ,

    PS My Scripture references are Is 60:1-3 & Is 66:12-14

  4. remarutho says:

    The coming of the Light of Jerusalem is the coming of the Light of the World — Messiah Jesus. In view of the “future promise” given in Is 40:1, 2 the brilliance of Zion and Jerusalem shines forth from the throne where the One who has purchased those who believe in Him is seated. At all times (then, now and forever) the citizens of the New Jerusalem sing:

    “Our Lord and God,
    you are worthy
    to receive glory,
    honor, and power.
    You created all things,
    and by your decision they are
    and were created.”
    Rev 4:11

  5. rokdude5 says:

    Good morning everyone. I will always wonder why one Nation was selected at first then the rest of us. Rom 1:16 And in particular why did God chose this knucklehead (moi) and pay for all of my sins? There isnt anything I can do in this world that will fulfill the supernatural debt other than having faith in Him.

    I am glad for that for if I can fully pay for my sins with my own blemished body and then be resurrected afterward, then I can say, “We are now ‘Even-Steven’ and I will go off and do as I please.

    All I can do in this world is try to be forever thankful, keep His Commandments (John 14:15) and praise Him.

    Actually there is one more thing that we should do…go and tell others about our loving God as He commanded us in the Great Commission. Matt 28:19-20

  6. poohpity says:

    There is one commercial that just tickles me to the bone. A guy riding on big lawn mower points out all that he has acquired a beautiful large home with huge yard, a brand new car, all the toys and then says I am in debt up to my eye balls in other words the lender actually owns it all. There are 188 countries that are in debt externally some of them are 3,443% of their GDP, wow. The reality of it all being it is for all the things like Isaiah says that will parish and will be sweep away similar to worshiping the golden calf’s that may look good but can not do a darn thing.

    The thing that causes humanity the most harm guilt and shame which makes us run from God from whom all the things on earth come from and without Him there would be nothing people ignore and mock. The debt that was paid by Jesus is greater than any treasure we create debt for on this earth. Out of total ignorance and have no clue about the power of God just because at this time has chosen not to display it.

    Yet after coming to believe in His merciful judgement and payment on our behalf still going around and holding others to a standard that we could never measure up to ourselves. Withholding forgiveness, grace and mercy towards others when for our own guilt and shame there was a great price paid and that is total ignorance of what was done for us by Jesus.

  7. poohpity says:

    Jesus’ parable of the unforgiving servant sure does fit here. Matt 18:21-35 NLT That has no borders.

  8. Regina says:

    Good Evening, All,

    Mart wrote… “the ongoing debt crisis that has become such a defining moment for Greece and the nations of the Eurozone might be a parable for the world. What do you do with a debt that cannot be paid?”

    I’m very concerned about the debt crisis in Greece. I don’t know very much about the “Euro” accept that several nations came together several years ago and decided to use “one” currency. Am curious, however, as to why Greece is having such a difficult struggle balancing their national budget? Based on what I’ve heard from news reports, that country is in serious financial trouble. And didn’t they receive a financial bail out from other countries a few years ago? Why didn’t their financial situation get any better?

    Should they receive yet another bailout? And, if they do, what happens if it doesn’t work?

    Just my thoughts and musings on the financial situation in Greece…

    97 degrees in Texas right now (was scorching hot this afternoon)…

    Love to all,

  9. street says:

    mart said,”Many believe that to cut Greece from the Union would amount to the imposition of a national foreclosure that no one can afford. Not Greece. Not the European Union. Not the nations of the world.”

    it is only the wicked who would demand such payment.
    God demanded such a payment, He is not wicked and He is just, He paid it Himself. what is holding you back from such Love and mercy? not forgiving or not repenting? both are pillars of the Faith.

  10. SFDBWV says:

    In this past week we lost two more of our residents, connected by family.

    The husband of one has always been a hard case, cold and demanding.

    He came to me crying and asking for help. His wife of 44 years had woke him that morning saying she had trouble breathing. He called 911, but the EMT’s could not revive her she had died.

    Never concerning themselves with death he needed to get a cemetery plot for his wife and ultimately himself.

    The other was a dear old friend at 86. Her daughter had only this spring taken her to live with her, but returned her to a local nursing home about two weeks ago. Her funeral is today.

    She was a devout Christian and we enjoyed talking of our Lord and our faith together often. She had a tough life, a widow for almost 50 years and mother to 4 children whom she never quit worrying about, burying the oldest only a few years ago.

    Two very different people in life, but now share a common end and place in our cemetery.

    There are a lot of things to concern ourselves with as we live daily among life’s struggles, but we need to know what is most important and what isn’t as in the end it is how we have treated others that will matter the most.

    My advice to Greece, Europe, and any others effected is to put your trust in God, not money.

    63 degrees and cloudy.


  11. phpatato says:

    Update as of a few hours ago…….

    “Today, we had only one objective: to reach an agreement. After 17 hours of negotiations, we have finally reached it. One can say that we have ‘agreekment’. Leaders have agreed in principle that they are ready to start negotiations on an ESM programme, which in other words means continued support for Greece.
    There are strict conditions to be met. The approval of several national parliaments, including the Greek parliament, is now needed for negotiations on an ESM programme to formally begin.
    Nevertheless, the decision gives Greece a chance to get back on track with the support of European partners. It also avoids the social, economic and political consequences that a negative outcome would have brought. I welcome the progress and the constructive position of Greece that helps to bring back trust among euro zone partners.
    Following national procedures, the Eurogroup will work with the Institutions to swiftly take forward the negotiations. Finance ministers will also as a matter of urgency discuss how to help Greece meet her financial needs in the short term, so-called bridge-financing.”

    …….Donald Tusk, President of the European Council

    Greece will get up to €86 billion ($96 billion) in fresh bailout loans as long as the government of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras manages to implement a round of punishing austerity measures in the coming days. Those measures, such as pension cuts and raised taxes, were voted NO by the people of Greece in a referendum just last week.

    It seems to me that if there was a referendum already voted on, the PM of Greece knew what would have to be done to secure this loan and receive the help needed to get back on track. It seems to me that the people of Greece “wants the cake and the icing too”. They are refusing to see that this is going to have to hurt in order for them to get better.

    Even though the European stock markets have reacted positively to this agreement, this situation may prove to be far from being over depending on the reactions of the citizens of Greece.

    Another hot and humid day in store for today. 36 C (mid 90’s) with the humidex is forecasted. Yesterday afternoon it felt like 102 (39 C). I am so grateful for air conditioning.


  12. poohpity says:

    Pat, insanity isn’t it? Nothing changes if nothing changes. It seems the only reason an agreement was reached in words(not necessarily in deeds) was to make people think all is well to keep the global market falsely in tact.

    That seems to also apply to the debt that has been paid on our behalf by the Lord and in words believers accept that but still try to act as if they deserve it and then do not extend it to others. So do they actually understand what Jesus has done?

  13. street says:

    rokdude5 said, “I am glad for that for if I can fully pay for my sins with my own blemished body and then be resurrected afterward, then I can say, “We are now ‘Even-Steven’ and I will go off and do as I please.

    All I can do in this world is try to be forever thankful, keep His Commandments (John 14:15) and praise Him.

    Actually there is one more thing that we should do…go and tell others about our loving God as He commanded us in the Great Commission. Matt 28:19-20”

    thinking of martha and mary when Jesus came to visit and how they responded. two words come to mind communion and bride. communion “with unity” and bride one who mind and heart is fixed on the groom. either one with out Holiness is profane. His sacrifice accomplished much and is free. thinking of the time when released in His presents and the joy, like farm animals jumping and leaping in a new field after being released from the stable after a long winter. the bride getting ready for the wedding and inviting anyone and everyone to come.

  14. street says:

    greek debt. thinking, being paid and not working when you can, encourages the status qua. like receiving love and not returning love. there is a huge disconnect and loneliness that leads to conflict. sure pride is the root. there appears to be a need on both parties,borrower and lenders, part, but some how they fail to meet the problem correctly. steve is correct to trust God. the problem is many do not recognize God as the solution because they do not know Him and trust in something else. Holiness is something to be obtained like righteousness. thinking God never needed our love, but desires it and payed much for the opportunity. i believe in the One whom He has sent, i am beginning to understand the need to be holy. i really do want to see Him as He Is. moses asked for a good thing and we know more than moses and the prophets ever did. He holds on to His children and will not let them go.

  15. street says:

    mart, did you sneak your camera into heavens stable?

  16. street says:

    looking for the rider’s return. just cringing at the thought of much sorrow when He returns.

  17. street says:

    thinking about the debt crises is quite interesting. it has much more spiritual significances then at first glance. like trying to fix something that is dead. like working a respiratory and cardiac arrest. at some time you just have to stop. in the Christian life we come to our “senses” like the periodical and return. the weird part is that we return with baggage that Dad has to deal with. we have to continue to humble and learn to mature. in doing this we agree with Dad and begin to learn new ways and put old ways to death daily. it will be good to be finally home and Dad very happy.

  18. joycemb says:

    Hebrews 12:14 NLT
    John Gills Exposition of the Bible,

    :and holiness here does not design any particular branch of holiness, as chastity of the body and mind, but the whole of holiness, inward and outward; and intends true holiness, in opposition to ceremonial holiness, which the Hebrews were fond of, and pursued after: it means even perfect holiness; for though holiness is not perfect in this life, yet it will be in heaven; and there is a perfection of it in Christ; and it is to be followed after, by going to Christ for more grace, and exercising faith upon him, as our sanctification; and by eager desires that the Spirit of God would sanctify us more and more, and enable us, by his grace and strength, to walk in the way of holiness, till we get safe to heaven:

  19. joycemb says:

    Mart I’ve been studying the scriptures you referenced and all I’ve got to say is there is a whole lot more going on right now in the heavenlies than we can even begin to imagine. Greater than any sci-fi movie certainly yet the earth is under control of our faithful Creator who has promised good, no Great things to come!

  20. street says:

    steve said,”It is quite frustrating for me as the Mayor of my little town to finance the needs of our community with the very little money we have available to us.”

    we where never intended to do it alone.

  21. phpatato says:

    (July 23 @ 9:23) Yes Deb, the world is full of insanity. I had a thought this morning that the people of Greece are dab-smack in the desert of debt. They could be wandering about for 40 years before they see themselves finally making their way out. They need a good God-fearing leader and they need our prayers.

    And as I think further on this, every country in this world is dab-smack in the middle of some kind of desert and these deserts are growing larger every day so as to increase the time spent wandering. The need for God-fearing leaders (presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens) is so critical and yet, they are so lacking. Luckily, Christians have the ultimate King to lead us. His name, King Jesus Christ of Nazareth! He won’t steer us clear of the deserts to live all the time in an oasis, but we can be certain and put our trust in that He will never steer us wrong. Praise God!!

    Rain with a risk of thunderstorms are in the forecast for this afternoon which should help break the humid air mass to a more comfortable level this evening. Right now it is 76 F but it feels like 86 F with the humidity. Another thought on deserts, I guess there isn’t any humidity to deal with, it’s a dry hot heat. The temperature reading on the thermometer is the actual temperature.

    Have a blessed day everyone


  22. street says:

    Zechariah 9:11-17

  23. street says:

    Deuteronomy 15: 1-18

    i know some would say this is Old Testament.
    the principle never changed.
    aslo Jesus held them up to a higher standard to what they thought or was worked out over time because of the hardness of their hearts. when one suffers we all suffer. looking to a new day of joy and gladness.

  24. joycemb says:

    I John 3:17-18 here’s the simple New Testament version, absolutely the fulfillment of the complicated Deuteronical laws!

  25. remarutho says:

    Dear All —

    Just rereading the distressing facts of Greece’s financial collapse. Even with the infusion of billions more euros, the Greek people will have to divert earnings into repayment for many years to pay off all those loans. For some reason, the old gospel song, “He Paid a Debt” came to mind as I went over the news report once more:

    “He paid a debt He did not owe;
    I owed a debt I could not pay;
    I needed someone to wash my sins away.
    And, now, I sing a brand new song,
    “Amazing Grace.”
    Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.

    He paid that debt at Calvary.
    He cleansed my soul and set me free.
    I’m glad that Jesus did all my sins erase.
    I, now, can sing a brand new song,
    “Amazing Grace.”
    Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.

    One day He’s coming back for me
    To live with Him eternally.
    Won’t it be glory to see Him on that day!
    I, then, will sing a brand new song,
    “Amazing Grace.”
    Christ Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.
    Yes, Jesus paid a debt that I could never pay.”
    by Ellis J. Crum

    What a day it will be when all debts are forgiven and wiped off the ledgers! The financial system of the world cannot sustain it. It only makes sense in Christ’s kingdom.

    As the world economy now operates, the small number of people who have amassed huge wealth would have to release it in order for commerce to continue. If not, all production, transport and delivery of goods would cease. The outcome would surely be like the fall of the great city, Babylon described in Revelation 18. All supply and demand would go unmet, like the Greek grocery stores around the world whose shelves are now empty due to the halt of Greek shipping.

    Just thinking about News without Borders.

  26. SFDBWV says:

    Good morning Maru, I agree with your view of the financial mess seen developing in Greece and the inability of the money mongers to correct the problem.

    Capitalism only works well when those at the top realize their responsibility in the formula.

    If you look at the wealthy industrialists who made huge fortunes during their lifetimes they knew the importance of having huge workforces that generated spending in the cycle of a healthy economy.

    A healthy economy is always good for business.

    I worked for one of the last industrialists, Armand Hammer who at 50 years of age started a small oil company “Occidental Petroleum”. He also bought up several coal companies as his wealth grew. At 90 + years of age he had small power plants built in order to burn the coal waste (gob) in an effort to remove the waste piles and provide work that would continue long after the mines were worked out.

    Upon his death the new administrators got rid of all the mining and related holdings in favor of just being in the oil business. Huge profits without creating a huge workforce. A formula for economic disaster.

    The old adage that with wealth came responsibility has its roots in Christianity, “To whom much is given, much is required.”

    I remember in the 70’s and 80’s as the big corporations laid off tens of thousands of employees the traders on Wall Street cheered. Because for them that meant more money for its investors as the profits were no longer shared by its workforce.

    Greed is at the base of the economic troubles all over the globe and what has caused most all of the wars men have fought and died in.

    One doesn’t have to look too hard to see where the world is headed, but we are told not to worry rather to look to Jesus and His return for our salvation is at hand.

    60 degrees, wet, damp, light fog in the mountains.


  27. joycemb says:

    10 For the love of money is a root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have been led astray and have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves through with many acute [mental] pangs. I Timothy 6:10 AMP

    I like how the Amplified version describes ‘wandered’ and ‘mental pangs’. Makes me think of the words “prone to wander Lord I feel it” in Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing; a favorite hymn. “Take my heart Lord, take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above.”
    Only Jesus can seal our hearts for His kingdom.

    Also thinking of the many suicides when money is lost. Such crushing despair that can be averted by putting our faith and trust in Christ and His atonement for our sins and not material things.

    Have a God-blessed day everyone!

  28. poohpity says:

    It seems in our country the small business people who once supplied the majority of our work force have been shut down by regulations, rules and oppression from the government. Isn’t it odd that the decrease in Christians in the USA it seems are losing people due to the same things regulations and rules demanding that others follow the very things that Christ died for knowing we could not.

    Demanding debt payment form others when our debt was covered by God in the flesh. That really gives me something to think about when grace is not my daily application to life.

  29. joycemb says:

    Pooh I agree grace covers a multitude of sins, yet, there are consequences in the physical, unfortunately, that we still have to deal with, grace or not, aren’t there?

  30. joycemb says:

    I’m thinking like this, Pooh. Lets say you decided not to pay your rent. Your landlord is a Christian so you may think, “He’s a Christian so he has no right to judge me by throwing me out”, or, he may just decide to give you more time to pay it. But, if you say, “I cannot ever pay you anymore”, doesn’t he have to right to ask you to leave as he also has bills to pay and his business is how he feeds his family? He may be praying for you yet knows your actions are causing an adverse reaction upon him and his family.
    I know that’s an extreme example, but I’m just trying to point out how in the physical world we all live in there are true and just reactions, we reap what we sow.

    Cheap grace is an affront to God and all He has done for us.
    I hope you are not offended by my thoughts. I don’t mean to.

  31. poohpity says:

    When I realized my debt was paid, the consequences are not as bad as what they could of been because I trust it all into the very capable hands of God with thanksgiving. If one is still consumed with the consequences then possibly one’s eyes are on self not on the Lord. I know I sure did not get what I deserved and possibly the consequences will keep me from repeating the same mistakes again. So doesn’t that make the consequences worth it in a way?

  32. poohpity says:

    Joyce that example has nothing at all to do with the grace of God.

  33. poohpity says:

    Grace was never cheap that is an affront to the Lord who cares what I think. The grace given us by God was paid for with the life of His only Son and that was not cheap.

  34. joycemb says:


  35. narrowpathseeker says:

    Joyce I think you gave an excellent example in the “not paying your rent” analogy. God’s grace is Great and Wonderful but I don’t think it was ever meant to be a license to do and say anything we please at any given time.

  36. joycemb says:

    Pooh you said, “When I realized my debt was paid, the consequences are not as bad as what they could of been because I trust it all into the very capable hands of God with thanksgiving”. Are you talking about the debt of sin that Christ paid for? I’m speaking of debts in the physical. Are we speaking about different things?

  37. joycemb says:

    If you are speaking of debt in the physical, there are many Christians in prisons, whether financial prisons caused by agonizing mistakes/greed, or prisons with bars due to exploiting or even stealing. I guess that’s what I’m thinking about. Yes, I do consider and think about the consequences of mishandling or even stealing money. My flesh creeps up, yet as you say I trust in God to change my heart. Hopefully before I have to deal with the consequences!

  38. joycemb says:

    But I know that whatever consequences of my actions I have to go through there is enough grace and mercy to get me through the time I have to serve my punishment.

  39. poohpity says:

    Whatever Joyce. I do not know what you were thinking about because it flip flops so much who really knows any more. We all deal with consequences in the physical those are the lessons we learn from, hopefully, but the spiritual consequences have been taken care of by what you call cheap grace.

  40. poohpity says:

    narrow, if someone “other than me” were to say that the ground is blue and the sky is green you would agree.

  41. poohpity says:

    The best thing to agree with is what God says, who cares what anyone else says, thinks or believes let the Lord be your guide. The only way to find that out is to listen to Him, read what He has inspired and ask Him for wisdom.

  42. joycemb says:

    I’ll share a very personal story. When I retired 3 years ago now mostly because I’m simply worn-out emotionally and just don’t have enough to pull-myself up by my bootstraps as I’ve been doing for the past 5 years or so. Well, when I retired I also had $8,000 in credit card debt, and could barely pay the minimum balances due each month. A lot of the debt was from losing health insurance as my company cut it out after the 2008 debt crisis, lower pay, and an administrator who stole the 401k money. I used my credit card to pay off dental, medical, and twice to pay my rent. But it was so easy to pull out the cards when I was fearful of not having enough money for gas and necessities. (Not trusting God but the cards) The end consequence when I retired was an impossible situation I would never be able to get out of on my own. God blessed me with pointing me to a Christian financial counseling service that was able to consolidate my cards and now I have $200 taken out of my check monthly and one year to go. All I pay them is $15 a month to do this for me. I could not have done it. Yet God in His mercy made a way for me out of debt. I can surely use that $200 as my vehicle is slowly rusting away, but in a year I will have it paid off, and then I can think about affording another vehicle. Praying the rusty parts that are falling off I can get along without until then. But so far so good, LOL!

    My temptation is to get another card when I am all paid up. It’s a hard one, yet, I have another year for God to work in my heart so hopefully I don’t do it all over again. I just love to spend money! It makes me feel good and happy when I’m down and depressed, just like overeating. The depression is chemical, but I’m hoping and trusting God that He will make a way around the physical problem for me. Meantime I trust in Him each day as much as I am able to, struggling all the way, but with His feet in view always.

  43. joycemb says:

    Yes Pooh, what I say does flip-flop as I think out loud a lot and try to be a critical thinker. Sorry to be such a pain to you. Blessings anyway, Joyce

  44. joycemb says:

    Yes narrow, the sky Is really green and the earth is blue. Ha ha! So glad there are ‘Pearls’ like you to shine in this upside-down world! Love and blessings, Joyce

  45. joycemb says:

    Pooh you can be counted on to share simply the great Gospel and that is a blessing to all I’m sure! It’s good to be grounded in the Gospel, BTA tends to draw some deep thinkers and I think that’s the point of the blog. For some of us to be able to think out loud, much to the annoyance of some like yourself who prefers to engage in a straightforward manner and has the gift of Evangelism.

  46. poohpity says:

    Joyce, sorry to disappoint you but I do not mind anyone who shares what they think or deep thinkers because I happen to admire honesty and genuineness.

  47. street says:

    steve thinking about what you said and God’s instruction not to make treaties. when making treaties we rely on ourselves and not God. we say we will pay the loan back but we have no guarantee of health tomorrow to do it. it’s like when abraham was bargaining with God for the righteous in sodom. abraham stop at 10 and implied it was ok to destroy less than 10 righteous people. God would have none of it and rescued the less than 10. i know it is the custom of the land to borrow. you have to ask yourself why? when God gives? we need to give up on our crude and wicked ways and seek Him and His ways, and not before we find this shalom in His Son. we are slow learns but Dad is slow to anger and patient. His love is worth everything. i remember He is building a house for david.

  48. joycemb says:

    Do you not think I am honest and genuine Pooh?

  49. foreverblessed says:

    Was sure glad that Mart brought up the theme of Greece. I was thinking of bringing up Greece here, for a long time now, as it is a big thing here in Europe.

    Some of the Europeans nations like Greece, would print more money when they were falling short of it, that’s why their currencies had to be devaluated often.
    But since they were part of the euro union, money union, they could not print extra money anymore.
    Tight budgets for the government is needed. But on the other hand, the banks of Europe have lended money to Greece with high interest rates, greed is here working)

    I hardly have an idea what is going on.
    My understanding is failing what to say.
    Mart has this subject taken up to a higher level
    Isa 40:1-31, what a beautiful chapter that is.

    Do you not know? Have you not heard?
    The Lord is the everlasting God,
    the Creator of the ends of the earth,
    and His understanding no-one can fathom. Isa 40:28

    So I just pray for Greece, for other nations in Europe, for Ukrain,
    For christians, that they unite, that they help where ever God moves their hearts.

    I also like the verses Isa 40:29,31
    Psalm 84:7 Psalm 27:14

  50. foreverblessed says:

    Just read todays: the My Utmost for His Highest,

    “I am a debtor both to Greeks and to barbarians…”
    Rom 1:14

    “I am a debtor to everyone on the face of the earth because of the gospel of Jesus; I am free only that I may be an absolute bondservant of His.”

  51. poohpity says:

    Joyce, it does not make any difference what I think. Do you think you are honest and genuine? God knows you better than anyone else and went to the Cross for you, that is all I need to think.

  52. joycemb says:

    Pooh I’m not disappointed in you at all! I accept you for who you are, and am learning to accept myself for who I am. By the grace of God we learn to love one another, just as we are, and for what we may become in Christ.

  53. joycemb says:

    Yes we are on the same page then, Pooh.

  54. joycemb says:

    Forever Paul was an amazing man. Just thinking about his pronouncement in Romans, he’s a hard act to follow sometimes. He had more grace than most I think. It’s a lot to think about. I guess no matter what happens in Europe we can remember that even if the world economy should collapse and our life-styles are affected what is important is proclaiming Christ and loving one-another no matter the cost.

  55. joycemb says:

    This is such a good conversation for me today. Thanks all.

  56. jeff1 says:

    The economy and how it works is way above my head but from what I see nothing much ever changes and as my mother used to say the rich will ensure the poor never get any richer and I tend now to see why she said this.
    Man’s creed has caught up with him and we may all have to suffer the consequences of it. My son when he served in Afghanistan said to me mum those people have nothing absolutely nothing. I found this hard to believe in a world where there is so much wealth here was people who had nothing. I will never understand why some people cannot get enough while ordinary people try their best to support charities, disasters and their neighbour others live over lavish lifestyles and even then they could not spend their riches in this lifetime. I do not believe that either Capitalism or Socialism work because human nature is what it is. My father was probably as honest a man as you get. He believed that we all should pay our dues i.e. taxes, health insurance etc. because not to meant we robbed our fellow man as much as ourselves. As a government official for Social Services he once was given a bag of potatoes by a farmer for helping him fill out a form for benefits. My mother was very happy to get the potatoes but my father told her he would be taking them to his boss the next day and when my mother said don’t be ridiculous my father answered today it is a bag of potatoes but what will it be tomorrow. I think my father knew human nature very well and showed great wisdom by his actions. I wish I could say the same about our Politicians and leaders but for all their Oxford, Eton and Cambridge educations they sometimes act like they have not got a brain between them. What you said Joyce about your own financial difficulties, I am in the same situation at the moment paying off debts and I thank God for his patience with me for he has always provided and I get angry with myself when I fail to do what is right but this year has been better than the last so God is a generous God and someday this world will know that. God speed the day.

  57. street says:

    steve said.”It is a gift. A gift is not a loan nor is there any debt attached to it other than gratitude.”

    most of the time this gratitude and joy elude me. i know this is not right considering the consequences and severity of the debt. the problems of daily life are a constant current that needs dealt with and time away from. i am so glade i am not on my own. stating to understand i am responsible for guarding my own heart and examining the things that are there. remembering the parable about putting to death the things that cause sin. unbelief, pride, false religion, disobedience. i think maybe it is enjoyed best in His presents.

  58. poohpity says:

    yes street, His best present or gift was His merciful judgment known to us as grace. To enjoy that will make our relationship with God and others very fulfilling to overflowing.

  59. street says:

    we wait, we look, and we work. it should be great to get the rest of the promises and some that will be very difficult.

  60. joycemb says:

    Come Just As You Are
    by Chrystal Lewis

    Come just as you are (repeat twice)
    Hear the spirit call
    Come just as you are
    Come and see
    Come receive
    Come and live forever

    Life everlasting
    Strength for today
    Taste the living water
    And never thirst again

    Come just has you are
    Don’t you hear the spirit call
    Come just has you are
    Come and see
    Christ my king
    Come and live forever more

  61. jeff1 says:

    Is it not just too simple for men for they have complicated the gospel message over centuries with laws and rules that are men driven and not God given. God speed the day when you raise your chosen people to lead this world to what is your will on earth and not mans ways which has brought the world to economic ruin.

    Fight the good fight with all thy might;
    Christ is the Strength, and Christ thy Right;
    Lay hold on life, and it shall be
    Thy joy and crown eternally.

    Run the straight race through God’s good grace,
    Lift up thine eyes, and seek His face;
    Life with its way before us lies,
    Christ is the Path, and Christ the Prize.

    Cast care aside, upon thy Guide,
    Lean, and His mercy will provide;
    Lean, and the trusting soul shall prove
    Christ is its Life, and Christ its Love.

    Faint not nor fear, His arms are near,
    He changeth not, and thou art dear.
    Only believe, and thou shalt see
    That Christ is all in all to thee.

  62. joycemb says:

    John 16:33 NLT is like part 2 of the Good News that we can take to the bank! The returns on our ‘investment’ far exceed anything the world can give us.

  63. jeff1 says:

    We are caretakers of God’s provisions here on earth and while I find it more and more difficult to know what causes to support, for there are so many these days, I give to those that I consider nearest to my heart. It is good to give and in giving I have received. It is sad to here that many charities are becoming demanding and looking to people who are vunerable in society and unable to make the demands made on them. Governments need to be able to regulate charities so that vunerable people do not feel under pressure to pay money they cannot afford. This world is becoming more challenging to live in as time goes on and I thank God for my children, whom he as entrusted such wisdom too, so that they now guide me as much as I guide them.

  64. street says:

    thinking i incurred a debt while eating out yesterday. the service was poor and the food was not what i ordered. i gave a tip, not the normal amount of what i usually do. i withheld some. i never told her why and i remembered the story of the guy who hired hands to work his fields throughout the day and payed them the same. also thought of the story of blessing and doing good to those who are your enemies. even though she was not my enemy i was still required to extend the generous grace that i have received time and time again. i need to be innocent as a dove and shrewd as a snake. i think also this joy & gratitude eluding me stems from thinking there is some redeeming or virtuous quality in me. which is not the case. definitely pruning time. thank you Dad for your Word and your faithfulness to me and the family. please enlarge table and number of seats.

  65. street says:

    dear jeff about charities. i have found great reward in supporting missionaries and individuals committed to the needs of peoples and communities, they are out there. the primary emphases is on relationships with godly individuals. they are out there and God has linked me up with a few. some one said on here or somewhere else the only thing we get to keep are the things we give away. i know if i keep something it will come to nothing and i can do nothing on my own. ever notice the fruits of the Spirit are things you give?

  66. narrowpathseeker says:

    Street, I think you are super good person that genuinely tries to be the person the Lord wants you to be. I also think you are a far ahead of me in that matter. However, I am wondering about Blessing and doing good unto enemies. Does being good to someone mean that we allow them to treat us poorly without any confrontation whatsoever? This particular waitress may not realize she needs to do better to get better tips…and may never know until someone points it out to her….

  67. narrowpathseeker says:

    Pooh, you are much like my dear sister that passed away a few years ago….she LOVED to argue..but I loved her very much, because she was a kind hearted, generous and very honest person…she paid a chunk of her retirement every month right to the end because she refused to sign the bankruptcy papers with her husband..she was always there for me so I overlooked her not so honorable attributes…she would twist things around to argue either side of any argument regardless of which end of the stick she happened to be on at any given time…and it was all just to be OPPOSITIONAL….she wasn’t just trying to be mean and insulting…I really don’t know anything else about you other than you’ve read the Bible probably more times than Oral Roberts, you like to argue, you like to be top dog and like to insult people that are well liked. Soooooo, I am not going to get into it with you because you don’t listen anyway.

  68. phpatato says:

    Well…..I just received this in an email. I cannot attest as to whether any of this is true or not. I thought I’d post this just to open up another side of this topic.

    Again, this did not originate from me. I am simply copied and posted what came to me in an email. You detectives out there may want to go on a hunt to verify this information.


    The Modern Day Greek Tragedy – Massive Social Fraud
    (Just in case anyone has been wondering why Greece is drowning)

    Experts mandated by the European Union to investigate the causes that led Greece
    to the current economic situation relate the following facts:

    Greece falsified its accounts to enter the euro zone and has distorted the facts until
    it finally exploded. There were massive retirements at the age of 50 years. At
    Evangelismos hospital there were 50 drivers for officials’ cars, and on average there
    were 45 gardeners for a small lawn with 4 bushes.

    Greece has the highest population in the world of people reporting an age of 110 years.
    The deaths are often not registered and pensions continue to be received. The European
    Union had found that there are families receiving 4-5 monthly pensions which they are
    not supposed to get. There were still pensions paid to persons who died in 1953,
    60+ years ago. 40,000 girls received monthly life pension of 1,000 Euros for the simple
    fact that they were unmarried daughters of deceased civil servants. This, at a cost to
    the state coffers of ?550 million euros per year. Now they will receive pensions only
    up to the age of 18.

    The pacemakers in Greek hospitals were acquired at a price 400 times higher than in
    British hospitals. In Greece, many workers have benefited from early retirement, set
    at 50 years for women and 55 for men who belong to one of the 600 job categories
    identified as particularly painful among which included;

    – Hairdressers (because of dyes that may be considered harmful)

    – The musicians of wind instruments (blowing into a flute is exhausting)

    – TV presenters (the microphones are supposed to cause damage to health).
    **** This law was adopted by the Socialist government of 1978.

    There are thousands of ridiculous “tricks” departments and unnecessary institutions,
    which many Greeks live off. For example The Institute for the Protection of Kopais Lake,
    a dry lake since 1930.

    In the last decade, Greece has created over 300 new public companies. Tax evasion is
    massive, over 25% of Greeks do not pay a penny on personal income tax. In addition,
    the weight of the public sector in the economy is overwhelming. There are about one
    million officials to 4,000,000 active people .

    Greek public railways: The average salary of employees exceeds €66.000 per year.
    And this includes cleaners and other non-skilled workers. The (almost free) Athens
    Metro delivers about 90 million tickets a year, while the total cost of this public company
    exceeds the €500 million needed.

    The French retirees receive, on average, 51% of the last salary, the Germans 40%,
    North Americans 41%and Japanese 34%.

    Meanwhile, Greek pensioners receive 96% of their last salary.

    Greece has four times more teachers than Finland, the best situated country in the last
    PISA report, while the student performance in Greece is the lowest among many
    European countries by comparison.


  69. joycemb says:

    Pat that’s so interesting, although I’m sure the frauds committed in the US as I have heard about run at least a close 2nd. I think the benefits and downfall of a basically one-world system of currency is that there are many watchers to be accountable to.

  70. joycemb says:

    Street my thoughts about the waitress is that we just don’t know what problems people are dealing with from day to day. Maybe her beloved pet died or is dying, her child is sick and she’s worrying about how to pay the dr. bills or her boyfriend/husband is being unfaithful. Maybe next time you can ask her how SHE is as it sounds like she may recognize you as a regular? Often times just taking a minute to show you care about service-workers is taken so well. I’ve done it many times when I see people overwhelmed or tired or whatever. It lifts them a bit and helps them get through the day.

  71. jeff1 says:

    You are so right Joyce think of how long they are on their feet serving people and how tiring it must be. Everyone has their off days so unless it is a regular bad service I would put it down to that. I once read that George Burns said he never let anything like a bad meal get him down and he allowed it is why he enjoyed good health and a long life. He said he seen people getting so angry with staff over a bad meal and they were doing themselves more harm than the bad meal by putting up their blood pressure and stressing out. I thought how insightful he was to see it that way.

  72. street says:

    i would have to say the usa is putting greece to shame in our pursuit of fraud. was at the bank yesterday and they will “give” 0.75% interest on your savings account if you have $50,000. most people would agree inflation is running 3% or more. the government will tax your interest according to your tax bracket. they are literally stealing your principle while you sleep and work. lets look at the other end of this. the government is the largest borrower of these funds which is us and spending it. how in the world are we going to pay this back? thinking this will all vanish over night. people need to understand they are the most valuable asset and not things. the closer you are to God the more valuable they become. dear children keep yourselves from idols. train your heart and mind to God’s voice. mine keeps getting me in trouble.

  73. joycemb says:

    Dear street please don’t think you have said anything here to make us love you any less. Just sharing my experience, which gets me in trouble here also, but I hope to learn and trust you do also.

  74. narrowpathseeker says:

    Street ….my bank CHARGES for savings accounts under $400!!! AND every month we get some letter informing us of some other way they are going to rob us!!! I am always afraid (since you need 3 lawyers to interpret these letters’ meaning) that if I don’t cross a t or dot an “I” that all my future direct deposits will go directly to some charge I wasn’t aware of.. lol

  75. street says:

    joycemb… love earned is not love. we get the cart before the horse many times.

  76. joycemb says:

    Street, maybe your waitress’ love language is tips. How do you say “I didn’t like the service today so I’m not going to tip you as much, but I do love you waiting on me.” Do you think she would feel ok with that? Maybe, maybe not. I think she may feel like she didn’t earn her reward. Thanks be to God that we don’t have to earn His love. As you say, ‘earned love is not love’.
    (sorry but I just couldn’t resist)
    I do love all the regulars on this site, no matter their mood or disposition.

  77. street says:

    i did not speak to her of the matter of service or tip. these were my thoughts share of a debt i incurred. in other words i should have showed her the same grace and mercy afforded me in Christ and like mr burns enjoyed the meal. so much to learn. keep looking to the Author and Finisher of your faith. no surprises to Him, but many to us who believe.

  78. SFDBWV says:

    If anyone is truly interested in learning about the financial crisis in Greece I would suggest going to BBC news service for better European news, views and commentary on the matter.

    Equally if anyone is interested in seeing the future I would suggest the Bible, especially the Books of the Prophets as they spoke for God.

    If confused about both or either, I would suggest living for today and leave the troubles of tomorrow for tomorrow.

    I have a saying I have shared with this group before and it may bear repeating. “Science proves the existence of a Creator in spite of their disbelief, and history proves that man cannot govern himself successfully, only when Jesus governs from Jerusalem will there be a perfect government on earth.”

    Remember the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (Daniel 2:31-35) and its interpretation (Daniel 2:36-45)

    Be at peace and trust in God.

    52 degrees and clear.


  79. jeff1 says:

    Being not of sound mind, sometimes, I have made that decision Steve to take one day at a time as the song goes. I can trust God with the future for past experiences has told me that I cannot trust myself.
    To me the story of the gospel is not about our love for God but of His love for us for Israel never was obedient showing that God’s love and mercy lasts forever.


    John saw a city that could not be hidden
    John saw the city, oh yes he did
    John caught a glimpse of the golden throne
    Tell me all about it, go right on
    Around the throne he saw the crystal sea
    There’s got to be more, what will it be
    I want to go, to that city he saw
    New Jerusalem

    I want to walk your streets that are golden
    And I want to run where the angels have trod
    I want to rest on the banks of your river
    In that city, that city of God

    John saw the lion lay down by the lamb
    I want to know everything about that land
    John saw the day but he did not see night
    The lamb of God well, he must be the light
    And he saw the saints worship the great I am
    Crying worthy, worthy is the lamb
    I want to go to that city he saw
    New Jerusalem

    Jerusalem, Jerusalem
    Sing for the night is over
    Hosanna in the highest
    Hosanna forever
    Forever more

    I want to walk you streets that are golden
    And I want to run where the angels have trod
    I want to rest on the banks of your river
    in that city, the city of God
    The city of God
    Jerusalem, Jerusalem
    The city of God, is the city of God

  80. joycemb says:

    Good morning friends,

    I want to start the day off right by apologizing to you, street, for not seeing that you acknowledged your “debt” toward the waitress right away. I was wrong to criticize you for your behavior. I was wrong, please forgive me.


  81. street says:

    dear joycemb you are doing what we all do. we are thinking through are actions and interactions with others. it is difficult at best and impossible to come up with correct understanding apart from God’s Word and His beloved Spirit. when He corrects us it is a true blessing in that a step-father would not care.

  82. street says:

    my behavior was criticized and it was hypocritical. it is i who needed to repent. thanks Dad.

  83. narrowpathseeker says:

    Street, Joyce…..I guess there is something very wrong with me that I don’t recognize as yet…and I am painfully aware of plenty wrong with me.. however, I don’t see where either of you in recent posts and proclaimed “behavior” have ANYTHING to apologize for. If you DO, then I am in BIG trouble and need more major Work than I previously thought. I was a “door mat” for too many people along my journey in life and I really don ‘t think God wants me to return to “door mat” status, nor do I think He wants me to treat anyone else like a “door mat”….especially fellow Christians….so when I find someone wiping their feet on someone or me, I let them know…kindly if I can, but some people just keep on a wipin’ no matter how you let them know and then I guess I want to do a little wipin’ myself..now I know THAT is bad, but I do not think opposing wipin’ is anything I need to correct as yet.

  84. joycemb says:

    Hi Pearl, I guess I was convicted because to me it was sin. The Bible days if it is a sin to you, then you need to repent. If it is not a sin to you then no problem. We all are at different places in our walk with Jesus. Thank you for asking because I needed this reminder. It just reinforces for me the problem with judging others. Bless you Pearl.

  85. joycemb says:

    Gary I wish you would come back I miss you. (Besides, it’s lonely being the only one here with mental health issues :-)) Hope you are well and not too hot down there. Blessings, Joyce

  86. joycemb says:

    Turning the other cheek is very very hard to do, but with God’s help and loving and trusting Him we can do all things He requires of us.

  87. street says:

    dear narrow, i would have to disagree with you in that i have nothing to repent from. i am still a human and still susceptible to the influences of sin from my own heart and from external force and ideals. Jesus was quite clear that sin originates in the heart not the stomach. i am becoming increasingly aware of my responsibility to identify these schemes and bring them to end before they end me or hurt others. admitting and identifying there presents is the first step. because of the knowledge of God’s Word and conviction of the Holy Spirit. paul said all things where permissible but not all are profitable. sin is not permissible or profitable even in thought. this has lead me to a better understanding of God’s call on man to be Holy. Jesus raise the bar of the law to a higher standard that rules our thoughts. He really does want to rule all of me and i think He will do a better job than everything else combined. better benefits. i also remind you He will not with hold any good thing from you like testing trials and suffering. as difficult as all that sounds, i would not want to be a shallow person. remember to him who has more will be given to him, and he that does not even what he has will be taken away? this looks like depth to me. above all hold on to your faith in Jesus The Author and Finisher of your faith. Dad really knows what He is doing. i still marvel at being adopted.

  88. remarutho says:

    Good Morning All —

    Mart, you remind us:

    “In mysterious prophetic language that we now understand (in part) better than the people of Isaiah’s day — the prophet declares that God is coming to Jerusalem to buy back his people and to show that there is a great mercy in his judgment.”

    We need to slow down from the (post)modern pace and take a long Biblical view of these historical events of our time, like Greece’s financial meltdown. Then, as you point out, we understand a little better that God’s will is working in all things — always has and always will. We cannot discern outcomes from current events, but we can know that God is merciful and God is judge.

    As many are saying both privately and publicly, “Things we took to be fundamental truths are apparently no longer so.” The people of God, including the body of Christ, must stay close to the Lord and trust that “…without faith it is impossible to please God, for whoever would approach Him must believe that he exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.” (Heb 11:6)

    Only Jesus is entirely in accord with the Father’s perfect will — the best we can do is remain as faithful as we are able, as you say Street.

    Sabbath Peace,

  89. joycemb says:

    Good morning,

    Maru I was thinking it’s best to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus who is the author and finisher of my faith this morning and as best I can always. Not so easy to do with battles without and within but that is my goal today,
    Resting in Jesus and may all here do the same,

  90. jeff1 says:

    God knew before we knew that it would be difficult in the end times. Even my childen believe I am a weak person for believing in God today. Modern day thinking is that to stand up to evil today requires physical and mental strength while I say it is done finished at Calvary, but the truth is we are still living in the aftermath. For everything has changed and nothing has changed and by that I mean man’s way of doing things in the world has not changed. For mans still believes in brute force, we only have to look at the world today to see that. Terrorists are what they are and while I will never understand how they can do what they do and sleep in their beds at night it is those in authority who use that authority to brutalise people that leave me cold.
    I believed all my life that those in authority where chosen by God so I took the side of authorities believing in their righteousness to find that there is no such thing as man’s righteousness only God’s righteousness. I see now why the terrorist sees no wrong in attacking the authorities for they know now what I know that they where never God’s appointed to begin with for God’s annointed would never treat another human being with some of the brutality authorities has. The saying is that we reap what we sow and I have found truth in that for I have made enough mistakes in life and live with the consequences of them. If authorities condemn terrorists for their barbaric behaviour and then dish out the same treatment to the terrorist then they reap what they sow and leave the world as it is. I do not agree with a system that rewards criminals or terrorists but a system that wants to give them a taste of their own medicine is a vengeful one. It would seem some would rather God where a vengeful rather than a just God but would those who abuse that authority want Him to be just or vengeful when it comes to their judgement! I agree with you Street we are susceptible while in the flesh and as I become more aware of my own sinfulness I become more aware of sinfulness in the world and I now agree with God that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

    To God be the glory, great things He has done;
    So loved He the world that He gave us His Son,
    Who yielded His life an atonement for sin,
    And opened the life gate that all may go in.

    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let the earth hear His voice!
    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let the people rejoice!
    O come to the Father, through Jesus the Son
    And give Him the glory, great things He has done.

    O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood,
    To every believer the promise of God;
    The vilest offender who truly believes
    That moment from Jesus a pardon receives.

    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let the earth hear His voice!
    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let the people rejoice!
    O come to the Father, through Jesus the Son,
    And give Him the glory, great things He has done.

    Great things He has taught us, great things He has done;
    And great our rejoicing through Jesus the Son;
    But purer, and higher, and greater will be
    Our wonder, our transport, when Jesus we see.

    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord,
    Let the earth, hear His voice!
    Praise the Lord, praise the Lord.
    Let the people rejoice!
    O come to the Father, through Jesus the Son,
    And give Him the glory great things He has done…

  91. street says:

    Jeff said,”Even my childen believe I am a weak person for believing in God today. Modern day thinking is that to stand up to evil today requires physical and mental strength while I say it is done finished at Calvary, but the truth is we are still living in the aftermath. ”

    i think of Jesus standing before pilot at His trial. wondering why did the people chose barabbas over Jesus? what they saw, was Jesus humiliated before the romans.weak and powerless. barabbas standing tall and just as defiant. we were duped into believing a lie. yes he came to His own and was rejected according to the Scriptures. not only that He promised them any sin against Himself would be forgiven. israel was given about 40 more years. His patients and mercy are indeed great. then came judgment. His promises to israel are irrevocable and will be fulfilled. we experience this grace and mercy every day on earth weather we recognize it or not. to Him be glory honor and praise forever! God richly bless His children in all things.

  92. joycemb says:

    Good morning all!

    For me thinking about money at all causes anxiety which gives me another opportunity to look up to Jesus for healing balm, hope, or help; whatever is needed at the time. Money is A root of evil the scriptures say. Being dependent on it I used to say was the problem, but I have come to understand that not being dependent on my Father is the problem which gives me more opportunity to build more trust in Him.

    Sharing scripture is easy but I find walking out the scriptures hard mostly. But as been said by many here, we walk by faith, not by sight.

    May our faith increase today!

  93. jeff1 says:

    I am sitting watching and listening to how rich some of the golfers are in the British Open and yet we can not pay a liveable minimum wage to a working man. We name and shame people on benefits who have frauded the system but there are wealthy people robbing the taxman daily and they are praised for their genius in doing so. A football follower once said to me after he had watched Manchester United play here that most of the players when passing them never even looked in their direction never mind bid them time of day. If it were not for their followers they would not be so rich today. This is a world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer because the system is geared that way. I watched a TV programe and it explained how if you are born into a rich family there is very little chance of you ever being poor but if you are born into a poor family there is only a 6 per cent chance of you becoming rich. My mother always said money was at the root of all evil and I have to agree with her. Some say it is the love of money but I disagree for it is often the need of money and not greed of money that as caused many to sin. I look forward to a world when money will not dictate a person’s status and where those who understand best how to manage it will be doing just that.

  94. joycemb says:

    Hi Viv, scripture does say that the love of money is a root of all evil but sure agree with you about inequality in the world. I just read Esther in scripture and found it so interesting that when the Jews were given the green light to protect themselves and not only that were told to kill their enemies and take all the plunder they refused to take the riches of their enemies. Interesting I think.

  95. joycemb says:

    That event is still celebrated today and called The Feast of Purim where they make lots of food and celebrate by giving food to the poor. Quite a legacy us Gentiles were engrafted into. I think it is so exciting to think about how this Christian faith came about through the promised Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth!

  96. oneg2dblu says:

    joycemb… thanks for the mention.

    just stopped in to see how things were going with you all, where the topic is, and who is contributing.
    I’ve been finding it harder to spend much time here with my schedule in full summer mode and just finishing up another boat build, with today’s maiden voyage complete, and a couple of, “Thank you Lord’s,” thrown in for good measure.

    So many other things can take us all away, but in today’s reading of Isaiah , it is right on for this topic about what the prophet spoke about the future of Jerusalem, and Israel, and us. Come Jesus…

  97. narrowpathseeker says:

    Street, I think some people are way too hard on themselves and others are way too easy on themselves….I think you fall into the first category. But, it is quite evident that you genuinely love God and to me that is the most admirable quality anyone can have. Have a Blessed day.

  98. narrowpathseeker says:

    GARY!!! Welcome back!!! It sure was nice to see your post… I came here thinking like Joyce…I wish Gary was back…then I posted to street and saw your post!! Yaaay.. I’ve been Blessed yet again. haven’t seen any of Steve’s posts though, so, the Blessing isn’t complete…

  99. narrowpathseeker says:

    Vivian, I fully share your views on the rich and poor. A friend and I were just saying how sick and twisted the world is when those in the health care profession that train for years to save lives and have some very heavy responsibility for human life can barely survive while some jock that throws around a football gets multi millions a year!!! Some of them then go off and murder people!!!

  100. narrowpathseeker says:

    Sorry, that last sentence was uncalled for..I was just thinking of Hernandez.

  101. bubbles says:

    We have so far had four consecutive days without rain after having rain each day since since June 27. It has been very nice. I wish we could send some of our rain to areas affected by drought.

  102. narrowpathseeker says:

    Where are you located Bubbles? I hope you are safe from floods.

  103. bubbles says:

    No flooding in this area. I live on a hill and away from creeks and rivers. Thank you for your concern. I mowed the lawn on Friday and it was like putting up hay because it was so thick and tall. But I haven’t had an opportunity because the grass has been wet. I truly enjoy mowing grass so I’m not complaining. It’s a good kind of tired after the job is complete.

  104. bubbles says:

    There are a few here who know my exact location and I ask that you please keep that to yourselves and not post where I live on this forum. Thank you. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to anyone here. Thank you.

  105. jeff1 says:

    Yes narrowpathseeker doctors have to play God every day and nurses and carers have to take care of the sick and the elderly. Soldiers put their life on the line so we can sleep easier in our beds. In this world it is money that buys power and privelage. That is something that will not change until Christ’s reign. It is not that I think that all monied people are at fault for it is often the system as much at fault. I will give you an example. In my country children did the 11plus to deter if they went to grammar school. My son had gained a very good grade a B+ but I was told that it would not get him

  106. jeff1 says:

    Yes narrowpathseeker doctors have to play God every day and nurses and carers have to take care of the sick and the elderly. Soldiers put their life on the line so we can sleep easier in our beds. In this world it is money that buys power and privelage. That is something that will not change until Christ’s reign. It is not that I think that all monied people are at fault for it is often the system as much at fault. I will give you an example. In my country children did the 11plus to deter if they went to grammar school. My son had gained a very good grade a B+ but I was told that it would not get him into grammar school. My other son had a friend who had a girlfriend who was attending the grammar school and he asked me why his brother did not get into the grammar school. When I told him what the headmaster of the grammar school had said my son was able to tell me his friends girlfriend had gotten a grade C but her mother was on the

  107. jeff1 says:

    Yes narrowpathseeker doctors have to play God every day and nurses and carers have to take care of the sick and the elderly. Soldiers put their life on the line so we can sleep easier in our beds. In this world it is money that buys power and privelage. That is something that will not change until Christ’s reign. It is not that I think that all monied people are at fault for it is often the system as much at fault. I will give you an example. In my country children did the 11plus to deter if they went to grammar school. My son had gained a very good grade a B+ but I was told that it would not get him into grammar school. My other son had a friend who had a girlfriend who was attending the grammar school and he asked me why his brother did not get into the grammar school. When I told him what the headmaster of the grammar school had said my son was able to tell me his friends girlfriend had gotten a grade C but her mother was on the Board of Governor’s and that was the reason she had been given a place with a lower grade than my son. I could not believe that the principal of a grammar school would lie to me but I always was too trusting when it came to those in authority as I have found that a person of authority can just as be as dishonest as one who has none so we have to be as innocent as doves and as shrewd as a fox when trusting people.

  108. narrowpathseeker says:

    Vivian, as a child and young adult, I was so naïve that I BELIEVED EVERYBODY!!! I LOVED and ADMIRED EVERYBODY!! I never knew what anger felt like until I was about 13 or 14(not sure of that age) When someone hurt me or was mean to me, my focus was on what did I do and what could I do to make that person like me!!! OH how things change with a taste of the real world!! One day in advanced years, I thought about how I had been and how I had become and thought< "HOW DID I GET HERE?!!!!" (a place where I felt much anger and was very aware of deceit and manipulative strategies) I think I would rather not KNOW that people are not all honest, kind, and loving…It's a much happier place in La La Land..

  109. jeff1 says:

    Getting to know myself better also though so God knows what he is doing. Never thought I could have anger or bad thoughts at one time so learning how human nature when put to the test may react very differently than I first think I might. It leaves me now more willing to listen to someone’s explanation rather than judge them for their actions and if I have doubts then give them the benefit of it and allow God to do His redemptive work in them and me and someday we then will be fit for kingdom work which is ultimately all our goal to be fit for God’s service in time.

  110. street says:

    came back to finish this post after my pc was in the shop. it seems to me that we need to wash away all the lies the world has soiled our minds with. God’s Word and His Spirit are the start and our obedience is the end. the outcome is up to God. it’s like playing a baseball game and losing and Coach Jesus says, “good game!” with great pride in your service to the team. oh there’s another game tomorrow and the season just started!

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